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This. This. This. Take care my friend.


Maybe I shouldn’t fall asleep in front of my computer… :smiley: My neck and a bit below is in pain, I guess I dig the tiny veggie/flower patch another day…

Unusual day. I was simply hungry at 9:15. I managed well with grazing until our very early lunch, we finished way before noon and now we are nicely satiated.

I must say the seafood dish was TINY. It had 135g seafood per person (it’s our once a year mixed seafood dish, it’s expensive) so Alvaro didn’t even add much carbs to it… So today stays keto, at least.

I definitely like smoked mackerel much more but this thing was interesting with fun textures and mild taste… Nice once per year.

I didn’t have proper meat today so I just eat everything I have. It’s amazing how varied carnivore food is even on a budget. I had eggs (I made sponge cakes, one was a lovely quiche actually), a little cheese, much Bologna sausage (next time I make my own), a tiny bit of sour cream… I didn’t need much food, just some. I have this sometimes.

Pork liver and pork chuck with skin is defrosting. The latter is very small, the former is very much :smiley: I probably put back half of it after I can cut off what I want. 4 pounds of liver, decent sized package, I miss the 6-10 pound pork slabs though. Nowadays they are super tiny. Did I say I saw way below a pound fresh ham packages in LIDL? Fortunately they are usually 3 times as big but still tiny. Of course I can use more but even without boxes, the packaging is too much. It’s best when the slabs are big.

And we cook rabbit on Monday.

Weather is lovely, I feel tired especially with my aching neck/back. I will walk later and don’t do anything strenuous today. I sowed some seeds.
It seems we won’t have frost in the near future, maybe the apricot flowers survive this year. I want to put out the oleanders, they are so very much in my way in the house especially the big one… They can handle the weather just fine now.

I will focus on meat more as we have only 43 eggs for the next 6 days, it’s not sooo bad but I should be a tad careful, eggs add up very easily, I eat up my sponge cakes very quickly…


It is not insignificant. You only have 1 life to live, therefore you are a top #1 priority with the issues you face in your life. Others will face their own lives and their own limitations and own struggles. It is always and just to help another thru a kind ear or kind advice or help of any kind but always remember if you are not in your top form you can’t give the best of yourself to help others and you have many relying on you too, your family and Billie and us :slight_smile: So please never say insignificant when it could be a massive important factor to your future…you always take care of you, do that you can weather the storm of other’s lives too and give support.

STAY ON PLAN. (and I added come hell or highwater after that phrase too :)) 3 of the key words that changed my life. Do this and we find truths. Waiver and we mostly find bad issues arising…yea, found that out all the hard way thru the years :wink:

@Shinita, yes I know you are an egg lover to the ultimate and it is great you do have those as such a good source for you!!!

@Naghite, Nope!~ Simple as that, poor doggie…such a big boy, if he decides to fight ya one day for your plate of food? he might win HAHA

------------------Simple zc day. Got 2 nice thick pork chops for first meal. Second thinking just burgers but I got some leftover alfredo and for me it doesn’t ‘set well’ in the fridge long at all, thins out ya know, to where I don’t like it reheated, so might just ‘do more shrimp’ and alfredo instead of burger or just end up dumping my little leftover alfredo, but heavens I hate dumping my zc foods LOL we shall see.

Hold strong all and STAY ON PLAN :wink:

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Oh @FrankoBear i have pondered so many times over the mix of eggs and fish. I don’t know why because i know i enjoy poached eggs with finny haddock or salmon but i can’t get passed the head thing with sardines, mackeral, tuna etc, mainly canned stuff, going in an omelette … why is that I wonder as it would solve some issues in the evening when i fancy some canned fish but don’t want it on it’s own. I also really enjoy prawns or mussels in an omelette so it seems a bit strange about the canned thing!

Sorry to hear about your biltong shop… so fristrating when you find a good shop or even a good product and then everywhere stops selling it. My daughter loves Nush yogurt for her brekkies as she doesn’t like cereal and porridge and she has to eat the gluten/dairy free products because of her PCOS. We used to be able to get them for £1.80 a pot in The Company Shop but they stopped stocking them, now we have to search and go distance to pick them up and they are £3.30 regular price! Very expensive (i thought £1.80 was expensive)

Same thing happened with my favourite perfume in my 20’s. Made by L’ancome, i even wrote to their head office only to be told they didn’t actually make it anymore

Well i digressed somewhat! Ooops!

Glad you have your bodily functions returning to normal.


Was it Tresor? The perfume.

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Not such a great night last night didnt get to sleep till about 3am so didnt get out of bed till just after 9 this morning … i was awake a fair bit earlier though.

It was wet outside as predicted so i was not sitting out and reverted back to the lounge, though the sun has just popped though now and so i may well pop out for a little while.
Had a bacon and chees omelete for lunch which was nice and 3 thin slices of medium cheddar.

Did 70 stair runs this morning which felt good. I knew i was starting to feel comfortable doing them again yesterday although i was still doing sets of 5, having a short walk about then continuing but this morning i managed them straight off without breaking. The first 3 days of resuming them were awful and i couldn’t believe how hard they felt and how totally out of breath i became after only a set of 5. So excellent progress and i think my heart just said to me this morning, ‘ahhhh I got it we’re doing this silly stuff again, i suppose i had better start pumping’ :rofl:

By the end of the day i will have done my usual 100 push ups and i as of yesterday i am including shoulder press into shoulder workout so 10 side raises into 10 front raises into 10 shoulder to overhead press x 5 throughout the day.

If Raymond is feeling up for it we will be off out to Lincoln dancing this evening, he is resting up at the moment.

A small shoulder of lamb to go in the oven in a short while for my meal before dancing. Looking forward to that.

And yes i got thrugh it all … it was just a baby piece … and i had a good gnaw at the blade. Very tender but now i have to go upstairs and remove the meat between my teeth from gnawing lol forgot to send this


Oh yes :frowning: I had that quite a few times in my life.
It’s good egg and pork is forever but I still use a few things not that simple… I had the change the brand of my sour cream when my fav changed…
And it’s not a specific item but there is a lovely style of glasses I like (along with very many people), they looked so great on me! I looked the smartest and most stylish in my whole life :wink: Better than without glasses. But time passed, I needed another and it turned out they just don’t make that style anymore despite the demand for it… What. It makes no sense…

Meanwhile I had my dinner, well I had pre-dinner too… Today was a day of many tiny meals and one bigger one. I had scrambled eggs with ham, a little fried liver and finished my jellied fluffy dessert.

I don’t understand how come I always ate meh, hard pork liver as a child. Even my own first attempt wasn’t good.
My second and my third today were great. It’s soft, mild and everything! I like it a lot but it doesn’t make me eat a ton of it… Good.
And I salted it right away as forgot that it is supposedly makes it hard but no problem, it’s important to test it anyway. Well my liver didn’t get the memo, it became nice and soft :slight_smile:

Today I felt so sorry for everyone with a permanent and worse pain than this neck/back thing. It’s ANNOYING and it’s only one day and not even as bad as it could be. I still hate it, I am not used to such things and it’s a bad kind of pain, like pinching nerves. I suddenly look to the left and ouch! I will try not to use my bean bag after midnight… But I will fail…
It will be gone tomorrow, it always does so that’s nice. I need to do things.

The cherry plum tree opened its first flower :smiley: I have more hyacinths as I thought, still a few crocuses… I only did a tiny walk today as I felt bad, we took out the garbage. It was 2km and I showed Alvaro the very colorful (a deeper but still bright purple) violets I see often. We only have white and purplish blue ones, not like they aren’t pretty and fragrant :wink:
Oh and my pansies got new flowers, the deep velvety purple one is the most breathtaking. I will try to make a proper shot tomorrow.

(Michael) #148

He weighs more than me, so I guarantee he could win, but he will not bite the hand that feeds and cares for him. And here we are

(Robin) #149

Whoa. Awesome! Wish I had the space to freeze all that!

(Doug) #150

Michael, can you eat it all, or do you have to freeze some?

(Alec) #151

Lamb meatballs… mince, cheese, eggs, salt…. bloomin’ gorgeous.

(Michael) #152

LOL, I froze it all in a medium sized Costco freezer. Here was my first plate today using one of the rib steaks - 29.5 oz with one oz of both beef and chicken livers


Oh my god… That’s a lot! Though… If one lives on it… Not THAT much…
And it comes in such small packages? The beef farm here puts the meat in big nylon bags, meat is dense so let’s see… 6-8kg surely fits.

I would buy half a Racka sheep if it would be available ever again :frowning: I loved that :frowning: Why they don’t have it again…?
But that’s the limit of my freezer and of course I couldn’t afford beef anyway. I think I simply won’t buy any beef this year except maybe if there will be some awesome -50% sale and it won’t look bad (such sales are older meat, I never had a bad one but I don’t buy just any, I use my eyes at least)… As deer is significantly cheaper, the rare mouflon too and I love them both, they are tender while beef isn’t always that, the cheapest cut surely isn’t. I like chewiness but in things like heart, not in my normal meat.

I just imagine the percentage of the population who would consider this excessive :smiley: I only could go up to 20oz and I was heavily criticized by ketoers too :smiley: Unjustly, of course, it’s a modest amount on carnivore OMAD but still.

Thanks for your photos, your plates are always interesting.


@Karen18, oh I feel ya on the perfume. I loved Fantastique from Avon long long ago. Discontinued, broke my heart. Glad your body adapted well again to your stair runs!

@Shinita, so understand your disappointment on not being able to buy your style of glasses you love! I hit a few products I enjoyed only to need a new one and find out they don’t make them any more too. Really annoying :slight_smile: I hope your neck issues and pain are gone fast for you. I had neck issue and ended up with surgery long ago. I also think some constant pain is the worst for all of us. But darn if we all don’t have something to nail us :wink: Hope your improving now!

@Naghite, WOW on that haul. Beauty ribeye on that plate too. I know when my freezer is stocked full do I feel carnivore safe and proud, as I am sure your meat haul will do for you!

@Alecmcq, your lamb meatballs is my beef meatloaf I make but I never put in cheese. I would make a loaf and just add eggs to the beef, I like the texture of the beef with the eggs in it. But add cheese? I don’t know why but I never thought of it :slight_smile: Your lamb meatballs look amazing!

-----------------I slept great last night. I usually get only like 5 hrs sleep which I function very well on but last night I knocked out at 12:30 to wake at 7:30 and felt like I missed a day of my life HAHA I really thought when I went into early retirement that I would sleep more, hoped I would ya know, ahhh, retirement, I can sleep in later and all that, but it never happened, I am still on my usual life of around5-5 1/2 hrs sleep. I guess I needed 7 last night or I am getting finally darn older and my sleep pattern might change more? who knows :slight_smile:

ZC today is simple as usual. Got a thin cut ribeye steak, will pair with shrimp. in the mood for shrimp again. dinner tonight will probably be just burgers. Gonna defrost a few big chicken breasts today for family dinner etc. and I am sure I will jump on a few of those tomorrow. Nothing calling my name to eat kinda so will just hit up the usual zc foods right now like always.


4 egg cheesy omelette cooked in lamb tallow for breakfast. I have every reason to believe that the chickens that created the eggs live in Utopia, if I believe the pictures on the carton label. Cheese was Jarlsberg. Long soft sand beach walk with Billie the Labrador on a warm, sunny autumn day. Dinner was one cold left over lamb chop and then 6 full-Z organic chicken wings baked in butter with lots of salt. The “Z” is meant to indicate that all the bone parts of the wings were attached at the joints, rather than separated into ‘niblets’.

Bounced out of bed this morning. Brain fog has gone. Back to ZC clear brain. Walking on the beach I was considering it was only 5 days ago for my heart episode(s) that flattened me for a few days. Good recovery when eating on plan.

(Robin) #156

Thanks for reporting in. Glad you have bounced back!

(Karen) #157

That will keep you going for couple of weeks :joy:

Your ribeye looks delish, i could just dig in to that right now lol

(Karen) #158

Love the looks of those i will give them a try next time i see some lamb mince x


My neck and back was still bad in the morning but it’s better now. I search for more exercises for back ache, I neglected it too much lately, I had a little back ache every day.
I decided while comfort eating/drinking isn’t my thing normally, some coffee will do good so I drank a lot first thing in the morning. I have no regrets. Black coffees and the cheaper non-instant kind, good enough.

I ate at 1pm (I went down to the kitchen, still satiated, Alvaro announced he will have his lunch, still fine but in some minutes I suddenly found the idea good… Waited and yep, I was hungry. I wonder if it would have happened if I stayed upstairds…). Scrambled eggs with pork jowl and sausage in it, I had to use a lot of sour cream as the pork jowl was super salty. Tomorrow I will use more eggs. And I tasted my pork. It was soft but not as nice as usually, the liquid below was too watery, the skin is still soft but the meat started to brown… maybe the pieces were too tiny. Well there were 4 pieces, 750g in total so yes. But it’s pork chuck so it can’t become dry. But due to this I only ate a bit and had sponge cake with cheese and dry sausage instead. And quark spread I can’t say in English. And an egg milk. Now I am satiated and we will go to a lovely walk to a nearby hill! The one with the pasqueflowers when they are in season. No idea if we will find some late ones or that 3 was all for this year… Sometimes we find very few.

Lovely sunny day. We still heat the house but little.

Alvaro catched the announcement of the local beef farm after a few seconds they posted it but we agreed we don’t need veal yet. We have deer, we will have rabbits, we even ordered farm pork and no way we could fit anything else into this miserable freezer. I got out some bones so at least the single young rabbit can go in tomorrow so I cook a soup later.
But I saw the prices are good. The good farm beef is cheaper than the supermarket prices. Just barely but still. And surely much better. And they have scraps too (no problem with that, it’s just smaller pieces from various cuts, nothing bad) and that is even cheaper than deer. Just a tad :slight_smile: Organs are quite cheap but that’s usually normal anyway. It’s great, I really love certain organs.
So we will buy some farm beef later. They have meat way more frequently from spring to autumn, summer is so-so as they have summer camps and focus on it… And it’s sometimes veal so we surely will have a chance later. We just should catch the announcement in time, they sell out the meat in hours, at least many cuts.

So lucky. Without my 7+ hours I am a zombie all day or close. I usually use the chance after my first meal to nap when that happens so at least I am somewhat alive in the evening where I function the best anyway…


Nice 2MAD day. Or not? ~ 2500 kcal. Yes, that’s why I need OMAD. And for many other reasons but why I feel most comfortable with 2 meals then…? Except it gives me uncomfortable things compared to an OMAD that happens to work… (I can’t do OMAD that doesn’t work, it either doesn’t happen or it’s great.) Oh well.

2MAD still may work, it’s just way too complicated, I need to be careful with everything and that’s not my style. I ate a lot of dairy today and not enough proper meat. The pork chuck was tiny and I left 2 pieces for tomorrow, Alvaro wants one too. It wasn’t as good as usual but it still was nice, it’s pork chuck, after all. But I needed other food, I had pancakes (3 savory ones, personal record :smiley: I obviously can’t eat sweet ones on carnivore but I still start to eat dessert ones after 1-2 savory pieces. but not now. I had cheesy and quark ones! I really had enough of quark for a loooooooong time now) and even sardines. Not my fav but works in a pinch. And I drank a proper coffee with goat milk. As we opened it. Nice and rich but I prefer the more neutral cow milk. The UHT flavor was very mild, thankfully.
160g protein, almost 200g fat and 22g carbs due to the big amounts of dairy. And I ate lots of cheese and that was zero… But sour cream is quite carby just like milk.

I don’t think I am good with tiny meat portions. I made pork roast so I didn’t want to get out the fried pork from the freezer but this way I had only 273g pork and that’s pitiful.
But I write way too much details again, sorry.
I try to do things simpler. And next time I will use 2-3 packages of meat, seriously now.
I didn’t want liver today so it was a little of everything again :frowning: And I really had enough of that.

Tomorrow still won’t be simple as I have tiny leftovers but we will have rabbit stew, yay!!!
And I make the soup from all the bones I have. I add some extra meat for good measure… I will make sure I will have plenty of pork from now on. (I will forget it at some point again but hopefully it won’t be too soon…)

I only had my walk (zillion flowers! and the bushes start to get leaves!) and some exercises for my back pain today but tomorrow is a workout day again. It’s so rare I manage my full body workout (for some reason I am unable to do it at a decent speed. I just… forget about it for too long at a time - kitchen is distracting and I get winded too easily. I try to ignore that - or get too weak and hungry or something after I start it too late. I am working on it) but I am determined to do it tomorrow.