thanks, i’ll buy some of this

(Karen) #42

Wow thats A-mazing well done girl… bet you can really feel th difference now :grinning:

(Karen) #43

@Fangs Raymond is doing okay though he had a bit of the shakes after i dropped him off home after our afternoon tea dance. He said it was a mild attack and although no attacks would be better we will go with that, he did a fair amount of dancing during the afternoon and only lost his breath once. We also went dancing friday night as we found a venue literally round the corner from where he lives which turned out to be a pretty good night… we will be going again!

Started and finished another jigsaw today as i didn’t feel up to going out… the long drives like yesterday take it out of me a bit especially when i have a wakeful night too. Long gone are the days of jumping in the car, night after night and driving long distance for the sake of dancing lol.

for all i got this done in a day and it was only 500 pieces, it was quite difficult and need heavy concentration so my head hurts this evening… may have to take some codiene before bed.

Finished off last 2 cooked chicken thighs, cut up and fried … very nice. Ate some cheese and a small jar of mussels. Just eaten 2 pork chops done in slow cooker. I was only going to eat one as they were big and thick but the first was so nice that i ate chop number 2😊

(Linda ) #44

Yeah I’m pretty happy I’m starting to see more and more clothes starting to fit… I’ve removed all the extra weight I put on going to nebraska and since returning… now to get rid of the rest I put on before that lol…


remember tho it is basically flavored salt. So if ya don’t do alot of salt watch your use. Also a company online, Spices Inc. sells sugar free and salt free spice/herb mixes. I used them for a good while, good products but in the end I dumped now mostly all mixes and settled on 2 I do well with and can buy local.

let us know how ya do on adding in some flavor :slight_smile:


@Azi, super congrats on finding your zc!

@Karen18, a round puzzle, don’t see many of those around, very cool.
Glad Raymond is doing better and he best not push but sounds like he is out and about so that is fun for him still. So feel ya on ‘long drives’ and more. I am not into them as much either. Old days of traveling we would go 10-12 hr drives easy peasy. Now at around hr 5 I get antsy and my butt wants out of the truck LOL

--------------------my country pork ribs. omgosh SO SO good. I cooked a bit diff. Usually I am high heat, in oven, get’er done but this time I put in an inch of water, added ribs with a little of my spice mix rub and cooked 1 hr, flipped, cooked another hr or so and they were SO juicy vs my burned up way I usually make them. OK, takes longer but throughly worth it. I will just put in oven at like 8-9am and then have first feast in the future. Happy with them, have 1.5 lbs leftover to eat today later as first meal. Second, not sure, maybe just cheeseburgers.

zc so far so good in March for me. hope everyone is doing well too.


I surely won’t lose any fat in the near future… It seems I have over 200g fat days now. I just can’t help it.
Today will have cream and pork ribs, I just need to figure out how I get protein… Probably from eggs, I suppose, I try to focus on egg whites today. Pork rib is fatty like crazy, it can’t help much with protein. BUT I tried it out last night after wondering about it for a while… I wasn’t hungry, per se and I am not sooo bad, I probably could have resist if I really wanted… But I didn’t want that so much…
It’s GOOD! :smiley: No idea what the problem could have been with the other, disappointing one years ago but this is very, very good. And I just ate it without hunger, not in my proper eating window and cold… Today will be great eating wise. I will try to moderate myself. I hope.

I started a not day to day tracking. I do have daily data but I don’t put the usual extremely much effort into cutting the days properly. If some food gets eaten on another day, it’s fine, the average will be as accurate as it could be with zillion measurements a day. So much easier.

Gloomy day again but weather forecast says we will get warmer and warmer days now… Good.

Oh I strayed a little bit, still almost no carbs from plants, that’s important but I didn’t do proper carnivore. I don’t really care, that’s not really for me if it doesn’t come automatically enough and my priorities are elsewhere now. I don’t even care about my poor eating window, I just can’t. I simply eat whatever, whenever now, it would be futile to stress me with restrictions. Of course I low-key try. Now I go back to a stricter style, well unless I get tempted as always but I desire simple and meat now. And almost run out of most processed stuff and had enough of salty cheesy whisps… So I focus on eggs and meat :slight_smile: That’s the best. I kind of hope I will lose some interesting in meat, I am a tad too obsessed at this point. And I still dislike overeating as I should.

Why can’t I have some chill without wanting to eat up everything…? But going very simple hopefully will help a bit. If not, I get interesting data at least.

For lunch I plan pork ribs and my fluffy dessert. Maybe some boiled eggs, I need to go for lean things and I love boiled egg whites (I use yolks too but way less).


How do I tell if I’m using too little or too much salt?


So, I got hungry early but it wasn’t hard to wait until lunchtime with most of my meal :slight_smile:
It was very nice. Jellied fluff and egg milk isn’t in the picture.

I am full, satiated, satisfied and a bit sleepy. I blame the cold, gloomy weather too, not only just my meal.

I got too curious so I will track the ribs day to day in the end… Maybe one day I can get rid of it.


You didn’t ask me but… It’s surely quite individual. We have various symptoms if we overdo salt or eat too little. I merely start desire salt more or less if it’s not in it normal tiny range, I have this nice built-in balance thing in me regarding salt, apparently.

Too little salt cause electrolyte problems (I probably had that when managed to eat zero sodium in 5 days… didn’t know anything about electrolytes as no one ever taught me that), well too much should do that too but maybe only if one doesn’t drink enough for the extra amount? No idea. I never could go too high and I almost never eat so little food that I don’t get what I need.

(Robin) #51

So much to love here. So many “kids” would benefit from an engaged teacher like you. Stealth teaching should be the norm, not an anomaly!

The aurora borealis is on my life list.

(Linda ) #52

If my meat tastes bland I add salt then it tastes perfect. if my meat tastes perfect often don’t add anything if I eat bacon and it tastes salty I take that as a sign to back off as well…


Bacon is always insanely, impossible-to-eat salty to me. It takes many eggs to handle a significant amount…

Some processed stuff is like this, too salty. (I find almost all processed stuff too salty. Almost all cheese are too salty alone and it’s sad as I tend to eat things alone. But I can’t or suffer a bit when I do.) And we have our own taste and that is changing all the time as well.


I tracked and now I have the very first full week in spreedsheet with colors and various calculated stuff! :smiley:
Not a usual week. Fortunately.
Average day guesstimation is…

2445 kcal, 191g fat, 158g protein, 544g/1.21 pounds of meat and a very very guesstimated 500 kcal energy surplus. I was too inactive lately and I ate a lot. Considering that, 500kcal is cute. So I stall as always.

Probably almost 7g salt a day (didn’t have the data about the salt I added myself but I guess it was 2g a day as usual).

6 eggs a day as normal in meatier times.

And now I wanna go simple and do things better.


oh I was only referring to your taste about salt. See I love salt taste and enjoy it and do well on it so to me, there is usually never ‘too much salt’ on my foods. But if you are one who doesn’t require alot of salt taste, I was just saying the first ingredient in my spice mixes is salt…so when you use them, yes you do get the other tastes like paprika etc but you also DO get a big salt hit on your meats. See I like that…you might not??

key for me was just experimenting on mixes. I hit the store, bought anything without sugar and tried them. I also threw out alot of little expensive darn spice bottles I didn’t like the taste of them, but in the end, I whittled it down to a few I enjoy and do well on.

(Liz ) #56

Hiya :slight_smile: I’m lurking here and there. Just passed my 3 year carniversary. Found recently I was over eating dairy (full fat cottage cheese, full fat Greek yogurt) and gaining weight. Learned I’m not just a recovering carb addict but my brain’s constantly looking for any kind of food to be addicted to. I’ve been low carb since 2002, keto since 2017. I went carnivore to really reduce food addiction triggers and aside from my issues with dairy it’s pretty effective! But I managed to regain 15 pounds anyway because my food addictions are clever lol. So here I go again at 53. I’m 5 pounds down over 3 months but struggling. Meanwhile I’m unwavering on carnivore, it suits me. And I’m researching food addiction recovery. Brain chemistry is fascinating! They suggest joining a group to help with addiction recovery. Well the keto forum was my saving grace when I went keto in 2017. I’m realizing in retrospect this community was a huge part of my success. I’m still a full time caregiver (coming up on 5 years now) for my disabled elderly (keto) mom so if I can’t always take the time to chime in I’ll still be reading everyone’s carni posts and cheering y’all on.

(Doug) #57

Good for you, Liz. Great to see you post again. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Liz ) #58

Thanks, old friend! Good to see you too


@LizinLowell, any time ya wanna chat ZC you come in and chat :slight_smile: but I know full time caregiving is hard hard hard for many of us in life. I am going thru it all thru the last years now with our parents and it is a toughie, not a doubt on it all. But chat away and hold your good eating plan to keep you in fine form the older we get right? :slight_smile:

--------------SO my local store put ribeyes down to $7.99/lb. Freezer getting very very low. Kinda scared me but with this sale I am hitting all stores around me I can hit, I am going to restock freezer on ribeyes like there is no tomorrow :slight_smile: They got snow crab frozen legs at 9.99 lb and I will buy 4 lbs. 2 or me and 2 for my kiddo who loves them for sure. my decadent buy. I just need, really NEED me some crab HAHA

OK I got a hunter mission to go down. Get spruced up for public appearance in stores and out I go to ‘hunt the meat’ and believe me I am ruthless when I ‘need the meat’ :japanese_ogre:

zc strong all!


Lunch today. Struggling with the cold, feels like another cold snap has arrived, with rimfrost in the mornings, my Reynolds is not happy.
Was watching Dr. Ken Berry today, to see if I could learn anything useful. And in his video about all the mistakes people do on carnivore I certainly recognised myself in one: the propensity to overcook meat. Especially pork, which is my favourite meat, but which I never want to undercook. Beef I’m a lot less careful with because you can eat it raw. And I always prefer to eat my smoked mackarel out of the packet as it is now as opposed to frying it in butter in the pan like I used to. I was frying away most of those nutrients, or at least, that’s what my body tells me when I feel just how much more nutritious the mackarel is out of the packet. But I probably haven’t been eating enough seafood, and I definitely want to up my omega 3s.