I usually don’t go over $3/lbs (I totally converted everything, currency and weight) and preferably stay way lower, like $1-$1.5/lbs, I don’t like the option below even that - but I don’t remember how many months passed since I ate ruminant meat (several, I know that much. probably the mouflon, I could search for that…) AND we will go shopping and wow, what a sale, venison for… $9.28/kg aka $4.2/lbs. Way, way cheaper than any beef except organs and I love deer. So Alvaro can make his ancient recipe that is basically half ruminant meat, half beetroot, very unfortunate for me - and I will have my very own slab for my purposes, yay!
Dairy prices went down a bit, it’s unheard of but they went up illogically high and it caused something, I don’t know the details… Even the good Gouda went on a lovely sale (the bad one already had it a few times but we tried and not tasty. some companies can ruin any cheese…) and its old higher price is what I can buy Masdaam for now… :star_struck: I love it and it used to go on sales regularly but then I never found it for an okay price… And Gouda is nice, nice but Alvaro eats it all the time since ages and it’s a tad boring for me sometimes. Not after a cheese break and anyway, it’s fine, no big deal that it’s doesn’t worth it to get one of my favs for a higher price… But it’s always a joy to see Masdaam on sale :slight_smile: I will buy some, it lasts for months. Half-hard cheeses are awesome.

Today’s main meat is chicken liver. But considering I was sceptical and like to be safe and fried a little pork chuck, maybe not…? But my lunch will be based on liver :slight_smile:

I am kind of hungry since before noon so I might eat lunch… I am in a mission now.
Oh I was on a walk, my pants are still the same. Alvaro said I surely gained fat, I just can’t notice it yet but nope, my pants are very sensitive to tiny changes. He just doesn’t know how my body work. His metabolism isn’t affected by his food intake (he never eats too little) so he gains when overeat just a bit and quickly slims down when he eats a bit less but I am not like that. I always maintain. But not if I do it right, it’s just tricky.

I wonder if I left the camera on manual focus or I am just that bad today… Oh well, blurry plate:

The dino is a tiny piece of Alvaro’s pork loin, fried in hen fat (I used up all the hen fat for the liver, it got super fatty but it will be good for pâté I suppose. my plate contains the significantly less fatty half of my little liver). I have dino cookie cutters :slight_smile: They obviously won’t cut a piece of pork but they are metal, I had a knife too… I made it work. It wasn’t even too much work. And Alvaro got a dino decorated meat pie… We never ate such things (even without dino decoration ;)) and I always found the idea nice. And after a video about it last night I couldn’t resist.
I hope my food desires partially get satisfied with cooking, I had enough of overeating for a while.

The liquid from the package of liver goes to Pie, mixed with worm medicine. She stopped eating after a little while but hopefully will finish it soon. She really likes that liquid (that goes solid when heated) and I added some fat from the oven pan…


What a super cute appetizer plate…

Sometimes I remember the times when I could eat tiny meals. Good old days.

I personally don’t believe in such a thing… Okay, one can dry out meat, that’s bad but otherwise… How on earth could I overcook meat? I get bored after 2-3 hours and stop. And way earlier if it’s frying in a pan as I need to be there…
Other meats may be different but pork? It just gets tender and stays perfect unless we really make most of its water content disappear… Nope, it still sounds great (under the right circumstances, small cubes and lots of fat).

I don’t know about nutrients lost when cooking beyond Vitamin C…
But I don’t overcook my pork, I just give it the 2-3 hours it needs in the oven. And maybe 20 mins in the frying pan? But that is thoroughly fried at that point, all crispy and dark reddish brown as it should be :slight_smile:

I just completely ignore seafood at the moment. I never ate more than a very minimal amount of it anyway. I don’t live near a sea, it sounds logical not to eat seafood, actually… I am just another land animal, why would I need seafood or even fish…? I don’t know much about it, I just find this unnatural, trying to eat something we can’t get. I definitely can’t get it, seafood is special and expensive, not an option except as a rare variety. I don’t like most seafood anyway. I still have the small box we bought for Christmas… It’s time to eat it I suppose even if I never desire seafood or fish nowadays.


Hi Shinita, I too tend to cook pork for 2-3 hours in the oven. I slow-cook it, and it comes out fine. I also cook my pork chops in the oven now, but whenever I put meat on the grill, or in the pan, I tend to overdo it, and then some nutrients might be lost. But we can’t eat meat raw like our ancestors would have, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have tolerated that, apart from beef. Likewise, the tougher parts of the meat, like of game, we have to cook till its tender, because our teeth are probably nowhere near as strong as our ancestors’ were. As we since then moved towards agriculture. Though I believe a lot of us still do much better on an all meat WOE than an all plant WOE, I know I do. As to fish and seafood I never crave it, but when I do eat it my body thanks me.

I am still too fond of dairy, still go through a tub of cream a day which I am pretty sure the hunter gatherers or the enuits never did. But we do what works for us. I always look forward to my warm coffee with cream treats, especially in the cold months. My only other beverage now is water. I do notice whenever I’ve had a nice plate of fatty meat, I always find the taste of water that I drink with it the best tasting drink in the world. It’s odd because back when I was high carb I always struggled to drink water.

As to my lunch picture, yes, it was an appetizer, I immediately afterwards went and got a second helping of my delicious gammon joint. By the way, cute dino-shaped liver there🙂I’ll have to try some liver one day.



Someone slap me back into reality please, please!!!
Paid $319 for haul for meat/some crab/packs of burger on sale but I also bought some on sale items for carby eaters in house but not alot, and toilet paper had to have LOL
But get the bottom: saved, I SAVED off the $319 of $162.67 which was mostly my meat haul and crab. I am in sticker shock of epic proportions here but I feel better having 26 ribeye steaks in the freezer. I truly truly needed it and I am not done, tomorrow I am hitting the store again for more ribeye steaks but not as a heavy haul. But the ‘ZC animal’ in me FEELS way more secure with bigger meat haul in freezer. An absolute must have for me, not a darn doubt on it. Every penny spent on meat is a penny no Dr gets from me :slight_smile: yet HAHA

doesn’t look it but 26 ribeye steaks, 2 bags snow crab, shown is 2 burger packs but another burger pack in fridge…came in and my little insane seizure dog went batty barking for food as he does now on drugs :wink: so I opened a pack of burger and fed him about 1/3 lb. raw which he scarfed down and is happy as a clam.

Whatever it ZC takes is my motto LOL

@never2late, yea we still got that cold but being southern for me I know we got great weather others would love, but darn, not hot enough for me yet LOL I am a 90 degrees and happy person. still waiting for the big change to high heat :slight_smile:

I stopped undercooking pork. one thing I did was slice my pork. I stopped bigger roasts or big cuts from oven and went pan fry. Any pork I now buy big is sliced into thinner handling and I can then pan fry fast, easy, safely and it keeps it’s juicy and it is soft and tender. I had to ‘work thru cooking my pork’ from the crap I was told about undercooking and more…if ya google it, pork is ok to be eaten a tad pink from cooking yet my mom always said COOK PORK til dead and dry at all times to save yourself HAHA I dropped that crazy. Hard to do but finally in 6 yrs carnivore can I cook pork fast and eat pink now and love love it and guess what, ain’t dead yet HAHA So I am basically over oven pork but sometimes with ribs etc I do use the oven, but most of my pork is now pan fry, on the stove, enjoy it fast and easy and darn if it ain’t the best :slight_smile: Just how I changed thru zc eating with pork on my menu. Love Dr. Ken. Love me Dr. Kevin Stock also along with Dr Anthony Chaffee. Some great guru advocators out there for us!!


i really need to relocate out of this city (NYC). i would love those prices


Hey D ya ever think of truly moving? is that something that is on your future plate to do? NYC is actually surrounded totally by ‘more country’ and life in the area.

I grew up New Jersey and been to NYC alot of times. There is ‘rural’ a ‘that good ya might’ want alot closer than one thinks…but wondering if it would ever be a move for ya? just curious on it :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #67

Up early and three rounds of dog walking done…last night I threw some short ribs in smoker I kind of thought maybe not so smart I can never resist hot fresh smoked meat… I was right… yup here was me way after dark munching down on two smaller beef ribs…

So todays food 1st meal was a left over beef rib…so good one more to go for 2nd meal.

@LizinLowell I agree with you on dairy …Thinking back prob had alot to do with weight gain esp in nebraska making kelly hogans whoopsie cake or pmsf bread. At Christmas Covered in whipping cream…I only wished I’d had stopped like you at 15lbs… oh well im not changing my way of eatinng …carnivore it is for me too, i just had to adjust it to make it work for me… I’ll keep working to get the rest off … I’ve def noticed with no dairy comes no cravings for anything i dont crave sweets at all… The most dairy I have
been eating in the last three months is a pinch of cheese or a teaspoon of sour cream Here or there…and I do ok on that… but that’s not even every week I might do that a few times a month…

@Fangs yummy on the meat sales and I do exactly that spend big, but buy bulk when it’s on sale…then appreciate when a few weeks later your out shopping and same meat is 12.99lb and then it makes is all seem so worth while…

(Doug) #68

:anguished: Oh Fangs, I’m so sorry! :cry:

:relaxed: Somewhat kidding - there are some nice areas of New Jersey, too. I worked a good bit in NJ over the years, all over the state.


Oh my, even I don’t go that far. I just like to stop before my food turning charcoal but if it’s a pork roast, with lots of surface area but still not in small pieces, it’s quite juicy inside, never dry! :smiley:
And if it’s just about safety, my pork does it after some cooking, all the rest is just for my joy! I really like well-cooked (more like fried or roasted) meat :slight_smile: If in doubt, fry it more but it’s my taste, not my fear…

Germans eat raw pork too, it’s a traditional dish there. I still wouldn’t do that but I wouldn’t eat raw beef either unless it’s from the farm, maybe as I can know it was butchered as recently as possible, not many hours ago. And that’s a good place. I just don’t have teeth for it but well, grounding meat would take care of it. Still no desire but I wouldn’t be as afraid as in the case of pork. But it’s safer to cook well everything except eggs, raw eggs are quite perfect for me.

I can relate :wink: In the beginning, I always made roasts and yep, that’s nice, I can toss 3kg meat there and forget about it for a while… But I really, really like my fattier cuts quickly effectively fried. And it seems that stuff handles freezing better. Sure, roasts are freezable too but I do feel the negative effect of freezing and defrosting sometimes.
I think I will mostly fry my pork in the summer. I really don’t want 2+ hour roasting sessions in hot weather… But my kitchen is never very hot, the AC is there too so if I want a roast, I make it.

So, I had my lovely lunch. I ate everything in the pic and more. The chicken liver (quite pale this time, IDK why are some dark and some lighter colored…) was meh all alone but when I added a little paprika and much sour cream… It disappeared in no time! Sour cream is a traditional addition to some stews like chicken. One of the few most popular traditional Hungarian dishes. I think the pancake filled with veal stew has it too…? I STILL didn’t eat that stuff… It’s popular and known but we just don’t normally eat it unlike most well-known Hungarian dishes.
Yay for sour cream. Despite eating it in a savory dish, it acted like dessert too, at least I didn’t fancy dessert. But I was hungry so I ate my leftover jellied fluff in the end. Between some fried pork chuck, oh that stuff is the best! :smiley:

So definitely no meat boredom yet… I love pork more and more as time passes… No way I ever could get bored of it.

Oh Alvaro loved his meat pie with the dino decoration on top and it was so wonderful to bake something new and interesting. He had 2 but they were small and experimental so he continued his lunch with some pork loin and other things.

So we both ate well today. My food was better but I am biased… But I surely enjoyed it more. Once I ask him and it seems his average meal is about 5/10. I don’t even accept food below 8/10 under normal circumstances… I typically immensely enjoy my food and find trying to make better food unnecessary and even dangerous. I can’t even resist my simple fried/roasted pork!
Why I complicate things then? I really try to eat simple for a while. Today I had leftovers and tomorrow I will make meatballs using smoked pork hock skin (with fat on it) because it was in my freezer since ages but basically I focus on simple egg dishes and proper meat. With the occasional cheese whisp :wink: It’s nice as a last bite sometimes…

You probably wouldn’t love a $400 monthly income but of course many has a higher salary… Many don’t, though.
I never understood why people care about food prices so much when their salary is so, so, so much bigger compared to food costs… I understand one have other costs too but still…
But Hungarians do worse, they complain about our quite cheap electricity and mineral gas costs too… I can’t figure out why. Except that Hungarians LOVE complaining and being depressed. And bragging about their ZILLION huge health issues, that too… Big pill eaters, my fellow countrymen.

If it’s about prices, I am sooo envious about the ones in the UK. They have cheap butter… Our price was way higher… And then war happened and it doubled. Now it went down a bit.


My cute modest (I could have eaten all my pork chuck, it wasn’t much…) lunch had apparently 150g protein. So I shouldn’t eat for a day now? Oh.

Well it was quite satiating :slight_smile: We will see.

(But how can I avoid eating up my pork roast, seriously? Even the liver. The whole 500g looked so, so little. I ate half.)


I currently still am seriously considering it since I don’t really have anything tying me down here (I only moved here for work but I no longer work for that company anymore) but I’ve kind of grown fond of the atmosphere. Just not a fan of the economics


i just got some of this today and it saved my life after a year of nothing but unseasoned, dry, hard ground beef

(Michael) #73

Todays first plate: 4.25 oz beef kidney, 1.25 sheep lung, 3 oz tallow made from Buffalo heart fat and 6 oz shrimp, because I need to use them up.


LOL I was happy to move to Connecticut when Dad transferred for work. Leaving Jersey wasn’t hard but I was Freehold. It wasn’t ‘Jersey’ like we see it all now :slight_smile: At least we get to claim Bruce Springsteen, he went to my high school. I know I ain’t ever going back to Jersey, that I can take to the bank HA


ohhhhh I feel ya on that!! hey who knows, one day a wild hair might get ya :slight_smile: never know, nice thing is you do have options if and when ya might want to enact them :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh, ya bought Chef Paul meat magic. Cool, and ya like it :slight_smile: I enjoy it for some flavor too. Happy it suited you.


The pork and liver was too tempting. I ate up almost the whole 500g liver in the end yesterday (that’s almost 18oz if someone can do something with only that super weird thing). Oh mixed with hen fat it was quite lovely though a bit greasy all alone… Still good. I got maybe a tiny bit too full for a while but that’s it.

220g protein for yesterday. I better do my absolute best not to eat before sunset or something as if I have lunch, I still will have dinner, it can’t be helped these days.

I am sure I can do better. Oh and I must exercise more… Today it will be a cute 12km walk, I need that. I do my workouts all the time now except abs, I keep forgetting about that, I only can do it in my room and I ONLY sleep and use the computer in my room. I am a veteran internet addict.
I do my very beginner 1 minute core exercises sometimes but I need to do more. Maybe today, I won’t have a proper workout today. Yesterday was supposed to be leg day but I am back to my almost inability to make squats even without weight. It’s just too tiring for my legs. That’s half the reason I never had leg days before. I hate it so I can’t do it. But I am more determined and try harder now. If I can’t do it with weights, I do it empty. If I can’t do it empty, I still do it, even if I can only do 4 reps. But I could built it up 12 eventually. Once, I can’t do it in series. It will get better eventually.
But I LOVE my chest press now. It was very much neglected as I needed Alvaro with the bar. But it turned out it’s better with 2 dumbbells and I can put them down alone.
Some exercises are very enjoyable kind of easy while others are super hard all the time (back, legs and biceps). With the right weights, of course, I can’t do more just because it was easy just before… And I can do 12 reps just because the first was already super hard and the 6th borderline torture (to spoiled hedonistic me only I suppose)… Biceps is fortunate as it’s my favorite, I just have problems with the exercise as it’s so hard in a bad way, tried to find another but nope, it’s apparently the best exercise, hands down. My weight just went up a tad so at least I go somewhere but it’s still so very, very light while it’s borderline painful… Okay, biceps is a tiny muscle, it’s weak. Still my fav :slight_smile: As lifting muscle. If it’s about aesthetics for an artist, it’s latissimus dorsi, it’s very elegant as it’s draped over the skeleton and deep muscles :slight_smile:

Today we will eat meatballs, in lack of a better word… Pork hock skin, pork chuck, egg, fried… They are super fatty but I made various versions, I cut off some of the fat tissue from the skin eventually… Hopefully it will be fine for Alvaro.
And I try to forget about eating for a very long time. I ate more than twice than my erm, logical? supposed? protein need yesterday (as I apparently need more than that. but not twice as much). Sigh. Wasteful. I can’t afford this and it’s unnecessary.

So my only hardship now is fasting. And I really need that most of the time.


easy peasy ZC’y day. ribeye steak. big guess on that one for first meal.
second feeding, not sure…omgosh I am saying ‘feeding’ now. I don’t even think of my eating times as ‘a meal’ anymore. My life is like ‘gone from the old days of food, food, food and life is centered around food’…hey I am cool with just that. Change in me and my relationship with food is priceless for sure.

second food probably chicken or shrimp, maybe both. I know a big ol’ ribeye first plate is gonna set me very well. I always did best with a big ol’ steak first meal, then second meal I never give it a bigger thought. Over both the above, probably end up with a few cheeseburgers…on a burger kick lately. very good food.

ZC strong everyone! We all got this!!


My lunch today, pork chops with a dollop of KerryGold. Today I watched Dr. Ken Berry’s video titled scary dairy, and I have to say my body seems to tolerate cream, hard cheeses and butter just fine. But he did say people of European descent and certain other ethnicities, I forget which, I’ll have to watch the video again, appears to have the enzyme lactase to digest milk. I’m norwegian. My ancestors would have eaten a lot of dairy, but raw milk from the cows, goats, sheep they kept, which they would have churned into butter and cheese. It’s what’s being done to milk in these modern times which I suspect causes most problems. I don’t do well with homogenized milk, though I am keen to try raw milk from a local farm. All summer I see the cows out in the fields grazing, but not in freezing winter. I’ll be keeping an eye out for them this spring. Do most farmers boasting their cows are grassfed let their cows graze also in the winter? It was my understanding all cows, even so-called grassfed, are grain finished?
Still freezing cold and it has been snowing today. Am wearing my fingerless gloves as I type. Hopefully this ghastly weather will improve soon.

Edit: Actually, although I’ve not seen either sheep, goats or cows out much this winter, I do think they also graze in winter. I’d forgotten this photo I took on one of my morning walks last cold snap


We have beautiful spring here! I like sitting now after my long walk (and baby leg day yesterday). The forest was FULL with snowdrops and hellebores. Whatever you imagine, there probably was more :smiley: They are still the most major flowers there but many others came out, yay! I am very enthusiastic and high spirited now. A full day zombie due to waking up once at night (never could handle that) but my general life doesn’t help either. But I have plans and everything.

I made meatballs and Alvaro liked them :slight_smile: Except the tandoori masala in some of them, I experimented a bit. He liked the Grana Padano ones and the usual sausage spice mix ones as well.
They are quite fatty but I haven’t tasted them yet. I did get a bit hungry at 3pm but we were walking in the forest at that time and when we arrived home, only he was hungry. So I will have a dinner only :slight_smile: Maybe a second dinner, who knows that at this point?

I bought non-instant coffee as no one can expect me not to eat until sunset and not drinking coffee simultaneously… Just because it’s easy today, I need SOMETHING while Alvaro is eating lunch :wink: And I had to test the stuff anyway. It works with my super dense filter we bought for tea! Good coffee, not bitter, pleasant even black*! It had a tiny bit of cream, it’s amazing how many cups of coffee can be made with 20ml… I only used up 10ml for a few :wink:

*Well, brown. I drink it weak. I am no proper Hungarian regarding coffee. Germans drink such weak coffees as far as I know…

@never2late: I don’t remember if I see animals grazing in winter… I will watch it next winter. As we do see zillion grazing cows on hills around here. Sheep too but I don’t think I saw them in winter… They got quite obvious some days ago.


Shinita, that sounds so lovely. I love snowdrops, and cherry blossom trees. Am pining for pleasant spring weather, and this isn’t it. Ugh, it’s snowing again.
The cows are probably kept in sheds in winter. The wholly sheep and goats are probably fine out in the fields. We all know how wonderfully warm wholly jumpers are.
I can’t survive without coffee, at least in the colder months. And cream. I go through 1 and a half tub a day.