In the end, we went to shopping in the village as there was some great sales. We was there around 9am, it was a bit late but we still could buy almost all the leftover meat pieces in the tiny supermarket, all the 3 chicken legs, all the pork loin (it was quite cheap and Alvaro was excited… I will taste a tiny bite but I can’t normally enjoy such a lean meat), half of the ribs (why I asked Alvaro when uncertain, IDK, he hates it :smiley: probably too fatty for him. I have fond memories from my childhood, I could eat it maybe once a year and it was amazing… normally we had the boring chicken once a week and the most boring beef soup once a year. when I brought back meat a few years ago, I bought ribs once and got disappointed. but I decided to give it another chance)… There was some boneless pork belly too, maybe next time. We bought another cup of sour cream as well, it’s nice to have more than a little.

I got hungry too early but I will wait until noon at least… we are busy with things, it doesn’t help with hunger the slightest except we manage not to eat. But the suffering is definitely there, impossible to forget about. Very tiny suffering so I can stand it. I am on a mission. My bold plan is eating less today than in the last days. Weekends don’t make it easy so I need some extra push. My average in March this far is over 2500 kcal, over 200g fat, 167g protein a day. My carbs are good, of course. Meat average is significantly over a pound too, yep, I felt the need for it. But now, after 3 carni days and after satisfying my meat hunger (oh I still want to eat a lot but I should calm down now…?), I am hopeful. Of course I am always hopeful, I am incorrigible regarding that.

Pork loin and fresh ham is roasting, oh a single chicken leg too for variety!
Alvaro is cooking his vegetables on open fire and I try to wait for it. Anything to postpone my lunch as long as my hunger isn’t too bad. My appetite calmed down, fortunately. It’s never too bad before I start to eat.
But food boredom is as far from me as can be nowadays… I just enjoy all my simple food. When and how will I make something interesting with meats, like chili, curry (never did either), no idea, I just adore my pork fried or roasted with a little salt. One day I had 706g from proper meat… Not unheard of but unusually high, I had only a few days over it I think… But I always have it in waves. I can’t avoid lower-meat times and then higher-meat times follow.

We have a beautiful, completely sunny spring day today. It was a bit cold in the morning.


March 1st was the first day back in the classroom teaching. I took holidays for December and January, and then worked from home for February. It was tiring but very satisfying to be back at a job that I like. It’s the first day of a new semester at University. At the start I do what’s called “teaching by stealth”, other academics call it informal pedagogy. But they like using fancy talk to make it sound like they know stuff. They dive into 3 hour power point lectures thinking they are teaching. We all know the secret to successful learning here. It’s relationships.

This carnivore thread has been going for years, and we have all learned a lot. Even the people still hiding in the air-conditioning vents (the lurker readers, the ‘lurky ones’). The other secret is balls.

In my first classes, this semester I teach first years and third years, we get out of the lecture room and into a cleared arts exhibition space and throw balls at and to each other. It’s “work place health and safety” I tell the students. These childadults have grown up with eyes welded to screens? Throwing, catching and bouncing balls asks them to move and to use some eye muscles to judge distances (like a carnivore in the wild judging a pounce). The learning is really laughter, smiles and bonding. The class is a disaster if measured as a sports event. The students end up as a firing squad, and I am the target of the task. If you are ever going to be executed ask it to be done with table tennis balls at 30 feet. It’s hilarious. Once they’ve made friends for the semester (maybe for life), then I am ready to teach less important things.

The carnivore eating during teaching weeks is 2MAD on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. On Tuesday I go to physiotherapy rehab on Pilates machines as I continue to rebuild strength and range of movement after vaccine injury polyarthritis. I have been pain free for awhile. On Wednesday through Friday I am OMAD. Coffee in the mornings (but I’m going to experiment with some methylene blue as an alternative), so I might use that to wean off. I find the OMAD, reduced feeding keeps me in ketosis for afternoon classes (where the energy drink enhanced teenagers are nodding off). If I get ‘hungry’/stressed from management, I have a concentrated beef bone broth I can build into a satisfying drink.

Tonight I ate cold roast beef with a playing card sized piece of pan fried sheep milk halloumi. Breakfast was bacon and eggs and coffee. Bone broth mid afternoon. Eating done before sunset.

There have been strange lights in the sky at the homestead. We are getting to see the southern aurora this autumn. I don’t remember having ever seen it before. A local photographer caught this image last week.


Glad to hear this. More carnivore days and one ‘finds themselves’ more and more just like you are doing. You are changin’, just keep on keepin’ on!! Your shop trip to the village sounds like a fun day out but at least ya got a nice haul of meat pieces for yourselves!!

@FrankoBear, wonderful post and that pic is so stunning. We had big lightening and massive wind last night in the dark, we don’t have stunner pics like you are having in your location :slight_smile: but I still love me a massive storm anyway.

hey on that methylene blue, you read up on that? scary sounding to me truly. with issues about iron and hemoglobin and more and then ya read this for side effects: pain in joints, headache/dizzy, blue/green urine, well we can deal with that, lol, sweating and skin discoloration and altered taste. hmmmmm…just sayin’ on this one but I know you done your research. You said you are pain free now and doing fab in your physcio and more, to add back anything with one big side effect as pain in joints might be a red flag. OK ALWAYS just a chat on it…I know you are doing your research for you :slight_smile:

@Karen18 and @JJFiddle, hope you guys are doing great into MeatMarchMadness!!

Nothing new for me today. Got chicken tender loins I need to eat. defrosted for family and no one wanted them to eat…yea…so I will sautee in a good bit of butter, might shake on some cajun spice for a bit of flare and hope it don’t flare the tummy. Second meal got nice cheeseburgers to make. More food, I got chuck roast I cooked the other day for family and I made a monster sized one, so I got meat back up there. Again, simple zc.

Rock on MeatMarchMadness ya’ll


Ever since I started carnivore I wanted to try adapting to a more “natural” lfiestyle so I’ve begun walking barefeet everywhere (except outdoors) recently but my feet constantly get dirty, especially with other people living in the apartment that aren’t as hygenic as I am. Does anyone else have any similar issues/remedies for this?


I had a nice meal around 1pm in the end. It is nice to wait until hunger now and then :slight_smile:
143g protein. Sigh. I suppose I won’t eat more today then…

And I drink coffee again, just on the weekend. I have my limits but I try not to go overboard and it’s great! Even black coffee tastes so nice now. I already thought about bringing it back if my huge appetite when too full stays. It’s not actual eating but still something more than tea or water. But maybe I will be okay now.

I ate roasted pork, fancy pâté (with various unknown organs and pork skin! I love it, Alvaro finds it tasteless for some reason. it’s so very much not! :)) with a single and it turned out, unnecessary sponge cake, a chicken leg and an egg milk. Oh and the tiny leftover fluff dessert. I changed. I do find it perfect with cream only but I often don’t have cream. Milk kind of works but I have milk even more rarely. Normally I just use a little butter. It makes it creamy and lovely but originally I couldn’t not feel the lack of sweetness. It was so much better sweetened when it had no cream. But it went away. It’s perfectly fine now. And so fluffy, I adore the texture!
I forgot that I ate cheese whisps too, they are perfect too. Maybe a bit too salty if I use the cheap cheese. How the personality of the cheese can almost completely disappear I have no idea but it does so I tend to use the cheap cheese. But I had an Emmental version when I had enough of the salt. That was nice too but lost the very unique emmentalness. A pity.

So I had creamy, I had crunch, I had cycling in the sunshine… I napped after my meal too and my huge appetite is finally somewhat correlated with my satiaty… So I am satiated, satisfied and all is well. Maybe a bit too full, I still stuff myself at meals but I have too tempting items and I want them all… And stuffing myself normally works, it’s the best to minimize my energy intake. But I have unusual times now. But it’s fine, it’s almost nothing. I feel very content if it’s about food. I am too low energy but in high spirits.

(Linda ) #26

I smoked a corned beef for my husband’s cousin thats staying and put both that and my smoked lamb from last night through the meat slicer this morning had so much meat I happily passed some lamb to her as well and froze some more sliced lamb for my husband’s food for next month…and still left myself two packs of meat to munch on…my husband’s been dealing with snow and I’m still having hot sunny days lol hard to believe we are just a few hours apart geographically lol cold meats and hot weather go so well together…

Took the dogs out early this morning since I’m walking three, but one at a time, its taking me 1hour 30 mins to get all three around the block I try to leave by 8.30am so I’m home before the real heat hits and it’s too hot for their paws…

So breakfast was lamb and fatty coffee dinner will be beef fanken rib prob or more lamb lol…

(Linda ) #27

I always walk barefoot inside and on concrete outside but if on grass then I’ll add flip flops/ jandals…im used to my dogs running dirt inside on their paws so prob not really much help sorry


I forgot to say that my chicken was pretty nice and it had a crispy skin!!! I didn’t even do anything, just tossed it with the pork into the oven, it had about 100 minutes there…

My “dinner” was coffee with a tiny egg milk. I hope today stays like this, dirty OMAD with great macros. 149g protein in the end, 61% fat, 4g carbs… Yeah, I went for meat even though I can’t skip eggs and cheese :wink:
1.35 pounds of meat for today.
I am satisfied :slight_smile:

My fat intake was less than the half of my fat intake 2 days ago… I never was skilled regarding keeping my macros in a tiny range, to put it lightly but why would I want that? It’s just some people uses very fixed macros and it’s just something extremely impossible to me, I can’t even stay in a decently big range. And my activity almost never effect my energy intake though some subtle inverse correlation happens (not when I am VERY active but I am never that anymore. maybe one day I will have that much walk again. it would be nice).

It seems my salt intake is higher lately, around 6, sometimes 7g a day. Half of it comes from my processed food. I have a very cheesy phase, the fancy pâté is tempting too… I don’t eat very much of these but not a little either and they are quite salty. But it’s fine at this point. I probably will get a tad bored with them…? I normally eat little cheese but I love my cheese whisps these days, so simple and crunchy even though a bit too salty.


Walking in bare feet is known as grounding. Making connection with country it’s called around here. Now that I have gone back to work, I have put shoes back on. It is a social norm. But I have all summer in bare feet. Everywhere. Beach, on the block, walking on paths and roads. Sometimes my feet get burnt. I especially walk the dog in bare feet so I know how hot the ground is for her. Yes, we find out how dirty our floor can be. So, we sweep and clean the floor a lot. It’s nice to walk bare footed on a clean floor. I do wear boots for some chores for safety. But growing up here from childhood the default was bare feet.


I don’t have a remedy but I am a barefoot person inside and out :slight_smile: I do have to do more foot care cause of it. In the end it doesn’t bother me about my feet, they get washed when required, some buffing for a few callus from being barefoot all the time LOL I love barefoot! For a while I got into wearing just a slip on pair of sandals but gave those up, got annoying just putting them on…barefoot for me most of the time. I hate socks also :slight_smile:


I walked barefeet as a child when I was in a proper environment.
Now I am in socks upstairs (barefoot in the hottest days of the year) and that’s it. No way I ever go barefoot around here, my property is FULL with thorns, I get many in my soles even wearing slippers!
And I need socks to keep my feet to freeze off. They need the most clothes by far. One pair is enough for sleeping, 2 pairs are better for sitting in my room. I need only a thin one for outside even in winter as my boots are warm.
But I would gladly run around barefoot in some safe grass… I just don’t consider it necessary or even particularly useful… Of course, I know little about these things. It just can’t interest me, I can’t possibly go barefoot anyway and I am fine as I am regarding these things. I need to make improvements elsewhere…

It was nice putting my bare feet into the mud a lot as a kid :slight_smile: I helped Mom watering the garden, she spent about 2 hours a day on it… There was mud everywhere. I loved that.

Maybe if we buy a bow (Alvaro’s plan since some time) and go out of the property to find some proper place… But now, the area is full with black locusts… Oh but it means very few thorns on the ground, it should be fine… Only our property is a very, very strichtly no barefoot area.
I still don’t think it important but it may be nice. And different. And nostalgic.

But what I never did is damaging my feet with uncomfy, too restricting footwear. It’s basic to keep our natural feet shape. Health is very, very important for me as it should be for everyone. So my feet looks like feet, not those mangled misshapen things too many women have.


Love it :slight_smile: made me smile big on that statement!! Your feet look like feet!!

@Karen18, hope all is going well, update and check in when ya can!

------------Simple zc day. nothing exciting happening. gotta use up some chicken tenders defrosted for family they didn’t eat…yup, this ol’ gal eats up the meats before I lose them. It is HARD to guess sometimes what the carby people want in their day for meals. I ask, no one says squat LOL I tell ya, when kiddo off to college next year everything changs in my food cook day to the massive better for me…ahhh, retirement time is coming more at me now :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #33

I always check the road during my walks incase it’s too hot for the dog paws. Its why I’ve started going out early…I used to walk on grass bare foot in new zealand and here when i first arived but too many times I found a fire ant nest in america so I learned fast thats not safe lol especially in Hawaii and Florida lol infact it’s. Not safe sometimes pulling weeds out of plant pots if the ants move in and make a nest…haha

Yes Karen you not posting is not like you I hope everything is ok…


maybe i should consider relocating to a more rural area. i live in midtown Manhattan and grew up in NYC my whole life so have not experienced things like gardens or dirt/grass


I can relate (not to the not eating the food part, we don’t have that). Alvaro typically have food made by himself in the weekend for a few more days, sometimes I need to add something though but his pork loin serves for all the days :wink:
But when it’s over, I will need to figure out what to cook. I have a few options, never think hard about it, if he has a problem with those, he can come up with something else. It’s quite odd when it’s time to decide and he has NO IDEA and I have no idea what high-carbers eat (and I am willing to cook as it’s simple) :smiley: That’s why I finally made a list with about 4 dishes… It was so long ago, I always feel my woe changes put a not quite transparent wall between me and the older times and now I have multiple walls and so many years separating me from my high-carb times. And we both changed anyway. Alvaro almost finished evolving, it seems but he is flexible enough to follow me to some extent when I change. His meat consumption gradually went up in the last years.

I will track tomorrow when I actually will KNOW what I ate during the day… It’s hard to avoid night eating these days. Of course I am hopeful it will happen today.

I had basically the usual… Pork roast, eggs, the fancy pâté I love so much, some sausage and countless cheese whisps… I put pork jowl and pork belly (too lean and odd texture in this kind, Alvaro loves it though) into my scrambled eggs today and sour cream on top. It was a coffee-y day again but it stops now. I tried to focus on fattier stuff as my main meats are lean.

I still have a tiny pork roast left, I don’t want to make another proper meat dish yet, I surely can survive on eggs, dairy and processed meat (and the tiny leftover) tomorrow. And I have my emergency items, fish, cod liver… Even pork tongue in the freezer. I couldn’t put fried/roasted meat into it lately as the slabs are often tiny nowadays and I eat up everything quickly anyway. But it’s fine for now.

I wonder when I stop eating this much cheese, I have a huge cheese wisp phase. Good stuff. Crunchy and lattice like, good texture, pretty, fatty protein, tasty enough, what not to like? :slight_smile:
Of course Alvaro doesn’t eat it. Or the lovely fluff. Or the sponge cakes (he doesn’t like any kind of sponge cake)… But he eats inedible things (carbs with carbs but even in that unfortunate group it’s not good) many times a week so we are just different…

NOT a sunny day today. I only was out a bit and worked in the garden too. Stupid blackberry thorns, I so hate them… And it’s not the thorniest plant in the garden. But I always manage to hurt myself when I go near. And I go near a lot as the plant needs care. At least cutting out a lot of it is mildly therapeutic even with the fighting back thing… The grapes grow like crazy too but they aren’t thorny! And this year I am looking forward to it we make a vine arbor… It was very pitiful last year as I did the work late but now, the plants will start to grow like crazy and it will be awesome! It’s above our decent sized terrace! The fruit isn’t ever much so it won’t be a big burden.

I am all ready to see greens but not yet. The daffodils are almost in bloom, we have most (all?) of the crocuses out (I miss my huge white/purple ones, where are they?) but the trees are still sleeping. The first weeds are excited though so I will need to mow the lawn in one part moderately soon… The grass itself isn’t particularly active yet.

And I really should dig up my tiny vegetable patch already (it has plenty of flowers too, one deliberate row, lots of morning glories and many others just happen to be there but it’s fine, it’s not like it yields more than a few pieces of vegs)…
I am looking forward the time when Alvaro will uses the car to go to work as he can buy some pansies! But if it won’t happen real soon, I can bring 3-4 home in a bag in my hand too, I suppose… It’s a tradition, I want my pansies every spring! And the other tiny cute flower I forgot both the English and Hungarian name of, it comes after the pansies die from the heat. The florist said it’s normal, not our fault, they do that. And advised the other flowers instead. And they worked great indeed.

(Karen) #36

Hi sorry i have not popped in for a few days. Food recently

Jigsaws recently lol

Been keeping busy, dancing, exercising, out and about and indoors reading and jigsawing.

Still doing my ZC-ing and it still suits me fine, couldn’t imagine reverting bsck to the old ways. Nothing to change in this neck of the woods :wink:


Oh. Still didn’t grab a jigsaw puzzle, I keep forgetting! I have very good ones though, I will show them eventually…

In my current high appetite time your wings look even tastier :wink:
But it’s very much morning and I seem to handle my huge appetite, I don’t eat without a need. I had no night snack yesterday, yay! I thought about it after midnight but drank some tea or coffee, maybe both (I still have a little leftover coffee but the coffee jar is put away again) and managed to avoid it.

Gloomy day for today.


YAY for ya!!!

@Karen18, as usual stellar pics, I see those blue daisy plates and think K is ON THE BOARD! :slight_smile: Glad things are going well.

Jigsaw Queen to the ultimate! New title for you :sunny:

How about Raymond? are things going as planned for what he needs and more with his issues? Sending hugs and prayers his way!!

-----------------so this is in the oven as I type. 3.2lbs. country pork ribs. ALL FOR ME. asked hubby ya want any? nope so cool, I got 2 days of great chow for this ol’ gal coming my way.


I sprinkled with a bit of my Chef Paul Prudomme’s meat magic mix I love sometimes. Yes this is a sprinkle on some rub day for me.
0 carb but ingredients is this: SX679

I do love it every now and then on pork. doesn’t work on anything else for me. I do use McCormick’s Perfect Pinch Rotisserie seasoning on poultry from time to time when I want ‘some flavor’ in boring azz chicken: ingredients: SALT, ONION, SPICES, PAPRIKA, GARLIC, AND CITRIC ACID.

I have to use sparingly which is fine cause salt being the big hitter in this stuff I gotta watch over salty taste and I am a super salt eater anyway but I gotta watch my shakes when using mixes.

I buy nothing that has the word ‘sugar’ in its ingredients list. I can taste it. If they state sugar on the label it means more is in there, if not on the label it means way less is probably in there and I don’t taste it…key being I taste no sugar in the above two items I use cause if I taste sweet, I am in bad shape quicker than I would think…nope, no sweet taste for me.

OK JUST some chat on how I do eat and what I use for mxies/flavor. but also I had to ‘finally dump’ darn spicy…darn…I keep trying a bit of taco or chili spice and love cajun spice too …which the mouth and brain love, omg the stomach, into instant heartburn for sure…so I push a taste every now and then but mostly I must back off. Any time I go this route on spicy I have to suck down TUMS antacid for total survival :frowning:


Hungry day again. I don’t like to eat a big meal before lunch so I just ate enough to calm my body down :smiley: And then lunch with Alvaro. I miss meat :frowning: I hoped that with ALL my processed stuff it will be fine, well maybe I can pull it off but it’s not ideal. I even asked Alvaro about his lean pork loin I dislike but it’s meat… :smiley: He wants it. Or something else from me. Oh well. I will roast the ribs but that won’t be ready until 6pm and my eating window is earlier today (not like I know when it ends before I go to sleep but I should finish soon as I already ate enough, I just feel kind of starved. not hungry just this food craving in me. nope, not quite as I have no appetite… somehow I didn’t get satiated/satisfied but I ate enough, I feel it but something is missing. maybe the proper amount of proper meat but WHY? it’s not like meat is essential and while it pretty much that on carnivore, I did eat meat just very little proper one but I run out and didn’t fancy to make another pork roast/fried pork yet. just a single day… okay, okay, I will make sure to keep ready to eat meat in the freezer but I always ate it up lately. and I do have organ meat and processed meat there… not good enough).

But it’s my personal problem even I ignore. I just wanted to talk about my pre-lunch and lunch.

I had a little pork roast, scrambled eggs with 3 eggs, pork roast, pork jowl, pork sausage, pork belly, cheese, sour cream and mustard. Some cheese whisps (I think I had enough at this point), egg milk, sponge cake with the fancy pâté I still adore and a tiny pork sausage. There is a little leftover so I am below 130g protein so I surely will need another meal later, probably a small one. Unless I find the pork ribs irresistible…

I run out of some processed stuff, it’s good, I really desire simpler times now!

But I opened my last box of cream :slight_smile: I do like my desserts and today I needed everything to try to replace the missing proper meat. Maybe I should overcome the mental boredom of pork… When I love my pork, I just don’t want to make another pork dish again… But I don’t want organ meat or chicken, we don’t have ruminant meat, fish is weak, not for main dish so I don’t have a good alternative. Even if I really want a break, I can eat a tiny pork for 1-2 days, it’s still good to have the option. It’s quite obvious, I just manage to go against it sometimes… IDK why I am like this… The tiny slabs from the tiny town supermarket don’t help. But I will get used to use two or some chicken with them… It was a nice chicken last time.

I have this with proper ribs. (WHY is English that weird? Shoulder cuts called ribs and butt… )
Nice isn’t it :slight_smile: Mine is a little less but Alvaro hates it :slight_smile: He has his super lean pork loin (and a surprising clinginess regarding it) and I have my ribs, I am excited to see if it’s as good as in my childhood or as disappointing as last time. I don’t even understand, pork is usually good and it’s fatty and bony, both tend to enhance flavor… We will see.

Enjoy your country ribs!

(Linda ) #40

Today I weighed in just over 19lbs down so still slowly moving in the right direction .

Fatty coffee and cold lamb sliced meat for breakfast, 2nd meal will be either more sliced lamb or I took out some cooked chuck roast I’d thrown in the freezer. Then finish lamb tomorrow… Either way I’ve got food to