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Had a slab of beef belly, which would be similar to pork belly. Tested out the insta-pot to tenderize, then pan seared, then baked. HolyMoly…that was AMAZING!

Had been out hiking the back forty a few days ago…came across a yellow birch with some chaga. So I pulled some off and made chaga tea. Today, I hiked ALL THE WAY back, and pulled off even more. Got 4-5 pounds of prime chaga now. So, tea time anyone? =)

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Hi guys, just doing an update. I haven’t been on here much because life has been hectic but I’m still going strong. I look forward to my OMAD. I ate chicken breast last night. Good but not as satiating as red meat I’m afraid. Pork is Good sometimes, Beef other times, just a meat mix and match.:wink: But tonight Beef is on the menu. I bought a good peice of Rib eye for tonight. I do get peckish during the day but I add Thick cream to my coffee…Ok, caffeine is a plant ( Sorry I don’t know how to blur things) but I have mega trouble waking up without it.:roll_eyes: Anyway the cream helps the hunger. I do have this habit of getting hungry just before bed, I will work on that.:wink: I am not on this lifestyle to get freaking hungry. I know that’s not what it’s about. I have a very big past of eating disorders, mainly annorexia and I can safely say I am DONE with hunger. When I told Mum I was back on keto she rolled her eyes and begged me not to abuse it and starve myself again. She loves the WOE but as long as it’s for health and not starvation. :smiley: I am damn tired as a mule in hell today. I’ve had big days everyday. I find exercise helps though. I have decided to start doing 8km power walks again…NOT today, but tomorrow. I just put in my headphones and off I go.:wink: Music is SO good while walking, I just go off with the fairys.:fairy:‍♀. Does anybody have any suggestions for carnivore sauces I can add to meat?? I would love some recipes. When I went grocery shopping today I saw a CARNIVORE DRESSING GOWN!!!:rofl::heart_eyes: I went into the shop and took a photo…i couldn’t resist. The shop owner was NOT pleased at the weirdo coming into her store, taking photos and then leaving without buying anything.:upside_down_face: But it’s for the thread, so oh well.:grin:.

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@Karen18 OMG I LOVE your plant and that vase is SO adorable​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Liver and eggs for breakfast

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@Carnivoor Mmmmmm yummy and healthy breakfast.:yum::woman_cook:

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I thought it was Ribeye tonight but its rump. Mmmmm

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I so want to eat half of that raw :yum:

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@Carnivoor Tooooo late this big boy is cooked and about to enter my belly.:wink:


slab of beef belly. I think you found yourself a new go to and amazing meat you now love. Cool!

@Bubby1, wonderful meat pic…yum. Yes beef is the ‘go to’ for many of us cause it just ‘has all the magic components’ for a dense meat our bodies want, we kinda all do best on beef mostly. Glad you are doing so well and tell mom to stop rolling her eyes HAHA You got this!!
Very cool on the bacon and egg outfit!

**************wow guys May seems to be flying by…almost 1/2 way thru the month! Everyone is holding carnivore strong!

IMG_20210511_110102_385 \

this is my 1.04 lb. pork tenderloin I cut up and fried and ate for first meal. I didn’t want those skinny thin cut Tbones but will have to eat them today tho before I lose them.

Almost burned up my meat. I fry high heat and fast but I threw my meat into the searing pan and hubby calls from the back porch to ask me something and I start chatting a bit and I jumped…my meat!..luckily I flipped it before big burn and got it out of the pan still tender before I blasted it into shoe leather HAHA It was delish.

After I wasn’t hungry, thought I would tackle the Tbones later but didn’t want them.

rest of food was small burger patty and tin of sardines.

Just eating as the body wants, when I want and whatever it asks for and just following plan and feeling wonderful!

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@Fangs Thanks Fangsy :smiley: Yep beef gives me mega energy and is SO damn filling.:heart_eyes: Your pork looks delicious too and now is time for me to LOL!!! Because when I was cooking, I went into the lounge room and almost burned one side.:wink: ALMOST!!! I do high heat and fast too!!! I am a massive " No fuss" in the kitchen. I just slab it on and it’s done in a few minutes. I can’t be bothered spending ages on food prep.:smiley: I am glad your feeling wonderful too. You are so positive and it totally rubs off on me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have heartburn because I had a headache and was an idiot and too lazy to get water so swallowed the pills without water.:roll_eyes: It is so good to eat real food. Mum has problems with her brain from many many many concussions from many many many years of falling off horses onto her head. She was saying that she found out keto/carni has proven to reverse bad side effects. She gets migraines but she said they are lessening from eating REAL food. The SAD is crappity crap. All that preservative junk they try to ram down our throats so they can make money when we need medical help from the crap they recommend.:roll_eyes:. So yup…Better to listen to our bods and work with them instead of against them.:upside_down_face: ( Omg I never thought I would be one to say that, after torturing my bod for so long…Now it shouts “ENOUGH!!!”).


I wrote this yesterday but only now uploaded the pic for it.

I am barely back and I still have good satiation. I suppose I came back quickly enough but my zillion calories 2 days ago may have some effect too. But nope, it’s the definitely carnivore(-ish) satiation feeling I never got on my old keto, only very close to carnviore. It’s still odd.

I had a pretty okay day, 2 eggs for lunch (quite unusual but it was enough) and a substantial dinner.
I managed to consume 2 oz meat, oh my, I didn’t realize it will be that low but what can I do? I LOVED my eggs and sour cream today and my food was enough…
The fried ground pork/egg mix was a bit dry but that’s what sour cream is for… I could hold my not-pizza but it was soft, not crunchy at all but I expected that. Good tasting just dry. It was okay but I can do so much better.
The egg+skin was good (and spicy) and I made a fried boiled egg for fun and for the sake of my photo.

The brown thing is a boiled+fried egg, not a really exciting thing but I had to try.

Tomorrow I do my best to eat poor lean pork I instinctively avoid despite it’s not that bad. I merely rather eat eggs now, it seems. I am like this, I need my properly fatty meat to eat meat :frowning: Or organ meat, lean but still so very nice!

I need to be more active tomorrow. I went out for 2 lil walk, couldn’t run due to

  1. too hot weather (I am not used to this…)
  2. full belly
    And my arms are aching from my tiny workout yesterday with baby weights and abandoned the other half of my workout. I am supposed to do them at once but well, I am not always that good. I will remember this tiny muscles -> bit muscles the other day (I never did this before, just the reversed thing, that was fine) can’t work. Mowing the lawn doesn’t help, this new hand-held tool makes my upper arm muscles aching just like lifting. I felt the effect of the previous one in my lower arm muscles.
    So I need to balance everything out somehow.

No food topic beyond this point (well vegetables and fruits will be mentioned but mostly as plants in my garden). It’s May and my garden is very active! The grass and the weeds grow like crazy, we have lots of warmth, sunshine and regular rain.

Nice plant, @Karen18! :slight_smile: I learned sensitive plants are totally doomed with me but I have only very resilient ones :slight_smile: Sometimes I even remember to water them, only the leanders were upset in the winter in the first years, now I know they must be watered super often. They are outside since some time, drinking their extra nutrients to make pretty flowers!
My tiny tomato and pepper plants basically all died. Or they got even smaller than they were when I put them into the soil outside (they kept dying inside because I forgot to water them EVERY DAY… but the second… or third bunch was luckier and perky though tiny) and I don’t see them. I don’t know why it never works for me, I really did my best. Sigh.

My garden really isn’t good for veggies but I had tomatoes before, it’s fine, I just can’t make a big plant from a tiny seed easily. It usually a total fail, some grows though and it’s all good then except too much rain destroys the fruits. My garden is great for fruits (the not vegetable ones) and decorative plants (well fruits are very decorative even when they are flowers. and I actually have a few bean plants only for their pretty flowers, we always had them around the shed when I was a kid, red and white. the kind that climbs, of course). I have some wonderful pansies. Super cheap flowers (maybe $.6 each, fully grown flowering beauties) with big variety, I have 4 very different ones now. And they are overachievers!!! We bought them with 2-3 big pretty flowers on each and now they have, like, 6. Prettier than at the shop, how amazing is that? And I just put them into the soil and watered them.

But my sorrels are the easiest theoretically vegetables, they just grow all by themselves, no watering or anything else is needed (just taking off the flowers if I don’t want that but it doesn’t matter much if we don’t eat them anyway). Alvaro doesn’t like sorrel and I don’t really know what to do with it so they are just there as leaves :slight_smile: And later flowers, only leaves now… But we had them when I was a kid and I liked sorrels over spinach and it takes zero work and it’s green so it’s a nice look among the grass. The violets always try to suffocate poor ones but this is life… They still live.

Tulip time is kind of over (I don’t have late tulips :frowning: ) but I will have zillion oxeye daisy soon (I have zillion violets now, the purple/white ones. the purple ones bloom earlier and I don’t even know what my few white ones do but they were between the other 2 kinds I think). And small but not tiny irises :slight_smile: And my bigger quince tree is in bloom (the baby has its first few flowers too), it’s very pretty now. It always was one of my favs with its more… substantial flowers. Not flimsy ones at all unlike most fruit flowers here.
And my pines does their things too. And all the other decorative plants start to make their yearly big show unless they did it already so it’s a busy time in my garden.

I messed with my sleep again and it’s a gloomy weather day. Bad combo.
Alvaro doesn’t come home until 6:30pm or something, I probably won’t eat until then or just some eggs. I am not hungry. I think I wasn’t properly hungry since days, I just feel I am not as okay as I would with food. So, need for fuel urge, it’s useful when hunger is on holiday.

I make egg+meat biscuits today. And something with the leftover pork as my biscuits contain 50g meat only. They probably will be soft but one can hope. I made various kinds, they will be baked later.

Wow! I never even saw such a thing! well I never saw brisket either but sometimes it’s available on the beef farm… Sounds good, beef belly, what could possibly be wrong with it? Or with brisket?

No idea what chaga is but I prefer real tea, only tea leaves. With some exceptions.
What. Fungus? for tea? I would try that. Probably not my cup of tea :smiley: But I would try.

The nearby pond has raised water level and zillion dead fish :frowning: I don’t know what happened to them :frowning: The birds are fine (I saw ducks and gulls today and swans some days ago).

It’s the experience of many of us but the breast is super lean too. Of course you don’t get satiated with a too small (energy wise) OMAD meal. Eat fattier meat if you want OMAD though I think you could add at least some tiny extra meals. I do that lately. One proper meal and some eggs or other things here and there. It’s often hard to eat enough for OMAD on carnivore, some people easily do it but most of us don’t. If you get hungry, eat very soon and enough. Heavy cream coffee isn’t the ideal response to hunger - except if you are cooking your nice big meal already, I suppose though I would eat some normal food even then…

Oh that can be annoying. I eat then but it’s not ideal. Maybe more meals earlier or add some not satiating fat to your meal or choose fattier meat, whatever works to eat more? You clearly don’t eat enough during the day. Maybe eat earlier too? Just try. I probably could wait until very late every day nowadays but then I would undereat so if I feel some proper urge, I eat even if I have zero hunger and appetite. My body needs its nutrients and yours needs more than mine, mine was very well-fed all my life.

I send this already.


Me too… Well we have yolks, that’s a good start… But I rarely use sauces and sometimes I could use some (like now with this dry meat. I simply use the -ish part of my woe I admit but eggs and butter/lard should help a lot too)… With spices there are more options…

There was talking about egg yolk colors earlier. This is normal and pale in my world, sometimes I get way more reddish ones, feeding can do that easily to a hen’s eggs as I’ve read.

Aren’t these pretty colors… I love yellows and browns, they are my fav colors along with black.


Either my body is actually hungry or people rub on me but this piece of meat seems quite tempting even in its raw state… :flushed:

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-Raw egg yolks
-Full fat cream
-Full fat cream cooked till all the water is out (thick and tasty)
-Cream chees mixed with gereek yogurt.
-Plain molten butter ( nice over fish).
-Mascarpone mixed with full fat cream.

Some more obscure.

Blood and milk
Mashed beef brain
Cooked mashed fish liver
Cooked Mashed bone marrow

Plenty of liquid or nearly liquid carnivore stuff for sauses.
Combine them any way you like for something different every day.


I doubt this level of conspiracy theory is right or healthy. Nope, just food industry wanting to make business, profit over really good food, just the usual. Pharmacy things (those companies like profit more than people too, that part seems very true) happen mostly elsewhere - well they are connected as animals get medicine but the preservatives and others aren’t there to make us sick, it’s just for long shelf-life and more tempting items.

Just like healthy animals didn’t/don’t get antibiotics to produce super resistent bacteria to kill more people, they got it to save money for the farmer/company.

Fortunately no one forces us to eat crap most of the time, it’s a choice. It may took time to realize we can make better choices but well, our body usually helps to survive the first decades… But I am not knowledgeable enough to talk about the harmfulness of food. I never even ate processed stuff all the time, we had a normal household with home-cooked meals, the ingredients obviously couldn’t be perfect just like they aren’t perfect in my current life (okay, it’s a bit better now. I guess).
Some people eat alarmingly strange and they even pollute the world with plastic insanely much, it’s painful to me.


Thanks, oh yep these all sound familiar from you :slight_smile: And many are out. If I mix mascarpone with whipping cream (30%, the fattiest I can get), that’s obviously a dessert to me…
Yolks need something else… Or don’t? I never tried it plain… :thinking:
Cream is too thin (and screams dessert to me. I used it in savory things a few times in my life but the rest was dessert), I try to avoid it now - but thickening it? Sounds nice, hopefully it’s not too much work. Needs some spice though to get my mind off from being a dessert. And lots of salt to balance out all the sugar. Cream is sweet.

Why is molten butter good? (Not for me.) A warmer room temperature (like my kitchen in summer) butter is just perfect, it doesn’t run away from my food :smiley: I use it for desserts and snacks though but for my lean meat… Why didn’t I try it? No idea. I will. My current butter is quite tasty!

I can’t get blood, brain or with liver… But the latters seem too thick anyway. Not like it can’t be helped with some liquid, of course.

So I have butter and cream (rarely, it’s not satiating to me) and my faithful yolks (optionally with something else like lemon juice or mustard or at least some spice. I obviously will try it with sour cream).
And the thing below my roasts (fat, water, salt and whatever else leaves the meat, it’s tasty if I manage not burn it a little. I used that for the first portion of lean pork now - stupid chuck, how dare it be lean? - but I run out of it). Maybe broth can be a base too… Broth and cream? Sounds good to me…

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Thats a good idea. Will try that next week, when I’m back home.


My pork biscuits. I overdid the lard a bit for the ones containing extra fat… Oh well.

The very slightly cheesy ones (and to some extent the ones with less egg) became crunchy! Success!
They are a bit dry so I used sour cream on some of them… It seems yolk is a better idea, it adds falt. Added fat just doesn’t work, always escape my biscuits. Maybe I will add pork belly or sausage… It would help with the flavor too, these aren’t bad but some more flavor would be even better.
I need crunchy carni biscuits or else I will eat crunchy store-bought carby ones (or suffer as we don’t usually buy such things and try to bake some and fail despite the effort). I can’t even make keto biscuits, all become super soft or bad tasting.
But these are good enough if I want a crunchy thing :slight_smile: Cheese whisps are too cheesy.

I used finely ground pork roast as “flour”. It worked well.

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Chicken and goat followed by a plate of cheese.
My last dinner in Africa, tomorrow I go back to Europe.

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Stair runs done but wasn’t feeling the CrossFit today so cancelled. Just wanted to do my hair and a bit of self pampering rather that squishing everything in before work.

Rump steak bacon and eggs before leaving for work (another thing I would have had to forfeit for CF.)

Chicken breast cheese and butter for tea followed by a packet of ham slices a little later in the evening.

Home by 9.30pm and some cheese.

Tired feet just about ready for bed.