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Nah Fangsy. Ketocarnivore can be carnivore but with checking ketones. So it is carnivore with nutritional ketosis. It’s about adjusting fat amounts.

I find that a carnivore WOE without checking blood ketones can sometimes/often not have me benefiting from the metabolic effects of nutritional ketosis. This time I’m chasing the anti inflammatory effects of nutritional ketosis. And joint healing building blocks. So the WOE has become therapeutic as well as nutritional.

There’s a balance in there to explore. Carnivore that is ketogenic but not so high in fat that it washes out the minimum 30% protein : calories goal.


I may have written that on my last blood monitoring tests (a few months ago) that the measure for iron stores was lower than normal range. I think it is the transferrin measurement. My blood levels for circulating iron were upper normal.

A few reasons to mention it now. One was a really good podcast episode on iron in the diet. And just because people eat red meat, it does not mean that you are absorbing, storing and utilising adequate iron. Very interesting notes about dietary improvement impacts on mental issues as have been noted with low carb diets, in general, for many people.

My wife, who is trending back toward vegetarianism after a 10-day Buddhist silent meditation retreat, was iron deficient, then felt better on taking a bioavailable supplement, but now has stopped supplements because she feels ok but hasn’t made dietary adjustments. The retreat was OMAD vegan and vegetarian foods. It seems to suit her. We all know that wrangling spouse’s eating is better left in the world of the imagination.

The other part is that I’m cooking my foods in a cast iron camp oven on top of our wood fire stove. The iron from the cookware can get into the food? Picture is a breakfast cook up. Note @Karen18, no cheese! It’s late autumn here, so we have a wood fire each night, and on some days all day. We are off grid, so the wood fire provides hot cooked meals and warms the tiny house to perfect reading and writing cosiness.

Last night I cooked a rib eye steak and eggs for dinner. Then added two porterhouse steaks I found in the fridge left over from some visiting surf nephews. And added 3 cuts of osso bucco - beef shin? bone with the marrow bone in the middle of the meat. I browned the meat. Then poured over beef stock. It slow cooked stewed for hours until the beef was falling apart when touched with a fork. Transferred it to a prewarmed glass storage container, and to help cool it before refrigeration, poured over a large jar of cold gelatinous home-made beef bone broth. Now I have a few nights worth of carnivore beef stew to enjoy in front of the fire. No vegetables in this stew and the thickening is collagen from the bone broth, rather than starchy vegetables.

This is interesting Vic. I will redo some maths. The aim is to stay above some minimums. When I reverse engineered my recent 2MAD carnivore eating, it worked out at about 200g. It will take some proper planning to bring that up further. So, I’ll have a look at it again. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have no idea what chaga is. Is it magic mushrooms :mushroom:?


It’s good they looked at the book. I haven’t read it. But I’d be surprised at the claim it is not reputably referenced. That thought comes from listening to Dr. Saladino, from time to time (he’s a bit too earnest for my tastes), as he references almost all of his nutritional statements on his podcast. I’m glad Vic had a closer look.

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Hi guys, I woke up not feeling well but I snapped out if it and went for a 10km powerwalk but jogged the last km without stopping. I’m kinda proud of myself.:smiley: There must be such thing as muscle memory cos I was pretty damn fit my entire life. I have been so sickly the last year as I battled annorexia ect ect ect. But I am fine now and eating enough calories to feel energised enough to move .:upside_down_face: I’m tired now but its a good tired. Like I achieved a goal.:wink: Tonight will be Ground Beef made into bunless burgers and eggs and sour cream. @Carnivoor Thankyou for the Carni sauce suggestions.:smiley: I don’t like raw egg yolk but I love cream cheese.:wink: I also have sour cream now so that will be good. @Shinita Mmmmmmm Nice pork biscuits.:heart_eyes: Your food pics always make me hungry.:smiley: I saw all your replies and I’m too tired to reply right now but you and I chat outside of this forum anyway.:wink::kissing_heart:. Ok guys, I’m going for a nice warm bath.:bath:. It’s so nice to exercise at this time of year in Australia. As it’s nice and cool.:heart_eyes:

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@FrankoBear Magic Mushrooms??:rofl::rofl::rofl: My Mum lives in Africa in a place in the bushes called Narnia.:lion: She took Magic Mushrooms with a group of hippies and they pretended they were boarding a spaceship and the only rules were NO lions allowed…Poor lions.:laughing: I don’t know what Chaga is but now I wanna Google it.:upside_down_face: Hope the cooler months a treating ya well.:wink: I was WAY too hot last Summer.:scream:


ok that is cool. Ketosiscarnivore LOL Keto makes me think eating plants and staying in that 20 g area.

So you are adjusting fats, kinda like making your own PKD protocol for yourself. Thanks for clearing it up a bit for me on that one. I was scratching my head here for a moment HA

***************food for yesterday

those thin cut Tbones, darn near burned them up LOL
I don’t know why I am having trouble cooking great lately…probably cause I hate cooking, ANY cooking :slight_smile: but I ate them, so thin they just cook so fast…not a good rare on this at all but it sufficed.

the burgers I used American cheese this time. Usually I grate some cheddar off the block but I was too lazy to grate cheese so I snatched some ‘good’ American from hubby and used that…and the bacon…YUK in that it was leftover in fridge from hubby making bacon. I don’t like reheated bacon like this…it just was icky to me.

Overall food was OK yesterday. Didn’t all float my boat but it filled me up.

Burger was good. I bought new ‘pre-patty Angus beef, leaner cut’ and the texture and taste were good, bit pricey tho, doubt I will stock up on them unless one day I see them very low sale price then I will grab.

all good in zc land for me so far :slight_smile:


Its quite strange. It is a mushroom of sorts- a tree mushroom. It grows primarily on birch trees, in cold climates- like Russia, Siberia, N. Canada. Looks like chunk of charcoal growing out of a tree (usually where the tree has had some wound.) The outside you see is black, but the inside is a softer, yellow/gold/orangey color. When immersed in warm/hot water, it releases massive amounts of antioxidants.
Some countries, such as Russian and other northern European countries have used it for the antioxidants, treatment of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers, according to Healthline.

I tossed a couple lumps in a crockpot, and just let it simmer. Looks like coffee, but then as you continue adding water after each serving, it will lighten up.

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On the road again.

My Project expanded yet again, so arranged for another engineer/project manager to take over.

8 weeks 14h working a day non stop is enough.
Not complaining thou, I love hard work. The mental stength that carnivore can give you is amazing.
Have been eating at least 1.5kg of meat a day. Needed the energy. May have gained some weight but its not going to be much.

I missed the occasional raw meat, first thing tomorrow is some raw beef or pork. Yummy

My 20gr of carbs a week are also getting back in my life (for my saturday evening beer).


@SecondBreakfast, I read up on it and one thing is it says it can ‘possible’ be effective to help the body and heal inflammation and more ‘good benefits’ it did list for sure…but then I got this also: from the net:

Little is known about the long-term safety of Chaga. While many consider it to be safe and well-tolerated, it has been known to cause side effects in some.

The substance oxalate is of particular concern since it can affect the kidneys. Oxalate is considered an anti-nutrient because it interferes with the absorption of nutrients and can quickly bind with calcium to cause kidney stones. There have even been cases of kidney failure in people who have overused Chaga powder.

Chaga should never be used in people with kidney disease, who have had a prior history of kidney stones, or are at risk of kidney stones.

Because Chaga can influence blood glucose levels, it should be used with caution in people on anti-diabetes drugs, including insulin. Doing so may cause hypoglycemia (an abnormal drop in blood sugar).

There is also concern that Chaga may interfere with blood clotting. As such, it should be avoided in people who have bleeding disorders and used with caution in people taking blood thinners such as Coumadin (warfarin) and Plavix (clopidogrel).

It is unknown how Chaga might affect children and whether it has any impact on pregnancy or breastfeeding. To avoid complications, speak to your doctor before using a herbal supplement in any form.

---------------------just saying guys that plants or fungi DO have bad sides as we know but like it said above, some tolerate teas and powders and such very well…kinda like anyone on carnivore still drinking coffee or using some tea, so chaga tea falls into the category of buyer beware on it all out there.

SB not dissing your tea but throwing out awareness on it :slight_smile: and everyone google up stuff when in doubt to always weigh if it will suit you or go against you…personal thing here :slight_smile:


Super congrats on getting another to take over, I would do the same, you put in big hard time and did your part…when one needs back off time and can get that done, yes take the back off now time if required :slight_smile:

Raw up and beer up…you deserve it and I bet you gave Cooky a great recommendation cause that chef treated you ok for sure!!

So what’s next…ya flying home now?


Yep people here usually call exactly that keto.
Some of us think of way more carbs when talking about keto because we have higher ketosis carb limits. I always go over 20g net carbs on my extremely rare “only keto” days. Hell, I go over 20g net on many of my carnivore-ish days… 20g is barely enough for my animal products sometimes (of course I have plenty of 5-10g days but when I enthusiastically eat liver and sour cream on the same day… :D). But it doesn’t matter, carnivore-ish is good to me and I suspect staying below 20g but spending most of them on plants wouldn’t be as good. I probably won’t ever try. Liver and egg carbs clearly are fine to my body, I still am unsure about the lactose, it seems it’s fine, after all but it boosts my calories. Sometimes it’s useful, usually it isn’t, keeping it low unless I have a very good reason feels the best. Physically feels, I typically don’t like eating much dairy including the lactose free ones. Butter would be probably fine, that’s mostly fat but I don’t need much added fat either.
So I keep my low dairy consumption, zero has no chance in the near future.

Rainy weather so I couldn’t buy organs :frowning: I miss organs. My food obsession/addiction is still strong, it just have other targets and it’s a bit more patient than earlier. But I still want organs every hour today. I am not hungry yet (and I had a few accidental bites at 3pm, pretty low-cal as the main ingredient was egg white. oh well, I took 2 bites of pork then and now I will be fine until dinner) but it doesn’t matter, the lack of organs and almost complete lack of sour cream troubles me. I love to have everything important to me. I had zero eggs too, that’s why I made the egg white things. But Alvaro brought home 60 eggs and we buy 40-50 more tomorrow so no problem. We never have many eggs anymore but as we have multiple sources and one never runs dry, I don’t worry about eggs anymore. Back then we had to buy all the eggs we could. Sometimes I had 250 (it’s the maximum safe amount or even a bit more in summer as I keep the eggs at room temperature, obviously. I couldn’t fit 10-20 eggs into my fridge on half of the day days let alone 250).
But some good eggs are only in some little walking distance (5km) and Alvaro can pick them up even in rainy days like today.

I realized the 60g meat on Tuesdays was 100g in raw weight :slight_smile: Still almost nothing. Yesterday I did 300g with late eating as my hunger works that way nowadays, I eat very little until the evening. I just don’t get hungry and if I do or not but eat, it’s a tiny meal. But my later meals are proper sized and I don’t eat 6 times a day… Not ideal but it’s not so bad. Hopefully it will get sorted out. I would like big dinners, they work well, keeping me perfectly satiated until bedtime.

I wanted organs but fine, I took out some pork shoulders from the freezer. I have a huge slab, maybe for some nice stew in the future made on open fire? Now I grabbed the small one, 4 pounds and LOTS of fat, yay! I will eat some of that for dinner. When it became somewhat defrosted in the oven, I cut off some lil parts (280g) and made it into a little stew. But I wasn’t hungry yet so that’s for dinner. I’ve read pork shoulders are best for stew. I don’t know but they are excellent for that indeed, I tested it a few times already. I presume all nice and properly fatty meat is great as stew. And sometimes leaner meats can surprise us but the super lean ones are usually bad like that.
I can talk only about our stews.

We have no cheese, it’s rare! I am fine as long as I have sour cream and butter. I eat WAY more butter than usual, 2-5g a day. Today even more as the egg white things needed them too and I drank coffee before the eggs arrived so I made buttery coffee.
I have these phases with my coffee… I prefer them with cream and with or without egg yolk but I try not to have cream every day and I run out many days ago anyway so I switched to egg yolk with a little butter (butter and cream are close relatives and the taste shows that, at least in coffee). But it was the first time after years I tried coffee only with butter.
I always disliked fatty coffee (I mean, with no or almost no protein), butter when mixed in well to make a foamy stuff was better than black but not really good.
But now I enjoyed it. It is a tastier than usual butter, maybe that’s why. But maybe I changed or maybe it was because of the coffee. Sometimes I feel coffee will make me feel better. I don’t have severe sugar poisoning anymore (I strongly desire black coffee and nothing else then) but bad sleep and headache is a state where coffee feels good.
Probably it was due to all the above but my buttery coffee was enjoyable.

I don’t think I can get rid of coffee any time soon but I try to keep the amount not too crazy…

The common but not always present big carni benefits are still with me: I am not obsessed with eating at all (I am obsessed with food and like baking and whatnot but that’s a hobby, I don’t need to eat them. sometimes it’s good I cook and bake for Alvaro. my own meal is very simple and quick lately). It’s very very odd for someone like me!
And the other is that I am not a zombie even on a rainy day. Even with bad sleep for a week (enough sleep but not at the right time). I am not an energetic one with great mind but my mood and awakeness is fine. It’s very different from me on keto or low-carb. I felt fine there but the weather strongly affected me, gloomy weather made me sleepy and a bit miserable if it lasted for longer. I lose that on carnivore. I am sad if I don’t see sunshine for days but I feel alive. I was sure I needed solar energy to function at least remotely well in the past as my experiences always showed that.

And I even lost my zillion tiny meals with zillion tiny hunger per day now. Yay.

So almost all is good regarding my woe and anything it affects, I want to solve my sleep problems, do some other positive things in my life, there is a huge room for improvement… And then I wait for more energy. That would be nice.

(Edith) #192

I’m sure your family is looking forward to seeing you.


Hey VE how ya doing and what are ya doing?? Give us an update on where you are at cause I know one thing, you know you and will follow the right path for you so wondering on how you are doing :slight_smile: Missed your posts for sure! You were on ‘carnivore try’ person that truly gave it all a fair shake and I always appreciated it about your posts!

Hoping all is going ok for you!

(Linda ) #194

At the start of the week added fried calf liver to my meals for a couple of days it was pretty tasty one time I ate it with bacon …following day didn’t bother adding the bacon I might try to add it a couple days a week its cheap and really filling…
My husband won’t eat it but thats fine more for me lol…
The other meals have been my flanken ribs.

I seem to be really happy with those and it’s surprising how each day I really look forward to having them fresh off the grill.

@Carnivoor have a safe trip im sure your really looking forward to being home.

(Edith) #195

Hi @Fangs, thanks for checking in. After seven months of being strict carnivore and constantly analyzing myself and what I ate, I went off the rails a bit with alternative sweeteners, i.e. Zip Fizz, vitamin water zero, and yes, even a Diet Coke here and there.

I got mentally tired of always thinking about every bite I was putting in my mouth and all the troubleshooting. Mentally, I’m in a better place being a little more relaxed.

I made my mom some marzipan for Mother’s Day and tasted it. I ate a few tortilla chips when my kids came over to celebrate. It was nice not stressing about every little taste/bite.

In general, the my only real dietary change is I am eating some berries and my body is very happy with the addition. Avocados seem to be a no-no.

I definitely have more energy. I’m slowly upping my running mileage and added an extra day of strength training.

As I mentioned on another thread, I’m thinking about doing a cyclical carnivore. Fruit in the summer and autumn, all meat in the winter.

The negative: a few pounds of weight gain. :weary::crazy_face:


I nodded along (well I never tried calf liver only beef one but I guess if I love one I am fine with the other… anyway, I never saw a liver I didn’t like at all), tasty, cheap, filling…
Alvaro dislikes beef liver too. I don’t know why. He loves chicken liver, eats pork liver but beef liver? Not again. Oh well, it’s not like I mind to eat it all :slight_smile:

I brought photos! I have no organ but I have plenty of pork, I only show a part of it.

My stew pic got blurry but I want to show it for some reason so you get a small pic:

I got so full, I ate 2 eggs too but I am not really into eggs today.
The stew was very flavorful, perfectly fatty… Yum!

I only tasted my beautiful roast but I surely will eat more later, I ate little and it’s 7pm already.

This is a small plate with a little, 2 pounds piece of pork shoulders on it. It probably will last for 3 days as I totally want my organs tomorrow… But one can never know as my meat consumption is all over the place. But this is NICE so I won’t do the 100g thing here. Or the 300… And it’s good, I actually start to worry when I manage to eat, like a pound of meat in 3-4 days… I have no idea about my nutrition needs on my individual woe or the content of my meat but I need some proper amounts. Whatever that means but I seem to function fine when I eat much meat (in my world so slightly below a pound a day) and I get cramps way below. Even eggs don’t have everything let alone sour cream but I really try to keep it in check :smiley: This 25% one is out of dreams :smiley: I put the rest into my stew so I couldn’t make pancakes. So I will eat some more meat later, it’s a good idea anyway.

(Bob M) #197

That’s probably how we ate forever. Pretty much all cultures, even the highly meat based ones, will eat plants on occasion.

(Karen) #198

I have felt quite tired today, it has been quite warm and muggy, threatening rain all day so I have held off on getting the weed killer out and the flippin rain has stayed at bay! Typical!

Could have done with an extra hour in bed sleeping but just lay there thinking about sleeping lol. Thought I had booked the CF class but found I hadn’t, which it was just as well I looked because I would have turned up and felt daft cos it was full! So I did my stair runs and chilled this morning.

Brunch was chicken breast butter n cheese.

That used up last of the cooked chick I had bought earlier in week so I boiled it up for some stock and had a cup full.

Took my friend Raymond to a shop where he wanted to get some fake grass and flowers for his mixed live and artificial garden! Then I had to come home to chill again. Thought I would sit in garden but I only lasted about 15/20mins before I was just over heating. :cold_sweat:

Dinner was rump steak and seafood mix n cheese which was very tasty. Steak was virtually raw which I love.


Uh-oh, someone mentioned fruits. I obviously can’t resist. I used blur but be warned, this comment will be all about my wonderful fruits! :smiley: And garden and weather.
It’s MAY, I am thinking about my precious fruits since the first flowers!!! :smiley: it’s always an exciting thing but this year we don’t get new ones. The young trees decided to grow instead. And some old trees take a break as well. Thankfully. Alvaro’s staple fruits (apricot and pears) will be okay even though we won’t have any of the first and only one pear tree is active this year as we still have zillion jars from the previous few years. I did my best to feed them to Alvaro in the last months and he is good at eating them but still, there are so many…
Sadly, during my not carnivore times in the winter and spring I realized I absolutely adore cherries now. I didn’t like it preserved before only fresh (it’s one the best things ever fresh - except all the sugar. even Alvaro regretted when he climbed the tree to pick some and ate all the injured ones. Between cracks because of much rain and birds, there were many, about 1 kg and it was during a little time. And ours is sweet like crazy, we will pick them less ripe this year, that will help with the injured/okay ratio too).

I will looking forward to read about your experiences!
I am the type who definitely shouldn’t be too relaxed about fruits. Not like I ever could go back my 1 kg apple a day times (it was rare but so memorable when I did it 25 years ago every day for many days) but I doubt it would be ideal for me to eat fruit every day as I did on my original keto, almost no matter how little. I felt the need for it back then and I obviously eat whatever I desire but I can subtly guide myself into the right direction and that’s the way.
I obviously will taste all my fruits (IDK, somewhere above a dozen different kind) in 2021 too but I don’t want many days when I eat more carbs than now (it’s relaxed enough). Fruit shouldn’t add much carbs (until I get the brilliant idea that I totally want to get satiated with pancakes with cherry/sour cherry jam. That’s my fav. The chance for that is zero, I want eggs and meat when hungry but even as a little dessert it can add more carbs than I want) and I never desire fruits out of the blue anymore. I just don’t want to resist when they are around me all the time since weeks and I spend an hour picking them every day (but I am good, I can do it with proper fruits. but certain types has smashed up specimen I don’t want to put into the bowl… last year I wondered if I should bring 2 bowls… thankfully it’s only strawberries, we have A LOT and they must be picked every other day, the others need little time or the weekend is enough so Alvaro does it and sometimes suffer the consequences… but it hopefully won’t happen this year).

I enjoy being in a cardigan today. Nice cool day. It’s not summer yet, I am not used to hotter days (20-25C. I never can get used to hotter than that, I am dying there) so I need these times. We just have 70% humidity now… Time to use the loud big dehumidifier again…
Part of my garden looks horrible, too much rain and laziness/aching limbs to cut the grass everywhere (it does take a lot of effort and my arms tire out quickly). I realized late the plants grow more I would expect (my grass always does when the weather is perfect for it) and I feel a bit bad now. The next day it will be dry enough, I go and mow the grass.

@Karen18, BEAUTIFUL photo, food, colors, plate, everything :smiley:
I only can avoid a sudden urge to eat some similarly pretty meat beause I just ate my pretty meat :smiley: I couldn’t make such a great shot but it IS pretty.
Next time I use sunshine but we hadn’t any today so I used some tiny diffused natural light and a lamp as usual.

(Vic) #200

Addis Ababa airport lounge, always an excellent source of all you can eat carnivore. Eaten here many times.