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I have no idea about gurgles but my body is pretty stable… I can eat almost any way I may want (I don’t want and can’t do some insane incompatible-with-me style) and I mostly function the same, “only” the overeating thing happens (with all the mental annoyance) when I overdo carbs or eat too much added fat or certain dairy. I read about things which are supposed to determine poop (fat, sodium, fiber) all the time and it all completely fails with me.
One zerocarb article told me I MUST have cramps or whatnots (my memory… but I think it was that). Well I must be broken. Or is that only for people who goes from high-carb to carnivore? I surely would have suffered there, not with cramps though, probably. My first one-day keto trial (and as I remember, I did it strictly so really low-carb) was horrible, my body screamed bloody murder for some fruit and it broke down in not too many hours, I felt a very miserable zombie (my body loves its zombie act. I often feel like a zombie when something is off, bad sleep does it the easiest)… Simple low-carb was the best thing ever right away, high-carb lost all its chances for good (except maybe single days but they never felt really good either so my hedonist self felt no desire to stay or go visit often. and low-carb offered nearly anything I could have desired so I felt very comfortable there) but I had to do this extreme low-carb gradually. But this way it felt good.

And my body looks at fowl meat and just can’t consider it real, satiating main meat, it seems. Side dish meat role is fine but as the main thing… I ate about 1.3 pounds of it yesterday along with many eggs and livers and some quark and other things and I was hungry very often. Nope, eating a ton of protein just can’t cut it for me, not even with enough fat. It matters very much exactly what I am eating. Meats are very different. My circumstances are always a bit different but fowl meat never ever worked well so I think I should accept it never will. Not even in my easily satiated times (easy satiation totally happened, I just got hungry again).

I had my lunch, again without a proper hunger, I am incorrigible… But it was 2pm and it felt good… I had scrambled eggs and some pork. It’s super lean chuck or something. Maybe roasting it twice (it was almost ready when I froze it back then) made it too dry? I don’t know but it’s not the usual lovely juicy-fatty thing I like. Despite the inside isn’t dry at all and the outside is nice red crispy and I am fine with that. There are no thick fat veins :frowning: And I can’t pair it with some very fatty stuff either. Maybe I will ground it and mix with eggs. Or freeze it again for Alvaro and I grab another slab of pork :slight_smile:
That’s the problem with leftover pork, I cut the very fatty parts first and eat it :slight_smile: Then I should face the consequences and Alvaro can’t help right now as he ate turkey. it had such a huge humerus! And it’s a bird and not even a great bustard! (That’s Hungary’s biggest bird, it’s an impressive one. Well, a turkey is heavier… But its wingspan is way smaller.)

But I am not someone to be pitied at all regarding my food options, I have pork and eggs galore and I have no egg or meat aversion at the moment. I had a nice lunch in 2 parts (as I had to wait for my pork, I suddenly decided I will eat) and I hope I only need another meal and not 5-6 like yesterday…

So I mostly have this crazy too easy satiation problem on carnivore, otherwise I am quite fine. I still didn’t figure out how I should eat to have a convenient pattern but I will.

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@Fangs I tried it with the pork rinds cos they don’t affect me and I wanted to try cold butter… I will try melted butter and shrimp see how that is also. Oh i def don’t want to give up butter if I can work around it. But yes its going to be trial and error.

@Shinita yeah lean meat I don’t really eat but you could cut some lean parts ground it up when it’s raw with some pork belly and have it fried in a pan…or made into meat balls/meat loaf kind of thing …the cooked lean meat def could go in omelet with cheese . Or grind it up and add butter or sour cream and cheese…

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Stair runs done this morning then off to CrossFit and really enjoyed it to the max. All CV this morning… not a Barbell in sight :woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling: Yay! It was a you go I go pairs workout and again I paired up with my daughter. It made me think back to when she was a teenager and I could not have imagined that we would ever be working out together in her 30’s and my 60’s! I love that we have this special time together either at the CrossFit Box or doing our walk and talks. We are doing a walk tomorrow and taking my son with us again. Can’t wait.

Well I popped into the Company Shop again on the way home from CF, mainly to pick up some lactose free milk for my friend Raymond as I noticed yesterday it was 50p a carton but I had my hands too full with burgers and chickens yesterday lol.

So I got him 6 cartons and saw a few extra bits for his freezer as he is a bit lax at keeping it stocked and then runs out of food! Grrrrrr told him today he is setting himself up for failure at his attempt to lose weight when he isn’t prepped and ready!

Of course I saw stuff for me aswell and when there are bargains I can’t seem to resist picking them up :wink: rump steaks half price and cheddar at 80p!

Got home and cooked up 3 more burgers but only ate 1 with some bacon and a couple of eggs and wrapped the remaining 2 and put in fridge for eating cold. Decided to cut the pack of burgers up into the individual packs of 3 and squished them into the freezer… yes I found room! While looking at the freezer and fridge I couldn’t help but feel happy. All I could think was i am so prepped and ready lol. The fridge isn’t as full but has 2 twin pack rump steaks I bought today , a cooked chicken that I have just eaten a leg and thigh from, cooked beef brisket, some corned beef all wrapped in foil, anchovies , ham, topside slices and cheese.
I will enjoy a bit more of the brisket later.!

the freezer. Lol … good thing about taking a piccie is I notice there is a bit of room in the top right corner to squish something else in :rofl: i just need to remember that I have a fair bit of fish in there too and start eating it a bit more. I have tinned fish and tinned corned beef but I like @Carnivoor plates where he eats

And the fridge with enough cooked food to tide me over and to take to work on Monday.

Happy days.

@HelenW it’s all about listening to what you body is telling you, if it wasn’t right yesterday then you maybe wouldn’t have done yourself any favours trying to exercise.

@Fangs I am always envious of your Tbones lol and I love seeing the food that @Carnivoor eats . Great to see all the pics as it inspires me to try mixing up the food I eat.

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Beef and fish, the fish was to dry, not very good.
Left half of the fish in the plate and took a small plate of fetta and cheddar for dessert.


If I had pork belly, it would be fine but I don’t have it now :frowning: (I should always have some. But I ate what I had, very quickly and mostly all alone… It was nice.) I only have sausage and I use that very sparingly , it has other roles, not side dish for my meat.
I do my best to keep my dairy at the minimum too and I avoid added fat if possible… I don’t often eat omelets but yep, that’s good, I just prefer it well-mixed with ground meat, my first and this far only idea.

But if I get hungry, I will eat it anyway… :wink:

Sour cream… That’s good, my biggest reason not to do dairy-less days nowadays… But I run out of that too. And I don’t do shopping on Sunday. But that’s not a bad idea. Ground meat, sour cream, maybe mustard… But first I try to stick to my basic meat and eggs style. I stray a lot anyway, I should not to do it even more…
Maybe I mix it with yolks, not whole eggs…

It’s not urgent right now. 7 hours passed since my lunch and I am very, very satiated. My day is totally different from yesterday but it wouldn’t be anything like this after a different day. All that food and unusually lots of meat yesterday surely had an impact in the end. That’s why I need repeated experiments, my past affects the results. Usually not very much if my woe is the same and I have no overeating days (not realistic on carnivore. maybe I eat a bit more than needed now and then, but never much more) but it does matter.

@Karen18: I want such a big freezer too :slight_smile: Ours is old already, big but not as big and the freezer is tiny :frowning: We will buy one moderately soon. We like to use our stuff until it works, our microwave oven lasted for 25 years, maybe? It was my Mom’s who almost never used it…
I love to be prepared especially that the city with the good sales are farther and we visit only 1-2 times per month… But we like to have enough food for months (okay, it would be only plants after some time and nothing fresh and it would be quite bad but we wouldn’t die), we do this since several years. I have multiple cupboards for food. We have the smallest supply from eggs and meat, my staples… So I hope there won’t be apocalypse or something.
But we still need a big fridge, sometimes we put 2-3 pots there…
You have a pretty fridge with so much room on the door (IDK how to say it in English)… My room there is way tinier, the plastic is small and a bit broken… Some jars, a little butter and that’s it.
It’s good I don’t refridgerate my eggs. It seems almost everyone does it for some reason.
And that big vegetable drawer(?) down, it’s my goal since I saw proper fridges! Mine is the third of it (as the fridge has some parts behind it and the stuff on/in the door would overlap so it’s only in the middle, very small) and it’s a problem when Alvaro actually buys a lot of vegetables and they overflow for weeks as it happened now. And even if we had no veggies, it would be so nice for other purposes… :slight_smile:

No exercise today, we mowed the lawn, well, partially, it takes many days to do it everywhere (only 3-4 with this new, more powerful tool if we both do it but I need rest, it’s more effective to give me ache than my weightlifting sessions. I don’t know how I will do that after mowing the lawn a bit…) especially now, for the first time. IDK how others do it, it’s lots of work and it’s not a big area. I can’t just start and finish it in 2 weeks… I am very sure I never did it in 2 months… During that time I cut the weeds (as it would be too easy to have only grass there… not like you should underestimate the grass there) several times in front of my house though. Everything grows way quicker and denser there. But the worst is being careful with my zillion plants everywhere. I cut my garlic plants today, oh well, they will live.

I still have some tulips (and a daffodil!!! all wilted ages ago except that one, it’s in the vase since many days and it’s perfect as in the beginning. odd) but not for long…

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I treated myself to the fridge freezer when I got kitchen done. It has certainly come in very handy with doing this woe. I am 100% with you on using things till they expire lol i was living with a 70’s unfitted kitchen and my old gas cooker got condemned so I went and bought a second hand range style cooker. I fell in love with it but it didn’t fit the same space as the old cooker and stuck out into the path of the doorway … hence I eventually had to revamp kitchen.

Yes the doors are good. The fridge has stable type doors, i can open the top half to get to the inner door shelves that i keep the butter and cheeses in and some jars of stuff I used to eat but really need throwing out now and then if i want to get into the main part of fridge i can open both doors together. It is just an energy efficient fridge. The solo egg in the door is a hard bouled egg but I learned that the best place for eggs is at the back of the fridge as they don’t get affected by the constant temp change from opening the door.

The freezer door has a holder for ice but i have the 2 legs of lamb in it and at the bottim of that door are a couope more small holders but nicely fit the 6pk of steaks i got from lidl the other day. Used to keep my fruit iced lollys in it !


Makes sense… I keep them here and there, the pickling jar is in the door, the ones in their shell or something without are in the back, out of way… But I eat boiled eggs very quickly, they don’t even need to enter the fridge :smiley: Sometimes they do though. I’ve read boiled eggs in their (not cracked) shells lasts for long at room temperature too, I don’t necessarily believe it’s that long (I tried once when we managed to boil 50 because why not… now I know that this is a bit challenging to eat even for me. I usually boil 4-5 and sometimes we boil 30, that’s a cute number and we immediately make a stew using 20) but overnight never was a problem.

Boiled eggs are useful especially when I am not bored of them at the moment. Sometimes they are boring alone but work fine as a side dish. I ate one with my pork for dinner (as I finally got hungry after 8 hours but still couldn’t eat more than a few bites. it’s so surreal even for the zillionth time).

I never need ice so I don’t have that. And I have a so cute ice cream maker… Plain hard plastic so it’s not so good for other purposes unlike my silicon ones. And my other purposes were chocolate and sometimes jelly. I love my poor, nowadays almost never used cute molds. Especially my biggest fav that I call half death star (half sphere with a round dent in it)… I used to make my rare peanut fat bombs in them too, years ago… I don’t have carnivore ideas for them. Once I made coffee jelly, that was the most carnivore use I ever did in them. Coffee is nice, jelly is fun even if it’s unsweetened. And it was sweetened with a little cream anyway…

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This happy, creative and positive post
Is a fine effort, and gives me the most
inspiration to get outside,
And tackle my hill, not let fitness slide.
I’ll see if my back will let me do
Some fun in the sun, then get back to you!


Dang it and fur balls. I have a shoulder strain. It feels a bit like the dreaded “frozen shoulder”. That’s not the thing you get from falling asleep awkwardly in front of a Disney animated film. It’s this thing middle aged people can get because the collagen in the healing process of a joint strain is made up of the wrong fibres and keeps tearing, rather than healing. Last time I had it in my other shoulder and it took 6 months intensive physiotherapy, and, for me because it helped, acupuncture. 6 months off from surfing!

I’m on to it nutritionally this time. Aiming at ketocarnivore to get in that low inflammation state, and I’ve started the cycle of slow cooking beef bones to make daily bone broth doses to provide collagen building blocks and amino acids for my human joint health. The bone broth is also a great warm beverage substitute for the coffee.

During MAYhem I am aiming to be mindful to make my carnivore eating more protein focussed. If I were to do the maths, I am aiming at eating about 200g of protein per day. That’s a total of about 900g of high protein foods like meat, eggs and fish. Within that I am aiming to keep my protein sources as a percentage of daily calories at a level greater than 30%. The rest of the daily calories derived from fat. In terms of actual food amounts the fat portion works out about half the size of the lean protein amount. To keep the protein input that high takes some delicious conscious effort. The fat is needed for flavour.

I had a closer look at what it means for food. Eating 2MAD, it looks like 3 to 4 eggs, 3 bacon rashers, or 150g canned wild caught oily fish then a fatty 500g steak or two with a tub of pate and a large mug of bone broth.

So as not to dilute the protein calorie percentage, it means dairy free carnivory.

Yes, it is heading toward that Valhalla that some carnivores describe of “beef, salt and water”. The simplest approach, but a little bit too Spartan for me yet, would be to eat about 900g of 30/70 ground beef per day. With this sore shoulder, it may be the therapeutic thing to do.

I’m trying to remember the protein:fat ratio in the PaleoKetogenicDiet. I think it is higher fat.

(Vic) #130

Hi Frank, thats rough.

I think 200gr of protein a day is not enough for active males like us.
I shure eat more protein than that 200gr if I plug in the numbers. 275 to 300 a day.

This is what nose to tail, wide variety carnivore results in.

Bone broth is a good idea. I also eat the cartilage in my food and I chew of the end of softer bones and eat it. My nose to tail is a bit literal :smile:

Hope you heal fast.

(Butter Withaspoon) #131

I do this! Chewing all the cartilage and connective tissue makes sense, and hopefully will put my sciatic nerve issues back into remission. And I always have a go at chewing the softer parts of bones.
After all that, who needs calcium or collagen supplements?!

Frankobear that really sux! I’m so grumpy at the moment being injured- it’s so sad and frustrating! I feel your pain! May your eating lead to stronger better shoulder joints!

(Linda ) #132

PKD ratio is 2:1 fat to protein


I think almost no one eats so much protein (many do but compared to all the active males who eat enough, I mean), my SO surely gained muscle with his way, way lower amount. I don’t know, somewhere below 100g a day? I tracked his days sometimes, it was 60-90g then. He was somewhat active with very muscular legs, the other muscles are tiny (running and cycling without anything else does that). Obviously with a more muscular or bigger body he would need more but still, sometimes I actually wonder how his protein is enough for him (because I am biased and like higher protein, not minimum, maybe-enough amounts?). Now he gets it partially from meat at least, previously he got a huge part of this tiny amount from plants, even grains are one of his main protein sources, it always sounded strange to me… He doesn’t eat nearly as many eggs as me and I eat only 6 on a normal day.

The human body is wonderful. Of course, we should do it more ideally, not just consuming enough nutrients to survive.

200g is usually a high enough amount (and definitely too high for many), I am not against high-protein but that’s what I definitely avoid to go over often (I am a short woman, yes so that matters some but my protein need is clearly below 100g if I can believe the numbers I read zillion times, numbers which are proved. It is a very safe number, I probably wouldn’t lose muscle eating 55g). It’s pretty great for most active males I think but 300 probably isn’t too much either (obviously it depends, there are short and not very muscular active males too, there are individual differences as well) - just unnecessary in most cases. But it’s very individual so I stop already (at least I tried and failed). Some people gains at 1g/kg for lean bodyweight but most is better at 1.5-2. I can’t eat that low protein so I eat between 2 and 4 (my average is just a bit above 2) and I am not active or muscular. But my lean bodyweight is so tiny, no one can expect me to eat so little protein.

Of course, some people already has great difficulties at 200g (or maybe even above 60 but that’s some special health condition), it’s really individual despite the very nice and well-beloved 1.5-2g/kg.
Yeah, some people consider the ideal number way higher but it doesn’t seem the body uses that much. Maybe in some unusual circumstances (but natural ones, not using steroids)? I don’t know but the experiences and experiments I know about showed that there is no huge protein need, 2g is overkill for most people even when gaining muscle as rapidly as possible - but it’s nice to be on the safe side.
But I really let the natural bodybuilders with optimal improvement goals alone, that’s a special thing.

I know I don’t need to worry about protein, lucky me. Any numbers I am able to get is great, at least in the frequency I get them. I wouldn’t like to have my 200+ g again, stupid turkey. But I barely ate the next day.
(Tracking. It was simple.)
900kcal or rather less as my chuck was leaner than usual… Definitely enough protein for me (it seems 120g pork and a few eggs go a long way… but I barely ate something!)… So yep, still my usual high protein in average.

If I ever need a high energy intake, I must get friendly with super fatty items. I am working on it so it will be fine I guess. I always dreamed about eating much fat, like, 300g… Would that feel much? I do 200-260 regularly, it’s not really much. But I actually realized (on carnivore) that I just want to feel perfectly satiated, I don’t need to eat a ton of fat to have that nice feeling. (Only now and then. I love fat and I minimized it for many years, all over low-carb and my old keto. Okay, I still try to avoid most type of fat, all added fat and fatty dairy but I don’t feel I keep myself from the target of my desire to an endurable but not so nice extent. But it stopped on carnivore.)

I am really sorry about my inability to write my thoughts down in a concise manner :frowning:


Eats have been good, but not stellar. Had a bit of lettuce yesterday (I know, I know…) as my turkey and cheese came wrapped up in it (Unwich from JJ). Skipped the tomatoes, etc. Stomach got bloated soon after- so no more of that. Not sure what got in my head, there.

Was beat after a marathon workday yesterday…745-5pm. I came home, ate a pile of bacon, took a bath and went to bed. Got up at 5, having coffee and MCT oil, and work 7-330 today. Yes, it is Mother’s Day. But whatever. Hubby is cooking steaks, and we should have 3 kids coming over for dinner. No veggies for me. Just butter on the side.

I’ll just interject on the chicken / egg discussion. I’ve had chickens and turkeys for years. Grass fed, free range for the most part. Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Isa Browns, and both butterball and bronze turkeys. Diet is all the same. Eggshells have varying colors. Yolks are all deep orange color… The fresher they are, the deeper the color. The yolks are nice and perky, and stand up. If they are stored, then the yolks fade and become flattened out more.

Well…gotta get ready for work. Over and out, buckaroos!!!


Yep, @Bubby1 told me it’s Mother’s day in Australia. We had it a week ago. And I don’t know about other countries.

Alvaro made curry. I always ate curry with rice. Rice never was my thing until low-carb when it became exotic but curry without rice, it’s hard to imagine for me. Well it has veggies already even though it’s mostly meat so I only planned to taste it. But Alvaro used up the whole pack of turkey leg. I told him I want a piece but he forgot. No problem, I have pork but now I am a bit torn. What to do with the curry… I probably taste it today and leave the rest for him later. 2.5 pounds of meat, it lasts for days for him even if I help on the first day. (It is a tiny curry though in volume. I am used to huge meatless curries… That was another world and it wasn’t even so long ago…)

For now, I ate some eggs (soft-boiled ones, they were nice! it was sooo long ago I had some) and pork. And let’s hope I can minimize the problems with the curry…

But this weekend is quite relaxed. Still very very close to carnivore but not that. It’s fine for me (and I barely use dairy, I can’t do everything right…) but I will get more serious tomorrow. Weekends are special somehow, I am not that strict, I eat earlier too… Alvaro makes food and I tend to taste some of them… And I like to live a bit dangerously and no amount of fails can change this.
But I feel safe now, I have roast and eggs, after all. I just refuse not to eat from the turkey curry. Yesterday’s pudding tasting wasn’t a great idea, I know I don’t like Alvaro’s pudding, why do I taste it? But it was a tiny amount and no temptation… Just useless. I won’t do it again.


So great you guys are getting in those nice hikes!!

Love your fridge/freezer pics…and yes squish a steak up in that corner for later eats HA

I ate so much variety when I started but now into year 4 I am SO whittled down into what I truly love. Steaks are key for me truly and I dropped alot of meats by the wayside I used to depend on…everyone changes on how they best love eating carnivore.

So you are going off full on carnivore? gonna hit into ketovore style? Remember those veggies are part of the inflammation you are trying to rid youself of :slight_smile: :slight_smile: just sayin’ but cool if you feel comfortable there.

Super sorry on the injury. When I nailed my ankle/achilles heel area I was lame for like 2 years, yea it was that nasty. I thought it would never come around but one day it did, years later cause all I did was keep hurting it…hey I had to walk LOL So you watch your shoulder and do all ya can to heal up best ya can!

On a ketovore type style I get tracking and needing to know and want to control protein levels and more, but on carnivore we truly need none of that. The hardest thing is accepting we can eat anything we want when we want, all we want cause most of us did come from restricted limited control our food schedule and for me personally, letting go of all that crap was a lifesaver for my mental status! :slight_smile:

Wishing you continued success. And yea PKD is a tough plan…all in 2:1 fat ration and for even a carnivore like me I ain’t tackling that protocol but my health isn’t where I need a PKD protocol either.

-------------got hungry yesterday

1.25 lb ribeye steak
1/2 lb. shrimp dipped in alfredo sauce…omg so good
8 slices bacon

that filled me up fine for quite a long time and later when I got 'kinda hungry I did nibbling…I had can of tuna (dry…omg I missed my mayo in it and had to mostly gag it down, I realize mayo makes the tuna for me but I said I would try life without so I did, ick…lol…few leftover bites of pork tenderloin meat…8 slices salami

today I got NY Strips defrosting and rest of shrimp probably.

Woke up slightly bloaty feeling. Bacon. Noticed the bacon and I assume sodium is nailing me a bit. I am ‘feeling sodium’ more since I did cut back and then of course I didn’t cut back alot and went back to heavy salting, then cut back again some days but now I noticed when I do hit heavy salt my body is telling me, hey, we are bloating here :slight_smile: Yea I get it!!! I hear ya!!! Time to control the salt more for me! eh, will work on it.

Carnivore on strong all!

(Vic) #137

2 plates of this for dinner.
Cheddar for dessert



I got 2 lbs. of Kobe Wagyu hambuger and a rack of pork spare ribs from my favorite take out BBQ joint.

I am very happy with that of course :slight_smile:


i think this is my first photo post since i don’t use my phone while i eat so i rarely get an opportunity to take a pic


@daigo1 – well I am super glad you got a phone pic of that beautiful hunk of meat!!

YUM and I bet you will enjoy every bite of that baby!

We love meat and meal pics on this thread LOL