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I know the feeling… Well I actually walk, I need to but it’s often less than more reluctant than it should be. I need to get used to more activity anyway!
And cycling. I only did it once since Alvaro’s accident, I had to bring the piglet in the snow… It wasn’t fun. But I saw the pigs outside :smiley:

I am glad you folks talk about stair running. So I get reminded I started to run daily (if the weather is right enough). I had my first one yesterday, super tiny, only to the hilltop and back and I live almost at the top already. I allow walking when it’s very much uphill and I am already winded. But it’s the first part when I have most energy and enthusiasm anyway though every step lowers it… It took a lot of time yesterday, forgot to check but 12 minutes at least. For 900 meters. I walk way faster but it’s running and standing. I stopped 7 times, admiring the view :D. I decided to learn to run maybe 2 years ago. I am utterly horrible I know :slight_smile: Cardio doesn’t agree with me except if it’s cycling and doesn’t last long. For some reason, I love that, it’s very hard, I get winded, I dislike going super slow but it’s a challenge and I know it does good to me. I like running way less but I don’t hate it anymore. And my body actually changed so it feels better. Or felt, I probably went back to my old state during the times I didn’t run. Even Alvaro doesn’t run in winter but he easily does 9 km with some elevation (a little part of the run but pretty steep for running) after a little time getting used to it again.
While I feel I never will able to do 1 km :smiley: But surely I will if I try stubbornly for some years or something.

Hi guys, I had a late eating yesterday but it felt normal as I needed it and it was only my second! It was tiny (liver is extremely satiating on carnivore) so I had another, even tinier one at midnight. Still IF.

And now I am super satiated at 2pm. And forgot the give the turkey wings some more deserved time, I go! I talk about my protein hypothesis later. I will check it today, turkey wings may be fatty but they have lots of protein too…


food yesterday was

tbone steak and few slices of taylor ham

2 pork chops and 2 small cheeseburger patties

doing fine…just zc chillin’

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Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well. I am now totally addicted to steak. I had a good peice for dinner. I still feel hungry though maybe I’m not eating enough. Only got to 950 calories today…I had to have a pill last night because I think I’ve got a hernia and it hurts.:sob: So it knocked me out and the pill also causes hunger. So if I’m too hungry I’ll eat some cheese and salami. I bought a really aged blue cheese today. $8 but omg so worth it. Cheese is a good way to satiate me and add calories.:wink:. I hope everyone is good…it would not let me load my photo here.:pensive: I’ll try again.

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My meal today. Why do I see a face!!:upside_down_face:

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My 3 eyed alien face breakfast. :slightly_smiling_face: made me smile at 6am.

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For egg yolks, I’ve heard that the type of chicken is most important. I’ve seen discussions among those who raise different types of chickens saying that, even when the chickens are provided the same feed, their eggs are different colors.

I think a lot about raising my own chickens, but we have so many predators: bobcats, raccoons, hawks, owls, you name it.


Egg yolks may be pale yellow but that odd one looked like a “normal” (for me :)) one with a thin white layer, I never saw such a thing before!
The food matters a lot, it’s known but that’s it as far as my knowledge goes.

Well. I wasn’t hungry but I always sit at the kitchen table while Alvaro eats lunch, at least partially… And now I had this beauty in front of me…

This is our only big plate (it’s more than enough, rarely used but sometimes it is useful).
And this is Alvaro’s turkey wing, mine is significantly bigger :smiley:

I could have resisted, it’s pretty easy for me on carnivore before my first meal when I am not hungry. But if I wait, I just end up lacking calories after midnight and I don’t want that. So I ate half of my turkey wing :slight_smile: It was an interesting experiment anyway as I always start with eggs. When I first ate beef, that was the big exception, I got full with 600g beef for a day.

This was about 330g turkey (hard to tell especially that I don’t know the weight of all the bones yet). 0.73 pound? I am quite satiated now. I could eat more but I don’t want that. but I wasn’t hungry, I just could eat and my body welcomed some food intake after the first bites as usual.

I think I like the drumstick more but I dislike those hard tendons in it… I probably will keep buying various parts of turkey, neck for soup, wing and drumstick for roast. For some reason, I rarely see thigh… Only as filet. Alvaro loves filet and I can enjoy even lean meat in curry. It has vegetables but interestingly, only a little. It’s amazing he is able to make something with little veggies. He usually put a ton into it including potatoes (I use blurring for specific things only, it sounds good but tell me if I should blur our vegetables too. I usually do that with fruits due to sugar and Fangs’ sensibilities :slight_smile: and my proneness to talk about the ones in my garden. I do my best not to)… I don’t eat most of his dishes since long, no wonder (okay, partially the reason is that I don’t cook veggies so when he finally cooks, he makes veggie dishes. even two at the same time). Except stews, those are very heavily meat based, plants are basically spices there.

4g salt was enough for 1 kg of meat (I think I use a similar amount for all meat lately) so 2g for one pound is plenty. I definitely will eat little sodium on the days when I eat only eggs and meat. I am curious what will happen if I have those longer term. Probably nothing as many carnivores are fine without added sodium and I am very far from that and because I never had low sodium problems except maybe when I fasted for 5 days without any. I am not sure but maybe the funny feeling was that… And my first time to enter ketosis on keto (I mean, when I did keto and not fasting, that’s keto too, sure but I wasn’t aware), I might have something like that. But apart from these 2 cases? I never felt I eat too little sodium. I felt I eat too much though. So I probably could pull off carnivore without added sodium, at least under normal circumstances but I still need the taste very much :slight_smile: Especially for meat, eggs need almost nothing for optimal taste and zero added salt tastes okay too.

So, yay for a full meat meal (except an egg yolk in my coffee. it disturbs some part in me to avoid eggs altogether I think. and nope, I still couldn’t give up coffee but the amount is lower now. I usually wake up with a slight headache nowadays and coffee feels good)!

We still have liver but they will be nice with eggs later.


I know you are a tiny itty bitty thing B but yes if hungry you make sure you eat. That is your body saying you require food for healing…so yes you eat and eat well. very very important on carnivore, mostly when we start cause our bodies require alot to heal and handle hormone healing and alot more, so yes you eat you little thing you :slight_smile:

and yes I see a face for sure!!!

@Carnivoor, your 3 eyed alien looks delish! Your Cooky is doing a wonderful job for you…no doubt about that!

it is simple. when you fence up just bury the bottom of your fence like at least 6-8 inches into the ground…so trench a fine line deep, install fence and will control anything digging under…and from the sky, simple…buy a fowl netting to just hang over the top. All your chickens will be very secure then. Us farmers have to deal with this for sure, but it is work to buy, build your laying boxes and your outside area run for them, so make sure it is something ya want before you put in the time, one can buy fresh organic eggs from others who this is their business and support them, but of course if you want your own for your own pleasure, go for it!!

@Shinita, no need to resist and that pic looks delish. On carnivore we never need to resist, you want that meat or turkey wing, or chicken legs or whatever, you darn eat it and smile while doing it :slight_smile:

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@HelenW thank ypu, i Love it when someone tells me I have inspired them in some way. I hope you got out on your walk, sometimes I feel just the same, I want to go out walking but then I hesitate and miss the opportunity. Thats why I prefer to have someone like my daughter to walk with. If I have made arrangements I won’t let anyone down and it makes me do it. Same goes for the CrossFit class, i have to book it since the pandemic started so I go even when, like this morning, I wanted to cancel so badly cos I was so tired from a sleepless night. And i must admit I wanted to walk out before we got halfway through cos it was nasty lol

I know that doesn’t account for my stair running because there is just me here but I think I must have a bit of Autism in me because it is like I have to keep doing it day in day out. My son is in a res care home 24/7 as he has Autism so I guess we can safely say he’s got it from me! This morning I just had to tell myself Get Moving to get out of bed. I find myself talking to myself all the time! :roll_eyes::grin:


I edited and re edited my last comment as too much time passed and this topic usually is bubbly :smiley:

I forgot about my protein hypothesis/experience! At least tracking was good for something.
My body is somewhat predictable, my metabolism very stable… I eat when hungry… So if I even track, I get some info about myself.

It seems that if I eat less than I normally need during the day, I only can avoid eating very late if my protein is 120+ grams. Sure, it’s something more vague and there are zillion factors but my experiences very strongly show this. Like, very nearly every time I eat a bit too little and my protein is lower, I get hungry around midnight and I need to eat. I go over 120g protein and I get satiated very well.
If I eat way too little, that’s no good even with more protein, no matter how little carbs I consume, I know that since long. But protein is super important. Once I tried to lower my protein intake through eating much fat. Well, I ended up eating a ton of fat and high protein… My protein intake is stubborn, I don’t need to track to keep it up, it automatically happens. And I may do anything I am willing to, it won’t stay low.
120g is definitely higher than my need but it seems I need that amount if I don’t eat very much fat.

I will make some experiment when I buy my only satiating fatty item - that I can’t name in English. Don’t you have a name for it? Pork skin + fat + optinally some meat, we have a word for that. Bacon and speck(?) and pork belly aren’t that, only partially. For example, the 86% fat thing with almost no meat isn’t belly, it’s the fatty part of the neck (jowl?). It is boiled and salted and paprika cowered, other stuff has only salt, smoking is optional… So even white bacon isn’t a good word and it doesn’t cover when it has no meat I guess.
What if I call it szalonna, it’s the Hungarian word :slight_smile: I am usually “nice” and even typically use pounds but I am so lost here. Oh I looked it up, it is as I thought, even fully raw (or in the living animal), this word is appropriate. It means the fat in the last case, though. The skin and meat is just there in the final product because it’s convenient and desired, I think. I definitely dislike it without meat and I can use the skin especially if it’s boiled and soft.

I show an older photo, I wanted to do it before but it never happened if I remember correctly…

My “this and that”. The thing at 9 o’clock is szalonna, not the fattiest thing I can eat alone but more fat than meat. If the meat is very much, we don’t call it “szalonna”. Those things (like smoked ribs or hocks) are still quite fatty though with lots of visible fat. And szalonna does come from the belly most of the time anyway due to that being super fatty (and the neck).
The pic features sausage, smoked chuck, bresaola and some fried chicken skin as well.

These things (maybe except the fried skin) has some support role, sometimes I need something fattier, more variety, a little something for my eggs. Or when I don’t want anything “normal”.
I eat little of these and as time passes, even less. If I have a roast with appetite for it, I don’t use them. But when I don’t want much meat or I don’t have it, I need something to spice up my eggs, dairy surely can’t do that alone.

I still can’t roast the skin properly in the oven while it covers the meat… The color is right but it’s not crunchy. Oh well, still good. And useful, turkey meat is too lean alone. For me.

And Fangs, I have so no regret. I made a decision and it wasn’t even based on desires, I have days when it’s a small challenge to eat enough, at least before night arrives… So it’s fine to eat as early as 3pm :slight_smile:

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Another day of stair runs and CrossFit, didn’t feel in the mood for either after a bad n8ght 9f redtless leg syndrome :roll_eyes: hey ho just have to get on with it and it was a nasty workout too!

Home via the Company shop where I picked up a packet of 18 angus steak burgers for £8.20 guessing they are 1/2 pounders cos they were huge.

Also picked up 2 cooked M&S whole chickens for £3 each and some fab cheese for £1.75 each.

Would have been remiss of me not to have had some burgers for brunch and as they were packed in 3’s i thought it would be rude not to lol

For tea I had lobster with a bit of the fab cheese to follow I

Then I had a couple of slices of the beef brisket i slow cooked yesterday and now have a large cup of chicken stock. Always feel hungry when I am tired but I think I have earned all the fuel today. Off to bed very soon x

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@shanita pork skin is yummy as crackling or pork rinds I think they boil it first and then fry for pork rinds…pork belly is too much fat for me unless it’s boiled first then the fat rendered down til its crunchy…yum I do mine in airfryer after boiling it.

Yesterday I added the butter on my ribs within an hour I was running to the bathroom…
Today no butter no running to the bathroom lol…
So I just spread cold butter on pork rinds see if that hits me might be the melted butter…(I’d miss butter, if I couldn’t eat it at all) not sure that was a wise thing it tasted so good…

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Ohhhh yummmmmm

(Vic) #114

Chicken and steaks for dinner.

@Karen18, @Bubby1 and @Shinita , nice pictures, looks delicious.

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Karen18- That inspiration to exercise turned out to be theoretical :smiley: I began to feel a bit under the weather so went to bed early instead. And my back was declaring that I needed a few more days off. Grrr… because I feel better when I can do something!
@Shinita I don’t think it matters what the activity is, just enjoying the scenery, fresh air and the physicality is the thing. I’ll never be a continuous runner, but that’s not going to stop me run hike bike walking as much as I can.
Hopefully I’ll be back climbing my favourite hill in a few days. 5 stairs ain’t gonna cut it!

I’m trying to get my niece to eat more meat, especially red meat. I’ve decided I’m a meat first person, but I’m not going carnivore, but the information and experience here is so useful to help me help her. She grew up vegetarian and I wonder if a bag of chronic health issues are a result. I would love to see her get healthier and stronger.

I bought corned silverside at the butcher today and he said “It’s good to see you branching out”. I had to laugh! In the old days I rarely went to a butcher at all. He gave me recipe tips and I’ll do a bit of a search. I’m excited for the new flavours coming…


But I want to run :slight_smile: I am a land animal, I must be able to run. It has it perks.
And I think aerob, cardio and strengthening activity all are very useful. I mean, differently useful so I need them all for optimal results. I want a loooooooong, fit life (like, hiking half day at 100 years old. it doesn’t seem too wild, right? I try to be not greedy here), I can’t do things half :slight_smile:

Oh my yesterday. Maybe it was the stupid fowl meat but I got hungry again and again and again… I kept eating until my bedtime, every 2 hours… :frowning: I normally get satiated if I go over my energy need (I have no idea how much I ate but surely more than my need. I ate more turkey and liver and pancake… I possibly broke my protein intake record) but not today.

I definitely will wait until hunger if I can in the future AND keep some pork (or ruminant meat, that should work as well as long as I am able to eat enough of it) around all the time. That is effective.

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Hello everyone, hope your all having a fab day on carnivore bay!!! I’m cooking my pray, I’ve been waiting all day!!! Here is my meat, and yummy aged cheese, I’m finding this WOE is simply a breeze. My skin is clearer, my energy is great, so hurry up beef…and come onto my plate. The cheese is from Italy and aged for a year, just how I like it, and now dinner is near.!:heart_eyes:



@Karen18, I am simply jealous seeing that lobster pic :slight_smile:

@Bubby1, beautiful rump steak picture! Sounds like carnivore is treating you very well! Keep eating this good and better benefits will come still.

@Azi, interesting on your bathroom issue with the butter. I can eat tons of butter and never have a problem, if I eat too much hamburger grease it nails me to the wall. I dumped high fat burger and went for super lean now…really suits my guts :slight_smile: Be interesting to see how ya roll on your butter intake.

Nice pics of fab meals on the board!

Yesterday was

a wonderful ribeye steak. just over a lb. I ate it all and enjoyed every bite.

felt wonderful after eating it too. beef just fuels me up so well. My first meal of the day being beef is truly something that is required by me and I feel it, I feel how well it sets me for the day.

second meal 3/4 lb of pork loin
small cheeseburger patty

I ate great, it made me feel very good, and just zc cruisin’ along :wink:

edited for a public service carnivore announcement…PSCA!

there are tons and tons of great info about carnivore in the Zero Carb Informational thread and I hope everyone will read and touch base with why we do what we do and info behind those choices :sunny:

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Well the cold butter on pork rinds had my stomach gurgle but no running to the bathroom so ill try more that way today and just eat my short ribs without it melted on it

Food today will be beef ribs and pork rinds and butter.


remember too that ‘gurgle’ is telling you something :slight_smile: but that is the experiments we need to work out for each of us and you will!!! but gurgle means ‘hey I am here, see me’ cause I might blow HAHA or it can be that ‘back off a tad’ and drop the pork rinds which are ‘not really fresh food’ and put real meat/fowl/seafood/fish into its place and see? You got alot of option moves for you and you will just go along with that on changes as you need. Like it, cool! A path all of us zc people have wandered for our personal path.