Meat MAYham

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Goat for dinner and a serving of goat cheese for dessert


I think I am done for today. 3 meals in 4.5 hours, very low-cal but it happens. I wasn’t particularly hungry today and I definitely couldn’t eat another bite after my dinner, some eggs, a little quark and a single fried chicken liver with the attached heart. I think I really don’t like chicken liver very much, it’s different every time but my enthusiasm definitely goes down. I mean, it’s an interesting flavor I want to keep but I need some other recipe (Alvaro dislike beef and pig liver, I still buy them here and there but it’s mostly chicken, it’s more available too and it’s not like I dislike it). I quite like eating heart. It isn’t bitter, the texture is just perfect and it’s still new to me. But I always will love hearts I guess. I loved all kinds of heart I ever ate this far. Liver is where different animals have very different ones, it seems… Hearts are somewhat alike to me.

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I usually like my food simpler (and couldn’t buy paneer or that kind of pork rinds anywhere) but it was a nice video. Maybe I will search for his pancakes out of curiosity…
I saw gelatin in baked stuff before, I wonder what it does exactly… I think I tried it out once and it did about nothing…? I don’t remember. I run out of gelatin, by the way. I made too much marshmallows lately. It was a hit. They aren’t carnivore ones, sadly but near 0 net carbs so they will be useful in a pinch. Or when I will have too many leftover egg whites. I LOVE the texture :smiley: Whipped egg whites and gelatin, it’s so cool :smiley: Even though it ends up being layered… The bottom has much more gelatin as whipped egg whites love to be on top. Too bad it is tasteless that way :frowning: But I will make my enjoyable carnivore-ish marshmallows one day (-ish means I can add flavors but sweeteners are out)… Or not, I can imagine I won’t need them on longer-term carni. Not like I need them now but they are fun. Maybe I can poke them and Alvaro can eat them all? I am so not there yet. It’s a new hit, it’s exciting and anise is a cool spice (I want mint flavored ones too). Of course I add egg yolk for flavor, it’s me, after all… Sometimes I wonder if I should call it marshmallow but that was the original thing and it barely changed… It’s marshmallow to me. That stuff wasn’t a thing in my childhood, I only ate it much later a few times so I easily can accept something a bit different as marshmallow.

Back to the video. Stupid labels. The spice was clearly full with carbs, dried plants do that (onion, garlic… carby even when raw but as a powder…), I like that we have the right numbers on our labels in my country. Like, my quark has 2.2g carbs per 100g, all sugar, of course. Okay, if we use a tiny bit of spice, it’s no big deal, I don’t care about the carbs in my spices either… I just rarely use any… Meat almost never need a spice in my world as it already has its own flavor. I don’t complicate things flavor wise, too many just confuses me. (Still, LOTS of paprika is just perfect for meat. But I eat that in tiny amounts.)

Why I love to write about food I wonder. I am very nicely satiated and hopeful. I need a good sleep already (I couldn’t sleep until 5am last night, it’s extreme even for me and it’s not good. I do my best to do it way better from now on. Just because I failed to go to bed at the right time in the last few decades, I can suddenly do it properly, right?) and all will be better. My carni things are at peak, tiny simple egg boredom but nothing serious, I feel good, I am never hungry, I eat little (I need that sometimes)… All is good eating wise.
I stop drinking coffee outside of my eating window starting now (I hope). I have no cream (we have milk and milk powder. I don’t want to use either), I dislike black coffee and I prefer clean fasting windows. I can put an egg yolk and a little butter into my coffee, that’s nice. But hopefully I will stop drinking coffee every day eventually… One can hope, right? And it does have a chance…

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Sleeping a bit better these past couple of days … the moon is waning yessss

Up just after 7 and way before the time the alarm was set for. Did the stair runs then off to CF class. Weight training first then 3 nasty workouts in 1 argggggh! Then roadworks and train barriers not lifting, just how many trains were coming through, ended up taking me 40 minutes to do a 5 minute drive! Just as well I was a late shift 1.30 start! Gave me time to eat brunch and I was feeling quite hungry after all the exercise. 2 sirloin steaks with 3 large rashers of bacon and it went down a treat. Lasted me through till 5pm when I had chicken cheese n butter.

Home for 10pm and got stuck into some cheese to take edge off the little hole in my tum.


OMYGOSH…time to catch a breath! Hubby is out of town, so I’m doing kid-to-school duty, turkey and chicken egg duty, (got one about to hatch…so baby sitting a single turkey egg in a warm box.) Oh yeah, and work. 8-10 hour shifts. Wasn’t hungry this morning, so just had coffee with MCT oil. Ate 2 beef sticks and 2 cheese sticks around 145p. Ate 1/2 pound ground beef with butter around 630p. And, that’ll be it for the night, I think. Not sure why, but I am unusually exhausted this evening. I was hauling a$$ at work today - more than usual - so that could be part of it. But, normally, I’m not this tired. Could be that I stayed up too late last night watching the turkey egg wobble about in the warming box. =) Can’t wait for the bugger to hatch!

Taking a plating class tomorrow at a restaurant…just for kicks. My husband had organized the class for one of the hotel restaurants that is re-opening. So, I had him slip me into the class so I can help out when they are short staffed- which is pretty much ALWAYS now. (I needed another job, right?!) It should be fun, and its only a few hours. Maybe when I get back, my little turkey will hatch!

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come on…come on…LOL…you are working like a pack mule! Pack mules can get very exhausted :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Ask me how I know. During kidding season it seemed we never stopped in a day…sounds to me like you are right there ‘doing it all!’ so yea I know why you are overly tired. Hoping you have good hatchings! I remember all the little eggs in our incubators, oh my just waiting to see what comes out! :slight_smile:

***********Meat Mayham is moving right along!

6 slices bacon and a Tbone.
2 pork chops and 1 big cheeseburger patty

I do set the absolute best making beef my first meal of the day. Not one doubt in my mind. Steak gal here and will continue in this fine fashion.

All good on zc. Feeling good, eating great, just chillin’


I should have known. In the end I ate about half a pound of liver at night (only that amount because I was careful, I just got rid of my hunger and I ate eggs too)… It was tasty. Hunger is good, I always miss it when it disappears for too many days.
I still prefer the hearts though. Why can’t I buy hearts everywhere? Sigh. Maybe I need the city for some chicken hearts without liver. Even the butcher’s stuff is random to some extent. Yesterday there was no tongue but there was kidney (no thanks). He always has chicken liver+hearts though, that’s too basic not to :wink: Beef is the thing he almost never has, pork is always available, obviously just not all cuts and organs all the time.
The little shops are worse, one can never know what they have. There were chicken gizzards yesterday. And chicken necks but I wanted turkey necks… Maybe next time. The butcher has no other fowl, only chicken. While the little shop (the one with a meat counter, the other, tiny one only has some frozen chicken) typically has some kind of turkey and maybe duck. Typically wings and frames but it varies all the time.

I fry turkey wings today. I still have plenty of liver but it’s better to eat longer, it spice up my meals :wink: And it was so long ago I ate proper meat in a nice amount…

I don’t want to blur out things, there will be non-carni items mentioned. Nothing particularly tempting I would think though who knows?

I looked at the fridge. We have way too much vegetables… I already told Alvaro to do something about this situation, it really would be somewhat stressful for me to bother with them. So he will buy much more vegetables and make a soup… Problem is he never could get satiated with soup only but there will be a weekend, he should be able to cook something for himself (that’s the default since ages, I just end up being a lot in the kitchen anyway. sometimes I bake cakes but not this weekend. I try to distance myself from all desserts. he is great at making his own as he does it very nearly every day including the days when I make dessert for him. he is the “2-3 desserts a day” type but if it works for him, fine. I would consider it mentally unhealthy for myself). I will provide roasted pork.
But the soup will get rid of lots of thorny and other (but mostly thorny, our garden is like that) dry plant matter, we burn them on open fire! So the not satiating soup will use up hours of time and effort. While roasting pork takes minutes from my time even with the side dish. But I have my share of more time-consuming and less-satiating dishes and cooking over open fire is special anyway.

Apropos non-carni items. In the end of April we opened a jar of forest mushroom, one of our favs and I didn’t like it so Alvaro ate the vast majority of it, I just tasted and definitely didn’t enjoy it. I wonder if it was some glitch, it’s that kind and part of mushroom (mostly the stalks of a mushroom with strong flavor. but I liked it very much in the past and Alvaro still does) or my taste really changed again. It’s very odd as low-carb and keto did nothing to my taste, I think, I just felt things sweeter… Even when I stopped eating something I enjoyed before for years, it was desirable and tasty after.
Vegetables were special around the time I tried carnivore first as I suddenly lost interest in most but I still find the taste itself about the same. But a few items are exceptions. Iceberg salad, one of the very few greenish leaves I didn’t hate (pretty tasteless but CRUNCHY thing) became bitter and grass-like so I am done with it. I know I don’t desire even my old favorite forest mushrooms but considering their taste meh or worse… Strange.

Wow!!! Sounds exciting. I am easily excitable, my garden is pretty much excitement for me :slight_smile: It’s good winter is over, it’s pretty boring then (but I don’t need to mow the lawn then, that’s good. it’s not easy but our old weak hand-hold tool - we can’t use a normal lawnmower on these slopes - finally died and we bought a cool one!!! that’s an excitement too).

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Yeah gelatin sets either into a jelly or thickens creamy things in this case probably gives it flexibility…the cheese we can substitute for a Mexican cheese

But often I’ll just grind up porkrinds into egg and blend if it gets too thick I’ll add water and make wraps for meat… then other times if it thickens up I’ll use it to make muffin/ scones and have with butter.

@ SecondBreakfast. Must be so exciting having baby chick’s and turkeys hatching

Yesterday’s food was flanken style ribs and porkrinds but seems like every now and then I get a real snacky day …it could be I keep forgetting to add the butter …so I ended up snacking on moon cheese so no more moon cheese for me for awhile.


@Azi, if you don’t put a space between the @ and the username it ‘tags’ it so they know you posted directly them. It bolds it like your name is in darker color.

just some info if you were having difficulting tagging someone :slight_smile:

and you up that butter LOL


Yes I thought the cheese would be no problem but I still can’t get those pork rinds you folks here talk about. We only have those extremely fatty things. pork cracklings but usually not so crunchy due to all the fat and it includes a big amount of fried fat tissue and often even some meat. I only like the ones with a significant amount of meat.

Eggs mixed with something gound, I did that a lot :slight_smile: It’s usually pretty nice. I used cracklings, not crunchy skin, fish and other meat… It usually turns out pretty good even when I am a bit bored of eggs and don’t even like the other ingredient much. Somehow the result tend to be way better than either ingredient. Cool.
But I rarely bother with that normally since the times I actually buy enough meat.
And I have my pancakes. That’s a bit different as it has only wet ingredients, good thing Hungarian pancakes are crêpes. I had a time when I put dry, hard-boiled egg yolks into it to make it thicker. But it ruined the smoothness and it’s still just eggs that way, I need something else to make it pancake and not some weird omelet. Sour cream works perfectly, the denser the better. Mascarpone is totally awesome but I don’t always have it and I prefer to make desserts with it.

Sometimes I almost envy people who has easy access to that not so fatty pork rinds though… It may be useful.
But I am fine. Even the eggs with the chewy heart parts were pretty great. As I wrote that here. I so love pig heart.

Alvaro likes chicken heart too so I only eat my own share. He was happy with the liver.
Not a particularly photogenic thing but not so bad :smiley: When I fry it into a black hard stuff (and used less and less warm light), that was way worse :smiley: Only happened once, accidentally but I did fry liver pretty thoroughly in the past. I like when it gets some color, you know. When I was a child and we made a very popular Hungarian dish that everyone and their mother makes differently, I called Mom’s version “raw” and she called mine “burned”. But the eggs and even the not red vegetables had to become somewhat brown, it was obvious to me… I almost always preferred my Mom’s version of dishes and I made the same version but not in this case. Things must be fried well.

But I realized chicken liver is better when lightly fried. It was only 40 minutes this time :smiley: - only because I was in no mood to stand next to it so I often left it alone on a very low power.
The inside of the hearts is even red and wet a bit :slight_smile: But they are good that way.

(How can I be this excited just because I have chicken liver and heart I don’t know but I really can appreciate them. Lucky for a hedonist.)

My liver eating at night was effective, I am very satiated now. It’s some minutes past 3pm, nothing unusual about this but Alvaro’s mealtime often triggers my first eating even if I am not hungry. But I rarely eat when satiated and almost never when I am very satiated (never if I am in my right mind, without compulsions). Satiation is powerful, it affects my appetite and that controls my eating when it’s very strong or very weak. Hunger has a way smaller effect though I almost always eat when hungry (not when my appetite is negative).
If I want to eat right, I need to have these controlling signs in order. They still refuse to cooperate but they are usually in okay combinations on carnivore and I don’t feel the urge to eat when I don’t need it. Probably some of you can’t imagine how great is that for someone who is very skilled in overeating and easily feels desire to eat when satiated and in no need of food (I am no comfort eater, it’s something different. or maybe a special type of it sometimes? I don’t know).
I get satiated with meat and eggs - and my interest towards eating simply turns off completely for a while, if I ate enough for the day, it’s a very long while. Some normally triggering things happen (like Alvaro is eating lunch at 2-3pm) and I am so satiated that eating sounds a weird concept (I am aware when it’s not a good idea to eat in that case but that’s too weak, sadly. my desires to eat are stronger). The same around midnight when the last meal is in the past and I normally CAN eat and now I have this late eating habit as well. I need to be perfectly satiated then. I only eat very late on carnivore when I ate low-calorie during the day out of necessity (i.e. I ate as much as I wanted/could and it was too little). I am fine if it happens once in a blue moon, I sleep pretty well after a proper sized meal (but I may be up for some more hours anyway).

I try to do TMAD from now on, I am motivated as I had enough of too small meals but my food intake is okay and I feel as good as I can with bad sleeping pattern (that should get solved asap).

I really should be more scarce here… Small comments are clearly impossible for me. I am half-asleep due to my badly timed sleep so I have even less filters as usual… Probably not noticeable, though, I am the worst in these nest-like threads without a very clear topic.

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Dinner, fine slices of beef filled with boiled eggs.
Some chicken to go with that.

All very drydry, needed some egg yolks as a sauce


is that what normal egg yolk color is supposed to be? mine is bright yellow like a lemon

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So yesterdays shift tired me out but still managed to rise just after 7am this morning, do my stair runs and go to the CF class. Another stinker but hey they are all nasty stinkers lol. Deadlifts to start and then into a cardio wod of 25cal rower, 25 box jumps, 15 sit ups and 4 wall walks as many rounds and reps in 18 mins. Then followed that with yoga stretching for 25 mins.

Home n hungry so ate the remaining chicken (which wasn’t much) with cheese and back bacon, thick slices. Followed by a cup of chicken stock from the chick bones and skin.

This evening some cheese and a rump steak and some more cheese and 5 slices of ham.

Popped to Lidl earlier and found a pack of 6 steak for £12.99. Pleased with that, 2 ribeye, 2 sirloin and 2 rump. Also bought 2 lobsters each reduced by £2 ,to £4.99 and another rump steak reduced to less that £2. Fridge is full again and freezer still packed to brim though I did take out a brisket joint which I have had in the slow cooker all day. Just starting to whiff it which is a good sign, will turn it off when I go to bed.

Oh one other thing, not actively looking to lose weight but work trousers feeling looser round my waist and botty the past couple of days. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why I read the Hungarian “CICO forum”… Still the same, poor woman can’t lose fat. The vegan told her to eat less fat, saying he could lose only below 20g. But the “normal” one has problems with using a little lard for cooking too. While the carnivore says she must cut all carbs, if it takes someone locking her into a house without carbs for a week, so be it, she is an ADDICT.
While poor woman eats pretty okay for a high-carber, I mean, no sugary things, okay animal proteins…
So it’s quite dramatic there.

8:40pm. I had one meal this far, soup with poached egg, tiny liver, some quark and 3 pancakes. An empty one, a pizza one and a dessert one. Borderline carnivore :slight_smile: It’s amazing that a super tiny bit of pizza sauce was enough. I put way, way, way more on a pizza, well that’s thicker but even so… A teaspoon of stuff. I try to do carnivore but my roast wasn’t ready and I got bored of liver in no time and couldn’t imagine to eat some plain eggs. That’s why I ate pancakes but it’s not so easy to find a completely carnivore filling I like while this idea sounded good and I had a tiny pizza sauce made by myself.
It’s perfectly fine, I am just a bit wary nowadays, me and slippery slopes… I really want some stricter times, to train myself. But now I will have roasts for days to come, it will be fine!

I should have pork roast at hand all the time I guess. I actually have some but it’s a big frozen slab and I didn’t want to get it out when I have a ton of turkey. The two wings barely fit into my oven pan! And I put 3.5kg pork into that pan once, well they obviously had the right shape for that but still, it’s not a tiny pan. Just a small deep one for my mini oven…


No babies today. I recalculated, and I don’t think we shall see any until Saturday. So phooey. I work all weekend, so perhaps I will come home to a surprise.

Eats today…
beef sticks *2
Coffee w MCT…*2
Chicken - 1 breast w olive oil. (It was that or margerine - as I was at a restaurant)
Think I will poach a few eggs. and ooze them over a beef patty.

Back to work 10-630 tomorrow, company for dinner tomorrow evening. Then 2 early shifts on Sat and Sun. 8-430 Sat, 7-330 Sunday. Should be good and tired come Monday - but wait…10-630 Monday, too! LOL!

Hoping I get an insta-pot for Mother’s day. That might make things a bit less hectic.

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Instant pots are great. We’ve had ours for a while now. Makes a lot of recipes faster, easier. Hard boiled eggs, for instance.

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Your daily stair running is inspiring Karen. I’m talking myself into getting out the house for a walk and jog… any minute now. I know I’ll feel better afterwards, I always do and it’s not actually raining anymore.

I had sausages last night, to the point of feeling overfull. As I tune into my body’s response to different foods I notice that sausages are not as high quality as steak, chops, whole meat pieces. I always feel just slightly crap afterwards (I wanted to blur that word but can’t see the blurring function on my phone, it would be a good trick to know).

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No, have no idea what normal suppose to be? They can be anything from pale yellow to dark orange.

The more darker orange the better they taste if you ask me.


Googled and fou d this: