Meat MAYham

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I have to keep this in mind - it’s only been a few days (about 3) that he didn’t eat much, not for an extensive period of time, so that is good. I just see how tired, crabby and exhausted he is, so I know his body needs fuel. I’m trying to be encouraing, without being forceful.

That’s kind of the approach I am trying to emphasize to her. It’s not about being perfect all of the time, but doing her best most of the time, which is what she is doing. She’s only 14, she has her whole life ahead of her. If she can develop some decent habits now, I know they will sustain her.

Wow! I’m impressed. If I rarely resisted temptation, I would never be able to be carnivore. My lack of resisting temptation is brought me to carnivore in the first place - I would eat bags upon bags of candy while sitting at my desk at work. Not good!


i hope one day i can achieve this. i’ve lost more than 50 lbs. since December last year and my waist size is still about the same. although people have noticed i look dramatically different since i lost so much weight. but i’m a male so i guess the waist the last place i will lose weight and it’s still there. maybe i’m still insulin-resistant. (i’m currently 5’7" / 170 cm, 160 lbs / 72.6 kg with a 38" / 96.5 cm waist which is the same as when i was about 210 lbs / 95.2 kg)

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Fish and steak.

Raw egg yolks with a pinch of salt have become one of my favourite sauces. Haven’t touched a spoonfull of mayonaise in months.

Just realizing. Seems like without intent I have banished the last drop of plantoil out of my life.

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@Azi and @Fangs thank you yes i felt so much better this morning after eating the beef yesterday. My mood was definitely more upbeat and the energy levels were better. I was up at 4.45am this morning stair running a 100 flights before work and my mood stayed upbeat all day with all the running around picking prisoners up for the video link, and did a further 70 flights of stairs !

@Fangs so pleased Mum is getting well looked after at the hospital, love that the Dr advice is gym and movement lol they say if you don’t use it you lose it! Though I am sure she would prefer your idea of exercise for her :wink:

@Carnivoor those shrimp are awesome i think we call them tiger prawns here but can’t say I have seen any that big before. I see you eat a fair amount of raw egg and I am becoming more and more tempted to try it. I used to put raw egg into my wheatgrass smoothies before starting this woe but can’t say i have had them cold raw on their own. They can’t be too different to very runny cooked eggs ??? I will try them on thursday when I am not at work.

So today my pack up was some more of the chicken with cheese and butter for the microwave and a packet of 5 slices of beef topside.

When I got home I decided to cook beef rump steak, which was very very rare with some back bacon. I knew I had to eat something substantial because tomorrow I’m booked in the CF class prior to a late shift 10pm finish and know I am going to need the energy first thing. Not sure as yet what I am taking to work but as I am not starting work till 1.30pm i will have time for something before going in. Thinking I should get a steak out the freezer ready for brunch.

I haven’t had brisket for a while so I will get some out the freezer ready to slow cook. I am going to try and include beef in my diet every day no matter what else i eat with it. The mood change was too obvious to be ignored.


I am lucky. I desire my normal food most of the time :slight_smile:
And I desire health, feeling right and energy… Not like it matters so much in the heat of the moment… But it shapes my attitude, powers my self-training! And we humans can change a lot!
Trying out carnivore was fun. Coming back to carnivore is great too, way nicer than staying off, I get so much benefits. Sticking to it long-term is what I have problems with, something always happens but I think I get better if I keep trying. It’s a big change for me. And I still don’t want to be a carnivore and it’s still surreal… But I am a hedonist so of course I want to feel my best and being an uncontrolled overeater is wrong on so many levels even if it’s nothing compared to some other people do… I dislike when I become a different, more pathetic person. I don’t have a great opinion about myself on my best days.

It’s very hard for me to find a carby food that I can’t replace with a tastier very low-carb one (it will be very different so if I want the original thing, that’s hopeless but usually I prefer my replacement. I don’t like sugar, I dislike the taste of starches if it’s strong. normal pancake is awful, my carni ones are tasty). I had a low-carb decade and it was super easy in the first years, no sacrifice from the beginning… Going lower was different. Keto wasn’t very hard but I couldn’t stick to it. I am super lucky carnivore is easier and better than my old keto - and I still can’t to stick to it but it goes better than before.
And I don’t know how it is with others. It seems many people easily slip back to higher-carb and stay there. That bridge burned up 10 years ago for me, right away as I went low-carb and everything got better with ZERO sacrifice! (Well I had my off days here and there. Not the best days, I was bad at balance on my off days.) But it wasn’t enough and it turned out I need some time to embrace even lower carbs, it wasn’t super easy and natural like low-carb. But I will reach my goal when I eat whatever I just fancy whenever do it and it will be perfect. I am fine normally but sometimes my desires are a bit off. Or I have too little desires (below zero appetite, I mean. I need at least zero to eat) and I am miserable and hungry, that’s no good either.

I feel lucky, really. My inner hedonist can be creative to be able to enjoy whatever is good for me eating wise… I can be super stubborn if I want something… And it’s so clear what I should do in general. Not everyone is nearly this lucky. I had NO IDEA I should go lower with carbs before. Low-carb was good, keto was about the same, just harder, less comfortable and if I skipped certain carbs, I couldn’t stick to it… Who knew going even lower (and skipping the seemingly important things) will be easier and finally give me some benefits?


I felt this.

It’s what I keep trying to say (badly) in other threads - carnivore puts so many people off because it can be quite strict sounding, but there’s a weird twist: you can’t do carnivore because you can’t give certain things up, but I found that if you start carnivore, your tastes change a bit and you find you give those things up with ease.

I can’t decide what I’m more surprised at - halting a (previously heavy and excessive) soda addiction without a single craving, or the fact that I still prefer steak for every single meal, despite being many months into programme. I don’t understand how I am not yet bored by it.

I am also quietly miffed that I feel about 600x better now that I’ve cut out alcohol. Deep down I knew it, but I wasn’t ready to give up my ‘treat’ at the time.


i’m thinking back on my childhood and it kinda all seems to make sense now actually…all those times when i wanted to just eat the meat on the table and none of the other dozen dishes (i come from a southeast asian household) and i had to be forced to eat the vegetables along with the meat for “health” and how i really wanted to eat the skin of the chicken/turkey along with them and was never allowed to because the fat was “unhealthy” …

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Thanks for the welcome and some good tips Vic, Azi, Shinita Fangs and everyone making meat Mayham. I had to laugh at myself, reading your answers and posts at midday but unable to answer because I had a giant lamb shank in one hand that I was gnawing on. Soon I needed 2 hands to get closer to all the fibrous connective tissue around the joint. Yes… I should fit in fine. My family have started accusing me of being a Carnivore because I have so little respect for empty carbs and eat 4 eggs at once. It’s funny really.

I have a whole lot of lamb rib pieces frying at the moment. I’ll addd some garnish from the garden because it works well for me. I’m feeling so good these days!

Kudos to the stair climber person (sorry can’t scroll for name now) , makes me wish I had some stairs here!


that is one beauty pic of that meat! Life is great when you can say I am just needing to munch on some prime rib :slight_smile:

Hi Alli. All is cool, you jump right back in and you chat away and let the carnivore plan work well for you! I get what you said above, it took me a ‘good bit’ to accept how I needed to eat for best health for me personally, and I fought trying to keep some foods into my daily eating cause I just couldn’t picture or fathom that ‘I needed to be HERE’ and I also had fear about going all in with this extreme eating lifestyle. It is something we need time to wrap our brains around. Big change and acceptance of what is best for us can take some time! It did for me.

So true! Woot! More power to you!! That is what is so strange and was weird for me to figure out that ‘just a little we struggle to hang onto’ from plants can actually still effect us and when we do drop them we see changes. Which is cool but it is like, huh? that little bit made all this difference? Yes for some of us it truly does.

Super happy to hear you are doing good and wishing you carnivore best benefits to come!

Fab report! So you are gonna drop the coffee. Cool. I hope it goes easy for you. Luckily I never liked coffee so this was something I never had to deal with :slight_smile: But yes it can effect appetite for sure for many. Ditching it might also ‘dip ya down’ a bit more for your scale but of course we hate scales!

I am like you in that I get very low craving triggers but smell is a big one. Even seeing food doesn’t sway me like smell does. But like you I say, hmm that smells great but my next thoughts used to be I want that and now it is I won’t eat it tho! It is a very nice place to be in our eating patterns now isn’t it? From fighting cravings to just saying an easy, nah, won’t be eating that!

yes so many love it and I do not. I don’t like extra grease on my food or chunks of solidified fat on my food. Just not me but it works so well for many and sometimes it might just be you :slight_smile: It might not be something that does suit you in the long run but experiment a bit more just to see. Good times just trying stuff and seeing what suits you or doesn’t.

glad they are more loose :slight_smile: I am the same. a tape measure was never an accurate thing for me, just going by our waistbands on how our clothes feel is so much easier :+1:

super cool and that is me. that 2 tablespoons of regular old mayo I use like 1-2 times a month I haven’t given up just yet LOL I gave up every single condiment but those few tablespoons but thing is I been doing it for like 4 years eating this tiny bit and do well on it but I won’t ‘finish it off and just give it up’ LOL You inspire me on this one Vic. My next can of tuna is gonna be naked tuna and I am gonna see how I do without my tablespoon of mayo in it. Cool!

yes this is me too. beef is a monster factor in my life as I changed around my eating I discovered it also like many carnivores do and I am a ‘beef steak a day’ person. I get that 1 steak, after that, whatever meat/sefood is fine but that darn steak is key for me! Glad you got a handle on your needs. I like you knowing you :slight_smile:

Your post was so wonderful to read!

I understand and have those same issues that it is incredibly hard in a way to express how we change on carnivore! If you don’t do the plan all in and give it a real fair shake then you can’t get the benefit changes and just don’t understand those subtle results we get and why they are so astounding to us who feel them. Feeling is believing LOL

One of my last things was 90% chocolate. Only ate like 1-2 squares a night for ‘a taste’ but when Cheryl started ‘the carnivore challenge’ cause she wanted to try the plan a few years ago, I jumped on and said, ok you try carnivore and since I am carnivore I will not eat chocolate. I dumped it. (thanks Cheryl!! :)) I wouldn’t let it go either. Mental game but when I let it go I started to lean out and drop a little more off the scale so it does make a difference. The little things we hold onto can make a big diff when we drop them.

Really enjoyed reading your changes and thoughts on ZC


now that is dead on carnivore style…Fred Flinstone style dinner LOL
Jump in and chat and enjoy zc along with all of us!!

************************* So mom is ok but has cardiologist appt later but hospital said Afib with congestive heart failure etc. On 3 little pills. She is fine and doing well and all good but at age 93 is any of this good? heck no but we are doing what we need and will get this settled out for her. Scary tho, my mind is ‘over thinking’ at this point ya know :frowning: Gotta shake me out of that! Life is gonna slap us all at any time it wants, so it is time to deal and just move forward. No use crying over spilled milk kinda thinking is best for me.

Eating is fine. I hit up that ribeye and YUM. I been eating a bit less. Very pork heavy but right now I find I NEED BEEF back. I feel ‘less than’ in some way. Nothing bad but I feel just ‘less’ and I am kinda like I know I require my steak a day. Beef is a key factor for me and I have to keep that in mind! As much as I love pork again, still like my little chicken and other items like shrimp, a few days without steak is putting me off a little, so back to a beef steak a day, will keep the Dr away :slight_smile:

today is Tbone steak first meal

after that we shall see

I am absolutely love reading everyone’s journey. How little changes happen and we ‘see for the first time’ how carnivore can change us and how little plants we keep in our meal plans effect us, etc. What we do to learn and change, how we cope with having to change. So personal a journey isn’t it? But with this thread we are like minded and learning from each other and doing very well…small carnivore group but we got big life to live being zero carb and good health to gain on this plan. I am very grateful to be a part of this group! We rock ya’ll!! :slight_smile:


For anyone new and wanting a little info on easiest way to get into this plan and hold it…plus good refresher read for longer term veterans like me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey @Fangs … Sorry to hear about your Mom, but overjoyed that she is doing well now and gets to go home! YAY!
Loved the new thread title! hahaha!

Life here: Snow is almost gone. Working alot. Keeping the eats clean. Gotta get ready for work right now…so for all you carnivores…MAY THE BEEF BE WITH YOU!

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Hi guys @Fangs I am glad your Mum is doing better, and yep glad she gets to go home. I am now addicted to Scotch fillet steak!!:heart_eyes: I’ve had it THREE nights in a row but I needed the iron too…Tomorrow I may have pork. I am just being short and sweet tonight… cos I am exhausted after two massive days. I won’t go into it…but I had to sage the entire house yesterday. :scream::ghost:. Now I’m just here and I’m full and needing water cos I had too much salt on my steak.:upside_down_face:.


While I was “forced” to eat chicken every Sunday (we had nice vegetarian lunches on the other days… when I had enough of chicken, I went vegetarian and stuck to it until I moved out 8 years later. it was so, so, so much better. my chicken trauma lasted for decades) and when the chicken with the crunchy skin (I still couldn’t manage that. I need a pan for the separated skin but it’s fine with me) arrived, I was super excited, crying: “Potatoes! PICKLES!” I couldn’t care less about the chicken but I still don’t like chicken so maybe that was the problem.

WHY I couldn’t get high quality pork, salmon, mutton and I can appreciate even beef in some forms though I don’t like it much BUT I barely tried it this far. I still have no idea about steaks.

I always was very happy with roasted fatty pork (people here are into breaded pork chops for some reason. I have two big problems with that: 1. breaded 2. lean. I loved breaded vegetables and mushrooms though… but my meat must be a roast or a stew…). Never tried salmon as a child.

I bought 1 kg chicken liver+heart from the butcher. There was nothing else tempting, even the pig liver looked not so good and fresh but I wanted chicken liver anyway. I fry that soon, I run out of my ready to eat meat and eggs seem less and less good, only pancakes still work. I even got bored of my sponge cakes. But I will have way more meatier days again.

I make my days stricter and stricter - well we will see if I can do it dairyless but I only will add them when it’s needed. I had my fav cheese and didn’t want much meat, of course I ate some. Too bad I bought quark today… :wink: But it goes well with my pancakes. I need more filling ideas. I still am used to dessert pancakes but I really like salty stuff too. I don’t fill my pancakes with meat as it falls apart too easily… But I have ideas like deviled eggs stuffing with or without tuna. And much more but I need a long list to choose from and some of my ideas has too much dairy or not strict carnivore and while that’s fine with me, I prefer having cleaner options as my default.
Of course, pancakes are nice alone but they take time to fry and they are so thin, it’s nice to add something.

Oh another fun one in our collection :smiley: Stay. You fit here wonderfully.

I had no respect for empty carbs and ate 4 (or 8. my record is probably around 10?) eggs at once on vegetarian keto too… Liking eggs and not liking empty carbs seem very normal to me. People are weird sometimes.

Finally! Everyone talks about using tape measure as that is the real thing and I always felt somewhat lame who can’t use that :frowning: But as I wrote, I am soft :slight_smile: I try not to pinch myself but I still can’t do it accurately.
And maybe I lose from somewhere else. At some point I quickly lost from my head. But pants are good now as if I lose any fat now, it probably seriously affects my waist. I don’t have much to lose higher… Just belly, hip, a little from my thigh (but I lost a lot from that place in the beginning, ages ago)…
My pants are still normal but I remember they were loose 1-2 years ago… That’s my next little goal fat-loss wise.

And I want more muscles. My poor arms are super weak. I went back to using 4kg dumbbells for my biceps :frowning: I hope it will change a lot very soon, it’s super baby weight! 12kg for my back (I had 16 once and I was still a very beginner there)… I find squats without any weight too hard but I don’t want stronger legs at this point and cycling and short distance running is way better for that anyway.

But I do my weightlifting sessions now, it’s something. I am bad at (re)starting things but if I keep doing them, I can’t avoid some improvement. I don’t do things half-assed longer term. I quickly stop when I stay half-assed. Time to use my stubbornness.

So you folks say beef may have some special benefit? I still won’t eat it often but I may try a “beefier” week or something… Later, I didn’t even unlock the benefits of slightly longer term carnivore and I suspect they are good. Carnivore always is nice for me, I just have circumstances (temptations/compulsions), sometimes I get bored of my food, run out of meat… But I think I can avoid these better than before, at least for a while. I already usually need multiple of these to stray. I slowly get better and I don’t even need willpower for that, I actually change, my desires or my knowledge about what will work… If I know I won’t win, it easily deflates my whim. That’s fortunate.

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I was wondering how Pork Rinds fit into the Carnivore way of eating? :pig2:

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Pork rinds are a carnivore food unless they have been adulterated in the processing. Either make them at home or look for a brand that does not dust them in wheat flour or fry them in industrial seed oil.

Awfully Posh do a good job.


Oh my they does that? But why? I somehow get ground cheese would stick together but pork rinds should be fine without plants… I don’t know much about them though, we have fried pork skin+fat here, the used fat is obviously what is inside them, they lose a ton but plenty remains and they don’t need anything added. So no one adds anything to it, it’s a nice thing in this “let’s put almost everything into almost everything” food industry attitude.
At least I think they don’t add stuff, I never bought them in a store, I will check next time.
I think I found milk in lard before (I just looked at the label, I never ever bought lard in a store, that’s awful stuff).

There is a reason I started to buy mostly recognizable ingredients a decade ago… Easier for me.

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If my food had a mother with 2 eyes, its food.

Pork rinds fit the bill,:smiley:

Seed oils, not food :wink:

20gr of plant stuff per week I find acceptable for myself, so I would eat seed oil pork rinds with moderation

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Pork rinds are my choice of snack it and it helps with collagen I can add it as flour in recipies when it’s ground for things like carnivore tortillas or as a coating to meat and fish things country fried chicken steak with parmesan cheese…so its staying for me.

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If you’re in the US, I like the Epic baked variety:

This one just has salt, though they have others.

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You can make these from pork rinds? How so?