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I feel much more alive today. Maybe my highest-cal carni day ever yesterday helped. Who knows? I have other ideas, multiple factors changed to some extent.
2400-3000 kcal, I never ever managed to do this on a carnivore day before. I needed at least a very low net carbs day with sweets (I basically always can eat 5 more sweet pancakes without trying hard). Obviously this energy intake is pitiful compared to many of my high-carb days in the past where TMAD with 4000 kcal was nothing special. But my early carni days below 1500 kcal even if I tried to eat as much as possible… My body adapted.
Pork shoulders are super dense but I still can eat much of it if I have enough meals…
Locally overeating (i.e. I went over my energy need, I call that overeating) but it’s only one day and I had way less meat since days! I definitely feels I eat well and not unnecessarily much. Maybe a bit but I surely will eat less today and things get balanced out.

So I am definitely not displeased but I expect higher energy now! :smiley:
I am heavy as usual, I don’t even want to weigh myself again in several months, I don’t lose any anyway. It’s fine but I want muscles then. And energy. I have been waiting for so long! I want my energy now :slight_smile: I try to do the other factors right as well, our woe is very important but it’s not ALL about that.

I will eat eggs and pork today, not very surprisingly… If they are prettier than yesterday, I may take a shot but they look like usual…


still loving the green checkered plate :+1:

@Shinita, the more ya eat when starting carnivore the better one does. We need the meat to heal and change the body. Limiting intake doesn’t help anyone on carnivore ever. Key is eat, let the body and appetite change us around and follow the body’s lead…what the plan does best for us. Glad you feel alive today! Eat well~

*************SO didn’t eat much yesterday. not in the mood. made 2 lbs shrimp but didn’t eat any, when done steaming I was like, NAH…ate a 1/2 lb cheeseburger patty. ate some salami slices. I don’t know, feeling great but an off eating day. huh

but woke up hungry…got a massive Tbone steak defrosted.
got those shrimp. yes a great eating day for me later!

June is coming…away we go into another carni month!

Everyone eat well. Never skimp. Eat your appetite at all times. That is what helps us heal and become healthy! Into June…full on carnivore! Roar!

and a pic of my meal later—hubby will get the smaller one and I am attacking the large one LOL

(UsedToBeT2D) #383

Breakfast. Sous vide ribeye steak


I don’t believe I need much healing, honestly (but it doesn’t matter, it can’t change how I eat and do things anyway so I don’t wonder about it) but I always eat as much as I like and can, I can’t do it differently… I can add more food sometimes but I can’t eat less than I do normally even though I need it to lose fat, oh well, I should bulk as my only hope :smiley: And getting more active. But I still want energy first and fat-loss second.
I really don’t control my food intake, it happens as my body wants it. Okay, choosing my food items change things a bit but I don’t have much wriggle room there either… I eat whatever I am not bored of at the moment and even have…

I definitely won’t go over one pound of meat in average, it’s clearly impossible for me but my average (and maximum) slowly raises, it seems. But I don’t know how far it can go. I have these phases, a pound of meat sometimes seem much and sometimes little… But I need my low-meat days every week. But I balance them out with high-meat days where I go way over a pound. And a pound of meat is plenty… I can’t even afford 2, that would be serious overeating in my case unless I had some great lean meat or disliked my eggs at the time. I would say it’s impossible for me anyway but now that even meat lost its insanely satiating effect, I think I actually could eat 2 pounds of meat even if chicken doesn’t count… I probably wouldn’t eat much meat the next day but I could do it. It’s not soooo much if I use, like, 5 meals…

I hope Alvaro will be okay. As I visit my garden and time passes, it becomes more and more clear that we will have very little fruit this year. I will start to cook a bit differently for Alvaro too…
We have only… 100 jars full with fruit so I feel we barely have any. Me and my desire to have a ton of everything… :smiley: But I am used to that.
Oh well, he is flexible and maybe it will be enough.
He has other problems like not having his favorite, best starch for his pudding. I told him that a pudding doesn’t need starch, it needs eggs but his idea is different. He doesn’t want eggs in his pudding. But it is in classic recipes, isn’t it? I saw those recipes. Egg yolks are a must! :smiley: I ate eggless puddings but they weren’t real puddings :smiley:

I looked it up, it seems they are often milk based… Whatever, Alvaro almost never use milk either.

But I suppose he will survive without puddings and actually he probably could handle only 5 sweet breakfasts a week as well if fruits would be a real problem… But still, it’s a real tiny burden on me, I want him to be okay and satisfied.
Imagine that, he can’t even eat pancakes without jam (and walnuts. both must be in it)!

I have zillion different pancakes, savory and dessert types (not necessarily sweet in the traditional sense :smiley: mascarpone is my ally I use sparingly)! He barely accepts my carnivore pancake dough. Good thing I never sweetened my pancake dough, I don’t know why people do that even with our filled ones… But he totally refuses my 100% egg sponge cakes (not like I ever wanted him to eat them, I know I am an egg maniac and most people aren’t). He finds them too eggy… (But it’s sponge cake, it’s all about eggs if you ask me! And air bubbles.) Okay, they are a bit not fluffy enough and deflate but they are still nice :smiley: At least they aren’t too watery things with too little taste as the cheesy baked whipped egg whites he loves so much.

So our tastes differ pretty much. We both love fatty proteins and certain desserts and meat is fine to some extent (these help tremendously) but almost that’s about it at this point.

Sorry. I try to talk about my meals instead, they are simple enough. Today I ate eggs and pork for lunch, obviously… Alvaro made egg stew and I ate some despite not being carnivore but I kept the amount low and filled my pancakes with it (eating eggs with eggs is totally my thing).

I do my absolute best to do TMAD from now on. 4-6 meals a day are as annoying as ever. I can eat proper sized meals now…

But my hunger became demanding. It’s the usual soft lil thing but I must eat immediately. So I had my lunch at noon today. But 3 hours later I am still very satiated so maybe I can get away with it… Meat helps for sure. I had many super low-meat lunches lately and ate my meat later. Maybe that’s not the right direction for me.



I am still a little annoyed that I get constantly hungry even when I have a lot of fat on my body to use as well, so because of this it feels like even after several months I am not fat-adapted yet. Good thing I don’t work in the office anymore because it would be quite embarrassing with my stomach grumbling every 1-2 minutes throughout the entire day. If I eat a tiny bit every hour or so the entire day then I feel fine and never hungry, but if I eat 1-2 large meals (that are actually larger than all of the tiny portions throughout the day combined), I still get hungry after a couple hours.

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@Shinita I never find it hard to pack in the calories. I still use cronometer even though on carni it really isn’t that necessary but I do like stats to a certain degree and like to see how many calories I have managed to get through during the day. Probably doing it now to ensure I don’t too little really. One steak is a good 468 kcal and my lamb chops are about the same with the amount I eat, add in the lard, eggs and bacon and cheese and I have quickly packed in a good 1800 kcal during the day. I eat less calories if I eat stuff like chicken and ham but they don’t fill me like red meat.

@daigo1 it is rare i feel hunger pangs or have a grumbley tum. I think that is because I eat a lot of red meat. I feel hungrier on white meat and need more snacks.

@Carnivoor great foody pics again.

Lazy lay in this morning as I didn’t have anything urgent to get up for. Didn’t have the alarm set. Felt nice. No CrossFit for me this morning as I gave myself the day off exercise apart from my stair runs which I did but took easy. My plan was to get out of in the garden to tackle the weeds and overgrown grass but heavens I had to push myself to go out there. Grass back up to my thighs!!! Thats all the flippin rain we’ve had in May!
Spent over 3 hours and made a small dent lol but filled 2 bins for collection. While I was doing the back my neighbour did the hedge between our drives, thank you very much Reggie you saved me a job yesss!

Had brunch before going out there to fuel me up lol, a couple of lamb chops and cheese.

Dinner was ribeye steak bacon and eggs with a little extra lard. Cooked to perfection, nice and rare and very tasty. Cheese cheese and a bit more cheese to follow !

Not sure weight wise whether I have dropped a pound or 2 but during May my work trousers got looser. Loving all the posts that keep me motivated to keep going. Mind, I love this woe so it hasn’t been a struggle. June starts my 8th month carnie , bring it on! :smiley:


I am very very sure I am fat adapted (even the higher level if my zero water weight changes mean that) but it doesn’t meat my body allows me to eat at a calorie deficit :stuck_out_tongue:
It happened on carnivore but those times are over (I didn’t lose fat even then due to my off times. I only could measure fat-loss when I did as proper as possible for me carnivore for 2 weeks straight :smiley: but I gained that 1 kg back. my weight is so stable 1 kg change just doesn’t happen under normal circumstances, it must have been real loss. and then stupid stress gain came).

I just had my cute hunger with the ability to ignore it for hours, I never ever had that before! And now it got worse than ever. Cute, soft, “gimme food now” hunger. It’s way better than my old one… It was maybe 5-6 years ago (not every day, thankfully but too often)? When a gaping, gnawing monster suddenly awoke and “no” wasn’t an answer. It was so long and I so don’t miss it! I start to get it back if I keep eating carbs for longer (not much carbs is needed just multiple days in row) but it didn’t happen lately :smiley: And I have less and less chances for that as time passes, no matter my character flaws regarding my lack of discipline and refusal to resist temptation.

Oh well, it’s interesting to see how things evolve! And I have no problem to reach satiation, actually it still goes too easy sometimes so I need more meals I like to have…

My stomach very rarely grumbling (it typically needs at least 20-24 hours without food but it’s not a guarantee. but sometimes it comes after just 16!) and that’s 2 seconds and not loud so I don’t care. And it’s not hunger though sometimes they happen together.

Tiny meals aren’t an option to me, well, really tiny. 800 kcal is tiny but I can do less on carnivore… I couldn’t on keto.
Big meals (2000+ kcal) always worked for me, that’s usually how I can do OMAD but I can’t eat that much on carnivore in some sitting. My carnivore OMAD days have a bit smaller meals.
But if I eat 1500 kcal, of course I get hungry in a few hours… That’s how my body works. I can’t go that low-calorie (except the very occasional day on carnivore). But of course, it’s not all about calories, food choices matter a lot. But still, my body has this fixation with numbers for some reason… 1600 is the minimum it accepts but not satiating food raises it. Obviously much activity raises it but not nearly as much as the extra energy need (even if I can’t tell the numbers, it’s apparent enough). It seems if I just eat comfortably on a woe I am used to, I automatically eat my energy need. Or more but on a good woe with good choices, it’s close.

Carnivore went from an automatic deficit (even if I totally stuffed myself and ate whenever I could, not caring about hunger or satiation) to my current energy balance (I think I do that. maybe I eat a bit too much but no way to tell as I don’t track often and can’t guess the fat content of my pork. yesterday was way over my needs but single days mean nothing)… It’s a big change for me.
My body even learned to be fine with much more eggs than usual! Whoa.

It’s a bit odd so it’s on my mind now. I should do better things, not thinking too much again…

Well that’s very little food, of course it’s easy to eat that much if one has multiple meals (using more carbs, it’s super easy in one sitting and possibly not even enough to satiate my hunger). I can’t eat only that much nowadays :frowning: I don’t know if I ate 3000 kcal yesterday or less (probably less, my pork shoulders didn’t seem THAT fatty) but I don’t want it to continue without a good reason. One day is fine and dandy, my body probably needed it, it’s not like I just ate out of boredom (I am never bored, I don’t even know how that can happen under normal circumstances) or compulsion or desire (well, a bit desire but that’s normal :D), my body welcomed the food, it felt right. So I trust my body (even if it has the idiotic idea to keep my current fat mass and I seriously disagree with it… but maybe it wasn’t my body, it was something else? we will see if I manage to eat properly for a long while).
BUT I limit my meals to 2-3. I ate 5 times yesterday in total. I need that many sometimes but not now.

468kcal meat? I grab a cute little piece and that’s 1200 or something. Pork shoulders always surprise me. Maybe the fat in it doesn’t satiate me THAT well…? Or okay, I am no volume eater but still, it’s so tiny… It’s good I always eat eggs too.

We had rains again because why not? But we had sunshine too so at least I could do a tiny weeding and walking to the hilltop, it was nice. I need to be out more. The temperature is still so nice and not too high :smiley:

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Well food today was more fish and bacon but im about tapped out on bacon so ill change it up again tomorrow back to beef…


don’t worry on your appetite and all that…hold plan, eat any and all times you need to eat of course and your appetite and portions and time frame on your eating pattern will change for sure…we all change as we hold plan and you will fall truly into a perfect eating pattern for you!

super congrats on your pants more loose and your feeling so wonderful and darn…8 mos in and going strong! COOL

***********for me eating was low today
I just didn’t want much

ate couple slices taylor ham
had 2 small cheeseburger patties

and this knocked me off dinner

I ate some of that big Tbone steak and no shrimp

food is just not calling my name right now but for some reason cheeseburgers are calling name a bit and it seems to be enough.

eh, just go with the flow til my appetite flips again and just eat as the body wants. Right now it is taking little to satisfy me and I am fine with that…feels so darn freeing!!! Not a slave to food anymore…love that part of this plan!

got country pork ribs for tomorrow to make and I cooked up some chicken breast today to nibble on tomorrow. Loving cold chicken breast now…why? no idea cause I never did HAHA

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Hi guys, I hope everyone is well.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @Karen18 Wow, Thankyou I will try iodine. :grinning: Everyone thankyou for your kindness. I am doing ok. Keeping to ALMOST zero carb. My top total carbs is only 7 grams. I am not well though. Headache that won’t go away, and now a late period. Still waiting for ultrasound. But I love this lifestyle, I just think I need to try to eat more. I am so tired, um hoping iodine helps. So tonight it is fish and curried eggs again. Last night was ground beef and salami. I haven’t been very active on here but I will in the future. I just am resting a lot. Tomorrow is winter. Yay!!! Hope everyone is doing good, damn I already said that.:see_no_evil:

(Karen) #392

@KetoKoala well hope it works for you Amy. I have had some this morning and hoping it perks me up for my CrossFit. Sitting outside waiting to get going. Hard one today 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups and 300 air squats into another 1 mile run to fi ish! Hoping I can pair with someone else i might not get finished in time to get home get ready and get to work for my late shift! Warmed up with the stair runs but cooling down now argggh did them too early!

Taking cooked chicken thighs in to work and canned fish. Have a good Bank Holiday Monday xx

(Vic) #393




@KetoKoala, sending good healing vibes to you :slight_smile: hope you are improving any way you can, eat as good as you can at all times and hope your medical appts get you on the right path!!

@Karen18, yea bank holiday LOL I was gonna go today for some financial stuff and my friend said, you know they are closed right and I am like DARN, thanks, ya saved me a pizzed off trip HAHA
Happy day to you too!!

@Carnivoor, loving your glamour pics!!

________________*****SO woke up very not hungry.

Summer. I change in summer :slight_smile: I eat less, don’t want as much and AM PERFECTLY fine doing just that and when the day comes I get the big appetite day, oh boy I eat big LOL

Summer is my time to lean out and drop maybe a few lbs more toward my final ‘get rid of the last darn 15’ I want gone…it was like 20 lbs but I whittled away about 5 lbs ever so slowly…I don’t care how long it takes ever…carnivore is so healing and I feel so great, never leaving this plan, a darn lb. on the scale will never ever be my deciding factor on a lifestyle to live that gives me so many health improvements and vibrancy!!

Happy Memorial Day to those who celebrate. Rememberance!

Got some chicken cooked to eat later.
got some leftover shrimp
defrosted a big pack of country pork ribs I will cook in a little while and have those on hand

No food is drawing me right now. Nothing, nada…again, cool with it :slight_smile:

my grocery bill will get a reprieve for a little bit, my wallet thanks summer and my flip in eating :wink:

hubby got a call to work today so he is gone for a big part of the day. working on pool, sad weather got colder, no swim for this ol’ gal but bathing suit and clean the pool more will make me happy today to be outside and moving!

everyone enjoy your day and we start Full Blune Carnivore June tomorrow, everyone have your meats ready to go!!


thanks, i feel like i’m just nitpicking at small little things sometimes but carnivore really has improved my quality of life significantly. i used to sleep for 12+ hours daily and still wake up feeling tired and sluggish the entire day, even taking naps throughout the day from being so sleepy all the time, but now – i’m not sure if this was a thing for anyone else or just a millennial thing, but as a kid every Saturday morning the moment my eyes opened @ 7am i would immediately jolt up excited and full of energy to catch the start of Saturday morning cartoons because it was my favorite time of the week and a significant point of discussion with friends talking about the episodes and whatnot. i had not felt that way in probably almost a decade, but now i feel that way every morning when i start my day, happy about whatever is in the day ahead. it’s nice feeling happy even about nothing, just the fact that i’ve woken up.


Ahhh, nah you are fine. When I was newer OH boy did I experiment and jumped around on doing so great one day and asking a zillion questions of all the old veterans on plan like crazy and wondering why this or why that til the day I got it into my head…I asked a question about ‘when will I heal more’ etc. or something like that and ALL the older people on plan responded back to me…cut it out :slight_smile: Just eat! Just eat the great meat and seafood and fish and fowl you love, eat all you need, eat big fatty stuff one day if you want it, you want leaner meat one day eat that and STOP wondering about it…and I did and boy I never looked back. Plus we have to remember alot of mental and lifestyle issues play us too in our life…from stress working or our emotions over crazy stuff that happens in this world to family issues or more, you know, life crap and I realized too that we are a package ya know…not a carnivore only, not a sister or brother or kid of these people, or just an employee at XYZ corp…we are a monster package…so what I did was then focus more on my ‘peaceful balance’ in life that suited me personally. I kinda started that ‘work in progress’ to change me as I wanted, kinda like drop my very very controlling ways :wink: and leave work stress at the front door and not bring it further into my home and to find more outside interests like biking, I love biking but hate it too cause my roads around here are just enough to get me killed but I decided to buy a cheapy bike rack and I drive to other country roads where I can bike in peace and quiet and enjoy the ride vs wondering if some car is gonna clip me HAHA But what it did, finding that other focus to round me out more in a balanced life state I wanted was just focus on other stuff and ‘just leave the eating plan alone’ and don’t worry on it. More I moved the better I slept. The more thoughts of ‘let it go, you can’t control it all’ thoughts gave me more ho hum easy peace in my day…let it go became my mantra :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The more I let go of wondering about zc the better I did actually but I also probably had more time on plan where I was very well set eating this way, still wondering a bit too much about it, had to put focus elsewhere and IDK, everything is balancing very well for me now…yea still a work in progress but I know me better, know what I do want now and what I will do to get it, and how to enjoy relaxing and be in the moment

and ya know, funny thing is carnivore gave me all this! I wouldn’t be doing any other personal growth like I am doing to this extent on me cause like you…with your comparison on your waking up ready to rumble and tackle life…means our carnivore is giving us back our vitality to be connected to life…physically and truly it is a joy I wish I could give to others!

You rock on daigo!! You enjoy your zc and what it gives you and use all that great energy to expand your life…seems that is the way I am rolling now :+1:


i live in nyc and the bikers in the streets here are absolutely nuts but i guess you have to bike aggressively to actually get anywhere if you want to around here


NYC and bikes equals scary to me LOL People only gotta clip ya and send you flying a bit…I guess when younger I would bounce back up but older now, at 59.5 yrs old, I don’t bounce anymore. I lay and wonder if something is broken HAHA

I feel for you on that one! Being more city to that level it is harder to get any outside natural…I live very boonies. Rural on my farm. But so many farms sold out and houses, houses and traffic…not like 30 yrs ago…but I find ways around it…my next big way around all these people (again, not like your area HA) is to move. Sell it all in about 3 yrs when kid is set in college and hit the road in our RV and find my ‘beach coastal’ forever to the grave town I wanna live in with hot weather and the lifestyle I wanna finish with…got big plans and funny thing is ZC actually is making them all doable. Health to older age is key for all we want and I made sure health improved as it has so yea, I think I can, I think I can :100: :clown_face:


i was actually looking at Newmar RVs a while back because i wanted to save up for one and just live out of it. i was born and raised in the city so a more rural life kind of sounds like a romantic idea to me. but grass is greener on the other side, i guess (literally lol). i’m not sure if i’d get lonely living on a farm after so many years of being constantly surrounded by lights and noise and people though.