Meat MAYham


@Redrobins: Yay! I am glad you are better! :heart:

I had to search for @daigo1’s old plate as I always focused on the meat, never the plate :smiley: I love certain plates but that one just couldn’t get my focus this far…

I ate eggs and liver stew today. It’s the good stuff from the town butcher, with hearts and stew has extra flavors I like. And still… It was okay but I only ate because I was hungry.
So I figured out that my actual mood for liver drastically influences my taste perception. It’s odd as I don’t have this with other food items. I feel the taste just the same (or similarly). I feel my vegetables just like before, with a few exceptions, I just don’t enjoy most of them. It’s very odd, feeling a good taste I always loved and the taste is there but I lost interest and enjoyment. (And my exceptional few, especially one has my total adoration and I enjoy the hell out of it every time… Today I needed to use it as I was hungry but couldn’t eat due to negative appetite and I wanted soup. I will figure out some more carni soup, it was tomato flavored egg milk today, just perfect! Soup makes appetite in my case.)
So maybe I should eat liver a bit less frequently now :smiley: Or different liver. I always ate chicken liver lately as it’s the only one we know, can get and both of us like. But I want to try turkey liver as well.

I still can’t do TMAD, I simply get hungry more often. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t cause eating for too long. Today I had 2 proper, not very big meals and 2 tiny ones.
I cooked a lot today, simple ones but still… And ice cream isn’t even cooking… But now I don’t need to do such things for days :smiley: Alvaro has his food and he can handle the weekend, I have liver stew, pork roast in the freezer, eggs are super easy… And maybe I get Alvaro’s heart stew as he still didn’t eat it… And then I won’t eat organ for a while… Like, 5 days. That’s a lot. I regenerate from every boredness in such a long time. Except chicken but that runs deeper, it’s not a mere boredness, I dislike common chicken and I have my childhood trauma, time cured it but maybe a relapse is possible. And I usually need way more time between 2 alcohol drinking too. But it’s not noticeable since I drink 12ml vodka or 100-200ml beer occasionally. I never feel alcohol disgusts me, I just don’t want it most of the time. I had this “oh my, we managed to drink a bottle of wine in a week, now I don’t want to see any alcohol for 1-2 months and no wine for half a year at least” before.

And I can’t get bored of coffee, unfortunately. I am fine with even black coffee now. I don’t drink it all day, it’s not cold anymore to want hot drinks all the time. And anyway, I make a tiny effort.

0.75 pound of meat today (not bad using almost exclusively organ meat) and no idea how many eggs, not nearly as much as yesterday :smiley: Tiny cheese, much more sour cream…

I had my usual lowish energy, not the super low I suffered from lately. I am bubblier but maybe it’s because of KetoKoala who is my muse, actually :smiley: Poor girl has problems with her digestive system now and can’t eat much :cry: My only idea was drinking some calories, maybe that is better for her body if eating is such a problem? But she probably will need the hospital again soon. She doesn’t have any extra fat to sustain her properly, eating is more important for her than for me, for example… Sometimes I wonder about it but I probably would last some months without eating… And it wouldn’t even be so horrible for several days, I guess. I worry about her.

(Bob M) #362

It’s K1 that aids clotting, not K2.

Now, you CAN find sites that say k2 causes clotting, but I don’t think they are correct.


Oh wow, thank you for that, Bob!

My tummy is unhappy taking aspirin every day. Moving over to magnesium, and vitamin e with mixed tocopherols. I used to take magnesium to help with my BP, and forgot which kind. So searching through all that again. thinking it was glycinate.

With the stomach upset from the aspirin, I really have not been hungry. 2 beef patties today. Coffee. water. and my iron supplement. Yesterday was a chicken breast, butter, and a little ground beef. Not sure what the scales will say, and right now, I don’t really care. I’d just like to not hurt. Ah well. gotta get some housework done now.

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Sorry I’m slack on here guys, I am so tired. I don’t ever have any energy. Is it normal to be so tired all the time to the point that it actually hurts. I don’t think it is normal. Food dosent give me energy…I don’t get keto energy. My iron is low and I eat mainly iron so WHAT!!!:sob:. I just been eating little bits cos of my belly having trouble digesting things. My back is aching and my belly hurts and I am nausious a lot. Why does the doctor think if I have gallstones that keto is to blame!!! I don’t blame keto. I am waiting for an ultrasound. Trust me, before keto I had no energy. I go for powerwalks, still have no energy…it does not matter WHAT I do :pleading_face: I just want some energy. I am naturally a bubbly girl and meant to be funny too. But I feel awful. I feel like I am stuck underwater or in mud. Thanks @Fangs for your well wishes. @Shinita I love you, you get me through so much.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My best friend you are. I guess I will get more tests and go from there. But I don’t mean to be a downer guys. Once I get sorted I will be unstoppable. I LOVE this lifestyle. May is almost done and dusted, onwards and upwards to June. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awwww Amy! I’m sad seeing how unhappy and hurt you are! Now I’ll be praying for YOU to get well! It is no fun feeling like a slug. I suffer from the iron thing too. And I know I always talk about this stuff, Iron Complex by Now, but - its like night and day. It’s just over $5 for a 100 tablet bottle - on Vitacost. Something to try anyways. As for gallstones, they affect people all different ways. So, it might be a good place to start. Or, it could be a magnesium deficiency which also manifests in a variety of ways. Hopefully, your ultrasound is coming up quickly! Hugs and prayers for you, dear!!!

As for this ole woman… Finally slept good. Could have handled a few more hours of it, though! LOL! Leg pain is manageable at the moment, but I leave for work in half an hour…and by noon, I’m sure things will change. And here is something new… So I was counting down tills the other night in the office, and was tormented by a mosquito. When I got home, discovered that the little B@#$%d has gotten me! Whether it is an allergic reaction or what - not sure, but for several years now, I 've been getting golf-ball sized welts from mosquito bites, and my whole arm hurts now. I went into work the next day, with a tee shirt on, and my co-workers were horrified when they saw it. Looked like I had two elbows on one arm! Wondering now if the skeeto was carrying some other disease, or if its just me. I have some HCQ on hand for things like this - so I might give that a whirl. 3 days on, and the bite is still quite impressive.

Well, I gotta get ready for work. 8-1 today, and then going to have our pastor and his family over for dinner - so I’ll be cooking all afternoon.
Take care my peeps!! =) cheers!


WHAT. I have low energy basically all the time and sometimes super low energy but it never hurts! Maybe it’s your other problems…

I never care about iron but now I looked up a few of your items and you eat very little iron… Fish is super low, pork chops are low considering how little you eat, you would need two dozen eggs to meat the requirements (I have no idea how close to the reality are those though)… A few eggs a little meat isn’t enough. And you had iron problems before too, maybe it’s your food, maybe you have some special condition…?
There are iron tablets. And I talked about liver, too bad you dislike it but try different types in different dishes… If I don’t like something and want to eat it for some reason, mixing it with eggs and/or adding my fav spices usually help :smiley: Liver has 20 times as much iron as pork chop according the data I looked up just now, you don’t need to eat much…

Maybe it’s not just about iron and you should take some multivitamin? And trying to eat more, that is needed anyway.

It’s impossible to figure out the reasons of tiredness as so many things can and do go wrong… You said iron usually help you, I have no idea what helps me, a pound of liver a week and lots of other proper food surely does nothing to me. I need exercise, I know that. Sunshine isn’t that vital since carni, yay. Surely our activities (I don’t mean the psychical ones only) and mood matter too…

Too bad I can’t give you the few hours I had between waking up at super early and my alarm when I actually got up… It turned out I needed 5 hours today, not 7 and now I feel a dizzy zombie with a bad mood (okay, KetoKoala sent me funny things and little piglet photos so it’s better now… I am merely sad she is in so much pain, it’s unfair, why the hospital didn’t help more if it’s that bad?).
My SO doesn’t understand these things, as he has no such things as sleeping too much. I have, I get sleepy, tired, moody and one of my stubborn headaches come when I slept too much and it doesn’t go away until I had many hours awake…

So apparently my need for sleep went down a little. It happens sometimes :slight_smile: I slept much lately but not much more than needed, my average need is lower now! I try to get up when I wake up all by myself even if it’s 6am so almost impossibly early… I never was the type to get up before 9… The office got used to it eventually, I couldn’t use my brain until noon anyway and typically stayed late as it’s better to work in piece than among zillion noisy folks who even interrupt me when I try to solve some mysterious bug or try to make my program organized enough to be easy to modify later (or find the bugs :smiley: avoid the bugs. a badly written code helps them a lot)… I could do more work after 5pm than before, I remember such times.
When I worked exactly 8 hours from home once (I am not that fixed type but it happened once), I started at 4pm… I am NOT a morning person.
Mornings are horrible, I am more tired then when I went to bed quite late and I am not energetic then. I am good with the evenings, not with the nights.

Still, I should go to bed a bit earlier… And do creative things before.

And now, cycling!!! The first time since about half a year! One can’t forget that so easily, right? It’s not a motorbike and I started as a kid anyway… Even if used rarely…


I just got my lab results back today and my doctor says I should stop doing carnivore (and drop meat altogether lol) to fix my health issues based off the lab results. Obviously I’m not going to do that, but how am I supposed to interpret my lab results as a carnivore? Like how would I be able to know if my lab results are abnormal as carnivore if my doctor can only interpret it for someone on SAD?

These are my test results if anyone is curious:

(Karen) #368

@daigo1 sorry I haven’t a clue about all those readings. Would be good if they gave you a reference guide so you can interpret them. Maybe there is something online if you google?
@Fangs sleep has improved a tad bit. I never sleep right through the night but since being carni it has definitely improved. Just every now and again, such as full moon and night before work … and heaven help the two combined like the other night then it is like old times again
@KetoKoala have you tried Iodine? I told a friend at work about it when she said how tired she was all the time and she keeps thanking me since using it. She said it makes a whole lot of difference and she doesn’t suffer with the tiredness and lethargy anymore. I use it regularly.

Also I agree with @Shinita I don’t think you can be eating enough and also agree liver and beef are two good sources of iron. The other thing that crossed my mind with your pain was perhaps fibromyalgia. My friend Raymond has it and often gets shooting pains in his arms back and chest. He takes prescribed medication for it. I believe it affects people differently. Just a thought. Hope you get it remedied or diagnosed very soon.

Fairly good nights sleep last night albeit up a few times and whether I feel I need the loo or not I have to try as I know I won’t get back to sleep if I need a wee.

Woke up with a start when the alarm went off and lay in bed a while looking at phone when I realised time was moving on and I had to get them there stair runs in before CrossFit. Not a lot of recovery time before a nasty evil CF wod … got to love em!

Home via the Company Shop with goodies in hand. 2 kg of lamb chops less than a tenner and some chicken and pork chops for my friend Raymond to put in his freezer.

Brunch was lamb chops… it would have been rude not to! Bit of cheddar to follow.

A pleasant afternoon spending money at the garden centre and a good cuppa sitting outside. Weather warmer today so summer dress on, super lovely.

Dinner a rump steak which I over-cooked for my liking. Didn’t think I had left it in the pan for that long, some lamb chops bits and a couple of slices of smoked bacon which was nice. It’s amazing how different the steak tastes the longer you cook it … I think the longer it’s cooked the more the meat loses it’s flavour.

Just had a bit of Italian semi soft cream cheese which was rather tasty and full of flavour. I could smell it the minute I unwrapped it.

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Not much wrong there. Is it the cholesterol that freaks them out? How long have you been on this diet? Usually, HDL is higher, and trigs lower, bu this can take time. (Coffee can also raise trigs for some.)

Are you supplementing vitamin D? That’s a high level.


Yes, I think it was mainly the cholesterol. They said if I wasn’t so young they would recommend statins.

Around 5-6 months now. Have never been a coffee drinker.

Yes, I take 125 mcg (5000 IU) of D3 (cholecalciferol). I guess I should stop then? I only started taking it because my family has a history of Vitamin D deficiency (but I don’t know if that’s relevant), and I never go outside (work from home, get food delivered to my place, etc.). I never eat fish because their cost is outside of my food budget. So I thought I’d be lacking in it.


Holy Smokes, @Karen18 !!! I totally forgot about Iodine, too! Iodoral is the one here that seems to be the standard for the industry. I haven’t had it for sometime, but dang! You hit the nail on the head! That stuff is amazing!!! YAY.

(Linda ) #372

I hope you start feeling better nothing worse than not feeling good…
I’ve only had low energy a couple of times since I first started with keto over a year ago and then it usually meant s few early nights and I’d prob put it down to the times I was not in ketosis… normally I’m the opposite im fighting insomnia .

Food for me is still fish and bacon I love keeping it basic and for some reason I really don’t get bored of my food even if I eat the same thing 2x a day all week long…although I did smoke some tri tip for my husband and had some thin slices of that as well.
Weight wise I’ve taken off three of the 5 I put on so obviously it was water weight from something but it felt good to be able to turn it around by changing things up…
I’m so used to regain starting and ending up back where I started so it was concerning me … but I I havent eaten off plan and strangely enough I haven’t really been craving anything thats not on plan… so now I need to figure out what triggers me to get really hungry…p
I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by its almost been 4 months since starting carnivore and so far its been pretty easy. Next week I go to and get new blood work done will be interesting to see the results.


wow. that sounds severe for sure. some type of allergy for sure for ya. your skeeters in your neck of the woods seem terrifying to me HA
Hope it goes down fast and your arm feels better!

@KetoKoala, so sorry B. Sounds like you got a medical issue that is just nailing you right now but just keep dealing with the Drs and see what the tests show etc. Your energy will come back when it all heals and balances out for you! Sending hugs everything improves!!!

Yes. I understand cause I noticed it also. I used to be a cook beef to shoe leather but real fast when I started ZC I found the more rare the better the taste! I definitely agree with you :slight_smile:

@daigo1, yea I am not a numbers expert ever on tests one receives but if Ctv says those numbers are good I would think you are ok LOL

Yes drop the vit. D supplement. That is why alot of new carnivores we say don’t take supplements cause you don’t know if you need them or not and if you are that high in D, then it shows your supplementing is giving you negative impact. Guessing if we need a vitamin or mineral is never a good thing for any of us ya know…but now you know, stop the vit. D and see how it goes :slight_smile: Plus never worry on cholesterol issues…carnivore is a whole new ballgame about cholesterol and don’t go near a statin. Chol. can take literally more than a year or more to change up and see big changes from zc in our testing so hold on, you are doing ok!!! Work from home and more indoors etc, maybe plan a nice small walk in the sunshine everyday just to stretch the legs and soak up some real vit. D :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Super congrats the bloaty is leaving the body :slight_smile:

When really hungry I got a few issues as in IF I EAT alot lower fat for a few days, cause it is just what I want, lower fat intake on those days, then like 2-3-4 days later I can go BOOM real fast being starving!! My body flips and says give me the food…means to me I need alot of good fat and that feeling of being ‘more hungry’ leaves.

Or it is a mental game. We hold plan and then anything can trigger us ya know…smells, social events, fixing dinner for the family with old time fav meals, or seeing a stupid food commercial for an old fav food etc…who knows LOL…but even tho not ‘craving that crap food’ our bodies get into that hunger mode and sometimes we really aren’t ‘that hungry’ ya know…we are stressing out or want some old comfort food…so our sub conscious and all that jazz can come into play and nail us a bit.

You will definitely figure it out, I finally did on the ways that ‘big hunger’ hit my body cause mostly I am ‘never truly hungry’ ya know on carnivore…never that hungry to push me off plan.

It is a journey for each of us to explore ourselves and time on plan will show you alot about what triggers hunger etc in you! :sunny:

@Carnivoor, you must be working hard and busy! Haven’t seen a delish food plate pic from you :slight_smile: Hope all is going well!!

**************SO MY MAY has gone very well for me. Holding my 1.5 loss so that is nice…eating is going smoothly and all seems very well in my zc land :100:

yesterday was a can of tuna and mayo…yum, and a few slices taylor ham earlier than normal, just a bit hungry…but not that hungry…and then later meal was a honking 1.5 lb. ribeye steak. delish. so tender. That finished me off it was so good but I could barely finish the last few bites but I sure did!! Set me so full and happy.

I think I want chicken and sardines today…go figure that combo HA

we shall see which way I roll on food today!

Hold strong guys, our May is almost over and Full Blune Carnivore June is coming at us! :slight_smile:


My plan when adopting the carnivore lifestyle was to keep things simple which is why I resort to just the same beef, salt, and water every single day, but whenever I try to research more in-depth about micro-nutrients and more specific health data, I always get conflicting information because it seems no health data is set in stone due to the complexity of the human body. Like I read articles by carnivore physicians that say certain vitamin deficiencies are at high risk, and carnivore doctors that say it’s not. So to be on the safe side I’ve been supplementing since excess seems safer than deficiencies when it comes to nutrients, i.e. the body can handle too much but can’t handle too little of something.


Yes I agree with on what you are saying.

but NO ONE really knows the body OFF all carbs ya know. All mostly science testing for med issues etc. is based on someone eating a carb diet and mostly that is never good carbs from actually like non-processed chemical slug junky carbs either ya know.

Carnivore testing for long term level comparisons etc are just not out there to gain that full truth and knowledge on what the body requires OFF all carb intake…so it is a weed out of this and that and trying to research a bit about conflicting issues.

Key and best thing is med reports…like you have one now. Then in 6 months do it again and maybe go get a ‘vitamin/mineral’ only bloodwork report, see how you are and then 6 mos do another.

Like if you see you are ‘lower level in vit C’ on this plan in a med test report, thing is on carnivore your body needs less vit C than if you were a person polluting your body on crappy processed foods…so just cause one is lower in C on a report on carnivore never means we need to supplement C ever…it could easily mean the body only requires so much C in our bodies for survival, so upping that C cause ‘carby testing take this much C for survival’ is ‘the thing’ then we can actually wreck up our bodies a bit by supplementing C on a carinvore lifestyle.

Yes we can take too much vits and minerals for sure. Too much of anything is not a good swing just as too little is not a good swing either but ‘too little’ of something we see, feel, might get reactions and learn from our bodies, but we can ‘get too much’ and not even notice any whacky damage it is doing to our bodies…kinda like carbs :slight_smile: We eat a ton of carby crap and processed SAD foods and many people are thriving doing just that…til the day that overload shows up and we feel like crap and more and then set off on health improvement journeys.

It is a journey to find balances and being a carnivore person the data is not out there like it is on a carby life for sciences yet but at least Shawn Baker is funding more medical carnivore research but it takes time obvy for that stuff to go down and get published and more.

key we say when new people start carnivore is drop all supplements. cause it is best to start from bare bones basics and let the meal heal you first, then as we progress if things are off on medical reports from bloodwork and more then we can flip things around a bit and see if we improve etc…but if you start carnivore ‘taking this and that’ then you never truly know if ya needed it or not ya know.

I was magnesium, potassium and a multi vitamin and then took some vitamin E cause someone said I needed it LOL when I started carnivore til I hit the long term people who said…drop all that crap…start from bare basics…then ‘see how you do’ off it all…I dropped all of it and never looked back. I take nothing. 4 yrs into carnivore and I feel fantastic without a supp in sight, but there are some who need a few supps and dropped them but found on this or that supp they improved and they felt that true uptake from it on their journey. And alot get medical bloodwork for vits/minerals and don’t ‘live or die’ by the ‘in range’ numbers cause again, those are recommended numbers on a SAD menu…not a carnivores menu so?

yes it is a crazy jumble but just taking small steps in directions is best…start bare bones and then go from there is my approach but that is a personal approach that is kinda grabbed by the carnivore community.

from Zero Carb Health: little paragraph that kinda says it all in that the bare bones basics we start with just help the most: -----However, all these forced interventions mentioned above (what amounts to diet-gimmicks in fact, since NONE of them are truly sustainable in the long-term), such as intermittent fasting, fat-shots, limiting protein, popping supplements, taking electrolytes, etc, they all just add to the existing imbalances in the body, which it is trying so strenuously to reverse.

THIS IS A FAB chat about all this :slight_smile: we will all be different for sure on our path and what our bodies require due to our medical issues that we might have that are so personal etc…so our walks will be a bit diff. for sure.


here is a great chat with Kelly Hogan and Dr Ken Berry and they hit on supplements included in this chat.

just something to hit on with great info in here.
one thing I like is when they chat ‘newer carnivores’ should come in bare bones and then as we feel ‘we might need’ this supplement or change our foods’ we see and feel results and know we need or don’t need but coming into carnivore OFF ALL supps is a key factor in learning what do we need truly for our own bodies?

again just a great chat on it all cause I love this type of chat to find us in it all.

(Karen) #377

Stair runs completed and a hard but great CrossFit workout this morning. Not paired with my daughter as she couldn’t make the class but with a newbie who was very nice. I love the Saturday workouts as they are usually pair workouts. This morning was a whole lot of rowing amongst other stuff. Hard and gassy but good.

Brunch was lamb chops bacon and eggs and then my daughter picked me up and we went shopping in Newark. Lovely sunny day and spending it with Sian was a bonus as I wasn’t expecting to see her this weekend.

Dinner was 6oz brisket burger and some cheese.


(Linda ) #379

Todays food fish and bacon for both meals

(Vic) #380