Meat MAYham


Why didn’t I have an uncle to feed me steaks? :cry:

But at least Mom fed me with delicious, fatty vegetarian meals :smiley: And chicken before I went vegetarian to avoid that every Sunday.
I ate huge amounts of fatty animal protein all my life. And everything else so it wasn’t that great, sadly.

Cereal isn’t a food… I keep being confused about that,I had no such phase. I tried it out, of course when the western items could come in after 1989 (I don’t remember having such things before… or just we ignored it. I ate eggs for breakfast for sure. and bread and veggies but well, it was the norm while I hated early breakfasts anyway, I still hate forced feeding and I am right. when I had breakfast, that started at 11am after a long walk) but I found it very bad and useless.

HOW could people live like this? I understand eating a ton of carbs, sure, I live with Alvaro but he needs his protein and fat too. Protein is so basic and very well-known we need it in bigger amounts (okay, maybe not among certain vegans, I saw things)!

Good thing many fat-phobic has no idea that eggs contains fat… But if one doesn’t even eat meat and eggs - okay, it’s doable and I believe many people can get away with it (not me but many. but I am sure I would survive too) but it’s tricky and one needs to know better than eating cereals and processed snacks and whatnot. I personally would eat lower-carb protein-rich items but it’s me. But protein is needed…

That menu has so horribly wrong points. They eat bad things, they don’t eat enough good things and they don’t eat satiating food. I personally never tried to get satiated by carbs longer term but I know that eating my daily energy need from carbs with other carbs or a ton of fat, it doesn’t matter so much, makes me hungrier. I think many people can’t get satiated with enough protein. I may overeat like crazy, it doesn’t help without protein. Okay, some items are better but that’s for very very short term if I ate well in the near past so my body didn’t run out of nutrients too much, it just nudges me to eat again.
But some people eat a sandwich with 10g processed meat in it and it’s a meal for them. Or a fruit is a snack for them. So we work differently but eventually every human body needs its nutrients…

I think it’s good Max was careful with fat, maybe he couldn’t suddenly eat fatty stuff. I always ate high-fat so I only know that without plants I had to lower my fat intake to avoid nausea but surely it can happen when one comes from low-fat too. But of course old habits and maybe learned half-beliefs don’t go away immediately.

Poor kids (I mean the past, Max isn’t a kid anymore and he hopefully knows much better know). Fortunately they really can get away with much (but they have special needs for growing and kids are energetic… it’s sad) and later they can form their own opinions and learn what their body want - but it’s not easy. You showed them something different and better, that’s great. No one ever showed me low-carb, I had to stumble upon it when I wanted to lose fat already. People rarely do that here, I had no idea… We have way more vegans than low-carbers I am sure, that’s totally a thing. Okay, paleo is popular but people do it with bananas and starches, it’s not a low-carb diet, per se though it usually lowers one’s carb intake and it bans a lot of problematic items. It was a nice stepping stone for me but I quickly realized high-carb paleo won’t help me (and I didn’t even eat bananas and starches).
Maybe it’s better elsewhere but low-carb is still not a thing here. I don’t even see keto products (or they are oat based then because why not… oh my) and that’s fine, just saying that even ketoers exist in this Hungary but the number must be low. I met one person who tried it in my life, personally I mean as I met maybe 3-4 online (half of them just tried it out and one was into resistant starch).
Vegans are everywhere and I was lucky to meet very nice ones only. Normal people still eat HCHF and don’t know if chicken is vegetarian or not (okay, maybe that was extreme and not the norm. one can hope).

I had an early lunch with 3 eggs this far. I often have this after high-cal days, I get truly hungry early (especially after some exercise, even a walk may do it like today) but a tiny food is enough.
I will make heart stew, using as little onion as possible but it’s stew, it must have it. I usually just fry the heart and it’s great but I ate so many roasts and last time the tiny stew was so awesome compared to the roast… I only eat half a pig heart anyway, it needs super little plant matter.
(And it’s not like I had a true carnivore day since ages. IDK why I can’t do it now… I did it in the past with way worse supplies. No big deal, I can handle my tiny amounts but still. It’s not like they are needed, usually, they are just there, being tasty because Alvaro eats them. It’s fine most of the time, I have so much experience with not eating his food but there are more exceptions than usual now.
But I don’t even know what should be my final woe. Carnivore-ish actually sounds good but you know, slippery slopes and no need but it’s there… It sounds better and safer to be stricter than strictly needed by default. But then my inner rebel loses it mind so maybe not yet. Oh well, I keep evolving. My garden will assist me, my trees barely will have fruit, we had frosty dawns for too long. but I never eat much fruit anyway so it’s not that important, I am just a bit sad looking at all the wilted leaves and flowers on my sour cherry trees, poor thing got fire last year, now frost that affected the LEAVES. What frost does that? But it’s everywhere so I don’t think it’s a disease… Or is it? Hopefully our still numerous jars will sustain Alvaro, he is a huge fruit consumer, it’s a wildly important staple for him. And the berries aren’t affected.)

Still low energy for me and the weather is great now :frowning:
@Fangs, a whole lb is nice :smiley: I probably lost nothing yet but I practice sticking to carnivore, exercise as much as I plan (not want, I want much more than that but I am realistic enough) and I surely will. It’s not like I didn’t develop a huge patience in the last several stalling years of mine (my biggest problem is the rare gains as those just make my weight bigger as I practically never lose).

KetoKoala and I never understand how you can eat so much meat :smiley: I can imagine it theoretically but we surely never could do it. Well, give me some time and maybe… :wink: I can eat. Just usually much less on carnivore and I just can’t eat much meat every day. Or the same kind for long. KetoKoala needs variety too, she keeps getting bored of everything, quicker than me. I am fine with my pork 3-4 days a week :wink: Maybe not always as a roast, it starts to get a bit old…

But today I want eggs.
Though looking at the last photo… I wouldn’t be against one of those curly sausage things! :smiley:


Haha yea, I eat the exact same thing every day and some people find it odd that I can go several years eating identical meals daily without getting bored of it. I mostly eat food because I have to in order to survive, not really primarily for the flavor so I can do that.

Also that’s the only plate I own and a year ago I didn’t own any kitchenware. I would just lean over the sink and eat food with my hands because I didn’t feel like washing dishes or spending money on paper plates. One time my roommate came into the kitchen at night to see a figure hunched over the sink in the dark eating something and said I looked like a gremlin


You would scare the beejeebees out of me if you were feasting on a brain! Wait, ya might have been being a carnivore :scream_cat::crazy_face::+1:

I am heading your way. I was a variety person on taste etc but doing my years into carnivore I have dropped so much and don’t care to add back…I am beef, pork, some chicken, a few ‘convenience’ sausages and select little seafood and I am so narrowed down to what I will eat it does start to freak others out, but tough, we eat for ourselves!

You are lucky you are a one note eater…like I said I am coming your way :star_struck:

you will lean out more and more and your body composition will change as we gain muscle but lose that fluffy fat so even if that scale doesn’t show us a set number, we are super changing our bodies :slight_smile: healthier, stronger, leaner and meaner and going at our older ages in better form to handle that aging time so you hold on!!

(Heather) #344

Of course, now that you ask that, they look pretty horrible:
dehydrated onions, salt, cornstarch, sugar, caramel color, corn syrup solids, yeast extract, natural flavor

However, I’ve had this several times before, without any issues. I also didn’t attribute it to my ongoing bowel problems, because I wasn’t eating that the entire time I’ve been feeling icky. Definitely something to think about, though. I’m a “never go to the doctor” type of person and the issue I’m having is more pesky than, “Ugh! I feel like crap all of the time.” So I think I’m going to try to ride it out.

I think this might be it. It just seems to be taking a really long time to work its way out. I am not a patient woman! - LOL I do plan to go back to the basics. I’m going to give eggs the boot (again), drop the sour cream and onion soup mix and just eat beef and water.

You are right @Fangs, I have had butter and other dairy in the past without issues. However, we know how our bodies can be…when we stop eating something for a while and then reintroduce it, they sometimes rebel. I’m wondering if it’s a combination of that and whatever bug my body is fighting off.

Thanks to everyone for your responses! You’ve definitely given me some things to think about. :heart:

On a good note, I did not have my usual morning “go”, so maybe I have turned a corner!


well darn I am hoping big time ya did turn a corner cause I am you. I am not a Dr person for anything til I hit the ‘I best go or might die now’ type thinking LOL

Yea combos of food or ya got a bacterial that is holding on cause of maybe the dairy back? or maybe the buildup of your onion soup ingredients are making all worse? or ???

back to basics and DO NOT add in eggs if you are off them right now…do that later. Right now is all the best of the best you did so well on and don’t add anything like an egg if you are kinda on that fence right now and clearing out.

sour cream is a killer too cause I can’t eat mozz cheese or any soft type cheese. I do fine on hard aged cheese with no issues, you give me mozz cheese off a pizza top scraping or I do cream cheese at all I have the craps fast…it just goes thru me and hard aged vs. ‘soft’ cheese have alot of different casein issues and more so I learned me thru the crazy of my bathroom issues on that ‘what cheese’ do I do ok on :slight_smile:

Happy you might be rounding a corner…thinking of you on it all tho and right there with ya on feeling better!!

(Amy) #346

I was going to eat dinner. Nice Burramundi fish but this afternoon I get sharp tummy pains whenever I swallow food. I had to call an ambulance as they were worried it is a bowel obstruction from a suspected hernia. So my nice night was ruined, and I just wanna leave hospital. Waiting for tests. My dinner still in the fridge cos I’m praying I go home tonight.:pensive: I am SO over hospital and health problems. I can’t stop crying. I was really looking forward to dinner but was too scared to eat it. It was beautifully cooked fish too…and $7 dammit. Sorry for my rant guys. I am waiting for the doctor.

(Heather) #347

Yep! That’s me! :rofl:


Just kicking off the brainstorm. June + Carnivore = ?


Just kicking off the brainstorm. June + Carnivore = ?

Blune is a made up word which sounds sort of like an English regional accent way of saying blown.

Full Balloon Carnivore June…

June Saloon…

(Amy) #350

Home from hospital. Doctor tomorrow. He said it may be gallstones so i will be getting an ultrasound. But I got endone for the pain and I’m now allowed to eat my delicious but cold Barramundi and eggs. I haven’t eaten all day apart from a bite of cheese so hungry.:crazy_face: Hope everyone is well. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #351

So a very lazy day for me today but I didn’t go crazy eating which is quite unusual as I have been so tired.

Had the sirloin bacon and eggs for brunch with a tad piece of cheese.
Later had some more cheese and a couple of slices of corned beef and finished with a lamb loin chop.

@Carnivoor your sausages look great, I just wish I liked sausages a bit more. I always think they are so full of crap and maybe thats why I am not so keen. They quite often have wheat added. Perhaps it’s the sausages I ate yesterday that led me to have the headache through the night. Still lingering now but that could just be tiredness and looking at my phone.

Work tomorrow and an early shift so here i am at 8pm in bed!


Below half a pound of meat today… And 14 eggs and 2 yolks, apparently… New record I guess… :smiley: It didn’t even seem sooo many… It just added up.

The heart stew was made from 300g heart and we both left half of our portion first (then a bit later I totally ate it)… We are so pathetic :smiley: It was nice but enough. And I was very much into eggs today after my meaty day yesterday. I wonder if it’s possible for me to get bored of pancakes if I don’t try to live exclusively on it (because that would do the trick quite quickly). Probably not, I have a few almost every day since long. I can fill them with so many things. My head cheese that I put into the warm pancake still in the pan got melted a bit, it was fun. I really like head cheese pancakes.

I ate 4 times in total. Eggs easily satiate me in my easy satiation times on carnivore-ish if I have no boredom problems - but I get hungry again. I had a higher-calorie day, I wonder why, not the little meat as I did the same with much meat yesterday. It seems I have this phase now. I am surely nicely satiated at the moment :slight_smile: And my muscles got their nutrients if they are able to get bigger from my tiny workout. They are small so it’s quite likely.

Sunshine, walk, weightlifting and very low energy today. I even napped once.

I got out some liver from the freezer but the pork will make a comeback very soon.

@Karen18, pretty food! Well I love everyone’s food there :smiley: There are many kinds of sausages. I don’t know the ones you folk eat much at once, I eat dry sausage, 10g a day is perfect for me. It contains more than 100% meat in the original, more watery weight and if they don’t overdo additives, it’s good enough for me. The grains are in our not-sausages (the blood and liver one), NEVER in the sausages. Sausages are meat and fat and spice!
But the vienna sausages are soft “sausages” (we use another word for it here just like for the not-sausages) and people often look at them with disdain. But not all are so low-level, there are ones full with meat (yeah, that’s not automatically high-quality but the fresh pork I buy isn’t that either, it’s not from some great farm)… Food products are often like this. Lard is all over the place too, bad, common lard is among the foulest things in my eyes, the taste is awful (and what does milk in it? I saw it among the ingredients if I remember correctly) while good farm lard is nice and the piglet lard was (is. I still have some :D) a smooth perfection.

(Linda ) #353

Well some how in a week I managed to gain 5lbs I’m still wondering if it was the added cream that I since removed again… but something is weird my clothes still fit the same but I started getting hunger that I couldn’t satisfy not good then I start snacking and don’t stop.

So I decided to mix things up again and go bacon and liver and today was fish and bacon see what happens .
Instantly hunger dropped off again im not sure what it is about bacon but it seems to stop hunger in its tracks for Me so will do it for a few more days with fish then see what happens.

@Redrobins hope your stomach settles… for me changing foods can set diahrea off so I feel for you.

@SecondBreakfast hope they get to the bottom of your leg pain blood clot sounds scary.

@KetoKoala steak looks great…

@Karen18 lol we are all so different to me thexskin on the chicken is the best part.

@Fangs I’ve noticed if the butter is solid it doesn’t affect me cream does though bloating and stomach cramps but I’m good with sour cream its all very strange lol…!

Pork rind crusted Orange Roughy


OMGOSH. First glance, I thought that was an octopus! LOL!


ok that makes sense now! Full Blown Carnivore June turned into Full Blune Carnivore June…crazy but it works!

happy they are getting you fixed up and eat well…keep eating very well B cause this will help start to heal your body and get you into a good space, might take a bit of time but you will be ok I am sure…wishing you the best!!

@Karen18, you get some good sleep when you can. I had ‘bouts of exhaustion’ on carnivore at the weirdest times…like when I thought I should not but I just ate well and took naps and boom they went away on their own so hope you start to get your energy back, you will. Alot of changes in our bodies at different times on this plan…at least it worked that way for me thru the years.

@Shinita, 14 eggs and 2 yolks…WoW THAT is alot of eggs LOL

yes we do have to mix it up and fudge around a bit when we get those hunger signals hitting hard again. It truly is your body saying I need more XYZ and you need to eat it as it asks for and get rid of those bigger hunger signals. When I want to snack ever, I know I am not eating well enough, so I do like you, shake it up and find my sweet spot again

*****************I dropped 1/2 lb more…I got 1.5 lbs down for May. WEE
summer changes my food and my activity level picks up alot. Outside person here and winter cold keeps me in and hibernating but my hot weather is here and I am loving it. Plus I tend to eat a little less, like I need less in summer…so I will take any little drop down any time I can get it LOL

food yesterday was those 2 thin cut Tbones for first meal…they were good. and ate a chicken breast later with a few slices of taylor ham for second meal.

today I got a big ribeye steak for first meal and second? I am thinking maybe a few cheeseburgers for second meal later with maybe a tin of sardines.

Nothing new in the zc carnivore neighborhood…everything going well. On plan and feeling fine!


i got a new plate lol

(Heather) #357

Just because I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath for me to update you - MY DIARRHEA IS GONE!




@Redrobins, YOU ARE DARN RIGHT I WAS waiting for good news, not sure about the others :crazy_face::+1::scream_cat::100:

You are part of our group and if one of our group go down we all go down :clown_face:

Thinking definitely bacterial and it finally got thru your system…you eat very clean, very sure for a day or 2, ya know, to lock in the better health :poop:

I am happy for ya cause that type of issue is no joke for trying to live one’s life away from a bathroom!!


@daigo1, cool boring plate, loving the green trimmed plate more but that meat in the middle is the focus on MY eye :slight_smile:


To be honest I got the green plate because pizza used to be my favorite food on SAD and I liked to pretend I was eating in a pizza parlor since restaurants were closed all last year and the green design reminded me of it