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Ewww I am glad you got an appt set up. Throb and red are definite signs ya got something doing there but hopefully you will clear up fast and get handled!! Sorry you got this happening!

When mom went into hosp. same happened to me, I called and called and no one answered…well for me it was a wrong old number posted on the damn internet! Like that helps anyone, wrong info ON THEIR website giving the hospital number…omg…I tell ya! Maybe just some ibuprofen maybe for pain? You could call the nurse lady back who scheduled your ultrasound if it is days away and ask?

SUPER CONGRATS on 9 down…tightening the reins a bit is never a bad thing for us! :slight_smile:

***************May is leaving soon and into carnivore June we all go!!
Everyone start thinking of a June carnivore name :slight_smile: :slight_smile: see what we hit on!!

food was 1 lb. pork tenderloin
tin of sardines
1/2 lb cheeseburger patty

today I got ribeye steaks I defrosted and have to tackle before I lose them. OMG I hate when I defrost too much and then I ‘get behind’ in eating my meats as I planned LOL but I do need to take something out of the fridge for tomorrow…hmm, pork ribs maybe?

ribeye with ? today…maybe a big old pile of bacon. bacon is kinda calling my name, haven’t had a big amt in a while…steak and a lb. of bacon might be good…we shall see.

Fab pics of nice meats on the thread! Everyone is eating fine!

daigo’s big old hunks of beef are so inviting!

carnivore on everyone!


KetoKoala does her best to eat a decent sized t-bone now, I saw the photo, very pretty :smiley: But it is sitting on some very low-carb veggies, surrounded with curried deviles eggs. It’s pretty! So she still does ketovore - with less net carbs than me on most of my true carnivore days…

I want curried eggs too but not deviled eggs today, it will be scrambled eggs with the last tiny pieces of that godforsaken chicken… Egg is my way to eat meat I am not into it, it always helps…
And pork roast, obviously. I will bring a photo later.

She ate it! Yay! Talked about leaving half as it’s so big (470g with bone, decent sized but doable just fine. by folks who are able to do OMAD on carnivore, at least - and people like Fangs :D) - but if it’s an elongated meal, it’s often no problem for me either) but she did it in the end :smiley:
0.84 pound of meat for today, it’s really good she didn’t leave half…
I expect more from myself today. This is a bit above 1 pound meat and a single egg:


Had a chat with my pharmacy technician-trainer. She has a lot of experience with blood clots, etc. Suggested taking aspirin to ease pain. Said if I have dizziness, headaches or just feel “off” to go to the ER asap. Well, as some might now, today is the day the earth will be impacted by the recent CME - but the impact is not in a gradual wave - models are showing a sudden spike- which is a massive direct impact, lasting about 2 days, beginning at around 2 pm EST. What that translates to is vertigo and headaches for many people who have issues w weather-related aches/pains/headaches. So…that’ll be interesting - trying to figure out what the origin of a headache might be. And, given the cusp in our atomospheric shield, it should be a doozy. *Typically, lesser impact will trigger volcanic and earthquake activity - and there no telling what this one will do. So if you live near a volcano or fault line - just a heads up.

Normally, I don’t go into the science-y stuff my hubby got me hooked on, but, this one ties into my current physical situation, AND, its just a doozy of a solar event with potential for widespread geologic events.

Other than that, all is good. Aspirin helped the pain, but then I started bleeding again. Goodness, it sucks being a woman sometimes! Didn’t sleep much all night. Its raining here. Had our 12th turkey born last night. Nighttime temps are going to hit freezing for a couple nights, so, gotta haul in my plants. =( I work 1-930 today, and have to be back for a 7am-5 shift tomorrow. oh, joy. Might as well put a bed in the stockroom for me. I don’t know what the family does when I’m at work, but the kitchen is a disaster. I’ll tackle that after another cup of coffee. (No cream).

That’s the other thing, I’m lowering my dairy intake. (Actually, I ran out of HWC - so that wasn’t really voluntary.) But, it helps! LOL! I haven’t been eating chunks of cheddar like I used to, either. Eats yesterday were two beef hot dogs and a chicken breast with butter, White Pine needle tea, black coffee, and a diet cream soda - just because.

Well…off we go! Have a great day, all!

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Hi guys, I’ve been slack i know.:upside_down_face: I ate a massive tbone as Shinita said. I am STUFFED!!!:scream: I have a photo here. I’ve been sick the last few days but much better now. I feel mega mega SUPER DUPER lazy after that meal.:water_buffalo:

I will spare you all the tiny plant matter except @Shinita :wink: We both decided to try Curried eggs. Shinita your meal looks good. Of course you will let me know what you think of the curried devilled eggs when you try it.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: T for Triumph!!! :slightly_smiling_face: @Fangs I have been going through a bacon phase too, it was calling my name for a few days in a row. @SecondBreakfast I am so sorry you have been in pain.:pensive: I hope everything goes well and you can get everything sorted. I will pray for you.:heartpulse: I get it, having friends in the medical field helps. I almost died 10 years ago from a perforated stomach and the hospital was too busy and a nurse came by who knew my grandma and after hours of medical neglect suddenly I was getting rushed around for tests and was saved. I’m sorry the pain is throbbing. :pensive: I really hope you can get a decent med soon that will help.:pray:

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@KetoKoala That T-Bone look(ed) delish! You clearly enjoyed it all :grin:

Blood clots are definitely nothing to mess around with! I had one in my calf from an auto accident over 24 years ago. I was promptly put in the hospital on complete bed rest for 5 days. I believe the medications they give you for it now don’t require the hospitalization, but I’m not sure. My leg still swells to this day, because of that clot. Very annoying! I hope you get things figured out!

I am still struggling with the diarrhea. It’s so strange - every morning, first thing - diarrhea, then fine the rest of the day. I don’t know if whatever I had is still working its way through my system or what. I don’t have any cramping or discomfort with it, but I am uber cautious about eating anything too fatty, because I’m nervous it’s going to activate my system.

I just don’t feel quite “right”. I’m tired a lot of the time and not very hungry. Meals for the day typically consist of 1.25 pounds of 91/7 sirloin, browned w/ 1 T. of onion soup mix. I drain it and then add sour cream for some moisture. It’s quite tasty. I also typically have 2 hard boiled eggs, 6 oz. boneless skinless chicken and about 2 T of butter, if I have a taste for it. That seems to be good for me for the day.

I was off dairy for quite a while, so I’m wondering if that is causing the remaining bowel issues?

I pretty much stopped all exercising because I just didn’t feel up to it. The fam went for a meandering walk on Sunday and I was so sore later that day and yesterday. I decided enough was enough and went for a power walk this morning. It made me feel good (endorphins were flowing), so I think I’m going to try that for a while, but still attempt to keep some sort of strength training in the routine. We’ll see…

My weight has finally budged (probably due to my illness, but whatever :blush:). I was stuck around 172 for the longest time. I finally broke through that plateau and am down to 165. I’ll take it!


I am confused. My body tends to be predictable enough, it changes when I change my woe but I learn certain things… And sometimes I have an odd day.

I wasn’t even hungry but well, Alvaro had lunch so I had lunch… I could eat, I had a soft borderline hunger already.
I ate it all except 2 bites of pork I didn’t want (and thought it will be nice at dinner as I run out of meat in the normal part of the fridge and I don’t just take out something from the freezer. maybe from the cupboard, it was so long I ate something fishy :stuck_out_tongue: and I have some pork-beef spread too), it was zero challenge… And became hungry. I wasn’t hungry before, per se, just almost but I got hungry. It’s normal for me except eating a pretty big carni meal. Fatty meat is my ultimate satiating stuff! It never happened before. I don’t think I miss much though maybe I still have a lowish meat intake in average for the last few/several days…? This or the carbs in my past. Or it’s just an odd day, they happen here and there.

So I ate some bresaola and had coffees (coffees does nothing to my hunger, why would they but these have a little fat and protein and time passes while I consume them. sometimes I need time to get satiated)… Still hungry a bit. If it stays like this, I will have some pancakes but it will seriously raise my energy intake. Not like it’s a bad thing, I wanna lift too, I should have done already but forgot/was busy with something else. I like to eat well when I lift :slight_smile: (Every day but especially then. And on active days as a little lifting is not much but my muscles and whatnots still may need some extra attention.)

I feel quite energetic. I feel nothing like KetoKoala, I had my more than one pound meat with my 3 eggs and a tiny bit of others, it was a tiny meal volume wise and I actually feel I got energy.
I often am more sluggish after a meal even on carnivore, a nice sluggishness but still but not now. I just couldn’t do any activity now, I always like to do that well-fasted but my weightlifting must happen without that today. Later.

So it’s all good, I just want my usual satiation feeling.

Oh, my meal. I managed to eat the soup, I adore fatty pork as it doesn’t become a dry mess even when I put it for the 3rd or 4th time into the oven (I want them warm and the first time doesn’t make them roasted enough due to the big pieces anyway)… And the curry did little to the eggs. Sometimes I fancy some spice but I really don’t want curry often, not my fav, it’s just variety, fun sometimes.
I even tracked today as I ate simple. Many calories for a single meal, it’s rare on carni for me, significantly more fat than protein, very little carbs (as I ate no liver or many eggs yet). Who knows the fattiness of my meat but it is very fatty so I am totally over 70% fat this far and it’s all right. It’s never a problem since ages so it’s not surprising I handle it well. I have more and more such days and of course my fat is high when I eat a pound of pork shoulders… But if I don’t have much very fatty pork, I usually eat more fat from other, less satiating sources… I plan to eat simple enough to track for some days to see how I eat nowadays but my tracking times are basically over. I do it very occasionally now, I don’t want to overcomplicate my life with pretty useless things even if I am curious.

I predict deviled eggs in my near future, it was so long ago I had them…
Pancakes are my almost daily companions, it takes zero talent to predict those :smiley:

My meat intake will probably drop now that I ate the not-in-the-freezer part of my pork.
I will have organ meat next, probably pig heart and that’s little. I neglected my beloved eggs lately… Yeah, I surely had 6+ eggs days due to my pancake-y days (when I eat 4-5 eggs in pancakes only)… But that isn’t much and I had few egg days as well. I start to miss eggs.
I am lucky I have these… waves? Now I eat more meat, now I eat more eggs… Pork, liver and fowl days make sure I never get really bored of either…
I still don’t want cheese, I still adore sour cream but use it in moderation. I still drink coffee but we run out of milk, finally and Alvaro run out of the starch he uses for his pudding so he won’t use cream so I don’t open a bag for a while. So black coffee for my fasting window and egg+butter coffee for my eating window, hopefully it lowers the amount, I can’t expect any more from myself right now regarding coffee. I started to use my less great brand, maybe that helps too.

I suck at pure carnivore now but today is good enough this far.

And I had enough of the overly salty fatty jelly on the bottom of my oven pan I use for making roasts. I will use half the amount of salt for my future ones. I probably will need to salt the inner pieces for a while but I won’t have this horribleness in my favorite jellied bites I use to make better the leanest meat pieces.
I have half a mind to just skip salt for the next roast… But nope, not yet.

Oh you poor folks heaving health problems :frowning:
I don’t even have super low energy now, yay! Just some normal low. But after my meal I feel energized a bit.

And the rain stopped, amazing. Today we have gloomy weather with a little sunshine, warm enough temperature… I could do some weeding.

I don’t weigh myself since ages (forgive me the lack of proper tense, it’s hard for me in my best moments and my after-meal “tiredness” finally kicked in), no way I lose fat with eating this much, I am not that type. And I would feel it on my pants anyway. If they become as loose as 1 years ago (?), I will weigh myself. My muscles won’t get significantly heavier for a long time. I am not a silly girl who thinks anything more than 2x0.5 kg weight will suddenly make them a gorilla or if they don’t lose fat while exercising and eating little, whatever that means, they probably gained 4 times as much muscle as the most hard-working 20 years old male with the best genetics and proper food.
I am a lazy weak 44 years old woman. I can gain muscles easily enough for someone like me due to being super far from even from my own possible maximum but it still will go slowly and I don’t even put in the right effort yet.
But my pants are a good indicator, even gaining muscle can’t interfere but I won’t gain a noticeable amount for a while… Nevermind, I will be content with doing my tiny weightlifting sessions for now. And the running I keep forgetting but we had much rain anyway.

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How are your electrolytes? Not enough sodium makes me achy all over, feeling like I was pummeled with a sledgehammer.

Edit: being sick may have depleted your electrolytes.

(Heather) #329

My electrolytes have always been wonky. If I eat any sort of sodium/salt, my legs swell horribly and I have “cankles” by the end of the day. I have settled into OMAD for the most part and even if I only drink plain water all day and have nothing else, my legs are still swollen by the time I get home for dinner. I have a desk job, so that doesn’t help things and neither does the fact that I have my father’s genes of terrible circulation.



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Ooh, it looks like something is wrapped in bacon. What is it?


Are you just posting the same steak picture over and over again :rofl::wink:

About Young People (The Immortals):
They have different problems. My nephew came and stayed with his friend a few weeks ago for a surf trip. His mum, my sister-in-law, has thoroughly trained him, nephew, in low fat eating from the 20th century. Processed seed oil spray in a non stick pan cooking. It was interesting to observe. These are two 18 year old guys just learning about being away from mum’s constant feeding by taking trips away. Cereal and milk for breakfast as soon as they wake up then another breakfast, usually bread based, about 2 hours later. Then processed snack foods until lunch which is based on bread and salad, then snacks all afternoon, then a pasta or rice dinner. Their mums lament these boys ‘eat them out of house and home’. :rofl: I did the same to my mum in the 70’s and 80’s as they fed us appetite stimulating, non-satiating foods.

Step in Uncle FrankoBear. For a few days in a row I taught them how to cook and feed them eggs and bacon breakfasts and steak dinners. Max commented that he could not remember ever feeling not hungry before. But he was still scared of the fat, leaving the streaky bacon section or fat trimmings on his plate, but he ate the meat based meals with gusto. I said if they want muscles for surfing they should focus on their protein intake a bit more. It was just a little tidbit to take home.

Interestingly Max’s mum has encouraged him into cooking by ordering those boxes of food with simple recipes. Unfortunately the menu choices are low fat and many vegetarian meals. When we cooked over a wood fire, that they had to build and light, in a sizzling pan he first commented, “We don’t cook like this at home”. I made it an adventure, as well as simple.

Max is starting in a physiotherapy degree at university this year. So we talked about joint healing and joint pain. Mentioning that carbohydrates are inflammatory in the body and create worse joint pain, and that lower carbs is anti-inflammatory. I asked him to imagine if he took some nutrition classes as well as physio classes he could get better results with his future patients. But nutrition courses at universities are entrenched in the low fat model.

They are young and active men and can get away with eating anything, until they can’t.


Lookin forward to Full Blune Carnivore June.

This chat about taking carnivore and low carb advice outside of the online tribe to the real world has helped me realise that I have given a lot of advice over the years. And in doing so it has become more informed by push back, clarification, and backing up claims. So, I reckonin’ on a reconciliation and going back over the past year of carnivore 30-day challenges, and for Full Blune Carnivore June taking that advice, my own advice. Do the full-on split personality thing. To get a taste of the receiving end of the challenging conversations I sometimes find myself in.


What ingredients are in the onion soup mix Heather?

Getting poo tests done on the worst diarrhoea may get you some answers. If the symptoms are variable, and they often are with more chronic bowel problems, I used to advise to collect stool samples over a week. Double bag and freeze the early ones. Then present them all for testing for a better chance at pathogen identification, or things like non-digested food, or inflammatory cells. Ask your doctor or local pathol lab if you can do this.

Have you fasted in among this episode. A 24 hour but oral fluid electrolyte supported fast is an option, especially if you don’t feel like eating anyway.


@KetoKoala … thank you so much for prayers! Much appreciated!! =)

@Redrobins … Generally, I’ve not had to deal with this sort of issue. When I have though, a few days on a strong probiotic has been super helpful in sorting out the stomach funk feeling. I’ve also been on an Ivermectin protocol for over a year now, and no diarrhea. The tiredness though, hmm. I only get that way when my iron levels are low. Have you tried an iron complex at all? I think Vitron C or Iron Complex from Sundown might be good choices. My doctor has ordered me to take the latter. That will firm things up, if you know what I mean. =)

I ditched the vitamin D/K2 combo that I was on, as K2 aids clotting. Just taking D3, Iron complex, zinc and a couple others now. Slept better last night. Worked until 10:15pm. Gotta be back at 7am. Ugh. Back on early shifts through Friday. We are having our pastor and his family over for dinner Friday evening, so I’m only working until 1pm. No clue what to cook for dinner. This should be interesting.

My heart is heavy this morning. My daughter’s school superintendent lost his teenage son over this past weekend. His kidney (transplanted) was failing, and as he was being airlifted to a children’s hospital, his heart stopped mid-flight and he died. (The father had given his son a kidney when the son was a baby.) The funeral is being held at the school gym. The school gets out at noon. I have to work, and my oldest daughter really wanted to attend, but she is going to be in a CPR class at the hospital. So, hubby is going instead. Its so devastating. This child was just an angel, for real. The whole family is just lovely, wonderful people. =( I know they have so much support and love from family and the community, but losing a child…I cannot even imagine.

Anyways…better get cleaned up for work now…Have a good one. SB

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Its grounded pork mixed with some cheese wrapped in bacon. :sunglasses:

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Big catch up again. @SecondBreakfast so sorry to hear about the loss of that young boy, after all he has been through. So sad :purple_heart:

Some great food pics which are making me ready for brunch.

Yesterday had a good day, ate a lot! Stair runs and evil CrossFit class again and then had my 2nd covid jab in the afternoon. In and out in next to no time, well organised again, all the volunteers doing a fab job of keeping us moving in the right direction. Absolutely no hanging around waiting at all which was good.

Brunch was finishing off the chicken drumsticks and dinner was ribeye bacon and eggs followed later by some cheese and 6 pork sausages. Probably be a while before getting sausages again. I fancy them every so often but quickly tire of them.

Went to bed early last night and ended up having a terrible wakeful night but to be expected when we have a full moon and a supercool to boot! So looks like it will be another bad night tonight as it is at ours largest today. At 4am I cancelled my CrossFit class for this morning, I was heady and tired and fed up with being awake. My shoulders and neck were aching but that doesn’t surprise me after yesterday’s evil evil evil class. All shoulder based work for last couple of days. Lots of negative pull ups and handstand push ups to start followed by the workout which was burpee pull ups, power cleans, bar over burpees and rowing so the whole session was shoulders and was very gassy.

Took a panadol at 5am and that seemed to do the trick and shoulders and head eased off and hasn’t returned as yet and its nearly midday.

Just about to cook up a sirloin steak and looking forward to it yum will have some bacon and eggs with it again.


Super happy your weight budged and that is never a bad thing LOL but darn if ya ain’t getting that thru some type of sickness.

Hmm…I got some questions and I know you are carnivore all in for a while, did ya ever have this before? I don’t remember seeing any issues with you in your posts…but darn girl, I am not sure. It sounds more bacterial in your system than it is your food intake? Does it feel that way to you?

dairy is weird for many and your butter is dairy also…but I don’t remember you even getting this issue when ya had a little dairy in your posts? or I mighta missed something.

I don’t know, you got me perplexed. One thing I would do is drop ALL little things, the onion soup mix and definitely sour cream could be an issue is dairy is one…go back to basics. See if that helps you. Go super clean, super simple, super natural food for a few days. But again, I am not sure but it sounds like it might be your system with a bacteria type invader? Again, don’t know LOL but keep us informed cause I wanna hear if you are doing better and are feeling alot better! Wishing you the best to get thru or over something fast!!

@FrankoBear Full Blune…is that Full Blue moon for ‘jUNE’ maybe?
yea the low fat craze is scary out there when the young bodies would be thriving on good meat and good big fats vs the sugar…so glad you schooled them a bit!! a bug in the ear!!

that is super sad to read SB! Sending prayers for his family! Too young, just too young and terrible situation for all!

@Karen18, messed up sleep stinks! It effects so much of our day but hope you get back into good sleep mode sooner than later!! Nice meal pic, very tasty looking!!

*****************SO…tick tick June is coming…soon we can give some updates for our May carnivore month on how we are doing and into June we go.

I AM DOWN A LB. WEE…a friggin’ whole lb. Been wanting something gone and finally got it…remember I won’t and never ‘diet’ in any way. I eat big, I eat all I want, when I want and boom…a lb. is gone. I will take it LOL

1 lb ribeye with about 1/2 lb of country style pork ribs yesterday.

today I have to finish off a few last packs of those skinny steaks and get them out of the freezer so 2 thin cut Tbones today with ?? not sure, never made my bacon, it might be bacon or I do have some chicken I need to use up before I lose it…so whatever.

hotter the weather gets the less I care about food…I love that!

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