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We had stronger rain ALL DAY. Too much rain now…
I am at super low energy.

I still have chicken… So I didn’t eat much pork but most of it is still in big pieces and will need more time anyway. I couldn’t even fit the meat into the oven pan, this slab was big and not so tall… So we have some raw pork shoulders too, we will make stew tomorrow.
Alvaro was pleased with his pork pieces. I definitely think “lean pork shoulders” is a valid expression for me. After I removed the visible fat, the rest was lean enough for him. Probably not lean at all, but a bit too lean for me. Poor soul almost pitied me because I only ate the fatty parts I cut off but nope, they were just fine, I prefer fattier meat now. (And if something is too fatty, I can add eggs. If too lean, I can add fat tissue but that’s not the same.)

So nothing new, I eat pork roast, a little other meat, eggs and this and that but not much of those.

I obviously will eat fatty pork roasts on the hottest days too, weather and seasons never did anything to my food preferences. Except certain seasonal things.

Mandatory mask wearing outside came to an end in Hungary. We have 5 000 000 people vaccinated.

I WANT sunshine already!!! :sunny: I don’t care about the temperature and the wind but I want my sunshine :frowning: It was way too long. And we got enough rain for a while…


Your low energy is ok on carnivore. You and all of us have different adaption times and paired up ‘with a ton of rain’ that makes us all sleepy mostly anyway :wink: can feel very draining.

this is when ya eat more on carnivore. when tired we eat more AND NO NOT all that time this is some fix, we can still easily remain tired for a while, even into super exhausted and this is the time ya nap a bit, take it easy, relax, nap again and let the body change as it must but always, always keep eating well thru it as your body requires it and YES it all changes…we then will vault into high energy. So you hold strong and eat well, as you need and nap the day away if required…not a darn thing wrong with taking time to do for your body what it wants :slight_smile: :slight_smile: of course in this day we think oh no, how can I stop? and slow down a bit cause I am over tired, but YES you can :slight_smile: we can treat ourselves a bit to relax and let the tired take us and then we can heal and get over that part more easily.

and that is carnivore thinking, we feel something is too lean and you require fatty more you can do it and if too fatty you can choose leaner meats as you need…this is all about your body on a daily basis and what it is asking for :slight_smile: but make sure you keep eating enough cause sometimes us carnivores get so nourished we just aren’t hungry but in truth we need to eat so you keep on eating your great meats you want!

Sunshine is a key factor in my life also…I so get what you are saying!


Not to sound ageist or anything but I wish there were more younger people doing carnivore I could relate with, like other kids in their 20s/30s closer to my age that I could chat with. I tried to get some of my friends into keto (as opposed to jumping into zero carb immediately like I did but that was due to a health scare so I was more motivated at the time to cut out carbs entirely) but they don’t seem interested at all. Even some of my friends who are having health issues don’t seem to be convinced or care about considering it. I know very few people my age are doing some form of relaxed keto but have never met one doing pure carnivore yet.


yea I get it.
I wondered also cause the young’ins are invincible…they are super active and even if ‘smaller med issues’ they are finding ways around it all because of their age…you hit into the 50s when all hell breaks lose and all ‘we skirted when younger and think we got away with’ comes into play we change…which is why SO many truly go ALL in with carnivore.

I say all the time I wish at 30 I knew Zero Carb lifestyle! I would not be me, I would be a super better me if I started way back then but I am SO thankful for what I gained starting in my early 50s ya know.

daigo if you really want to get the ball rolling, go out there and do a younger carnivore type info and drag over those interested, but thing is younger age is a ‘barrier’ and will block many cause ‘we could’ and ‘we can’ at that age for most…so yea I get you loud and clear!

wish it wasn’t that way but it is but with the food industry getting even worse ‘as they try to get us healthier thru still micro managed crap products to ‘‘help’’ us’----people are waking up about of food supply so maybe changes are coming more for all? be nice.

great chat truly…we all SEE so much out there in the world and think WHY or WHY not are these changes happening?? and this hits SO many issues obvy…but food is a monster personal issue that you would think would be very important for survival but maybe the youngsters are more about other issues than futures…I know I planned futures for me but never once did I think my health truly cause ‘I was just ok’ ya know…I don’t know about it all but great chat on it! Opens up alot of discuss to move forward.


Getting offline people interested in keto or carnivore is very difficult. I think most of us have experiences where we’ve lost fat or improved our health and others have said, “Oh wow, how did you do it?” - and then immediately lost interest when the answer was low carb / keto / carnivore.

I’m in my 30s, if it makes you feel any less alone.

I know what you mean though. I am kind of dreading the ‘return to normal’ and seeing people for meals / days out / holidays again because my past experience is that they really don’t get it.

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I tend to do that :slight_smile: Somehow I am more hungry then even if I am well-fed in general, of course it’s possible I need more food at those times…
Today wasn’t so great, sometimes, very rarely, when I wake up early, I feel my stomach odd and I know food helps even if I am not hungry. So I started to eat early today… I surely ate a lot and too much dairy, it just happened, I tried out something and the food was there (it’s still a problem for me here and there, even with carnivore items. not with meat and eggs, though)… Tomorrow I go for meat for real :slight_smile: Not like it was a low-meat day, it wasn’t but it wasn’t a really strong “oh I have fresh and oh so wonderfully fatty pork roast again” day.

The rain stopped and I could go out and get some sun exposure before sunset :slight_smile:

I never want lean meat, well, I can eat tuna a few times a year for variety and our curry always use some skinless fowl but I always preferred fatty meat. But I still couldn’t eat very fatty on carnivore first and my “fattiness need” gradually subtly changes. Except if it’s my organ meat, I use significantly less fat for my fried liver than before - when I had no idea how much to use and I even used a little onion in the very beginning - that needs fat too to fry - as I always ate them together and I found the liver too bitter alone… These changed. I am quite sure it has nothing to do with carnivore, I never made liver alone and I figured out how I like liver. Well my sweetness perception and need changed a bit after carnivore, it was the same since years, keto did nothing to it but as I dropped almost all sweet stuff, no wonder it had some more effect. But I think liver is sweeter anyway if I don’t fry it into oblivion… And I start to tell apart liver from different sources. The more expensive one from the town butcher (with the lovely hearts) is better, I think, I couldn’t be so bored of it that I felt it much worse… But I will test it, I bought 4 small packages.

I doubt anything can keep me from eating enough including me. So that’s not my concern. I should eat less but it should come mostly automatically if I eat better. Today chicken interfered with my porky plan and for some reason, I ate too much dairy… But the pork finally got ready and I try to avoid dairy for a while. Except a little butter. Nothing can go wrong with meat and eggs if I like the meat. Those days are very good. I probably still have something in my past to keep me back? Or not in the past, I am surrounded with various stuff and even if I mostly learned to handle them, mostly is, according to a funny Hungarian vet youtuber, is the second favorite word of the Devil. It’s not surprising in this thread that little things can cause surprisingly much trouble. Even if one isn’t particularly sensitive.
Alvaro being at home all day doesn’t help either, I am always less strict then, it’s a mental thing. It’s only one thing, I can handle it but there are other things and they add up…

I won’t care in the future, I won’t eat ever in the morning if I can do it. I shouldn’t. It’s almost always a small tragedy if I do. And I thought my bane is late eating :smiley: Well that happens zillion times more frequently…

Aww, @daigo1, your meat is always such a golden brown beauty :smiley: Super simple but so charming/tempting! :smiley: (Simple has charm too, though. I need a bit more variety at this point but sometimes I can pull off something more simple and that’s so nice…)

Of course I appreciate the colorful plates from @Carnivoor too, I am glad the photos kept coming even after moving back :slight_smile:

I forgot to make a photo of my roast and now I have lil pieces only but we will see.
I never ever can make a photo of my meal as I don’t put them together before eating, I decide how much and what else to eat as I go…
I never understand the diet tip that “use a smaller plate” (I never understood or disagreed with all or almost all but this was especially odd to me). I have zero problem with putting food onto my plate 6 times in row… And my hunger doesn’t stop when I cleared my plate either… Sometimes I wonder if I am too relaxed with this but if I decide something (plan and even make my tray as one plate is never enough), I still end up eating very differently if I am at home with all my food around me.

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food pics are wonderful this morning…mouth watering and so early here for eating but darn if I don’t wanna eat all your meals that are being posted everyone!!

food simple yesterday and today is gonna be simple

store has country style pork ribs on BIG sale cause of Memorial Day next weekend and I am gonna go get me a freezer load :slight_smile:

today is tuna, chicken and make my pork tenderloin before I lose it…time to get it cooked!

hot weather here, love it! big sunshine. working on my pool which is coming along swimmingly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep carnivoring…June is coming at us and into June we go with zero carb!

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Wow I miss one day and then I have so many posts to catch up on, which is really a good thing but also a bad as it takes me ages scrolling through them all lol.
@SecondBreakfast you must be a June baby like me, mine is in a few weeks too.
@Septimius I am definitely with you about returning to normal. Eatung out has always been a pain as I have always been on some type of regime that I want to stick to. This may be the most challenging as most eateries want to offer worldwide choices which always involve sauces, rice and so on. Even the flippin takeaways vans on our walks in the country parks are doing everything but a good burger or sausage lol. Mind you on our last walk a week ago (cos I was working this weekend) in the middle of nowhere we came across a proper burger van. Now a year old so ago I would have thought yuk but heavens the smell was delish and wouldn’t you know I didn’t have any money on me lol. Didn’t half eat a great brunch when I got home though, the smell really got my tummy saying come on get home and feed me!
@Carnivoor your good pics are looking lush, they always inspire me!

Well I got through my weekend at work and now can look forward to 3 weekends off Yay. Yesterday I took 400g ham trimmings for lunch and ate the whole packet, some over lunch time and remainder about 4pm. Got home about 6pm and had a rump steak bacon and lamb chop plus some cheddar and a bit more lol. Wasn’t a bad weekend in and fortunately wasn’t involved in any incidents. Just stair runs for exercise for the 3 days, no CrossFit :sob::sob:


yea it is hard to catch up on this thread sometimes, I think that us carnivores love our lifestyles so much we want to talk about them all the time and we all get along great!! We are a pride now! too funny :slight_smile: Not a herd tho, herds are prey so we gotta be the pride of the forum! Heehee

Your eating good Karen! and yes you should be packing some money in your little ol’ fanny pack on your walks! I always carry some cash cause like you, you never know if you come across a fab burger fan or some person doing BBQ or more…those are treats we can’t miss and should enjoy!!

***********screw the chicken…pork tenderloin and tuna and 2 big azz burger patties with cheese. I bought nice new 90/10 burger meat and I want it. Chicken is being kicked to the curb HA

eating good in my neighborhood!

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My son who is 28 does ketovore and did a stint as pure carnivore. Unfortunately, for you he is not on the forum, but he has run into the same “issues” with his group of friends. He figures he’ll just keto along and when his friends are middle-aged and wondering why he is still so fit and healthy, maybe they will be ready for the message.


Loved your post VE cause when I was more of a young’in the food was newer into fast food and convenience and OMG ‘they came out with’ this crap etc and I just got lead by the nose ring truly for this crap food but I think the newer younger are seeing it in all its real truth more than I did back in the day…ketovore at 28, oh yes he is in for great health and vitality and has years to ‘not age’ into the other I dealt with so more power to him and yes, he will be saying this 50 yrs from now…when younger I ate keto, now so many are so ill from our food that they wished they had done what he did when he did :slight_smile: I always wish I knew better back then…cool post


Early July baby.:smiley:

So, today I am down 9 pounds from last week. Not a bad result after tightening the reigns a bit. OMAD works for me, though I did munch on a piece of nice crispy bacon early today. Actual dinner will be around 5 or 6.

Been having a recurring pain in my left leg right around a cluster of varicose veins. Yesterday had to have been the worst, with the area being red and hot. Made me wonder about a potential blood clot. So, I called the hospital today, and NO ONE answered the phone! let it ring about 15 times, and nothing. So I texted a friend who is a doctor there and told him my issue. I kid you not…in less than 5 minutes, his secretary was on the phone scheduling an ultrasound for my leg! Gotta love good friends!!! That was pretty cool. In the meantime, I’m not sure what to take for the pain…it is throbbing.

Gotta get ready for work now, so more later…Cheers!

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I’m glad you are being proactive about your leg. :heart:


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Stair runs and an evil CrossFit class done this morning. Felt tired today, probably from working long shift Friday and then doing weekend and spending most of it on my feet as per, so kept weights fairly low, lots of bar work which I don’t really enjoy much but hey ho thats a Monday session for ya.

Came home via The Company Shop … again lol with a few bargain goodies. No half price steaks today though, just joints which I didn’t fancy. Pivked up some sausages for a bit of a change.

Brunch was a couple of chicken drumsticks which didn’t really hit the mark. Don’t like chicken skin and it was difficult peeling it off. Skin peels off a thigh so much easier. So I decided to cook some of the sausages and had two with some bacon. Didn’t enjoy the bacon and the sausages had a bit of a mushy texture. I ate a cold one a bit later in day and that was a bit better. Ate some cheddar.

Dinner was 3 beef frying steaks which were very nice … thankfully as I was beginning to think I was going to eat yukky stuff all day!

A bit more cheddar and I am all good.


Our lifestyle surely matters a lot… Of course, genetics matter extremely much too… But we can only do something with the first and for a long, fit life we just can’t abuse our body. It can be fine for some decades but the body has its limits. And anyway, I know that simply feeling healthy isn’t ideal yet. I always felt healthy and had no idea I could feel better but I could. I am sure certain problems probably would have come eventually. probably nothing very serious, my family genes are really good but I don’t want to have small problems either (and no one lived until 120, only 80 or something…)

Whatever, it’s clear we should do our best regarding our health, no matter how big the impact, it’s clearly significant!

Exactly. I will feed my leftover soup to the cats. I was a bit generous with the meat on the frame… But ate a little chicken in a scrambled egg.
The pork stew was awesome. Not exactly carnivore but close enough for me. I find it way more exciting than my pork roast now. I didn’t get bored with my roasts, per se… But some variety helps. But it was a tiny stew using 1 pound of meat. The rest fit the oven pan so we have plenty of roast too and Alvaro isn’t very willing to eat meat in the next days (he ate a little leaner pork in the last days already) so all is mine ~

I happened not to make photos about my meat (I only remembered it’s a thing when I already ate yesterday and the rest was in smallish pieces as I cut the big pieces apart and found lean parts for Alvaro…), not even the stew (we were hungry). I shot my egg sandwiches but hours later I forgot I made a photo for this thread specifically without my half red and half purple small radish in the pic. All the half eggs had a different top! Pork jelly, head cheese, sausage and butter. I don’t remember the butter one, actually. Maybe butter is for coffee and alone if it’s me but I will try it again, I simply don’t focus on my food well all the time despite I find it very important. My meal must be enjoyed immensely. That’s one reason I don’t eat while watching movies (except peanuts, they are good for that for some reason except I overeat it. even if it’s just a handful, too much) and don’t really understand the custom… Our focus is elsewhere.

I never called a hospital but Alvaro had to regarding his accident, to get some appointment for something involving the brain (where the doc told him he has a beautiful brain :D). He tried about 10 times before giving up. His mom did it, she is very capable (and yep, she knows someone too but it doesn’t always help when they are on a different… IDK how it is called in a hospital). I honestly don’t understand how people manage to do these things if it’s this hard :frowning: