Meat MAYham


I am always a bit envious seeing blood sausages… Ours are full with rice. On or off carnivore, I definitely don’t want any rice in my sausages :frowning: Meat is tastier. Blood too. Not mentioning other things I don’t like in rice.
Oh well, I have my own good things.
And a stupid headache, I start to lose patience and it’s just some low-level thing but too often lately.

Alvaro made a good curry so I had 2 merely keto days but they were okay enough, I thought. Then I got the usual cramp in my left calf last night. Maybe I ate too little meat lately, maybe the plants, I couldn’t ever test it, I just know vegetarian keto produced cramps, carnivore with enough meat never did. I know the reasons why I strayed and I can do it better in the future…
I took some magnesium, of course, I always do when I get cramp and it solves it for a while. But I want to get enough magnesium from my food, probably through lowering my need as I can’t eat much magnesium. Or is there some more magnesium rich carni food I can eat in bigger amounts…?

I made chicken soup while Alvaro made the curry from the breast and legs (well the part I could cut off). Just because the curry has vegetables, my chicken soup is the usual chicken, salt, water :smiley: But I am soooooooooooooooo done with chicken. I hate the smell while cooking/frying too. The taste is weak (never was a big fan of chicken but the commercial cheap ones are worse anyway), it’s just one of the cheapest protein sources and it’s tender and versatile… But I can buy turkey too, that’s better. It’s nothing new, I just couldn’t resist last time I saw this plump chicken on sale… And Alvaro loves the breast. Buying only the breasts is almost the same price… Maybe I should feed most of the rest to the cats? But bony meat calls for soup… Well okay, the soup is okay. But okay isn’t enough. I can’t buy bony turkey parts though… Maybe I should make meat soup with some leftover bones only… Whatever, it will get sorted out, I won’t buy more chicken. I hope :slight_smile: It’s nice at a relative, chicken is tender, it has its place…

I bought a cute (1.5kg, over 3 pounds) slab, I still dunno if pork thigh is a proper name but well, it’s a proper part of the animal. I wouldn’t feel so happy getting out the last pork piece from the freezer, no matter how big is that :wink: And it’s not that big anyway. I learned my lesson. 3.5 kg isn’t as much as it seems.

Alvaro still enjoys his curry in the near future, I had to taste it… repeatedly, it’s surprisingly awesome considering the meat is mostly some common chicken breast… But now I go back to some plain meat. I have plenty, after all. I don’t know why I had this reluctance to roast the big slab just because we have some other meats now. I roast it in the weekend.

I ate the last one of the the vienna sausages with a high chicken meat content. It is convenient, cheap and tasty enough, I can keep that, not as an important staple but still, some variety here and there. But no other chicken. Except organs, they are good.

Oh, today. Apart from the curry, I had soup with poached eggs and some pancakes and quark, bresaola and cheese, vienna sausage and fried chicken liver… I was hungry but my food took time to cook, heal, get warm or whatever they needed so I basically ate everything I had. Except the snack sausage, I won’t buy it again. Not bad but not tempting at all. I have cream now, had headache too (the pill just proved to be effective. yay) so I obviously drink zillion coffees as usual… I have bigger problems than that at the moment.

I plan a carnivore dinner using the above ones minus curry and maybe tomorrow will be the same. We go for a little but nice hiking (the destination is very nice to look at) and I am sure I will be hungry when we arrive so no time to roast my pork for hours :smiley: I could fry some in a pan I suppose but I have so many things to eat. I didn’t even try the head cheese because I forgot.

Yep, that’s a nice plan. The chicken breast surrounded with other things, mostly mildly carby plants will have no chance (but it is nice indeed. not nearly as good as roasted pork shoulders but that’s a super high bar especially when I didn’t have it since days). That’s important, I may kind of decide things and I totally can get tempted to do something else.

I don’t find photo of my vienna sausage + cheese + pork belly after their holiday together in the hot oven, I was busy and I only made it when the sausage got all wrinkly anyway… But it was tasty (and nostalgic… we both knew that dish from our childhood) and filling. We had it for yesterday lunch. The curry was made later and I was satiated but had to taste it and it was nice and I had multiple bites and then I got hungry. Stupid carbs. But it hadn’t even much, the vast majority of the plants in the curry was cucchini and it had plenty meat! And I didn’t eat much of it at all. Maybe I got too sensitive. OR my body decided it uses its “no small meals” rule again. Makes sense.
(Why I can try everything - immediately if possible - that exists near me and seems nice I wonder. Even if it has meat. Maybe Alvaro eating was the problem, that typically triggers a meal.)

Sigh. Okay, I had some off days (it wasn’t a good week for me anyway and I cared less, not like it did any good so it’s stupid, it’s easy to eat carni food… well Alvaro at home may complicate things, I am not a disciplined person…) but I really want to do “everything” right now. Carnivore (with tiny exceptions with good reasons but I see none in the near future), not eating without hunger or other valid reason, making some proper meat if I eat the last. It seems so easy.

(Vic) #282

Lamb, pork and cheese for dinner


(Linda ) #284

Nice pics of food as always …my food has been pretty much the same flanken ribs I did a couple days of ground beef then today added in some calf liver after My flanken ribs

Weight wise I’m up again a couple of pounds but I’ve been eating more lately so thats probably why …

(Karen) #285

Up at 4.45am to do stair runs and get to work for the long shift. Knackered from very bad night. The winds were battering my windows all night long.

On my feet all day and ate 7 small chicken thighs and a 100g smoked ham which was yuk! Got home at 9pm and had 100g of cheddar.

Back in work tomorrow morning uhhh !

(Amy) #286

Hi guys, been very tired and lazy, I’m not sure why.:pensive: I went on my 5km powerwalk anyway. Was so hungry afterwards I ate an entire 100g packet of pork crackling. It’s almost winter and I get SO ravished in cold weather. I usually stick to omad but I was so hungry it was hurting.:pensive: I must remember that I’ve only been back to this lifestyle a month today, still very early days so I should be less strict, if I keep making myself too hungry I will burn out.:upside_down_face: Confession time, ( Sorry I don’t know how to blur…HOW do I blur???) I have been including some lettuce and tomato in my meal. So, I have been more keto, really. Very very small amount of plant matter, but could this be the source of my hunger?? On my walk I was wondering, to ease into carni, should I do a few days full carni, a few days keto?:thinking: I am trying so hard but ok, I am keto. I come here because it is a great thread. I am aiming towards carni, slow and steady wins the race right?? Like a month ago I was eating a very non existent amount of food, but it was all crap…I won’t go into it as I can’t blur.:crazy_face: But I bought some gourmet sausages, beef ones, and some to die for crumbly feta cheese.:heart_eyes: I burnt my bacon last night and my meal was too ugly to put on here.:wink: @Shinita Always gets my ugly food pics.:rofl: I still get good benefits from keto too. Clear radiant skin, better sleeps ( I fall to sleep quicker, rather than laying awake for hours doing headmiles), but I don’t get the high energy thing.:pensive: I have always had low energy…Even when I worked 6 days a week with racehorses I was always so tired. I got a blood test to test my iron levels. Last year I needed an iron infusion in hospital. It seems it doesn’t matter how much meat I eat…I always am anaemic.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I am still hungry, and looking forward to my dinner. The sausages are a little carby, 8g for three sausages, but after tonight, I will maybe buy a good peice of salmon. I am craving fish.:heart_eyes: Is calamari keto friendly?? Everyone’s food looks superb. I will only put my meat on here. I will save the other stuff for the nornal keto threads. I am glad I got that off my chest. My body asks for certain things and I try to listen.:upside_down_face: I am usually a big condiment fan but I find if I fry eggs and leave the yolk runny, it makes the best sauce. Hope your all well. I’ve been brain-dead lately, so been slack on here. But sticking to under 20g total carbs. Of course I will have my carni days too. Maybe start to wean myself of certain plant matter.:wink: so tired, will watch the news and start thinking about dinner.:blush:

(Vic) #287


yea you are fine I am sure…up and down we fluctuate til we get that overall drop and hold it :slight_smile: I am up a few also from my rum drinks on vacation which I am getting rid of right now LOL

Your calf liver looks good, did ya bread it in something? It looks crispy and only reason asking is I don’t eat liver since I ain’t a fan and wondering on the look :slight_smile:

yuk, I hear ya. You are not a smoked meat fan either. I kinda am not mostly, love ribs etc. but ham is not a fav of mine…I second ya on back to work tomorrow…UGH!!! Uhhh

that’s a hard one B cause more ya keep the food in your menu the harder and longer ya drag out your changeover into carni…hey it is cool tho to flop around the 2 but the more carbs ya keep in, and I know you are super low so that is good but the less you get thru adaption and get your carnivore changes to kick in. Just sayin’ but you are doing well hanging in there and making a transition…and girl you eat…you have to eat on carnivore, especially in the beginning to get us over that transition and adaption hump, that is when we get the improved energy and more! Keep rocking!!

@Carnivoor—sweet meal pic! never disappointing :slight_smile:

***********May is rocking down now…hitting toward the end of the month and we got June coming up on us…Carnivore style!!

food yesterday was

ate the ribeye steak and 2 chicken breasts
have 1 leftover for later today
and a big chunk of pepperoni stick

today is simple food
leftover chicken paired up with a 1 lb. pork tenderloin roast
might end up with a tin of sardines thrown in, got my mind on a tin of them, dessert :slight_smile:

got a few vacation lbs I need gone, bloaty from some booze :wink: won’t be long to drop that.

You know when I booze up a bit I sure can feel the inflammation in the body from it…I kinda like that. I like feeling my food, it gives me clear absolute indication of what is good for me and not but darn I gotta have me a few vacation drinks LOL

Carnivore on strong everyone…jump into zc land and don’t look back!


With the first round of carnivore and now this one, I’ve found the source of lingering or abrupt hunger…fat- or lack thereof to be more precise. I’d have to go back and re-examine all that I had eaten, and the one thing missing was an ample amount of healthy fat. Experimenting was fun and tasty. Just add butter to everything! Order a steak at a restaurant? Also get a side of melted butter as a dipping sauce. Seriously…butter has got to be the best dipping sauce ever! Hard boiled eggs is a staple snack- on the occasion that I do snack. I cut them in half longways, salt, slice of butter on each half, salt again and pop em down. If I make “egg salad”, I just chop up the eggs, melt butter, mix it in - and there we go.

I’ve been very tired at times this past week, and on and off prior to that. My husband has dealt with the same, and had a very good idea what might be causing it. Weather. So, this time of year, looking back, he noted that the same phenomenon has occurred. Not sure if this is a thing, but, the feeling is that in the winter - our blood seems to thicken with the extreme cold. Then, the body/blood goes through a transition/process coming into spring/summer - creating this weird tiredness situation. By mid-June we’re both just running wild, drop weight like crazy, and can work 18 hour days. IDK…I’m going with it.

In the meantime, there is lots of work to do both at home, and at the job. On the homefront, my two major projects are the turkeys -we’ve got 9 babies hatched now. And the garden. Just need to run the roto-tiller through the mid section where there is no hay. But, we’ve had almost an inch of rain in the past 24 hours. So. that’ll wait. Got the seedlings started, and then I’ll go from there. Working a 5 day stretch, with a dandy 8 hour shift on Memorial Day. That adds up to a hefty sum for holiday pay! I will indeed enjoy that paycheck!

Going to do some planks and stretches in hopes of waking myself up… Cheers!


You are on fire, your farm is doing wonderful…ohhhh you make me think back to the old days.

Do you mind me asking and if not it is cool, what is your age. I am hitting 59.5 now and shut the big farm down about 5-6 yrs ago and STILL selling off farm equip LOL but when younger, oh boy we were raring to go just like you and I love reading how you guys are doing!!

Yea, just think HIBERNATION…your body wants to thicken and fatten up and shut down mostly. It does not want work in super colder weather…not a doubt about that to me so you hit the nail on the head cause in winter I go into hibernation mode, don’t want outside in the cold but spring, summer, fall I am WIDE open LOL so yea I get what you are saying on that.

It is super hard for us farmers to say a nap ‘is worth it’ HA but darn sometimes it is :wink: great post S!

*****************SO had to hit the store up the road for pool supplies I need cause I just opened my pool and of course they got a store attached for grocery and I HAD to check out the meat and I scored on sale the country style pork ribs and bought a 3.7 lb pack.

In the oven now and my pork tenderloin will be for tomorrow. :slight_smile:


So those are in the oven now with a tad of salt and pepper and now I can’t wait!

still got sardines and leftover chicken for later but me and these country style pork ribs are gonna have a frickin’ party in a few hrs!!!

today is a great carnivore day, I love love love my food!

(Edith) #291

I don’t think you should be doing one meal a day. Let your body be your guide. Over time is may shift to 2mad, but let that happen naturally.


agree with VE on this…girl you need to eat and eat well! ALL the time to get that ‘flip in health’ transition and always keep your mind on eating this lifestyle cause it is the first and foremost number 1 point to changeover into a healing vibe for the body…good thoughts VE on this for B!


(Karen) #294

@Fangs the ham was yuk because it tasted more plastic than how I like it. I prefer ham carved off the bone so it has a better texture. I was never really a ham person till doing carni and now quite renjoy it occasionally. I actually prefer smoked to natural especially the smoked bacon.

Didn’t have to get up quite so early which was a bonus as we have have a later start time weekends unless you’re an early start taking off the night cloggies! Didn’t sleep very well again but a little better than previous night … may just be a work anxiety related thing.

Did my 100 s/r which were harder today but got them out the way and went to work. Work trouser felt quite loose today and guess I must have dropped at least a half to an inch round my waistline. Always a nice feeling as my body type dictates a thicker waist unfortunately.

Took the other packet of smoked ham in for lunch just to tide me over. Not great but I find it very hard to chuck things out and waste them. I was just an early shift finishing at 1.45pm so I came straight home to eat a proper meal… rump steak and a lamb loin chop. Both really delicious and also ate a 100g of cheddar which I started before the steaks and finished after. Was feeling tired and hungry and couldn’t wait for the steaks to cook (even though they take only 5 mins lol)

Probably have some bacon later and maybe have an egg or two with it to see me through the night! Back to work again for a Sunday shift tomorrow and again a later start yay. Early night in store for me tonight.


You reminded me of butter… :smiley: I ignored it in the last days but it’s normal for me, it’s added fat and expensive and I am more like a lard person… But my current one is nice so I bring it back in moderation. I will try my next boiled eggs with butter. I always eat them with mustard (when it’s not a side dish for meat) and I actually don’t want to use mustard all the time, I almost run out anyway…
My very bad 9 hour egg fast at least showed that some fat makes my eggs WAY more filling.

Yay for turkey chicks! I saw some in my childhood, none since then… But one neighbor has big turkeys so at least I saw adult ones. I saw pheasants WAY more often, there are many around here.

Hi folks, I happened to do an OMAD today. No idea how this happened, I came home hungry (we went to a pretty place, the biggest waterfall I can find nearby. it’s smallish and the water comes down in multiple jumps… but it’s very very pretty with big impressive rocks in the forest) and ate a decent sized lunch, I can’t guess the macros but it wasn’t either small or big I think… And it filled me so now, 9 hours later I am still quite satiated. But I napped too and sleep always gives me more satiation. But my naps rarely are this effective.

Still no proper meat (I avoided the chicken and anyway, I fried it a bit in the pan after I took them out from the soup and it took a long time as I ate, didn’t stand by it so the power was low) so no wonder it wasn’t actually carnivore but very close, it seems to be working for me. I ate almost every carni items I had including head cheese. Not a great one, I never found that quality in supermarkets, only in farmer’s markets, that’s expensive but awesome and I never can stop eating it… The supermarket one is cheap but good, just not THAT great. Good for variety here and there. I eat it with my eggs, be it pancake or sponge cake or boiled eggs. And as I don’t eat it all up, it lasts for some days :wink:

My big slab of pork shoulders (I remembered wrong, only 3.1 kg) is defrosting now, it will be the main attraction tomorrow, I expect a very meaty day, I probably drop all the processed stuff for variety, no sausage, no head cheese, no cheese, just pork roast and some eggs. And a little butter, not like I need the fat with such a fatty meat :smiley: I rarely do a really simply day and it has the charm. I am curious how much meat I need for satiation anyway. I know that I need somewhere around 1.5 pound very fatty meat and some eggs but I need more experiments. And I suspect I eat over it after low-meat times. Like I had again, stupid chicken, I won’t buy another for a very long time. I surely could have eaten it but I had other food and I chose anything else than that.

I have low energy just like @KetoKoala. I try to do something about it, I have some guesses what is the reason, probably nothing in my food, more like paperwork I hate and other things. I tire out after small walks :frowning: Let’s hope it goes away, I felt more energetic than this in the last year in average. I never have much energy but this is very low.
We both take out normal walks so at least we won’t have even more energy due to low activity. We need fresh air too. I don’t know how fresh air she gets in the town, I live at a good place air wise and if I go somewhere, that’s usually a forest in the higher mountains (our mountains so 5-700m but still. it’s nice).

It’s still rainy, good thing it was merely gloomy during our little excursion and it couldn’t take away the beauty of the place… My garden totally will need some more work in the next days. We need to go places lately or I was tired or it was rain… The part where I cut the grass multiple times not long ago starts to get horrible again and probably no one wants to look at the places we let alone since many months (or a few years, some patches are super hard, thorny blackberries and lots of trees with low-hanging branches)… A big part is done but well, not all. I only did some weeding by hand in the last days.

We have a saying “Rain in May is worth gold”. Well, we can’t complain this year then…

Yes, tell her. I do that every day :frowning: Well she had some nice fatty meat last day and finally ate a decent amount of calories for once! :slight_smile: I know she really tries and the food is good but the past wrongdoings will have an effect for a while more. She even needed a lighter load after some very low-cal times, now it hopefully will get better if she lets herself.
I told her not to track. First I though it will be nice, she sees a tiny energy intake and eats more. Almost carni OMAD is easy to track anyway (except my meat with a very unknown amount of fat. even if I buy it with a labels, it says nothing about that. I just can tell when I eat it that it’s way fattier, way leaner or something else than the average pork chuck in my life…).
Nope, tracking doesn’t help with this problem if one automatically eats too little on keto in one sitting (at least without using really fatty meat) and refuse to eat more than a tiny snack apart from it.
Even I couldn’t do OMAD every day, I get satiated too early for that, I am sure most of us are the same. So I get that part but we should eat multiple times then. When I have those super easy satiation days, I eat 5-6 times, not ideal but better than starving. Thankfully they are over, I usually eat twice.
And we should eat when hungry even if it’s not the appointed late evening for OMAD mealtime.
And we should eat without hunger too if we eat too little when eating only when hungry.
We need our nutrients. It seems so simple to me :frowning: But my eating disorder type things always included eating more (both in amounts and food groups), I always ate enough. I can’t not to. I can’t even understand the opposite, I use all my empathy and intellectually I get it to some extent but I have my limits.
I have this problem with forceful fasting too. I gladly fast, it’s cool, it’s natural, it’s blissful… Until I am not truly hungry. Of course.

Another thing KetoKoala doesn’t do for some reason. To prepare food in advance! Even if hunger doesn’t come too suddenly and strongly (it never does that to me since fat adaptation under normal circumstances), sometimes we come home tired and hungry, sometimes our meat takes its sweet time (I usually fry some lil pieces in the pan then but not always)… It’s good to have some boiled eggs, raw eggs to fry quickly and other things at home. Cheese isn’t effective for many of us, deli meat hardly can (or should) be eaten in bigger amounts…
I am quite ready for making something that satiates me. It’s important as I eventually eat “anything” (okay, no but I break or don’t resume carnivore very easily) if I am hungry and some normal food doesn’t arrive. We shouldn’t start to cook when already painfully hungry (I am never painfully hungry though but I was once a few years ago and it’s bad). My SO doesn’t even start to cook when hungry, he starts way earlier, he wants to eat when hungry. He can wait if it a must (he is used to working hungry for hours, it’s not easy for him to eat a breakfast that lasts for 9 hours while keeping his figure) but he’s a hedonist too even if a less developed one than me.

Beautiful food, folks! I almost got hungry and I really was satiated before I came here :smiley:
(I definitely could eat some tempting meat now. But I don’t have any and I am not hungry. My time will come tomorrow.)

(Linda ) #296

@Fangs yeah I used 1/2 scoop of unflavored protein powder to coat those often I use porkrinds… I really like the calves liver it’s sweet to me but my husband doesn’t agree lol…
I think some of the weight gain is cream I had stopped using it but added 1 tablespoon back dropped it again and almost lost 1lb I need extra fat so I’m going to try SB solid butter idea and see how that goes …


Only one week of MAYham left and I am yet to eat ham. But I have been eating some bacon.

Some of our standard early winter weather is happening here. Wood fire heater going all day this cloudy, rainy weekend. Cold fronts from Antarctica licking the coast. A sunny break this morning will charge up the off grid batteries. But another front is due this afternoon. Maybe some storms. We are on a cape, ocean is just there, so the temperature doesn’t drop below 5’C (41F). The normal temperatures at this time of year are between 12’C - 18’C (54F - 64F). That’s ‘cold’ for me. The ocean is warmer than the air.

Breaking fast with sausages and bacon. 3 rashers middle bacon. The sausages are Wagyu beef mixed with kangaroo. They look like normal sausages.

Last night I was planning on a large rump steak to chew through (500g) and some pan fried sea scallops.I asked the guy at the market for a large handful of the plump sea scallops. I then went and looked at the steaks and was lamenting how much fat they trim off them. The scallop digger says from some distance away, “Is this about enough?”. I’m about 10m away forgetting that things look smaller in the distance. I see he holds up a bag, and I say, “Yeah, looks about right.” That guy must have massive paws. When I put them, the sea scallops, in my large frypan last night, they filled the whole thing! Just a bit of butter and salt. Like Fangsy will tell you, there is no such thing as too many shrimp. The same goes for scallops. I didn’t cook the steak.


I turn 54 in a few weeks.

We’re at 10 babies now…One hatched right before I left for work. LOL!


Alvaro was very excited and wanted to see the turkey chicks. He was disappointed there was no photo about them :smiley: We both love animals very much.

I have found out that one of Alvaro’s favorite animals (I love it too), the hummingbird hawk-moth became animal of the year for 2021 in Hungary! It totally deserves it, fun little thing. Our summer lilac will have flowers soon, it lasts for months, I see it when I do the dishes and the little moth LOVES it, there are always a few of them around it :slight_smile:

In the end I ate a little at night, chicken, pancakes and bresaola.
I think I will kind of finish the chicken today so I may not eat much pork but we will see.

It is raining because why wouldn’t? It rains every day lately, it’s good it was very little yesterday, only a few drops during our hiking, fortunately.


oh that is interesting. I never used any powders etc. on my eating plan and it kinda surprised me it would crisp up like that…COOL :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see how ya fare on your butter!!

YUM and another yum…hubby ordered some bacon wrapped scallops on vacay and they were delish, but they are SO sweet tasting to me which is like a good thing and not a good thing to me ya know but yes I can inhale ALOT of them!! I bet yours were fab and now ya got a nice steak for today!

We got around 90s the next few days WEE our summer is mostly here now and sorry you got the colder temps now!

Well by your actions and your vibrancy and busy life moving and shakin’ fast thru your days I swore you were like in your 30s! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You are about the age when we ended up deciding to close our farm.

and early happy birthday to you, I bet you got a nice carnivore meal lined up!!

Glad you didn’t get caught in a downpour and enjoyed your hike mostly dry :slight_smile: Nothing like a good hike!

*********************May days are ticking off and into June we go soon.

My country style pork ribs were so yummy. I ate about 1/2 which was near 2 lbs uncooked weight…they sure shrink tho LOL but I have the other 1/2 to heat up today.

second meal later am doing just a few chicken breasts…yes I am back into my chicken breast mood. When I want them I love them and right now I am liking them. Lighter food. Hotter it gets the more less dense meats I kinda gravitate towards. Be interesting to see how my menu starts to change a bit being the higher temps are coming now…bring on the 90s! oh yea my kinda weather!