Meat MAYham


you know I did!! I actually thought about you and your ice cream post LOL and that was another power in my arsenal of don’t go there too :slight_smile: Our support is great on this thread actually and keeps stuff in my mind to help me thru, even on vacay!!!

@Carnivoor, wonderful pic of your meal…those chops look amazing!

**************so hubby ain’t feeling great. Said it is that crap food ya hounded down and too much of it to boot. No sympathy here from me :slight_smile: Not when ya do it to yourself like that! His day is moving slow and I am raring to go!! Gonna hit the beach without him and detect til he can move again…crap food in and crap health after…tell him all the time but he gives into temptation, well so be it then! He ate tons of marina sauce last night with a ton of bread and other crap and he wonders why? DUH…and now I am super happy I didn’t eat no ice cream HAHA Reminders ALL around me why I do what I do! And my day starts healthy and clean and vibrant and his starts off trying to fend off the sick from the food from the day before! UGH Again, I am thrilled I am carnivore! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It was beyond that. Days with glass embedded deep in her foot… I wrote helpful things like smaller things may cause amputation… It clearly must have gotten out and the earlier, the better.
Doctors and hospitals cost nothing extra, I just dislike going. I do my best to stay healthy and don’t break bones :slight_smile: I am good with the first but I managed to break my wrist once.

It seems the covid vaccination caused no problem, I merely have a slightly sore shoulder with purpleness. Alvaro had no purple spot but he had slight problems the first night.
So I am fine :slight_smile:

The weather is gloomy/rainy again.

We bought some food, we are well stocked now except I only have a single slab of pork but it’s big. My “this and that” plate, it will be my lunch together with some boiled eggs, probably:

Isn’t the thin snack sausage beautiful with its deep red color? :smiley:

I had breakfast today (my last 2 days weren’t carnivore for reasons, no regrets as usual but it’s so nice to be back), scrambled egg and a few bites of cooked pork belly and bresaola.
I will fry some liver for dinner and obviously will eat some more eggs.

We bought 1600g sour cream. It won’t last long but I try to keep my consumption in check. I got so much better at it…


This looks ARTISTIC… I am in awe. Mmmm…

(Maybe I should go to eat. It IS really beautiful, the colors, the shadows… But I think my hunger may have a tiny role…
But I have no appetite at all and that controls my eating when very low or high. Sigh.)

I start to miss my pork. I barely finished it 2 days ago, we will cook a chicken tomorrow, I have organs and processed meat and even a tiny beef stew in the freezer so I didn’t want to roast my single big slab yet (who knows when we go to the city again? maybe not for a month! it’s good I can buy pork closer too, it’s not like it’s very expensive there) but I am looking forward the time I will enjoy it again!



So beautiful! :smiley:

I don’t know what is with me today… I am not even hungry now… But a simple like just couldn’t cut it, my appreciation is deeper!

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@daigo1 that steak looks scrumptious :purple_heart:

Usual stair runs done first thing followed by CrossFit which was a mix of barbell and CV and very gassy.

Brunch was the remaining 3 cold chicken thighs and a bit of feta.

Later I ate the last pork loin chop and then decided to eat some of the cold salmon but thought I would make some burgers from them just by dipping them in egg and frying. Wasn’t over keen but managed 3 which leaves 3 undipped, in the fridge. Felt I needed something salty so had 4 rashers of back bacon.

Think it’s back to steak tomorrow and I need something to take to work fri, sat and sun. I have some more chicken thighs in freezer i can defrost tomorrow night and will buy some packs of sliced meats as they are easy to take to work. May hard boil some eggs too.


Meanwhile I still find fried chicken liver totally awesome… It’s easy to please me :smiley:
I had a super late dinner today (a little egg and fried liver and a tiny leftover sausage just because it was on my plate and I had to wait).

I try to eat only when needed in the future to try what happens (I decided this so many times but always forgot or it was just not comfortable. or I don’t know). And having simple meals to figure out how satisfying my usual combinations are when I am hungry. Liver and eggs must be good but I hardly can have a bigger meal using only them.
It turns out even Alvaro doesn’t get satiated exactly the same by absolutely everything. I had a hunch and I knew low-carb often can’t satiate him well in time (just in a delayed, “OMG I ate too much” way. maybe it’s just in the case of added fat as he often has a low-carb breakfast I made and that works just as wonderfully as a very high-carb one… and I very rarely use any added fat in them) but it seems even he needs some protein or something. Makes sense, a smart body wants protein. I never figured out how people with super low protein function, it’s odd to me even short term. Doesn’t their bodies scream at them? Probably not.
I am still curious about some super protein rich meal, when would I get satiated? Would I? Or I would just want fat at some point? I think my body can accept meals with unusual macros if it’s just for a single meal. I often had a more protein rich (but still fatty. it’s my taste) meal and most of the fat came later. It seems my body just counts macros in the evening and asks for things if it misses something…? I don’t know why I have this, I could just eat more the next day but I usually have all my days between certain limits and I often has the “correction” late. There is still a big wriggle room but going under certain, not very low limits with protein and fat, it just not something I do, almost no matter what.

Maybe I think too much about it but it interests me.

I feel pretty fine, right in my very comfortable convenient carnivore state despite I had a break… It seems I didn’t break the tolerance of my body. If I onlty stray for a short time or subtly, it’s like nothing happened when I come back. When I used to mess up things too much, I often needed some days for this and until then it was often harder to stick to carnivore(-ish). My body spoils me, I don’t even deserve this. It’s just too easy… Of course, it has the disadvantage of not having a big motivation to stick to carnivore for long. But it’s fine. I like the food and I have goals, I won’t go astray all the time just because I probably can get away with it. I just need some more time to avoid the usual temptations. They are often non-existent but not always. I get better and I still like my carni food more and more… And I liked it very much to begin with. I had some worse days but I start to get the hang of it. I shouldn’t overdo eggs, need variety and organ meat is my friend. And one can’t go wrong with fatty enough pork if one is me (probably wouldn’t be good each and every day but I need to eat my liver and fowls anyway). I don’t have problems with being too hungry sometimes, I don’t get truly bored of my food now, I don’t undereat… Things got definitely easier and I focus less on what should I eat and how and why things got wrong and why I have problematic desires… It’s cool now.


well my food changed fast for this day

hubby wanted to eat lunch out. I got buffalo chicken wings and wow they burned up my tummy. I had to take 4 Tums just to survive, they did not set well at all! Haven’t had buffalo sauce in ages and darn if it didn’t just set my tummy into a icky state.

I could not handle all you could eat crab legs. Told hubby I wanted no food truly but he wanted to eat out so we hit a small restaurant where I got a small filet mignon which was delish and a small amt of meat and it was perfect for me…omg my hubby ordered the world of food.

filet sat fine for me and I am SO over eating for the day. darn buffalo wings, those are off my list of crap to grab eating out for sure.

oh well…pack up the RV and head home early am tomorrow but I am SO wanting my own food from my own kitchen…ate out way too much these last days, so over it. Plain old simple my food is what I am wanting now :sunny: )


@Fangs …I am SO SORRY you felt icky!!! :disappointed: That’s rotten… But, glad a nice filet may have helped calm things down. They do make SF Tums now, btw. It was a great relief finding those, as I did not even know they existed until a few months ago! Nice to have on hand, just in case!!!

So. While staying carnivore, I have also instituted OMAD 23:1, and that strategy seems to be working. Had that icky feeling last week, and did a 24+ hour fast to calm things down. Then, just added in beef bacon, and plain beef hamburgers. Had that 3 days, plus some turkey bacon, beef belly and a wee bit of cheddar. Since Saturday, I am down 6 pounds. Today, it is time for chicken thighs.

Will report in tomorrow and see if any further success comes.



wow super congrats on a great loss there for you :slight_smile: Sounds like you might be an OMAD person!

I had no idea they made sugar free tums! I never use the things anymore but hubby always has a supply on hand. Thankfully they worked good on my tummy to help guard against those darn buffalo wings :slight_smile:

******************* NO way I want any food any time soon. We will hit the road and get home and then I can fire up a steak for myself, cooked my way and be done with 'all this food bullsh**…eating out is now on my nerves for sure but it didn’t make the trip any less fun. beach was nice. fast getaways are great but hubby just didn’t want to eat all this yummy meat I brought, he just wanted restaurant crap this trip…oh well…onto another day and just go with the flow!

homeward bound…enjoy your carnivore days everyone!

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@SecondBreakfast wow well done with that weight loss. I am just a greedy piggy so I can’t see me ever having omad mind you I suppose I could have one long sitting of around 3 hours and just keep munching lol :thinking::thinking:

@Fangs safe journey home and glad you haven’t got a long drive with an icky tummy. I am always glad to return home to my own cooking. I am dreading my first trip away as carnivore. Going in September and stressing already. Do I call the hotel in advance and explain this is how I eat and ask what they can do for me? My daughter suggested I do that, she is such a rock and is so supportive even though she isn’t carni.
Going on my first dance weekender in over a year and a half! Super excited Then I get home on the Sunday evening , sleep and off to a holiday park with my son and daughter on the Monday for a midweek break. That will be easier as I can cook for myself during day and have plenty in fridge in case I can,'t eat much at the restaurants we visit in the evening.

Also stressing about finding a good staircase to do my stair runs :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::laughing: i suffer with anxiety anyway and these are the things I get anxious about! Silly Billy really.
I missed off my foody pics yesterday so here were the salmon burgers.

Stair runs done and also CrossFit class which was a lot of barbell work and was very gassy. Back to work tomorrow so no CrossFit till Monday so a good rest after this weeks classes.

Came home via the Company Shop and I did very well picking up some great carni bargains. I spent £22 and bought
500g cooked chicken thighs
500g cooked chicken drumsticks
1kg Lamb chops
1kg lamb cutlets
2 x 100g packs of smoked ham slices
3 x 235g rump steaks
6 x 100g truckle cheese mature cheddar
And to top it I got 3 x bottle of flavoured water free which I will give to my friend Raymond as he like flavoured water. I absolutely hate it lol.

Brunch was a couple of the lamb chops which were so delish , 2 rashers of bacon and the last remaining cooked burger that I just fried off to heat up.

Took me a while to get through the plateful but I think I needed it. My tum started rumbling through my CF workout lol followed it with a small piece of the cheese…

I will enjoy one of the rump steaks later this afternoon.
Bit of a long post… sorry :slight_smile:

Update to include dinner :laughing: so I have had one of the rump steaks I bought today half price and flippin lovely it was too. The lamb chops were so good I cooked another to go with the steak. I think my body knows that I won’t be eating as much over next 3 days while at work so is compensating in advance … thats my story and I am sticking to it :rofl::rofl:

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Ugh, no fun to not be feeling well while on vacation, either of you! I know what you mean about wanting to get home to eat your “own” food. On CV, there’s nothing like homecooked!

I’m still getting back to feeling “normal”. My stomach is still sensitive, after a week, and I still have very little appetite. I’m working on rehydrating and getting some CV foods in me. Everyone (at work/extended family) keeps telling me, “You’re going to have to bite the bullet and have some Gatorade or go the B.R.A.T. diet for stomach issues.” (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) Heck no! If anything, that is going to cause my system to rebel even more!

I’m just still soooo tired (sleeping about 10-11 hours per night) and feeling exhausted. Blech. I’ve unintentionally settled into OMAD, just because I don’t want to eat, because very little is appealing. I know I’m not eating enough, but at this point, I just can’t force it. I’ll get back to “normal” at some point.

Your DD sounds like a gem! You surely are blessed to have her. Most of our family vacations are camping, so we have the freedom to bring the foods we want. I certainly would be stressing out as well about what to eat, if I didn’t know what was going to be available or if there would be anything to cook with. Prayers that you will figure it out!


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Yes I absolutely do know how lucky I am. I love her to the moon and back. Xx


It is super cool your daughter suggested this :slight_smile: I think she has a great idea. There is nothing wrong with checking what the hotel can do for you! Chat it out with them, they could be very accommodating for you…plus maybe they will lower price on a steak meal if you buy no sides and things like that. Any way you can work it :slight_smile: Nice salmon burger pic, so crispy looking and great haul at the grocery!

*************Home from trip and good.
food was 6 fast food bacon cheeseburger patties on the road home
had a big filet mignon for dinner, yum and a few slices of taylor ham with it.

SO HAPPY to be cooking my own meats again.

nothing much for zc to report…feeling good…now to unpack rv etc. and get all that handled.

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@daigo1, what a wonderful hunk of meat and that looks so delish I know I would go all in with that bad boy :slight_smile:

@Carnivoor, I had to look up your blood sausage, just not something offered around my stores but a specialty store would have it but I don’t shop those but what is that other steak you have next to it…what cut? ALL that together look so fab plus the juice on the plate is tempting to me!

***************I need a day ya know. Got a nice ribeye for WAY later as my later meal around 3-4-5 time and not eating til then…guts are ok but ‘got that tad of bloaty off feeling’ I don’t like, so will correct it to feel way better than just ok :slight_smile:

plus when I eat that ribeye later if I want more, oh yea I got more…some thin sliced chicken breast I can sautee up real as extra!

Carnivore is SO easy!

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Blood sausages are very common here, all supermarkets and butcher’s carry them.

In the middle is a pork liver

I’m back into mixing flavours in my plate.