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Very tired today, second bad night on the trot. Still got up at 7.45am and got the stair runs done. Completed mountain #14 Gasherbrum1 @ 26,509ft. Then off to CrossFit class and home again. It was sunshine and rain on and off today and at times hammered it down so stayed indoors. Tried to get 40 winks but it wasn’t happening. Argggh hate feeling so tired cos I always eat more!

So brunch was cold salmon fillet with a couple of poached eggs
Early afternoon had cold pork chop but I have found its harder to eat pork cold than hot so won’t cook so much all at once next time. Had 3 on my plate but only ate one and cooked up sirloin which needed cooking and that was tasty.

Had some cheddar and hard goats cheese and then had smoked salmon that also required eating up!

What a greedy mare!


linner…lunch and dinner at 2

nice restaurant…at the beach, it is SO beautiful here :slight_smile:

later we are doing some burgers on the grill, this will be my later snack…lol…easy peasy

Rock it out Carnivores!!


We have rainy days… As if we didn’t have a lot of rain lately already…
But my arms start to regenerate, yay! And I always can weed the parts of the garden that need hands, we have a lot of them like my huge strawberry patch. It’s mostly everything else at the moment, though.

I won’t write much more about the egg fast as I am so over it already :smiley: But I wrote this before just I couldn’t send it, it happens:

I saw an article about the egg fast. It says it’s effective due to things in eggs and lack of glucose.
But I already eat little glucose and egg fast keeps me from eating many eggs, I eat this amount anyway and often more… So those extra benefits doesn’t happen in my case as I already have them. Well, my glucose intake drops a bit compared to my carnivore-ish and maybe not even that times… But I rather drop it while eating meat too, more enjoyable and I get my precious protein.
We can eat some eggs and extreme low-carb so differently, why to use this hard, protein-deficient style even for just a few days? I still don’t get it.

So… I did my egg fast plan. And another half egg with the obligate fat because I was still hungry (it even brought me over 50g protein…). I managed to get satiated on a low-carb not-sustainable diet while eating very low protein before but only when I did a fat fast. The egg fast had chances… But nope.
So I was mildly miserable, already lasted for 9 whole hours on this abomination that wasn’t good since the beginning (nothing too bad but well, I am used to feeling better), eating the bare minimum and a bit more so I was totally impressed… And a bit hungry.

So I ate all my leftover liver and a tiny pork :slight_smile: I wrote before, food doesn’t make me happy. But sometimes it’s very close. I definitely got less miserable and more pleased. Fried chicken liver (and heart) and me are on a honeymoon now :slight_smile:

And my body realized I stopped this thing and started to complain more than before. IDK if fat poisoning exists, probably not in the true sense of the word but it felt like that. My poor body. I won’t do this again. I even tried to balance out the fat with carbs and vinegar, I am not even sorry, I was desperate. So I had the macros of a fattier and carbier carnivore-ish day in the end but it’s an unusually low-carb simple keto day. So that’s how I can do 20g using plants, eating meat and all the kinds of the (not very) carby food Alvaro had around after an egg fast…
I feel better now and I soooooooooo will appreciate carnivore in the near future. It’s so nice and indulgent, why the hell I must add my tiny extras all the time lately?

So I hope it will have a similar effect as my first < 10g carbs day in my very first keto time. It made me realize how free I was and I never saw my 40g net carbs painfully low anymore (it was quite low to the veggie-lover me on a meatless keto but I saw it in a better light afterwards).

How people survive egg fast days I wonder. I was already used to fattier days on carnivore, in the very beginning 70% fat caused nausea even if it came from my protein sources as my food became way fattier volume wise, there were no watery fibery veggies to help… It quickly changed but I only started to prefer fattier food lately, I preferred to be at 65-70% for a long time. I could do 80% but it wasn’t ideal. Today the egg fast part (that was supposed to be fattier but I used the tiny wriggle room I had) was 83% with super high added fat content.
It’s 75% now, much better. And adequate protein, that’s enough now.

I still won’t be able to do carnivore all the time, we plan a nice sour chicken soup in the future and Alvaro wants that too and it means plants, probably very little if I get my way but I think I will, Alvaro never wants much if eggs or meat are involved. That’s how I could make him eat my mixed vegetable soups in the end. 8-12 eggs, lots of water and almost no vegetables :smiley: I loved that. But then I just used meaty bones. Bony meat, salt, water, that’s it. We both cooked our own soups. But I got bored with chicken soups and remembered how much I like soups with vinegar and sour cream… I am determined to make it extreme low-carb, it doesn’t sound hard but Alvaro wants to eat it now and his taste and mine is different. It will be a huge soup using a whole chicken, I usually make a decent sized one using only the frame! We try to make it work for both of us.

But apart from those occasions when I eat a bit more than negligible amount of plant matter in my meat (and very rarely egg) dish, I plan to stick to the strictest carnivore I can do for the rest of May… And afterwards as well until I can, June is a tricky month for carnivore but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t have several days with just a tiny divergence on the others.
Even though my track record isn’t that great.

Tomorrow is city shopping and vaccination day! We get cheese I try to avoid and lots of sausages (not the dry one) I definitely will eat :slight_smile: I have enough pork and fowl though no turkey.

I sooo will eat whatever my poor body desires in the next days… It’s possible I will drop the fat a little but I can’t be sure. Fat in my protein sources is nice.

I felt better and better and hours later it still lasts so I think I regenerated. It’s risky to ignore your bodily wishes but we know we humans are usually pretty resilient…
Sometimes I wonder… If we show our body what it can have, is it normal for it to be less tolerant when we do something wrong? It probably depends, like my carb tolerance both got better and worse in the last year, simultaneously but it’s too late to explain this even for myself.

Nice photos, people! :smiley: Yum. Even though I am perfectly satiated now. I still can appreciate what I am seeing.

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I was a big fan of chicken breast before keto. Now, I won’t touch it. I also use to buy lean ground beef, I won’t touch that any more either.

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Hi guys, just checking in. I am very unwell today. Went to the doctor and he got the glass out of my foot.:slightly_smiling_face: Damn I’m glad. Had a temperature so I gotta go back for full bloods tomorrow and he gave me pain killers. I’m just weak as a beaten up sack cloth but I’ll be ok.:crazy_face:. So tonight I am having a lamb chop and some ground beef, was SO hungry earlier I had a tin of tuna. I will have eggs too of course and sour cream seems to be a GREAT condiment.:wink:. Too weak…Hope everyone is on plan and rocking carnivore.:slightly_smiling_face:



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Oh my, I do hope you are feeling tip top real soon. Is this an infection from the glass in your foot??


That’s about 39’C.

I reckon @Septimius has got it. Not the infection. But that it was an infection, rather than a food reaction. Campylobacter is a large bowel pathogen. There are some others such as Clostridium spp. They can secrete toxins that cause water resorption back into the bowel and increased gut motility. Most antidiarrhoea medications slow the spasming gut. The bacterial infections that secrete toxins can persist for a while.

The other option is that it was viral. My experience is that viral diarrhoea seems to resolve quicker than bacterial but is more explosive. There are plenty of intestinal viruses shared by children with adults, or between adults on cruise ships. Rotavirus is a typical one.

Best option is to fast but to maintain hydration with electrolytes and find some time relaxing in the sunshine.

I’m not a practising doctor these days (I lecture in the Arts at uni) but I did spend 5 years at university last century studying biology, medicine and surgery in my first two degrees.

If your immune system is in good shape, you will be feeling much better by the time you read this. The pro-biotics, and maybe a few pre-biotics would be useful, if the medico has prescribed antibiotics based on a positive poo sample, and taken after the course of treatment.

Unfortunately, the raw food is at the top of the carrier list. Unless you have had contact with parents of sick children.

This is just my gut feeling, not a diagnosis and not medical advice. It has been wonderful to type diarrhoea again. It has been awhile.


The shoulder is going OK. The physiotherapist I go to (a new one) is very good. I had dry needling one in all the trigger points, then massage, and mobilisation. Physios really know how to dig into muscles and find the pain points. After the first treatment I felt 100% better. Later that evening I went to swat a noisy fly above my head and that reminded me about my sore shoulder. I ushered the fly out via a sliding door. Fly 1; Bear 0.

I made up my beef stew that is beef, beef steaks and beef bone broth with some salt. It’s amazing how small an amount, maybe only 3 tablespoons, of that mix just switches off my hunger.

Tonight I did an experiment with it. I put the 3 heaped tablespoons in a pan on the wood stove and blended in 2 eggs. I let that sit to form a meat pancake and bind in the cooked albumin. I added two dessert spoons of full fat natural Greek yogurt. That meal tasted better than the beef stew alone. It had the same hunger off switch, but you can see it is more food. Interesting. I feel more satiety with the eggs and dairy in the mix. As in I have no sweet craving like I sometimes get on a beef only meal.

First meal today (NoFUN) I had 4 middle bacon rashers with 4 eggs and a black coffee no cream. So, the cheese and cream have left breakfast at the moment.

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You are most correct! I am feeling much better. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions, good thoughts and ideas. I turned the corner on Sunday morning, but am doing even better today. I’m still having the periodic loose stool, but it is much more manageable. I do have a fairly robust immune system, so this really threw me for a loop and I was quite a baby about it. :smirk: I’m just glad it’s over.

I’m still working on getting back into eating enough. I’m definitely staying away from raw liver and fish for quite some time. I’m still not in the mood for any kind of steak either. I’m wary of eating too fatty or too much, because when I do, I get the sharts, so I’m treading slowly.

@Fangs I hope you’re enjoying the beach and that it’s warm and toasty wherever you are!

@Bubby1 Yikes! I hope you heal soon. I am such a cheapskate when it comes to going to the doctor - only if I absolutely have to. I probably would have waited as long as possible. Yes on the sour cream! I browned some ground sirloin with a tablespoon of onion soup mix (not my usual strict ZC, but I was struggling to find something I wanted), and then I added sour cream to it. Yummy!


You are finding you and that is key :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Redrobins super glad for you! we want no sicky carnivores here ever and want only the best for ya at all times!!

**********3 sausage patties early on and I went and detected a few big hrs and oh boy hungry but had some pepperoni stick to hold me fo r ‘being dragged out to dinner’ tonight :slight_smile: filet and lobster or maybe filet with crab meat reduction sauce or who knows…no telling what I might ask for LOL

lovely time, big sun and fun

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I am going to try that!

(Vic) #254


wanting that raw I see :slight_smile: more power to you! great food pic

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All my exercising done this morning and very gassy it all was too. Beunch was 3 cold chicken thighs.

Early dinner was cold salmon fillet with bacon on top. Nice but I think I preferred the eggs yesterday.

Followed that later with cheese and one cold pork loin chop. Gradually getting through all my cooked meats. Not wasting anything.

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Hi guys, hope everything is cool with everyone. It’s @Bubby1 here!!! LOL ( I just messaged MYSELF):rofl::sweat_smile:. Had to get a new phone, couldn’t remember the passwords, so had to start fresh everywhere including on here.:crazy_face:. @Karen18 Thanks, I’m not sure if I’m sick from an infection from the glass. It was a little infected but I think it may be a bug I picked up, it’s certainly the weather for it, must get my flu vaccine. So tonight I am eating porkchops and eggs :smile:. Yummy. I am looking forward to it. Had to get bloodtests today, and go to the bank twice!!! FUN DAY!!!:neutral_face::no_mouth:. Fangs, LOL, the pig puzzle looks tooooo tough, you should just eat it.:wink:. Oh I ate a tin of tuna too. I will go and eat now, it’s freezing and I’m starving. ( Sorry Fangs, the forum won’t let me mention two users as I’m a newbie again :roll_eyes:)


@KetoKoala, HEY I LOVE the new name you used! So cute!
Hope you are feeling better today! Yea new user you are back under the newbie terms LOL freezin’ and starvin’, not a good combo for sure, go fix both of those :slight_smile:

*********** so last nights dinner eating out was fab.

had 3 sausage patties early before hitting the beach
got a beautiful filet mignon with grilled shrimp. Ate a bit of hubby’s pork shank that was delish also.

I did have a few bites of crap…crap is 1 little roasted 1/4 potatoe for taste cause hubby kept shoving it in my face…ugh…sometimes it is easier to just take the damn thing, which I have to say was delish in the way it was prepared, had a 1/2 forkful of parmesan risotto that hubby shoved in my face again saying you have to taste this, and yes it was super delish taste actually.

Luckily I did not wanna go whole hog in eating anything else. Got no trigger from it and felt very stable and secure eating it…but later we walked the fancy boardwalk area and my mind was on the 1000 ice cream shops that were there. Yes I truly was gonna go down the rabbit hole and I said to hubby, should I do ice cream, can we do it? And he said he was too stuffed to do it and I know he was cause he ate all my side dishes and his food too…I of course was not stuffed at all, and he says to me then…hey you are carnivore and you told me to tell you NO when ya want something like this. OK OK good call, but damn I get a roasted tater and parm risotto shoved in my face and THAT is ok but when I mention ice cream and he IS stuffed I get reminded I am carnivore…Damn ya know HA HA but in all honesty he saved me on that one cause I think I was gonna do it and believe me the cravings would hit hard for me after that. So kinda happy then he kept me off that thinking.

vacay going great. too short tho. leave tomorrow to come home.

today we are doing all you can eat crab buffet. You know I am gonna go crazy in that joint and will take pic of my massive crab plate and show ya all and ya’ll can get jealous :wink: :scream_cat::crazy_face:

Be good carnivores!

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Well done saying no to the ice cream … did you think of me at the country park with my son and daughter faced with all those yummy looking flavours lol :wink:

You know I am sure your week goes quicker than mine :thinking::thinking: looking forward to the big piccie later … lurve crab xx