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A bundle of energy this morning! Stair runs done and then a pairs workout with my daughter at CrossFit which was really good. Looked easier on paper than actually doing it but I felt really on form. 30 mins , 200m run, 10 power snatch, 7 bar over burpees and 3 rope climbs as many rounds and reps as possible… very gassy. Loved it.

Put a leg of lamb in the ovenvand had brunch while it was cooking. 1 huge burger 2 eggs and bacon. Well that leg of lamb smelt so good that I had to eat some… and then some more and then later in the afternoon I ate it all and gnawed on the bone! It was just a small leg lol.

All this was followed by cheese… of course!

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@HelenW Hi fellow Aussie :wink: Thanks for your nice post.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I looked and your from Canberra, I used to live there.:wink: I now live in Albury. I used to live in Cairns/Kuranda… Oh and Bendigo, Benalla, Kilmore, Brisbane, Melbourne, Howlong, Corryong, Beaudesert, Ipswich, Cudgewa, I’ve moved WAY toooooo much!:scream: Yeah, I need to see a doctor, it won’t budge. Didn’t stop me from walking though. Ok, it was only 4kms but better than nothing.:grinning: It’s so nice to go on a walk in the cool air…Though omg I know how cold it gets in Canberra!!!:scream: I hope your sciatic pain gets better.:pensive: I fractured my spine in a car accident 10 years ago so I know back pain well. Sending you lots of healing.:pray:. Mmmmmn your cold cuts looks DEVINE.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. @Carnivoor CONGRATS on the 5 pound loss!!!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Your food looks amazing too.:smiley: @Fangs Oh Fangsy, I am sorry your tummy is feeling icky. :pensive: I am glad ypur throat feels better, but here’s hoping you feel MUCH better very soon.:pray::pray: I hope you enjoy your beach trip.:smiley: I have not been on a beach for almost 4 years…Miss it.:heartpulse: Hopefully all that good meat, will get you and your tummy good again.:wink:. @SecondBreakfast YAY for the weekend off, ENJOY!!! Turkey is delicious but yep they are also cute!!!:heart_eyes: Incubator…OMG as a kid I BEGGED my mum to buy me an incubator so I could be a mother Hen to chickens.:wink: When she said a big fat NO…My cousin and I ( My idea) got some hen eggs and silly 10 year old me, thought I could incubate them myself by sleeping with them…Having warm baths with them… ( yep, I actually put them in the tub with me :see_no_evil:) and sitting them in a cardboard box full of blankets by the fire.:roll_eyes: My Mum got SO fed up with it that she smashed one to prove there was no developing embryo in there…just a rotten egg.:sob::rofl:. Luckily I got to raise store bought chickens anyway.:heart_eyes: That then provided nice fresh eggs. I SO want Chickens again.:heartpulse: Congrats to Mr Redbull on his honeyMOO!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:. I have raised baby calves too.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Oh…i miss the farm​:sob:. I am glad the chiropractor is helping your back :pray: @Karen18 WOW, you are an inspiration to us all.:smiley: Reading about your leg of lamb is making me damn hungry.:upside_down_face: @Shinita nice pic of your totu, what is totu??? It looks nice anyway. I got the other pic of your organ egg mix, yep it made me hungry.:wink: Well, I have tried to catch up a little bit on here. I was too tired and not well to come on here yesterday…It is cold and sun is setting and I’m going through a major ground beef phase.:rofl::rofl: This will be my 4th night of the exact same meal , but I’m not bored with it yet…i am looking forward to it.:heartpulse: Keep going strong guys.:smiley:

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Looking for a little guidance here, if anyone is willing to provide some.

Let me start by saying—I never get sick,… like NEVER. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten sick in my 48 years.

Wednesday evening, I had a grilled ribeye. There was quite a bit of tougher grisly part in it that I ingested. My stomach was unsettled that evening and through the night (kind of crampy).

Thursday morning, I had some loose stool (nothing major) and did my super slow burn/HIIT workout. I pushed myself by raising the weight level on a few on my reps. I ate my raw liver in the morning (50 grams) and had cod for lunch. I ate a 1.2 lb chuck roast for dinner. I had been feeling tired most of the day and my stomach was still crampy.

Thursday night, the horrible diarrhea hit. It was pretty much all night long. I woke up Friday with a splitting headache and head-to-toe body aches. By the afternoon, I had a 102.2 fever. I ate nothing on Friday, but a cup of chicken broth and drank some water. As long as I take anti-diarrheal medication, I am okay. If I stop, it returns.

Saturday came and I went for a rapid COVID test, it came back negative.

A couple of things to note—for the past 3 weeks, I have been eating about 100 grams of raw beef liver each morning. This past week, I had about 8 oz of cod for lunch every day, except Friday.

The body aches are a bit better and fever is gone, but the splitting headaches are persistent, along with the diarrhea.

Any ideas? I was looking at too much Vitamin A in my system due to the liver and cod, but that seems unlikely. Is it possible to injure your gut straining too much while weight lifting? Would a probiotic pill help to balance my system out?

I’m afraid to eat anything, because it activates my bowels and nothing really tastes good right now.

I realize this is not a medical community, just looking for opinions. Thank you!


I have so low energy now, gloomy weather, back from a walk, lawnmowing (not really lawn, per se…) tired me out yesterday and it was just a few (well quite a few) square meters… But in a difficult place full with raspberries and strawberries, I respect them too much even though we have more than enough of them and they just conquer new places…
Plus my sleep problems (but it was way better last night, I slept between 3 and 9 am!). And I have just ate. So I feel like napping now.

I just can’t comprehend how wonderful chicken liver is now. I like it way better than before. I asked Alvaro and he said it’s just like other times. Well, I only used this light frying (30-40 minutes only, for some reason it just doesn’t get ready earlier) 2 times and it makes it tender, kind of creamy but the taste seemed different last time. It was normal, tasty liver taste with bitterness.
Now I don’t feel it bitter anymore and it’s even a bit sweet. But just some days passed, how could I change this quickly? I quickly lost the proper fried onions from my fried liver but I still used a little onion powder, even the last time. And now I didn’t and it’s perfect without it. I suspect the onion was needed to balance out the bitter liver with its sweetness and now that it’s not bitter to me, I don’t need it.

@SecondBreakfast, your comments are always a joy to read but especially this one :smiley: Yay for turkey chicks and baby cows!

Low energy but of course, it’s before noon. I am sooo not a morning person. But it can’t be as bad as yesterday, it was extreme. I go to bed earlier and earlier, hopefully that will help.

I still have liver and heart (not this much, I made the photo yesterday):

Good stuff. I have enough pork roast too. And eggs. I plan a proper day today, yesterday was very much not carnivore, I tasted things including ginger ale but I never had it before, only the sugary drink as a kid and I liked the gingerness! It wasn’t bad, per se but the beer brand is bitter and I hate when they put fructose into beer… Whatever, it was a one time try.
My normal food was eggs and meat, of course, I don’t think I could change that part if I wanted :smiley: They are the best, after all.

And I decided I try to make an egg fast day on Monday. Monday is the day that I consider to have the biggest chance to be super strict (now that Alvaro is at home… it’s trickier but it’s not like I ever fast on Monday, I just think it should be easiest then), not sustainably so, I planned to make an egg day there out of curiosity too - but I never can do an egg day. But I wondered and my curiosity grew… So unless I will be miserable, I go for an egg fast day. It’s insanely fatty to begin with so I don’t do the optional cheese (I have no cheese anyway and it should be cream cheese I think…? doesn’t matter). I actually have ideas for the dishes. Haven’t the vaguest idea if coffee is allowed but I obviously will use it, how else would I eat enough fat? And a morning meal? That obviously must be coffee. There was nothing about the size so 20-40 kcal should cut it and then no food for 4-5 hours, that’s nice. I never do things without wriggle room.
It will be just fun. Though I probably will eat at a substantial deficit. Or not. I obviously won’t lose a measurable amount of fat, my extreme experiments are never about that (but a tiny help is not unwelcomed if happens).

But today I have all my meat :slight_smile: And I eat enough eggs to make sure I won’t miss them tomorrow. Egg fasts are too fatty so I will end up with too few eggs for a meatless carnivore day.

Maybe I will make other insane experiments, just for one day. Or one meal, maybe. I still want to try high protein with low fat. Too bad I usually dislike lean protein but I have a few helpful items.

Thinking about these things woke me up a bit, yay!

Gloomy weather again. Sitting is the most I am able to do, well not all the time, I am so done with super low energy… I really will have a stricter period, be careful with my sleep, I still must cut the stupid grass… Why certain little things affect me very much, no idea. If I go shopping to the city, I am useless for the whole day too. Maybe it’s not the lawmowing, I did that before for longer and never had this. Something is wrong with me. It’s good I don’t get sick. Maybe after my vaccine but I hope I won’t :smiley: I will get it on Tuesday, Sputnik V :smiley: And we go to shopping. Alvaro is on holiday and we will go to some little hiking in the higher parts of this mountain after we do what we should do, there are big things to take care of, oh my.
We barely have bumps here, cute bumps but still. I like to see more spectacular hills, 600m instead of 200… I can’t be too needy in this country especially in this part… The highest point of this mountains is 709m. But it’s good, there is a “mountains” with 352m as its highest point :smiley: I don’t consider it mountains but it’s in its name… But it’s not about heights only… Steep slopes can help a lot, the neighbor mountain range starts pretty dramatically, I see it all the time as it’s clearly visible from here (I almost live between the two), it’s impressive. I don’t really see our own mountain range as some boring bumps hide the view. Oh well, at least this place isn’t totally flat :slight_smile: When I was a kid, I had to travel for several hours to find a little hill, everything was quite flat (I lived on the Great Hungarian Plain and the nearby city is inside it too. our own village is between the two mountain range but I live in one of them, 3.5 km from the village).
Maybe you didn’t need all this, oh well.

I hope Heather get better, I obviously have no idea, I am similarly healthy and know little about sickness things…

I should be more active. But my pants never got tight again, it’s something. I just have my walks, can’t lift with this aching left arm, straightening it is painful enough…


It sounds to me like campylobacter. Symptoms tend to come on 2-5 days after infection (although it can be 1-14 days), so it’s unlikely that it was the grisly part of the ribeye; you likely had the infection prior to that meal.

If it is a bacteria infection, it’ll take about a week to recover. Keep taking the medication.


Not a Dr and I don’t even play one on tv :crazy_face:

I am like you. I never get sick. I get injury type things but never the type you describe but the few times I have, it is your food or probably bacterial issue.

Now see I am the opposite of most, I would not take the anti-D meds. I say let it come thru you…let the bacteria out of the body. The bathroom time is when you are getting it out of your system, the bathroom time evacs the nasty out faster than if ya control it with meds.

But I absolutely understand the big D holding on to long and we have to live our lives but usually for me personally I never go long. Like 1 horrible day, then a slower day and over ya know…if it kept going then yea, maybe some meds to stop it to function in life of course.

Nah, it is not Vit A, don’t worry on that truly.

Fish is notorious for giving food issues thru bacteria along with raw liver maybe would be my focus.

remember many test negative for covid and do have it! probably not it, sounds to me like your food got ya somehow so I would change up the food.

I would stop the liver for a bit. I would then eat lean. I would just go easy on my tummy and since nothing tastes good to you kinda…just drink water and eat some eggs or chicken or anything not heavy with fat.

Wishing you the best!! It sounds like some bacteria got ya and if you are like me it pizzes ya off cause when we types that never get sick go there, we don’t like it one bit :wink:

Let us know how you are coming along tho!

--------------food yesterday was

1/2 lb pork tenderloin
3 shrimp, bleck, nah

1/2 lb pork tenderloin
tin of sardines

I fried up my 1 lb pork loin, could only eat 1/2 and ate other half for second meal. Shrimp, no appeal, didn’t want them. Tin of sardines was delish. Didn’t eat alot at all, well some might think the above is alot, it isn’t for me!

tummy is WAY better this morning and I am good to go! Sore throat gone, sour stomach alot better and back to normal for me today.

have a ribeye steak for later and ?? who knows, will see


@Redrobins … I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well! That sounds absolutely awful. I’m with @Fangs on recommendations…hit pause on the raw liver for a bit. I was thinking fish might be the culprit, but its anyone’s guess. It does sound as though you might have had this prior to your ribeye meal, though. In my experience, food poisioning can come on fairly quickly with liquids- but I don’t know about other forms. (I recall having a milk shake from BK 30 years ago when I was police dispatcher… the Sgt asked what I had eaten - and when I told him, he sent me home right then. I must have been turning green. BK was notorious for this kind of stuff, because they didn’t clean their machines at that location.) Anyways… a couple tsp of baking soda in water, chugged quickly seems to alleviate alot of the nausea. Plus the Anti-D med…might just have to work it out of your system. Maybe add in some probiotics to help the “good guys”? Hope you feel better quickly!!!

Yesterday went well. Made the beef bacon, and still have a couple blocks left. Gosh, that stuff is delish! Really wasn’t too hungry most of the day. Nibbled on a couple beef hot dogs, and shared some omlette with my kiddo. I just ate the egg and a little turkey ham.

Had a another baby turkey hatch this morning! He’s a wild one. Very active and chirpy. Hubby and started installing a new garden fence yesterday, and ended up having to run up to tractor supply for more T posts. Took the kid along, and ended up at DQ. They were prodding me to get something, since the kid was buying- but I just politely declined. I’m over it - the sugar is just not my friend - and that’s it.

Started some Moringa seeds last night. My husband bought a huge bag of these seeds because he’s fascinated with this tree for some reason. So. We will see how it goes. I seriously doubt that I’ll have a 20ft tree in my house in six months, but hey - I’ll give a try. Make for nice decor, I guess. Apparently, one can eat pretty much everything from this tree.

Off to check eggs now!


Great post SB! Sounds like you guys are flourishing and so is your farming! Love it! I researched so many crops for the farm to make profit and more since we were working it for income that I just remembered about researching the Moringas! Cool…

Yea, the ‘you need to try’ or ‘eat with us’ is a hard row to sow. Been there and shut that crap down truly, the family doesn’t even finally ask anymore which is wonderful! I trained them finally HAHA but it is hard not to wanna be part of something, even if a stupid food situation, and I want to say ya did great! You know you now and they will get it sooner than later too :slight_smile:

beef bacon. not around me but I am gonna search this stuff out. you got me wanting to try for sure. never did beef bacon out of our cattle but darn I wish I did but got some customer butcher places I can probably source it.

-------------------- ********* -----------

pic of my sausage I fried up. Only 3 days gone on this trip so didn’t make a ton more since kiddo ain’t coming…

shaking the tablet when pic’ing LOL

YOU KNOW I AM NOT liking my go to sausage anymore. TOO SWEET tasting now for me. Been coming for a bit and been dealing with it but ate a small one while frying this batch to cool and freeze to take with us for this beach trip but I know SO MUCH the sugar taste IS SO in my face. Ugh…probably last time I do this sausage for me anymore. I will have to find better or give it up all together.

oh well…all good but I SO taste so much sugar in it now that it isn’t worth it to me anymore.

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I have not hungry days again. I eat my usual (this pork shoulders last forever :smiley: after the very strong first day my intake drastically dropped. the next day was half pound pork, half pound liver and then less) and it’s so satiating and I only ate some dinner just because I could, a little pork sounded good enough and it’s better to eat now than at midnight I guess.
So nice peaceful times eating wise, someone like me can appreciate these. I don’t feel compelled to make or eat various kinds of stuff. I am fine with my usual food right now. My egg dishes has some variety anyway. Not much, I am in a loooooooooong boiled eggs phase again but it’s so very convenient and goes with many things…

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Not a great night sleep. It was past 11.30 before dropping off and then I woke up with a tickly cough about 3.30am. Went into bathroom to get some water, which did the trick and blow me down I needed the flippin toilet for big jobs! Whats that all about at the morning!!! So by the time I got back to bed I was wide awake. Popped down stairs to get a hot water bottle, not that it was cold but just thought it might help get me back to sleep acting like a comforter lol and eventually, after 5 games of solitaire on my phone, I went back to sleep. So by time I got up I prob had less than 6 hours and I need a good wholesome 8 plus hours :wink:

Surprisingly it’s been a great day today so far, started with stair runs combined with pu’s and sit ups 5 x 20 reps of each. Then out for a 7 mile walk and talk with my daughter. The forecasted rain held off almost to the end of the walk, a bit of drizzle but that was all till later in the day when it hammered it down! It is a nice route that we start from my daughters house and walk all round the farms so get to say hello to all the dogs, cats, donkeys horses, a field full of goats, very thick woolly pigs, alpacas and lamas. Walked through bluebell Wood which was beautiful and just like a carpet of blue. Very hilly so clocked up a further 44 floors on my fitbit.

Straight to the Company Shop and bagged a few bargains, one of which was a side of salmon for £5 which of course didn’t fit in the freezer so I cooked it whole ready to eat cold. Also picked up some bargains for Raymond so took them straight over and had a cuppa with him. Had to take in some cooked chicken thighs I bought so I could eat something. It was about 1.30pm by the time I got to his bungalow and I could feel my tum rumbling as I hadn’t eaten anything as yet. Ate just 2 as that was enough to take away hunger.

Got hone about 3.30pm cooked the salmon and some pork loin chops I had bought reduced price in Lidl. Now as you may remember I don’t care much for pork but I felt I just needed something different. Well I pan fried them and flippin heck they were delish and I ate 3 straight off with some of the pan juices spooned over. The fat was a mix of the pork and beef that I had cooked in the pan yesterday. I think my love of pork has returned after many years or nit eating it!

I feel quite full but no doubt will eat a bit of cheese later.

@Fangs glad to hear your feeling much better. How is your Mum doing now? @Redrobins hope you are able to sort out those runs very soon, nothing worse than not knowing what to eat what not to eat or whether to eat atall. @Carnivoor still loving your food

y pics .
Doesn’t this fella look grumpy :hugs:


Does anyone else dislike the taste of lean meat? I had sirloin today and did not enjoy it at all. Practically had to force it down my own throat. I was going to use cheese for some flavor but I already ate a lot of cheese this morning with my eggs so I didn’t want to OD on the cheese.

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Lovely pic guys, glad your feeling better Fangs, @Redbobins hope your feeling better.
@SecondBreakfast I find higher fats seems to work for me too I bought some 70/27 ground beef and I added some sour cream and I noticed I sleep better with higher fat.i don’t eat as much portion wise.
@Shinita sounds like pork works best for you it fills you up and you drop your portions and hunger.
As for eggs being fatty I thought they were same fat ratio as most meat 1.1 …I used to eggs every day on keto since going carnivore I really haven’t touched them not sure why .

I too would love to try beef belly seems like it be delicious maybe I’d like it too much…
My husband wanted me to try making chuck roast into poor man’s burnt ends.
so I did two days ago and they smelled so good I ended up eating an extra meal of those …
Then suddenly next day two pounds up on the scale haha that teaches me for eating just cos it smells good at 3am in the morning I really wasn’t hungry but I ate it anyway …it prob take me a week or so til it all drops off again im only down half a pound …

Yesterday’s and today’s food was 70/27 ground beef and a bit of sour cream.
The more simple my meals the better I seem to like them.

(Vic) #234

Shure, and it changes all the time from “loving it” to “no thanks” and back

Your taste is telling you what you need, more fat, less protein it seems to be for you at this time.


As I wrote, I almost stopped eating meat when I had only lean pork chuck…
Now I have lean pork shoulders, Alvaro can have it…

So you can imagine my attitude towards really lean meat - though there are exceptions. I can eat tuna (very little and usually mixed with fatty things but it’s not BAD alone. not good but not bad, with its own nice flavors), I love liver - and don’t even need to fry it in a ton of fat (eating liver with the same amount of fat is normal in Hungary, it seems… I use 20g fat for 1000g liver, not 300-1000g as I saw in so many recipes…). I like turkey meat too, no need for skin. And rabbit stew is great.

But if it’s pork, the fattier parts of chuck is where I start, more fat is welcomed. Above 50% fat (in volume) I need special handling (cooking) and we can go up to 95% fat, I don’t even need anything to eat with that.

And now I started my egg fast and it’s INSANELY fatty!
I use added fat as I only have that. I like to keep my added fat 0-10g a day. I eat my boiled eggs with without half of the yolks. Egg+much added fat is abomination to me.

But I do what I can. The rules say we need to eat 15g butter/fat and optionally up to 1 oz cream cheese per egg.
15g butter or 12g lard it is then (as I won’t RAISE the already abnormally high fat intake, butter is watery, lard is not, I won’t punish myself just because I won’t use only butter, it makes no sense. if only 15g was mentioned, it’s obviously for the people who like things super simple).
I grabbed eggs 20% bigger than the normal ones (in English texts, the normal ones are called large for some reason but it’s the size normal hens lay all the time here, the average is bigger) so I will end up with 42g protein instead of 36g if I do the bare minimum (as I plan. if I add more eggs, my already HUGE problem with added fat gets even bigger. and I don’t think I will have any appetite today. my body easily turns off hunger too if the options are bad or non-existent. when I was starving in a cold room, 8C/46F for 11 days decades ago, I was neither particularly hungry or cold. I even had some calories especially in the beginning and nope. my body realized it wouldn’t help or I was determined).

I already had my first meal as it’s a rule too, eating after getting up. I drank coffee, of course. No one said anything about the size of the meal but it wasn’t super tiny, I surely reached 50 kcal. As I ate some butter alone as it’s nice. I dislike the coffee (10g butter in ~500ml? insanely fatty!!! of course it has an egg too), it’s kinda tasty but still way too fatty so I drank way less than normal :slight_smile: This may be useful to keep my coffee intake in check in the future… :slight_smile:

My first REAL meal? That will be interesting :smiley: But if I must, I just eat butter alone and I can drink a lot of coffee too. But I have plans - and some nice tasting lard from the oven pan :wink: Not pure lard but almost so it’s fine.

Many months ago I could eat salty lard all alone too… I doubt I would like that now though it depends on my hunger. I am satiated now, obviously. It’s morning. And as I had my little coffee meal, I have 5 hours? I think the rule says we should eat in every 3-5 hours, it’s normal to me anyway. Thankfully I will get up at 7am tomorrow, not today. 10am for coffee and 1-3pm for my first solid meal (if we don’t count a few grams of butter) is very normal in my life.

Back to lean meat… I only had a few cuts of beef this far… They were fatty and okay. I doubt I would enjoy lean beef in some simple form, I guess if I ground it and mix with fat and eggs, that would make it edible, even good…

@Azi: Eggs are fatty but not very fatty… Yep, the same protein as fat. ~66% fat in calories, it surely is fatty for many :slight_smile: My fat percentage was just around that in the past, I often go higher now but it depends on my menu. If I eat liver (very lean) and boiled eggs (not fatty as I use only half of the yolks), maybe some egg white based stuff, that brings the fat percentage lower - but I usually balance it out with something, I hardly could go below 65% fat without trying hard, I automatically do 65-75%, almost no matter what. I don’t remember my rare tracked high-carb days well but my body does its best to keep the fat high even then. I remember once I managed to find a food I actually liked despite being almost full carb (it’s super rare) and ate a lot of it… I had 45% fat on that day as it’s impossible to go lower so I had to eat something overly fatty later. But most of my high-carb days surely were way over 50% fat. It was quite a long hard battle to learn to eat less fat when I went low-carb despite less carbs made me less hungry. But I still liked and missed fat. Woe me :slight_smile:
I am fine on carnivore as I get satiated and satisfied and this is what matters, not having zillion grams of fat a day (though that must be nice occasionally).

Still @Azi… Yeah, I know the feeling when you aren’t actually hungry… But some freshly made meat is so tempting… It’s good fatty meat is very satiating for most of us so we won’t eat a ton needlessly… But if I overdo it a bit, I just will need less food the next day. Thing get balanced out as long as I choose my food items right! It was great that I don’t need to focus on my timing as much on carnivore. I still rarely eat early - or late if I eat enough during the afternoon/evening but even if I do because I feel like it, it can’t cause real problems unlike when I eat some more carbs (probably plant carbs but I can’t test my 20g carni days against 20g keto with plants as I am unable to do the latter).
I never gain without eating a lot of carbs though (and usually not even then). I almost never lose either but I am not strict enough yet.


I do now on certain cuts but when I started I shied from it. I lived on certain cuts and then I would flip and hate the taste. Loved a London Broil roast til one day I hated it :slight_smile: So yea I get you…it is nice at least you know what to buy and note as your tastes change!

So agree. I found that also. Simple is key for me too.

**********So off to the beach, leaving in a bit.
2 big honking Tbones defrosting in the rv fridge on the trip and should be dinner tonight.

everyone hold carnivore tight, I will on vacay but I know some rum is gonna sneak into my days LOL I know tho a few rum drinks are in my future :slight_smile:

feeling good, feeling strong and ready to roll!

(Vic) #237

Brunch. Omlet (eggs n heavy cream) with scallops and cheese.


I keep complaining to Alvaro and @Bubby1 :smiley:
I feel a bit miserable now but not to the extent to stop my egg fast :slight_smile:

Around 50g fat now and I already feel I am made of pure fat. My body can handle it but it complains.
Alvaro had lunch at noon and I ate as well. I got hungry after the first bites and managed to eat 3.5 eggs. It’s very much considering all the fat I had to eat with it. I made deviled eggs, first 20g lard for 2 eggs… Super fatty… Then 10g lard for 2 eggs… Super fatty and I stopped before proper satiation but I am not hungry at all. I ate butter for dessert so I catched up, now I have the “proper” egg:fat ratio. It’s significantly less fatty than for others on an egg fast as I use big eggs and 12g pure fat per egg but it’s too much for me.
I’ve read mustard is okay, not like I care, my deviled eggs needed it and it is helpful if my food is too fatty.

I am free not to eat until 5pm but I always can just drink coffee instead of a meal, right? I only need to eat 1.5 more eggs!

I plan to make some versions to the egg fast. It makes no sense to me to eat super greasy meatless carnivore, honestly. I keep staying away from normal dairy (butter is fat, special), that is probably good for me (I ate too much sour cream lately) but swapping at least part of the fat with meat (the other part with eggs, mostly) sounds the best idea ever. I refuse to eat 40g protein a day even for one day :smiley: But I know my carnivore-ish is a very slow slippery slope into something not so good so a stricter day here and there sounds good. And fun.

But I will experiment with almost egg fast days where I use pork belly or something like that (with a tiny bit of meat inside, it’s me, I always need some meat with my solid fat). I always like some low-meat days, my meat consumption is all over the place, I have very meaty days, normal ones and some breaks from meat-eating, never completely but almost.

But I won’t track and enforce ratios, that’s so unnatural… Maybe for 1-2 days to experiment with ratios WHILE using the fat I actually gladly eat. I gladly eat butter but not in this amount, I had 30g today.

I presume I will be very happy in the rest of the week that I don’t do the egg fast. It’s still better than my fatphobic day but true fasting is way more enjoyable (when I can do it). Even a normal high-carb day, actually, my body is good at handling things but this much fat is a problem.

I go to whine about it elsewhere now :slight_smile: Or rather to forget about it, I have things to do.

(Karen) #239

Have the best and safest trip @Fangs praying the weather is good for you. X

(Vic) #240

Visiting family, they offered eggs and bacon, so I had a late lunch.

Chicken and cheese for dinner