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Does anyone have suggestions for cracked lips? Mine are painful to the point where I can’t open my mouth to eat my food because my lips hurt so much from being dry. I tried experimenting with different amounts of water, but nothing is helping. I have tried from 20 oz. per day to 2 gallons per day, but my lips are always still dry. Maybe 20 oz. is too much water or 2 gallons is too little, or maybe water is not the issue at all?


PRETTY! :smiley:

In the end I ate 1.2 pounds of pork today. Shoulders and me being me, the fattiest part (Alvaro mentioned he will want some tomorrow) so the energy intake is serious considering I ate a few eggs and a little this and that too… But maybe I will stick to meat and eggs tomorrow, it seems the extras interfere with my satiation. Or I just needed more, who knows? I don’t even know the vague fat content of my meat. But it wasn’t a bad day eating wise :smiley:
I feel better than before (and I felt more or less okay all day) and I got way more awake and lively, how will I go to bed early? Sigh.

@daigo1: I don’t think it’s about water, it’s never about it for me, I get cracked lips if the weather is cold and/or windy. I use lip balm and that’s it. I am pretty normal regarding that, maybe some people are more sensitive, hopefully someone will be able to help!


Castor oil, if you want something pretty natural. I use it on my face (for wrinkles), and hands for the dryness I get from using hand sanitizer at work, and cleaning every.damn.surface. with some alcohol based cleaner.

Bag balm has lanolin, which isn’t bad, either. It also contains an antiseptic in case you have open wounds that might bleed or be slightly infected.

Vitamin E is another good one.



I guess I’ll try vitamin E first. I’m trying to stay away from artificial solutions like applying stuff directly onto my lips all the time and hoping that a more natural/permanent solution like changing my body composition via what I eat is possible

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@Carnivoor YUM!!! That Airport meal looks delicious.:heart_eyes:. Hi guys, I’m having ground beef tonight. I am in pain. I went walking without wearing shoes and stood on a big peice of glass. Blood everywhere. It is throbbing. I am just not feeling good today.:sob: I am lame and can’t even walk.


LOL you are becoming Charles Washington from ZIOH :slight_smile: :slight_smile: He is like nearing 20 years carnivore and his one love is pork ribs. He said he can eat them breakfast lunch and dinner if he can get his hands on them…your flanken ribs are his ribs too. I just found it so interesting when someone falls in love with like 1 type of meat and it satisfies and just makes life so simple in our meal plan. Very happy you are in love with your ribs!!

Great report. Yea when one wants to stay strict carnivore it is harder when we start to watch every bite to keep it carnivore. Now I don’t even think twice on what I eat. My carnivore foods are just me now ya know, I don’t have to think on any of it. Time on the plan does help change us on that calmer feeling of being on any plan I would think but you did so well on your experiment into this lifestyle.

Yea you will gain by adding back some carbs but if a few carbs are controllable for you, makes it a life long good eating plan that suits you, then you found a sweet spot for you. Long term is key and if a few fruits you can handle and you do well on make your life happier and ya feel great, nothing wrong with that!

Most of us LC type people know that the lower in plant carbs you go the better we feel so if someone can get away with eating a few plant carbs and do ok, then that is a good thing for them.

Happy you are doing ok!!

@Karen18 humid and muggy is icky…it does sap the strength out of us…you get some rest!

even sometimes alot of water intake doesn’t help cause we might be licking our lips and drying them out kinda or weather related but what I do is smear on a tiny bit of vaseline on my lips. Little in the morning, if they dry out more again I might reapply a bit and definitely always a little at night. Yes my lips love it and it has given it a barrier of protection to keep the moisture in my lips and help against that cracking. I got this issue sometimes too but when I just now keep a tiny bit of vaseline on my lips it has helped alot. Just what I do. It isn’t the best natural way to roll but darn if it didn’t fix my lips fast :slight_smile:

@Carnivoor that is some fab zc airport food!

@Bubby1, sorry B ya got nailed by glass! OW

------------------food yesterday was
1 lb pork tenderloin

few pieces leftover steak
some taylor ham slices

Not sure on today. I have a nice big ribeye defrosted will start my day with that…second meal food, not sure. Will see where I land.

Been hankering for some crab legs or lobster or crab legs LOL King crab legs have been on my mind, time to get my hands on some!

ZC plan is going very well for me. All clear and steady.

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@Fangs Thanks Fangsy. I had a nice dinner, I had a two egg omelette with my beef patties but I had soaked the omelette maker overnight and even though I rinsed it afterwards, my damn eggs ended up smelling like dishwashing liquid and tasted like it too.:see_no_evil::face_vomiting::rofl:. I know i could do an omelette in the pan but I hate cooking usually and I can’t make an omelette to save myself. :rofl:. So bought a $3 omelette maker.:wink: I’ve never eaten lobster…I SO want to but its expensive and usually only on sale here during Xmas time.:roll_eyes: Glad your going well. I have a shocking headache, been getting them a lot lately. Don’t know why. As I drink enough water. Maybe I need to stress less or something.:thinking: Sounds like a good plan. We are halfway through May now. Which means it’s two weeks till Winter in Australia.:heartpulse: It is DAMN freezing tonight and on my horrible glass stepping walk today, I was so cold that my hands and fingers were going numb.:snowflake:. Good thing I love the cold. I turn the heater right up at night as without it the place is like an igloo.:cold_face: Does anyone know the best way to remove glass from a foot?? I tried soaking it in warm soapy water…i tried tweezers…it is in toooooo deep :pensive: I messaged poor @Shinita about it all afternoon.:see_no_evil: How DARE people smash their beer bottles on the pavement where dogs and lunatics like me that didn’t wear shoes walk.:roll_eyes: I usually do wear shoes but I am a born farm girl and a free spirit…But nope I will ALWAYS wear shoes from now on. You would think I would learn…I once had my toe broken from my horse stepping on my foot with an iron shoe…OWWWWWW!!!:sob: Time to learn my lessons.:wink: Hope everyone is doing ok. @daigo1 Yep Vaseline and TRY not to keep licking them…i know it is hard but I find licking them makes it worse. There are also nice lip balms too that can be used. @Karen18 I lived in the Tropics in North Queensland for many years so I know muggy humid weather and I feel your pain.:roll_eyes: It is truly draining and without air conditioning I was cranky tired. I am SO sensitive to heat…But with humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife…Yuck. poor you, rest up, drink icy water.:wink::heartpulse:

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@daigo1 Sorry but I looked it up for you cos I know how annoying dry lips are, hope this helps.:hugs:



@Bubby1, you got glass in there? if that deep you might have to do a Dr to get it out for sure…but soaking a very long time it might work out a bit?? but don’t wait too long on that one! Feel for you cause stuff like this just stinks til ya get it handled!!

@daigo1, that is a georgeous pic of your meat! WOW

---------------so it is almost 1:00 and I am just getting hungry…here is a pic of meal number 1 I am gonna fry up in a minute here and woof it down :slight_smile:

ribeye with shrimp…that is about a 3/4 lb steak

off I go…you know I am smiling to dig into this LOL

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I counted wrong. In raw weight, I ate about 765g (1.7 pounds) pork yesterday… If the data I use is reliable (it’s not, I never know the fat content of my meat except when it’s lean), that’s 180g fat from my meat alone… And this was the day when I used a lot of extra fat (lovely butter, among others :D)… Uh-oh.
It wasn’t pure carnivore but not sooo far. How could I eat this much? Maybe I needed much meat after my low-meat times, I expected that. Or I loved the pork. But I truly was hungry, I didn’t even reach full satiation for a long while after my meal, I just was’t hungry anymore.
Oh well :smiley: I am super careful today, focusing on protein :smiley: My estimation for yesterday is 175g protein, by the way, nothing special.

I bought a lot of chicken liver (with attached hearts) and a pretty pig heart for later.
I was hungry when I brought them home (at 3pm) so I only ate 2 livers with the 2 hearts and some eggs.
And well, I was still hungry so the super fatty pork shoulders too :). I am not bored of it at all… :slight_smile: The fact it loses fat makes tracking even more impossible but I eat the fattier parts (Alvaro has the leaner ones) so maybe it balance things out. And every slabs are different anyway… But I won’t try to track on days like that, it’s not informative. I just note the amount of meat.

So, 1.7 pounds. Record for sure. Crazy chicken days don’t count. If someone is too new to know, I totally can eat 2 pounds of chicken and stay very hungry. Maybe not on carnivore with my easy satiation present but who knows? I surely could eat it on the same day even if not in one sitting as the first part of my big meal when hungry. But I won’t ever try to get satiated with chicken if possible. Not an effective item.

I try to track my sodium. The rendered out fat makes things harder… Chuck has its advantages.
But it seems 1g salt per pound of meat is near perfection for me now - for my roasts. I think stews need more. My meat was almost salty enough - but the escaped fatty everything on bottom was super salty. I definitely don’t need more salt than this for my roast, probably a bit less is fine.
But it means that I would eat around 2g salt a day if I ate only eggs and meat. I know the natural sodium isn’t really much.
If I manage to eat simple enough, I want to try this amount for a while.

Do anyone knows how much is the sodium intake of the carnivores who doesn’t use extra sodium, just the natural content? It must be super tiny! But it works for them.
How come so many people needs huge amounts of sodium to function? I understand differences but these are super huge!

Oh I made totu, the faux quark again. I only ever saw its name in Hungarian. Totu comes from the Hungarian words for egg and quark. It’s nice for snacking, I don’t consider it a good quark replacement though, it’s less substantial, more airy. It’s cooked whipped egg white, after all… With butter and sour things (I use apple vinegar, lemon juice and vitamin C aka ascorbic acid. once I bought a bag and of course I didn’t really use it. I really sucks at supplementing things). It’s carnivore-ish enough to me, I eat way worse things anyway (in super tiny amounts but still). But my inner rebel has zero tension so I won’t suddenly go crazy in the near future, probably. And I gradually calm down.
It’s zillion times easier to behave if I have good meat, though :slight_smile:

My totu (it wasn’t this yellow, it’s the lights. but it’s a bit yellow due to the butter that I still enjoy so much, I will buy my butter at that place in the future as well):

I won’t show my ugly organ+egg mix with sour cream on top. But it was good.

I hope I will reach proper satiation later, I just didn’t want to eat more of my other food and I was tired and lazy to make pancakes.
I had pork, liver, eggs for dinner. And I drank Asahi beer. It was too good (bitter but good) so I drank a lot, 140ml… (I planned 45ml…)
About one pound of meat was eaten today, half pork, half liver.
It’s possible I will eat more later, who knows? But I already had 2 meals and yesterday was pretty high-calorie… We will see.

My fried liver needs the same amount of added salt as my roasts, 1g per pound. It makes things easier for my sodium experiment (more like just tracking as I eat normally).

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Cooler day and air is fresher so a lot less tired today, mind you this is now 2nd day off work and that also helps.

Stair runs done first thing and then back to CrossFit straight after. All nasty bar work including the wod but I was up for it today.

1 of 3 frying steaks for brunch with bacon and eggs. Left the remaining 2 steaks for later to eat cold.

Hair appt and finally had the lockdown hair lopped off. Not quite as short as I wanted but I will see how I get on with it before going back in 6 weeks when I will most likely get her to lop it shorter still, just in time for the dancing to start.

Dinner was the remaining steaks (cold) and cheese followed quite a bit later by canned corned beef.

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Bubby take care of that foot! We have nurse led walk in centres here that are free and no booking required- don’t know if you’re near a city? But it would be wise to get a medical professional to extract glass. I am also from Koala Land :blush:

Yep freezing here last night too. I went for a good fast hilly walk last night in the brisk air. Sciatic pain is still there but is almost low enough to enjoy walking :woman_shrugging: I did it anyway. Pain isn’t worse this morning so I’m hopeful…



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Cold lamb off the shin bone for breakfast with the fat and the meat jelly from cooking it up last night.

I really really like cold meat leftovers. Great texture!

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No more beakfast, back to lunch/dinner 2mad.

Pulled out the scale this morning, expected a bit of weight gain but I’ve lost 5 pounds. Mostly muscles I guess? Not shure? Office work is unhealthy.

Won’t be long before its back, bursting with energy, can’t sit still. I’m like the Duracell bunny with adhd.


@Carnivoor, wow Vic, down 5, I bet your office work is unhealthy and works against us all for sure and you were cooped up a long bit definitely.

Happy you are home and back on your schedule!!

**************** SO MAY we are chugging along…1/2 the month is mostly over and into the back 1/2 we go!

food yesterday was the ribeye and a few shrimp
2 cheeseburger patties

after I hounded down the ribeye steak I ate 3 shrimp and said nope…don’t want…will finish them off today if hubby doesn’t get them first.

I might leave them for him.

I woke up yesterday with a small little sore throat. Very rare for me to ‘have anything’ ever LOL I take regular old aspirin. Took 2 in afternoon with my steak and took 2 in the evening before bed.

WOW my tummy is SO OFF this morning. I haven’t taken a friggin’ aspirin in, like, 3 years! It is rare I take anything. Maybe an ibuprofen rarely if my neck issues flare or my knee goes wonky thru an injury, but again it is rare I take those pills too. I am a pill hater type.

Well the little sore throat is gone. Aspirins always fix that for me fast so that is good, but now the tummy is icky. Don’t like that. 4 little darn aspirins threw off my guts that fast, ugh.

not sure on food today. no draw to food right now. but we shall see how the day goes on me getting back in full swing.

other than that all good…packing my RV for a beach trip. Leave Mon. and come home Thurs. I got steaks, burgers, chicken, sausage coming with me!! Always a prepared carnivore!


Got the weekend off! YAY! And the weather here is nothing short of GORGEOUS! Hitting around 70F. Perfectly sunny and blue skies. Going to find my swimsuit, and then lay outside for a bit- soak up some sunshine.

As for upcoming carnivore adventures, there will be turkey on the menu, most definitely. Of the 30 or so turkey eggs we’ve been incubating, 5 have hatched, and 4 have survived. They are adorable, and fun to hold, but we have to keep reminding ourselves not to play with our food.:joy:
As for beef, well, Mr. RedBull - king of the Red Angus - had that ‘loving feeling’ the other day, and was honeymooing with his ladies. (did ya catch that? HoneyMOOING??!!! LOL!) So, we have a forecast for baby cows in the future. Redbull does NOT shoot blanks, if ya know what I mean.
Eggs are on the menu as well, with my girls all in full production.

The chiropractor has worked on my back 5 or 6 times in the last two weeks, and its coming along nicely. I’m definitely sleeping better, which does wonders for my eating/weightloss endeavors. I’m far more relaxed, and not feeling hunger as often. How that happens, I do not know- but it is what it is- and I’m fine with it. Quite happy to get back on my “intuitive eating” plan, going OMAD, or longer. There is a resurgence of energy and vitality that comes with that process, so feeling very, very good today.

Increasing fat intake and decreasing protein slightly is key for my own success. So, I am going to try using insta-Pot to par-cook and tenderize the beef belly again, then cut, sear and crisp it up. (One of my boys discovered the first experiment with that, and happily chowed down a few portions.) I have also thawed out some soup bones to insta-pot as well, and make bone broth. One of my daughter’s friends has a disorders of sorts concerning her joints and muscles, and was told to take bone broth regularly - so I am making some for her as well. Its hard to find grass-fed anything at an affordable price, and here I’ve got all in the backyard - so - quite happy to share it with those who need it.

At the moment, not feeling like eating at all. I’ll get to the beef belly project before long though. I like to have things ready in the event that hunger does strike. All carnivore, though. Well, maybe a wee bit of chaga mixed in the coffee, though. =)

Happy trails!!!