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Your pork looks great so awesome…not sure I could have gone with the bugs on your breakfast though I don’t have a strong stomach…had food poisoning once too often.[quote=“Bubby1, post:14, topic:108435, full:true”]

Hi guys, I am about to sit down to a good big piece of barramundi fish fried in butter with shrimp. I am wishing I had bought more BEEF!!! I had it twice in a row the last two nights and I am addicted. It is the best!!! I won’t regret the seafood though, I’ll just buy beef tomorrow.:heart_eyes: Lamb chops are yum but oh so expensive!!! So good as a treat!!!:heartpulse: I

I stray alittle from beef but I always seem to return to it the weird thing is since going carnivore I have no desire for chicken and barely touch pork if it’s not ribs. It prob change at some point.

Brisket? Yum what do you use as a rub?

Food yesterday was shortribs and porkrinds just the one meal didn’t need more im only eating 2 meals if hungry seems maybe the original hunger I had when starting on carnivore has tapered off some what… kind of like on keto?
I’m not sure what to expect when you get adapted on carnivore its coming up almost 3 months soon since I started time has gone fast…


no telling on you personally, but we all change alot thru the years. I still flip around as my body tells me to eat. So 3 mos is fab but your eating pattern will flip still a bit, then you settle into eating the meats you truly love for a long time, then all of the sudden ya flip again LOL Best thing is you just go with the flow of it.

I ate tons of pork and chicken when I started zc. Then I dropped both. Now I am doing a little chicken every now and then but I am back on pork big time and I thought I would never drop beef in favor of pork ever again, but darn, into year 4 and I just did that HAHA

So it is a wild fun ride!!


yea they are parasites that effected the animal’s liver. thing is good cooking can easily shield ya but thing is…a few yrs down the road IF YOU FEEL OFF in any way, if you need a Doc…say hey I wanna be tested for parasites cause 1 day, years ago I ate a liver with some white spots and heck it could be effecting me now LOL and on parasite meds ya go if checked out as that is an issue.

I am like that. One tick bite years ago and I thought IF I GO DOWN one of the things I am gonna say is…hey I got bit by a tick. Test me for crap from that HAHA So you got a ‘maybe’ if wondering why you might not feel well, you got a ‘test me for this crap’ too :slight_smile:

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Its nothing new realy, must have happened hundreds of times.

There a 4 lines of defences,

Freezer, cooking, stomach acid and finally Imune system. I’m not worried at all.

A check for parasites may not be a bad idea, its been a long time.


yea me too. I know my meat handling 99% of the time so I am like you, I go for it! No worries on it but I ‘just register’ crap in the back of my mind and say to myself…IF I GO DOWN it might be? Cause I know me NOW ya know…old eating no clue what the hell I was eating and who handled it and how, what manufacturer practice is and where the actual food came from or anything like that so now I know with my zc eating. I am very tight on my food all the time except for some restaurant eating etc but in the end, I trust my food all the time vs. what the hell I was eating when I ate all the crap plant products and who knows what else from what country or more :crazy_face:

eh, if ya feel great don’t bother mostly but if I ‘feel weird’ one day I am gonna say do a parasite check on me cause I am a meat eater, lets start there :smirk:

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The story continues, the vegan and the carnivore.

For those who missed it, a vegan joined my team 5 days ago.
He was happy to learn I new wat a vegan was and that I arranged for the correct food for him.
I didn’t tell him I was a carnivore.

He did notest after a few days and asked some questions. Some chit chat on the Randle Cycle, told him my story from my vegetairian days till 3+ years ago when I turned to the carn-side.

I’m a bit of a strong character and a natural born leader, I think I accidentally screwed up his veganism, oeps.
He is now eating eggs in the morning and he just asked for a piece of my BBQ pork.

He was not a fanatic to begin with, just an idealists with a love for nature.

Should I start a conversation about mono cropping ? He may turn to c…?

Anyways, this was not my intentions, I just wanted to learn the mindset of a true vegan.
I broke it :cry:


Ahhh, not a true vicious vegan. well that is cool tho.

no I wouldn’t go too overboard just yet, let some of the things sink in and the food…eggs and pork! come on here – the person is hankering for meat protein and knows it but ain’t quite there yet for the ‘big C’ chat LOL

I would just eat so well in front of this person and let the eyes do the wondering.

Then if asked about ‘one’s lifestyle for eating’ I would throw out the biggest one liner-----------not one carb from any plants eaten on this planet is needed by the physical body, only thing required for survival is protein and fat. Without those you die. Meat protein will trump veg protein every time cause if one can live on the few plants that have some protein/fat source in it, like an avacado! forever, then you are set but hey, who am I to say, science shows us the way to go! HAHA

I think that is so cool Vic. You by example just eating your food is showing someone a healthier path!

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:smile: yes you would, its so true.
This doesn’t win a argument thou.

First you need common ground. Like say love for nature and concern for desertification.
Than you trow growing food in to the discussion, mono cropping and grazing ruminants. What is better for nature.
A bit of sad bunnys killed by big harvesting monster machines. Cows don’t kill bunny’s…

Beef is now assosiated with good.
Corn is now associated with kill sad bunny’s.

Being a carnivore may not be bad after all. Dont you agree?

(No need to tell him what happened with the easter bunny :innocent:)


Too bad people typically don’t eat grazing ruminants… Mono cropping is even way more heavier if one eats animals as they need much more of that.
But I don’t want to think about this right now, I must be selfish with my lil money right now (the same money I spent on food in the past but still, for really great meat I would need some more)… So that’s my focus. And I experiment and we will see…

I am usually amazed how blind and hateful both groups can be in arguments. It’s cool when there is proper communication, open mindedness and respect towards the other person (if it did nothing that makes all respect evaporate).

Btw grazing ruminants. I surely mentioned it already. I see them all the time around here and I have no idea where to buy stuff coming from those. The beef farm uses the farm itself, not the hills here. whatever, I love looking at the cows. Much, much better view than some crops though some crops are very pretty… Rapeseed is blooming everywhere now and my fav is sunflowers. I just dislike the seeds itself (never liked the taste) but my chickadees love that.
But a hill with different looking cows grazing on the super steep slopes (not what goats are able to do but still impressive), that’s an especially lovely sight.
We need fields, I mean, normally, grassy-weedy ones. We can’t take everything away from nature (we probably can but then we will die with nature or something but first we will be miserable, without a piece of proper land with wild animals and plants). And we have hills anyway, great for grazing animals, less great for tractors, IDK their limits but animals are better with slopes for sure.

I hope I didn’t write too stupid things, I try to use my mind but my knowledge is limited. That’s why I don’t argue with numbers, I have no idea about those.

I had 2 small meals this far today. Not really hungry after my surely high-calorie yesterday. I don’t track at all :slight_smile: Not even on my simple days.

I had soup (without meat, I ate that already) with eggs, scrambled eggs with cooked pork skin, I like this combo and sometimes I have leftover pork skin… And roasted pork chuck.
I have a tiny bit more pork, a little fried beef and I plan to make pancakes. If not today, tomorrow.
And some vienna sausage, for variety, its expiration date is today.
We had some soft and very tasty sausage but Alvaro put it all into his huge potato dish (my old favorite dish, actually, well the vegetarian version, I never liked meat in it… :slight_smile: but it’s soft, things with the option to be crunchy should be crunchy… I don’t understand my old self though I still love paprika, fat and salt together… :D), complaining it’s not enough. The sausage, I mean. Well, it was him who bought too little. And I was the one who ate a few slices, obviously, I won’t give it up all…
I really need to make my own deli meat. I am lazy though. I do love my roasts but variety is nice and they are just too nice…? Tender, different… And normal meat just with extra fat and water and some spices… But it’s easier to mix things, using eggs instead of water and just fry it… It will be denser but that’s not necessarily a problem.

I was on the Hungarian forum too. The CICO one? The vegan vs carnivore vs normal CICO person but with the twist that they can’t lose fat even eating little… That’s interesting to read (and a bit less interesting to write as I know my own opinion and knowledge). There are 3 sides now but even ones belonging to the same group aren’t in agreement (the other almost-carnivore - not like I am that, just in my better times - is too big of a bigot and he thinks everything is the same and keto inevitably causes scarily quick fat-loss and he doesn’t care if I say it isn’t true. and he says bad things about others without knowing them and I dislike that too).
There is an older women who can’t lose fat, we have such a person in this forum as well… They exist and seem to defy the laws of nature but the human body has huge wriggle rooms, it seems.
Last time he just wanted to lose fat already while still eating chicken soup… And I don’t understand what’s wrong with chicken soup… If that’s no “diet food”, I don’t know what is :slight_smile: Not like we need to eat “diet food”, of course. But it’s mostly water, it has protein with some fat… One can even use no skin, I prefer that as it makes my soup way too fatty…
Poor women. She’s trying since years, track and do things “right” every day and just get fattier sometimes but usually it’s stalling. Significant fat gain happened when a respected person (though I don’t agree with his very rigid ideas… but he has knowledge too and he isn’t a jerk, it’s a huge thing there) told her to eat more and she ate more. It never went away.
The vegan told her not to eat protein with white carbs. So, she should skip the protein from her breakfast. Of course. What else. Heaven forbid she skips some carbs when her body need fuel after a little fast. (He advised less than 15% fat too as a non-drastic change.)
It is painful to me. That’s the precious protein on an already lowish-cal diet! Why? :cry:

While the carnivore calls her diet living on junk food (nope, she doesn’t do that) and her not being open-minded enough just because she doesn’t want to go carnivore or keto.

Some of the “normal ones” call us “abnormal ones” extreme ones who should be ignored as usual. Maybe not me or just to a lesser extent as I am very liberal, “each to their own” and “everyone is different” but it’s true…

I didn’t met carnivores when I was a vegetarian… Not like it would have made any difference. Someone offering me home-raised fatty pork would have made a huge difference though… I always was aware about this fact. But store-bought pork? I didn’t want that. I didn’t even feel it tasty enough either (when I super rarely accidently ate some at some place? or not accidentally after I dropped vegetarianism but still pretty much avoided meat). I wonder why it changed. Maybe because I actually tried my fav cuts? Maybe because my hedonist self had to make adjustments for me to be able to eat very low-carb that I had just realized I need? I think the first one as my taste is pretty reluctant to change. I feel almost everything the same tasting as always (just sweeter or saltier in many cases). My desire changed drastically but not my taste. With some exceptions.

Whatever, it’s pretty easy for me now.


ahh you are the more slow approach killer while I am the in your face fast killer that deposits info and let the other think…but if you infiltrate slowly you gain trust. I love it :slight_smile: and I agree.

I think with my years on plan I don’t care to be subtle anymore to care if anyone changes. Just me on this one LOL but it is important we gain new recruits thru those who are subtle like you! Cool, like it.

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Goat and turky for dinner.

Only 1 small plate as its been a 3 meal day

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OkieSpice & Trade. No sugar. Picture is the brisket flat and rack of pork ribs. I also spritz with ACV every half hour.

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Oh my gosh that looks so good


my 93 yr old mom had to hit hospital yesterday. getting dizzy while standing and some swelling in her ankles. Might be an A fib situation they said. Doing heart echo and other stuff this morning.

My brain is a bit fried :frowning: But mom is doing great actually, full of pizz and vinegar as usual so that is a good thing!

We shall see where this goes.

Might be off for a bit dealing with hospital runs and all.


Hopefully it won’t be nothing too serious! It’s hopeful that she is normally lively… No idea what A fib is but whatever, I am cheering for her to get better soon!


Sorry to read this - all the best to your mom.

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Thoughts are with you @Fangs, :pray: it’s such a worry with aging parents, the smallest of things need checking out. Much love and prayers coming your way :heart:

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Sorry to hear that, all the best.

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Hopefully they get to the bottom of it fast and all is fine with your mom…

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I’m SO sorry to hear about your Mom @Fangs I am sending all my prayers and well wishes.:heartpulse::pray::heartpulse: