Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023

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Loving the pics. Will catch up properly later. This was my silver lining day on Wednesday. I took a sefie- it says it all. Not bothered about my face being on here, I will tell anyone I know that I am eating this way for health.


I was silent for a while so you know what comes… Long post that I started to write before!

Once Alvaro gave a bunch of wild garlic (that was collected, there are so so much around here) for a few crickets (in spicy flour).
I so wanted to try crickets as I heard nice things about them.
But I only tasted the flour, ew. Now I want pure crickets, maybe with salt and spice but no flour, seriously, why to mess with that tiny little exotic thing?

Garden: We have flowers again, this one had a break after its 4 first flowers but now it’s flowering again… And it’s very red this time, the previous few was orange-y:

And the badgers stopped eating Alvaro’s fruits and the strawberry patch recovered (I saw happily that the second wave has some big pretty pieces too. not like the small ones can’t be cute and good but in the end, only tiny ones happen and it’s a bit tedious) and yesterday I picked 2 small bowlful! Yay :slight_smile: I was almost not sure he can eat them all for lunch and dinner but we talk about Alvaro here, of course he can…

I cooked pork liver stew.

It’s a bit bitter-ish…? So pork liver is very hit and miss. But I will eat it. I overeat fat if I don’t. Alvaro couldn’t find any fresh ham in the supermarket, again. What is with that shop…?
It’s good we go to the city in Saturday. I will make sure I grab A LOT. Well as much as is allowed, IDK, 3kg in LIDL? But we will keep our eyes open in the other supermarkets as well. LIDL has bigger allowances, nicely fatty fresh ham and it very rarely runs out of it.

And then I wrote and deleted some whine about my lack of success. It will be fine, I can do better when I get my lean pork. I had so nice days lately though not since I can’t get the only leaner protein I like :frowning: (I do like other leaner proteins but only with a ton of fat added… Fresh ham is awesome though.)

I feel for all people who don’t get enough meat on this planet. And animals. Baby raptors need a lot! The kestrel chicks get stuffed nearly every day (a dozen voles and other things :D), the buzzards are problematic. There are only 2 chicks but the big one eats almost all food (most of the food just get swallowed by it immediately) and beats up the little one when that wishes to eat. No huge problems this far (like weakness and imminent dying of starvation, a thing that happens very often in nests in the case of many species) but the little one is hungry a lot. Poor lil thing. The smallest kestrel chick (there are 6) is amazing, she gets a very big part of the food and tries to catch up, she was the tiniest by far. She swallows multiple voles a day and she is a kestrel, a small bird, not like a buzzard…

I am glad this comment isn’t super huge (for me) so I will write about sales in the city supermarkets later. Dairy prices went crazy in a good way. It’s… Unbelievable.

Oh but I can’t resist, I browsed in the supermarket papers and of course they totally must push vegan stuff for some weird reason nowadays… Reasons to drink plant milk. One reason was “Similar to cow milk color and consistency wise, mild in flavor”. So… A white liquid with tiny taste? They surely didn’t make me interested much :rofl: Alvaro said he drank some really tasty soy-hazelnut drink in China though. And that was cheap. These mostly water things are quite expensive here.
Oh and dairy prices! I saw some weird things.

  1. The stupid half milk, half palm oil thing that is sold for the role of sour cream (do you have that? or is it just for countries where sour cream is highly important in the cuisine?), manages to be more expensive than the obviously superior, tastier and this far, almost always significantly more expensive sour cream on a good sale. Never saw that.
  2. Another new thing. The fanciest margarine is almost as expensive than the cheapest butter. I tend to look at those numbers and they never were this close. But butter price got cut in half lately, it’s a medium miracle in this country. Prices just DON’T go down to begin with (except for exotic items getting common, that’s different), I was shocked when the insane dairy inflation turned back but this?
    The margarine is odd as it hasn’t even a good press anymore… Well vegans exist but not in very big numbers. But people surely have some reasons I can’t comprehend or just don’t consider it important enough, being biased.

I added the photos (from multiple different CF cards…), I have found this pork chuck closeup, I show that too :slight_smile:

No more photo about my food today but I finished my chicken and smoked pork hock, ate the last bite of pork roast, sponge cakes, some dairy… I just stopped tracking and never will try on chicken or pork shoulder day again, at least that’s the plan.

(Judy Thompson) #64

@Karen18 you’re back!! Good to see you feeling so well.


Hey Peeps!
Glorious new treat on the menu here…Deep Fried Chicken skins. I’ve pan fried then baked before. And, they’re great. Today, I decided to drop a few thighs into the pot of hot oil and see how they cooked. The skin separated from one of thighs, and it rendered this gorgeous, crispy chewy thing of beauty. So, I made more. And ate the skins. Satiation is at 100%

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Great pic @JulesyMcJulesface Jules glad you’re feelin great with ZC woe.

@JJFiddle … And thanks Judy although i felt so tired this morning, not a great nights sleep, that i cancelled CrossFit for today and had an extra hour in bed! I did the stairs runs and knew that it would take a bit to get the legs working this morning as yesterday my legs felt so tired after the workouts and running. Had a headache today which may have been sun overload so took some paracetamol … twice!

Was doggo sitting again this afternoon and then when the kids arrived home i went over to my daughters house to kitty sit. Picked up a couple of PS5 games along the way as it is my sons birthday next Saturday. We are taking him out on the Sunday 18th as there is a bus rally to take him to, which is actually my birthday so we’re swapping the days around and my daughter and hubby will be taking me to the World ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurant in Derby … i really love that place as it covers my zc needs :wink:

A cool kitchen floor for the doggo and a comfy little lap for Ren. Astrid was elsewhere but had already had some head rubs!

Food today brunch was 3 chicken thighs that i reheated in butter and dinner was the 2 remaining chicken thighs cold …uh … and some spicy belly pork … left 2 large slices as i couldn’t eat it all. It was nice though. Had a small bit of cheese too… as per.

The headache may have been from brunch and may not have thoroughly heated the thighs… just thought about that … as i felt quite light headed when i was about to go feed the kittys, so much so that i took my BP as i guessed it was a bit low. I feel better since taking the 2nd lot of paracetamol and the pork belly sices and a couple of pints of water.

@SecondBreakfast i enjoyed reading about your ancesters coming from Nottingham, i think you have mentioned this before … i seem to recall someone mentioning Nottingham. … if you ever get here you must let me know xx

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #67

I wouldn’t worry about that. You guys look amazing! I’m hoping for a transformation then I’ll post my face up … ahahha I wish


@Karen18, yea we can rack up alot of posts very fast on this thread, I get overwhelmed on catching up also :slight_smile:
Great pics and I love your doggo that you are dog sitting! Plus Astrid seems to not mind the dog, cool.

@JJFiddle, hope all is going fine for you!! ZC pro!

@JulesyMcJulesface, pleasure to see you, very nice picture!! Looking amazing!

@Shinita, as usual, fab pics again!

@SecondBreakfast, deep fried chicken skins, ahhhh, YEAH! they sound delish, nothing like it and you said it, 100% satisfaction with that crispy skin, I am right there with ya on that one!

-------------ate whole roasted chicken last night, I got most of the skin, why? cause I attacked it that way HAHA hey, in this house if the family moves too slow then tough LOL

It is 4:30 and I know I ate something today, can’t for the life of me remember what it was…let me think…hmmm, omgosh I am losing it for sure. ahhhh, still sitting here thinking??? I have no clue what I ate? I tell ya guys I am going a bit bonkers truly.

well cooking sirloin tip roast for family so I will get some of that and have a small NY Strip steak I gotta fry up tonight, that is why I ate something small for first meal, and while I type honestly I have no clue what I had. Woooo, I am losing it.

but beef later cause I am getting hungry for sure. OHH got it!!! can of tuna with mayo and salami slices…how in the world did I forget eating that? omgosh whatever :slight_smile:

zc on strong all, I kinda can’t wait til June is over, this doesn’t seem to be my month at all.


Yay! :smiley:
I don’t deep fry anything but fried does the trick :smiley:
I had some full crunch chicken skin this week, superb! It’s so exotic (I mean, rare and little), no way I ever fail to get excited when I have some!
If chicken skin would be sold and I would have a huge energy need (or could eat simple, just lean pork and that), I would buy that…

I wish to try it out but deep frying is such a mess, I just never do that. Oh well, chicken is already so fatty, I don’t need to add more.

If satiation is hard to reach, some crispy skin or scratchings surely can help :wink: I just have those too rarely. But I have pork belly/jowl sometimes. (And I think I depeloped some level of fear of fat in the last days, I better get rid of that, it’s a serious mental problem in my world and identity crisis too.)

@Fangs: Thanks :smiley: I am often so lazy to make a photo, they usually don’t come out right, nowadays we have rain almost all the time (today too, of course… :frowning: and the future looks like that too) so light is little… And my food is so usual. Just because I can’t get bored of, for example, @Karen18’s beatiful red chicken wings EVER, doesn’t mean that I don’t find my own usual pork boring in a pic (not in my mouth or even before me irl). But you add to the motivation :wink:

I somehow cling to keto but my rebellious self had problems with restrictions (especially regarding fat) AND I run out of proper meat. I did what I could, ate liver stew, sausage, eggs, cream cheese and whatnot but I strayed a bit more than usual. It’s good I don’t want to add much carbs even for the heck of it (if I go wild and free, well that’s normally not keto. progress! and it would have been better if I just had my beloved pork).
I plan some cute close carni weekend and then a Very Proper Week. Simple and no coffee and small eating window, just the usual that I want (for a reason, I am totally right there)! I get meat, as much as I can and consider okay for my oven+fridge capacity. And if I ever get low on lean pork, I go to shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday or send Alvaro if the weather is bad as he goes to work anyway. I truly thought that hey, I have liver and chuck galore, isn’t that enough? I often prove than my thinking is too optimistic when it comes to these things (but it gets better. in the past I thought I can pull off 1-2 days with close to zero proper meat). They helped a ton, I did eat most of the liver and not the last pork chuck slab but the already roasted portion, it wasn’t little… But it wasn’t quite enough. And I tracked, that wasn’t a good idea now. I stopped it already and maybe resume on Sunday but just vaguely. I want to see how much meat I eat but I won’t put in the effort if I can’t stuck to simplicity.
I imagine things like… Vaguely 500g pork, some eggs, some dairy, little else… For a usual day. No tracking on chicken days :slight_smile: No tracking fat, it’s impossible anyway but I really am pleased with my normal fresh ham for most days. And when I fancy, something fattier. Chill.

I want sunlight :frowning: Today I went out when it wasn’t rain… But only for a tiny bit, it was hot and super humid, it felt so, so bad… I have experience with walking longer in that weather, it just tire me out and I suffer. Nope. Even the garden doesn’t want more rain, my very cute lettuces (so proud of them, Alvaro said they won’t grow. yes, our soil still isn’t so great and not just any vegs grow. but lettuces are simple enough, I don’t expect proper heads just some leaves so Alvaro gets some raw vegs even if he runs out of the store-bought ones and prices get horrid) stuck to the mud, our only actual fruit rots, some of the trees and big bushes bend due to the weight of the water and weeding is a weird, wet, muddy thing (though quite easy if not a clean work. but garden work is rarely like that).
The flowers don’t care but I get a shower if I go out… But seriously, rain starts to get a problem in this country. Is this year will be a rainy one? That’s fine, we had problems with drought before. But we don’t need rain every day and often all day. Even if climate change means more extreme weather. Sigh.

It’s so odd, we need to use the dehumidifier despite it’s summer. As the A/C makes the air too cold - and not just that, 19C isn’t so bad but it’s so odd, I don’t like it. Nice when it’s too hot and it makes cold air but it doesn’t feel natural, I can’t explain… But we have a loud dehumidifier than makes the room warmer, it got handy now! It’s unusuable on hot, humid summers but we have A/C for it.

So the house is far from getting too hot at the moment. That’s good. And mosquitoes are one good reason why summer can’t be my fav season. I go out for some garden work and get attacked right away.

At least my cats are super cute especially Ginger, the baby tick collector (she must shove her face into waiting baby ticks as all are tiny and on her head. and it’s too common. I never find any in the older ones this year, for some reason). One day I need a photoshoot with her in sunlit grasses. That type turned out nice with Tofu years ago.

(Judy Thompson) #70

@Fangs I’m well, staying on track. Today is the 12-3 seafood gig and the 8-10 steakhouse gig. We played the first one and came home for pork chops but they’re too tough for my teeth (I’m mid-bridge with a dentist who is across the country. Temp crowns till Sept). So I fixed me a cheese omelet and “natural” sausage. Can’t take the spices! But I ate both patties - just took me awhile.

I realized the reason I couldn’t upload yesterday is because my new phone takes pics with too many pixels! The one above wouldn’t load either, until I edited it down.

Already sleepy. Long day again tomorrow, Church Sunday, then I’ll sleep!

I almost don’t need root concealer on my hair anymore by the way. My hair used to come in white. Now it’s just a lighter brown.


A somewhat rainy day, headache (so much shopping… pens, paints and food :D), I will talk about my meats and bring photos later.
I got my decent amount of fresh ham, a little pork shoulder on sale, a little processed meat, a little dairy, Alv got cheese for months… We didn’t spend as much as usual. I feel I can do shopping simpler now.

(JJ) #72

Yesterdays eats- a seafood platter for one (mussels, oysters, Tasmanian scallops, squid, prawns) some cold beef that I had sliced in the fridge, was still hungry so grilled up 2x lamb chops and that did the trick.


Up and down (travelling) from the city. Off plan eating in the city. Too much work to do. Too many people under my wings, pulling out my flight feathers. Been having atrial fibrillation episodes and palpitations associated with work stress, which has knocked me around a bit physically and mentally. Yesterday put to sleep one of our pets, our 13 year old cat with hyperthyroidism. Eunice told us it was time to go. Interesting watching her for a few days. Previously she was a 100% indoor bed pillow. This past week she has been determined to walk outside, and, if we let her, wander off into the woods. She then stopped eating etc. But never stopped purring. So we both had a cat shaped soulectomy for our hearts to deal with as well.


Thought I would plant a tree on Eunice’s grave, but found the hands in the soil in the stormy, rainy weather felt very nice, and ended up planting a tree, then a forest around her. More than a dozen trees. The soil here is like a deep, rich, nutritious crumble.

I chopped some firewood as well. Last night went to bed and thought why does grief ache so much, but realised it was mixed with fantastic joint and muscle ache from being active out in the fresh air. Treating pain with pain.

Last night dinner was lamb chops and a fillet of local, delicious white fish fresh from the ocean, firm like cod. Lunch today was bacon and eggs with some sliced Jarlsberg, coffee and a splodge of cream. Back on eating plan, and feeling better for it straight away. No toxic city visits in the plan, for about 10 days I can work from home and control my food environment and my momentum down academic research rabbit holes. More stormy weather due in a few days, so there is firewood prep to do.

(Karen) #74

So sad to hear about Eunice, they can bring so much joy then tear put your heart … she was beautiful :heart:
Also remember to be kind to your health!

(Robin) #75

Glad you are back home and will find your balance again, mentally and physically. Nothing like our hands in dirt to ground us.
Sweet Eunice. The amount we grieve is proportionate to the amount of love we shared.

(Karen) #76

@Fangs the kitties didn’t meet the doggo lol i sit the kitties at Sians house, doggo was in my kitchen till the neighbours kids arrived home from school :slightly_smiling_face: the kitties haven’t met a doggo yet as they are indoor cats.

So friday night was yet another sleepless night and at 7 am when my alarm went off i decided i was too tired for CrossFit so cancelled. Stayed in bed another hour which i needed and that still didn’t give me a full 8 hours… i need my 8 hours! So i got started with the stair runs and although felt puffed by the end i decided to re book my place in the crossfit got changed and off i went. Did a very huffy puffy workout with my team mates then stopped to chat a while so got to Sians house a bit later than planned… the kitties were non the worse for eating later rather than sooner :wink:

Was very tired for the rest of the day … took Raymond out to the opening of a speciality coffee house that some of the CF coaches set up and then dropped him back at his place and came home.

Food yesterday was the remaining 2 cold pork belly slices some chicken reheated in butter, a small ribeye steak and a couple of the cheapy burgers. I picked up 6 ribeyes at The Company Shop for £3 each. The steak was really tasty.

This morning i had thought i may go to the Sunday Sweat session at CrossFit but again i was really so tired when i woke that again i switched the alarm off and got a further hour in bed. I don’t know whether this is a bit of post covid stuff going on or the hot sun beaming down on me in the open top car yesterday. I was half baked by the time i got home , think i will have to start driving in reverse to get my back half up to scratch!:rofl:
It was such a scorcher and it is the same today! By british standards of course!

Anyway this morning i did 10 stair runs and felt uncomfortable … my head was hurting and my puff was a bit out of sorts so i was kind to myself and stopped running and sat in the warm morning sunshine with my books and coffee. Dowsed the garden and went to Morrisons in Derby for some plants to fill the pots that had annuals last year and haven’t shown any signs of re-emerging. Also picked up some seeds to keep the cost down and some bark chippings to keep the weeds down hahaha.

Food today so far 2 reheated chicken thighs fried in lard and steak leftover fat. 2 were plenty enough. Then on return from morrisons i cooked up some defrosted pork chops that i had basted in a spicy sauce and they were quite tasty. Left 2 large ones to eat cold.

(Karen) #77

Finished off the pork chops… they were tough because i put them in the oven out of the way of flies but the oven was obviously too warm and continued to cook them :roll_eyes: duh! Then i had a bit of cheese and just had a double cheese burger :grinning:

The sky has darkened and threatening rain and thunderstorms but so far they have held off… still very warm outside even with the wind picking up, it’s 9pm.

(JJ) #78

@FrankoBear so sorry to hear about Eunice. What a lovely gesture to remember her by and it’s rather beautiful that planting Eunice’s forest gave your emotional pain a physical acknowledgement too.

Yesterday was my ZC weekiversary.while I have been keto since 2018, the past 6-12mths has seen me eating how I did pre keto a lot of the time. I lost 30kg when I went keto and found these last 12mths had me “find” 15kg to put back on. I haven’t weighed myself at all, but today woke up without the sore, over extended bloaty gut (that I took photos of) that the rubbish eating had given me. Even if I puff my stomach out on purpose, it is nowhere near as big. So meat is doing its thing.

ZC is giving me what straight keto couldn’t right now. Simple eating, simple digestion and although the transition HURT, I am back to being properly fat adapted and it feels beautiful.


Greatly reduced pain levels with ZC carnivore, a few months in. Sticking with it!

(Karen) #80

Well done to both Marion @anon38787346 and Jules @JulesyMcJulesface so glad to hear that ZC is working for you both. It is such a simple fuss free way of eating, no planning, except when going out to eat and the ethos changes from living to eat to eating to live.

(Karen) #81

I am definitely out of sorts at the moment … don’t feel ill but don’t feel 100%. I have a lingering chesty cough from Covid and just not sleeping well … no surprises there i suppose… waking in the morning feeling like i need to sleep gor the rest of the day so perhaps a little post covid fatigue has set in… no stair running this morning. I think i need to give myself a talking to and a kick up the backside as i reckon some of this is mindset … i am going to take today as rest and plan on picking up where i left off tomorrow with the stair running and i am booked on CF class. I cancelled this mornings class as not up to it and have to listen to my body … head was hurting this morning again and taken a couple of paracetamols to try and relieve the burning sensations. Seems to be having a bit of an effect but i can still feel them. Feel dreadfully emotional and just writing that has cause my eyes to sting with onset of tears. Definitely not 100% and i hate feeling like this. Not sure whether i start feeling like this whenever i receive more negative emails from the disputes … i think that could be partly the issue as i have had another one from the prison, again passing blame onto Civil Service Pension. I have sent another email to the ombudsman in hopes they can assist but i am really starting to tire of all of this nonsense. I received the email paperwork from the subject information access and again it just gives me more stuff to work through. Was chatting with one of the guys from CrossFit on Saturday who suggested trying a No Win No Fee solicitor as it would be more money than its worth to get any other lawyer involved… we’re not talking zillions in compensation just what they owe me which is a relatively small amount! I will see how i get on with Ombudsman first. I truly am a grain of sand between a rock and a hard stone!

Anyway, enough, this is making me feel more emotional so i will go make myself an omelette .