Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023


Gets better soon, @Karen18! (And huge luck to your problems, it’s painful for me just to read about them :frowning: )

Alvaro was all fever-y in the last days (still could drive me to the shops to buy meat, the dear one) and thought he got it from me as I had a little tonsil pain lately (without fever. I don’t think I had a fever in the last 30 years or maybe it happened once and I forgot. I was well except the little pain and a swollen left tonsil but he wasn’t that lucky). I thought he got it from walking home in the cold rain, maybe. We will never know.
But even he is better now. Good, his workplace is quite horrible when healthy and now the company got bought and everything is uncertain.

I didn’t mention before but we have found smoked mackerel on sale! I bought 2 small packets, should have bought the 3rd one too… It’s just as amazing as all the previous times… Mmmm. My fav seafood. I ate that and sausage yesterday as far as meat went as I roasted my pork too late.

You have amazing coping mechanisms/comfort foods, do you know that? :wink:
But I can imagine doing such things myself. Even if my decision making would be impacted (or more importantly, I wouldn’t care. I always care about my health but well, I can eat off without problems…), there is power in good habits (and bad ones too, sadly).

Not eating much eggs start to form a habit. Or it’s just momentum and I will go back to it soon? No idea but I like this meatier style now.

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Well, darn it! I hate that it is taking so long for this to get settled. Dealing with complicated systems, their never ending paperwork, and the amount of time it takes to navigate it all can be incredibly maddening. The day will come when this is all resolved and behind you.
In the meantime, just continue being strong as persistent… and stay healthy!
You got this!


fast post. I got tons happening here and no time to handle it all.
very sorry I am so off on our thread lately and I miss the fun chat and more and interaction, but current life mode says the 'puter ain’t my priority right now.

@FrankoBear, AHHHH SO sorry. I know. I am a farmer and animal person to the hilt. One thing I say whether it be putting down one of my horses after 20 yrs or losing a pet and livestock even thru times is that we give them the best darn time in this life on their lifespan, we do just that, then it is win/win for both and we truly can smile big after we grieve.
The connection to pets can be so strong as we all know!!

----------ZC rock solid. if it wasn’t for just that I would be a mess. Got alot going down fast on me and it seems daunting cause now into way more retirement mode, I want simple life…yet it seems like I am being strangled by more and more on me every second. It is ok, I will deal best I can as we all must do of course as we have to handle crap :slight_smile:

chat up later, hold zc strong all, one thing about that means we can face other issues in life knowing that truly our core foundation of our health on our plan which as treated us so well will not faulter even thru hard times!!! well I see it that way for me :sunny:


Hey all.
Grilled up steaks and chicken yesterday. Ate one massive Ribeye, and some chicken.Still feel full today! Going to freeze dry a gob of eggs before we go on vacation as I don’t want them to spoil. Baby chicks and turks are growing very quickly. I the turkeys need a much higher protein feed than chickens, but the chickens eat it anyway. They’ve grown very fast. Gonna pop 8-10 turkey eggs into the incubator before we leave on vacation, so mid-July we should have more turkeys!

Garden is doing well, esp. the flowers and crucifers. Got my electroculture contraptions up, so we shall see how it goes. Finally getting a bit more rain, so happy plants, happy animals!

Gotta run. Take care all!


Yeah I can imagine. I watch the birds in webcams and they grow like crazy, the changes are significant from one day to another! I call house martins “bamboo swallows” as they grow like bamboo :smiley: Or maybe even quicker :wink: There are 2 nests on one webcam now (there is a row of nests and 2 of them have camera), the difference is about 2 weeks, the lil ones are pink jelly beans and the others are fully feathered big ones…

Meanwhile Ginger is still a small cat… And it’s tiresome to think about humans who grow for such a very long time (and know nothing in the beginning)…

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@Shinita watching the nest cameras must be awesome, i would love to have some birds take up residence in the nesting boxes i have around the garden but they haven’t as yet … plenty time … maybe next year.

Thanks for the encouraging words re my litte moany groan this morning. It is good to have support on this thread for everything but the sink… food and mood alike :heart: i think we are very blessed on here to have such a good community.

My omelette was delish and i guess even more so as yes @Shinita it is a comfort food… cheese and eggs. I was just about ready for it … it was about half 11 when i ate.
This evening i had ribeye steak, salmon fillet and large prawns cooked from raw. I defrosted some of the frozen raw prawns from the freezer and while i my head was in there i found some burgers i had put together ages ago… i had made 4 big ones and froze 2 of them so i got them out. Wasn’t sure they would be any good as i recall i wasn’t keen on the ones i had cooked and eaten when i froze these! Anyhow i must have just done something right when i cooked these as they were not bad… after covering them in salt and adding mayo that is lol!

Needless to say i m stuffed and i ate a bit of cheddar!

Well the day has been extremely hot and we ended up with some thunder and lightning follwed by a bit of a downpour. Supposed to get some more shortly …love listening to it. More warm weather to come … it has been a number of years since we have had such a hot June… the past few i was just hoping for a glimpse of sunshine on my birthday (18th) and i might add it always shone through the clouds at some point during the day… but it looks like it will be beautiful at the weekend yay!

Took Raymond shopping then i took a wak to the local retail park and picked up some cheap packs of flower seeds … thought i would try sowing some seeds this year as it was quite pricey buying so many plants last year … all trial and error for me still. Mood lifting, must be the beef😉


It’s SO odd I definitely don’t want eggs now… Well I did eat the little on my plate (about half a whipped egg?) - for 2 meals… My 6 yolks + 4 eggs sponge cakes make 13 muffins but the mold only has 12 holes so I fry the 13th in a pan. It’s fun and fluffy and then it deflates… But still very different this way.

I got super easy satiation and negative appetite when a bit hungry today. So I ate this for 2 meals where I really did my best to stuff myself, it was borderline forceful… Some meat still was left but I ate – not that (as it was just some lean stuff without any nice outer parts) but some nicer pieces later.

I had eggy, milky coffees and 5 sponge cakes too (with butter and cream cheese) as they were easier to stomach than meat after a point. Had 3 meals, almost could skip the 3rd but I had tea and tea is wet and I want something dry with it (just like I like some liquid with very dry food)… Especially that I was borderline hungry…
I ate at 4:45, 6:15 and around 9. Wasn’t particularly hungry today, I even wondered at 4pm that what if I have all my roasted pork and I can fast? But no, soon I clearly felt my body wanted food.

I am barely satiated now, it’s emptier than the perfect satiation but still quite okay. I am easier to tempt in this state but I ate okay and I am determined anyway.

I shot some raw pork yesterday.

The left one is the thing called “thigh” here, green ham, I often call it “leaner pork”. Well the slabs in the city tend to be fattier, with a thin fat layer on it but this one is even fattier :smiley: But the meat part was still quite lean and the fat isn’t enough for me. It’s probably the actual muscle? Sometimes this cut is lovely and juicy and pink when done, sometimes it’s white and feels leaner… It was far from dry but it was leaner what I like except the lovely fatty bites.

On the right there is some pork shoulder. It is fatty but I saw fattier… Now that I ate some of it, yep, even the meat part is noticeably fatty everywhere.

I just prefer pork chuck in its perfection… Sometimes I am really into the above cuts too but those must be very good slabs, they just aren’t always the same. Just like I am not always the same either. Today I kind of wanted pan fried pork, not roast… But I had a low appetite anyway. Maybe that’s why I needed 2 meals for this tiny food.

And actually, below the 2 big slabs (I cut off pieces and froze them. I roasted most of the leaner one and a smallish part of the shoulder) there is some hidden tenderloin I shared with Alvaro. Only ate a little. Way too lean just as expected, of course he liked it. It’s more expensive than my fav cuts but it was on sale in tiny amounts so I thought I should try it once.

Lazy to track (and I am clueless about the fattiness anyway. I still will track how much meat I eat :slight_smile: ) despite the simplicity of my day (could be done even better, of course), maybe tomorrow. But I am very sure I didn’t eat very much.

We had NO RAIN today… Wow. We had it every day last week I think… And often quite much. So we have rotting fruits as both are sensitive to rain…

{Only garden stuff from now on. I got a bit carried away.}

My June radishes (the actual name involves John’s nameday, that’s on the 26th here if I remember right) are happily flowering in white and purple. I never want to sow radishes again, they just don’t behave this year and it was not perfect in the past either but better.
My sorrels are flowering too but they are allowed, it’s not like I eat more than a few leaves per year… I don’t need to sow them, that was one year, now they are just other green leaves among the grass. That’s the one good thing in green leaves, they don’t need to take space in my tiny and more and more flowery veggie patch as they look fine enough somewhere in the grass. The original raw was in the ex-raspberry patch, those are among violets now. ZILLIONS of violets. After the raspberries suddenly died out for some mystical reason. But the sly things went to places, they jumped down on the wall (we have a wall in the garden with a few stairs in the middle. as elevation is very serious there), got into my pansy/periwinkle (oh I still need to buy the latter, my pansies had their usual summer heat death weeks ago) flower box… Just because I don’t need them multiplying, what’s the harm? Just green leaves.

I keep my decorative red/green swiss chards behind the tulip row around the veggie patch. But they keep popping up in the veggie patch itself… I get those out, they aren’t THAT pretty (too tiny for that). And I tested them a few times, not particularly edible either. And people eat them… They have ZERO taste, maybe it’s the plant, maybe it’s me. But they are attractive when big and healthy and very green and very red. And they get to that eventually, even bugs don’t bother them here. My poor cornflowers got aphids but I have ways against them. Morning glories are always pretty but they barely started to run up to whatever they can find, I realized I have no strings for them so they need to wait a few days more until I give them their proper path, up to the top of a quite tall lamp nearby!

It’s a joy to have a garden :slight_smile: And work too, now that the rain is over, I suppose I will mow the lawn every day, my big bold dream is cutting it in the whole garden (and outside both direction). Never did it that quick. Good timing, even the latest hawkweeds are done with their flowering (I want them to go to places, to win over the ugly, messy grass that just can’t behave… one can dream, right? but they are cute too. when flowering. otherwise barely noticeable).
Of course we still heroically cut off dry branches and try to burn them all when we do outside cooking… It never will end. And there are dead thujas to cut off…


I tracked. It’s inaccurate but probably not super far from reality.

So, I apparently managed to eat 1300 kcal in 3 meals where I used borderline force to consume as much as I can.
120g protein, little fat (despite all the added fat I used, I even had a lot of butter in my world, 18g :D).

(I blame the carbs in my weekend. Bad for satiation short term, very good for satiation long term. I often am way more satiated after carby days and it makes perfect sense to me. Of course it doesn’t worth it, just saying. it was a fail weekend :frowning: When my rebellious self broke out, it was so great, it was happy eating a lot of carni food… But things got a bit out of hand. No regret, obviously, that’s not me, I enjoyed myself and felt fine but it still was wrong. I need to break this eventually as it poses a danger. And I hate having accidental mistakes. I want to consider things, saying “fine, it’s a good deal” and do that. Not just going off due to actual sudden desire bursts or even emergency. I have food for emergencies. I have a brain to think.
Well I did run out of my leaner meat… Still not a good enough excuse.
Sigh. I DO try. I am just not good at self-control at all and apparently haven’t changed enough yet.
Oh well, it does zero good to think about this more. No big deal, just a bump on my super long road.)

I plan a similar first meal and then we will see. I have pork jowl (expired but it’s smoked pork jowl, it can’t spoil easily), bought the tiniest little piece I ever saw in the supermarket, it’s just a few bites, easy to eat any time (give me 10 seconds… maybe 20 as I want to enjoy it fully), it has 80g fat, helps with calories if needed. I just don’t find 3MAD days fun especially that my 3rd was around 9pm. That’s a dangerous time for me.

I am so excited, now comes the time of truth :smiley: I keep sticking to meat (maybe I add eggs and dairy later if I can’t seem to eat enough for a meal but I always will focus on meat first) and we will see what happens. I have enough variety, I should feel content with my food. Even if there are low appetite days where I just don’t enjoy my food so much. That’s fine. I don’t require huge food joy each and every day, only on most days :wink:

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Felt better when i got up this morning. I managed to get up with the 7am alarm without the need to sleep longer. Did 55 stair runs as i was still huffing a bit from post Covid stuff i guess and then outside into the garden for reading and coffee before running to CrossFit. It was a bit cooler his morning so i knew i would be fine running there and pre chosen to walk back as it would be warmer still. Workout was a huffy puffy one but i guessed i would be a bit short of breath by how i have been feeling passed couple of days. Plodded through it!

Didn’t hang about chatting too long today but took a fairly brisk walk back and back out in the garden with another coffee. Made a cheese omelette at 12.15 and it was tasty. A tiny bit gusty sitting here but i am under the canopy out of the sun as i may have got too much of that too recently which hasn’t helped. Mood has lifted somewhat and not feeling quite so emotional … sure that is the beef and the short sharp kick i gave myself up the bum! :thinking:


@Karen18 So happy you have good planting/germination weather! What kinds of flower seeds did you get? The price of seeds varies so much, but recently. I’m finding that the 2/$1 seeds at the dollar store are pretty freaking fantastic! Just bought nasturtiums, bachelor buttons, and pansy seeds. When yours start flowering, will you (pretty please) post pics? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just love looking at your patio and flowers!
Its been so hot and dry here, it left me wondering how the poor seeds would ever germinate. But, not long after planting- maybe a week?, we got a nice, soft spring rain. So, along with the seeds, the weeds are coming up too! Going to try putting down some natural wood mulch to help with the weeds around the bed of potatoes and maybe around the strawberries. There are 2 or 3 invasive species that would take over the garden- very hard to get a handle on them.

So, this is a little weird. Going through some foot cramp mania right now. Ugh. I worked a 5 hour shift last night, and normally, that’s fine and I don’t have issues with the feet after a shorter shift. But wowzer. The muscle issue is traveling up the medial side. left foot right over the ankle. I’m afraid to stand up at the moment. Feels like its gonna snap. Just gonna take it easy for a bit here.

Eats today: Coffee. MCT oil.
Yesterday was just a couple chicken thighs and a bit of scrambled eggs. Not terribly hungry. There were a ton of eggs in the fridge, and fresh ones from the “girls” that needed to be dealt with before we go on vacation. So. I cooked 84 eggs, scrambled, seasoned w salt and pepper, and added in cooked turkey bacon. 21 eggs per tray, chilled them, and then popped them in the freeze dryer. Should be able to process those before work. =)

Going to tackle some laundry and get stuff ready for vacation. I am so excited to be off work for a couple weeks. Cannot wait.

off we go! Have a lovely, blessed day all!


I enjoy Nathan Pyle’s cartoons about aliens who are humans who are aliens in their own world.

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is this a bit overkill ? :rofl: i can’t make a decision so i get 1 or 2 of each ! No idea where i will put them but hey ho … we will see what develops. They weren’t expensive, i got some fr9m the supermarket and they were buy 2 get 1 free and some i got from pound shop (which i dhould hve gone to first because yhey were only 40p each) Here are the lillies i got from the pound shop last year and i wasn’t expecting them to return but they have come back with avengence , so many buds waiting to bloom!

Yesterday i went out again for a walk to Long Eaton, local small town l, took my trolley and went to Company Shop where i managed to get some cheap ribeye steaks and 2 packs of paprika chicken 75p per kg bag. I cooked it all up last night. I had a small bowl to try it last night and it was okay… i may have slow cooked it in high a little bit longet than necessary as a touch dry. I also ate a salmon fillet and some more prawns and a bit of cheddar.

Very tired this morning so no stair runs … resting the old body hahaha. Sat and read in the garden with my coffee then dowsed the pots befote the sun gets too hot and then to the front drive to cut the hedge. Me and my neighbour take it in turns … he does it… then he does it… then if i get in there quick i do it lol so today i got busy on it. Its hard work and i hate all the clearing up afterwards but it looks nice now. A job well done me thinks. I picked up 2 little pink hanging baskets from lidl the other evening and hung them up but then that emphasised the need to sort the plants out that sit underneath so i also did that this morning and out a couple of fuschias in them. I used to have a huge 9ne outside the front years ago but when i got the drive done i had to move it and it didn’t survive… i probably neglected it! … if i am honest i did neglect it… it dried up too much in the pot i was keeping it in. Hopefully these will take as it isn 't a particularly sunny spot until the evening.

Had a spot of brunch which was another bowl of paprika chicken.


Gorgeous flowers!!! LOVE the lillies! Looks like you have seeds for maybe Hollyhocks? You will have a BEAUTIFUL array of colors ! I really need to find more bulbs to plant in the fall with some vibrant color. Had not thought of lillies until now. So, that was a lovely reminder! Your fuschias look vibrant from here, too! A pop of color does so much for one’s mood and for the landscape. Thank you again for posting the photographs!!! =)
For colors here are one, maybe 2 bright pink tulips that already bloomed and passed, and a few little grape hyacinths. But, there is a whole row of white bearded iris planted along the front west wide of the house. Not a ton of color, those are. When we moved up here over 22 years ago, my Daddy came to visit and brought the iris tubers from my Gran’s house (in the Rouge) part of Detroit. After our house burned down, I found some of the tuburs, dug them up and nursed them back to health to replant once we rebuilt. So, those- while not real colorful- do carry the memories of my Dad and Gran. But, they definitely need more colors mixed in there somehow.

Had more rain yesterday, so there are seedlings starting to pop out amongst the weeds now. Got to jump on the laundry situation today, and get ready for our trip. Trying to work through all the foods stashed the fridge, and get things freeze dried so nothing goes to waste. Full day ahead. Done working at the shop for the rest of the week. Food is not even on my radar for now, so, just gonna swig a bit more coffee and off we go! \

Have a lovely day everyone!!!


Pork chops for dinner tonight. In heavy work mode. Getting stuff done. Beef bone broth cuppas. Omelette midday breakfasts inspired by @Karen18 omelette photos.

Took Billie the Labrador for a walk near the beach this evening but the winter clouds stole the sunset.

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You still manage to make the winter clouds look awesome :heart:


fast post. I am in the mountains freezin’ my buns off here LOL
campground is nice tho. Leaving in an hr. to get kid to orientation at college. Walking Bolt is a nightmare, he ‘got so old’ so fast now. No interest in walking, mostly have to drag him along. Sad times for him in a way. He is not enjoying the camping trip I think, he does ok in his own fenced backyard and pasture walks still tho. Oh well…

after we get back on Sat. from this college stuff I will find time again to chat up…sorry I am not in the thread an chatting away like you guys :slight_smile: but will catch up later for sure.

went out to BBQ place. great ribs. thankfully the dry rub on them was ‘decent and lower key’ but honestly I could only eat 3/4 of the rack of ribs cause the taste of that rub basically shut me down. guts a tad wonky but not bad at all so that is a blessing for me on having to eat out last night.

ok, gotta get moving along. can’t wait to see college campus and all that.

zc on strong guys!!!

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Old dogs.
One of life’s greatest gifts.

My little old guy reminds me that it’s ok to take it easy. Enjoy stuff like finding the perfect patch of sunlight for a warm nap, or scrunching up a blanket into the perfect shape for another nice nap.

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Just finished reading all the posts. Started yesterday. Looks like I’m moving towards posting once a week, I would like it to be more!
But today it will be twice because it’s time to start lunch. Roasted a chicken yesterday and there is grassfed burger that needs to be eaten so there’s my lunch. Coffee, cream with collagen, and ate my usual boiled egg and mayo at 10, now it’s 1130.

Many thoughts over the posts I’ve just finished reading. Franko and Shinita, my take is, don’t worry so much about going off plan. When you are ready it will all fall neatly into place. Take it from someone who has been on a diet every day for the past 58 years, I feel now like it just would not be worth it to stray. But no plan has ever felt so perfect and after ZC I can’t imagine what would be next. I have watched the decline (and the deaths) of many family members and even working in the Army hospital in the 80s saw many people die of conditions people shouldn’t oughta have gotten. But until you feel this in your bones, ZC or any solution can’t be permanent - but you’re on the path now and trust me, “now that you know…” you can’t help but succeed. @Shinita you are still so healthy - it’s heroic for you to go this direction. I know hubby can’t. He’s still too healthy, lol. @FrankoBear so sad about Eunice. We had cats too who would try to go out on their own to slip away to the Rainbow Bridge. I too would go out and retrieve them! (Most ended up dying in my arms.) Love the forest for Eunice. Yes, grief does physically hurt. I remember being surprised by that the first time.

@Karen18 and @SecondBreakfast your beautiful gardens inspire me! Love the wonderful pics. @Karen18 glad you’re taking it easy now. Covid takes awhile to leave the system.

@Fangs it’s time for orientation! So exciting! And Bolt! I love what @robintemplin said. Teaches us to slow down.

(Karen) #100

You will need to pick up a secondhand stroller for bolt xx

(Karen) #101

Well another crapoy night even after taking a couple of herbal sleep tabs :roll_eyes: cancelled the CF class at 6.40am and then i decided to go afterall. I did about 50 or so stair runs then ran to the box did a wod which consisted of a lot of running and walked back home.

Managed to get into the 7th round completing the 200m run.
Ate brunch … more of the paprika chicken and then took car to get tyre sorted and home again and then walked to Lidl with my trolley…i love my trolley!
Had ribeye steak with 4 pork chipolstas and some cheese.

And i think i may have had another small bowl of chicken. The bowl is only a small cereal bowl size. I quite often use those and side plates instead of dinner size.