Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023


Oh Karen! When I read you went to Nottingham, it made me smile. My mother’s ancestors were from Nottinghamshire. I don’t recall the his name, but do know that he was a knight around 1326. I’ve always had a desire to go visit some of the locations (churches and cemetaries) and see the records myself. Some of my Mom’s cousins did that, and wow! Anyways, just the thought of it took me on a happy little trip down memory lane listening to those who’d done the research. So, thank you, for mentioning that!


As for trying to recall the teenage years…it didn’t take much for me to recollect. Having teenagers myself, I am CONSTANTLY reminded of things we did as teens in the early-mid 80’s. Climbing trees and then jumping in rivers; playing basketball, swimming 200 laps, running, boxing, climbing and hiking…Yeah. I would likely not climb a tree, nor step into a boxing ring again- but, .the rest of it, definitely on the to do list.
Once the dump is over with, it feels as though heavy chains have been removed from all the joints and muscles, and you just wanna fly! Its like being released from a cage and set free!

Around the time of transitioning from Keto to ZC, I did a seven day fast. Yeah, it was a little tough in the beginning. But, woweee! Game changer. I recall that fast being associated with a brief, but most intense pain from the oxalate dump. The skyrocketing energy, mental clarity, and freedom from pain after 48 hours - there are just no words to describe it. It is SO worth the process, though. That’s all I can say.

Feeling now as though achieving satiation is pretty easy as long as there are some fatty chicken thighs, tins of mackerel, eggs and beef around. I began planking again, which has done wonders in the past. Very difficult to do it for the duration with the foot issue. But, its still one of the best exercises for me. Enjoying some cooler temperatures today, along with the hot coffee this morning. Its a bit cloudy out, but again- good day for gardening.

Not the least bit hungry, I’ll get on with some chores and plank. And go from there. I do hope you all have a lovely day, and just continue on the pathway to freedom from pain!


@Fangs: Thanks, I brought more pics :smiley:
Chicken liver (310g in raw weight, little but it still lasted for 2 days):

Pork chuck, first lightly roasted, then froze and finally it got some time in the pan… Lovely and very satiating, I just can’t eat bigger meals now. And cheesy sponge cakes (twice as many whites as yolks):

I had a proper lunch today featuring the above things. I will need another but 2MAD should be fine for today. In the end I had 5MAD yesterday. I just got satiated too easily every time and it was unusually long lasting (2-3 hours! tiny meals usually last 1 hour or less) so my last meal was at 1am and I went to bed afterwards. My first meal was at 4am so it wasn’t even IF but main thing to get my minimal protein and it didn’t happen until 1am.

And I have creamy coffees, sometimes with whipped cream, mmm. But it will be soon over.

It is raining ALL DAY, did last night too but NOT at dawn so Alvaro optimistically went by foot. He was completely soaked when came home but it’s no problem once in a blue moon especially in summer. It was 15 Celsius though, not very warm :slight_smile: I pitied him a bit but he had a shower, put on warm socks, hold and drank very warm tea and ate his fresh pizza!
I had pizza too. The crust was eggs, some sour cream and a little Grana Padano. The whole thing wasn’t carnivore but I only can buy mackerel in tomato sauce (at least it’s tasty in its sugary, planty way. I ate way worse ones. the almost no carb one - how they did it with tomato? probably watered it down - was awful). I gave most of it to Alvaro, the sauce, I mean, I wanted half of the fish. I love mackerel. So about 2g carbs from plants for me? I can live with that and we only eat pizza maybe once a month. (I do worse things every month.)

I googled and mackerel in brine exist in Hungary, we even order from a webshop that has it. It has a double price. Nope. I can buy the awesome smoked stuff for that money… But I would like to eat some normal mackerel here and there too.

Yesterday I had a proper carni day though. The pizza messed with it today but I am fine with this level. I thought I will eat fruit and whatever in June :smiley: I learned to push things to the weekend or the next month or 2 months away… But I am very fine with carni food now as long as I have variety and whatever kind I want at the moment. I made peace with what I have now so turned down Alvaro’s offer to buy some lean pork tomorrow. It would be tiny anyway. I had enough of playing with tiny - it’s good for frying in a pan but I just want to roast a bigger amount again. I will roast a chicken thigh and my tiny pork shoulder with skin today. I like these roast combos now. Just pork shoulder is too fatty, just fresh ham is too lean… And the slabs are often way too tiny too. And if I have a panful of chicken thighs, I eat too much of them and mess with my protein intake while staying hungry.

It wasn’t even ONE day and I miss sunlight. Not just direct sunlight, it is so DARK in the house! It’s much better when it is plenty of diffused light outside.
At least it’s not too warm. 15C is very lovely to go out, movement gives me enough warmth.
But it’s still raining.


Had my 2nd (and I trust that it was the last) meal at 6pm and waiting for satiation to kick in. It should, guesstimation says I had 158g protein and 135g fat (and about 20g carbs, it’s jumping liver and plenty of dairy for you! had eggs too but that wasn’t much).
Finished my chicken liver and pizza, modestly ate some pork chuck… Wondered about eating more of the latter considering the lack of satiation but I felt like I had enough food for today. Just wasn’t nicely satiated yet.

Almost no cream is left and I won’t have another super cheesy day so I expect less dairy and more satiation from tomorrow. But whipped cream is still a lovely treat I should enjoy sometimes :slight_smile:

I still had significantly over a pound of meat, I stick to that part as I know that’s key to my success :wink: And anyway, it would be weird and wrong to eat less (I don’t feel I had much meat but I really didn’t). How things have changed…

I am still happy with my modest amount of eggs. And I had zero added fat today. So it’s an okay day, it would be great if I could walk… Sigh. The rain stopped but I won’t go out for a proper walk. There’s tomorrow.
But I had my workout, it went okay, one exercise showed improvement.


I try to plan a day for tomorrow.
I had problems with things in the database I am using before… It says pork shoulder is just as fatty as chicken thigh. I had problems with the chicken thigh one but looked it up online and yep, it’s massively fatty. Surprises me every time. Due to skin, apparently but the skin is so thin!
Meanwhile pork shoulder is something super fatty, well this piece definitely, it’s, like, half fat, I better use something else, not this data, there are multiple ones in the database… AND I will cut off most of the fat layer anyway, it’s excessive :smiley: (I have so much lard now, when will I use it up? :D)
But that is the problem with tracking and eating fatty meat: it’s impossible. Sometimes more than other times.
I tend to just eat it as I like and track as chuck as it’s about right :smiley: My taste is somewhat reliable. It doesn’t work with lean meat, of course but it’s more accurate anyway. I do this “let’s count it as chuck” with the 70/30 pork that doesn’t even have a data in the database as it’s a Hungarian one, mostly, users added others and we just don’t have these 80/20, 85/15 things. The “scrap pork” I buy is the only one I know about with such an info. To use it as “chuck”, I cut off the fatty parts (I make lard and sratching from it. I track that as lard and scratching) and happily eat the rest. When I just fry it and make less lard that way, I track it as pork shoulder and it’s about right as I counted it once, measuring the amount of lard, it was very close. That stuff is lovely too but nowadays I prefer a bit leaner meat and considering my goals, it’s a very good thing. (When I will need more energy, it will be super easy to go back to fattier meat. Or just eating a ton of fatty, not satiating dairy. That direction is too easy.)

I am just wondering, there is no problem, tracking has about nothing to do with my food intake and nowadays I rather focus on protein and that is a tad easier to track (sure, more fat means less protein but still, I don’t get lots of kcals as a margin of error).

Maybe I should stop tracking but I am way too curious. But I could. I need my pound or more meat, little dairy, some eggs, not too lean meat, not too fatty but these are all easy now. If I just do this, it should work. And if I skip lunch when I am ready for OMAD but I have NO IDEA when that happens. Today could have been a fine OMAD day I suppose if I ate later. But who knows? Yesterday I waited until 4pm and STILL needed FIVE meals to get my ~130g protein. IDK how others have similar days and without force at that, I can’t seem to do that.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #46

hahahah same here. I just bought a packet and I’ll never need it!


I never buy lard since years, I make enough from fattier pork!
I would be lost without my frequent liver eating, that soaks up a lot of lard (a lot in my world, I use 20g for 500g liver. but if I made pâté, I would need more unless I used fat tissue). I don’t eat much scrambled eggs nowadays and I typically use pork belly or pork jowl or bacon so I still don’t use my lard often.

I visited the kitchen… The nice warm roasted chicken and pork I made this evening are so, so tempting… Not too much, I did eat enough for today and my satiation arrived already but it’s a tiny bit sad to behave… So I made another cup of creamy coffee to handle it… Tomorrow’s food will be good!

(JJ) #48

I am out the other side of a hideous 36 hours. Today, I feel GREAT. I walked 9km with my pony in the sunshine today, something I have been too sluggish to do since I slid back into the carb trap.
Thank you for the kindness and support from here.

I have a big poterhouse cooking as I type, so must dash- tell me, how are the other ZC folk faring?

So interesting that you lost interest in veg, did it happen all of a sudden?


My memory just can’t keep everything clear but it was pretty sudden especially considering I have thought I could go vegan before trying carnivore :smiley: I was a HUGE veggie lover. That was the only problem on keto, eating super little, below minimal vegs. 1000g was NOTHING to me.
But it wasn’t THAT bad and anyway, I go off all the time as I don’t like and can’t do restricting diets. I stayed on keto for 7 weeks, got my fat adaptation and went off immediately (and started to lose fat immediately because fresh fat adaptation is just that awesome. sadly, it didn’t last long and I went back to the original weight anyway. my body adored being 69kg but then I had a stress gain and I am 75 since, always, no matter how I eat. but I have carried away, sorry).

So I did on/off keto, my off times were mostly my woe before keto, low-carb. I ate meat, like, 3 times per year but I especially didn’t do it on keto where my protein intake was too high already (not like my low-carb times weren’t and it turned out high-protein doesn’t go against ketosis, I couldn’t avoid it anyway… but it didn’t matter, 3 days and not even with a big amount from my current viewpoint).
IDK how others do vegetarian keto but I loved vegs too much and in bigger quantities so I had to half-live on sweets to keep my carbs low enough (sweets were the only things I didn’t eat those carby vegs, after all. I always had a big sweet tooth so it was easy but after a few years I got bored of cake so much that it seems I never will like them again :smiley: and I had zillion other sweets on keto, not just cake! oh well).

And then I have found this forum. Along with its carnivores. And there were super charming! And I am interested in exotic things so I have read (and of course, wrote. I had’t gotten thrown out (? I had problems with this complicated tense, we have one past tense only…) :D)…
And then it’s a bit vague. I just know I was in those threads and had a lot of thinking, I already wasn’t fully content with my woe, it was a bit boring. Yeah I had all those plants but only 40g net carbs a day and that’s super low! Hence my going off all the time. I am sure I did that twice a week sometimes but in the beginning I had off keto weeks too. And I do love eggs but I wasn’t comfortable with eating more than 8 a day in average and that is very tiny food. Some dairy, some nuts… It just wasn’t right yet.

And no idea how but I had enough of vegs. I had a short time when I had no meat yet (it was a big problem, getting meat I am willing to eat… now I mellowed out and eat the supermarket meat I can afford regularly) but I stopped eating vegs. Interestingly, it was less boring despite I just cut out a food group and didn’t add anything :smiley: Surely it couldn’t have worked for long but for a little time, it was fine.
And then I added meat, that was hard as I often had only 0.25 pound a day and that was mostly super salty cured pork… But when I had proper meat, that was nice. I still had so many hurdles, couldn’t eat enough meat, I got super bored of it. Sometimes I got bored of every food in existence… I often went off because some carbier food was the only thing I could stomach when very hungry. I didn’t like that either but could eat it. Oh, bad times, they are over, apparently. Even if I have such problems (I am still hungry but don’t want my food), I still can’t eat carby things easier. I eventually find something carnivore, I make sure I have a nice variety of such items, after all. And if I am really hungry, my super low appetite always give it up eventually so I can eat something I have.

And after I stopped eating vegs, more or less (I kept tomato and onion. big favs, being great with eggs and meat)… It was years ago… I just never got back the desire for them. Even if I taste Alvaro’s (my SO, maybe I didn’t tell it you yet. he is a dear, a cinnamon roll, very health-conscious, can cook but almost only does it on weekends and he has a super huge sweet tooth - cake for breakfast? yes please -, hates table sugar and only can do HCHF where he is thriving. he lacks a spleen, otherwise he is very healthy. and easily gain fat if he isn’t careful. so he is careful, poor thing, I am so very different) veggie dishes… Nope, I couldn’t eat much of them anymore. With exceptions, probably. I STILL love tomato, I just close to never eat any. I pretty much lost onions (they are needed for stews but I almost never eat stew and I only can handle a minuscule amount of onion in it anyway) and I totally adored them, I used to make scrambled eggs with the ratio of 1 egg, 1 big onion sometimes… And I always loved eggs too. Onions are way too sweet for me now, it’s like some beloved but too sweet condiment I wouldn’t want to use every week, not even in tiny amounts.
Beyond tomato, onion and the odd very low-carb raw veg, I pretty much lost all interest in vegs years ago, pretty suddenly and it just never came back. Sometimes I get into a nostalgic feeling and try some… And just nope. Sometimes it’s lovely! One bite. I just don’t want more.
It’s very surreal. Take cauliflower. When I learned about fried riced cauliflower on keto, I promptly fell in love with it and immediately banned as the minimum amount I was able to eat at once was 1000g (in raw weight. it is a small snack, eaten in a few mins). And after my change just before I first tried out carnivore, I lost ALL interest in it. I don’t like it at all anymore. I think. I can’t even try it, it’s so not food to me. I have lovely nostalgic feelings but my current reality clashes with it.

So it was odd, me and vegs. But very useful! (Losing interest, I mean.) As while vegs are extremely delicious (well the ones I ate. always disliked and avoided almost all green leaves, they taste like grass or something to me), they don’t really have much more use for me. I understand many people are different. But they can’t even satiate Alvaro and he gets satiated for 8 hours with some almost pure carb food too! :smiley: But vegs are weak. And as they are carbs, they make me both hungry and even less disciplined as I was. Oh and they bring tons of fat so I inevitably overeat. Vegs already bring lots of fat as I prefer to fry them but carbs always make me eat more fat to balance things out. And they are work to cook (especially multiple kgs in a time but less is so useless)! Cost money and my precious freezer space!

So I am very happy to get rid of vegs. I still can taste any I fancy… It does little to no harm as I usually don’t :smiley:

But it’s for vegs. And I lost the need for fruits too, my interest and love changed nothing, I love fruits with a passion. But I already ate very little on keto, it wasn’t a problem like vegs. I ate 25g net carbs from vegs and 1-3g from fruits every day. Because without it I even felt physically bad, it wasn’t just missing the lovely treats.
I pretty much lost the need and desire for both. Even though I love and enjoy fruit, I don’t desire it most of the time, at all. I AM interested, love when I see them growing, like to look at them, the taste changed nothing… But if I don’t eat it for a while, even for a month if I can do it while Alvaro eats them every day (it’s fine most of the time but for the 30th time, I may get ideas), nothing happens. So I got free.

The other carby things are mixed. No real need and little interest (zero regarding very many) but I can’t keep it that perfect for very long yet. I live with a high-carber, I bake and cook very often… And I used to love so many food and almost never tried to say no to myself. I don’t work like that. If I fancy something, I eat it and I easily fancied almost anything (very rarely the low-fat, non-fruit things though. vegs work too until the amount of tiny but much vegs need a lot of fat too. low-fat is my room 101 especially with high-carb).
So I train myself so I won’t need to try to control myself (that wouldn’t work well anyway). But I already love my carni food, I just need to avoid adding too many extras. As I cling to my tiny ones at this point. But stubbornly try to improve.


I have tracked. As I just couldn’t feel comfortable and ate another time. (I won’t eat so much dairy, maybe that was the problem.)
About 200g protein and somewhat less fat, it’s impossible to tell with my fatty meat.
(It’s still so surreal for me that people can eat little protein. I ate high-protein on all my diets. It was only allegedly adequate on low-carb plant-based but I only could do that for 5 days, eggless diets aren’t for me and the carb was too high anyway.)

Another rainy day. It was cloudy first but now it’s as dark as twilight, at 1pm…

Smoked pork hock entered the scene! Alvaro’s dish needs it (can be done without but it’s way tastier this way and there is no need to cook some protein for it every day as it’s included) but not all so I try to roast my share. It’s edible as it is but not tender enough. 1 hour in the pressure cooker does amazing things to it but maybe the oven is fine too…


Stormy weather. No power = no Internet. Can we do ZC carnivore without refrigeration?


@JulesyMcJulesface , Hmmmm. That sounds like a silver lining! :joy:


I don’t. Well, theoretically it’s possible, canned meat is a thing somewhere (I never saw such a thing, it’s weird in my country… but I know it exists) and there are people who has supermarkets in their 5km vicinity and they even keep meat! (As 10km walk/cycling is nothing but I can’t always find meat…)

I would be quite miserable without a fridge. I probably would convert into higher-carb in no time (legumes and oily seeds galore, I still love their taste and I get lots of essential nutrients that way) but IDK what would happen later.
I would go back to 8+ eggs a day as they don’t need refrigeration and are fine for a month… So I can buy them in bulk.

Alvaro would lose his will to live without cheese though. His life is a bit dark, he can’t afford losing such a big source of joy (it’s not just the joy of eating the cheese, it’s a principle too). I wonder how long cheese lasts without a fridge… Permanently without a fridge so putting into a box with ice is out too (though one can buy ice in gas stations…)

Nope. Life is hard enough as is. And carnivore made me lazy… This low-egg challenge is enough for me. (And my low cost, minimal protein, minimal fat, minimal dairy things… Yes I fail them sometimes quite spectacularly but efforts are made! No wonder I don’t force no coffee but I should do that too.)

clings to fridge with their best puppy eyes

We have rain and we had lunch, I am lazy/sleepy now, will wax poetry about warm fatty meat later.
Or maybe about my beloved, useful, hardy, wonderful fridge with its small but super useful freezer… I appreciate it all the time but now it’s even more serious.


Not my whole lunch but a big part of it:

Fatty pork (very fatty chuck), more fatty pork (super fatty shoulder but I cut off some fat layers… and didn’t eat the skin either, it needs more time to get crunchy!) and fatty chicken.

I had another meal and still no lean meat (I had so much lovely meat and didn’t cook the liver in the end. only had a little that I put into the oven pan) so I overeat fat again… Or let’s blame the “ice cream” that my idiot microwave managed to fry when I wanted to melt it a tad as it was frozen super hard… IDK what happened, quick defrost for a little while keep even my frozen egg white unfried! So I got some creamy scrambled egg, ate it. Well that was fatty… It was already for dinner along with some leftover fatty meat and cheese.
Minimum protein, I did it today! And too much fat (no idea how much exactly but way over my protein intake), it’s life when I don’t focus like crazy - or have lean pork. Alvaro will buy some tomorrow for me, I don’t trust my liver eating abilities well enough.

I need lean pork, more muscles, OMAD and lots of exercise or else nothing will change…

(I am a bit upset now. I am trying so hard and it’s in vain since so many years. Yeah I have my fun and I eat lovely things but still. At least I want some energy… But I never can have it.)


Eats today:
Coffee - black
1 chicken breast grilled/fried and dipped in butter
2 beef brats
1 hard boiled egg
Lots of water. It was hot, and I’ve been in the garden a good part of the day. Going to soak in the tub.

(JJ) #56

@SecondBreakfast You were right, there was ONE and it is even more glorious than expected! Thank you for your wisdom, imagine me basking in the silver lining , sunglasses on, big grin on my face as that’s how I am feeling.
I am guessing you garden flowers or shrubs and not vegetables :stuck_out_tongue:

@Shinita that plate of food looks delicious and very satisfying. I am sorry to hear that you haven’t found your energy though

@FrankoBear gorgeous images, very moody weather. Sounds like you need a gas BBQ and a big feast. Hope your power is restored soon.


@JulesyMcJulesface . LOL! CONGRATS!!! So thrilled that you’re silver lining is with you now!! ENJOY!!! As for the garden… its veggies and flowers. (And, actually a couple of fruits.) I am really the only carnivore person in my family. So, I still like to have home grown foods available or everyone else. (When there is an abundance, I take some to work to share.) On occasion, I will eat a bit of cruciferous veggies, so there’s an area dedicated to those in the garden. The flowers are placed in the center of the garden to draw in the pollinators. I’ve only got 2 rows left to plant, plus the far back section- which I am still not sure what to put there.

I’ve spaced the rows a bit further apart to get the roto-tiller through for weed control. We don’t use any chemicals on our farm properties. There is diatomaceous earth on the leaves of potatoes, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels, And, that’s about it. While there are a couple invasive plants that have entered the garden’s borders, I only roto-till to break them up, rather than using chems to control the spread. At one point, we did use a horticultural vinegar (30% acidity) for weed control on the border, but that was only a temporary solution, so, I just lay cardbord or rubber tarps down around the edges now. Ran out of both, so, one edge just gets roto-tilled every few days. good exercise.

We had an unexpected visitor trample through the garden a couple days ago. My husband was out splitting wood, and I had just come inside for a drink. When I came out, the garden fence on the north side looked messed up, and my hubby was not at the log splitter. He came huffing and puffing over to me, and explained that the bull…the 2300 pound bull… had just bulldozed through the entire length of the garden, unexpectedly. He’s never done that before. Once I fixed the fence, I noticed he left me a rather large deposit of ummm, fertilizer…across several rows of veg. He didn’t destroy too much, though the imprints from his hooves had to be filled. They were a tripping hazard. What a booger!
With the current weather being so hot and dry here, its kinda iffy as to what the season will bring. But, there is a garden hose that stretches out all the way to the garden from the house- so, we can make do. We are going on vacation in a couple weeks, so I am hoping to see all kinds of sprouts and flowers when we get back.

Well, going on a day trip today with my youngest kiddo. She has exams this morning, and then off for the rest of the day. We are trekking out of town get a couple Father’s Day gifts, and an Aldi haul. We will be out of town for Father’s Day, so we’re are celebrating w my FIL this Sunday, and I will cook for him. He’s doing relatively well since my MIL passed away, but he does get lonely. So, its my pleasure to have him over, and cook for him. We all just love him to pieces!

Better git at it. Plan to finish up those two rows, and be done with it! Have a blessed day, everyone!

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Good morning, I’ve read all the Meat Chewin June posts with time left to write a little!
Welcome @JulesyMcJulesface, fun reading your exciting beginnings into this woe. I too started ZC living under the tender guidance of this forum in January 2022. Glad you’re out of the difficult starting days and feeling great! I envy you your multiple porterhouses :wink:
@Fangs hope your pool comes into line soon! Back in my former marriage we had a pool and hot tub and I’m aware of the delicate balance required for it. Your stay in the mountains and DD’s college orientation is exciting. Wow. Life marches on.
@SecondBreakfast I did some long water fasts in my 20s, I do recall the joint pain and the feeling of being SO TIRED. The first 4 days I slept constantly except when I had to work. We played for Jimmy Carter’s inauguration luncheon, standing on the edge of the stage for 4 hours, playing viola, all our music from memory. I had a thermos of hot water. DAM it was hard! But after that first week or so, like you say I had boundless energy. That fast was 3 weeks. I couldn’t believe the savings in time, money, and GARBAGE takeout, not prepping food! At the time I was vegetarian, went to a minimal sprouty diet following that fast.

Anyway. This has been another long week playing music in the Texas Hill Country. Hubby and I must be the only strolling string duo west of the Mississippi. It’s new to people here, playing for tables as a violin/bass duo. 2 gigs every Friday, now 12-3 (seafood restaurant) and 8-10 (steak house). Saturday, 3-5 (winery) and 8-10 (steak house). We play church on this ranch, and I teach Saturday mornings online, so by Sunday afternoon we’re ready to sleep! Then on Monday I’m teaching online most of the day, and a few on Tuesday. Summer should show some slowing though, as kids leave on vacation.

So I started ZC 17 months ago and never looked back. I’m 70, arthritis and sciatica are my only 2 complaints but both have lessened with much lower levels of inflammation. Our family history of the big 3 - diabetes, heart disease, and cancer- have passed me by as long as I’m good with diet, and ZC is the ultimate cleansing diet to reverse that stuff.
I was keto for 10 years (with my diabetic sister). My weight stayed high, blood sugar and pressure were creeping up. ZC reversed all of it. My hair grows out brown instead of white. No body odor. I’m positive I could not do this job if I’d stayed on keto!

Well, it won’t upload my food pics. I’ll try again later!
Meanwhile, here’s today’s sunrise.


SO MANY posts, can’t keep up LOL but also my internet is screwy right now. They sent email saying a 2 day maintenance and cable/internet gets dropped tons thru the last few days. I can barely get a page to change on my laptop without waiting 5 mins…ugh.

@FrankoBear, yes it can be done without refrig. Been done for many centuries already LOL plus that big ol’ ocean, a fresh catch of the day eaten on demand, yum.


My steak pic was today at 12. about 10 oz NY Strip. I ate it fast and a minute later I had to hit the kitchen and fry up a 1/2 lb cheeseburger or I was not gonna make it :wink:…been eating less that hotter weather was here so I think today I required at least a full on if not more lb. of meat on first meal. I am happy but I woofed that burger down in a flash and almost made more, but thought, hmm, wait…ok, 15 mins. later brain says not hungry at all, tummy feels SUPER empty and wants more but brain wins on this one, ha,

Loving zc clean and simple. I don’t miss dumping spices/herby crap at all. I did tho. But now again, nope. Once you get ‘that day’ under your belt when ya dump something and the desire is gonzo, omgosh, I love that day :slight_smile: Don’t even think of it anymore.

I feel like I am getting leaner and meaner, at least I hope so. No scale, don’t care but clothes are fine but not a ton looser but I don’t care if it takes me 5 yrs to drop the last 10-15 lbs I would love to see gone. ZC long term lifestyle, so what happens happens now, I will not ‘force diet’ off another damn lb. in my life. I eat each zc meal as I need daily and for me, that is the best win of my life…rock on zc!!!

reading along, great thread…so busy. have so much for kid now with college and can not keep up with maintenance around my horse barns and goat barn and home. Everything is out of control here, I don’t like that LOL OCD and control freak me is not liking it at all.

(Karen) #61

Sorry far too many posts for me to read, my heads shot enough without reading things on my phone :roll_eyes::crazy_face:
Forgot to post yesterday … food for yesterday and today…

Omelettes and steaks and some jerk chicken thighs … i ate 3! Didn’t enjoy them by the third one! Eaten cheese too…not really enjoying that either.

Started day with 100 stair runs, ran to CrossFit, did the sweatiest workout

And its called a rebound chipper for a reason cos once you get to the bottom you gotta get back to the top again. Then once done with that i ran home again.

Popped over to take Raymond to bank and heritage cafe at the canal for a cuppa then home to his place again before returning home. Sun came out this afternoon and turned from a really chilly morning into a gloriously hot afternoon.

Very tired now and in bed just after 8pm.

Oh heres my neighbours doggo basking in yesterdays sunshine… she liked the warmth from the sandstone on my patio… i was doggo sitting. Kitty sitting again this weekend for my daughter :grinning: