Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #243

What? from the forum or just this thread? I’m outta my depth here lol


Can’t beat a bit of pâté.

Back in the day I would have smeared on toast, but these days I usually have it at the side of the plate like yourself.


I was!!! Temporary ban.

True story. Weird politics going on lol.


I was very sleepy at that point so no photo. But I only ate half of it so I make one tomorrow (there is no right light for it now). It’s NOT pretty though. Maybe I make some new sponge cakes, my old ones are deflated sorry ones. Nice to eat! But not pretty. My freshly made ones sometimes are pretty, other times they deflate too much.

Mine are a bit similar to @Pjam’s but its color is lighter and less saturated. And my photography skills, oh my. IDK why anyone would want to see my pâté shot by me :smiley: But I will try, promise!

Look at my flowers instead. That’s not a good photo either (I just not in the mood lately and I didn’t bring my fav macro lens) but the (somewhat) sunlit flowers still help a lot :wink:


It seems I didn’t bring this here yet… Fried pork number several… 800g in raw weight, I ate it yesterday and today.

And my very fragrant pink rose :slight_smile:

(Robin) #248

You’re fine. It’s Coop that has the criminal record and nefarious tendencies! LOLOL @coopdawg


I’m guilty of upholding the truth!

(JJ) #250

Happily gorging meat to fend off the tired


That’s a long shift for anyone!

(Karen) #252

@Shinita you are welcome sweetpea and i will keep you in my daily prayers until i see your posts take on a more positive upbeat note :kissing_heart: i know you are going to be fine xx

(Karen) #253

Great foody pics again…that reminds me :thinking: gotta get somthing to eat :grinning:

(Karen) #255

Food yesterday …

Shoulder of Mutton
Plus i had some mild cheddar and a hard boiled egg

I ate a bit too much mint sauce with the mutton and ended uo this morning bloated and belching and not feel too great. Only managed to run up 25 flights of stairs, was feeling a bit yuk, so stopped them and had my coffee in the garden with my reading material. Ran to CrossFit and just managed the wod inwhich the burpee box jump overs and the ergs (bike to start, rower to finish) felt hard then after a chat with some peeps ran home again.

Will gnaw on the mutton blade w/o mint sauce and i have salmon for dinner piccies to follow.


Maybe try combining the mutton with some good fat, gently heat to get a semblance of a sauce with the meat?

(Geezy) #257

Yesterday for me was scrambled eggs with some of my pate mixed in.
And then a nice T-bone seared over a mesquite fire.

Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023
(Karen) #258

To late I have devoured it, without the condiment but it has left me with a an unsettled tum again so perhaps it was the meat or way i had cooked it rather than the condiment ! I will get over it, i have a pretty strong stomach and will look forward to my fish later :wink:

Has anyone opened a July thread … haven’t much of a clue how to do it myself I’m afraid :roll_eyes:


Glatonbury is on iPlayer.



@JulesyMcJulesface: Oh my, that’s a very long time… It reminds me of my aunt who was a physician and she got all the long shifts as she had no kids… I could saw her at Christmas when I went to the hospital… Long shifts are tiring even if one does little, Alvaro had 12 hour night shifts, mostly just waiting for telephones, not falling asleep was as hard as falling asleep (and keep staying asleep) afterwards at home.
8 hours can be longer than ideal already, it depends on the work. And the individual, Alvaro and I never understood how others can have so much energy… Or passion though I actually liked my work. When not too many problematic persons were involved. I like teamwork as long as people do their jobs. My experiences are mixed. I had awesome perfect managers who helped me and absolutely useless annoying ones who tried to keep me from work and insulted me without reason. well that was one short thing but I never will forget it.
I typically disliked designers and programmers alike - I think they are natural enemies for a programmer… - but some were worse than others.
My other coworkers were mostly cool.
I still preferred working alone. Do you know how much bigger the compatibility between me and how much quicker is communication? :smiley: And it works for tiny projects just fine. Maybe some design ON TIME.

I tracked my (non-carnivore though it wasn’t too bad until the evening when I got hungry again despite all the good food I ate) yesterday… Both fat and protein over 200g, it happens. I was hungry and ate all day. About 530g meat?

Today will be better. I got hungry early but it’s the kind that passes. I did eat a few bites at lunch but it was minimal. I had fresh fried pork at that point, I tasted it, lovely! I managed to forget about it and it got a bit black but still pretty and good! :smiley:

We opened the smoked quail eggs in sauce we bought last Saturday at the “night market” on the night of Museums… Good, the sauce REALLY didn’t need the little sugar in it… I tasted it but don’t want to eat much of it (it’s a tiny jar but 12-15 eggs, they said) so I eat 1-2 more eggs and the rest is Alvaro’s.

I have my pâté, didn’t consider it needed to make new sponge cakes so I took a shot for @coopdawg with my last 2 old ones, they spent some time squashed in a little box in the freezer but they should do.

I have some new flowers (I mean, the plants are here since ages but they started their yearly bloom…) and an old cat, Caroline “Cloud” Aida :wink: She isn’t really old but the oldest of the whole bunch and the most dignified by far.

By the way, the day wasn’t better. I am an idiot and yes, I can say that, my inner structure makes it sure it does more good than harm. Tomorrow will be better. I know as I start to feel actual negative effects on my straying. Alvaro will be on holiday for 3 weeks (due to the change of owners at the company, it seems all will be mostly well but they need time) and I will need to do my best not to go off all the time. I tried to behave and mostly did for so long, my inner rebel surely will want things. But as going off stopped being worth it, some radical changes are necessary. Maybe I come out of July well.
(I still want to make new recipes and stuff.)

Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023
(Doug) #262

Holy ****… Ouch!

(Karen) #263

Todays food

Thought about going modern jive dancing this evening but dithered over it too long. Feeling so tired anyway so i guess it is just as well i haven’t gone. Just didn’t fancy sweaty men all over me and the thought i may end up with some cough or worse still another bout of Covid!

S9 i have had a pretty boring evening switching channels on the tv and i doubt it will be long before i go to bed! I want to sleeeeeeep!

(Robin) #264

So tired, and still such a cutie!