Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023



being on beach trip and having tons of fun. omgosh SO hot but you know I love hot hot weather. So having a blast.

hit grocery and got tons of meats. yesterday was sausage/fancy extra sharp white cheddar cheese—then 2 big cheeseburger patties for lunch time kinda and later grill time for chicken breasts. Got a leftover breast to eat first thing when I want it, then got me a beauty NY Strip to hit the grill for dinner tonight. Was so hungry when I got here, now I am backing off the food more cause doing so much at the beach and swim and boogie boarding the waves, I don’t want any food thru the big activity and heat ya know…hey fine by me :slight_smile: Just eat the zc any time I want it, any amt I want, and life goes on merrily along in fine form :slight_smile:
Great pics on the board, except for a veggie pic included…gosh that was scary!!! I am not used to truly seeing food plates like that anymore HAHA

@JJFiddle, still looking fine girl! Great smiling family pic for you guys!!

@JulesyMcJulesface, great pic of you too!! but I can barely see ya in that mask :crazy_face::100:

I got some great shots of beach and my food I will post later. My WI FI is not great and laptop moving slow of course so when I do get home from the trip I will show ya my good pics. Kiddo got a great one of sunset and it is reflected in the little beach tide water pond on the beach…nice photo.

Today is hit little village shop and goof off for a while…then home later to swim and boogie the waves!! More jellies in the water than other times, got an eye out on those suckers LOL

then after fun day, cook big ol’ steaks…yea what could be better right :slight_smile:
ZC on strong everyone.

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Thought I would try and start up Julys thread but i just ended up messing the forum screen setting and can’t reset it :roll_eyes: useless woman!

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Who’s useless? … have a word with her Karen :joy:

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Well hey ho another wakeful night… i couldn’t get off to sleep last night so headed back downstairs for another half hour of tv

Up for a litte after 8 although i was awake before 7. Did my garden coffee and reading in the sunshine. We are back to slightly cooler temps for a while before it is due to get hot again. Had a wonderful chicken omelette for brunch. Wasn’t too sure i would like chicken in it for some unknown reason. I used one of the little packs of cooked sliced chicken… think this one was piri piri or something like that, sauted it in butter (in the pan with the leftover butter from cooking the salmon last night) and then added 3 large eggs. It was so delish… i can only wonder why i haven’t done an omelette in that way before :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

I went to the shops for some more eggs n cheese and popped into The Company Shop, just for the cheese of course and came out with the ardennes patè, which i dug into when i got home … delish only 75p… should have bought 2!
… and 2 x 300g fish pie mix (salmon, cod and smoked haddock)
390g pork kebabs
2 x 4 pk beef burgers
2 x 2 pk pork burgers
Smoked trout
500g chinese chicken wings
And 2 x lurpak butter (£1.25 ea)
£22.77 total

Then stopped at Lidl and couldn’t resist 2 medium sized fuschia plants reduced by £2 to £4.99 and a vuple of trays of geraniums. Got those planted out as soon as i got home. Weather a bit temporamental at the mo, expecting some rain some day soon.

Dinner is going to be Piri Piri Chicken wings or some similar spice and a small ribeye steak.

Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023

Good food there!

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Can’t fault The Company Shop … it is all acado, waitrose, sainsburys, M&S , tesco and morrisons and some of the delux stuff from aldi and lidl. Also butchers meat.


Sound like the spot to shop alright.

I hope they do lambs’ liver :slight_smile:

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@coopdawg thay do sometimes have liver and i managed to buy chicken liver last time i was in store. It was only 40p as it had reached its use by date so i could have frozen it but decided i would eat it for dinner. It was really delish… i wasn’t really expecting to like it as liver is something i eat only when i think my body is nagging me for it :laughing:

So dinner was piri piri chicken wings, very nice and i have just eaten the small ribeye which was nice and rare and very tender. In between i ate some more paté and some cheese.

Bedtime is looming…


Sleep well x.

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Thank you …:crossed_fingers:

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Howdy! Another marathon weekend accomplished with all these gigs. Yesterday late afternoon was the most uncomfortable as we play in the winery which is just a huge steel barn open at both ends and whole there are fans there’s no ac. It was in the mid 90s and very humid but it’s been 10° hotter so we survived! Then right into town to play the steakhouse.
We had guests this weekend who are ac specialists and fixed the air conditioning in our house. Great to see them and to have the apartment they could stay in.
This afternoon we all went to the brewery in town, I got this German sausage:

One of them had little pieces of hot pepper, no longer my thing! But I was hungry and the 3rd one was kinda of dry. I always just say it’s okay, I have better food at home :wink:

@Fangs your vacay sounds amazing, I remember the jellyfish from last year though, I know you’re being more careful!

@Karen18 your food always looks so good. The crispy omelet is to die for!

Canceled all my students for Monday and Tuesday for the holiday. We need a staycation! This has been a nutsy 2 weeks.

Carnivore Chewy July - 31-day Challenge - 2023

Hey Everyone.

Let us move the conversation over to the new thread for July.

Please can an admin close this June thread it is extending itself way too long. @robintemplin

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The omelette was not at all crispy Judy … super light and fluffy… just the way i make them lol x

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