Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023


This is for @Karen18 and it’s some kind of self care, venting, whatever. No nice food or flower or any other topics.

I am very bad at being super low on all levels. I used to say I am… Well, there is an oldschool toy with a round bottom with most of its weight in it. It always pops up. I am the same. I may need a little time but it is quick enough. Sunlight! Butterfly*! Music! Food! And I forget I am supposed to be in the deepest pit :smiley:
So I have my joys, that’s no problem. It keeps me afloat for a long time, along with my hope.

*I used butterfly because that’s a cliche, it’s more like frog, hairy caterpillar and snake for me but I like many others. Even some interesting butterflies.

Oh no my inheritance went well, super simple! The other part, the life insurance thing was problematic but we solved that too quickly. But the inheritance? I had some phone calls but didn’t even need to travel to the other part of the country. But I need to figure out if I need to make a new contract with a agricultural company (it’s about 100%), I probably have the right phone number but it was ages ago I contacted them… And I need to go there for the new contract, most probably. Alvaro need an off day and his company has a new owner and we waited until he got his mandatory long vacation for the craziest times. He STILL don’t surely know if he will be free next week… We have a small window for the contract as the travel takes almost the whole day. And I hate phone calls with not a passion but anxiety. And as I am almost immune to anxiety (or rather lucky not to have reason for it. but my hedonistic inner self likes to make sure I just don’t have such feeling), I handle the rare bouts of it super unwell. It’s so stupid :frowning: I KNOW it’s nothing. Not even with my phone barely having money on it (it will get solved tomorrow but I postponed the call because of that. and because we don’t know if Alvaro will be free next week and we want to go as soon as possible) and it having the defect that it just closes the call all the time when it’s important. I had it when I had to organize my aunt’s funeral. It wasn’t fun, to put it lightly. And it already was hard on me. I had nothing like that since then and I probably will call on Monday when Alvaro’s phone will be here as a backup.

It will be fine. By the way, when the inheritance process started, I read about things, worried a bit and felt bad for people who have it complicated. I had it super easy. I am the single one who inherited. No house, no work to sort out things, just 3 lands (one proper and two useless tiny fragment of a big one with dozens of owners. I have 4 such lands now, wonderful) and money… I needn’t even to go, needn’t to get things from the land registry (unlike when Mom died, I had to go TWICE, to the other part of the country because they messed it up), it was super smooth.
I am glad I won’t inherit again. Hopefully it will be true for Alvaro too for a very, very long time. I like my too few family members alive and if possible, quite well. For a loooooooooooooooong time. I know I can’t expect miracles, his Mom is unhealthy and won’t change her ways but life, give me a few more decades at least (and several more with Alvaro. I am greedy there. and borderline realistic).

Was I too exhibitionist, on the Internet at that? Hmmmm I don’t know how to use these against me so I just don’t care. I write more private things and I don’t consider it a big deal. I am careful enough. Sometimes paranoid but that’s not hedonistic so rather not.

But my inheritance in total is nothing. Alvaro’s many years long headache with multiple lawyers and the insurance company, that is something. I often wonder that it’s lucky he probably will live for a very long time, I imagine many people simply die before things get sorted out with insurance… Things go shockingly slow, yes partially because Alvaro needed time before contacting new lawyers and because he didn’t accept the super tiny money the insurance company wanted to pay but of course not. He lost his SPLEEN. The money would cover a few years of vaccine he need to have due to it or something. It’s Hungary, not the US but there are still lawyers doing WAY better than that. Very very very much better. It just takes forever, apparently. Or IDK, I don’t ask, I have enough problems without that.

Yes, my aunt passed away, hence I am waiting for the tax administration(?) to tell me to pay a really lot of money… Even my little land is worth a lot so I need to pay a lot. But I rent it out and it will bring it back in 4-5 years. That works well. my 4 useless lands don’t do anything so they only bother me when I think about their uselessness. Why? No one can do anything with theirs I think. Except the electricity company, they have 5 square meters and they obviously put their… I don’t want to google it, those electricity tower things. They put that on it. What other people do, I don’t know but I suppose nothing? Like me?
I hope someone will just buy them all at some point (they are really tiny fragments, almost no worth per piece). All but the electricity one :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t even know who to sell my proper, decent sized, 100% own land if I had to but those fragments of a land with many owners? It’s stupid.
(Maybe I have 2 fragments of land now, not 4. Or 3. I won’t look it up if they are part of the same ones but probably as Mom and my aunt inherited them all from Grandma. So stupid fragments got split. Maybe not they joined. Not like it matter and I shouldn’t write so much about things not good for anything…)

I think it’s a bit better now. I usually feel I am very fine with bottling up things, even prefer that but occasionally it helps to talk. Or write but it’s all the same to me, writing (even in English) is even easier as I can take my sweet time with my sentences.
Thank you, @Karen18, I really appreciate your help and care. I still feel undeserving but it still feels nice.

We still don’t have hot days, it’s nice and it’s bad I can’t fully enjoy it with more than the usual problems surrounding me. But I do try. If the mozzies let me.

(Geezy) #224

Making a beef liver pate. There will be two batches. One for my wife who is not carnivore but has started ketovore and one for me.
Her’s will have onions, mushrooms , rosemary and thyme .
Mine will just have salt and duck fat.

(Judy Thompson) #225

Wow @Shinita I couldn’t have said it better. I love the feeling of sunshine the ZC woe gives me! I look over at the meal hubby eats and no wonder he’s moody sometimes. Half the meat and he can’t finish that. But I’ve been enjoying cooking his starchy food lately, now that it’s disgusting to smell, it’s more like playing with clay. All the artificial keto food is gone and I’m buying real flour and sugar and all the stuff he likes and no temptation whatever to lick my fingers. He loves it and is happy. It’s probably a matter of time before he realizes it and joins me on this, but I’m having fun stirring and baking till then, lol.

My brother was here over the past weekend. We had a nice time. I offered him a choice between SAD and carnivore, he thoroughly enjoyed eating what hubby eats (“I’ll go back to keto when I’m no longer on vacation.”) At any rate, he did be a nice time and people enjoyed meeting him, comped him lots of food and wine tastings and stuff. The local radio DJ invited him to the station. Here’s a pic of the DJ Waldo (“Big Daddy Waldo”) and me and my brother.

Here’s some food from the week-

This was at a place where we sat outside with the puppy and ate in the 100° heat - burger meat is usually overcooked in restaurants.

Some of my little evening snack - Boars Head liverwurst and sharp cheddar.

Sous vided boneless beef ribs, 140° for 48 hours. There’s another meal of it for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we leave for the 1st gig at 11, home at 4 for lunch, back out at 7 for the 2nd gig from 8:15 to 10:15. Then to stop off, and home about 12:30 most weekend nights. Then a bacon and egg breakfast. Typical musicians life lol :joy:

Y’all have a great weekend! Catch you on the other side :sunglasses:

(Judy Thompson) #226

Oh and I’ve tried again to use BBQ sauce (sugar free) and shrimp cocktail sauce. Just a few little dips into it and I’m nauseous. Good to know. So great how the body has gotten so smart lately!

For the July name - how about July HAMboree? :rofl::sunglasses:

(Robin) #227

Great photo of you. I remember you reveling your age once and I was so surprised. You look so young and vibrant.


I got hungry. Workout, a tad early eating window with 2 close meals, lowish protein, lowish fat, such a combo apparently doesn’t work well… No wonder. I will take notes!
(I wondered what to eat, hard to say as I don’t even know what I lacked but I decided on scrambled eggs. If my protein was higher, I would have eaten some pork jowl. I didn’t want to eat, I just wanted the hunger go away but it felt nice.)

It’s so much easier to experiment now (including just eating and taking notes, I don’t have real experiments now) that my eating is simpler. Still not super simple as I had 2 different processed meats and 2 different dairy items but from me, it’s simple. And anyway, main thing that I ate 402g proper pork, my processed stuff was very little! (88g)
So I had above a pound of meat today as well. And very nice food. Still not bored of fried pork, I will have it tomorrow too as my main dish! For the 4th day in row :wink:
Meanwhile Alvaro is very content with eating eggs in purgatory very often. It’s wonderful as it requires close to zero work. He ate his own food for 3 days and the rest of the workdays have the simplest dish I can cook for him (apart from giving him part of my pork).
He only could bring 20 eggs today but we bought 60 on Saturday and we still have many. It felt I embraced my love towards eggs again but it turned out we still eat about 4-5 eggs a day, not more. It’s more convenient not needing so many.

I like it!
I will feel tempted to buy some good ham :wink:
And I agree with Robin, you looks really good and even knowing that people may look good and not old at your age, it’s amazing how young you look!

(Geezy) #229

The liver pate is done and was very good. My wife said hers was delicious and from past experience I know it was. While mine was devoid of the herbs and veggies it was nonetheless tasty. Mine was beef liver fried in duck fat with a little balsamic vinegar and salt added. Yes it tasted more of liver than my wife’s but it was still very tasty. The vinegar and salt really gave it a nice touch.
We ate it with pork rinds fried in lard.
Looks kinda nasty but it’s tasty. Lol!


I’m looking to make my own pate in near future; so thanks very much for your advice.

(Geezy) #231

Any time you want my recipe just let me know.

(Judy Thompson) #232

Yes, please post it!

(JJ) #233

So much to read through and so many gorgeous food (and people) pics.

Nearly the end of the month, wow. It’s gone fast. I thought I would struggle and be bored, but it’s quite the opposite. Only intended to do ZC for the month to reset me back to keto, but am going to see out July too. I haven’t had dramatic, quick weight loss like I did keto, but I tracked my first year keto and am going totally freestyle ZC, so that’s more sustainable for me now.

(Geezy) #234

Here you go:
Bison or Beef Liver Pate

•. Buttermilk enough to cove liver. I use 1 pint
• 1 small onion, minced
• 8 medium mushrooms chopped
• 4 cloves garlic, minced
• 1 pound bison or beef liver
• 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary, minced
• 2 tablespoons fresh thyme, minced
•. 1 cup coconut oil or duck fat, melted
•. 3 tbs balsamic vinegar
• ½ teaspoon sea salt

1. Cube liver and cover with buttermilk. Refrigerate for a minimum of two hours. (I prefer 24 hours) rinse off buttermilk before cooking.
2. Split the fat and put half in frying pan. Add the onion and mushrooms, and cook until soft on medium-high. Add the garlic and cook for about 3 minutes. Add the liver, sprinkling with the herbs. Cook for 3-5 minutes per side, until just pink in the center. Add balsamic vinegar and reduce liquid.
3. Turn off heat, and place contents into a blender or food processor with the remaining oil and sea salt. Process until it forms a thick paste, adding more oil if too thick.
4. Garnish with some fresh herbs and serve.

Now this the non carnivore recipe but I believe it may be ok for keto.

To make it carnivore I just soak it in the buttermilk, then rinse it off and fry it in the duck fat. When cooked I add the balsamic vinegar and cook about another five minutes. Then add salt and purée.


Vinegar? I never tried that or read about it! I will try :slight_smile: Finally something where I can use vinegar, I was a big vinegar lover but I can’t use it on carnivore (only my mustard has it but I eat very little mustard nowadays. I used to put it on my eggs all the time in the beginning).
Maybe not my balsamic one as that is so very sugary I probably would have problems with it :smiley: I never use it anymore as I only used it in salads before (I made salad 2-3 times a year as I disliked salads except mine and a few simple ones I had at relatives). Alvaro doesn’t eat salads either, only raw vegs all the time. They don’t need anything else.

I will make my own and hopefully better than usual pâté soon (I need to make lard before) so I am in need of ideas and I will decide what to do with them :wink:
I will use chicken liver and that’s super strong liver flavored (while beef liver is very mild and even sweet, at least according to my experiences)… So I probably will put a lot of pork into it :smiley: That always help with the flavor and I think store bought versions often do the same… :thinking:

Maybe I don’t need lard, just fat tissue but do I want to sacrifice some of my precious pork jowl I wonder…?

(Geezy) #236

Is balsamic vinegar bad on carnivore? Does it have sugar in it? I thought I had read that it’s ok to use. I still have a lot to learn.
I’m sorry if I’ve led anyone astray.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #237

2g in a tablespoon, not the end of the world


Back from vacation. Cows were out in the yard, and a few stomped through my garden. Chickens and turkeys were fine.
Drove over 90 hours for this trip, but it was amazing! Anyone ever been up on Beartooth Pass just outside of Yellowstone, near Red Lodge? This is a must do- unless you have a fear of heights.
I think when I posted last, we had not done Beartooth Pass yet. The weather was pretty amazing which made it even better.
Eats. Oh goodness. Just gonna forget all that went wrong, And start over. I was able to do OMAD yesterday, and had beef w a few onion/peppers for dinner. Got a ton of work to do today, so, I am hoping that the busy-ness will keep my head occupied.
Take care everyone! @Fangs - have a wonderful trip!!!


Balsamic vinegar is very sugary and super sweet. It’s definitely not carnivore but it’s up to everyone what to use… I don’t consider my diet carnivore if I use any condiment with sugar in it (not even strictly carnivore-ish, that’s my own definition but it doesn’t allows added sugar or sweetener) and I am pretty relaxed about things…

A little sugar may not be a problem, of course but it’s still not carnivore, no one can persuade me it is.
We may have plenty of sugar on carnivore but only from animal sources. (I am sure not everyone call even that carnivore but to me it’s all about animal sources. Honey isn’t animal source, its very source/origin is plant nectar. Anyway, it’s dense sugar. I wouldn’t consider pure lactose a proper carnivore item either…)

But whatever we follow, balsamic vinegar may be impossible to use due to its exteme sweetness. I dislike sugar in my non-dessert things most of the time. It was borderline odd even in my old salads… But it’s fine as others can use the otherwise flavorful balsamic vinegar and I can use my lovely white wine vinegar :wink: But liver is a bit bitter so a tiny sugar may help with the flavor, I still would use a tiny onion, not sugar but I already skipped onion when frying liver in the very beginning, only put it into my rare liver and other stews.

By the way, I made pâté today! I had some pork liver stew, not very tasty, it’s not on me, it’s stew, impossible to mess up (well some huge antitalent probably could but IDK how), the ingredients seem to be hit and miss. Maybe I wasn’t in liver eating mood lately either. Liver isn’t the item I love just any time. So, I mixed it with some lovely fried pork, spices, butter and sour cream… It actually reminds me of meatballs, not pâté, my tiniest grinder(?) didn’t make it particularly smooth but I really don’t mind, it’s tasty :wink: I ate it with sponge cake, of course.
My fried pork was as perfect as it could be, I ate it cold as fried meats are lovely that way too.
but I very much strayed today, I ate my copious amount of carni food but still got hungry again, I was sleepy, had circumstances not in the mood to behave… Oh well. I still get better.
It was a weird day with breakfast, those are harder to do right. More like impossible.


No pics of the pâté…?!?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #241

Oh here’s one of mine lol

Back right. Oh no, its the ZC thread :scream: … please ignore plants lol


That’s you banned ffs!