Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023

(Geezy) #203

I don’t normally eat breakfast, just because I’m not hungry. I’m sure many around here are the same but I did get hungry earlier than normal so I did eat a brunch so to speak.
So, I had scrambled eggs and chorizo. The chorizo I get is not from the grocery because that processed chorizo is adulterated with stuff like soy grits and other fillers. :face_vomiting:
Instead I get mine from a local Carnicería. (Mexican meat market) it’s just pure pork and no fillers or sugars just some seasoning.
For supper tonight I’ll be eating some pork that I’ve been smoking. Yum, yum.


Beautiful! Those colors, wow :smiley:

That’s how things should be. I like to find such items in the hypermarket with a very wide selection of meat products. They exist but of course, they are rare. I want too much. No sugar, no MSG, nothing but meat, salt, spice, smoked stuff may have the inevitable ones but that’s it.

One day I may go and figure out how to smoke meat… I am fine with buying a little smoked stuff and eating my normal meat but it may change at some point, I see home smoked things all the time on this forum and wonder if I “should” be envious :smiley:

I am the biggest enemy of breakfasts on each and every woe except when I wake up too early and I need an egg to function. It’s for waking up before 6am and I don’t do that. But when it happens, it easily triggers a tiny meal. I wake up a little and feel miserable as I HATE breakfasts, even such “forced” ones.

But breakfast on high-carb? It was the worst thing ever. Poor kid me. And Mom said I was not a good kid. I was too good and obedient there. Maybe my morning zombieness and worse, hard to resist when I am practically asleep.
Later I met someone who got sick when he ate breakfast (at least I only got super hungry later and lost focus in the school) but his Mom kept feeding him too. Sigh. Someone should tell moms not every kid handles breakfasts well. But that kid might have gotten the wrong breakfast. While I am highly incompatible with all kinds of breakfasts, very low-carb ones too.
(Breakfast is early morning meal to me due to our Hungarian word for it.)

I got hungry at 10pm so I finished my meat. It was great. I already noticed I enjoy my meat when eaten late way more. I can’t do much about it, there is a reason I try to eat in the afternoon but when I get this unusually long time between meals (if my tiny snack doesn’t count), it may work. Lazy to track but it probably was an okay day. About 300g meat only though. I wasn’t hungry for much and I enjoy my eggs and cream now.

I make more fried pork tomorrow. That will be fattier. Yum.

(JJ) #205

We are nearly to the end of the month! I was a late starter a few days into the month, but am still powering along.
After initial noticeable energy boost and weight loss from presumably water weight, not too much to report, just ticking along happily. Feeling good, my BGLs are aFLIPPINGmazing so I assume in time, I may start to see some weight loss once my laydee hormones all balance out. Going to ZC on into next month too, I am enjoying the utter simplicity, cooking itself and deciding what to cook is a sheer joy. Easy.

Loving following along with all of your adventures.

@Karen18 yep fair play to you- that is hot. I am an Aussie and still think anything above 27C is foul. We reached 48C a few summers ago and I literally cried. @Shinita, where are you? Somewhere in Europe with temps that cold and I know Englih is not your first language.

(Judy Thompson) #206

Tuesday night already!
I always read sverige before posting, so calming to read through your posts.
This weekend was fun, my brother from Tucson was here and I took him along on Saturday to the 2 gigs we had. Sunday we took him to church where we played, then the radio station where our DJ friend showed him around, and to the pickers circle where we met old friends and played some tunes.
Here are some meals from the week-

At the roadhouse on Sunday I ordered wings. At the brewery in Thursday I had sausage, did not take pics at those places.

Normally on weekends we work around the restaurant jobs to have our meal la at home. For me, the seasonings would be a deal breaker. Hubby is a nice plain food person. So easy to cook for if one must cook Sad :rofl:


@JulesyMcJulesface: I am from Hungary. We eat fatty pork and chicken here :smiley: Winter is cold, summer is WAY TOO HOT! Last year we had drought, this year seems to be way more rainy but who knows? I hope so, our waters are low again. Not the pond but the small river in the wildlife park… It’s the biggest river nearby. And it starts to dry out in some places, it rarely does it but last year (no rain for months!) it did it. As it’s not very tiny, it has some width but quite shallow. Okay, I am not knowledgeable enough for this topic…

I wrote a long comment in my mind about the available cuts in various places, I still don’t know how it is in other countries, I only know that many of you can just buy beef and lamb locally. I can’t buy ruminant meat locally and I only saw mutton in the hypermarket with the meat department with a size of a small supermarket… And when I see beef, it’s only a few cuts.

The apropos was my pork I bought yesterday in the tiny town supermarket. It’s a new cut for me! Very known, common, popular cut but these tiny fridges and meat counters don’t normally have it. I can’t translate it as you others don’t seem to have that cut…? It’s belly muscle, behind the ribs. It seems Hungarians typically fill it with some carby stuff. I will fry it, of course, maybe roast if much is left. It’s a big slab, after all. But I am partial to fried pork now :smiley:
It is fatty but not nearly as much as the 70/30 “scraps” :wink: I suppose it’s good. Don’t remember to eat it ever. Sometimes I think about how very few cuts of pork I eat. Just fresh ham, shoulder and chuck. The others are either too fatty, too lean (tenderloin, chop) or without any meat whatsoever (if we consider feet a cut but it’s sold and some people love it. it’s for aspic).
I eat pork belly and jowl but only processed. As far as organs go, I only eat liver and heart as I like those and these 2 are easy to find.

So a teeny-tiny extra excitement is present. Not a big one, it’s just pork, I probably did eat it before, I just had no idea. But I live on tiny new experiences and excitements. Seeing a caterpillar or tiny frog is already a tiny joy in my life, I need them all.

Cloudy weather and brain frog. I have no good days (I never have but these are really bad), some problems will be solved soon, others potentially will be but I need to put in the effort. Very hard to do when I barely have active brain cells, energy to make my workout (I will try today again and do it even if I need to lower my weights) and can’t even go out much.

I have less than zero appetite almost all the time, I get this when I have really huge problems with my life and myself, I just lose the desire to eat. I still do as I get hungry or weak eventually, fortunately hungry me at early night still can enjoy fried pork… Not like it matters much.

Oh I didn’t want to be that negative! I need to look forward and fly up or something. At least dragging myself out of the mud :upside_down_face: Less focus on food would be nice (just because I don’t eat much or often, I do think and write about it).

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #208


What does your Doctor think about you? Your symptoms may seem unusual to them?
Most people have problem overeating!


I never had a doctor and I wish to keep it so. It’s not physical but mental. Not in the way where a doctor will be involved either. It’s my battle with myself. More like a war and I am losing but I don’t want to talk about it.

Oh, overeating, I always did that. Carnivore and even just being somewhere in the near vicinity helped though I already usually ate at maintenance level on keto. I do need some focus but not much (it doesn’t mean it was easy or quick to do thing real right. and I don’t always do that). If I could get rid of my off times almost completely, it would be great. It wasn’t that perfect before but since I learned to eat more meat without boredom, leaner meat, minimizing dairy on most days, it’s loads better. Unless I mess it up with something, that’s still possible.

It’s so cool that my overeating isn’t some mental condition I can’t get rid of with easy physical means. I just skip plant carbs and overeating stops (on average. I do have higher-cal days but I don’t consider it overeating. and sometimes I eat more for a while but it’s normal I guess and anyway, I usually do something wrong there, too much dairy or something). I put in a tad more effort, focus more on meat and things get sorted out. Wonderful.

Even though sometimes I get these tiny meals and low-cal days. That feels weird, I don’t do low-cal days normally… I am torn between worried and elated :smiley:

One thing I never get is low protein. Even on my super rare, doesn’t matter 1000 kcal days I typically get 100g protein :smiley: Protein just finds its way to my day, no matter what. And I am unable to understand people who can’t eat enough protein or only with huge difficulties (unless their need is very high). I have the knowledge to imagine how/why it happens but it’s so much the opposite of me that I can’t fully wrap my hear around it.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #210

That’s interesting. And something a doctor would have a term for!

It’s a shame you don’t have a doctor … mine learnt a lot from me today :joy::joy:


@Pjam: Doctors and I don’t mix well. They tend to like to order me to do things and I tend to do whatever I consider right… But fortunately I don’t need doctors. Just a dentist and an optometrist, sometimes. And I am thankful someone put my wrist together when I broke it. Even if I argued with them too (they wanted to keep me in the hospital for no reason, another doctor wanted to put my arm into a cast, again very much unneeded and outdated, barbaric and isn’t for a hedonistic person at all. broken bones often got the wrong handling here. my SO broke his clavicle and he refused the horrible outdated thing that would have made him unable to bath for weeks. it’s very easy without, a private doctor solved it. I understand SOME breaks can’t be helped, the inconvenience must happen but not ours, clavicle and wrist. of course I needed something to keep my arm fixed but those things are easily available since long and I could take mine off any time I wanted, I washed my arms every day and let it breath a bit).

I feel stuffed… Meat or no, I didn’t get a proper stop sign but I did stop eating it at some point… I didn’t eat all the 700g :smiley: But I managed to fit it into my smallish bowl with a diameter of 12cm, look:

So, lunchtime came. I wondered if I should eat (2 things aren’t easy to decide, at least often not: should I eat and should I stop eating. the latter is the more difficult one), I barely was hungry… But then I asked my body (IDK how to explain, I focus inside and try to figure out if it wants food when it’s only 3pm and it doesn’t gave me the proper urges yet) and decided on eating. Having a bunch of freshly fried pork (new cut!) might have helped my decision making :smiley: But I am usually ready to eat at lunchtime anyway even if I am not hungry or weak yet.

And I promptly ate a lot. I understood, yesterday I had 290g meat, it’s barely anything, of course I needed a lot today. I was ready to eat it all if my body wants it :wink: But I suspected it won’t happen especially not in one sitting.
I ate other things too, some eggs and my leftover whipped cream… But mostly the meat.

Tracking. Well… I was unsure what data I should use. I got 1500 and 2800 kcal. Protein isn’t very high, that’s sure. Fat is anybody’s guess. But I go for 1850 kcal comparing it to various cuts I ever ate. As this thing’s data is INSANE. 42% fat (in weight), 12% protein.
Meanwhile it acted like pork chuck or pork shoulder with much fat cut out. it gave me NO lard. It can’t be nearly as fatty. Pork chuck gives me a tiny fat sometimes, leaner pork chuck nothing. Pork shoulder releases more lard and the 70/30 pork releases A LOT of lard. It can’t be 42% fat when it released none, it’s visible that it has way less fat, it feels as fatty as pork chuck when eaten… Or pork shoulder when I cut off much visible fat so it gets pork chuck fattiness.
It’s another matter that the pork chuck data on the page I use doesn’t have enough fat… So I use the leaner pork shoulder in the database.
And consider the day totally inaccurate anyway. I just CAN’T track. At all. I do try but nope.

I feel full now, I dislike that but I am so satisfied that I can’t feel bad beyond the physical tightness. But if this stuff satiates me THIS well, I won’t try to eat as much as the stop sign arrives tomorrow.

But I have more photos! As this was a new look to me.

Layers and different colored meat! I like that. And the meat was like that everywhere. It’s very obviously NOT 3.5 times as much fat as protein. Even pork chuck looks fatttier. It’s not THAT simple as certain pork cuts has a pure meat part that is obviously fatty without visible fat but I used other experiences as I wrote above.

It easily fit into my second biggest, most commonly used pan:

Oh and how it was? It was very nice, chewier than the other cuts I usually fry… But it’s fine, I just need to eat a bit slower. But maybe it’s not due to the cut.
I would be happy with a tad leaner fried meat too. But it wasn’t too fatty. It was quite good. And I gained zero lard. Next week I buy some 70/30 pork as I need that super fatty stuff to make lard for my fried liver. And scratchings.


I don’t know why but I got hungry in the end and ate my leftover meat. 700g meat for today, wow, one of my highest meat days. Oh but it was good :smiley:
Maybe it’s my lower meat intake in the last days, I had that before, fine but low meat days and bam, I eat a ton. I still can’t keep it up all the time and I wanted more eggs after my low egg times… It’s difficult to be me sometimes.

I hope this meat isn’t like pork shoulder where I easily go overboard if I eat twice… I want to keep this if I manage to find this cut again. I don’t remember seeing it before. Surely a proper city butcher has it though, oh I STILL didn’t figure out how one can be find… I remember a place from 10 years ago, maybe they are still there… Or Alvaro’s Mom may know… She knows a lot.

I ate my leftovers today and tomorrow I plan to go very simple! Just pork - and maybe 1-2 eggs. Let’s see what happens. I only will eat to get rid of my hunger, won’t try to eat as much as I can as I can a lot, maybe not tomorrow, I really needed a meaty day today… And I got it and it was very satisfying. My mood shoot up after both of my meals despite me being full. Even too full and I don’t like normal fullness either. I like to stay light if it helps to understand what I mean…? Full surely doesn’t mean the same to everyone, I actually have multiple fullness feelings despite I don’t care about them. Fullness feeling when my stomach is very empty, fullness feeling when it’s not. I barely ate a little and I still feel slightly uncomfortably full, odd as I don’t have that even when I eat very much… Whatever. I feel well and hoping for a lovely OMAD day tomorrow. This meat seems to suit that. But I am fine with a lovely 2MAD day as well. I don’t even know if I should wish for skipping lunch, I just don’t focus on that lately. Eating mostly meat definitely helps with my usual problems like overdoing fat and even protein.

(JJ) #213

Hungary, wow, there is a place I know very little about, @Shinita. Although now I have learned a few things. There is lots of chicken and pork on the menu and you have an extreme climate range!

My husband poked fun at me yesterday, I came home from working away for the day and cooked a whole lamb leg. He despises lamb and any fat on meat in general. He said I smelt very meaty from poking my head in the oven to check on it. I joked that it was my ‘husband repellent’, seems to be working well.

Today I intend to eat a giant Tbone purchased at the same time as the lamb, and for dinner have some more lamb and an egg and bacon muffin/frittata kind of thing. Having some bone broth now.


wow, can’t backtrack the reads…too many. unreal how fast some days off this thread can snowball up the posts :slight_smile: I love it but can’t handle the catch up on it LOL

fast post. On my beach trip. 2 wks. Ahhh to relax in the sand and swim in the ocean. Boogie board time for me LOL

ZC is going stellar as usual. Need to hit grocery today. I did not pack alot of meat, I was so busy at home doing this and that, I just will get my meats here today.

first meal I am making, hubby wants to go out for breakfast today and I said nope. I am eating in the RV…cheese omelet and a ton of link sausage gonna be fried and hounded down :slight_smile: I am not allowing this trip to be an ‘eat out and choke on the ick food’ for me this time. I got dragged out tons to eat out last trip, this one I am controlling more for my zc way and fresh I want…yup, momma is calling the shots on this trip more now HA

back later to read and chat up…got up 4am now and waiting for sun to come up and just handle the day. be ZC good everyone :slight_smile:


@JulesyMcJulesface: It’s not extreme at all, it’s normal seasonal, we have warm summers and cold winters, it is true for a big part of the planet, it’s one of the continental climates or what, I just quickly looked it up. -20C is very rare, winter average temp is about 5C. Sometimes we have a light frost, sometimes it’s warmer and sometimes we have 20C at Christmas (that’s even much more rare than -20C but happened… well it was the 20th of December if I remember correctly but close enough). Big snow in the middle of March happened too. And the 3 weeks fog in November I can’t forget.

Too bad I would like less warm summers and I don’t even care what kind of winters unless it’s super cold like -40C, I wouldn’t like that. But winter is good, I don’t even need my coat ever here! I should throw out some of them, seriously, I wore them maybe a few times in the last 15 years… When I still was in the choir and had to stay put while singing before Christmas, outside. If I walk, I can’t even handle 3 layers let alone a thick coat.

But I like we have seasons, we have variety :slight_smile:

Apropos lamb. I wrote way too much into the thread about how would we eat if we had perfect health (like now, more or less) and if we had only one month to live (well that would change things a lot). And I have some items purely for that scenario but there are some I could put more effort into making it reality… Lamb and lamb liver, maybe I didn’t mention those, whatever, I wish to eat those. I never had the latter and IDK about the former as I only know I ate mutton a few times in my life but can’t have any idea about the animal’s age. But one place specifically sell lamb liver… Not close but not too far but it never was important enough for me to travel for it (and for other things if I am there already).
I see people just buying lamb in the supermarket. We don’t have that here. Only the biggest hypermarket has it. (WHY did the beef farm stop selling their Racka, it was the best ruminant meat I ever tasted…)

Mmm, lamb. I may buy some for my birthday. I postpone the steakhouse :smiley: It’s not that important. I can even die without ever eating steak, it’s fine but I probably won’t.
But I do want mutton. I have deer in my freezer but that’s not good enough for me.

It’s so obvious I wouldn’t jump carbs in my last months. I would eat a lot, sure but even ignoring the effect on my body, giving up nice meat? It wouldn’t be hedonistic at all. Even fried pork that I have so often is simply superior over basically all carbs, only variety and novelty and nostalgia could win sometimes. AND because I can add carbs without lowering my meat consumption. My last month (unless I could find something way more enjoyable than eating that would take away the time I would need to get and eat my wonderful food - or rather if I lost all my appetite and would be miserable then would bury myself into some fantasy world) would be clearly very much overeating. Not a nice thing, eating up resources I don’t even need… But I am a selfish one.

But as I don’t die yet, I am quite happy with my pork :slight_smile: I still try to go for a super simple day even though I am prone to overcomplicate my diet very much.

@Fangs: I write as little as I can, seriously… Not MANY wall of texts per day, just a few :slight_smile: But I just pop in, have a thought and it gets out of hand.
Have a nice trip! Alvaro starts to miss being in some water, the tiny pond beach here is no more… We have things to do when he goes on his forced vacation (well he doesn’t mind, he just dislike the total uncertainty around his job and workplace) but we kind of plan some time at the sea not too far away, it’s cheap, we really should have done it earlier but we spared every penny, well forint here (we haven’t the smaller currency anymore as even 1 HUF is worth nothing so our smallest coin is 5 HUF. that doesn’t really worth anything either but we have that)… But I only was at the sea ONCE in my life despite loving it. Twice if looking at it counts, nope, only going in and staying for long does it to me.
But we like rivers and ponds too. Very artificial things, not so much though sometimes it’s fun.
By the way, the very natural looking pond here is artificial. The rectangular pool in the middle of a little town where Alvaro works is natural :smiley: Well, the water was there naturally… I care for the looks, not the origin :wink:

Yep. We need to do things instead of postponing them. We need that, time passes and it’s not like we don’t have a lot of spared money (we would only spend a very tiny fragment of it of course. except next year when we should finish poor house, that won’t be that cheap but it will be still just a fragment of it. a big one).
But I got so very good at barely spending money… Some (not even super rich) people surely spend more money on their rat than what we spend in total. Once I have read about a company that did stuff for pets and the target audience was quite surprising to me, spending more money on pets than a nice salary here…? Wow. The pets don’t even need that - unless it’s pet sitting because the owner is always busy, that must be very costly. But they won’t appreciate insanely expensive toys, very fancy food instead of normal good meat or very posh herbal teas for pets (it’s a thing, I didn’t know until I have read about it).

Sleep is still not okay, I have the time but too late or who knows, it’s normal for me but NOW I have problems with my mind and energy and everything. So I keep drinking coffee, it’s hard to resist when I feel miserable and mostly useless. Well it’s more complicated as I still have some okay mood in the mix, it’s very odd. It’s something like “my life is doomed, someone kill me - oh but I still have a tiny hope left, not yet!”. Too dark? I assure you it’s way more dark inside me since ages :slight_smile: The problem is I focus on it more now, hence my inability to hide it like I did in the last years here. But I will try to go back to that.

(Karen) #216

@JJFiddle super duper foody pics there … making me hungry but going to write my post first.

@Shinita i will keep you in my daily payer sweetie, nothing worse than having big isses on your mind and losing your Mojo. I had a wakeful night last night and had to go downstairs for half n hour of mindless TV to clear my head of pension disputes and litigation stuff :roll_eyes: driving me bonkers!

@Fangs glad you are taking food control on this trip i am sure you will feel a whole lot better for it and I bet your significant other will also feel better though i doubrt ge will admit it :rofl::rofl: enjoy your couple of beach weeks xx

Didn’t post yesterday so food was

That was dinner , buffalo wings and i got through the lot. Also ate a bit of cheese afterward and a hard boiled egg
I took Raymond out yesterday as i wanted to pop to Hathern, about 20 mins drive to the second hand book shop. The proprietor said she was desperate to clear some shelves so i could have buy one get one free deal so i bought 6 books. Then we stopped at a little farm close by that sold their own produce so i treated myself to some of there beef short ribs, lamb neck chops and a shoulder blade of mutton … not cheap but i don’t buy from there everyday. I am slow roasting the beef rib as i write. :grinning:

Then we stopped at Kegworth en route back home to a little cafe called the hidden gem kitchen and what a gem it was too. Very very friendly, great cuppa cha and lovely meal which i had eaten before thinking about photographing! Hungry i guess! Raymond had the eggs hollandaise with the extra carby bits and i had a cheese and bacon 3 egg omelette … the waitress set it down amd immediately apologised for the green stuff in the plate saying there is just a little dressing on it hahahaha so Raymond got a double portion of that green stuff and he enjoyed it very much :joy: sometimes i think people who eat with me think they get such a great deal when i offload… my daughter always says quickly now “I’ll have your side salad!” before i get the chance to say not to put any on my plate… i suppose if i am not going to get any discount if it is taken off they may aswell eat it for me!:wink:

I had another bad sleep although fitbit classed this as Fair! What was fair about it???

Yesterday i prayed hard that this morning i would be able to get up and do my exercises and feel my mojo back and for all i didn’t sleep particularly well i was able to get up, get my act together, do 60 plus stair runs without any real effort, run to CrossFit, do the crazy wod and run home again. Lungs worked really well after feeling such poor capacity post Covid and fatigue lifted. Feeling really great today. :pray: answered.
This was a great workout and paired with a lass i haven’t paired with before. She lifts heavier than me but i am CV fitter and faster than her so she really had to work hard today and actually thanked me for it as she said she wouldn’t have put the same effort in had she worked out with someone else. Mind you her deadlifts were heavier than mine so it really is swings and roundabouts.

So now i am thinking whats for late brunch as it is nearly half 1 !


@Karen18: Thank you very much, you are a dear… :flushed::pleading_face:I totally blame myself and feel not deserving much (good thing I am a selfish hedonist with pride) but it’s still hard to be me. I want changes but I seem to be awful at it.
But what I am the absolute worst is giving it up. I may do nothing useful but I still cling to the hope it will happen. And I do that forever (more like until my death but I don’t just stop. I don’t think one can afford to give up on themselves, what life would become then? but of course this doesn’t help on people without hope. I have a totally impossible to kill hope. it makes no sense, it just keeps living).
That’s for my normal problems, I do have a tiny thing with my inheritance, my mind says it’s easy and nothing but I still feel the weight of it above my head… But that will be over soon. I am such a miserable one, even a phone call can make me nervous. Always hated not private phone calls but it got worse. I am in the state of “just everyone let me be” most of the time. I am lucky that it is what I usually get.

I am cooking, it turned out pan-fried pork takes 30 minutes, no matter the amount :smiley: As I did 1200g now, some are in big pieces though :wink: Those probably will need more time.

I finished my workout (when will I be able to do my full body workout on the same day…?), chest press went better than ever, how, I usually manage not to do that one, I try but it’s tricky for reasons. I will whip myself into shape soon, I mean, I will do my workout properly, when I will be any other result that using bigger weights, I don’t know.
And maybe because of my workout, maybe my cooking, maybe something else and everything at once but I am hungry. Lovely fried pork, I am coming! :smiley: But I will have 2 eggs as well.

(Robin) #218

Go, Momma!


It’s amazing how big the effect of my meaty meals on my mood is.
I eat my mostly meat and some egg lunch or dinner or night meal - and I instantly feel much better.
And no, it’s not as simple as a full belly and a delicious meal. I had those before. Even my old carnivore meals weren’t THIS good, at least not this consistently.

I start to think some of my carnivore carbs seriously interfered with something that doesn’t like things to interfere with it… :frowning: Or is it the bigger amount of meat? I don’t think so as I had such amounts of meat sometimes and don’t remember this feeling… It’s VERY intense. It better than sunshine and good music or even a walk when it’s twilight or dark without mozzies!

I am a satisfied kitten after my decent sized very meaty meals :slight_smile:

Oh my day, it’s possible I have finished.

I had my lunch at 3:30pm: about 350g pork, 2 eggs, milky coffees.
I got hungry soon so I ate my dinner (or extension of lunch) an hour later. A little leftover pork (as I grabbed the tiny pieces and split it so I ate half of it), 3 sponge cakes with a little sausage and pâté (as I didn’t want more pork at this point. could eat it but didn’t really want it), milky coffees.

If I track my pork as pork chuck (as it’s somewhat similar), it’s 108g protein and 90g fat, quite low and I didn’t get satiated in the end but my appetite went into negative so I had to stop. I could have eaten some mostly fat bites but I only like to do that when I lack fat and no protein. Now my protein is lowish and I either can pull it off or not, I don’t worry about it, in the worst case I will have a late snack.
Satiation arrived later as I expected so I am quite well now apart from my life problems but I feel very satisfied and kind of cheerful. It’s 6pm now.

Today is raw milk day again, I behaved and only had a little bit :wink:

(Geezy) #220

First meal of the day breaking my fast. :wink:

Tossing in some pre-cooked hamburger meat (from our own grass fed cattle), we cook up a couple of pounds just to use later for whatever suits our needs, some beef fat cracklins from some previously rendered fat trimmings and three farm fresh eggs.

And all scrambled up and ready to eat. Those little chunks of rendered fat add a very good flavor bomb to the mixture.

(Karen) #221

I am so glad you are able to lift your mood wth some good meaty food, even if it may be temporary fix. At least you can see a notable difference and so it makes life that little bit easier. Fortunately for me I have my faith. I get a real mood enhancement just reading my books, i find them so uplifting… i can go under very quickly wth Stress… i have found that i only need a negative email response from the Prison or Pensions and whoosh i find myself very tearful and emotional. It all sees like such a weight on my shoulders fighting these 2 very big establishments.

I completely understand the issues you face wth inheritance, it can be such a mine field and dealing with solicitors and possibly other relatives arghhh awful. I went through it with both my mum and dad. If i remember correctly it was an Aunt of yours that passed away. Forgive me if i have got that wrong. Anyway, with that little bit more info i can be a bit more specifc when i pray for you sweetheart. As my mum uswd to say “keep you pecker up!” Meaning keep positive. Xxx :hugs: big hugs x

(Karen) #222

Todays food

So 2 salmon fillets panfried in butter with 2 large fried eggs fried in the same pan after the fish hence it looks a bit dirty… the pan had remnants of yesterdays steak that i forgot to mention i had eaten yesterday lol. So easy to forget when you are not tracking … oooh i love the freedom of not tracking. And the short beef rib slow roasted. Glad i went by my nose rather than the time recommended as i don’t think there would have been anything left on the bone. Google said 3 hours but it was smelling cooked in just under 2 hours. Delish and the fat is yummy but i couldn’t eat it all so had to cover the remainder of the rib for ron lol (later on)

Decided to write an email reply to the negative litigation response i received last week. After waking last night with it on my mind i just knew i had to reply and so i am hoping now it isn’t on my mind tonight! I was sitting out in the garden first thing with my books and coffee and i always start with a prayer and i didn’t pray about the email but the minute i stopped praying the first word that came to mind was litigation. I guess that was my prompt to get on with it. I love the way He talks to me! :grinning:
Been another hot day albeit temp was lower that it has been. The sun was burning my skin late afternoon which made me move my chair to the shade! Apparently we are heading for another heatwave😲