Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023

(JJ) #183

Well literally hit reply and my coffee hit me! :upside_down_face:
Way TMI, but I know my fellow meat eating folk are good bunch who can stand a bit of toilet talk. It really is a significant deal for me in choosing to remain eating this way.

Constipation was the one physical side effect of my new WOE that I was not “ok” with. All the other physical side effects have been positive. I have a medical reason that constipation is a no-no for me. I have had a busy week at the hospital and probably didn’t drink as much as I should- yesterday I made a concerted effort to chug through the H20.
So happy that I have achieved a resolution, without resorting to medication to assist as I felt if I needed to resort to medication/laxatives then that tells me my body is not finding carnivore easy/natural.

Magic cure: adequate water. Simple!

One happy meat eater here. Now off to walk up a hill !

(Geezy) #184

@JulesyMcJulesface, there is something satisfying about raising your own food.
We raise our own cattle, sheep, chickens and a goat every once in a while. I hunt for venison and boar as well. I also have a nice garden and grow many vegetables but alas, I can no longer eat any of it so my neighbors are well served.
While cattle are king here in Texas and I love it, lamb is absolutely wonderful and best when fresh off the farm.
I hope you achieve your goals someday, it’s well worth the effort.


Heart, kidney and tongue, definitely. The most nutritious parts of your animal, all of it. You’ll find instructions for cleaning and recipes online.

(Karen) #186

Absolutely lambs heart is lovely stir fried

(Karen) #187

Our heatwaves will probably not sound too hot to you but for us, and most guys from uk will agree, the heat just feels hotter than the temp dictates. It gets quite humid. Also we can have cold one day and roasting the next so we can’t aclimatise to it gradually. So this past 3 or 4 weeks it has been down in the low teens, 13/14ish followed the next few days or so by 28/30°c,. I drop the roof of my car when driving and can get scorched. From just walking about in my shorts, in the garden and running to CrossFit i look like i have been away on holiday… and i only sit out first thing in the morning when i am reading. In fact a few mornings first thing it was far too hot to sit in the sunshine and moved the chair to a shady spot. The sun has been very fierce but i can tell you i am not grumbling, i do not like the wind, rain and snow. When i lived in Berlin the extremes were were much higher/lower by temp gauge but didn’t ‘feel’ it in comparison with the extremes here in UK.


I will read back later. Try to be short, we will see. (Then I started to read back a bit.)
There was “night of museums” and this time we mostly spent it with a bat researcher :smiley: And saw and petted pygmy bats. I didn’t know Hungarian bats survive the fungus infection they get in winter! Learned a bunch of other info as well.
If we already was in a town, we did some shopping but it wasn’t so good. Alvaro couldn’t get what he wanted for his carby food so I ended up giving him my fatty pork and he cooked it over open fire with some vegs and a lot of forest mushrooms (some spoiled, we better use them up already). It didn’t even sound so bad to me, I wished for some variety, meat dish with some sauce… Well, even he thinks poor meat is overpowered. And that mushroom is VERY flavorful. It seems I don’t like mushrooms anymore, I noticed it with other species in the last years. So I barely could taste it.
Now I eat eggs (we bought 60 so I enjoy myself for a while before going back to more meat again) and sausage (we still have a ton… at some point we were over 3kg and it lasts months :smiley: Poor freezer is full with them and a chicken) and whatever I have and will need. Good I have pork chuck roast in the freezer because I don’t want really lean pork or chicken now and I don’t have other things. I go to shopping tomorrow, pick up a big slab of 70/30 pork and fry some.

I stopped tracking, I will resume when I will eat real simple and I care and probably only do it for my first meal… I had enough for a while.

We had some wonderful cooler days.

@Karen18: Humid hot days are quite bad :frowning: At least our house can stay okay due to the A/C, it was awful when we had a very wet summer as our dehumidifier made a lot of heat and we had more than enough of that already… We only turned it on when the relative humidity was more than 70%. Now we can keep it around 60% easily while the temperature goes a bit lower. I am very happy with our A/C, too bad it’s downstairs so my room is hot. But I could sleep here for some days.

I like some nice wind (good as this is a windy place) and Alvaro said mosquitoes hate it so I like it even more… By the way, I have learned a pygmy bat eats up 2000-2500 mosquitoes a day (at night :)), they are my heros. But I loved bats already.

I hid all the coffee again. Seriously now. I had another bout of coffee drinking after I got a bad headache… I just can’t resist then. And weekends make me even more self-indulgent.

I forgot to shot my flowers but I have very many different colored cornflowers now! Such a tiny thing and I am so happy with it :slight_smile:
And Alvaro ate my first few lettuces. He was pessimistic but he wasn’t right, they grew. No heads just a bunch of light green leaves but still, they work. I feel so good when something useful grows in my garden, this year was so bad with the fruits… By the way, we probably will have our first dogwood berry this year!
And I have dill now. IDK what to do with it but I grew them. I put it into sour cream sometimes, like my sour cream quich muffins, it can go into quark pancakes, I really don’t know other uses for me. I use a negligible amount per year but it’s nice to have it from my own garden.
My small “veggie” patch have very many flowers now. The morning glories started to bloom and grow real long.

What are you used in winter? We have -20C (-4F) sometimes but it’s really rare. But we have frost a lot, it’s nice, I still don’t need a winter coat but finally I don’t get super overheated just because I am a bit active outside… -20C is cold, I don’t go out much then. But again, it’s rare, once in every few years, for some days, that’s it. Around 0 Celsius is more like a normal winter temperature. But we get the rare snow (it was way more common in the past and many people feels nostalgic and upset with the lack of snow now) while my Australian friend never saw snow. And she doesn’t even live near the hottest parts.


Sheep heart is the best cut from a hogget for flavour and texture in my opinion.


Are you watching/taking your electrolytes? Important on a low insulin generating way of eating. If you’re not drinking your salty water (or bone broth in winter in Tasmania), you may be losing/dumping too much ‘salt’.

Some magnesium salts per os will help you feel good and you will know when you reach your needs, as there is no such thing as constipation when on carnivore with supplemented magnesium citrate tablets (and that coffee).


HI all! Currently on the road, but have a few spare mins at the hotel, with the computer and some internet. Still on vacation. We left early morning on the 17th. Have been through Minnesota, the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Needles Hwy, hiked around Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Tetons, Stayed in Big Sky resort area, Glacier Nat’l park- did Road to the Sun twice,; then Challis Nat’l park, Sawtooth National Park (the single lane, dirt road, 8000+feet high…that one! ), and may go up again through the NE section Bear Tooth pass. It snowed a couple days ago, and the road was closed. Then back home by the 29th.

There have been some good eats…after all - this is beef country. But, there have been some terrible eats as well. Going to fast at some point here, and clean the slate so to speak.

Just wanted to say hi, and hope everyone is doing super duper!

(Robin) #192

Happy slate cleaning. Thanks for checking in!

(Geezy) #193

@velvet, @Karen18, @FrankoBear, I enjoy beef heart and venison heart so I’m really looking forward to lamb’s heart. Yum!

@Karen18, oh how I wish we could have your weather right now. It was 106° here today. What’s that? About 41 Celsius? Just a tad warm.

I’m in snack heaven today as I found some cracklins (fried pig skins with fat attached) at the store that are fried in lard instead of seed oils. Finally a real carnivore snack.


Eggs and bacon at lunchtime. Beef or lamb at dinner. Salty bone broth drinks. Simple. In the groove. 2MAD.

(Karen) #195

Wow thats a lot of travelling … bet it has been beautiful scenery all round.

(Karen) #196

You would only want our hot days for the cooler days that follow… believe me the hot days feel much hotter than the actual temp… some days it has only been 24/25°c but heavens it has felt so much hotter. We have had temps up to 30°c since May and we are now ending June and our summer starts in June! It is cooler this week at 21° today but forecast temp sliding up the scale by end of week. I will make the most of this weeks cooler temps. 21° is probably what we should expect in June as July, August, and September are usally our hot months plus we often end up with an Indian summer in October! Oh and lets not forget the majority of us Brits only have windows to open for air and not A/C !


I fried some nice pork yesterday, it turned out my little fresh ham in a box was from the city so not too lean! Alvaro’s home meals are a given now, he heroically eats the too mushroom-y meat dish. I just can’t help him anymore. Oh well, lesson learned. (I may tell him I can freeze the stuff for later…)

24 Celsius here, I am glad :slight_smile: I go shopping so 2.5 hour walk for me today. Oh I didn’t do my workout. I started it yesterday but I was super weak. I have not very good days, I know the reasons for it, I can solve it soon… But the significantly dropped activity of mine is probably one of them.

I still hate mosquitoes with a passion. Impossible to forget about them. If we stand still for a few seconds outside, we get bitten. And it just get worse when evening comes but it’s already horrible in the middle of the day.

We have Indian summer too, I so love that, 20-25C in October :smiley: And then November starts with frost, almost always. If it’s really mean, with 3 weeks of dense fog (I never forget that year. for someone who gets serious problems after 3 days without sunlight, it was bad).
And March often bring s a big snow. Even after a practically snowless winter…
August is the month when I am dying and my room becomes a furnace. It is the surely hot month, with weeks of insanely high temps, sometimes over 40C but Hungarian weather just never goes much beyond that, thankfully. Not like I could feel the difference at that point, I start dying at 25C and after 2 super hot weather my limit goes up to 26C and stays there. I never ever can not feel super miserable above that. I rather would live in a house at 8C, I did that before and my suffering was significantly less. I make heat, I can dress up. But 27C (when I am not in water) is hell, no matter what. Long term, at least, even I can handle summer to some minutes, sometimes longer if there is forest. AFTER I get used to it. My problem is now that I am not used to summer yet. (And mosquitoes. What would I do if I could choose between the two? No idea. It depends. Now I would choose the summer as it’s not 30C yet and doesn’t melt down my brain completely. Feeling hot is one thing but my mental capacities get ruined in real hot weather.)

Sorry for the whining. Next time I bring photos :slight_smile:

(Karen) #198

Yesterday i was crushed by no sleep the previous night :disappointed::tired_face: so tired i cancelled a great looking CrossFit session and spent time taking Raymond shopping. Another hot day but with a slightly cooler wind… still hot enough for a strappy top n shorts. It has got to be quite cold now for me to get the legs covered again!

I took Raymond to Stapleford where we had a spot of brunch at the Salvation Army charity shop and cafe. I live it there because i can have a good look thruogh the books on sale. I have mentioned before that hey have a selection of faith books and i can grab a handful and sit with a dri k at the table to peruse and decide if amy pin my interest of which 3 did :wink:

Ate 3 fried eggs and 2 rashers of bacon and the bacon is starting to taste bit better since being distorted after Covid last month, thankfully!

Yes i nearly forgot to take a pic!

After the Sally Army we popped along to see if the local MP office was open and it was so I spoke to the MP’s assistant (She is more than just that, she is very up on legalities and such like) and after apologising for not being in touch she confirmed that the support letter had been sent to the Prison Litigation Team but had not received a reply from them as yet. Felt better knowing i am not the only one who gets an extremely slow response or even no response at all!.

After shopping and dropping Raymond at his place i got home and had a couple of beef burgers and then a little later finished the last 2 of the 4pk.

Had a bit of cheese too and a hard boiled egg. Cooked up 5 more for the fridge for snacks.

Also phoned ACAS advisory service re disputes and they suggested a few other avenues to try. I will see where i get with the Pension Ompbudsman before going down any other routes. By the time i was off the phone wth ACAS my head was dreadfully painful so i needed to stop. Also i get so emotionally drained dealing with it all. The surgery called me first thing yesterday to say my potassium levels are low and want me in to do another test next monday. Guessing it could be my long term meds as i googled it and that is most common cause and mentions how long term use of diuretics for BP, which i take can cause low levels. Anyway i thought about some supps, i used to take them but wll see what the pharmacist suggests … at least he will know exactly what doseage to take and probably add them to my prescription. I get free prescription so might as well save my pennies where i can. Potassium supps can be quite expensive as i found out in the past.20230627_113706

I went to bed early last night and got my quota of sleep but still felt really tired this morning … possibly down to the low potassium levels … anyway cancelled the CrossFit again to be kind to health.

I have been sitting in my lounge ( threatening a shower)
Praying for reief from tiredness and to have my mood uplifted and emotions in check and reading … my books have been truly speaking to me today. As i finished yet another fabulously written book yesterday and had bought some more i started a new one today, and loving it. Sometimes they are hard to put down especially when they are speaking to you. I still read te daily books (4 in all) plus the extra one that is not a day by day book.

I have had 2 black coffees and tendered to my indoor plants. Just about feeling the hunger setting in so going to see what’s available in the fridge… possibly a small sirloin steak with fried eggs, that sounds appetising. Catch you all later x


Maybe it’s boring, my zillionth fried pork but it is lovely :smiley:

I had a smallish lunch and scrambled eggs again. So many wonderful egg dishes exist, I enjoy my eggs after my very low egg weeks (we used only 30 per week for a while! very much doable at this point, I just shouldn’t run out of nice meat but I still wouldn’t want to do it for too long). And I have a batch of sponge cakes, some have sour cream and some have Grana Padano too…
And I have whipped cream and coffee. I have some hard days and I have lovely cream, I quit coffee later. I don’t go overboard with it… But it really helps a tiny bit sometimes. And so good with cream…

I wanted to bring flower shots too but the light isn’t right. Today is cloudy. And very very humid, the walk wasn’t refreshing even though the temperature was great. But I saw baby frogs and a stag beetle in the forest. I can’t get bored of such animals. Mom was exasperated when I run towards her with the 17th toads on the week to show how wonderful living being I have found (they all looked the same except the size. very boring green toads. but they were exciting to me). Now Alvaro is the same when I tell him I have found an earthworm in the garden. Sigh. Humans and their lack of appreciation. Or easy boredom, maybe. I am almost immune to boredom and find the 100th frog almost as fun as the first one. (Alvaro is the same with snakes. Doesn’t matter we mostly have one species here. He pretty much find baby frogs exciting too. But not the earthworms. I don’t find them exciting either, per se but they do good to the soil so I am happy to see them.)

(Robin) #200

I would have bought ten bags!

(Michael) #201

Was at 80 unread posts , so I just skipped to posting myself. Here is a small meal for me with cheese as well. Been having a lot of pork belly and hamburger meat in general.

(Geezy) #202

I bought three. Lol!