Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat

(Robin) #161

Hey hey, way to go!


At this stage I think she may have forgotten. It’s our 23rd wedding anniversary today. I’ll have a coffee and see what unfolds. (she remembered :heart:)

Fasting blood glucose 5.8mmol/L ketones 0.1mmol/L

There was a steak available for cooking last night. I opted for smoked salmon slices rolled in Jarlsberg cheese slices and bacon. It seemed easier. The idea of cooking a steak seemed beyond me. This disease is in my brain. Still coughing and focussing on managing that cough.

(Judy Thompson) #163

@FrankoBear just holding the course is all you can do, the cough will subside eventually. And since everything tastes the same, why not go for the simplest solution? It is indeed in the brain :brain: :cry: hoping your recovery, when it happens, is complete. And happy anniversary!
@SecondBreakfast WOW fantastic, 10 lbs in a week, unbelievable!
I’m considering a week of PSMF in July when we’re back in Texas. It will be different this time as my off-day will be a return to regular carnivore rather than the all-out keto I reverted to when I did PSMF from January 1-10.
@Karen18 your footbath looks so relaxing!
Yesterday I had 2 scrambly, cheesy duck eggs before heading out for shopping, then about 2, seared some of the chicken I sous vided on Wednesday and had the aspic in a separate bowl. Mmm! Lastnight about 8, I had 1 duck egg fried and a nice slice of tenderloin.
I think I’d have been more comfortable with just 1 egg in the morning and the evening meal quite a bit earlier - or had the chicken later, or skipped it entirely and just had a late afternoon steak and egg. At any rate, I felt like there was too much food in there somehow.


broke a front tooth last night. yea Fri. at 5. great timing on that one, not.

not chipped but 2 small chunks broke off the edge backside. I hope to heck they can just ‘bond it’ and be done. I don’t wanna go down ‘the cap’ road if I can help it.

today is nothing I have to rip and tear to eat. Fangs has been de-fanged for a moment.

taylor ham, tuna/mayo, chicken in alfredo sauce for today.

MIL still is hosp. We cancelled our trip to the lake leaving Wed cause we just don’t know how she is gonna fair and what treatment and more she will need so leaving for 8 days on vacay ain’t an option right now. It was very hard for me to hit that cancellation button on my reservation but family stuff just has to happen.

I am in a funk. down mood. just blah. just slightly brain dead in a way. like waiting for another bad ball to drop. but I guess the best I CAN DO is just start trying to pull out of my funk and move forward and live on :slight_smile:
ugh I don’t know, some days, some wks, some months right? bleck

(Robin) #165

I just hope it leaves your brain! And leaves it intact.
I don’t know which is worse, your physical “leftovers” or my mental ones.
Covid, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?

(Karen) #166

@FrankoBear really upsetting to hear your are suffering. Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs Bear hope you were able to celebrate it in some way if only in sloppy joes on the couch together :heart:

@Fangs ouch I did same thing to the tooth, one to side of front. It had a small crack from a previous dentist a number of years a go and then I crunch on some packet pork crackling and a slither of the tooth from the crack came off, think I may have munched it with the pork crackling, the latter was so hard I wouldn’t have been able to differentiate between the two! Not got it fixed yet and I guess I will end up leaving it too late to repair!

@JJFiddle nice foody pics.

Well I had such a crappy sleep last night that I cancelled my favourite day of the week at CrossFit :unamused: and got myself an extra 3/4hour in bed.
Got up and dyed my hair ready to be taken out for my 65th Happy Birthday meal later this afternoon. My daughter is good at surprises with the restaurants she chooses and she always checks them out online to make sure they will cater for carnivores :grin:

Decided to have 2 small pork chops with mozzarella for brunch just incase, not that she ever gets it wrong,

So we went to the Restaurant in Derby City centre only 15 mins drive with my Son in Law driving , bless him, and we got to restaurant at 4.15pm. It was all you can eat buffet with foods of different nationalities. Very nice and I had a bit of this and a bit if that and also a bit of some i wouldn’t usually eat but scraped sauces off before adding to my plates… Notice that was plural :rofl::rofl:

So heres a run down of what I ate:
Large mussels (cold)
King prawns (hot)
Smoked salmon (cold)
Roast pork (hot)
Pork ribs (hot)
Roast duck (hot)
Chinese char su pork (hot)
Chicken wings (hot)
Beef flank (hot)
Rogan josh lamb (hot)
Beef in black pepper (hot)
Jalfesi chicken (hot)
Bengali pork ribs (hot)
And I think that may have been everything :thinking: it was lovely and I felt pleasantly full at the end.

(Robin) #167

Wow… way to celebrate! happy Birthday!

(Robin) #168

I’m not normally a fan of chain restaurants, but ended up at an On The Border the other day. New item “Smokehouse Fajitas”.

Smoked ribs, brisket, sausage, pulled pork, and lots of roasted veggies.
My son got the ribs and the veggies, I ate 1/2 of the rest of the meat.
(Just $17. Less than I would have paid at the grocers for all that meat.)

Took the other half home to hubby (plus the tortillas & bbq sauce) and he made 2 meals of it. I’m sure there was likely some brown sugar in the rubs, but went for it anyway. So freaking good.

AND looked just like the menu photo!!!


@Karen18: Happy Birthday!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tomorrow I try to bring flowers, my orange lilies are in bloom, I gave some for Alvaro’s Mom today :slight_smile: As we went to the city. She made plenty of chicken (I brought my own pork so I didn’t miss pork) and gave me pants. So I guess I keep postponing to buy some, I hate buying clothes so much and I didn’t do it often in the last decade…
So I have wonderfully thin pants for the summer.

I bought a lot of food and realized that lenses (I badly needed new glasses) got super pricy in the last years. And the only kind of frame that look good on me aren’t trendy now and the shop gets NONE while so many people wants them. It’s so stupid!
But I chose an okay frame in the end, not THAT great but doesn’t look silly like round ones (I am really not vain, I never ever was even remotely pretty and aging doesn’t help BUT my last glasses were such a huge improvement and well, I needed that)… It will be the kind that gets darker in bright sunlight, I liked that before.

Guinea pig girl went back so I guess I will let the cats in sometimes.

Food prices did nothing while I wasn’t looking. And the price cap on a few important food items and gas stays in place for some more months… It’s weird and I am aware it has certain negative consequences while many people are elated… I don’t even know how anyone can does this. But let’s not talk about politics, it does nothing good to me. I wish to have a day without headache already. Hopefully it was my glasses, I never had it this bad before (I mean the duration but it was painful too but nothing crazy, most of the time).

I bought some new BBQ spice because why not? Maybe it will be interesting. (IDK what I do with it but surely one day I will have something too plain…?) I got one of the ones not containing sugar, it’s good I carefully read labels… I keep forgetting companies sometimes put sugar into spice mixes, it’s still so crazy to me, no matter how common and I kinda get it why… My brain has this negating thing, I keep forgetting smokers exist too. I met too many today. I don’t like cities much, at least not the busy streets.

Alvaro’s Mom enjoyed her Italian and Croatian vacation and brought stuff like cheese and tuna. I start to have problems with saltier cheeses, at least eating it alone and I tend to eat everything alone, at least partially. 2% salt is just way too much. And there are so many too salty items. There is a reason I put so little, sometimes no salt into my eggs and last time my fried pork was the same (not zero, I need salt in my meat just not much).

(Karen) #170

Yes I could have tucked into that meal too x
Thank you @Shinita xx

(Linda ) #171

Happy Birthday looks like you had a great time

(Linda ) #172

Happy Aniversary

(Linda ) #173

Yeah I did the sane thing to my front tooth last year but I never got it fixed lol it was rough for awhile but it seems to have smoothed out and no pain so I just haven’t bothered


The winter sky glows as we tumble toward the long night.

T-bone steak. Bacon and eggs. A rhythm of feeding. 2MAD. No flavours. Occasional whiff of scent. Or are those fading memories?

I don’t feel like writing or recording. So I do. For, this is when people don’t. And all we read is success. That creates its own inauthentic sorrow.

(Judy Thompson) #175

@Karen18 Happy birthday! Wow, what a spread! Your daughter knows you well! Anybody who says you only eat meat? How boring - I’ll how them those amazing pics. I know what I’m doing for my next birthday!

@Fangs darn if it’s not one thing it’s another. That Jocko Wilcox You Tube video “Good” comes to mind.mind, you’re really going through it right now! (

@robintemplin Covid, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry, lol! I’m right there. Taste still goes up and down. Opened a package of mozzarella yesterday and it smelled like garbage. Cheese is out right now, it’s been a year! I make a cappuccino every morning for hubby. The milk smells foul. Thanks covid :thinking:

Yesterday, 1 egg and ½ piece of tenderloin before teaching. Hubby wants me to get back to OMAD or TMAD, and nofun. He’s really on that bandwagon and religious about it!

Lunch was farmers bacon and eggs. At 7 I had 3 hot dogs. Simple day.
We filled a contractors bag with clothes for Goodwill yesterday. All my too big formaleear and then some nice discoveries of smaller clothes I can now wear, in the back of the closet. Carni has been good to me!

@VirginiaEdie on your suggestion I bought the small Oster smoothie blender and tried blending bacon with eggs for the chaffles. They’re not as crispy as the cheesy ones but very good. We should try with different bacons, the farmers is quite fatty. Thanks for the idea!

@FrankoBear so true, people write in the good times and we get this lopsided view. You’ll come out on the other side of this though, be patient Grasshopper.


yea I hear ya, believe me I am thinking the same thing but that second tiny bit that came out made the bottom of the tooth like into a hook that I know ain’t gonna last. I have a bottom tooth cap and it kept hitting the top back tooth and the dentist whittled the hell out of the upper front to make it not hit, he compromised the strength of it but heck that was like 15 yrs ago so I got away a long time before the darn thing has failed LOL

---------------- today is chicken and cheeseburgers and maybe some link sausage. keeping eating simple and easy on my tooth :slight_smile:

soldier on strong zc all!

(Robin) #177

Yes. Insight wrapped in injury.


IDK what are cracklings without the skin are called… So… Fried fat tissue, crispy and everything! It’s just like cracklings. It’s quite awesome. Alvaro needed some more meat for the pork stew and I cut off most of the meat from my already super fatty leftover parts (it started as the allegedly 70/30 pork thing, easy and I love it fried, gives me lard too. I fried the lean parts some days ago and eat them since, slowly). He gave me some fat instead (pork thigh is supposedly as lean as pork chop and a stew needs some fat but he said he uses added fat and cut off some. okay). So I ended up with a bunch of fat tissue and fried the hell out of them. Well they didn’t get dark, just reddish, very pretty and super crunchy. I even had a tiiiiny meat in it but only in some pieces.
I started with 360g fat tissue, tendons, little meat and got 90-100g lard from it. And a bunch of delightful crunchy thingie. I couldn’t resist them not like I saw any problems with eating them - though I ate much lately, maybe a modest day would be better but not today, it’s Sunday, nice weather, chilling and enjoying the hell out of my lack of headache.

So I have lard again, yay! 100g should last for weeks.

It’s still June but I guess I will be very close to carnivore in the near future. We finished canning cherries (37 big jars… well it’s nothing compared the 120 jars of apricots in 2019 and that was ONE tree. originally we had 3. my first year here wasn’t good to my nerves, all 3 big trees went wild and I don’t like to waste free stuff), we had more than ever while the other earlier fruits are pathetic again (except blackberries but I am not so much into them. or their thorns. and their time didn’t arrive anyway).

Oh we managed to get good eggs in the supermarket. It’s odd, the ones from better source usually are super expensive and it’s better to get it from houses. It was a nice sale and we have less and less sources anyway.
So we have plenty of eggs now, enough meat for the week and we go to the usual hypermarket on Saturday and I won’t be shy.
I really think my processed meat phase is kinda over, I mean, I still will eat some but rarely and quite little. I don’t need them for variety anymore.

We only could buy Gouda and the Italian cheeses aren’t so exciting either so I probably won’t eat much cheese in the next weeks either. Unless I find something in the hypermarket.

(Karen) #179

My daughter and I took my son out to a Bus Rally today in the Derbyshire Dales. Countryside looked lush with greenery and rolling hills, beautiful. Had a couple of bus rides

and then looked for a pub to eat. It was Ben’s birthday on Friday so this was his treat today and he loves a bottle of fruity cider with his meal. Well that didn’t go according to plan as both my Sian and I had forgotten it was Fathers day so we couldn’t get into any of the eatery pubs! Rammed full they were! So we ended up at Burger King in a service station! Just as well Ben is easy and enjoyed a fat coke instead and next to the BK was a Greggs so he was able to have a sticky with it.

It was 1.30pm and my first food of the day even though I had taken 3 hard boiled eggs along just in case. I had an Angus Steak Burger with cheese without bun and mush.

I promptly followed it with one of the eggs when we got back in the car!

Dropped Ben off at his home and and as soon as I got back home I cooked up a rump steak followed by a quarter pounder beef burger. Also had a few slices of extra mature cheddar.

Feeling quite tired today


So enjoy reading your posts @Karen18!!!
love the pic!!

-----------waiting on dentist stuff but today is a bunch of cheeseburger patties when wanted and then got chicken breast in alfredo sauce again. kinda enjoying just eating that :slight_smile:
all good in zc land.