Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat


Keep 'er lit mate- you can get through this.

(Karen) #182

Thanks @Fangs … funny when you read peoples posts over the years and how the foody favs go full circle. There was a time when you were always eating Alfredo and then you went off it for ages and now back on it again. :grin: we are all so very much the same aren’t we.

I have had a fairly good day today. Waited in for a ‘man who can’ lol who arrived when he said he would at midday. Now organised to get the parasol up on Thursday and the guttering, fascias and water butts sorted on 8th July. Don’t have to keep pestering son in law now and I did tell him on Saturday night when we were out for my Birthday Treat that he was completely off the hook so I guess he felt relieved if just a tad bit :slight_smile:
Had some brunch before the ‘man who can’ arrived. I had picked out a bag for defrosting along with the chicken wings but hadn’t a clue what it was. Thought it might be pork but turned out to be thighs, chicken or turkey??? So I sliced and fried it up and then fried a couple of slices of gouda to chuck on top. Quite tasty.

Picked up Raymond as he wanted to buy me a plant for my birthday and came home with 2 small hanging baskets and some bedding plants … hahah he now knows how cheap the supermarket is as he usually only sees the prices up in the Garden Centre!

Came home after dropping him off at his place and put the chicken wings in the oven and ate a couple of slices of extra mature cheddar while it was cooking.

followed by the remaining couple of slices of cheddar.

Spent about half an hour watering the garden and pottering as I do and then sat with a brew and watched Mr and Mrs blackbird at the feeder with an Eagle eyed wood pigeon sitting on the fence lol :laughing:

and a young one biding his time :smile:


I brought flowers - for @Karen18 and everyone who appreciates them :slight_smile:

I had a cute… Double meal? I ate, waited a little, ate again. I wasn’t hungry. Even with the now inevitable off bites as that is very little again (and if possible, consumed during my walks where it gets used up immediately), it was a light day. My carnivore-ish meals (plant carbs from my mustard and stew only) were 1200 kcal - or not, hard to count with stew.

I had pork stew, eggs, cheese. It seems my on/off cheese eating made freshly opened softer young Gouda interesting enough… At least with eggs, I like it grated on my eggs.

My flowers and the most frequent butterfly around here these days. And a grasshopper:

(Judy Thompson) #184

@Shinita beautiful pics! Love the grasshopper!
@Karen18 busy weekend for you! Love the bird pics.
Something I ate didn’t sit right yesterday. Maybe coffee, maybe bacon fat the steaks were cooked in. Bad tummy, trots through the night, well under 4 hours sleep.
Reading Saladino’s crazy cookbook anyway, just curious. Maybe someday I’ll be that well adjusted but darn if I haven’t been sensitive to carbs as early as 4, my earliest memories of difficult times with food.

Today so far, one lunch meal. Made crack chicken for hubby which is carnivore except the spices. But dairy and I aren’t having a good week. Being in the same room with all that cream cheese and mozzarella made me nauseous. Smells like sewage with post covid brain. I just saved back some cold chicken and stuck it on a plate. An hour later before teaching I had a boiled egg. Just going easy to try and sleep tonight.


One of my current most enjoyable cartoonists, Nathan Pyle.

Young beings can instinctively like the nutrient dense foods on a plate and leave the forage.

We are aliens on our own planet.

Last night I ate a slightly over-cooked (medium) scotch fillet steak 500g (1.1lb). I mentioned to Mrs. Bear that it was nice to eat a ‘small steak’ once in awhile. She exclaimed, "It’s half a kilo!" Interesting to see how ‘normal’ (amounts) varies when one eats outside of the mainstream. I don’t mind being regarded as abnormal in this context.

2MAD continues with NoFUN and bacon and eggs to break fast. Coffee with cream x 1 at around breakfast.

The timing of coffee away from eating is a longer term goal. The virus has gifted me an opportunity to break an addiction. The disability to smell (the whole spectrum of aroma allure) of a cup of coffee may give me strength to stop drinking coffee?

Fasting blood glucose 7.5mmol/L (136mg/dl) and blood ketones 0.2mmol/L. The blood ketones indicate low insulin - nutritional ketosis. The blood glucose at a high level (stress/disease/cortisol?) is present despite very low dietary carbohydrates. Demonstrating that my body is more than capable at supplying itself glucose for its needs.

I did a waist measurement. It has not changed since the May, start of winter, measure. No change over the course of COVID and the hidden carbs in the recommended COVID treatments: cough medicines, lozenges, medicinal honey etc. All those things are falling away this week. I am rapidly feeling better.

I’m looking forward to a clean carnivore recovery phase.

It has been interesting to blog-in during the disease and demonstrate that a strength of very low carb eating, for someone who is prepared, is a degree of nutrient-rich stability while the body/self goes through some testing times.

(Karen) #186

Loving the cricket and moth/butterfly not seen one that colour and pattern before :heart:

(Vic) #187

Just back from a 5day trip to Germany.

Took 7 meat meals with me vacuum sealed.
Had no refrigirator but the meals stayed good for 4 days, 1 meal on day five didn’t make it, had to toss it in the garbage.

Vacuum sealers are wonderfull for traveling Carnivores.


Nice to hear you are getting better, @FrankoBear! :slight_smile:

Indeed :slight_smile: I am familiar with this. I always ate big amounts though and no one batted an eye so it’s very scary for me to think about people who are told not to eat even 500g meat at once. I probably didn’t ever do it before carnivore but

  1. I barely ate any meat in my first 43 years
  2. It was always accompanied with very much carbs and fat not belonging to meat.

Actually, I often think about the times when I felt a bit disappointed as the meat was in something with a ton of non-satiating carbs and while I loved my carbs too, they weren’t effective for my body and they diluted the joy of meat eating too. I lived on vegetarian meals almost all my life and that was good enough while I didn’t know better - but if I ate meat, I wanted it to be substantial, not just some decoration among cheap carbs. I was sensitive to that, even on my almost vegetarian times with a few days with meat per year. I can live without meat but if I have it, it better has a proper amount or it makes little sense. I use processed meat as some tiny thing to spice up my eggs, proper meat shouldn’t come in tiny bites.
But normal people often are different, being content with their small meat among fats and carbs. At one point I thought maybe it’s my vegetarian past. If I break the barrier, I want to make it count… But I don’t think it was the primary reason. Meat is one of the few normal foods I can get satiated with easily enough (I still need a substantial amount, there are NO magical items where I can eat 1000 kcal and get satiated. sometimes but usually not) so I use it accordingly. And I always liked my pork and beef stews (the latter was exotic and rare and usually goulash but I strongly preferred the ones with more meat though all the ingredients are very much needed, it’s the nature of the dish), good meat is super tasty (and so many people think meat has no flavor. what. it has the most flavor, well the good ones).

500g sounds a cute amount :slight_smile: It’s probably small for a steak visually… But it’s a decent sized one. Add some eggs and something nice and fatty and different and I will call it a proper meal! Even on OMAD. But my first meals are usually similarly sized as my OMAD meals. It’s some rule of my body, I almost always need biggish first meals.

There are the prople who have interest ideas about meat and protein. I forget numbers easily but I wrote about it multiple times after it happened when someone said a proper sized meat is… IDK, something RIDICULOUSLY tiny amount. 3-5oz? And if I eat much more, that’s excessive and IDK if it was said or just hinted that it’s wrong and one shouldn’t do it.
I am the 20-30oz type of person, at least if I don’t eat many eggs and sour cream and whatnot along with my meat (I usually do so my intake tends to be smaller) and my first meal is usually way bigger than the rest… But I can look at my nutrition needs, 500g meat is still a proper amount for a nice lunch or dinner. Not for both, I don’t need nearly that much protein but it’s SO SO GREAT that I can sit down and eat as much roast as I need and want. No one ever kept me from eating very much as a child or young adult but I couldn’t just eat all the meat at home at once, it was far from proper.
Even my meat lover almost-mom cooks little meat at once - from my viewpoint and she was shocked when I told her I just toss 3 kg pork into the oven (it would be 6 if my oven would be big enough but it’s often smaller as the prepackaged meat slabs are so very tiny, I wrote about that, it’s not even 1.5kg now). It’s not even about my portion size, I can eat my roasts for long, I like to put some into the freezer (I rarely can do it due to the small amount, I eat it all up in some days)… HOW could be a 3 kg roast too big, even for one person? I don’t understand. My goal is making as much food at once as possible, since a very long time. It makes life more comfortable, less work on food, I still spend a lot of time cooking and cooking related cleaning (partially because it’s fun, though).

So yep, people have interesting ideas. Though I am not sure what one considers much meat, actually. People are all over the place, restaurants too… I just know that 500g meat can’t be much at once under the right circumstances, not even for a short woman like me.

Apropos steak. I didn’t vent after the video if I remember correctly (I just wrote a comment in my mind so it almost feels I did but I usually can tell these apart), I can’t even revisit it to see if I remember correctly but my imagination can’t make such things… There was a video with “puzzles”. I had to quit after the first one regarding what is the better dish for a prisoner for a whole year (these eating things are dangerous, I usually gets a bit upset and sad)… And people even happily commented that they guessed right… There was carbs with carbs (bread and pasta), carbs with carby protein source (rice and beans) and steak with broccoli.
The first is bad because scurvy (and like, zillion other problems, losing a ton of muscles and other serious starvation things but they didn’t talk about that), the second is just perfect, apparently (they talked about sprouting raw beans and getting vitamin C - well, if the stuff contains raw, quite toxic beans, I am not sure the vitamin C from poor things grew without close to no sunlight - it’s rare for prison cells getting much of that - would help me :D)… And the steak… Well, that was new. They were so obsessed with vitamin C (and right, humans need that badly from food) and I have read so many things against red or any meat and for plants so getting some of the usual wouldn’t have been surprising. But nope. They talked nothing about vitamin C (maybe due to the broccoli - IDK how one can triggered by this but tastes differ so I blur diligently). They talked about lack of carbs therefore muscle loss.

Oh after some days it’s more like funny, not perfectly positive as barely any commenters had problem with it and let’s face it, it’s tragic.

But I should read comments about eating the same food for long as people say the most stupid things and it’s painful with my knowledge. Some people actually would choose pure carbs for the rest of their life if they can choose one. Well, let’s hope they are in love in the stuff enough to have a somewhat happy dying though it’s unlikely, being extremely malnourished isn’t a nice way to go. People have no idea about their own nutritional needs and while I have pretty clueless for decades too as it’s not something schools teach, I still don’t know why… At least I had some inctincts and experiences. I didn’t eat nearly as good as I could have in the past but I ate plenty of nutritious, good food, at least. And I usually like to do research before saying my decision, even hypothetically.

(Edith) #189

That’s good to hear!


Had my lunch, tried to keep it simple. Pork stew, 3 sponge cakes, tiny scrambled egg with cheese as I was still hungry…
Now I tracked, I am around 1000 kcal, no wonder I couldn’t get fully satiated but I am not hungry and my appetite is super low so I wait. Maybe I get some idea later. IDK what to eat. I have some options and either work if I get hungry but no pull.

Yesterday’s guesstimation says 57% fat and I am there today as well at this point. Low-cal combined with leaner pork has this effect. My protein is nicely high but I eat low-fat (i.e. below 80g). I enjoy it until it lasts, it won’t be long, I love fat and calories too much.


super happy to hear you are clearing this crud very fast and feeling better!!!

Vic, you are so smart to bring what you need and even if ya lost a bit, you did great having your own food as you like…enjoyed reading that :slight_smile:

interesting on the vacuum sealers. they do make life good!

----------------dentist Fri. at 10 to see what is going down.
sticking with burger meat and chicken and no rip/tear from my front teeth :slight_smile: I actually have ‘bit size pieces’ on a fork to push back to my molars just in case LOL Believe me I pick up my meat and rip tear so…I am just being cautious at this point til I hit them on friday!

burger and chicken is being a very good combo for me…go figure?
so far, all good

but going bit sideways with talking hospice for hubby’s mom and her being alot sicker and possible end of life in about 6 mos? and she has to go to nursing center from hospital, can’t go home, can’t take care of herself, and and and…we are slammed from all sides right now.
it is rough and tough dealings here. alot of emotion flying around…but we shall survive!

(Karen) #192

Aww bless you @Fangs if you didn’t have enough to go through with your own Mum. It was very similar for me cos my Dad passed with Cancer just 2 years before Mum passed with dementia and a bit of alcoholism! And of course having to get Mum into a home in between and all the travelling to and fro, 3 hour round trip, for a good 5 years The feeling of relief tinged with guilt and sadness when Mum passed was immense. Prayers are with you all the way :heart:

@FrankoBear so pleased you can now see the end of the tunnel with Covid. Just looking at our figures here in UK they have increased from about 50,000 in March to over 200,000 this month! I guess we are just going to have to live with this for however long!

Did 50 stair runs this morning before heading off to CrossFit. Real humdinger of a workout and its been a hot day. The CF is done in an industrial unit so its mega cold in winter and so so hot in summer! Oh by the way it the longest day today, summer solstice. We have hot weather forecast till Saturday when it is going to rain and thats the day of our CF BBQ :roll_eyes: oh well I am sure we will have fun lol.

Picked up a couple of hooked poles from my daughters house on way home so the little hanging baskets are now hanging at the front door. We will see how long they stay there lol. I was going to use them as bird feeders but the little baskets look nice on them for now.

Brunch was 2 beef quarterpounders, the frozen ones cooked straight from freezer, very nice, I added fried gouda on top.

In the garden all afternoon planting and pottering
And everything is blooming lovely. I have been utilising all the freebie pots n bits from my CF friend including her double fruit basket.

and old containers so I think she will be pleased her rubbish became my treasure!
Finally sat down and had some dinner which was turkey mince fried with a bit of tandoori spice to give it some umph!
500g and ate it all up like a good girl :innocent:
I meant to mention yesterday that I had popped into M&S and got some expensive butter. I usually just get the usual Lidl cheapest which is about £1.45 1/2lb but thought it would make a treat to buy something special ial so bought 2 packs of French butter, one from Brittany that I haven’t opened yet and this one 20220621_200531
Made with double cream i think, anyway at £2.50 for 1/2lb I expected it to be special and it was… very creamy but I could eat it as is without it being on anything. Both the special ones have sea salt crystal in. Definitely treat myself to it again sometime.
Work tomorrow so off to bed shortly, I certainly won’t be seeing how late it gets before the light fades!


@Fangs I am so sorry you’re having to go through all this. Knowing that whole range of emotions, having lived through them a few times now - the only assurance I can lend is that you will, indeed, get through it. Wishing I could just give you a big bear hug! For now, I shall send prayers.

@Karen18 . Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! So are all the pics of meat! LOL!

@FrankoBear … very happy to read that you’re enjoying steak. No better food than that!

As for things in this little corner of the world…Life is a rollercoaster. Went to visit MIL yesterday. Just as I’m pulling in, the 2 admins are outside talking. They had just called an ambulance for Mom as she stopped breathing several times during the afternoon. I’m like WTH?! So, I go in, and she seems fine. I called my hubby to go get my FIL (who was at home trying to get some rest himself), but they had already called him and told him to meet the ambulance at the ER. I followed the ambulance and got there with Dad. My kiddo was with me, (and we had already done a run to Taco Bell) so she fed Gramps tacos while we waited. Older daughter came to get younger daughter. I stayed with Gramps. They ran a gob of tests, finding nothing remarkable. Figured that she had an undiagnosed case of apnea.
I learned alot though. Primarily, that one cannot trust the care facility to tell the truth - and that they cover their a$$8S better than longjohns in the wintertime. We were told by admin that a particular medication had been discontinued several weeks ago. One nurse told us otherwise. The hospital dr. told us they had never received a request to discontinue the medication- so she was still getting it. The admin blamed the doctor and disregarded what the nurse said. That particular med that this geratric dr put mom on- totally unnecessary - can cause issues in patients with Afib. Well guess what?! Mom not only has Afib but she has a pacemaker, and takes the needed meds for that. So WHY give her another drug that interacts badly with what she is already taking?! I swear some of these “doctors” don’t actually look at the patients’ record before writing scripts willy nilly. Dad was about fit to be tied. I won’t go into everything but suffice it to say, he is NOT getting the sleep he needs.
I’ve been fasting since Sunday night - not that I ate poorly or anything, but I just wanted to cleanse existing junk out of my system. It is very hot here, so trying to stay indoors and get things done that have been on hold.
Burger patties with cheese sound absolutely divine, as does steak- but I am going to hold off a bit longer. Maybe even another day.

Have a good one all, and take care.


OMAD yesterday. Bacon and eggs meal did the job. Had a steak-in-waiting. It can wait a bit longer.

Fasting blood glucose this morning = 6.1 mmol/L and 0.2 mmol/L blood ketones. 30 minutes in surf boardshorts in the winter sunshine (shortest day) while listening to a health podcast and sipping coffee. I should of had a beef bone broth in retrospect. I made this time happen. It was a priority effort. Please don’t misconstrue it as a luxury.

Symptomatic COVID dropping away. Chest pains are just dull aches. Cough frequency and intensity is lessening to the point of not needing medication dose support (syrup or lozenge). Brain is able to send words to fingers to type.

I apologise to the tribe who are sharing their important life trials and challenges. These are important shares and problems to which to respond. I feel for you. But I am selfish, as a man is, when inside a cold. It’s mentally regressive not to extend bountiful love to others who need recognition of their stories. These discussions of how to care for elders are poignant. I have been there as well, and see it in the near-future with my diabetic mum. And the poignancy is especially acute at these times as they are a window into our own futures from which it is so important to take lessons and act now. Give to others but hold on to health.

@Karen18 OMG! I have fancy butter craving. Is that French butter made from raw cream? One can only dream.


I went through this with my Dad when he was in a care warehouse in 2013. It was his last year. The geriatrician (the doctor drug dispenser) kept adding drugs. I kept questioning them as I have training in veterinary pharmacology. The nurses’ point-of-view is often illuminating as they are the ones at the patient point-of-care. I eventually worked out that most of the medications were given to counteract the side-effects of medication already prescribed. Another group of medications were given to ensure passivity and compliance to make the nursing staff numbers and timetables efficient to run the business. In other words, a sedated vegetable takes less time to deal with (medicate, feed, clean and put in front of a screen) than a person asking questions and refusing treatments. The smallest number of medications were for the management of disease. I am avoiding that system to the best of my ability.


Yesterday’s guesstimation ended at 1700 kcal and over 60% fat after my “skinless crackling” and quark 3rd meal as a second dinner… So I had 3 meals.

I try to start to skip lunch now, okay that is the plan since ages but I always eat before any proper need now. I start to forget how hunger or real temptation feels like, again… I mean I get tempted but not really, I could easily resist if I wanted. But I want food joy. I should get some other joy source in my life. Theoretically I have many but not strong enough ones, apparently.

I fried chicken liver (with spice, maybe it will be better that way… but I may mix it with meat again but then I need to ground it and wash the grounder, I like to keep my meat dishes simpler. I do like liver but it’s a bit… agressive alone, very strongly liver flavored if it makes sense) and roasted turkey drumsticks for today. We have about one portion of pork stew left and we are 2 persons, we will see… I don’t believe in portions, it makes no sense to me but we still tend to eat a certain amount of it…

Yesterday I had calorie problems, I better focus on eggs more. I somewhat neglect them lately. But without them it’s harder to eat enough, no matter how much I like my pork. I just stop after some amount (usually around a pound?) and now I eat leaner cuts so it has barely any calories so I stay hungry. Good thing I can up my cheese intake and I easily get satiated now, even longer term so I try not to worry about it’s high energy/satiation ratio… I am still very careful with sour cream though. At least cheese is protein rich and that is a huge factor in long term satiation…
I still don’t seem to function okay below 120g protein, I just get hungry again and again and again… Hence the quark at 9pm or something. I barely ate a tiny food but it was protein rich and did the trick.

But basically it’s chill now. I like my food, satiation a bit too easy but I just eat something different later… I like these times eating wise.

I go for even more simplicity now. Well not now, when I will have some proper sized roast, a turkey drumstick is nothing.

I avoid deep and negative topics now. Not like I ever had very sick family members. Well what we call very sick. My aunt has many problems but she can live alone (with help from the neighbour, she can’t walk much or well) and her mental faculties are in proper order, yay! I appreciate that so so so very much, my more distant family has someone with serious mental problems now. She was the heart of her huge family just 10-20 years ago but now it’s very bad. She still lives at home, with her husband (very serious physical problems but okay mind) and her kids or maybe grandkids visit her… She don’t even remember everyone, doesn’t understand things and his husband who borderline can’t walk try to keep her safe…

Okay I still wrote about deep things. But main thing my close family is more or less fine and everyone is an okay, smart person. It’s hard enough that Alvaro’s Mom has diabetes, obesity and stuff. She ate sugar last weekend. Despite sugar is so very easy to replace, maybe not for everyone and then we must make the special things ourselves… But it’s rare, she takes that point kind of seriously… And she eats okay food too. And crappy ones. She is probably less poor than us but with different priorities. And knowledge, I guess. But we can’t change that, it’s a small wonder the doctor triggered some very basic dietary changes.
We will see.

Meanwhile we, the kind of healthy couple (quite so if it’s about inner things and not eyes and teeth though my teeth are pretty much stopped getting worse when I went low-carb. but the damage is already done) aim for better. I am wondering about cold showers again. It’s like longer fasts, tempting but I can’t bring myself to it. IDK how to do it. I instinctively stop things I don’t like most of the time. Maybe I can do it gradually… Or with extra determination? That’s powerful. But I am not THAT determined.
Maybe it will happen now in summer, I totally refused the idea in winter when I was cold and Alvaro did it. He went up to 2 minutes and he is there now (every second day).
But our winter water temp is like 5C :smiley: That’s serious. And a fat big NOPE from my part.

Alvaro’s Mom doesn’t even have proper cold water as the pipes run along the hot ones.

Oh I loved tandori spice, we only made some kind of curry with it (vegetarian, of course, it was in the more distant past. but it was full with boiled eggs so it actually could satiate me eventually), I need to use it for something one day… People here don’t buy mincemeat, that’s okay, I can do my own but I usually go for bonier turkey parts, breast is expensive and not my style at the same time… Maybe I can try it with pork though…
I so lost interest in most spices in these partially carnivore years, poor tandoori is abandoned. I guess Alvaro uses it occasionally but his curries (rare and meaty nowadays) uses normal curry spice…
It must go well with eggs as well as our tandoori curry did.

Wow, ours are 2-3 times more expensive… Good I use little (well there is correlation though I should minimize my added fat intake too). The special butter has the price of special margarine here :frowning:

But at least I have cheap meat :smiley: (And no one cuts off visible fat from meat, it’s so surreal to me. Alvaro’s Mom said yep, they do it in Italy too.) My turkey drumstick (one piece, I mean) costed… I calculated it in HUF and it’s easy to convert now… £0.5. It was on 50% sale and turkey isn’t expensive (but I usually go for the wings, even cheaper with the perfect boniness for me)… Pork is still worth it more but I like my variety.

And I wrote too much again even without having something interesting to say.


@SecondBreakfast :heart::heart: wonderful post thank you and I am sorry with your dealings also at this time. Sending prayers your way also for an easier issue thru your situation too :sunny: When here in this form we sure ‘get it real fast’ on it all and the emotions to contain it all are rough! thanks friend!


------------------I ate 2 sugar free popsicles. don’t know why but I did woof them down and I instantly got gut issues. I got ‘mushy guts’ and crampy and feel so off. I got big bloaty. Gas, what the hell is that anymore? but now I am blowing into the wind some methane and sulfur and more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hey if that was all I did then cool cause I am in brain fog. overwhelmed but I KNOW I AM overwhelmed so I am holding onto my reality I require too and ‘not going there’ ya know…as in eating tons of whatever and saying f it to my lifestyle.

I know I got some depression hitting. I see it, feel it, know it and working around it.

not eating all that much. Like my zc while I got burger and chicken, yesterday all I ate was 2 chicken breast around 11 with some alfredo and then I got sick on my stomach around my next meal, I think thru anxiety issues I am feeling and just had that nauseas feeling but I wanted to eat some burgers, but I couldn’t so later in the night I was so hungry and I still wanted ‘no hard food’ so I jumped on my kid’s 2 sugar free popsicles and omg I paid for it…:ghost::unicorn:

Yea I am struggling but not in a massive bad way but with more issues but I know those issues can lead me down a very dark road so I am trying hard to put it all into perspective and DEAL and deal I will.

some days, some times, some drama and being overwhelmed with too much is tough but many of us go there but one shining thought is, I am ok if I HOLD MY own I require for ME thru it all and I am focusing on that a bit to help me personally.



It is SO frustrating. Mil had a major stroke. Physical therapy is KEY in helping her get mobile again. On a whim, someone thinks she “might be depressed a little”. (She’s not) I maintained that she was frustrated, not depressed. There is a difference. The drug, in elderly people in particular, causes hypotensive effects like fatique, dizziness, even fainting - not to mention extended Q-T intervals and arrythmias. So, why in the world, would a doctor specializing in geriatrics - prescribe such a thing to a person who needs nutrition and supplements (because she cannot fully swallow yet), a drug that will only prohibit her from performing the functions she needs to relearn??? This is one of the most absurd situations I have witnessed in recent years in my family.
They actually had to discontinue physical therapy with her because she was too tired and had fainted a few times when they got her up. They called her “uncooperative”. Well, she is not uncooperative…she’s so doped up and nearly unconcious when they come to do PT. The doctor had never been in to even examine her…only the NP that works for him. And frankly, I think she’s better than the doc. The NP has been the only person to really get things done.
On top of all this, mom is now fighting a yeast infection, a UTI, and has a kidney stone floating around that’s going to eventually pass. Dad is at his wit’s end. So…yep. got our hands full here.
The lesson here for me is crystal clear…Keep ourselves as healthy as can be. Don’t eat junk. and be diligent about every.single.thing. we put in our mouths. I will do everything in my power to keep myself healthy- and that includes avoiding as many prescriptions as possible.


Broke the fast and ate last night. 48 hours was good. But, working in the garden out in that heat really depleted my systems of salts and all. And, I just gave in.
Had a burger- plain
2 all beef kosher hot dogs
a small chunk of homemade mozzarella
2 or 3 scrambled turkey eggs with butter
chicken broth and water.

Have not weighed in yet. But, feeling WAY better today.

(Edith) #200

Sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat with our parents. I find it very disheartening that the end of life tends to be so long and miserable. Seeing what my parents are going through has me believing and practicing the same sentiment you wrote above.

I was going through similar troubles with my parents within the past few months. I was going back and forth between my house in Virginia and my parents’ house in Maryland while my dad was in the hospital and working full-time. I could not stop thinking about eating cookies the entire time. I haven’t craved carbs for a long time now, but while I was going back and forth and dealing with all the hospital stuff I REALLY wanted cookies. I finally gave in and made myself a little bit of marzipan and ate it like cookie dough. I have to admit, it did seem to do the trick. The beast was tamed and the craving settled down. Stress really does seem to mess with our minds and our bodies.

After reading The End of Craving by Mark Schatzker, I decided that if I am going to eat something non carnivore adjacent (which is what I’m considering myself at the moment) it is going to be all natural ingredients, homemade, no artificial sweeteners or artificial anything. I’m guessing it was the artificial sweetener that caused your digestive woes.