Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat

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@FrankoBear praying you get better real soon and these Covid symptoms ease off. What a sh1t time you are having at the moment, poor you. My only suggestion is plenty fresh air and no dairy. Also if you are able to do any breathing exercises (with that horrid coarse cough) I am sure Mrs Bear has already been advocating that.

No CrossFit today as I had a work friend popping over for a brew this morning then we took his friends dog, Kita, out for a walk. Only a slow 1.8m walk and talk while Kita sniffed her way through the grasses. He did warn me that one part of the walk was high brambley, thistley, nettle narrow path and I have duly been stung scratched and walked in the eye a few times! Hey ho all part of the fun of dog walking!

Lovely hot day and kita really enjoy just standing in the river cooling her belly down :smile:

Came home for brunch which was sliced cooked chicken reheated in butter.

Took Raymond to get his covid booster this afternoon and then to the Garden Centre for a chat and brew. Out in the garden when I got home to water the plants and deadhead the flowers.

Dinner was the 2 left over Chicken thighs cold.


:smiley:Congrats for Nobby! I always enjoy reading about your animals.

So I should feel lucky that whenever I just crack my little finger, the hospital immediately send me to get an x-ray? I thought it’s normal when in doubt…
So your foot is better? Good.
Mine is at 9.5 weeks since the sprain and I thought it’s almost healed… Nope, a mere 10km walk STILL tires it out, I was even very slightly limping in the end. But I am in bad shape too, I got super tired, body and mind - but even Alvaro did and he is used to a higher activity… But not exactly that much walk/run, indeed…
It’s so mind-blowing to me, I never had a sprain before, I had no idea they are (may be) like this… And it heals WAY slower than a broken wrist that moved and required a surgery. And that wasn’t painful at all after the surgery. It was a great surgery I suppose.
But I won’t any hospital stay ever again :slight_smile: Not my place, I am lucky my very healthy hospital and doctor phobia (maybe it’s a strong word but maybe not) turned off when I had my single short and not too problematic hospital stay.
Sorry to talk about this again, why I can’t just react properly without bringing my own things?


@Shinita … Feet take a LONG time to heal, especially when we’re on them all the time! LOL! I feel zapped of energy since I had been off carnivore. Now that I am back on it, and fully realize- that for me, it is an All or Nothing deal. I have to be 110% committed to it, otherwise I fail. So, that is what this 23/1 IF routine is for. It will get me back on track- finding the mojo again. Already a huge difference in energy levels. However, the foot pain has kept me awake for so many nights- I feel as though there is a need to catch up on sleep (though I don’t think we really can do that.) Nonetheless, the energy is returning. the pounds are TRYING to come off again.
Using the time off work to become fully fat adapted and do more long term fasting. It sounds so unnatural to fast for long time frames, but, I am constantly reminded of how amazing I felt after hitting day 4 of a 7 day fast. And then, I remember eating at the end of the 7th day, and thinking how unimpressed I was with eating again. It was very anti-climatic. So, getting back to doing that a couple times this summer would be fantastic.


And oh, I feel like dinner might have been sort of a Noah’s Ark carnivore dinner…2 chicken thighs. 2 turkey eggs, 2 kosher beef hot dogs, … almost ate some fish too - but I was full.

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@FrankoBear - any change is good, they say. I remember that phase with deep dry coughs and the impossible feeling of trying to clear my lungs. Hope you feel better soon! Everybody here has good ideas.
@SecondBreakfast darn! I broke a metatarsal the same way in 2017 and still there are times I can feel it as it was judged a “malunion” and I think arthritis has settled into it.
In the 80s I had comfrey growing. Sprained my ankle once and wrapped it with a comfrey poultice to sleep in and the very next morning, it was all gone, like magic! Wish I’d thought of that, I just blindly followed medical advice with practically no result.
And congrats on the calf! How cute to discover a baby you didn’t know was coming!
@Shinita maybe you can find some comfrey.
Today we picked up farmer food and so I cooked a lb of the truly grassfed hamburger. So satisfying, ½ pound kept me going all afternoon, and tonight I made a 3 egg omelet with sharp cheddar. Simple day.


alot on my plate. not meat this time.

hubby’s mom is in hospital and very sick. kidney failure issues along with congestive heart failure and more. she is being transferred to another hosp. that has dialysis center and more but things are kinda not good and kinda scary right now. Not looking as a great outcome here? we shall see

I emptied my parents lake house today. just a vacant home now. just sad.

Hubby and I put my Dad’s ashes in the lake as he wanted :slight_smile: Had a small memorial and goodbye. My Mom’s ashes we will put out in the garden with the flowers she loved.

Hard for such final goodbyes and then I have my MIL in dire straits right now.

I don’t know…sometimes too much at one time ya know.

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Image by Ruo-Hsin Wu


You are right, I keep reminding myself that I actually walk on my poor leg since day 1 (not very much in the first days but I still needed to go up and down the stairs many times and other in-house stuff)… But still… My patience has its limits.

23/1 should be ideal for me, I don’t know why it is so hard… I don’t mean the days when I only can eat small meals due to way too quick and serious satiation.
I try to focus on skipping lunch a bit harder. But not today. I already had bites… Nowadays I often cook in the morning as I can do it first time of the day while my brain isn’t really useful yet… Walking works too but cooking is easier and I already picked and canned cherries so I was in the kitchen…
But unsurprisingly I can’t easily fry pork without tasting it…

This soft smoked pork chuck is quite amazing, I can’t imagine I couldn’t eat a decent amount of it any time I am hungry… I still try to keep my smoked meat consumption low, they are too salty anyway but it may come handy if I manage to get bored of my staple meat again.

I still don’t think I need full carnivore but my carnivore-ish is the limit where it’s safe. If I go off, it easily triggers a tiny avalanche even if I plan not to stray too far. I still eat my eggs and meat, it’s nothing like my off days when I did my on/off keto, I don’t get very unwell either BUT it’s still a bit too much. So I should focus on a stricter version to end up in my safe, potentially less strict zone. I actually can follow rules sometimes, I even did pure carnivore for a little while and when I am determined to do carnivore-ish (very, very close to carnivore, I can allow much more extras and still feel great but adding more gets out of hand easily as I wrote), I do it for a while… But if I get more relaxed, things usually getting messed up a bit. Maybe not immediately so I like to get stricter after more relaxed days. But I still think carnivore(-ish) is usually quite easy as long as I like my meat. Except under certain circumstances. Or long term. So I better try to stick to something sticker and if I mess it up a tiny bit, it’s still good enough.
I must be realistic, it’s the best I can do now but it seems okay.

Not NOW, June is special. This June is the first where my carni and very much non-carni periods clash. Until some years ago (and possibly even in the last years) I just said goodbye to keto and had low-carb and high-carb days all month. I don’t really remember what happened in the last years but it wasn’t like this one. I think. So I am a tad torn, my different parts want different things…? And the more important parts kind of wear down the minority and it’s good as it’s a super strong, compulsive one. Things are less simple now but more promising than I expected from this month.
And at least I have my almost fully carni main meals. I doubt it was this good in the last years but I can eat much meat now. It helps immensely. I thought my carnivore-ish was so easy after vegetarian keto (and I never considered that hard, I merely missed my vegs sometimes and eventually got bored of all the sweet desserts I had to eat to avoid going over 40g net carbs. I half-lived on them I think)… Nope, this meatier style is the easy one, no struggling to eat my food when hungry EVER. Food boredom is completely absent lately. I even wait to cook my variety items, I have turkey and tongue in the freezer… But I am perfectly happy with pork as at least half of my food intake and it’s often more and it’s fine.

I typically get some changes after a few days but energy is something special, I probably need to work years on it and doing everything (sleep, stress, exercise…etc.) right… Sigh. But I am not super exhausted, I had such times and I am hopeful so I don’t complain. There are things I can improve, it’s oh so not all about my woe.

Good luck to your long fasts! I can’t do it. The more I lowered my carbs, the worse I got at fasts. Now I can’t even skip a day but I try to go back to it. I have a hypothesis that OMAD may lead to it… I just can’t make OMAD stick yet. I keep trying. It doesn’t seem hard, I just half-accidentally eat too early.
Day 4 was when the complete lack of sodium intake became a problem(?) I think :smiley: It was fun but probably not so much to my body…? I really wish to do another such long fast again if that is possible, with supplementing sodium this time. But maybe my body can’t do it comfortably anymore, I don’t know… But I weighed less when I did my single longer fast (almost 5 days) so I should be able to do it again I suppose.
My body is adamant at eating each and every day though :frowning: Maybe one day it will be more cooperative. It’s obvious it doesn’t NEED food so early. It just likes to get it, for safety reasons or whatever. Maybe a habit.

If pork tongue wouldn’t be too big, I would include 2 of that too :smiley: Good stuff. I am looking forward eating them soon.
Chicken brain is fun too. I often got it when Grandma killed chickens.

I never had turkey eggs!!! I think I ONLY had chicken eggs… I could try quail eggs easily but they surely aren’t that interesting just very, very cute.

I was on a food recipe site today (I forgot about the quark and made a dessert with some of it. Alvaro likes my desserts anyway. didn’t find anything useful so I just made a recipe from scratch as usual) and I answered questions about my meat eating habits (and my willingness to eat less meat in the future etc.). But they didn’t ask the amount, just the frequency. So I couldn’t give some interesting answers. I did say I can imagine eating less meat as I can. I said I won’t eat less meat in the near future.

Now I wonder how much meat a non-vegetarian person eats here and in other countries… I saw such numbers as an average for the population but there are babies, there are vegetarians… I am interested in the rest. And I forgot what I saw anyway.

I honestly have no idea how much meat people eat normally. We only had a little chicken on Sundays and some deli otherwise. It wasn’t typical. Alvaro’s family had much meat but I don’t know how much. His Mom surely have interesting ideas like a single chicken leg per person for lunch when we visit (okay, with soup and big dessert and carbs it may be fine for Alvaro who eat 3 times a day… I always stay hungry though and bring my own food) and seemed shocked when I told her how big are my roasts (and I have a mini oven so they aren’t big. my biggest was 3.5kg but it’s a bit too much for my oven pan, it fits but it’s in too few pieces very very close to each other and they take ages).
I don’t even know how much meat Alvaro eats but little.
And once I met someone on a forum who said she never eats more than 100g meat at once and that’s once a day. Since then I learned it’s a decent amount of meat for many people, even for ketoers (per meal, though, not necessary per day). I never worked that way. If it’s a proper food, I need amounts. It may be I have 3 meaty day in the whole year but that should be properly meaty, not just a tease :smiley: Well, it doesn’t change when I started to eat meat every day, in the contrary…
Now I am fine around a pound a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I think. I continue not tracking, it’s nice but I am a bit lost when it’s about my food consumption. I never will go much higher though as I can’t afford so much protein and fat (that meat may not contain too much fat but you can’t expect me not adding a lot fatty stuff if I eat leaner cuts. I will eat my eggs too. 2 pounds of meat occasionally, that’s different but that isn’t very likely either).
I guess I will stop here, around a pound a day. And my usual amount of eggs, less than before. And some dairy.

@Fangs: Both problems sounds very serious… IDK what to say :frowning: Stay strong? I know you will, you are that type but it’s obviously sad and hard for you now :cry:


That is truly alot. And, I am so sorry you are having to deal with all these experiences back to back. It is particularly difficult when you have virtually no break from it all. Many hugs and prayers being sent your way, my friend. Remember the 3 T’'s. Tears. Talk. and Time. (I have a dear friend who is a social worker for a pediatric hospice organization, and she taught me about this, as it was much needed at the time. Stil is.) My Daddy had congestive heart failure, and man oh man, the juggling of the medications was truly a scientific wonder. Too much of one thing set off another thing, etc etc. It is a tough, tough road. I surely pray you find the strength to get through all of this.
Sorting through the emotions, especially with so many events converging all at once - is a tremendous challenge. That’s the kind of thing that would have sent me on an emotional eating binge. Never again, though. Stay strong, my friend. Stay strong. :two_hearts:


So the key to making this fasting mechanism work, is becoming truly fat adapted. Eating lean meats is not going to bring you to that point. Eating fat, and I mean meat fat is the key. For instance, when I cook chicken thighs, I always get them skin on. My husband hates the skin/fat. So, before I serve his up, I take the skins off and keep them for myself. Same with fat on steaks. He will not eat it, so I trim it off before I serve him, and keep it for me. I know it seems weird, but, trust me…it trains the body to survive off fat. Do this for awhile, and see. Then, when you begin fasting, the body seamlessly taps into your own fat storage for its needs. I really did not experience a level of true hunger that was not manageable during any of the extended fasts. You’d think after 7 days of no food that the hunger pangs would be unfathomable…but no. Just a bit of a growl here and there. I’d chug chicken broth or beef broth or coffee with a bit of MCT oil just so it wasn’t too loud while I was at work…but yeah…totally manageable.

The other reason I do this, is because of body aches and pains. I’m very sensitive now to lectins and insoluble oxylates. The next 24 hours are going to the most painful, as this is the oxylate purging window, and (based on prior experience) as the body dumps out all the built up garbage, getting rid of it seems to ache quite a bit. But then, I feel like new afterwards. I like to describe it in a word picture. If you have a shower head or faucet with all kinds of build up- calcium deposits or whatever…over time, it can prohibit the free flow of water. The edges of the faucet become all crusty with build up. That is what I feel as though my joints become like. When you stop feeding the body all the stuff that causes all that build up, then, the deposits begin to diminish and eventually break loose. Flushing it out of the body can be a bit painful - but oh, so worth the struggle!!! I just make sure to drink alot of water.
It takes ALOT of willpower, but I know you can do it. If you need some added encouragement, pull up Jocko Willink on YouTube and watch a few of his motivational videos. That dude got me through some tough places!
Keep on trying !!! And have a blessed day!

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Thats the time to pray, God will only let you cope with what you can deal with. :pray::pray: thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

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Lots of posts today phew! I have done my best but sometimes do have to skim over some of them, I do apologise for that but it makes my brain hurt :woozy_face:

Stair runs done this morning, only doing 50 at the mo instead of the full tonne, I probably could have carried on this morning but wanted to water some of the plants before going to CrossFit as it was forecast hot today. And it has been hot but not as hot as tomorrow is forecast.

CF was as hard as usual, which is only as hard as the effort you want to put in and I try not to do anything by halves.

Came straight home and had a rump steak topped with slices of gouda cheese. I fried the cheese in the rump fat and the whole lot went over the rump even the crispy congealed bit which of course was the tastiest bit. I really have to say i enjoyed every bite, hardly any grissle but lots of fat.

Got some phone calls done and managed to get through to the Civil Service Pensions only to find it will take longer than 2 weeks to do a forecast. Hey ho. Then pottered in between sitting in garden. Wanted to move my fatsia … Good grief it was heavy, even using my plant trolley but I got it from my patio doors to the bottom of the garden and just waiting for my neighbour to get home to see if he can help me get it onto the raised patio. I think it needs more shelter than where it was positioned. This hotter sunshine is just too much for it I think. I have made a ramp lol but know I will end up either doing myself an injury or having an accident with it if I try doing it on my own and the last thing I want is it landing on its side, its such a lovely plant.

I had been sitting in the shade but sweating so much and my specs kept slipping down my nose arghhh so I came inside and made myself 2 x 1/4pounder beef burgers with mozzarella cheese on top. They weren’t as tasty as the cheaper burgers but they filled a spot.


I eat TONS of fat. I need to go lower.
I never liked lean meat - until I fell in love with pork thigh, so lovely and it helps me to avoid eating way, way too much fat! I keep it.
Adding fat is ridiculously easy for me, I have problems with staying low-ish what I need. But it will happen!

Skin is the best part of chicken (as long as one can make it crispy). And so fatty and the meat has no satiation effect… I stick to my pork chuck and 70/30 pork and thigh and turkey (still not as satiating but oh so good).

Apage satanas… My 326g fat carnivore day still so vivid in my mind… It was fun to get that number but I rather focus on minimizing fat just as I try to do since 11 years (or it’s 12 already? IDK when to increment the number) and I STILL fail…

I know OMAD. I know.

I know how to fast. I need a HUGE satiating meal and determination and focus and then I can skip a day. And food gets farther from my mind then. I am so fine with 40 hours or something.
I actually forgot this, the huge satiating meal. It’s almost impossible to pull off without very much carbs though. I can pull off a huge meal but with added fat so the satiation effect won’t be that long term. Or it could? Thanks, I will try something… :smiley: Maybe I have a big Sunday meal and try to skip Monday. Monday is the perfect day for a fast for me.

For you. I got hungry a bit before 5 days on my only longer fast. I got VERY hungry before 48 hours later. And I never was very hungry or cold when I was starving for 11 days in a 8 Celsius room (but my mental state was interesting, I was determined).
My fat mass was similar. It’s obviously a big factor, a very thin one can’t afford long fasts. As far as I know, I already “shouldn’t” have enough extra fat for longer fasts but as we know that formula doesn’t work well for everyone…

But maybe my body just have some strong habit. Or my mind is the problem. IDK. Probably. Maybe both. I will try harder.

Thanks, I can use every little help I can find!

But for now I would be happy with OMAD with the occasional TMAD…

Today was odd. I ate in a small eating window (without any real need, I should do something about that) and it was little food. And I just didn’t get hungry afterwards either.


So today was coffee with MCT
2 chicken thighs and the skin offf a chicken breast.
A tiny bit of cheese
and more water.

Went to the nursing center to see MIL and have a meeting. Picked my daughter up from work, dropped her at her friend’s house, then picked up my cheese press and cultures for cheesemaking.

Ended up out in the garden for a good while getting weeds out and roto tilling. Tomorrow I will hoe some rows and finish planting. Then company for dinner.
Feeling very good now after a rpugh, sore morning.


Staying on plan. I took a baked Cattleman’s steak and chopped it into fork size pieces then put it in a beef bone broth stock and enjoyed a hearty bowl of soup to soothe the cough.

Some of these medicines have sugar and sweeteners in them. If I want the codeine, it is mixed with sugar. This Mary Poppins style 1950s pharmaceutical approach is toxic. So I am juggling needs and benefits. I have no cravings. Appetite strongly cancelled by lack of smell and taste.

The sky is behaving like this disease adventure, sometimes sunny, hopeful, and warm, other times cloudy, miserable, and cold. The variety enlightens the variability and adaptability of living. It’s a nice morning for metaphors. Wish I could taste the coffee.

Non-fasted afternoon (5pm) blood glucose 6.8mmol/L + ketones 0.1mmol/L. I feel better with some nutritional ketosis.

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Sorry to hear about your hubby’s mother can’t be easy so soon after losing your own mother

(Judy Thompson) #158


Aww @Fangs, you’re really going through it this year! Like you are already doing, keep your tunnel vision active, put one foot in front of the other. Rest! As Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell… Keep going.” thoughts and prayers :heart:

Yesterday was a big sous vide day, first the tenderloin got 3 hours, then the farmers big chicken for 6. Picked up farm food on Wednesday, a trek across N. Va, and my duck eggs weren’t there. Yesterday I had a call from a guy who said they’d been miss-labeled with his name so we went out and picked them up before pulling out the tenderloin to slice for lunch.

About 8 pm I took out the chicken. Ate a leg and thigh. It was sort of sloppy looking, I didn’t photograph it. But here’s some tenderloin:

@SecondBreakfast Just listened to a short Jocko Willink video… Good. Yes, he is! Looking forward to hearing more of him.


Absolutely stoked today! Been on vacation (from job) for exact;y 1 week. Down 10 pounds. Not due to any amount of exercise with the footsy as it is…this is from the Carnivore, OMAD, IF routine. Pain level in my joints is just about gone, which is phenomenal. The only two issues I am stuck with are 1) the foot. 2) restless sleeping.

I know the weight loss will slow down some, but, this is wonderful. Hoping you all have a wonderful, blessed, happy day!

(Karen) #160

@SecondBreakfast wow well done with that drop in weight. 10lb is a drop you no doubt see and feel and it’s nice to feel good.

Out of bed about 8.20 this morning and straight out yo trim the hedge at the front of the house. My neighbour and I take it in turns to trim it and it sort of seems to be his turn more often than mine lol … everytime I think I ought to get on with it he obviously gets a bit fed up waiting and gets on with it :slight_smile: it is about 6ft high 3ft wide, fortunately not too long., but still makes the hand wrist, arm and shoulder hurt after a while. Anyway all done and looking dapper again.

Ate brunch about 11am of remaining 2 beef burgers out of yesterdays pack and fried some smoked cheddar to top them which tasted nicer than yesterday as it was a bit more salty and flavoursome.

Then decided as it was far too hot to sit in my south facing garden I had a quick 10 minutes with a brew out there and then walked to Long Eaton about a mile and walked round the shops filling my wheely shopping bag. More bird food, fat balls which are heavy to carry, hence I took the trolley bag. Of course I bought more than intended and the trolley got heavier and heavier to pull. Also bought 2 wheeled storage boxes in bright pink to make into planters. 2 for 3.99 … bargain lol I had worn my sliders and although they are comfortable enough to walk that distance my feet got sweaty sticky and grubby so I had a nice foot bath when I got home.

Ahhhhh nice and soothing and cool!

Dinner will be a ribeye steak that is sitting in fridge waiting to be cooked and I think I will fry a couple of duck eggs with it.

And thats what I had :smiley: very tasty