Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat


My body resists lean food well… But I ate some from everything. And cream. Yum. But just a little.
I wasn’t really hungry so we will see what I can do at dinner.

We got sunshine, yay!

(Judy Thompson) #82

That was me with covid. All the arthritis and sciatica hit me hard at once and I couldn’t lie down, sit or stand. But I took double gabapentin and muscle relaxants and that knocked it out. Whew!

(Judy Thompson) #83

Antipodes! Wow. Opposite of us (Washington DC area) is Augusta, Western Australia.
Also near the beach!


Okay, I looked it up. Somewhat east from New Zealand, water everywhere…

(Karen) #85

My opposite tunnel is in the water … poss pacific?? Couldnt work out the app lol. Think I will avoid tunneling as we don’t want any more floods than we already get around here :rofl:

No sleep at all last night in fact my fit bit said very poor sleep lol. My ex bf phoned me at 9.30pm after i was drifting into a lovely deep sleep and that was the end of that! Even took a couole of sleepers about 1030 but nope, was up and downstairs watching boring TV as a last resort about midnight. Last time I looked at clock it was 2.55am and I was up at 4 45 so needless to say I was on my last chin straps all day!

Usual work food cooked sliced chicken reheated in butter and 1 hard boiled egg.

Home at 3.45pm and had last of brisket with mayo cos it was so dry, 2 duck eggs scrambled and 4 rashers of bacon.

So so tired, early night for me. @Fangs enjoy your beach combing and the surf, @FrankoBear get well soon you and Mrs Bear. Good foody pics @Ketodaisy and @JJFiddle I do try to get through everyone’s posts but so hard when my little brain is struggling .

Off work till Monday when I have the Ill Health Retirement meeting to see what’s going to be offered, not stressing about it what will be and all that… #1 Governor off sick (wonder if he will get an absence warning letter???) So meeting being headed by the Deputy Head Gov.


Good luck!

(Daisy) #87

Cheesy pork nuggets and chicken liver pâté, a baby grass fed ny strip and lots more pâté. Ended up eating the whole bowl of pâté. It just was really hitting the spot!

image image

(Linda ) #88

The last couple days been eating shrimp full fat yogurt and steak…needed the steak to counter the lean meat making me want more meals.

@fangs enjoy the beach I hope you have loads of sunshine nothing but rain today here in florida.
@FrankoBear sorry to hear you both got covid hope you both have a speedy recovery and neither of you get long term symptoms…

@Shanita lol I don’t know how much in weight it just doesn’t keep me full if it’s lean… but no real suprise you can’t live on lean for long or you get sick… a couple of meals low fat and im almost grazing on food, then it takes a couple days to get back to 2 meals lol… but all the first meat eaters ate fatty meats even way back when steffasan did his meat trial in hospital in ny he suffered from protein poisoning they started him off too lean and took him a couple of meals to get over it…its from him studying the inuit that the recommended fat was 3:1


Meanwhile the cost of living goes up. I can’t remember the last time I ate lettuce.

I blame COVID for making me post about lettuce.

Thanks to all for your well wishes.

Bacon and eggs is still going down here. Atlantic salmon tonight. Carnivoring on.


I sure hope you get the best outcome for your retirement meeting!! fingers crossed it settles in your favor real well!!

yea the rainy isn’t good now for me either. no sun and chilly out and this beach trip is more just chillin’ then boogie boarding the waves. The water is also very sandy and churned up. more icky then nice, lol. but I am at the beach so I will continue to smile :slight_smile: hope your weather improves soon too!

you sound so carnivore strong! love it!
lettuce is one of my enemies! our prices are scary now on everything also. gas and more, I tell ya. I am getting wallet mugged at every turn for sure like all of us!

--------------------so-------ACID REFLUX

heard of it but never had it in my life. OH MY GOSH yesterday I got nailed.

2 hefty rum drinks in 0 sugar mix stuff and then I had a low carb beer.
then hubby made chicken breast on the grill. he put on this paprika season blend. tasted ok. while he was cooking that I snacked down some kinda spicy tasting pepperoni slices. Chicken was good but had a slight burny taste to it from the seasoning.

about 1 hr. later lounging on my recliner listening to the ocean and relaxin’ UP CAME ACID straight into my throat. OMG! entire throat burned, seemed like my throat closed off and could barely breathe and it literally scared the ba-gee-bees out of me. It was an experience I am never repeating again! When I got ‘over this episode’ and calmed down from it I realized all those spices nailed me to the wall, then add booze! What a combo! How in the hell do people live with that malady in their lives. I never experienced it but now that I did, I will make sure that never happens in my life again! ever!!

Feel fine this morning but my food for today will be very very very simple and basic.

My tummy told me real fast. fast food sausage on travel, food truck burgers wtih some weirdo seasoning, rotten buffalo chicken wings :frowning: then booze and paprika and in the end, I sure see 1000% why I went down. I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out HAHA

So simple easy day. out to dinner tonight will be peel/eat shrimp and ?? not sure cause their menu is mostly fried crap and NO BEEF on the menu so I might just eat 2 cheeseburgers before I go out and then snack on some delish shrimp while the family eats whatever. I know I am cleaning up my food intake come hell or highwater!

beach chilly and rainy all around us. missing my big sun, ugh. but I am at the beach and will enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Robin) #91

Karen, I’m going to mention what comes to mind every time you mention retiring for your health. (And I have all fingers crossed for that being the outcome!)

I always wonder how your appearance will affect their decision. If I saw you sitting across from me, I might see the “fittest” person I know. I hope they personally know you and your story… so they aren’t swayed by your bad ass physique!

But I’m assuming they have all your medical reports etc. no matter how the meeting goes, know that we all find great inspiration from you!
(You had me at running stairs!)

(Edith) #92

What I started doing to help me fall back to sleep is to listen to podcasts that I’ve listened to before. I put the sound on the lowest volume, put in my earbuds, and the low droning voices puts me right back to sleep. It works every time! If I don’t do that, I toss and turn for hours.

(Robin) #93

Edith, I have a similar sleep hack. I ply the movie You’ve Got Mail on my ipad. Volume low and screen turned away.
I rarely remember anything past the opening scenes with music. I think my brain now equates that as step one to falling asleep.


It’s very, very, very individual. I am me, I need my 120g protein. I need a drastically different fat:protein ratio when I eat 1500 kcal and when I eat 4000. Not like I ever am active enough for 4000 but it’s not fully impossible and I easily can eat that much on some days.
And I am only one person…
So the ideal fat:protein ratio (if the one in question doesn’t mind so it’s all about protein and calorie needs) wildly varies.
I don’t know why people want to force everyone into a fixed mold. It never will work.

I am lucky I am the ~65% fat intake person so it gives me just right protein and calorie intake. But I am sure I could adapt as long as I can keep my high-protein high-fat. I do my best (in the lazy and sometimes not caring way I do) to minimize my fat intake and it’s still a bit high so I probably could go higher if my energy need would go up. But maybe very much fat every day wouldn’t feel good (though I think it would… I am dreaming about eating as much fat as I wish one day). Especially with carnivore quick satiation and the lack of almost all items that dilutes fattiness. It was almost hard for me in the beginning, I lost my vegs and my food good so much fattier while I ate less fat… But I dropped fattiness and I could afford that as I was fine with less food than before. It didn’t last long, sadly.

But I just popped in to show my quiche! :smiley: Finally, something new. I still eat the same fish and liver and pork… And my usual kinds of eggs.

I forgot to ask Alvaro yesterday what he wants for lunch but he said today it doesn’t matter anyway, if he can eat it, it’s fine for him. Carnivore food then, obviously :smiley: (Okay, not so obviously, sometimes I want to make a pizza. Just making, I don’t eat it, don’t even make my own version.) Well his contained cute veg pieces, mine had bacon… Yeah, I should remember not to put even the tiny salt into those… But they were still good. It seems 10% cream works for them, I only had that at the moment. It’s some cheap emergency stuff for coffee or some rare dish calling for cream and not whipped one. Sometimes whipping cream in box is so expensive and it even has UHT flavor, I rather buy the cheaper, tastier one in bag :slight_smile: But it’s nice to have something that lasts almost forever. Though it’s not that important anymore as coffee isn’t a must anymore and the less cream I consume, the better. But it’s nice.

I try to be super scarce and come back when I can go back to carnivore. It’s June, I just can’t do that now. But I try to stay as close as possible…? My body already has some tiny complaints. But there are stronger forces in play.

Oh I liked that on keto despite being leaves (maybe not everyone knows here yet but I disliked most green leaves even as a veggie lover). Crunch, you know.
Then carnivore came… And when I tasted it again, it was like grass. Never touched it again and I think it will stay like that for the rest of my life.
Oh if everything would be that easy :smiley:

Pretty lettuce pic, by the way. Nice colors and stuff. Nothing is wrong with enjoying the look of plants. I do it all the time. I just don’t want to eat them.
My tiny veggie garden has multiple pretty swiss chard now. People allegedly eat them. Once I tried it and it’s clearly inedible as basically all dark green leaves* (even if this one has red in it and how cool is that?). So I keep them as decorative plants.

*Spring onions are exceptional, they are awesome.

IDK what egg prices do, I think they stay the same now. Just like meat. Grains go up like crazy, I know as Alvaro is a big grains consumer. He almost only eats the stuff I eat plus grains (oh and legumes sometimes). Much more vegs too but since I don’t cook them and don’t let them into my precious tiny freezer, the amount drastically dropped and he doesn’t complain.

Cheese goes up but very subtly, it’s fine. I think sour cream is very much fine, cream too…
Butter is the crazy thing, it probably will double the price in a year…? And it wasn’t exactly cheap before, at all :frowning: And I like butter. I can’t afford it as it’s fat and I have lard and protein sources but it still have some individual charm… So I keep eating it, in moderation, that’s the best.

We still have rain every day. Of course we have. It’s cherry season, after all. Half of it will rot again… That isn’t a tragedy as there is sooo many and we can’t do much with it but it’s not nice to see rotted pieces everywhere before their time…

(Linda ) #95

You dont eat carnivore and thats fine…I doubt any carnivore ratio prob matters when your not eating carnivore So def carry on doing you…

(Judy Thompson) #96

This reminds me of when my son was little, I sound recorded movies like Peter Pan and Mary Poppins onto tape cassettes. No picture there!

The other night when we went to dinner, something (s) didn’t work! Chicken had seasonings and there was brown sauce, not much but I haven’t had anything like that in 6 months. Also beer. So yesterday back to the trots, queasy stomach, sciatica that rears up worse when eating is wrong.
But someone once said, it’s good to identify what you don’t want, because then you can identify what you do want.
So yesterday was simple, eggs and ham and then chuck roast later.
Slept like the dead lastnight - 82% was deep sleep, over 6 hrs!
Today, eggs steamed medium, one by itself late morning and one with tenderloin and a small slice of ham at 1:30 or so.

(this was that chicken. Never again.)

@FrankoBear $12.99 for a head of lettuce!? Glad I don’t eat that anymore!! :exploding_head:

(Daisy) #97

Looks like I’m shifting back to 2mad. meal one was a bacon egg omelette cooked in camel fat and a protein/collagen water. Meal two was 2 baby grass fed New York strips with butter and another protein/collagen water. I took about 40 minutes to eat meal one and 50 minutes to eat meal two.
image image image image


Day 4 of COVID. When I eat, in this disease state, I get a fever and get all sweaty. The furnace gets switched on. I think @VirginiaEdie Edith mentioned the ‘meat furnace’ in another post recently.

1.5 hrs post breakfast: Blood glucose 6.3mmol/L; blood ketones 0.2mmol/l - my only chance to get during COVID tests. Blood glucose pre-dinner (6 hours fasted): 6.2mmol/l.

I’ve just had eggs and bacon. Staying on plan. The bad news is I couldn’t taste my coffee. But the warmth was nice. The bacon and eggs were just slippery textures that were a bit salty. Had no real appetite. But I wasn’t inappetent. It just felt right to eat.

I got 8 hours sleep last night because I went to bed at 6pm. I woke at 2am feeling good. The day 3 fever had broken and the body aches and pains were noticeably less. Mrs Bear chose the spare room to sleep because I was a furnace (apparently), restless, and sweaty. I snuck Billie the Labrador on to the bed, and we listened to the winter rain fronts arrive on the tin roof until dawn.

There is enough sunshine this morning to get a good dose on my skin. A few coughs and sniffles makes me thankful that the bear cage fight isn’t inside my chest. A few alternations between fever and chills today. But I’ve been out in the fresh air and full of bacon and eggs, so it feels like I’m on the mend side of the hump.

Mrs Bear, on the other hand, was up before dawn, collecting kindling firewood, making a fire, doing household chores, fixing the water pump, chopping wood, feeding the animals, and is now taking Billie for a walk along a deserted winter beach. I’m pretty sure she had COVID for an afternoon.

(Vic) #99

Good to hear you feel better.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, you’ll be more immune after this attack.

Had it a few times myself, more in the Mrs Bear style. Also 3 vaccinations, those are also an attack on our body.
Positive is, we train our body how to defend better next time.

Just, if you have no appetite or hunger, don’t eat. Your body will clearly tell you when it needs food.
Eating in the middle of a fight is in general a bad idea, it doesn’t matter if your opponent is a virus, bacteria, kickboxer, parasites, shark, Mrs Bear, kids.
Trust and listen to your body, eating in the middle of a fight is not what inner Frank is telling you :wink:

I had upset digestive system the other day, clearly under attack by something. Didn’t feel hunger for 2.5 day, so didn’t eat. Don’t know what it was ? But its dead now, I won.



sorry FB ya feel icky like all that but it sounds like you are on the end hopefully and on the mend. Glad Mrs. B is doing so well!

great post @carnivoor2
not sure what it was, but dead now :partying_face:

-------------I know what got me and I am pretty fine today and doing well. Spices be damned! Ate plain ol’ my food from the rv and my guts are back, tummy is fine and feeling fab!

got burgers and steak at the campsite today. keeping my zc extremely simple. I tell ya guys, I require it! and if I do, that is what I will do :sunny: