Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat

(Karen) #101

Aww bless you @robintemplin very kind words and if I can inspire one person to improve their fitness then that makes me a happy bunny.

Yes the Occupational Health has said I meet the criteria for Ill Health Retirement and my colleagues know I have always been very work conscientious but yes I do think sometimes people just see the outside. A lot of people ask me if ‘I’m alright now’ I am not sure I will ever be ‘alright’ but I just have to manage it the best I can. I know what gets me fatigued and it isn’t physical exercise, its pure mental fatigue that completely drains me and after a couple of days at work I usually need a good 2 to 3 days proper rest which means no CrossFit and generally no stair running. (Just a bit of pottering around the garden lol) I did 50 flights running yesterday and then another 50 this morning which felt okay prior to the CrossFit session.

Had to get my state pension forecast yesterday, fortunately we can do that online these days, I wasn’t sure whether retiring a year early would affect it and needed that info prior to making any decisions but it seems I have paid enough years for a full pension and it won’t affect it phew! Why are pensions so flipping confusing eh?

(Karen) #102

Hahah I don’t have any podcasts but it reminds me of when I was dating a number of years ago, my bf, who I might add, I am still good friends with until he phoned me the other night when I had just dropped off to sleep, :laughing: we could both talk for England and I would come home from spending time with him, give him a call to tell him I was home safe and we would talk for another hour or so until his voice started to lull me to sleep hahaha perhaps I should have answered his call so he could talk me back to sleep :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:



FULL pension. Super congrats.

So this is it? Not one more day of work for you and sit back til the money rolls in?

Yea I would think with a brain issue that you experienced it might have changed ‘your neuro path’ centers in some way so you are more worse on loud noises, too much stimuli hitting ya and since you say not mostly physical, it is your brain might be re-routed a tad along with tiny vessels that are suppyling blood in a diff. way and yes I think that could be an issue (I am not a scientist and what I wrote could not even be true HA) but I am sure you ‘will adapt’. You are ok while you find your new normal and that is ok…you will and are doing just that.

VERY happy you came thru that inquiry in great form K!

(Karen) #104

I think you got it @Fangs! Oh and just clarifying it’s the State pension that won’t be affected by retiring early but that wont start until I hit 66 next June so I have a year to ponder the equation of whatever offer the prison puts on the table on Monday and whether I can afford to retire a year early. Just don’t want to dip into the retirement savings too much as that was for the nicities in life rather than subsidising my monthly bills!

(Robin) #105

So… Monday you hear the verdict?


oh yea be careful when evaluating how it all falls in line for you. just take your time and calculate it all out and truly hope it settles all in a good path for ya. We early retired and I put aside so much savings to ‘dip into’ when needed with hubby working part time for some extra cash before we can deal with social security. I am taking early SS at 62, in 2 yrs but hubby is 59 and we can’t take his bigger amt til age 65 so we are ‘fine tuning’ our spending a bunch like you are doing too. I won’t touch the 401K etc til alot older but like you it has to be a balance before ya start spending all ya saved. I so get ya on that!

(Judy Thompson) #107

@FrankoBear Glad you’re feeling a little better, Mrs Bear seems to have recovered! Good, now she can watch after you :wink: @carnivoor2 good points! When we had covid I was only keto, not yet carnivore, but we got to where we could tolerate 1 egg each per day. Didn’t seem to hurt me to eat just that amount and afterwards I told people, “I highly recommend the covid diet.” lol. @FrankoBear the Carnivore docs say eat til the food no longer tastes good… How does that apply to it never tasting good?

@Karen18 woopie! What great news!! At least now the ball’s in your court, you decide whether to leave or not. Powerful position!

@Fangs I’m learning. I hope someday I actually know - my only good food is my own food, not a week goes by that I don’t get another lesson on this very subject!

Lastnight we went to the corner bar where I had low carb beer, another booboo. But after some light leg cramps I got up about 4:30 this morning and fixed an egg and a chaffle. Had been thinking about chaffles with just egg and mozzarella, tried it and it worked… No pork rinds.
Small headache was then gone, cramps gone, read for about an hour and went back to sleep from 6 to about 9, walked the pup and got ready for lessons. First one canceled, 2nd at 11:30 attended, by 12:30 we were ready for lunch.

Put a lb of the farmer’s chip steak in the electric skillet and made more of the same chaffles. Ate them with mayo.

Tonight, ½ stick of pepperoni and a couple oz of sharp cheddar. Comfortably stuffed!

(Daisy) #108

meal one was a 3 egg bacon feta omelette cooked in camel fat and a protein/collagen water. Then a long day of yard sales! When I got home, I made a Marketside rosemary lamb steak.


Bacon, eggs and a teaspoon of grated cheddar cheese for NoFUN breakfast. I can taste the saltiness of the bacon. I can also taste a bitterness in the coffee with cream. I heard in a food related podcast yesterday (Peak Human - Brian Sanders with @amber L Amber O’Hearn) that bitter is a taste sensation warning. I found it interesting that when coffee and cream are stripped of flavour, when one loses all sense of taste, that only the bitterness remains. It would be an interesting logline for a villain in a story.

Today we are being buffeted by an Antarctic low. Rain fronts and cold, gusty wind, interspersed with sunshine too bright. Rainbows and tattoo gun sun showers. This is proper winter weather for here. Unlike the faux-thunderstorms that sometimes meander down from the Tropic of Capricorn on a warm north wind. This cold south wind and chiselling rain is what sculpts the people who live here. Sculpts us right into the resilience of the coastal environment.

Day 5 with COVID. Fasting blood glucose 7.3mmol/l (132mg/dl) with fasting blood ketones steady at 0.2mmol/l. It says to me all the fruit juices, magic teas and honey enriched potions spruiked by the local vego hippy soothsayers are not required as the fever, in itself, is generating enough endogenous blood glucose production for infection fighting.

I think I can smell coffee :coffee: . But I have been having some pretty crazy hallucinating dreams.

(Robin) #110

I equate the post-covid faintness of taste and smell to being seated 5 rows in front of someone eating bacon. It’s a teaser.

Glad you’re on the mend.


homeward bound
bye bye beach

be nice to be back to my own food routine tho at home!

miss it!


Of course they matter. It’s the same on keto, too little fat results in starvation… On very low-carb, we need more than minimal fat.

And I can’t carry on, I badly need changes. But I can’t do them. Bad for me. I even eat all day this weekend (starting at noon but that’s way too early for me, impossible to end well).

I don’t think I ever will buy brisket again. It takes ages and it’s apparently super hard - and as it’s not fatty enough and it’s beef, the result can’t ever be good for me anyway.
It is tasty so I will eat it but I need to ground and mix it. Probably. I only ate most of the tiniest piece.

Note for self, for the zillionth time: NEVER ever start to eat before I have 1600+ kcal proper food ready to eat in front of me.
The brisket took its sweet time but I have meat, kind of so I didn’t want to take out my precious lovely pork chuck roast from the freezer (pork is so, so better than beef. it’s nice to have a beef stew here and there but pork is just easier, quicker, less chewy, more fatty and way cheaper that the cheapest beef cuts I tentatively afford sometimes)… I had pâté and eggs and sausage but I had no enough carni food. We barely even have cheese now but I had some too.
Sigh. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I seriously doubt I can stay away from carni for long, I am a hedonist and my body may be indulgent, I feel the difference. And I am pretty bad at being just a weeeeee bit off. Beyond my carnivore-ish, that has its rules and it’s the easiest to do. Oh well.

Weather is nice now, a bit too hot but not rainy, finally.

(Karen) #113

Kitty sitting weekend while my daughter and hubby went to Poland for a wedding.

Some of my food over weekend , I cooked pork shoulder joint in my daughter gas oven and it didn’t quite go cording to plan… the crust burnt but that didn’t stop me munching the whole lot, meat was just right and I have some left over in my fridge that I am getting through bit by bit. Had a couple of cheese duck egg omelettes over the weekend too.
Also my activities over the weekend


what is that kitty’s name again. Too cute to say kitty, I wanna say, oh that is "whoever’ cause that cat is so adorable and my friend now also thru the pics :slight_smile: That cat is living large!

I would eat those burnt ends…only ones I won’t eat are the ones right on the end that might break a tooth HAHA

your food pics are fab!

(Judy Thompson) #115

@FrankoBear DH had vivid hallucinogenic dreams too! 10 months ago and he still remembers them in detail. I wonder if that’s a thing. Hope you start feeling better soon.

@Karen18 your chicken thigh pics are always too die for! Everything looks great and I’m with you, I’d eat the burnt stuff too :slight_smile:
Tried my chaffles again with a tsp pork rind crumbles, then later without. These are growing on me. Even the plain egg and cheese ones are strong enough to hold a sandwich together.
I put hamburgers together for lunch. Later I cooked 3 pcs bacon and ate those with 2 chaffles. Very satisfying day.
@Fangs Welcome home! Always happy to have my food back, too!

(Linda ) #116

I’m with you on the chaffels so easy to make just foe me I gotta watch the cheese

(Edith) #117

I’ve done bacon waffles, a.k.a. womlettes, too. One egg, two pieces of bacon blended up in a blender or food processor. Add a dash of maple extract. They are quite tasty and no dairy.


simple day

4 thin cut pork chops later
then 2 chicken breasts in homemade alreado sauce with some parm cheese shredded

woke up and instantly put that menu together cause it is what I want :slight_smile:

(Judy Thompson) #119

Thanks Edie - writing that down!
And oh - do you precook the bacon or put it in raw?

(Edith) #120

I put in in raw.