Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat



It was just for the first few courses of my OMAD… I barely ate some and stopped. I am kind of hungry…? Not very much… And my appetite is very negative so I can’t eat.
Now I wonder if the problem is my food being not appetizing at all (I ate all the eggs and even 2 sponge cakes and a tad sausage)… Liver and fish aren’t THAT great but I usually can eat them just fine and I used the full “seitan treatment” on the fish. It’s a very effective combo of spices and a condiment to add flavor to some mostly tasteless dish.
I wondered about some pork and nope, I managed to bring down my appetite to the point where no food seems nice.

Oh well, I don’t really complain, I can use a big calorie deficit - but I surely will eat later anyway.
The egg pudding was nice, I like pork soup (unsurprisingly) I just don’t want to buy pork chuck with bone again. It should be mere pork bone or pork with turkey bones. Or I will try to make meat soup without bones, for some reason I never do that…

I don’t even want pancake, how messed up is that? And I have some nice mascarpone-sour cream filling for it.

I probably ate way too much yesterday. Oh satiation just arrived, neat :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #62

I took about 3 hours today to eat my meal. I know I’ve super gone from one extreme to the other with my eating speed, but what I’m trying to do is just really teach myself that I don’t have to scarf food down and I’ll actually be ok. Then I’d like to settle on about 40-60 minutes to eat an omad in the coming weeks. But for now, this sloth speed experiment continues. Today I actually did get comfortably full by the last bite. I added a fifth flanken rib (only because that’s what was in the package :joy:) and it seemed to be the perfect amount. So 5 flanken ribs, 2 eggs (cooked in camel fat) with bacon pieces, and bone broth jello.
image image image image


I had another small meal but 2 small meals are my energy need for the day if I use various fatty dairy and whatnot :slight_smile: I had a little fish and some pork, just a bit but today was eggy enough so my protein is high-ish, definitely in the safe range. So I got nicely satiated and should be fine until tomorrow afternoon - when I go shopping, it was so long ago! 2 hours of walking is fine, I just hope I won’t melt in the hottest part of another way too hot summer day… Oh weather forecast says it will be only 23C or something. We will see. I will cross the pretty wildlife park forest so at least I will have shade and a lovely sounding river especially now that the water level is lowish and there are tons of rocks there…
I need to get used to summer temps, I provably will do it soon.

(Linda ) #64

I just got to stop eating lean meat it messes me up everytime.
This time was lamb leg roast had alittle fat but the majority just lean and since it’s just me and sharing with the dogs it’s been my meat for last couple days.
I start good but by 2nd day I’m just hungry I totally understand because carbs are low I need the fat for fuel and when I don’t eat any .my body keeps asking and I keep giving it protein but it’s actually asking for fat…I actually added butter to try counter it worked for first meal 2nd meal I started with some full fat yogurt but it didn’t work as well so it was a snack night with mote lamb and more lamb…but dogs did not complain

(Judy Thompson) #65

4:30 am Wed, didn’t post yesterday. Such a long day! Walked the pup at 6:45 but kept stopping for visits so an hour and a half later finally made it home with fewer steps than usual. But Mimsy was happy.
We did a little clearing out in the kitchen for the upcoming demolition but then I worked on music for students. My desk chair kills my back so rested before making lunch.

I’d ordered pork rind crumbs to try the fathead pizza dough from a Carni cookbook and the rinds came so I made a small pizza. It was dry, not to my liking. No sauce. Maybe a fettuccine type sauce would work? But it held together fairly well - and next time, pictures!
Also chuck steak from the farmer. Too lean, I’m with you @Azi! That chuck was sous vided for 24 hours, still tough.
Long day of teaching, 2 to 8, then we had ham and a couple eggs. Way better for hubby than his usual evening “snack,” carbs served with carbs :joy:


Nice ribs.

'Nuff asid.



Great observations to share.

Fangs goes to the sea. Fangs sees the sea food. Fangs eats the sea :laughing:. Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:. We know you love your hot, sunny weather at the coast.

So, I got a sore throat this afternoon and tested positive (RAT) for COVID19. Started the day a bit tired and zero appetite. Worked all day marking college/ university student projects. Got the sore throat and instinctively went to treat it with a carnivore breakfast. OMAD, coffee and cream after noon. Then a big plate of bacon, scrambled eggs, and some melted Jarlsberg cheese. Big mug of salty, beef bone broth. Then a bowl of chicken soup I cooked yesterday. My sore throat has gone (for now).

Mrs. Bear feels much better. Her COVID symptoms are dissipating rapidly. We both are enjoying the chicken soup - I made it with chicken stock (chicken frames and salt), some concentrated beef bone broth, chicken legs and thighs, cooked until the meat easily comes off the bones. Mrs. Bear adds a few greens and condiments afterward. I add a bit of salt. Chicken soup is a winner for man-cold treatment.

If we dug a hole directly through the centre of the Earth, I reckon we would pop up somewhere on the east coast of Canada. That’s why the leaf is disorientated.

(Judy Thompson) #68

So glad Mrs B is already feeling better! Your chicken soup sounds fantastic, good thinking to eat anyway. We didn’t eat, finally worked up to 1 egg each a day.
Welcome to the ever-growing “I’ve had covid” club!


Do you know how much protein you eat on lean days? Vaguely at least?

Lean eating makes zero sense to me, we need energy, after all. My lean eating is eggs and pork chuck level. I can’t go lower. Or higher. I have a tiny wriggle room only if I want to do everything right. I need my high protein and I need my fat too. I can’t even go super high protein, I just stop wanting it at some point.
I still had 55% and 80% fat days too but both are quite tricky longer term, more like impossible. 60-70% is realistic.

And he can eat them without carbs? Alvaro can’t eat his protein without a high-carb side.
The few cases when I manage to feed him with a low-carb meal use baked goods (cake or something savory). It doesn’t seem it ever could change.

We have super rainy days now. Every day we get rain. It’s good I could go into the town today without getting wet (well kind of… sweat was involved, it’s not very warm today but somewhat is and humid too) but it’s raining again. I couldn’t buy pork as all the cheap stuff I like was sold out. It’s good I have plenty of meat in the freezer and I go to the city this weekend. We bring back the guinea pig who I STILL didn’t shot beautifully… She is a lovely one though, with super long hairs on her back and butt :slight_smile:

I don’t do carnivore today but I will tomorrow. One day I will write about my changed tastes/desires. It seems as long as I regularly have carni days, I change pretty rapidly (for me. my tastes barely changed in my keto on/off times, for quite a few years. carnivore started something).

(Karen) #70

Think I forgot to post yesterday.
So this morning ivwas up at 4.45am for work, was in by 6am. Usual grub for today cooked chicken slices reheated in butter.
Got home about 3pm and had some beef brisket I had cooked yesterday. Bit dry, not so keen, slightly over cooked. Followed that a bit later with 2 scrambly duck eggs followed by the last 4 chipolata sausages and 4 rashers of bacon.

Now in bed ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Yesterday I planted out the tree fern i bought on Sunday. Was going to put it in the planter near the Acer but I decided against that as it looked like it would take the eye away from my beautiful Acer and so went out and bought another steel trash bin. It now looks just right and I used the lid to make the 2 tier bin lid waterfally pondy thingamajig into a 3 bin lid pond :laughing::laughing:

I will take a piccy of the little pond tomorrow

(Judy Thompson) #71

@Shinita NO he never stops at a Carni meal. After the ham and eggs lastnight he went and got 3 slices of pumpernickel to mop up the yolks. I usually cook everything for him, lastnight I didn’t, he just went and got it.

Today, meal 1 was eggs and ham. Tonight, after visiting a friend’s daughter in the hospital, we went to dinner. Half chicken, sides went to hubby.



(Daisy) #73

Raw day, plus a protein/collagen water. I’m going to go back to drinking those for a while for my hair.
image image image


sorry you guys are dealing with covid but if you are wanting all that food, then you can’t be ‘that bad’ :slight_smile: One thing I always say is I am only ‘truly sick’ is when I go off my feed. If I can eat and ‘be sick’, hell I am fine LOL

never had covid. we think hubby did way long ago cause he went super bad breathing for like 3 days then got well but I never went down and neither did kiddo.

I am a SeaFangs for sure right now.

-------------------food yesterday while traveling was junky. icky guts.
had 2 bunless sausage/egg/cheese things I bought when we stopped in around 9 in the morn…then around 4 when here they wanted this ‘food truck’ everyone said was so great. burgers and wings. omg the wings were gross, not cooked thru and I threw those out and I got a double bacon cheeseburger, no bun, the bacon was raw, I only do crispy and the burger had ‘some type of seasoning’ on it that I knew instantly wasn’t gonna set well and it didn’t. Not a happy zc day for me but today I plan on eating MY meats I brought.

I think they will try to drag me out to dinner somewhere but today I want my stuff only. answer will be no. tomorrow, not today! I need gut cleanout time for sure.

got a few rum drinks in my future day tho! on vacay and gonna do just that. will see how I fair on them LOL haven’t boozed up in a while so it shall be interesting to see if I survive some.

high 90s, big sun, off to the surf I go. later when the sun comes up I will snap a pic of our RV and beach. We are literally on one side of a small dune and boom, right over, the big ol’ beach! love it.


It does feel like I have been in a cage-fight. Muscle and joint aches and pains. The sore throat has eased throughout today. A touch of the diarrhoea after 1 coffee. But I ate a big plate of bacon and eggs with some side cheese (JBerg), and all my tablets. Today feels like when I reacted to the Pfizer vaccination - muscle and joint soreness. So’ I’ll take it as my immune system firing up. I got about 20 minutes of afternoon sunshine, which was nice. Mrs. Bear was sick of resting and was doing some yoga. I took it easy with the work work. Tonight I’ll finish the meaty chicken soup, I found some beef broth in the depths of the chest freezer so have added it as well, and have a side of paracetamol. I think you call it Tylenol in the USA?

I did this: 2 Keto Dudes Podcast Special Covid-19 Report

Carnivoring on. See no reason to adjust.


I call this picture “All the leaves are brown…” The green parrots have been up in the coral gums snipping off the winter blossoms.


first pic is at my pic windown in rv. ravaged beach trees :slight_smile:
second pic is standing in myb rv doorway taking pic of hubby already at the surf and fishing. pic makes him seem farther away but I can see him clear as day and having fun. we are right ON the beach.

got a big ol’ pet dune rat here. sits eating seeds and stares me down. not scared of me one bit LOL I said stay outside fine, in my rv and you will be toast…rat on a skewer, hey carnivores would do that HA

gonna get metal detector and hit the beach in a bit. time to walk and relax and find spanish gold.


There’s an app that answers this reckoning. It seems I would pop up in Bermuda.


But he could start with it… Alvaro must eat carbs for every bite. He can’t eat eggs or meat or cheese alone at all. His side dishes are sacred and needed. He needs his very carby side even for legumes :smiley: Sometimes I tell him that is supposed to be the carby side for the more protein rich part so no extra carb is required but he points out that most people still eat bread with it and that’s true… Some people eat that with everything. Just like I eat eggs with everything.

I didn’t do experiments lately… And now I have multiple lean leftovers to eat… I am still very curious what would happen if I went for low-fat. It’s the zillions time I have this idea but I never ever could do it, something happens and I lose my focus and without constant focus I eat fatty.
I calculated a bit so now I know that protein:fat grams in 3:1 ratio still isn’t good enough to figure out what happens when I lack calories and already ate record amount of protein…
My experiments would be super short but I badly need to restrict my fat intake. I try to minimize it since 11 years but it’s still way too much. I need to be a bit more forceful. Just a bit or else my rebellious self runs amok or something. Now I am curious and that’s good as that’s a great motivation. Losing fat never motivated me at all (except once decades ago when Alvaro just slimmed down - it took him 6-7 hard weeks to lose fatness forever… and efforts since, yeah, that too, hunger every day, it can’t be fun. he can’t afford more than 2800 kcal and that’s very little food indeed. for him. I would be happy with that amount on most day but that would be overeating. and maintenance but I wanna lose and overeating isn’t right either).

Today I eat fish (the same stuff I showed here days ago… I don’t like it but sometimes eat a tiny bite), liver (I have so much left, maybe I will need Alvaro’s help), pork, I have 2 sponge cakes… If I go for lean, 5 hard-boiled egg whites are realistic too, I love them. I like my whites hard and yolks runny (raw works too). Hence Alvaro eating deviled eggs filling without the whites and me eating the hard whites. When I bring myself to make the complicated deviled eggs filling I don’t even like. I have other recipes for the yolks, I use them as flour in carnivore baked things. Still couldn’t make crackers.

I think I will need some training. And maybe I can try eating lean at lunches… If I don’t want OMAD as lunch is already so much waiting for my food :smiley: I understand the simplicity and usefulness of OMAD (when I can eat enough) but something in me prefers some nice TMAD. I just can’t pull that off, usually. But when Carni Easy Satiation kicks in, TMAD is more realistic than OMAD. I really don’t care, either works, I just want to chill being perfectly satiated nearly all day.

Gloomy day. Not exactly raining but super humid, I think today is the day when we will try out the dehumidifier function of the AC. I saw 78% downstairs and it won’t change all by itself.
I got home from my walk all clammy. But saw an egret and a blue heron! (And a coot and at least one duck but they are always there.)

Alvaro looked it up some months ago (without an app)… It was some part of the ocean near Australia for us. I don’t remember exactly.


opposite tunnel thru earth for me is Gnarabup Australia
hmm, gonna look them up now :slight_smile:

edit: it is a BEACH town!!! it is me to the max.
at least I wasn’t sent out into the desert or dry tough areas of Australia…weee…life put me right where it should


:laughing: Gnarabup is about 50km south of my place. It’s nice.

Thanks Judy.