Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat

(Judy Thompson) #41

Smell is one of the biggest changes since starting carnivore. I feel like my sense of smell has sharpened, and lots of things I loved the smells of are now abhorrent. Garlic is the worst! That said, things like cake don’t bother me to look at, they might as well be chunks of plastic. DH put his plate of cake up on a shelf lastnight so as not to tempt me - which couldn’t have been less possible.

@FrankoBear Glad Mrs Bear :bear: was there to get you through your arrhythmia lastnight! Also glad her cracked tooth didn’t cause her pain (yet). Loved the Judy Cho post, I love that variety in meats contribute to good health.

I made chaffles awhile ago. Didn’t like them much, the pork rind taste was strong, salty and dry and masked the taste of the burger. Then I remembered that even as a kid I didn’t like sandwiches, as the bread would always mask the flavor of the meat inside.
Tomorrow I have some ground pork rind coming to try pizza dough and other “breads.” I hope the results are better.
DH liked the chaffle burgers though. Interesting as he never liked the keto version (almond flour).

(Karen) #42

Doms have set in big time from Fridays Hero Murph WOD. The creases in my elbows, my shoulders,bi’s, tri’s and quads arghh so sore! All good stuff though​:wink::smile:

Up early this morning , bath and picked up by my Sian and son in law and off to pick up Ben to have a trip out. Wet miserable rainy day and the car boot sale was cancelled which of course we had to take him just to show him it wasn’t happening and then off to a Garden Centre to get a brew and a slice of something Ben loves very much lol fortunately Sian had emptied her boot just in case we bought anything cos I couldn’t resist a plant from the G/C :astonished: a tree fern :smiley:

From the G/C we went to a pub for lunch and we all had the Carvery and I was given a great plate of meat, turkey, beef and pork and I got the server to chuck on all the fatty bits he’d cut off the other bits of meat he’d served to other diners. Best was the turkey and the big lump of skin yum. Pork was too dry. Sorry i thought of photo after I had eaten! Oops!

Got home and stood filming and taking photos of these beauts :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Ate some cheese and then finished the last 2 beef burgers with some butter then abit more cheese then some buffalo wings. Just got the munchies I think :thinking:

(Robin) #43

Sweet mama and baby bird. Good shot!


OMAD yesterday. Planted an avocado tree. Hass. Built a fence around it to keep the kangaroos out. A food forest is food security, peace of mind. Quiet day after middle night marathon (tachycardia). Only a few hours digging and pushing a wheel barrow.

Ate a leftover beef rib by the fire last night. Ate it with my bear paws. No cutlery. Salt added. Sparkling rainwater to drink. Added a playing card size slice of pan-fried halloumi cheese.

NoFUN bacon and eggs this morning. It’s a public holiday Monday. Took Billie for a walk at the sunny winter beach. It’s 18’C today.

Here is a late sunflower.


Scotch fillet steak tonight with two fried eggs cooked in butter on the woodfire. Large cup of beef bone broth to drink.

There is a small winter Myrtle shrub starting to bloom out in the woods on the property.

(Karen) #46

Brautiful sunflower. I have been blown away by some of the different coloured sunflowers I’ve seen online recently. One person posted their white ones and they were beautiful.


our farm grew sunflowers for sales. the colors and size differences in their species is amazing. sold literally tons of these at the markets. I am well versed in sunflowers LOL

I love them too cause they do duel purpose with seeds for birds but colors can vary so much and sizes that they have a massive market appeal. They are very crop resilient and are a very easy crop for mass market field growing which put us to them and yea, they did fab on what we grew and sold.


I live next to a huge sunflower field right now…

Hungry day and I started early. I am very low energy too. Sigh. And the weather is way too hot.

I had pork chuck and eggs. Ate all my leftover soup and made egg pudding. I have liver too but it’s rarely tempting and I had lots of pork so didn’t have any yet.

I think I put away the rest of my pork chuck roast and grab the leaner cut from the freezer. This particular chuck piece was WAY fattier than chuck usually is, I had sausage too… Both were way too fatty for me, I desire leaner stuff now. (Like, 65% fat in calories, my normal. Or a tad less to balance out today.)


Happy Monday, all! So wonderful to read your posts, and see all the gorgeous pics of food and flowers!!! Such a blessing, you all are! Seems like its been forever. So much has happened-- some good, some not.
The weather here has been gorgeous- mid 70’s (f) Sunny, blue skies. The mosquitos are dreadful though. Lived here over 20 years and never seen them so bad this early in the season. The whole upper peninsula is notorious for its mosquito population. Years ago, 2 inmates escaped the max-security prison a couple hours from here… the mosquitos were so bad, they begged to come back to prison! LOL!
Despite the bugs, hubby tilled the garden a few weeks ago, and put the fencing back up. We had some very high winds soon after that, and it blew the fence apart. We lost power, the roof blew off the sauna down at the farm and many trees fell or broke. After repairs, I’ve gone out and roto-tilled the garden multiple times. Only way to keep the weeds at bay without chemicals. In between work and visiting my MIL in the care home, managed to make rows, and plant a few things. The butternut squash, pie pumpkins and green beans are up about an inch. Got a long ways to go, though, before I’'m done planting. This is early for planting here, but I’m going for it!
Some of the turkey eggs hatched, and we have a new crew of 7 baby turkeys. The 20 chickens are about a month away from egg laying. So, we are feasting on the rest of the turkey eggs now. Not as thick/rubbery as duck eggs, but huge and delicious. This is also a different breed of turkeys than what we’ve had before. The true bronze turkeys laid eggs that were bigger, but the yolks were much thicker than these. I’d have preferred the true bronze, but they didn’t have any. I was kinda hopting that our domestic turkeys would mate with the wild ones- cause those guys are BRONZE and beautiful! We had a whole flock in our yard for a week or two. Our two Toms are getting quite nasty now, so, turkey meat is going to be back on the menu in a couple weeks!
So far, no calves from the herd. But, we still have a couple younger ones - so, might get some beef in the freezer too. Ended up with 4 roosters from the straight run, so, There will be three of those boys getting cooked up as well. Only need one rooster.
My boss sold us some 20 foot chain-link panels, gates and footings that she has no need for anymore. (This is the same boss that lost her husband last year.) She said if we dig them out and haul them out - all ours for $100. There’s like 20 panels! We’ve got 3-4 more to move but wow. What a gracious and wonderful lady, she is! So far, we’ve constructed a chicken pen, and dog run. Next, the cattle are going to get a new outfit down at the farm. =)
Speaking of my wonderful boss…she gave me a whole month off work. So before my MIL had the stroke, we’d been planning to take our youngest kid out west for a vacation - to Yosemite, Tetons, etc… That was the plan. MIL has been moved to a care center, but, has had some ups and downs. Mainly due to a couple infections. SOMEONE decided she needed an anti-depres. which has pretty much just knocked her out and she sleeps all the time. We are trying to get that corrected, as she really didn’t need it. She can talk, and her swallowing is improving. Walking is improving, but, when they knock her out with meds, she has no energy to walk - so the muscle memory is suffering. Conference this week with the home to change things up.
The time off work begins in a few days, and boy am I glad! Somewhere amidst all the activities, and walking on concrete floors at work, I developed a case of extensor tendinitis. So, there is a lump on the extensor tendon - it just blew up about the size of a chicken oyster. (trying to use carnivore teminology here…) Can’t walk properly anymore as the foot/ankle/leg won’t flex as it should. After a day at work, I come home and take off my shoes and socks, and the whole foot is reddish-purple. The tummy is torn up inside from Ibuprofen and aspirin. Because of all the altered kind of walking I do now, the calf muscle feels like its going to snap. So, having some time off will help - as long as I can just rest it.
Other stuff - grandchild #6 should arrive 1st week of July…very exciting. Son #3 and his GF moved, and are doing fantastic. His boss gave him a raise after 1 month. That child LOVES working outdoors, and he is just loving life! I miss him, but, he calls and texts way more than he ever did before, so this is really nice.
Eats…the primary reason for being here … are improving. A lot. Done a couple 24 hour and 36 hour fasts. The pounds are slowly peeling off. Need to do more. Been making rump roasts, chuck roasts and burgers. Turkey eggs and bacon, laying off the cheese for the most part. Although - I"ve recently taken up making cheese as a hobby, so, I do eat some. Back to drinking the coffee black most of the time. If I feel like I need a dessert-y type thing, I mix in cream, MCT oil and a little liquid stevia.
Going to hobble around and hang another load of laundry outside, and maybe play in the garden a bit. My family enjoys a good bit of veg, and I usually give some away too. Maybe, if there is an overabundance, we can set up a roadside stand. =)
That’s about it for now. have a good one.

(Karen) #50

WOW great newsy post @SecondBreakfast. You have so much going on too, I feel for you.

I attend yearly reviews for my son in his care home and so have attended many as he’s now 37 (this month) for the mot part i have had to tackle issues within the care homes but since he moved to his current home things have been okay. It was always a stressful time so I hope all goes well for your meeting.
Sounds like you are making progress with all the outdoor repairs around you. So good to have kind people in your lives.
I do admire all you guys that can farm, I just can’t even do away with a fly, I have to shoo it out a window or catch it in my spider catcher, cos of course I don’t use that for spiders as I am more than happy to live with them. For a Carnivore, ‘everything has a right to life’ seems to have me in a confused state.:crazy_face: No ptobs eating if it is already dead and perhaps packaged but oooh to kill to live … thats a different thing all together… of course if there was no other way I guess I would get on with it and may eventually stop blubbing once I had got used to that way of life. I am far too much of a softie carebear :roll_eyes:
Lovely post xx

(Karen) #51

It been a bit of a groundhog day with food today lol both brunch and dinner 2 eggs 2 bacon 2 sausages, err soz dinner 4 sausages but they were chipolata so half the size of brunch ones and eggs were duck for dinner.
Went to cFe for brunch with Raymond.


Except parasites and some other nasties. They can’t help they are that but I kill them.
It’s still tick season, we find them all the time in the cats and in ourselves… Well all the time in the cats. It’s rare in us but it happened with both of us in the last days. It was ON me, though (a baby tick, 6 legs! tiny).
Mosquito season just started.
I am on the fence regarding flies. I like to let them out but they are so many and so annoying and sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to kill them. So some die, some I still try to let out. I find them everywhere. They LOVES the fridge. Nice smells I suppose. I found them in Alvaro’s food, drown in my pancake batter (that’s somewhat traumatic) and everywhere else, I forgot.

I never was good at killing other animals, I always run away when Grandma killed a chicken. I had no problem with the death, it’s life but I just couldn’t stand to be there. Sometimes I wonder about it but well, I am a human and depend on other humans, it’s normal.
But at least I am not a weird one who wants an unrecognizable animal to eat. My anchestors were peasants, I know how things work (even though home-raised and factory-raised are different but I am not rich enough to care about that as much as I would like to and I truly need something very close to carnivore).

I had a big eating window today in the end so I suppose I ate much? I have no idea without tracking but my eating window size has a somewhat strong correlation with my energy intake, at least if I don’t drastically change some important factor.
So it will be fine to focus on low(ish)-fat food tomorrow as I desire at the moment. I got out from hake fish from the freezer, I have liver, egg pudding and sponge cake. And we will see. I surely will need my leftover lean pork roast as well.

Holiday is over so it should be easy to have only water (and maybe tea if I must consume something else) until 3-4pm.

But I probably won’t have carnivore days for a while. It’s just not that time. But I am quite uncertain. I still am not safe if I go off (more than what I usually do), things can get out of hand. Not eating until 4-5pm should help with that. Workdays are better. I am at home alone for long (so I don’t eat unless I am hungry) and Alvaro doesn’t cook some “exotic”, tasty and non-carni dish I can’t and don’t want to resist… He is a good cook, he just loves many things I don’t so I am often safe.

Whatever. Tomorrow I need a good, hopefully light day. Even though I don’t do light days. But it’s okay, I want to do a proper workout again, I skipped some again, I felt so very low energy and low mood…

(Robin) #53

At first I thought you were eating groundhog! :neutral_face:

(Daisy) #54

I was not able to do the sloth style eating over the weekend but I did try to eat slower. However, I allowed it to be a cheesy weekend, which left me not feeling the best. Today I returned to my experiment. From 7:21 to 8:33, I ate a bowl of bone broth jello and a little chunk of beef liver. Ran out of time. At 11:38 to 12:01, I had 2 eggs in camel fat. Then from 1 pm until 2:20, I had 4 flanken ribs. I was still hungry but decided to try to wait it out. Spent the entire evening doing yard work, so at 8:43, made 2 more eggs with some bacon pieces (cooked in the dirty pan from the morning eggs. It had just enough camel fat left in the pan for these two eggs. I did not eat slowly.



So, Mrs. Bear tested positive for COVID last night. Do bears catch COVID? Here comes a test for this WOE at my place. Currently I am asymptomatic.


Sorry to hear that but hopefully she will be among a luckiest, get over it moderately easily and won’t have long term problems either! Best wishes for both of you!

I still don’t know anyone personally who got Covid (our major is the closest but I am not sure I ever talked with him) but I don’t know people.

(Judy Thompson) #57

We had covid last summer. We don’t know anyone in TX who hasn’t had it!
Quick recovery to Mrs Bear!

(Robin) #58

Drat! Well, I got a hard case, my husband never even sniffled and never tested positive. Go figure.


got a lb. of 85/15 burger. making a mini meatloaf with 2 eggs later when wanted. getting a tad hungry, might be working on that in a bit.

tonight is more burger. doing 1/2 or so big ol’ cheeseburger patty.

leave tomorrow for 5 days at the beach. RV meat packed. hubby got sicky icky and we changed our travel plans for a few days so leave tomorrow and come back sunday. hope weather holds well!

I hope to eat alot of shrimp and crab if I am lucky :slight_smile:


Have a nice time, @Fangs! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I am not hungry yet, it’s 4:22pm. Good. I had some coffees already though… One day I quit again and try not to come back…