Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat

(Edith) #201

Looks like some nice salty food after working in the heat. :yum:


I track and plan now. I’ve read zillion times that tracking results in becoming great at guessing. Not for me. I haven’t little idea about how much I ate even if I write town and measure everything (well okay that helps a bit), I need to put it into the program I use.
And it didn’t enter my mind that if mostly eat lean-ish meat, it will give me possibly wrong numbers… Turkey has skin, the stew and the liver has added fat and this time my sponge cakes have almost as many yolks as whites, cheese is fatty and I planned some sour cream too but still, protein is high and calories are low. Oh well, I doubt I can do anything about it unless I jump the sour cream bucket (how do you call 800-850g containers? looks like a bucket) but I trained myself out of it during the last years and I want to keep that :smiley:
(It would be easy on keto, I would just eat a bunch of chocolate but now I don’t even have those nice soft sausages I like.)

So I do some lowish-fat experiment today I suppose. If I am hungry, I can eat more quark (I got it out when I saw my protein got high while my fat is down).

I met the impossibility (well, inaccuracy) of tracking again. There are two sets of turkey data, everything is similar but one is way fattier and way less calories… I dislike when macros and calories are far from each other… But I can’t track meat with skin and bones anyway. Whatever, 1-200 kcal more or less isn’t such a big deal, I had to live with that.

Had my lunch. It’s so odd… I was satiated enough but of course I ate again as eating is nice.
I immediately got hungry and then very very quickly got satiated again. I hate tiny meals so I didn’t care and ate all my food (well with a tiny break before the last bites):

And I have a coffee with a splash of milk too (I don’t dare to open my box of cream, it inevitably triggers some serious coffee drinking. not like I don’t drink multiple small glasses a day now but less I suppose?). I don’t like milk in my coffee so much but better than nothing right now. Alvaro and me talked about sugar in food. Our current milk is 4.7% sugar. One of his Italian chocolates has twice as much sugar as the other… And I wondered about unnecessary sweetening, again. Even very sweet stuff can pull it off with NOT 55%, WHY they put so much into some chocolate bars? And it’s almost 100% for some other items. So stupid.

By the way, my sweetness perception changed again. I don’t even understand why now, oh well. And I don’t want sweet things either, it’s so convenient! And I like my food and satiation is so fine, I never get hungry (except when I take the first bite of my meal or maybe the second)… It’s wonderful now eating wise. I wish to skip lunch eventually but it causes no problems when I don’t do it so it’s okay.

Guesstimation says 980kcal and 84g protein… I ate as much as I comfortably could. I am not stuffed but I hate that and it’s odd to me when people desire that. Maybe we talk about different things. I feel a tad more satiated than ideal but if I stop when I like, I get hungry in no time and that’s annoying. But maybe it’s the stupid milk. Sometimes feels odd. Not bad but odd. Another reason to quit coffee though today I was pretty good with black. But I don’t drink black ones after my meals.

I start to wonder if I suddenly, at 46 years old, developed the thing that so many people have: too easy summer satiation. We will see. I probably will jump fatty stuff soon enough as that is what I do almost all the time.

As time passes, I am more and more sure of this and I was pretty sure to begin with… I appreciate health SO SO MUCH (I always had it on most area and still don’t take it granted) - while so many people actively work on damaging it… Crazy. People PAY for stuff to get less healthy. Okay, it’s not their goal but even if it’s known, they just don’t care…

I am not that great all the time and I have no problem with sweeteners (apart from “it’s not food” and similar things… they are strong enough to help to train myself though it wouldn’t have happen without carnivore where I just don’t want sweet desserts, yay. freedom)… But normally, yep. I only eat my carni food and fruits from trees not treated with chemicals now. Very little now but it’s June. That’s how I know my sweetness perception changed, I never felt my raspberries sweet on my original keto. Sweetish but not really sweet. Now they are SUPER sweet. What is not super sweet, just nicely sweet? Lemon :slight_smile:
Oh and everything quite sweet is too sweet for me now. I just can’t handle real, strong sweetness, it’s disturbing a bit. Yay.

But I have been making my own food since ages anyway, with some very rare exceptions. The lack of sweeteners is the big change now, it’s somewhat recent. I used them on my not carnivore-ish days in the last years. Out of necessity sometimes when I was hungry and bored of my carni food. It never happens anymore or I have quark… :wink:

Even if I would want a more traditional dessert for some reason (well it’s relative. I am far from really traditional ones), it works just as well without sweeteners. Or almost, not big difference. So it’s carni.


you are lucky, cause it suited you but for me, I am paying the ‘Gut Monster’ literally for my pain the azz dumb thoughts but hey in the end, life can slap us so hard and bruise the brain alot but no matter how we get thru and don’t continue on that path we can consider us winners for sure!

So you too VE with the elderly issues? which makes me think alot of us are in that older set with older parents and these issues are coming into big play for us which is why I am happy you are doing kinda good thru it and I hope we all can support each other in these aging parents, or hard times in the household!! Carnivore support! We got this :slight_smile: :heart:

(Edith) #204

Oh, my goodness!!! I could go on and on with the poor health of the elderly parents. It’s been very disheartening. I’ve also come to realize that none of them are in a place where they are willing to try dietary measures to see if they would help.

I logically know that keto/carnivore is not a panacea and that I will mostly likely develop health problems as I age. But, if I can avoid going through what my parents are going through and my father-in-law went through that will be a great start. I also hope that keto/carnivore will lessen the severity of whatever comes my way.

(Karen) #205

@Fangs @SecondBreakfast @FrankoBear you know I was thinking while reading all your posts. Living this life with our woe gives us something concrete and positive to focus on when everything thing is chaotic and those we love are having all their issues. I think that being able to stay on track is the stability to hold us strong, it’s sometimes the only thing we actually have control over and we all need to feel in control of some part of our lives.
@FrankoBear this is the butter I have started

And this is the other unopened butter I am expecting it to taste every bit as good as the one I have started.

Sleep last night … non existent

At work for 5.50am and stayed a couple hours longer than my shift hours to tie in with a hair appt over that side of town. Will deduct the hours from Fridays long shift which will make it more manageable.

Brunch at midday, I was feeling quite peckish … always do at work especially as the other girl in the office is constantly munching away on something or other! Reheated slice cooked chicken with 2 slices of gouda and a good knob of my special butter. Plus a hard boiled egg about 1.45 prior to leaving work to tide me over till I got home after hair cut.

Sat in garden when I got home but so so hot! Not that i am complaining but too tired even to potter.

Came in for dinner of 2 pork chops and 2 fried duck eggs on top.

and followed it with a few slices of extra mature cheddar.

Going to walk to the retail park and get some cash to pay the ‘man that can’ when he arrives to put my parasol up in the morning and will no doubt come home with a few extra goodies in the bag from Lidl :wink:

It may then be cool enough to water the garden before getting an early night.

Love and prayers to all in need at the moment :heart::pray:


I got wonky guts. Weee…lol
I think I am over-alfredo’ing me now.
back to simple meat. too much heavy cream and butter in my life the last few days!!

burgers and a steak today. keep it simple beef.


My recollection is that I had 2 all beef kosher hot dogs yesterday. Ended up spending the night at the care center with MIL. Dad needed a break. And you know what they say…“no time like the present”. So, I stayed with her from around 430pm yesterday until around 7am when dad got there this morning. We truly had a lovely time. Yes, there are the necessary things that must happen - bolus feeding, meds, changing and repositioning. And aside from an itchy rash, she slept wonderfully. I had my oldest daughter go buy some Benadryl cream that I applied during the night - that was a game changer.
They had brought dinner in for Dad. I picked the beef out of the soup and ate it - on 4-5 little chunks. That was fine. Just having coffee this morning and will take the day as it comes. No anxious feeling, no emotional eating. Just keeping a handle on things for now.
I have some steaks in the freezer to thaw, so that will be dinner, me thinks.


I had leftovers: liver and pork stew. I had some leftover fatty pork skin from the fridge (the thing I totally can’t track as I have no idea how much skin and how much fat and a little has zillion calories) and made not-pizza from it. Yeah, it was very far from it as it was all soft but it was good, I like cheese these days…
And ate pancake with quark and had an eggy-buttery coffee. Only had coffee after my dinner, not one before! Yay.
And a few bites of turkey. I like it as some light snack (snack as the type of food, I ate it during a meal today).

Still couldn’t skip lunch but almost. I got hungry while Alvaro was eating. Maybe I should go away then if I really want to skip lunch but well, it isn’t really the case. My food intake is just perfect on TMAD now. Very very unrealiable guesstimation says 1800 kcal and I need at least this much on a workout day I suppose (I keep walking every day with a cold shower afterwards, it went better today, I could stand more than 2 secs on my back!).
I still didn’t improve at weightlifting, sigh.

As soon as I can do it, I go back to proper carni and see if it’s different. My extras don’t seem to do a thing. I eat less than ever, I feel as fine as I can… It’s just potentially dangerous to have non-animal carbs for me in a form where eating more is a possibility even if I don’t go overboard. But I practice adding only one extra group. This is very useful for me. I could do carnivore short term before, no problem - and when I added more than a negligible amount of plant matter, things tend to fall apart, other things appeared and chaos ensued. But I need to handle being less strict as full strict is still unrealistic, more in certain months than in others and just go off epically is very bad for me. I need to stick to carni as much as I comfortably can and that’s what I do now. My basic attitude is strict enough, my meals are very close to carnivore and if not totally, there is a reason - and there are extra items here and there but they are just unavoidable things, not planned ones. There is a big difference if one is me. I think I wrote about this lately. My attitude should be strict but a tad flexible if there is a real need/good reason… And then I fall somewhere in my okay range. If my basic attitude is relaxed, things get out of hand. Or not, I keep changing and it’s easier to stay on track but still, I know I can’t trust myself.

July should be more proper but I feel as good as I can and surely lose fat so I am not displeased.

(Karen) #209

Had a nice and relaxing day today. Able to sleep a bit better and a lie in, still very wakeful but the opportunity to get more hours in was good as I wasn’t at work today… back in tomorrow so watch this space, probably back to no sleep again tonight :roll_eyes: I have dead headed the lavender and put them into the little hessian sacks the bee bombs arrived in and will pop the under my pillow tonight … they smell awesome! I knew those little sacks would come in handy for something, and all those peeps who roll their eye at me cos I can’t throw anything away!

The ‘man who can’ arrived on the dot this morning to fix my parasol up to the wall, great timing as we have had a couple of drizzly showers late this afternoon and I have been able to sit underneath as its still warm. Even ate my dinner out here as I have the patio table and chairs out. Lovely.

So one meal so far at 6pm buffalo chicken wings. They were very tasty. So nice to eat a la fresco at a table instead of on my lap! Followed it with a few slices of cheddar.

May have to have a little something else before bed, we will see.

Went over to B&Q this afternoon to see what plants they had as everyone keeps posting on the gardening thread (fb) that they are half price. Their half price was lidls normal price but couldn’t resist a few plants and grasses, they are hiding in my little greenhouse till Sunday when I will have some time to plant out. Stopped at Beeston on way home to get prescription and did a bit of mooching around the charity shops. Found a little small wooden shelf (think its meant for shoes) great for the plants outside, 2 small wooden foldable slatted stools (for plants of course) a nice wooden trough, water sealed and lined will make a great planter and couple of other bits. Should look nice all sorted and outside on Sunday, weather permitting.

(Judy Thompson) #210

@Karen18 Love your container garden, and it gets bigger and better all the time! I wonder how many of those keep through winter or come back up in spring? Love all the color and the continual growth.
@Fangs This woe is such a fantastic elimination diet! Even when you’ve been perfect for years you get a chance to learn what a TINY amount of contraband can wreak… sorry for your suffering post-popsicle. Anybody would think those would be ok. Most any little thing I’ve tried, like restaurant chicken with herbs last week - has done the same thing to me.
@SecondBreakfast @VirginiaEdie Yes. Seeing our elders go through things that are SO preventable and curable, and they give no thought to the control they have over their own health - really makes me swear I’ll eat as clean as possible for the duration. At 69 - I think I can do this for 20 years. 20 years is nothing to me! :joy::rofl:

My hair appointment on Thursday was an eye opener. I mentioned that I thought my gray was coming in slower, and my hair is thicker, and she started poking around in the back of my head and then said, Yes!! I can’t believe this, in the last 6 months your hair is thicker and fuller and you have so much less gray coming in! She said, I don’t know what you’re doing but keep doing it, it’s working! (Thanks carni)


So neat place, I realize it each and every time…
meanwhile my garden got a tad less chaotic as I mowed the not-lawn again… It’s amazing how many various flowering weeds I have. I tried to save my hawkweeds as they need to release their ripe seeds and win over grass, I always was super optimistic :smiley:
While I wasn’t looking, the blackberries run amok a bit. So we will do something about that soon. It’s like the grapes, they had some drastically different idea of where they should go so I end up cutting some out but we still keep some and wrestle with them and while we win, they have thorns. Grapes are cuter, no thorns… Decorative too, ours hang from a chain below the gutter.

And the soil needs rain. It’s just “perfect” sunshine and more or less heat every day, no rain :frowning:

(Robin) #212

What a happy little corner of the world you have created! Love it.

(Karen) #213

Thanks guys it is my heavenly haven! @Shinita I nearly bought some grape vines the other day but thought better of it as I haven’t a pergola or little archways erected as yet to dangle them from. I have some wood and was thinking about erecting one, I will continue to sit and ponder where I would like one ?

@JJFiddle it took 2 covid lockdowns plus some for me to find out just how grey my hair was. It was only after recovering from the stroke that I thought enough was enough, I was starting to look dragged down and ragged so got it cut and put the black dye back in and wow did I perk up. Mind you I feel good at the moment because I have a nice colour to my normally pale skin, the fresh air and sunshine is doing wonders for it. I feel so much more alive and youthful. So back to the hair, I wonder how much quicker that grey would have come through had I not changed to this woe!


We kept postponing making something (our grapes grew nicely and I so would love them over the terrace), we aren’t even sure it would work so well, I wondered about fixing some wood deep to the side of the terrace as no wait we could just stick it into the soil, the current thing (I so don’t know what it is called in English) has its problems already and we need a way higher one if we want to make my plan. Other people have metal structures. And place to do it in the yard. I have space problems, everything is full with something else, my poor grapes got so little light it took years for them to get okay… But they did it.
Now I think maybe I could tie something strong between two of my high trees, they are at the right place… and then I can use that and the hooks under the gutter… IDK if it’s understandable but I need to be brave and do it, it actually seems easier than the previous idea with wood and super long screws (and the very very very reluctand Alvaro to help me. I only drill wood, I learned I should stay away from everything else. I am prone to make way bigger holes than needed, with the right sized drill-bit of course)… The wood wouldn’t last long enough anyway.
I want my nice shady green terrace. I have all that grapevines, that thing grows like crazy… I should be able to use it!
Once I rented a room in a house and the garden had grapes. While I wasn’t looking (I was busy with work and one month passed), it climbed the huge tree in the garden :smiley:
Mine did it with the thuja once, it almost reached the top when we noticed it, they keep attacking the roof, once they blocked my way together with the blood hazelnut (both plants love to go places) and they got entangled with the leanders in record time too. As those are right next to some grapes, at the edge of the terrace.
Plants always show me how much can be done in little time if one is very determined and have some resources…


such great photos of your ‘almost’ completed garden :slight_smile: I had a blast watching you fill and decorate your little patch of heaven. Great big umbrella for shade, love it!!

yea even seasoned eaters know immediately when they overdid anything :slight_smile: I also found out I don’t do well on soft cheese. Like when I used to eat pepperoni and cheese off a pizza I would bloat up badly, that mozzerella does something to me that my guts don’t like either, so hard aged works best for me on cheese for sure.

So the herbed chicken got ya already…I could use some herbs a bit longer but found lately none of them are setting well anymore, so I am definitely heading toward being a no seasoning other than salt person :slight_smile:

--------------dentist at 10 for that darn front tooth…ugh
hope it is a bonding action vs. an all out cap situation.

don’t have anything defrosted. I will pull out a pack of thin cut pork chops but will wait to see what I feel like even wanting to eat after dentist. who knows :slight_smile:

(Edith) #216

Your yard is looking quite lovely!

(Judy Thompson) #217

Good luck on that dental appointment! When we were kids my sister fell on the steps and broke a front tooth and had a silver cap for like 20 years until finally some nice dentist put a porcelain cap on it. Sheesh… but you wouldn’t get silver now anyway. Hope it goes well and you can eat your pork chops!

Lastnight at the gig they offered us dinner and going through the buffet, there was some herby chicken, some crab cakes, and a lady serving pulled pork. She filled my plate entirely with the pork and I ate it all! Pulled pork isn’t my fave anymore, gets stuck in my teeth, but it was a satisfying dinner!
Wonderful gig with a view of the Potomac and the big National Harbor ferris wheel. Incredible night.

(Linda ) #218

Haven’t posted anything in a few days took all 4 dogs on the road for what was to be 10 days, two weeks which then turned onto a 3 week stint out with hubby in a f250…Bought a portable fridge/freezer to take chunks of cooked meat…but I really feel for truckers trying to eat clean on the road…ok in big places with Wendy’s but some of these smaller out of way places things get grim if you forget to take something out of freezer…sams chicken when I can …a few days i stepped back to add nuts and pork rinds but nah really not for me the gas and bloating on plants so back to meat for me.
@fangs hope things ease up for you soon.@FrankoBear great to hear things are improving for you.

(Karen) #219

Work day again today and sure enough a crap nights sleep of just over 5 hours and I am sure my fitbit tells lies lol

Was able to reduce today by 3.5 hours after extending on Wed… phew I was glad to go home so I had taken clothes in with me to change as I knew it wasn’t going to be really hot but just warm enough to get away with my shorts and T. So with the roof down I just chilled driving home, not a care in the world. No music playing just a bit of bliss for my poor tired ears from listening to the moans and groans of the prisoners calls.

Sat outside and it soon started to drizzle so went indoors for dinner.
Brunch was a repeat of yesterdays sliced cooked chick with cheese slices and butter and dinner 2 beef burgers with butter. Followed by a chunk of cheddar. And then outside again to sit and relax with more fresh air and watching the birds come to the feeders.

I really miss the fresh air being stuck at a computer all day so it is nice to have somewhere to relax and unwind. The sparrows are usually very shy little birds but they don’t seem so afraid of me when I am sitting watching them. The babies are getting very used to me and daring to come closer.i don’t have to stay particularly still either. Seems a long time ago that it was just the Robin sitting on the fence waiting for me to finish filling the feeders but it was only a few months back now! Hopefully by next year I will have the garden birds feeding from my hand like they do at the nature reserve.

Oh, early night for me, I am.feeling exceptionally tired. May make some scrambly duck egg before I go up.

Oh the dead heads from the lavender tree smelt awesome last night either side of my pillow but didn’t make me sleep any better. I think you have to be careful not to have too much as it has the oposite effect!

Good luck with your dental appt @fangs xx


I survived in good form, thanks for the well wishes all.

I got to have it filled/bonded. no cap----yet or anytime soon and I will baby this fix for sure LOL

wallet is still screaming tho HA

Latest is MIL is being moved to her rehab center. evaluation with rehab to see if she becomes ‘better’ and more assisted living or if she becomes more dependent and becomes one of those full care residents. Price diff. between the 2 levels is real big so we are all hoping, not just for the money obviously, but that she recovers better? gains more life and can walk some and ‘be apart’ of the community vs. being a bed ridden issue kinda thing? soooooooo many gray areas right now. kinda big time brain fried thru it all. Hubby is definitely getting brain toasted right now but he is coping ok.

He had my dentist check a molar tooth he cracked on our beach trip and my dentist told him the could ‘build it up and fill it’ to not having to get a crown yet but that the ‘fix’ has no guarantees for how long it will last but hubby is like…set me an appt for ‘the fast fix’ and let me then not worry til it cracks again and let me get my mom into nursing care and then I can worry more about getting a crown for that tooth.

I tell ya guys, it rains it DOWNPOURS on people sometimes.

Thanks for listening to my blabbering…blabbering it out into the universe helps me deal with it all when things get all on top of me :slight_smile: