MCT oil- What's best?

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  • 1 for Brain Octane. Great for my mental acuity and keeps me full / satiated and energized for the first half of my day. I also use the Vanilla MCT oil from OnNit for my fat bombs.

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I am fairly new to all this. I am on a mission to decrease my CAC score and I am following “Track your Plaque” by Dr. William Davis. I just bought Vit K2 drops and upon reading the label see that it is described as a MCT Oil Base.

I don’t get the connection?? This little bottle has only two ingredients listed - Vit K2 and D3.

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OK, I had to stop and ask about this … it has really happened?? With what brand of olive oil? WTF? Why do we even HAVE product labeling if this kind of stuff can happen? (I want you to know I really held back on what I WANTED to say in this post.)


There have been reports in the media over the years about labs testing various oils from store shelves, such as olive oil, and finding that there are other cheaper oils contained in the bottles. Over time the reports will state that they found startlingly high percentages of impurities, so the general warning is to avoid the cheaper brands although the reports have also implicated the more expensive ones, too.

Companies are allowed to contain “impurities” in the bottles because they claim that the same equipment is used for other purposes, but they obviously exploit this allowance because the other oils are cheaper. In other words, instead of there being trace amounts of canola oil in a bottle of olive oil, they seem to deliberately add as much cheap stuff as they can get away with.

It’s sad, but caveat emptor, let the buyer beware…

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Can you care to name some brands that you’ve tried that give you the mental acuity effects you’ve mentioned… this is something I am VERY keen to research and experiment with. Or anyone else :slight_smile:

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Sure! Specifically the C8 varieties seem to work best for me. Currently, I get the KetoMCT brand on Amazon, cost wise it is usually cheapest per oz. I’ve also tried Brain Octane, which is the Bulletproof Brand, it is more $$. Before I got into the C8 specific ones, I was using the generic blends that contain C8, C10 and C12. I didn’t notice as much, if any benefit from those.

One thing to note, I’ve been keto for well over 2 years at this point, and on days when I don’t use the MCT oil I notice less of a difference than back when I was newer to the lifestyle and didn’t use it. I don’t know if it is just my brain is used to ketones now and is more effecient with what I make on my own due to diet or what. That’s my theory anyway.

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Thanks for the quick response @rodan5150

I think as far as my cost vs effectiveness research goes, I’ve been looking for comments along the lines of “just as good as Brain Octane” - clearly I need to find one that isn’t multi-source ingredients, so appreciate your advice!

This one has popped up on Amazon, for the UK, so I’m planning to give it a go… pretty much a decent cost point for me… and looks as pure as the other top C8 based ones…

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No problem! I’m sure that brand will be just fine. One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but just haven’t gotten around to it, is a blind test. Getting my wife to either put MCT oil in my coffee or not. I drink fairly deluxe coffees some mornings. I’ll change it up with butter, cinnamon, roasted coconut milk, vanilla, etc. So if she didn’t add it I wouldn’t notice. Trick is getting her to make my coffee, lol. I always do it myself.

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Yeah @rodan5150 - I think this is it really, I need to change up my caffeine routine massively and keep working on the best levels of each ingredient for the required effect.

at the minute, when I do bother to have a BPC, I’m only making it with outright waxy coconut oil, a middle of the road butter, and off the shelf “OK ish” ground coffee, albeit a Grade 5 or 6 in strength. I don’t feel anything more than my usual caffeine hit by having this - so it’s almost like, why waste those 400/500 calories when I can just have my coffee black, and have a REALLY nice dinner with the saved cals!

However, having a genuine BPC experience that does put me on a bit of cognitive high, and completely blunt out my hunger, that to me is a solid reason to spend the extra money.

What sort of quantities of fats are you using for your BPC?

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In my experience, BPC is just something I enjoy in the morning on my way to work while listening to podcasts. It isn’t something I feel is necessary at all for a ketogenic diet to be effective.

Typically I use Kerrygold butter and C8 MCT and a good amount of Redmond real salt. Probably 1 tbsp of butter and about the same for MCT oil. At least 1/4tsp of salt probably more like 1/2. For 16oz of coffee. That’s my base BPC and then go from there if I want a deluxe.

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Nice one @rodan5150 - I’m looking forward to getting this in my life.

It’s funny you mention the salt, Dave Asprey, the bulletproof guy says to use unsalted butter because salt in coffee is “gross” - I actually prefer the salty hit personally.

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Dr. James DiNicolantonio talks about coffee/caffeine and diuresis. Something like 4 cups of coffee can have you wasting like half a tsp of salt in some people. He suggests adding salt into the coffee to help combat the loss of sodium. Plus, I prefer the saltiness. :smile:

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Wow! I didn’t even think about caffeine and sodium and depletion…

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Those salt crystals look Breaking Bad-esque!!

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Sirens :rotating_light:

“ license and registration please . I pulled u over for speeding. Ummm…Excuse me , what is that in the container ?”

“ Officer, it’s just pink salt. I promise. Please understand “ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: