MCT oil- What's best?


I have ADHD too, but I only notice the difference from the C8 MCTs like Brain Octane Fuel and now KetoMCT, but the exogenous ketones like Keto//OS don’t do anything for me.

However, the C8 MCT doesn’t leave me satiated, so I combine them with other fats like coconut oil and grass-fed butter as well as cacao butter on occasion.

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Personal choice. I like too cook with coconut oil and use MCT Oil in my coffee or Matcha Tea. Quite like a bomb proof Matcha, the butter gets rid of the grassy taste. Its a bit valuable for me to waste using MCT Oil any other way.

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I’ve never tried them. I’ve had good enough results with C8 MCTs that I haven’t had to look elsewhere.


Your previous post said that you had used exogenous ketones.

So just to clarify for the thread in general, C8 MCTs are just Medium Chain Triglycerides with 8 Carbon atoms that are optimally converted into ketones by the body, MCTs are not exogenous ketones like Keto//OS.

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I understand the personal choice angle well. It’s the actual science and expense I’m trying to get at (not just for myself). So the data is clear that you get more c8 with the right MCT oil, BUT is it so compelling that it could be asserted for someone trying to heal with meager financial resources. I don’t want to encourage the expense unless it’s the best advice if the healing benefits can be realized without that expense.

I like the way @Sunny_Bunny uses it therapeutically as needed for the ADHD. It makes sense that the more expensive MCT be used in this way, which includes both the clinical benefit and the frugality.

Hope I’m making sense. :slight_smile:

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So Bill you are saying that you use the MCT in addition to coconut oil for specific therapeutic reasons. What about financially burdened Ketoers who struggle to justify the MCT expense? Any feedback for this scenario? Thanks for any help sorting it out.

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Sorry for the misnomer and confusion. I was looking at them as an exogenous source due to the fact that they are a dietary supplement with the 100% intent on the production of serum ketones.


Yes, I mix the refined MCT products with regular foods like coconut oil that contain them naturally because of the benefits I receive from the refined MCT, but I don’t need that expense every time I want to use some MCT, so I can tailor the effect on a case-by-case basis.

For example, sometimes I just add coconut oil and grass-fed butter to my coffee and other times coconut oil + MCT and still other times butter + MCT.

Mixing in refined MCTs to attain a specific effect became more effective than just using more coconut oil.

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I mean no offense in that this sounds like tolerance in addiction; but, I understand exactly what you are saying. I wonder how to justify the expense for more financially strained people trying to get the right balance between their healing WOE and lack of resources.

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I use MCT oil before workouts or when I need a little mental focus I get mine from Piping rock. It is about 60% C8 i think and 40% c10. 64 oz right now is about $19. about .15 a table spoon

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Great in coffee

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I’ve tried quite a few brands but can’t really tell much difference between them, I settled on Bulletproof brand MCT purely because the bottle is easiest to pour from without dripping.

Do people really feel there’s a benefit from the Bulletproof Brain Octane? I think I tried it once but couldn’t tell a difference at the time.

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That sounds really good. Most of the MCT Oil I have been using is not that good. They are close, Currently, I am using Viva Naturals Non-GMO Pure Coconut. They (Viva) say they have the same numbers.



First, I want to clarify that I do not consider “coconut oil” to be equivalent to “MCT oil”, coconut oil contains some MCTs, but “MCT Oil” is a refined concentrate that only contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), at least as far as what the manufacturer is willing to report on the label. I’m thinking about olive oil being sold with substantial quantities of vegetable oils that aren’t explicitly on the label as an example.

I do use coconut oil, coconut milk and an MCT oil at various times.

The MCT Oils I’ve used are Now, Bulletproof and KetoMCT; I’ve also used the Quest MCT Oil Powder.

The Now brand was okay, but I thought it tasted a little off in some ways and I questioned whether or not there were impurities.

Bulletproof Brain Octane tasted fine and more expensive than Now, but honestly I’m over Dave Asprey - he’s got some good points, but I think he’s gone too commercial and comes across as less sincere than initially, so it was time for me to move on.

I’m currently using KetoMCT and I like it and when I compare prices to Brain Octane, the KetoMCT is lower.

I still periodically include the Quest MCT Oil Powder in a homemade dairy-free creamer, but by itself it has an empty taste.

I have ADHD so I use KetoMCT and caffeine for an extra boost in concentration as well as those occasions when I get kicked out ketosis and get a more severe case of “brain fog”.

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I use the following…

It is composed of C8, C10 and C12 MCT’s at a 38%, 31%, 31% ratio.

It is the only MCT oil I have used since going keto a year and a half ago. I pick it up on amazon. I can not say that it is the best out there or the cheapest but it has worked for me. I use it in my morning coffee with some unsalted Kerrigold butter. Due to none of the C6 MCT’s there is no smell. Completely ordorless and tasteless.

There may be some out there that would ask why drink an MCT with 31% C12 (Lauric Acid) since it is almost a Long Chain Triglyceride (LCT) and disolves much slower than the C8 and C10’s. Here is what I found that may be a benifit of the C12 MCT and why I have not switched to am exclusive C8, C10 or combo of C8 and C10 MCT oil…

"Therefore, compared to other medium-chain triglycerides, lauric acid may be a slightly less efficient way to obtain energy. However, it also has unique health benefits.

For example, lauric acid has even more anti-microbial properties than caprylic acid (C8) or capric acid (C10), meaning it can help kill harmful bacteria and viruses (8, 9)."

I just hope it is not killing any beneficial bacteria along with the harmful. LOL

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My very last statement in my last post made me do some searching and I found this…

Feeling good about the C12 MCT again…


I’m always weirded out by sites that reference places like rather than published studies. Also the links deeper on cocoscience mostly report on rat studies or what these fatty acids “might” do. I’m all down for the full variety of MCT’s, Dom D’Agostino has recently tested Parrillo’s and found it to be really pure. I also stock up on KetoMCT (You can use the LLVLC code for 20% off I believe).

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Hey guys, long time lurker, thought i’d share my thoughts as i do love MCT oil.

In the mornings i love taking mct oil with my coffee. However i would warn anyone trying this for the first time to not take more than a little bit, maybe half a tablespoon. I feel very focused after the caffeine hits and i can usually work on brain intensive tasks for longer periods of time.

I prefer: as my go to MCT OIL.

If im too lazy to order from amazon, i usually go with NOW foods MCT oil from a vitamin store.