May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


Or zillions of pink flamingos… Nope, @Karen18 has good taste! :smiley: (I have no problems with flamingos. With pink, yes but it has its roles. But plastic flamingos galore, they are awful… The same with gnomes. Though there are some fun ones…)

Oh I am sorry your sirloin had that accident :frowning: That’s disappointing.

MY roast was fine :slight_smile: I just don’t seem to get bored of meat nowadays. Well, a bit during a meal, I can’t just start and finish a pound of pork, I usually manage when I wait a bit or eat a bit of quark though… But the next day comes and I am ready for it again. I can’t even imagine what else could I eat, I can’t live on eggs and dairy alone. Not even for 2 days.

I already admitted in the fasting topic that I ate a wee bit off in the end. The rest was perfectly fine, eggs, pork roast, my tiny leftover quark mixed with sour cream with the last sponge cake, you know, the usual.
But the exotic (and actually not tempting) candies Alvaro keeps eating and the caramel coffee tries to wear me down. It’s easier when I am still not satiated/satisfied, almost but not quite and I don’t want any of my food. It was just a few (okay, several) grams but quite a few experience points, not a bad deal. And I drank caramel coffee again…
I try to behave tomorrow. The problem is I handle quite wonderfully this amount but my poor, poor May. Oh well. I did well enough this far. And I know my rebellious self needs its fix sometimes though it was remarkably absent until now.

Tomorrow is easy, I have a pound of pork chuck, roasted. No, it isn’t boring eating pork roast most of the time (I eat zillion other things anyway. like sponge cakes, boiled and scrambled eggs all the time. and quark, I live my quark phase. Alvaro still didn’t get over the name, to him quarks are those tiny particles and indeed, they are). Not like you people here would think my food is boring (maybe some who doesn’t like pork roast at all?). A normal people probably would. A more or less vegan would be shocked I use salt on it and nothing else as meat is tasteless alone, every vegans know that :smiley: IDK how they arrived there but the thought keeps popping up.
But sometimes I wonder about the tastebuds of ketoers too. To me, almost every food has its unique flavor.

Guestimation says a bit above 1700 kcal for today’s lunch, 63% fat (I didn’t get satiated but I had nothing else to eat and I knew it can’t be too little. satiation arrived later). Meat (a bite of rabbit, the rest is proper pork, no processed stuff for today when I have so much roast) is over a pound. Eggs around 5 as nowadays normal.
It was a good meal. The tiny off things weren’t necessary but I can’t be all so great all May, I already am surprised how smoothly things went this far.

(Daisy) #162

Today was a New York strip raw, suet, eggs and bacon, and bone broth jello. image image image

(Ronnie) #163

Sorry…just to be clear, you eat raw meat?

I’m not judging btw, just curious.


It turned out I forgot the biggest little piece of pork roast I counted! So my lunch was only around 1600 kcal and my protein was below my safe limit, 120g. Maybe I still would have been okay but Alvaro had lunch and one thing lead to another… So I had a tiny meal, mostly cheese and pork roast. Yum. ~2000kcal now. Low maintenance level except if I changed, I didn’t lose fat since many years so I can’t possibly now even with my stableness.
And had more coffee. I really should get my things together tomorrow…

So, TMAD. That’s good too but OMAD is better. I just wasn’t in the mood to wait today. It happens. I didn’t want to use rules, just doing whatever. So I did. I still moderated myself a bit, I could eat more pork, for example… But I will need the leftovers for tomorrow.

I try to do some shopping tomorrow, I need more pork.

All the plants grow like crazy in my garden now. I keep mowing the grass. Grass is awesome at growing quickly, IDK why people like it so much. I cheer all the tiny lovely ground covering things* to get stronger than the grass, at least the uglier, messier looking ones. Tough as grass is super good at being the winner but there are exceptions even in my garden.

*like hawkweed. Oh we use the word “lady” in it, not hawk :slight_smile:
I like moss to bits too but it is only moss, can’t do much against grass.

(Karen) #165

@FrankoBear that picture looks a beaut could have tucked into that if i wasn’t currently tucking into a rump steak :smiley:

Went to bed early last night and slept on and off as per till 6/7 ish and was up at 7.30am think I maybe clocked about 9 or so hours but to get that I was in bed at 7pm!
No stair runs this morning and felt lethargic, prob because i didn’t do stair runs, a bit of a cycle sometimes but there we go

I was meant to have bloods done today to check potassium levels since starting the Indapamide ,(diuretic) however the health centre sent me a text to cancel it as nurse off poorly. Rescheduled for tomorrow.

Rainy day so I thought I would make the most of staying in and put the back room into order. Its the room that got very busy with all the garden stuff and I was fed up climbing over stuff. There’s a few bits that needed to go into the shed but that was busy too and I was doing same as in the back room and climbing over stuff and trying to put my feet in little spaces to reach over stuff! Anyway, my back room is now nice and tidy and the the sun came out earlier than expected so I went out and did the same to the shed! Who needs the gym when moving soil bags and patio slabs about! Looks super orderly now. Finally stopped at 7.30pm!.

Food: brunch about 11.30am in between turning the back room over, rump steak with 1 fried duck egg.

2 scrambly duck eggs at 7.30pm

@Fangs funny you should mention gnomes :smile:

I don’t like gnomes, these were my mums that I couldn’t leave behind when I cleared her stuff but only this morning, when I looked at them and moved them when I was cleaning the back room, did I think I would offer them to my neighbour as they have 1 solitary gnome in their garden! :grin: do you think gnomes like to be in family groups or prefer the solitary life haha idk lol.

I put up my mums foxy door knocker, a couple of doves and a wind chime and just de rusting some old cowbells ready to get hung up somewhere. If they keep me awake at night they will be coming straight back down haha.

@Shinita one for you, it used to be very pink but it got bleached by the afternoon sun, I have moved it now, it is still pink but against the fuchsia pink of the work tops it looks a bit peachy!

Thank you for thinking i have taste :slight_smile:


Pretty meat, I need to fight the urge to go and eat more pork, I can’t possibly need it and wouldn’t want to mess with tomorrow’s food…

Oh if I already had gnomes I doin’t want, I would paint them in some interesting way. Goth gnomes or something… I surely would have ideas.
And now I remember (again) that my poor frog still isn’t painted… I even have primer and everything as the car needed a tiny bit but they only could give 3 spray cans… Too bad the car is golden (not the best color, oh well. it’s still cute in its old and worn way :D), not like golden isn’t a great color for a frog but only as accent. I am partial to green frogs. Maybe a little yellow, brown, red, orange and maybe golden but mostly green.

Well you have taste and I am good at judging that :smiley: This is a very okay flamingo. I probably wouldn’t want it for myself but I have no problem with it.
I got a very very lovely birthday card (my birthday is in July but that doesn’t matter. @KetoKoala, my best friend despite the planet between us all the time, got her Christmas parcel in April. As poor thing managed to spend 4 months on the way to Australia. we almost give up all hope, it wasn’t nice) and it has pink flamingos. With glitter. So flamingos are somewhat positive to me now. But they are fun animals just pimps. Well they have the look…

I prefer vultures. They are wonderful birds. Some are prettier than others but all are cool I suppose. Especially the one that dissolve bones in its hardcore stomach acid… Its diet is 90% bones. And they have a great immune system, they need it.
Bats are very cool too and they can survive rabies. It impresses me immensely. And flying with a baby as a mammal… But I don’t list my fav animals as there are very, very, very, very many.

I saw a big egret a few days ago! It’s a big thing as I mostly see small ones. And very rarely blue herons. They are all very beautiful birds and their chicks are the ugliest little adorable funny fluffs :smiley:

(Karen) #167

Goth gnome how cool would that be :smiley:

(Daisy) #168

Yes, I love raw meat! I eat either raw or blue rare most times :heart_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #169

Oh what a fun thread we have right now! @Shinita Vultures are your favorite birds? And bats? You ought to visit us in Texas, you’d see plenty of both, lol.
@Karen18 Yes I love your container garden, and all the little goodies you add to it. In TX container gardening comes and goes mainly because of our bilocating. We come back to VA and everything dries up and dies, so this spring I didn’t plant at all, just plan to put it together when we get back next week.
@Ketodaisy me too! I’ve always loved raw meat and I can’t stand it overcooked, or cooked twice, but that only makes life easier doesn’t it?
@FrankoBear Cool fun digital meat art! I was thinking of Lady Gaga’s meat dress and meat purse. That’s meat art too - kinky but cool, lol.

@Fangs I hope your mom’s place is done soon. It feels like this has gone on so long now! Hopefully it will all be over and you’ll be back to your life!
@Shinita pretty lunch! Loved going over it with your description of the 2 plates side by side.

Didn’t come in yesterday, taught nearly all day, did a small amount of boxing up stuff for the move. We’re behind - but I guess it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as the studio is cleared as that will be dd’s bedroom.
Had half a pork shoulder in the freezer from last week’s sous vide, added that to cut chicken for yesterday’s meal and again today’s. Today I ate both meats cold. We were out of hubby’s veggie so I gave him double meat and he said “Looks like I’m coming along on your diet whether I want to or not.” LOL But he ate ALL of it and said, well when you eat that much of it, it’s very satisfying. Surprise!
Other than that, not much to report. Just alternating between work and rest, relieving sciatica, then walking the puppy again. Not such a bad life :slight_smile:


Winter cold front. Whip in the wind. Hot coffee. Cold rain. Warm log fire. Grey sky. Pan of bacon. Sleeping cat. Snoring Labrador The aromas and sounds of an approaching winter.


Boxing is good physical activity :boxing_glove:

Look out for this one - carnivore theme.


I see @JJFiddle is a ray of sunshine today! :smiley:
We have bats too but no vultures, not enough carcasses for them here.
But I love our deers and foxes too, even the stupid, beautiful and very, very loud pheasants. Oh and swans, Alvaro and me were walking and witnessed a swan landing on water. The pond is huge but it surely was very audible everywhere around it :smiley: It was SUPER load. I imagine owls cringed in a big radius around the pond. We still talk about it regularly…
And we have black squirrels. Usually deep red trunks but the fluffy tails are all black. Not always, there are red ones too but black is the norm.

I love animals from other lands but we have plenty of them too. Almost all pretty much harmless. We are the exact opposite of Australia in that.

And I love some animals only in photos and videos, I don’t desire them to be here. Like scorpions. They are pretty.

@FrankoBear: The gnome eating cat is hilarious :smiley: With that size our cats would hunt them too. They hunt anything they can, even lizards they can’t eat (Tofu tried once and promptly vomited it back). Sometimes bats. Maybe injured ones but it happened twice.

In the end I ate more meat at night. I think it’s time to up the amount if I find the idea that irresistible after eating 510g meat during the day… And my previous days weren’t low-meat either, they were low-egg so they couldn’t be. I need to get used to this. I don’t need an almost total break for meat every week anymore.

Cold pork chuck roast with its perfect fat content is totally awesome. I used some self control to stop at… maybe 100g. But I really needed the rest for today.

(Karen) #173

Yay I want one :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Karen) #174

I looked on amazon and there are a few of these ornaments. Dinosaurs, cats and bears. I may have to look out for one sometime when I haven’t other things to buy lol

(Robin) #175

Waking up to look at your photos is like cracking open one of my old poetry books. Comforting.


I kind of had enough of my restrictions (being in a house with a bunch of delicious exotic sweets I don’t really want but Alvaro is eating is more problematic than I thought… only when I ate my food and still want something but still… so maybe that’s why. maybe I just overdo thinking and writing on the forum. or both. or the stress of my successes compared to what I want and find realistic…) but no, carni May (as much as I can… it’s worse than I planned but of course, my plans are a bit bold) still sounds a great idea.

I had my dinner OMAD, around 1500 kcal, meat was nice (a bit lean in the end but still nice enough just not as AWESOME as last night. the beginning was fattier but I was too hungry and couldn’t enjoy my meal enough. nevermind I felt not hungry a bit before…), egg was a bit boring, I barely tasted my quark… 65% fat, not surprisingly. But tomorrow comes liver and pork chop, it will be lean - though I add added fat this time. Still. I better get out my pork jowl…

It’s hard to finish my meals. II am not nicely satiated (yet) but have no idea if I need more, I ate everything I wanted, I am fine but maybe I want something ELSE… Actually it’s a bit unfortunate but I had <1 pound of pork as meat and that’s it. I will be more careful in the future, I am fine but I want it near perfect.

Both my fat and protein is a bit low today so I just hope I won’t get hungry again. And I prepare more food next time. Tomorrow will be good, I have >3 pounds of pork chop.
It was burning today, 30 Celsius, it’s utterly horrible, I avoided going out for more than a few minutes. 30C is borderline dying to begin with even without moving but NOW when even 20C is a novelty… I am just not used to this hot weather yet.

And I took a beautiful lizard from Caroline again. It wasn’t too hurt (actually it was horrible in my world but not so deep and extensive as usual, the cats usually bring dying or very dead ones) and it run away after I put it down elsewhere so there are good chances it will live. I think. Unless the cats find it again.

(Ronnie) #177

Have you looked into the benefits of cooking said food?

To me, they are obvious. Mainly potential infection. I don’t mean anything else- I eat medium rare steak and love it! But be careful.

I also acknowledge the ‘other claims’ of canciferous methods cooking of certain meats.
Just trying to find my way through this :slight_smile:

(Karen) #178

Another restless wakeful night but I got about 7 hours of broken sleep in.
Got up and did stair runs then off to CrossFit for a good session.

As soon as I was done I had to drive straight to the Health Centre to have my bloods taken. They are doing a full count (I thought it was just potassium) said it would be back within 48 hours, I will be surprised if it is but will phone on Monday or Tuesfay and see if there is anything I should know. They won’t bother calling if there is nothing to be concerned about, you know no news is good news !

Paid the fishmonger a visit on way home and picked up some kipper fillets that came in the shop yesterday. I couldn’t remember which ones were so tasty last time so got some of each, Yorkshire kippers and manx kippers… I have eaten both today and it was most definitely the manx that I preferred. I think I will probably freeze the second packet of Yorkshire kippers and just enjoy the manx tomorrow. So kippers for both brunch and dinner!

also had a side plate of bacon

Well I thought I would put my mums little planter barrow together today. It was going so well until I found that I was missing the long dowel that goes through the wheel so I the construction came to a standstill and I will have to go to hardware store saturday or sunday to get one to fit! :roll_eyes: I don’t think the company my mum bought it from will tale it back, I don’t know how long she had it but I have had it in my shed for 6 yrs!

And another pic of my lovely rhododendron

Early to bed tonight as I’m at work tomorrow :frowning:

(Ronnie) #179

I’m starting to consider you a super person

Yes, that’s a complemen! :slight_smile: .

(Ronnie) #180