May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Heather) #141

It’s always good to watch all of the “chatter” going on in the forum.

I’m cruising along in my zero carb zen. I’ve hit a really good stride where most days I do OMAD (never forced, only hungry in time for dinner). My exercising seems to be in a good place–weights one day, brisk 4 mile walk the next day and then a rest day. Wash, rinse, repeat. :grinning:

I’ve cut out all processed foods, cheese, salt and my decaf coffee with ghee.

I’m not sure which of the changes I’ve made have been successful, but my body likes what is happening. The scale is ever so slowly inching down.

The weather here this week is going to top out in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. Very unprecendented for Wisconsin weather in May, but I’ll take it!

I don’t post a lot on the forum, but enjoy reading everyone’s updates and seeing food and flower pictures. :grin:

Soldier on everyone!


1 hour eating window, ~1780 kcal, 64% fat, nothing special.
So I can eat 150g protein in one sitting and staying… Not satiated. I wouldn’t say I am hungry but I would love to eat more, I just don’t have any more ideas for it but this amount should be enough anyway especially after my high-cal yesterday.

Slightly over a pound of meat (as I had a bite of sausage too, not only the one pound pork chuck. I roasted it more but it was in half pound pieces, way too big. tomorrow I fry my meat, I have that phase, it seems), 6 eggs and some whites and various dairy.

I went back to my usual “egg first… and whenever it feels a good idea” style that comes naturally and seems to work best. I need about 3 breaks from my pork, I ate quark/sour cream with sponge cake then :slight_smile: The sour cream is there to make the quark creamy (and a bit sourer, I didn’t use lemon juice this time, sometimes I do, just a few drops. I love sour even more than sweet, always did).
And then I was still not satiated and had an egg milk with mascarpone. Ate a tiny sausage… Then I just give up, satiation will arrive eventually. And now I am drinking another tea, ignoring the (thankfully not very loud) siren songs of the special coffee. (It is special to me, at least and I can’t buy it anywhere.)

No photos, I just ate and you see these all… But I try to recreate this tomorrow - just with fried, not roasted chuck :slight_smile: I can eat it again but at least I can try.

It was a nice enough meal but it could have been better. This new harder fat in my chuck isn’t so great in the inside of the roasted pieces, it will be better fried everywhere. I liked the meat but not as much as I usually enjoy my chuck. And after my low-joy days I want 10/10 meals. At least 9.

But main thing I ate and my insides feel pleased now :slight_smile: With some lack of satiation but it’s progressing.

(Alvaro ate dinner at the same time at the same tiny octagonal kitchen table. (Octagonal to minimize painfully bumping into the corners, I did that too many times with the original tabletop.) It was purely sweets. Not typical but happens. He didn’t like the idea of meat in the near future but I don’t want to make the turkey yet. But soon.)

Tomorrow I brave the 10km with my ankle (it’s over 5 weeks already… but it gets tired easily so I will rest after 5km), I want to buy more pork! The last slab of not super lean pork is defrosting right now but that’s exactly why I need another asap. I learned my lesson. I won’t run out of my staple meat.

@Redrobin: Oh these are great news, I hope I will have such smooth sailing soon! :smiley: Well, almost, it’s me.
80s and 90s, oh my god. It’s low 70s here and it’s just too hot after the winter and early spring, I am not used to it yet! (Yes, I shouldn’t be in t-shirt, I need sleeveless tops, I always forget.)

(Karen) #143

You’re so right about carby eaters not being able to handle your attitude towards food. The amount of people that used yo try tempting me by wafting a carby sticky under my nose … they don’t do that any more as they know my resilience mind you I don’t even need that now as they don’t phase me atall. I think the work place is one of the worst place for temptation if one is so inclined because there is always a birthday 9r celebration and therefore always loads of carby stickies! Now when I get offered and I say no thank you I don’t do stickies they always say well thats why you are so slim!!! Errr no, I am slim because I work hard at it and I exercise regularly and I have gone through the hard part of saying no thank you when the inner me could have devoured the whole 10 portions lol

BTW I am so glad you love the colour of those rhododendrons they are beautiful. It really was a pot luck chance of what colour emerged lol

(Karen) #144

Well done with that scale enjoying your regime. The exercise is easy when it is best practise and regular. The mind takes over and says hey are we ready to go rather than the opposite!! Sounds like all is going well for you and really nice to see you popping in xx

(Karen) #145

My dinner, rump steak. This was very rare inside and I thought it was just too chewy and needed a little more time in the fry pan so just as I got the fat hot and about to re-dunk them my friend Raymond called from the hospital. He was bored and wanted someone to talk to so the gas was turned off and steak left waiting to cook. Then his phone signal went and i thought I would try again and Raymond called me back so off the gas went again, then signal went again and I thought bloody hell so got the steak in the pan and yep he called again so I left the steak in the pan and you guessed it it became quite scorched! Fortunately it wasn’t over cooked like leather otherwise it would have been chucked and I hate to chuck anything out.

Well I had spoken to Raymond when I got out of prison this afternoon, as I thought I may be taking him home as the doctors had said last night he would be going home today, covid or no covid!!! Anyway he was quite tearful partly through frustration with the doctors and partly through the pain of the coughing (which he has had since 2017, not caused by covid though covid may be making it worse) he is in isolation with nothing to do, nothing to read, no one to talk to and no visitors! The novelty of the side room with ensuite has quickly worn off! He has forgotten that I was in similar situation when I had my stroke and was in a side room for a week, only i found it a blessing. I think he has also forgotten that he didn’t visit me once while I was in hospital but hey ho it is what it is.:slightly_smiling_face:

Early night for me as I feel very tired now. No later than 8.30pm me thinks.



I need Internet or I need books and my sketch books and pencils!!!
Alone and nothing to read… Pure. Hell. To someone like me. I read a lot, I did it all my life.

(Linda ) #147

Today was another busy kind of day husband was getting a gooseneck hitch put on the back of our 2f50 they had the truck all day, so I went to pick him up and take him to a employment drug test, he had to to …That took for ever for him to be seen by 6.30 I’m starting to get pretty hungry so I came home and cooked flanken ribs since its so late I cooked 4 to make it omad .

I dont know how ppl do it the brain was hungry but after two flanken ribs20220509_185454 (normal meal size) I was done… and lucky I picked him up cos the truck staying over night.ok so at 11.30pm I ate the other two but was out enjoying the pool til about 2am lol so two meals

(Daisy) #148

Lol I can eat 8 of them at once!

Today I had bone broth jello, suet, a scrambled egg with bacon (because the yolk broke), 2 bison burgers with egg and beef bacon. It filled me well, but didn’t last the whole evening. I had a high stress day and ate some suet, butter, and a slice of uncooked bacon in the evening.
image image image image


Those flanken ribs seem tiny to me…

I don’t know how it is with others, I need a substantial meal to get satiated (2000 kcal very nearly always do the trick, even on high-carb - but I will check when I will have a high-carb day, I don’t get them lately… Tempting high-carb items I can eat a ton of are extremely rare nowadays. And even if I can, it doesn’t mean I wish to. Carnivore, even just being close to it changed me way more than keto ever did and I started keto way earlier. I easily had very occasional but very crazy high-carb days on low-carb, it diminished somewhat on keto but now…? The chance of temptation got a huge blow. I may taste something and that’s it, usually. I have exceptions but I don’t normally keep them at home and I am weak against them just rarely anyway).
And there are NO TRICKS at all (okay, except ignoring protein but I get unwell then, not satiated). People sometimes say this or that is so “filling” (I can’t do much with this word, I can’t interpret it, really, they mean something I don’t seem to have) - and I still need my 1200-2000 kcal from it to get satiated.

I wish to figure out how much pork I can eat in one sitting :slight_smile: Yesterday I lost appetite towards it too early, eventually I ate the pound but that’s little. But I think I never went beyond 600g yet (and how odd that was, I stopped because I got satiated for a day, not because I got bored. that was the first beef I ever bought, I think).

But I do my egg first style today (won’t even have enough pork for trying to eat much, I just fry some before making the roast) - with some tiny fattier first part in the beginning. I have sausage and yolks and can make an egg milk with butter. I can do that but without pork jowl that is my limit. Eating pure fat is definitely off-putting to me, it seems very, very wrong, I never want just fat and forcing myself isn’t my style. People eat things together. That’s the reason most have side dishes. I don’t need those (well I actually often have eggs with my meat but I often eat it alone too and sometimes my reason is the get my nutrients without needing a lot of meat that I would find too boring. balance is important and I rarely can eat many eggs before the meat part) but I am quite sensitive to the fat/protein ratio. If I cut a pork chuck roast piece into 3 tiny bites and one is leaner, one is unusually fatty, I eat them together to get it right. If my slice is too fatty, I cut it apart and use the very fatty bites with leaner ones later. And if I get lean meat in the end, I need to use something very fatty with it. I just can’t eat lean or super fatty except in a few cases when the lean is juicy and the fatty is miraculously works… Pork jowl (cooked and covered in paprika, always with a tiiiiny meat) is something special, super delicious and I can’t stop wax poetry about it sometimes while Alvaro does its best not to look utterly disgusted :smiley: He couldn’t eat it with anything. It’s not food to him. If something has more fat than the leaner parts (no visible fat, still fatty :D) of pork chuck, it’s no food to him, apparently. He is worse with those than I am with chicken breast. I actually can eat that if I add fat, spices and tricks (cooking in some sauce is useful. it probably still won’t be good at all but edible).

(Linda ) #150

Yeah they prob about 3 ounces meat each after bones are out but they are a fatty meat and two of them is a meal for me I used to eat more bacon on side or sausage but lately I don’t seem to
need as much …but they are a 1:1 ratio of protein/fat. Its marbled fat with meat so def eaten together.


Pork shoulder is a fatty meat (significantly more fat than protein in grams). I ate 1000g of it, twice. On a day, not at once but a pound is ridiculously easy at once. That’s only 1300-something kcal according to my data, it even loses some when roasted… So I typically can’t get satiated with just that, too few calories - and as I realized, pork shoulder doesn’t even satiate me particularly well. Is it the fat? But pork jowl satiates me well and that barely has any meat… I don’t understand this.

Considering the above, I think I am with @Ketodaisy, 8 sounds a nice meal (with some eggs for me). As long as I don’t get bored of it in the middle. But if I am hungry and wait a little, I usually can continue if the meat is something I find tasty and just enough fatty.

It’s not easy with this harder satiation when I get hungry early… :frowning: I only can afford one meal a day as mine are usually way too big for two of them even if my second is smaller.

(Judy Thompson) #152

How beautiful! I’ve never seen rhodies in pots! In Texas I don’t grow stuff on the ground, deer will eat everything and our one bed has killed everything I’ve planted in it. But a rhody in a big pot, what a great idea! I wonder if it would survive the freeze and come up the next year. I’ve had lilies do that in pots even here in VA where winter is longer and colder.

@Shinita Yes I’m still pretty sensitive about divulging this new woe to people, they tend to be less than open minded. But like you, I had mixed results with 10 years of keto so something had to give. I’m at a “certain age” ahem, where a questionable diet could send me straight to the doctor, the dentist, the mortuary. At my age my dad only had 14 years to live, little did he know. We tried so many diets and plans but he couldn’t stick to anything and eventually his heart and blood sugar just ate him alive. Now we know better. Our longevity may not be entirely in our hands but our health is, and we owe it to ourselves… As the AA people say, “now that you know, there’s no looking back.”

@FrankoBear how exhilarating! So great, so late in the season, to get out there for the first time in awhile. So glad you’re feeling so much better.

Yesterday was a weird day. Leaving for TX in a little over a week so starting to pull stuff together and belatedly, packing up the downstairs for my dd to move in here in July when her lease is up.
I put a 6.6 lb chicken in an electric roaster in the basement so I could sort kitchen cabinets and 2 hours later went to get it out and it was cold and raw. That roaster is tricky and I didn’t have the lid on just right so I fixed that, set it back up and went and thawed some burger and made his sides, we were eating 20 minutes later. I had mine with deviled eggs again, they were so good Sunday.
2 hours later I took the chicken out. Wish I’d done a pic, it was lovely and crispy and I ate my favorite part - the tail! Cut that big girl in half and stored her in 2 gallon freezer bags. Later I ate 1 wing, sinky-style, between students, when I was hungry. At night I cut off some breast, chopped it with an egg and mayo and had a little chicken salad.
There were 2 pint jars worth of liquid in the bottom of the roaster which I kept, and a little extra to drink. That might make a nice brothy chicken soup and a sauce if I’m up to it. Here in VA I’m trying to keep it simple, there’s so much more to do than in Texas.


fast post
off to mom’s house for another cleanout
alot to do

got sirloin steak and burger when required
just hope I get home reasonable to eat :slight_smile: I truly hate not being able to eat when my first meal time hits…but yea with zc we can easily survive but darn I do love my routine now.

(Karen) #154

@JJFiddle my garden just containers/pot/planters to try and make sure the invasive ivy and brambles don’t come e back. No idea if the rhododendrons will come back next year, wait and see. I have been saving up bubble wrap to insulate the more fragile plants through the frost.

Fairly OK but still wakeful night up at 8.30 (awake a fair bit earlier) did my stair runs , 100, and then after watering some of the pots went to CrossFit for yet another gassy workout.

Then had to get straight to Beeston and pick up my meds and popped into one or 2 or 3 charity’s shops and found some more nik naks for the garden …some owls , birds, a noahs arc lol, some bunnies … funny cos i hate nik naks around the house but hiding amongst the pots and plants they look quite cute and I don’t have to keep dusting them if they’re outside :laughing:

Made my brunch of 2 scrambly duck eggs and been in garden this afternoon. Quite windy and sun in and out of the clouds so little zipper up and down on and off lol.
Can’t think what I have out for dinner better go see as I don’t think I took anything out of freezer! :woozy_face:


:smiley: Your garden shoppings are so adorable :smiley: And the items themselves usually quite pretty.

I have too many invasive plants… One of them is very decorative, I love it but they are big and 2 is more than enough in the garden… I kill several hundreds per year, it’s very effective being just about everywhere in big numbers.

My body started something new. Already getting hungry before/around noon is unusual but when I waited, cooked, made all my food and put them into plates together, ready to make a shot… I realized I am not hungry anymore. I am not satiated and eating sounded a very lovely idea in the last 3 hours but suddenly… Nope, I am fine for a while more.

A few times I lost my urge to eat right after I cooked but only when it wasn’t such a long term and/or serious thing. Odd.

This is my planned meal. Fattiest-first, then eggs and finally meat. And quark mixed with sour cream when I don’t fancy anything else or if that doesn’t happen, in the end.

The drink is egg milk (2 yolks, mascarpone, it’s so nice and creamy), the tiny things are mascarpone mixed with yolk and vanilla and salmon spread mixed with sour cream for my sponge cakes.

I made another egg milk later and I had 5g butter hours before my meal.
And I tasted my caramel coffee, I have my limits, I waited for a whole day :D. Oh, it’s bitter. I think I just don’t like coffee anymore (just as flavoring, in moderation. it’s still nice for that I suppose). I go back to no coffee again.

Meanwhile time passed and I had my meal. I couldn’t finish it all and considering it was about 2000 kcal and I do OMAD now, it’s not a big surprise. (I easily eat 2000 kcal meals - less easier on carnivore - but not on OMAD, my meals get smaller and my OMAD falls apart… It would be nice to handle it with an occasional TMAD.)

My leftovers (and I left half of my second egg milk too):

I left some very fatty pork chuck pieces, they are on the right, separated from the normal parts. I used the fattiest 510g from the slab, got some rendered fat again, oh my, I have so much, what will I do with it? I am so used to not using added fat (except my little butter lately)… Even if I have scrambled eggs, that takes almost none… Today I used whatever tiny was left in the pan after frying the pork and pouring the rendered lard into my lard holder…

Joy wise it was a nice enough meal. I got bored of my meat and eggs eventually but I wasn’t so hungry anymore anyway. I ate some more to ensure my protein won’t be too low.

Vague guesstimation says less than 1600 kcal and 120g protein. Tricky combo but carnivore-ish OMAD is special and I could pull it off. I am perfectly satiated now, after 22:30.
I wasn’t even inactive today… It’s almost too good. I actually don’t mind eating more on workout days (not like it was a big one)… But I ate well lately.

I might get hungry easier tomorrow though, I ate little. We will see.

This hard fat in pork chuck I bought lately starts to bother me, fun sometimes but I preferred the soft kind… That’s not why I left the fat pieces. They are just too fatty but will come handy when I eat the leaner parts in the future.

(Linda ) #156

Today first meal was lunch at a BBQ restaurant mo sauce added burnt ends and they had a Hawaiian smoked rib eye (it wasn’t sweet so not sure about the name finner was flounder filled coated in pork rinds …

(Daisy) #157

Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. My daughter had county championships all day and I packed a bowl filled with a raw ribeye, raw suet, and a bag of bacon. Got burned to an absolute crisp. Worst sunburn I’ve gotten in many, many, many years. image image


This is a digital painting I made of the rib eye steak I carved up and ate with a 3-egg omelette for NoFUN breakfast today. OMAD, some coffee scattered around it and an evening mug of salty beef bone broth.


I was cracking up reading this! Gal after my own heart, keep the ‘more fun clutter’ outside of the house and enjoy it where ya don’t have to dust it or ‘be contained by’ it…super cool!

Hey when are ya gonna start collecting ‘gnomes’ and become some 'yea, the crazy ‘gnome lady’ lives in our town? person? HEEHEE…

I love outside stuff but girl you best be controlling you a bit, you are truly gonna become a ‘garden center’ with tons to sell wtih the amt of inventory you are building in your back garden :slight_smile: :slight_smile: great post K!

Ohhhh slather on the aloe or whatever ya need.
My daughter is fair skinned and she never burns or tans but she hit the white water rapids for a class trip and came home with burned up arms. She was like, I never burn, and I was like, yea you ‘were on the water’ for hrs and that sun reflected and nailed ya!’ but she wasn’t bad…like you sound, but a few days of aloe gel helped her. Hope ya do ok.

somehow that is disturbing to me :scream_cat::clown_face: :partying_face:

----------------got alot done at moms house.
home to my sirloin…and OMG it was awful. First I over flashed burned the darn thing…yea incinerate one side is a better word and then the ‘chew on it’ was mind blowing in that I had to work my mouth so much to get a bite handled, that 1/2 way thru the 3/4lb sirloin meat I gave up. Into the trash the rest went…I did all I could to eat it HAHA but darn, when I ruin my meat, I truly RUIN my meat to inedible proportions :scream_cat::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So then I made a sautee’d chicken breast, good sized and slathered it in regular old mayo and hounded that down.

later I ‘snacked’ out more with some salami and some beef sticks.

Woke up HUNGRY and first meal will be a nice near 1 lb NY Strip steak I defrosted for me and yea I want it sooner than later probably.

all good in zc land, when I don’t screw up my own meat HA :smirk:


:laughing: I empathise. But it’s art. We could go a bit Andy Warhol here.