May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


Rhododendron!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Very pretty!

I wondered about eating more meat somehow (I have some not fully frozen stuff, after all), I was borderline hungry and just knew it’s for meat but was too tired and waited and it passed.
Tomorrow I will eat more meat than today. And will be more active. I don’t know what was with me today.

(Ronnie) #182

Okay, nice people, all you good people.

What is this about raw meat eating?

I need to know,
I’ll be honest, I’m not convinced at all.
Now’s your time to convince me and others like me, whom are Keto.

I thank all of you, amd respect your opinions.

Please br repecful, thanks!
Ron x

(Daisy) #183

Hi Ronnie, I’m very aware to any potential risk of eating raw meat. I have eaten meat cooked everywhere from not at all to well done over my life. At 41 years old and almost 3 years carnivore, I now most enjoy it raw. I still eat it cooked quite often, but I prefer it raw. There is actually extremely little risk, as it is fda inspected and goes through pretty rigorous safety standards. Try it sometime, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Food today was not omad. Raw ny strip, eggs and bacon and bone broth jello. Then I picked up a wagyu steak on markdown this afternoon and ate it raw also. Very delicious!
image image image image

(Daisy) #184

For me, I’ve slowly progressed from well done, to medium, to medium rare, to rare, to now blue rare or raw. This has been a many decade process. The less you cook meat, the better it tastes and the more nutrients it preserves. You don’t have to salt raw meat at all, it is seasoned perfectly exactly as it is. The more you cook it, the more the natural flavors of the meat cooks out and you have to season it to taste good. With current health and safety standards, parasites are of very minimal risk and if you source it well, bacteria is also of little risk. If it is a concern, you can lightly sear it to kill any surface bacteria, while preserving the raw internal state. That is a blue rare steak, which I love. However, the longer I go on carnivore, the less I enjoy cooked fat. So that’s why I’ve shifted more and more towards raw in general. I’ve learned even bacon is perfectly safe to eat raw.


It’s worth a try. Preservation of nutrients is a benefit.

I enjoy raw minced beef, mixed with pate, raw egg and salt. The Americans call minced beef, ground beef. But eating ground beef raw is the highest risk for food poisoning due to the exposed surface area available for contamination.

A bout of food poisoning sure does cure one of eating the food the victim thinks was the culprit. At least we aren’t at risk of getting it from a salad of poorly washed leafy greens, or poorly washed chef’s hands.

As an adjunct, I do also love sashimi, raw fish. Now, I have a slight craving for some sashimi.


It would be an interesting surf and turf meal to have raw beef and raw fish. Yum yum.

Had a huge tomahawk steak with long rib bone in it cooked in cast iron on the wood stove last night. Yesterday was 2MAD with 3 pasture fed chicken eggs thrown into that pan of bacon. Coffees are going in as I work marking college student assignments at the computer. Rain water and sparkling rainwater for hydration in a room with a fire in the stove. Wintry weather outside for a few days. A few splashes of sunshine.


I still fry/roast the hell out of my meat :smiley: I only ate raw meat in rare cases in Japanese restaurants, raw salmon is soooo superior to the cooked one…
As I usually eat pork, I make cooking it very very well seriously.
Anyway, I prefer well done, well roasted things. It isn’t for everything, I am aware but for my pork? Perfect way to eat it.

Sometimes I wonder about raw meat, gets curious but never enough curious to dive into research and don’t emerge until I form a more educated opionion. BUT I know there are risks. And I don’t want those. And normal raw meat (like beef) is more off-putting than not to me so it’s easy for me. But I am open-minded and very very mildly interested if it’s about other people’s raw meat eating habits.

If I lived at the right place, I would eat fresh, raw fish for sure. Well after some research? But people do that, I mean eating fresh, raw fish.

(Smoked raw stuff is different, of course. I talked about fresh stuff as we all, I suppose…)


We can get a bunch of other problems from it but well, this is life and harmful bacteria and viruses are everywhere…
Not like I ever cared, my trust in my immune system and guardian angel is just too high and the risks are super low…
I am significantly more paranoid about raw meat. If I tried raw meat, that surely won’t be using some common store-bought stuff. I can get very fresh beef and sometimes other meat from the farm, they butcher the animal and quickly sell it to people who knew about it since days or weeks and ordered it. I trust them enough anyway so the animals aren’t sick - but still may carry something that didn’t turn up… I feel safer and I am safer if I don’t eat it raw. I have no idea about the actual risks though.
And I wanna try tatar beefsteak one day :smiley:

And eating raw minced meat from a normal supermarket, packaged days before is the height of recklessness. People here teach their kids that we shouldn’t even buy such things, maybe if we see the grounding process but no, who knows what was in the machine? Everyone should make the grounding at home. IDK if it’s still the case now but when I was a kid, Mom never bought mince meat and tought me not to do it. I heard it later from others online too.
As I didn’t even buy meat, it wasn’t important… But then I started to eat meat. I rarely eat ground meat but when I do, it’s super quick and easy to ground it myself and I only use a little and wouldn’t burden the planet with a plastic tray. I get my 1.5-3kg slab, cut off a piece and use that.

I started cooking at 7:30am today :smiley: Sometimes I do that, my morning state is so useless and I like to be in the kitchen.
(By the way I am on coffee again but I am slowly collecting the determination to stop it… But this is my NEW Australian coffee… And Alvaro eats exotic sweets every day. And I have more important things to focus on. But I will go back.)
I have fried chicken liver, this time with a tiny onion as I have problems with eating more than 1-2 bites from it and maybe it helps. And I have fried onion in the freezer since too long and I open the door and 12 tiny box wants to fall off, I wanna use it up. It goes surprisingly slowly, I gets farther and farther from this thing, too sweet and unnecessary in most cases. I planned to give it to Alv for the rabbit dish but I forgot. I always ate fried liver with lots of onions in my distant past, I started that after carnivore too but quickly stopped. But liver got more boring. But it adds variety…? I use it more and more rarely and well, it’s FINE not to eat the 500g in 5 days or something, I have a freezer :smiley: But if I mix it with meat, that is nice (not something I specifically want but it raises its edibility to okay levels), maybe I will do it later.

I would love to eat some nice liver. Rabbit (without the apple flavor, please… even the lard that the fried rabbit liver left behind was VERY apple-y and it’s interesting but mildly disturbing… it was an interesting experience, now I don’t want it again), beef, so the not bitter ones… And the kinds I never tried.

Liver is the thing I wouldn’t touch raw either. I think Alvaro had raw liver in China. He didn’t eat it, I think he only skipped that and the chicken(?) with broken bones in the food… He ate the “eel and vegetable” where the vegetable was 50% of the dish and it was hot pepper :smiley: Surely not some super hot but still…

Oh but back to my cooking. I just cut up the pork chop, I have a one pound piece to roast (with as much visible fat as I could do… it’s a lean cut but still have some), a smaller one for Alvaro (his meat eating abilities are ridiculous compared to mine especially now. even if it’s a lean meat. I use tricks to make it work for me) and a few pieces waiting to be covered with bacon. I will roast those.
And I have another pound in little pieces that I will fry and then cook in a sour cream/mustard sauce. just like Alvaro did with the rabbit but I skip the little flour and the huge amounts of carrots and most of the onions. And the xylitol too, it is still disturbing that he can use sweetener in a meat dish that already has sweet veggies galore. But he said it needs it. It was tasty, actually but nope, I don’t think so.
I could use something to thicken the sauce but I use what I normally do when I skip flour from recipes: I just add less water. (If the recipe has no water, that’s trickier, then comes egg powder and whatnot but this one has water, yay. I skip it. I love when I just can skip half of the ingredients, I like simple things. Not tooo simple but my dishes are more and more on the simple side for sure. I like my 1-2 ingredients dishes (mostly 2, 1 is either just an ingredient or my sponge cakes but I don’t eat them all alone and I use salt in them nowadays anyway). Fried eggs are already more complex with their 3 :smiley: My coffee has 5 sometimes…? At least my tea has only 2…)

So slightly fried pork chop cooked in mustard sour cream sauce. Sounds edible and maybe even enjoyable.

It started with someone making pork chop casserole and putting it in the food pic thread… There was no recipe but it’s okay, I can google.
Of course I googled normal recipes first, I don’t even know what casserole actually is, I just met the word several times and I know it’s something mixed in one pan/pot. I like those. We call them (mirror translation from Hungarian) “one bowl dishes”. So not main stuff and sides and who knows what else, convenient.
Of course (probably. I was clueless), I got dishes with tons of potatoes. Okay, google keto pork chop casserole then. I got recipes with tons of mushroom and I don’t remember.
Carnivore pork chop dishes? And that was when I happened on a food blog that actually KNEW what carnivore is. But decided that 70% carnivore is still carnivore and managed to put a lot of ketchup and (from my viewpoint) a very big amount of honey for just 4 pork chops (it makes no sense to me, 4 pork chops, I mean, it’s not an amount* but I guess it’s tiny slices).

That was when I gave up and started to make my own recipe. But then I realized I liked the rabbit sauce though it was too sweet and wanted to make it better…

*It’s a bit frustrating and happens many times. Recipes, people asking for help, chatting with my best friend… I want to know the amounts. And I get useless things like bag or cup (that helps sometimes, it depends but I need to work to get the actual amount) or piece (for things where there tiny and huge pieces are very common. and meat has no pieces anyway. or their size differ too. not all recipes requires exact amounts but sometimes it’s nice to know if it’s a 50g or a 250g piece). Even Hungarian recipes do that sometimes.


you said it right there! I did the same change, from overcooked, well done leather ICK to blue rare. I love my burgers almost raw also. a ‘juicy’ burger vs. eating a hockey puck LOL The taste profile on raw or blue rare meat is massively better than fully cooked beef, not a doubt for me on that one either!

in general…many many carnivores eat raw. On the zc forums it is definitely loaded with raw meat eaters but of course we are a smaller group of carnis here so it might ‘seem’ like a wow on eating raw, but it is quite zc common.

---------------great reading on the board!

today is small NY Strip steak, blue rare, big fast searing blistering hot sear on both sides, raw in middle :slight_smile: is the way I love it!
defrosting pk of thin cut pork chops for later when wanted.

all great in ZC land for me! May is actually turning out to be a good month for me with more calm and more ‘ease’ of something, not sure what it is all from but I will take it :sunny:


The last few days have been a whirlwind. Tuesday, I was at the rehab with Mom from 8ish to a little after noon. Ran home, changed clothes went to work from 1-10pm. Wednesday was crazy. Dad wanted me at the rehab center at 6am with Mom. So, I got there and stayed until almost 11am. Ran home, had to feed/water chickens and turkeys, get eggs, wash dishes, shower and get ready for work again…1-10. While I was doing dishes, I had a pan of bacon cooking on the stove. I ate the entire package without even thinking about it.
My husband arrived home while I was getting ready to leave and smelled the bacon. He looked around, looked at the pan, then looked at me. Simultaneously dawned on me that I’d eaten it all. He had this look on his face like a puppy waiting for a treat…and all I could say was “Ooops…I think I accidentally at the whole pack of bacon. Sorry.” And I ran out the door to go to work.

I am SO bad.


oomg too wild cause that happened a ton of times in our house :slight_smile: Make the bacon and think, only 4 or so slices and entire packaged inhaled in a flash and I was SO content and fine and the ‘others’ with that bacon smell that drew them into wanting to eat that bacon, oh well, OPPPS!!!

I hope your mom is ok and doing well on her rehab and more but darn girl!!! you are burning the candle on both ends but I SO get ya gotta do for family but at the same time take care of you…well, like eating that lb. of bacon :sunny: thing is that lb. of bacon ‘gets ya thru some crazy’ so you eat all you need to do just that!!


She’s doing better. thank you for asking, @Fangs ! Wednesday, they got her up, showered (She made me come with), had her stand a couple times. I coaxed her to do some of the OT, PT and ST assignments that they’d left her with on Tuesday. Her speech is much better, and the movement in her left arm is coming back. She can move from her shoulder to her elbow, and now her elbow and wrist. Fingers are still pretty lame. She is doing better with her swallowing, so they are thinking of doing the barium swallow test in a week or so.

Dad was not happy about the facility she ended up at. But, it was the only one with available beds in this area. Its older, and more rustic looking, but the rehab is A+. I keep reminding him that Jesus was born in a manager, surrounded by A+ people. The quality of the people that are taking care of Mom are top notch. So, quit complaining. Some days, I worry more about Dad…


if that is the A+ level of care and the rehab is also then that is the place, hey sometimes places put more money into their ‘actual physical care’ of people against their ‘visual older type buildings’ they are in :slight_smile: I know new and spanky and perfect are what everyone wants, but IF IN that best place, ya deal with the surroundings for sure.

I am so thrilled the rehab is going so well and she wants it.

My horseback riding friend from our small group of riders that hit the trails had a big stroke at age 43. Maxine refused rehab and it was the WORST decision ‘others allowed her to make’ for her recovery and we all know she lost more ‘regain of body’ cause she did not accept rehab and she is paying that price now in her younger life so…

I say all the power to help with rehab is key here and well, I get ya on your Dad, but he will be ok as long as others keep just giving him reassurance that the ‘best is happening’ as it can be. Life is tough and vicious as we all know :frowning: but in the end we only can do all we can for the best outcome so I think you just balance it best ya can, but also know you can eat that lb. of bacon ANY time you need it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: stronger we are and more ok we are, we can then help others and that is a big factor in all also!! You are doing great from what I am reading and happy you are doing so well thru it all! Chat away all ya need and vent it out ya need, we got your back at all times!!!

(Karen) #193

Oh heavens too many posts for me to get through, starts to make my eyes go like I’m about to take a migraine :astonished::astonished:

At work for 6am and worked through till 2pm then home.

Brunch was sliced cooked chicken reheated with butter. The day went by fairly quickly with not so much done, interruptions and faffing about making reports and nicking naughty prisoners misusing their PIN phone. I just keep telling myself one can only do what one can do and let it go over my head, certainly not stressing about it. Boy this work conscientious girl has changed hahaha.

When I got home I went down the shed and re organised the shelves and drawers so I know where everything is, even the stuff I didn’t know I had lol.

Rump steak and the largest duck egg for dinner followed by a very tiny can of tune with some mayo. Thinking about whether to have some bacon, not sure, I think it is just because I read it in one of your posts above and could smell it lol.

As a matter of interest I actually caught HepA and over here in UK if you’re diagnosed with HepA it gets investigated as to where you picked it up. There were 3 of us in my area who got it and it was put down to pre-packed salad, in a superstore, most likely made by someone who didn’t wash their hands after using the toilet! Apart from this Stroke it was the only other time in my life that I was really ill. I was jaundiced, fatigued, crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees and couldn’t eat anything even though I was starving!

Never had that problem with meat!

(Ronnie) #194

I don’t know my freiendly people.
I’m moviving towards carnivore.

Sounds like BS to me, thuis raw stuff.

Just, nonsense?

Prove mne wrong :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #195

You have to prove us wrong. I’m not here to make anyone do anything. Just eat what I enjoy and makes me feel amazing. If it interests you, try it. If it doesn’t, don’t! Doesn’t hurt my feelings whatsoever. That’s all I can say. :purple_heart:


Accidents happen. Though I can’t imagine eating up all the food, we just don’t do that.
Especially not bacon. It takes ages for us to eat a whole package, definitely more than a month.
I ate maybe 30g of it today :slight_smile: I started with it but it was a big amount for my focus at the time… I had fried failed (not fluffy) sponge cakes too, that’s fattier as well… So I kinda started my meal fattier.
I was bold and reckless and somewhat hungry so I had lunch but it was small. IDK how small, didn’t track yet.

I had a 3MAD and 2000 kcal or something. I wasn’t hungry for the 3rd meal but Alvaro had lunch and I had a little quark… [2200 but it wasn’t even carnivore. Things start to fall apart and I know why and I can fix it.]
Fat went below 60%, it happens when I have chicken liver and a pound of pork chop and quark :smiley: I used fat liberally (for my added fat minimalization) but still, their leanness had some effect. My fat intake was fine. Protein shot up but of course it did… Only 180g, not something really high (and some people try to keep it at 40g, I can’t even IMAGINE… I would need to stop eating animals except fat and avoid all the protein rich plants too… And everything else isn’t really food, definitely not without protein sources. I can do 80g when I eat very, very low-cal… I am the type who tends to reach 100g protein in 1000 kcal meals. As less just can’t satiate me.
Alvaro gets 30g protein from his breakfast oatmeal… That is probably his carbiest, lowest-fat and lowest-protein typical breakfast. If I make a breakfast cake for him, that is over 40g protein. It would be more without the carbs in it as he hardly would accept it way fattier.
Sorry, it’s some weird fascination of me, low-protein. Can’t compute.)
It’s a fine day after my lowish-carb one yesterday but I still shouldn’t eat 3 times especially without need (though the 3rd meal was really tiny).

The meat was very very fine. So I am able to eat pork chops if it’s done right. Not very surprising but good to know.

We go to the zoo in Sunday, I need to pack food! The zoo is in the capital city, Alvaro adopted a kookaburra and Sunday is the day when he can visit the animal, free (well adopting costed money, of course. but how he “has” a kookaburra, how cool is that?). We are watching the YT channel of the zoo since long, lovely short videos… And now we go :smiley: I never was there and I was living in the city for 8 years. I lived little there, I just worked, slept, walked in the mountains and later escaped with my motorbike… Waaaaay too big, dirty, noisy to me. I don’t consider Budapest really pretty though many ancient buildings are nice, there are hills and there is the pretty wide Danube as well. I love some old bridges too. It could be worse. But I prefer tinier, charming places. Bled (in Slovakia, a wonderful lake among snow-capped mountains with maybe even cooler nature things nearby… Alvaro found zillion photos from 2010 when we visited the town) was great though even there I liked to search out nearby places with less people.

The CF card is downstairs again, still in the camera… Tomorrow. I am very tired now, stupid day. I blame the humidity, we should turn on the AC tomorrow, it has a dehumidifier option and that comes handy when it’s too hot for the dehumidifier machine that doesn’t do anything else but that does effectively, generating a lot of heat. Okay in winter, unusable in humid summers.

And we have summer now, I started to suffer in my own house, my room reached 23C! It would be great in real summer but I am not used to it yet and humidity makes even the downstairs 21C too much. Though I came in from outside when I had problems with that, that’s different from sitting inside… Whatever, too much humidity, I felt it.
Some weeks ago we waited for 20C afternoons and now we have 30… :frowning:
That’s why spring can’t be my favorite season: it’s often almost doesn’t happen. When winter and early frosty spring finally goes away, we suddenly get summer sometimes and this seems to be one of those years. Summer is way too hot and winter is too cold and not green and alive enough so my fav season is autumn :slight_smile: Warm sunny months, ideal for hiking, beautiful red-yellow-green foliage, ideal for hiking…


If it’s nonsense for you, don’t do it. No one forces anyone to do anything here.

(Daisy) #198

Didn’t do omad today and didn’t do it yesterday either. I think the stress from the sunburn and lack of sleep has had me hungrier. Last night I had a raw wagyu steak, 2 hot dog wieners and hot dog chili. This morning I had an omelette and beef bacon topped bison burgers. This evening I had soft scrambled eggs and bacon.
image image image image image


My appetite has plummeted with this med change.

It is really weird to swing wildly between two extremes.

I am losing fat. I suspect that it’s the fat I should’ve lost over the last 18 months if I hadn’t been on these meds. :joy:

I take the attitude that at least the last 18 months mean that my body is very well nourished, so if I go 24-48 hours without eating (because I have zero appetite and literally feel like I can’t eat a single bite), then it’s no problem.


I don’t know why but lately I am sooooooooo looking forward to eat. And I wake early… It’s 8 and I am already into eating. I don’t do it, I don’t need it but such resistance tires me out a bit.
It’s very odd as I am usually too full to eat anything until 2am and it affects my appetite, it’s very negative until then. But it changed now. And yesterday I ate much, still I am not perfectly satiated this morning and food sounds a nice idea… Even though I feel I don’t need it and couldn’t eat much.
And I shouldn’t eat before 4-5pm if I want results. And that’s simple too, I just eat all my normal food or as much as I want. Not like I wondered about how to split my daily food when I didn’t do OMAD lately. I eat almost everything first and then have tiny other meals.

Alvaro finished the roast (it wasn’t perfect yet), at least the bacon covered pieces, the big ones may or may not need more? No, I just play with it in the pan for a while… Or not. Maybe I just eat it but it would be nicer getting some color.
But I should stop thinking about it. I would even gladly eat a little boring liver now… :smiley:
But I REALLY don’t need it and especially don’t need all the huge mess I would get myself into if I ate in the next… 6 or 7 or whatever hours. But maybe I will, this is worse today and Alvaro is on holiday for 9 days and I had enough of restrictions now, needed or not…

Maybe my walk will help.