May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


May the first post be your goals and intentions.
May the second be you being kind to yourself.
May the third be the determination to improve your health.
May the fourth be with you.

Join us for 31 days of stories, pictures and community support.

Remember May 2021? - Meat MAYham

All Animal April

I think heading into winter is awesome for eating beef. The coastal heath has signalled the season change. It’s the last month of autumn. The Earth has tilted a bit away from the Sun.

This month I hope to wean off pain relief medications and supplements, gather sunshine when it’s gifted, and enjoy hearty beef stews.

(Judy Thompson) #3

Here in Virginia the azaleas and dogwoods are still in full bloom and we still have mornings in the 40s for the long walk with the puppy. In a couple weeks when we return to Texas it may be a shock to suddenly see temps hitting 90!
I started carnivore in January after a 10 day trial of PSMF, a mainly protein very low calorie diet. I was looking to lose about 80 pounds and as usual, not to ever regain it :wink: Carnivore, with persistence, could do that, reverse my osteoarthritis, prevent diabetes,alzheimers, cancer, and everything else that plagues not only my family but all of modern civilization.
But, I broke up with my scale. I have it with me, maybe this is the month to check out progress so far. I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in 15 years so that’s a good sign anyway.
Fat adaption was hard for me, but just more proof that I needed it. It took 60 days.
I’m 69, ex military band, professional violinist, need to be able to play on an outdoor stage in the summer in Texas!
I figure by now I can do anything for 20 years, such as this amazing woe.

(Judy Thompson) #4

@FrankoBear your fall heath/ocean pic is beautiful!


WONDERFUL! It will be a fab May for you!

Clothes you couldn’t wear and now you are :slight_smile: Just be ZC and it will take you were it needs to take you with your heatlh improvements, might be a tad slower than forcing dieting but darn, carnivore is a great way to eat and get results. Great post JJ!!

---------------Keeping Meat Force May very simple.
Still have alot happening on handling mom’s passing and I still NEED like to have stuff off my brain ya know. So I won’t be doing anything in general other than eat as simple as I can, clean as I can and just keep doing my zc the way I do.

Goal is get thru May in good form and then see if I have any goals for June and play a bit around with my zc. Right now I am not in the mood to do just that so just hold my carnivore line and smile while doing it.

Today is steak and chicken.

Yesterday I got out my lb. of bacon and family descended on me HAHA
I only got a 1/3 of that lb. :scream: Useless really but tasty :crazy_face:

A lb. of bacon sets me up happy and not hungry, around 5 slices of bacon ONLY makes me friggin’ hungrier so yea, after my tiny bit of bacon I fried up my NY Strip steak. It was so YUM tender, so happy when I get an over the top delish tender steak like that one.

Well one goal for May…eyeballs on the ground for markdowns and sales! stock the freezer at lowest prices I can grab. With Memorial Day coming at end of month I know ribs and other ‘bbq’ meats are gonna go on sale, yes I am waiting :wink: better be some good darn sales!

ZC with the Meat Force strong all!!

(Karen) #6

@FrankoBear that heath looks amazing, I love autumn colours so much.

@JJFiddle the azaleas looks beautiful, those are same colour as my kitchen worktops :smiley: well done with your clothes feeling better. I always go by my work uniform trousers as they are cotton/wool mix, not that I am looking to lose any lbs but I always know if I have put a couple on as they get so uncomfortable, fortunately they haven’t been uncomfortable since eating carnivore.

@Fangs just take each day as it comes and don’t hold back on the emotions. You are on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment and putting a brave face on it all. Allow the grieving and healing process. :heart:

Went to my SiL’s birthday party last night. I really didn’t fancy getting all ready for it but once I started it all felt good. Got my peeky blinder togs on and off I went. Everyone made an effort and looked the part. I stayed till about 9.30pm when my head was going with the loudness of the music and talking. It was nice to go but also nice to get home. I am completely out of my comfort zone in those social settings. I ate my steak and bacon before going as they were only putting on chips for supper. As soon as they announced the chips were ready that was it everyone grabbed some and were munching around me. I just though how funny it was how they all get like a little frenzy on and get so excited haha. When I got home I made some scrambled eggs and thought I must buy some duck eggs and then cooked up 6 meatballs, I have 6 left from yesterdays pk that I will cook later.

last nights pre party meal…
peeky blinders Sian & Dave (daughter and SiL) with little 'ol me in the middle.
dollying up for first time since before Covid!

Very tired this morning, I think the Stair runs, CrossFit and then the party really wore me out, I was a bit afraid I had over done things again. We had 9rganised yo take my son out today and I wasn’t surprised that my daughter asked me to go collect him from other side of the city and she met us at my house when I brought him back. I only have a 2 seater! She was there and surprise of all surprises so was my SiL so we all went in the bus to local town where there was a food fayre. We didn’t end up going to cheese fayre (which was quite useful as I have done so well staying off it) there was, however a cheese stall at this place today but I didn’t stop at it. We all walked to the local pub for a meal which I forgot to photo. I had the not so full monty grille, asking them to leave out the crap and add another egg. My daughter said "I’m so glad you started with 'I’m sorry to be really awkward " haha but it worked. I had a 5oz rump steak, gammon steak, 2 chicken fillets, 1 sausage and 2 fried eggs. It actually beat me … I have to admit I wasn’t really that hungry even though it was about 12.30 and it was my first meal of the day. I have to say it was actually nicely cooked. The steak was rare and the chicken moist. I am never iver keen on gammon but it wasn’t too salty and went down the gullet.

Bus home and then I took Ben back to his home and returned back to mine feeling quite worn out.Uploading: 20220430_165900.jpg…

Not sure I have any goals for May. Perhaps continue to abstain from cheese because I get so addicted and I find it very easy to just eat and eat it instead of doing something more substantial.

(Robin) #7

Hubba hubba. So glad you shared. You should be showing off the results of all your hard work. Good for you!

(Judy Thompson) #8

@Karen18 you’re gorgeous! And so is your daughter. Glad you had a great time. People’s excitement over food really is kinda humorous. I looked up gammon steak, it’s like a ham steak, and yeah, salty!

Had a slice of tenderloin and 2 slices of pork roast at about 12. One slice cold and salted. I doubt if I’ll be hungry the rest of the night.
We have a 4 hour gig with a rock string quartet at a restaurant in downtown Washington DC tonight. I’ll be a hurtin’ puppy in the morning but the job will be fun.
Just a refillable mineral water will keep me happy through the evening.

(Daisy) #9

Bacon omelette with a tiny bit of feta, and the rest of the frozen meat and suet.

(Judy Thompson) #10

The gig was fantastic. It was for a big law firm.
I took Gabapentin and Skelaxin right before the gig and also put lidocaine patches on the sciatic area before we left home. It made all the difference and I never felt stiff or painful for the 4 hours. I usually don’t do that because the meds mess with my brain and I need it to lead the group!
At the end of the 2nd set the sound guy came over and said we could eat. I went to the buffet, found tenderloin and declined sauces, then at the seafood table I got lobster and crab! Wow. They also had cream legs and huge shrimp but I just took the Longstreet and crab, it was a short break. OMG it was amazing and hit the spot. I started to wonder why I ever needed lemon on it, it was perfect au natural :heart_eyes:


Ahoy. I am not fully awake yet (despite drawing the daily painting I do nowadays… I am not pleased but that’s normal, my inner critic feels it can afford being very critical again and the contrast is really not so good, I tried to focus on it but nope. and this is a very limited environment, time wise and otherwise too, I don’t even have many colors or opacity but I like challenges and competition and it helped me in various ways) but I didn’t write in this topic yet and it’s time.

It’s already day #2? Yesterday passed quickly and smoothly. Well it could have been better, I had some “what should I eat now” moments but no real problems.

I got mildly hungry at 2, weekend so I am a tad more relaxed as I should be, I always get hungry earlier then… Alvaro got ready to eat (he cooked carbs and not rabbit, oh well, maybe next weekend), making some fried pork chuck sounded a right idea, I had a headache… And very soon ready to eat meat I didn’t have enough of last time…
So I ate :smiley: And yep, I was hungry, apparently.
Last time 290g pork was sooo little so I fried 490g this time, fattier pieces as it was frying and I don’t add fat to chuck.
It was very nice but I stayed hungry. So I ate sponge cake with sausage because I had that. And yogurt for dessert. I wasn’t satiated, my food was way too small for that (sometimes it happens with less on carnivore but it’s rare or very very temporal) but I wasn’t hungry anymore.
About 2 hours later I felt the need to eat again and I was a bit lost then. As I already ate a decent amount of meat and only had raw meat anyway at that point. Eating eggs was the obvious choice so I had some scrambled eggs and while I didn’t really want that, the leftover sponge cake with sausage. It wasn’t enough but my protein was high enough so I did my very natural “fat last” thing, I always start with my protein and if I still need something after I ate way more protein than my needs (with a lot of fat but still not enough calories), something very fatty sounds best. I ate a little salmon spread (it’s very rich, fatty and flavorful and I had no more sponge cakes left and I had no boiled eggs either), some slices of the super fatty pork jowl… But that was too fatty so I balanced it out with a bit of quark. And I ate all my greek yogurt as well but that was before.
Maybe it wasn’t the right decision to buy the 330g one instead of the 1 kg one… 1kg yogurt seemed excessive then. Now I know better… But maybe sour cream would work better, it gives much more fat, I am just unsure if that works well longer term. It’s not so good for immediate satiation as far as I know.

Oh but I can experiment so much in May! I even wanna try the fat first thing if it’s physically possible for me. I am not sure about that. Everything in me is against eating fat first. I have the “eggs first” attitude - I did it differently yesterday though and did meat first :slight_smile: I usually consider that risky. Hungry me likes some eggs and meat is exciting afterwards and when I get bored of that, I already ate enough (or there is quark, not like that is significant in calories but my satiation works in interesting ways).


  1. No coffee. I am serious now. I don’t even like coffee at this point… It goes perfectly this far.
    (I still drink tea, I need some variety and I have no carbonated water now :frowning: But I mostly drink water.)

  2. A proper carni month, even with some extra rules like no cheese until I won’t miss it or consider it a too good idea to pass.
    It’s easy, I lost most of my interested in cheese in the last several months. It helps that I get bored of meat way, way harder than before so I don’t need cheese for “something else when still hungry but can’t eat my staples”.
    But it’s good for certain dishes so I surely will eat some, eventually.

  3. I try to start my eating window as late as comfortably possible if it’s still before 6pm. I won’t wait any more then, that never works well - unless I am confident I can skip a whole day. But I didn’t do that since ages. The less carbs I eat, the worse my fasting abilities become in general, it’s not that simple but basically that’s the truth.

I don’t eat cream either, I mostly used it for coffee and I weaned off already anyway.
I like that I continue doing things in my off times. I honed my new keto habits after I quit keto right after fat adaptation too… That was nice. I have my training without bothering with the restrictions of keto. It’s not like I felt any noticeable benefit when I did keto so I only did it when I fancied it…? Felt the pull? Hence my on/off keto times.

I have found a nice elegant black pair of trousers, I wore it a few times and it’s just a tiny bit tight. Well at least that should get better…

Today I fry 840g pork chuck and vaguely try not to eat it all… No idea if I should start with eggs but probably as I am not interested in them right now so if I don’t have some when hungry, I won’t later. And I can’t eat just meat, that’s not me :smiley:
And it is a problem if I rapidly deplete my supply… Going to the nearby town is a tad harder for me now but my ankle should handle 10km (it would be 5 if Alvaro still would use the car. early morning light is here so he cycles or runs. he crosses the forest in the wildlife park just after 5am so he needs an early light)… Of it not now, a bit later. Right now I have plenty of pork (and other meat) in the freezer. But only one small (probably 3 pounds again, it can’t even last 3 proper days and only I eat it normally) slab of chuck.

I’ve just read an article about how Hungarians eat, when and what are the favs… The top 10 fav dishes list has only one (typically) meatless dish (though our… kind of ratatouille doesn’t require meat either, I always made it with eggs), pancake :smiley:
Why everyone always says breakfast is super important? It’s one the worst dietary ideas for many of us… Maybe we are too few. Oh well. I am fine, I just pity all the people who shouldn’t ever eat breakfast and maybe they don’t but feel guilty, “KNOWING” they totally should. As the presence of breakfast harmed my childhood (and I didn’t even feel bad afterwards. some of my acquaintances got bad nausea), I feel very strongly about that topic.

Before I forget, part of my wonderful fried pork, I was hungry but eventually remembered to take a shot, I focused on the meat as my plate was so fatty and no nice presentation at all as it was during a meal… But I am into close ups anyway… But I didn’t use the macro lens as that would mean extra time and I was hungry… Oh well.

Yesterday was about… 1800 kcal and 69% fat. I want to compare similar days but still with something different. Fat first and not fat first with the same amount of fat, for example. If I eat fat first, I won’t have 50-60% so 60-70% sounds good. 50-60% is too much precious protein anyway (unless I manage to eat little but it’s me), I only need 120g for satiation and even less is my actual need as far as I know (as it’s beyond 2g/kg for LBM).

The pork chuck had hard fat again. I got some lard from it and that is very firm too.

  1. I try to be a bit more concise. Well I try to try. Today I forgot and I didn’t even try. Trying and failing is semi-success to me. It’s me.
    Okay I won’t come until sunset then, I have pretty sunshine outside and I am inside, writing… Sigh.
    And I bring photos!

Oh yep, Alvaro shot these as I didn’t go all the way with my ankle, I only found a not blooming yet but almost one!
Orchis, google says. We call it kosbor (ram+wine, no idea why :D).
Even out street has a plant despite someone stealing the only one last year… How did it come from? Leftover? It is around the same place.


it is ok. eat something meaty and be ok :slight_smile: this is normal changes as we transition into this healling for each of us.

Do not put yourself into some ‘eating window’ you design. Will not ‘fit into carnivore’ cause when newer and still younger in this lifestyle, IT TELLS you how you need to eat, but in the end, WE ALL fall into a very tight eating window by natural order.

don’t fight the changes or think you need to ‘make’ them…ya don’t :slight_smile:
beauty of zc is it tells you and if ya listen, you find you in all of it so just let it go down ya know.

love the flower pics. I am so into natural flowers and bulbs and the beauty of it all. I certainly love big fragrant smells from them!!

--------------today is BLAH as in my zc is not calling to me.
I got chicken breasts. Will eat them when I want them. Got tuna and some sardines ‘kinda calling’ out to me but will see after eating a few chicken breasts IF I even want more…hitting lower food intake with bigger temps coming at me and that is great to me :slight_smile: I eat by the weather and in winter all bets are off but in summer and higher temps, I just don’t require the food intake like I do…but I do me and just follow me :slight_smile:

zc into may so far, stellar!


No. I won’t eat anything meaty when I already ate enough meat (in normal circumstances. sometimes it’s nice to be indulgent and probably wasteful, preferably when I won’t inconvenience myself. I can’t get meat as I can’t walk properly. eggs are unlimited), eggs are my default things (still wasteful as precious protein, I need more fat somehow) and they stay in that role. I probably should never start with meat but I am not sure yet.
But I probably am into meat now as I had low-meat times and I eat too much protein because I don’t do OMAD, well that should stop now.

I don’t fully know how, what and how much should I eat, it’s not like I feel that (well somewhat but it’s not enough) but I keep doing my experiments and I will figure it out. I already know a lot that doesn’t work.

I have an eating window as everyone who eats, I talk about it even if it’s big. And I like when it’s tiny. Yesterday was so-so with 3 hours but it’s a bit flexible as my goal is low enough calories and protein, the size of my eating window is less important but correlated. And if it’s big, that’s super awful, eating and being hungry all (half) day, yuck. I want blissful perfectly satiated fasting and decent sized meals, I have those on OMAD.

I don’t fight things. That’s it, I don’t fight enough, that is my problem but not in May I think. I am determined.
I still don’t really fight, things just happen, I surely have way less control than any of you here as you have rules longer term and even stick to them while I just eat whatever I fancy or have and never even try to resist temptation.
I even planned to eat lunch as I was kind of hungry even way before noon… But I cooked and I stopped being hungry or considering eating a good idea. Well, it’s maybe my headache/nausea, no wonder I have less than zero appetite… But I ate yesterday so I don’t need food anyway. So I wait.

I don’t really care, I dislike life right now (I am always in a very dark place but it’s worse now) and food isn’t on my mind. If my belly will bother me too much, I will eat something. Not important. It’s good I don’t waste much money on food I don’t even need… I hjave a ton of fat and I should eat as little as I can. This was way too much until now but I have a chance in my current state.

I still don’t feel I will fast today, I have a hunger. I just don’t have an appetite so it’s impossible to eat now. Good.

(Don’t mind me. I am not well.)

I made food and managed not to want it but I have a nice variety today and the amounts are good as well.
I assembled some “fat first” collection to start the day with and promptly got disgusted (maybe a strong word but it was very off-putting despite containing only my favs). Not today then.


kinda at a loss in that IF you put ‘limits’ on you thru whatever you feel or need or desire on your mental dieting game of life it doesn’t fit carnivore lifestyle eating change to this plan.

in that WE EAT ALL we need as we change into it so if one can’t do this thru ‘whatever’ issues holds one back then I can’t see one can truly ‘be zc’ all in’ and find the real life force of what this plan is all about.

so I know I am reaching in this chat with ya but if you ketovore then be it and be happy being it, you want carnivore then if hungry or wonky in any way you eat more meat/seafood, fish and fowl and that kinda is ALL this plan is about, lol

I sometimes just don’t know truly how to respond to you but it is cool, you are doing you but if we advice, those longer term carnivore people, who give real experience advice are thru experience are kinda ignored in a way from what they are offering, – then you can’t see what it takes to come here into this lifestyle cause you are set in your ways and don’t ‘desire’ those changes this plan offers. ??

what do you want? who are you in food options and how ya wanna roll?
you get there and it gives you results you want and a life ya want you got it made in the shade :partying_face:

I don’t know, just a chat :sunny:

(Judy Thompson) #15

Okay, got the scale out. In the pics from last night’s gig I look exactly like I looked before, not thinner like I look in the mirror and feel in my clothes.
So on Jan 8th I weighed and not having an absolute reference I’m saying I might have shown about an 8 lb loss from that week of PSMF. Now I see a 17.5 pound loss since Jan 8th. Disappointing.
But hubby reminds me of the many nsvs, like all that extra belt and the loose fit of clothes.
Still, at this rate, 80 lbs (63 more) could take a LONG time. If at all. It’s a woe that won’t change though so I have miles of time to do it.
I don’t eat much and I’m not willing to cut out any more food groups at this time (eg dairy). So I guess this is just a fruitless rant. Soldiering on, but was hoping for more heat resilience for the hot Texas summer :fire:


also remember one thing, on times ‘we eat a ton more’ we actually lose the lbs. so don’t ever think eating alot more doesn’t equal weight loss…it does on this lifestyle!

I lost the bulk of my weight on this plan WHEN MY eating went WAY up and inhaled lbs of bacon and shrimp and steaks and thought…literally HOW IN TH HELL could this be?

it is hormones changes and more showing us the way forward so you hold strong…belive me you are ‘thinner in that mirror’ and your internal bodies is healthier still making changes’ then you ever know.

your clothing is showing you just that!!!

We will not ‘see the shrink’ alot of times on the scale and might not see ‘that no shrink’ in the mirror cause of the scale directing that in some mindset but KEEP THE FAITH that you are on the course.

and ya are :slight_smile:

vitality of life. energy. off ‘dieting BS’ and can eat when ya need. Off the stupid of all the crazy literally that goes with this and I tell ya right now…60 lbs give or take is NOT YOU AS A person and never will be ya know :slight_smile:

You are such a fine example of just needing support and I was you, believe me and WE CAN change SO much in our overall acceptance of our lives IF WE allow it without the old baggage of ‘who should I be and how do I fit into’ known and useless categories.

You are doing so well JJ you hold the line and live each day so brilliantly as you are doing!

fab post from you!

(f6d339f14de3fe3effa4) #17

For some reason I have stopped being able to like posts! The heart icon 7nderneath each post has disappeared. Be glad of some advice on how to sort that if you please.

@JJFiddle yes ham and gammon are same except ham is cold and gammon is hot. I went through years of not liking either but when I went carnie I started to like ham though I have gone off that now. I can’t say the gammon was great but it was a thin cutlet and that was way better than the normal thicker cuts of gammon. I ate it nevertheless. Thank you for the compliment, I showed the pic to my dance partner friend this afternoon and he said he didn’t recognise me :roll_eyes: shows how long it has been since I made a big effort :laughing: Your foody pics looked great as did @Ketodaisy 's and @Shinita 's and love your flower pics too. I have been out this afternoon putting the bare root shrubs and lily’s into containers. Its a mild but not sunny day.

Stair runs felt a lot better this morning and then went to the bank holiday Monday CrossFit session. I love the bank holiday ones and I missed the last one with having to work. The last one was much more my type of workout, todays was lots of bar work but because I am not totally right yet I kept the weights quite low. There was a lot of rowing, running and biking amongst the weights so that perked me up.

Went straight over to the hospital over other side of Nottingham to visit my friend (dance partner) as he got taken in again on Saturday evening. Then home to eat some brunch and made 2 scrambly duck eggs before starting to get busy in the garden.

Just off to put my chicken wings in the oven for dinner and take out foody things from the freezer for tomorrow. Back at work for 2 days :roll_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #18

OMG thank you.
I did think of these couple more numbers - last August with covid I lost probably 15 and gained back maybe 5 before starting psmf for that first week and a half of Jan. So, there’s 10+8+17.5, about 35 total in 10 months. And from the start of carnivore it would have been 70, not 80 that I needed to drop. So I’m looking really at about 53 left, not 63.
I can never set a time frame for these things - as they say, “your weight is none of your business - just live right in your woe and everything happens in its own good time.”


and SO much says your life is a number…and think what is life but an f;ing number from your insurance card, to your electrical and more account number to your bank info and OMG WE ARE NUMBERS point blank and we are ruled this ‘do this or that’ to hit a ‘number on the ol’ diet scale liteally or we are numbers on tests thru the Dr’s office to then take this med or that?

I am SO over it all but time on plan and future lifestyle holding here shows US SO much but we need time to see it ya know :slight_smile:

Is our lives based on a scale and a number?
should our lives be based on happiness and purpose and paying it forward as we help others against this other 'so limiting dieting factor"

and I think wtih ZC Zen we see big big truths and big big changes come but they take time.

we are not ALL body remember, we are mental beings also work put yourself into a ‘work in progress’ on what changes you need for that mental side also.

I saw it, believe me we all need it :slight_smile: but on our own terms and when we ‘see’ it in ZC Zen do we figuire it all out. well not all LOL but damn we get close to getting a good firm grip on it all

again just chat from me :wink: just enjoying the convo.

so many of us can’t find us in this life truly but we can if we work straight for it!

(Robin) #20

You’re for sure getting enough calories, right? I’m at my goal weight now (a down 65 lbs.) but took almost 2 years to get here and the vast majority came off in the first few months. Then it slowed to a trickle… all the while I lost pant sizes and my body shape transformed.

I had to ensure that I got enough calories tho. It’s too easy to under-eat when you have little appetite. Plus we are still fighting the decades old message of starving ourselves to get skinny. Now, it’s the opposite.

So… long way of saying…you sound like you are on track, unless you need to up your calories.
You got this.