May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


Biggest first step for this one is that we are traveling with an RV. That gives me the option of cooking for myself as needed. The hardest part are the pre-planned meals that my kids have scheduled throughout our stay. I’m not going to take that away from them (especially the themed restaurants in Disney), but I’ll make it through. Even if I end up not eating.


Person after my own heart. I am ALL RV for my vacay and I have full kitchen and freezer/fridge so yea, I CAN DO ME so much easier point blank than some other vacay and I always smile and say, damn my passion for hitting the road and camping in my RV, who knew, would be MY MOST precious control of my ZC!!

let them do them…there is ALWAYS something if hungry, naked burger, eat the top off a pizza if starving or eat ANY darn meat you can tell ANYONE in any establishment to ‘do for you’ and they will so you are ok.

I have a carb hubby and a kinda low carb eater kid so I walked it all but found me all the time easily IF I MADE that effort as my goal.

you will be ok for sure and come out smiling in the end of it all cause our mindset must change, we bob and weave for others yet we make sure WE GET US in there come hell or highwater.

eating out was a lifestyle for us and when I checked menus and some could not be ‘me’ I just said to hubby, we got these others options I can eat, pick one you love and we go there and HE DID cause he also knew I had to eat and be cool with it and in the end, support comes if you show truths of your die hard convictions to hold your plan! the more carby eaters have way more ease in change on a menu than we do so we kinda don’t ‘truly hurt’ them in any way ya know :slight_smile: at least I never did in that for me to be a focus they always came out eating damn good on the crap they wanted HA

yea family and social and more can be tough but ya want your changes bad enough, you do just that and I did and others have and you will too!!


I have read back, finally.
Only want to comment on the “fat doesn’t make you fat” and especially “fat makes you lean” thing. I got fat by overeating fat (but it was due to eating much carbs so it may not count… still, if I don’t eat much fat, I lose fat as no way I ever can or could have eaten enough carbs to gain… okay I have no idea as I couldn’t eat low-fat ever) but it’s perfectly sure fat can’t make me lean. Not even when I eat as little fat as I comfortably can. It’s still too much fat so my body can’t use up my body fat. It won’t just throw it out, my body never worked like that, I need my deficit.

Those fat encouragements are probably not for people like me. I had to drastically lower my fat intake when I went low-carb and it wasn’t easy and I still couldn’t get fully used to it. I already am at 0-5g added fat on most days, not too fatty meats either unless I have a very good reason, my sponge cakes usually are white heavy… But I don’t want to overdo protein either (and I can’t go very high anyway, something in me stops me)… I just should eat way less than I wish to, somehow and be pleased with it.

Sigh. So I need my OMAD. I will try tomorrow but today I was hungry and it’s weekend and I ate whatever I thought… :smiley:

Did I say I tried fat first again for lunch? I usually remember what I wrote but so many thoughts and comments… I started with a fried yolk (crispy bottom, runny inside, yum), scrambled egg with sausage and a vanilla custard type thingie…? Mascarpone, yolk, flavor. Mascarpone is special for me as it makes things magically sweet enough. Not really sweet, maybe but sweet ENOUGH so I don’t miss sweetness there. It was a bit odd as I didn’t want a dessert, just something fatty. Oh well, it was nice.
I can’t go much fattier than this now but I will try eggless, really fatty starts in the future.
Then I had rabbit and pork and 3 sponge cakes with salmon spread (mixed with sour cream as it’s too intense to me). No quark this time.
I tracked, 1500 kcal, 100g protein (vaguely. but so tiny rabbit is couldn’t interfere much). No wonder I couldn’t get satiated right away (a bit low-cal and low-protein. it may work but it has its conditions, mascarpone goes against that) but eventually it happened. I will focus on protein at dinner if I will have dinner but I guess so, such a small meal before noon, it can’t last until bedtime. But I feel very pleasant now, my bellyache didn’t come back.

Oh, I forgot! I fried the rabbit liver today and ate my little share.
I don’t remember all the others I must have eaten. It’s not bitter at all, the texture is very lovely… But it smelled and tasted APPLES so much to me… Especially apple pancakes (probably due to the frying thing but who knows, maybe the egg and rabbit liver protein have more in common than I thought). The egg (and occasionally rabbit) lady did say the rabbit ate apples all winter but… What.
It was quite recognizable to me, Alvaro didn’t feel the smell (but I took a bite at that point so he smelled the inside more. I am more sensitive to tiny nuances anyway, though I felt it strongly this time… He will eat it for dinner and we will see what he will say).
It was still nice (apples are among the very few fruits I don’t find outrageous with meat. I would never eat them together but it’s not shocking like canned sour cherries that people eat with boiled beef here, it’s a super common combo and I don’t know why) but a bit strange.
Sorry for the fruit topic but it was relevant :smiley: My fruits are lovely by the way, tiny green things everywhere in the garden, some are still flowers. I start to think I won’t participate in their consumption even to the small extent I have thought but future will tell. I am sure enough to comfort Alvaro who worries about the upper raspberry patch that is now a violet patch with almost no raspberries (like, 3 tiny plant instead of the 20-30 big ones normally?) that we have a very healthy lower raspberry patch and I won’t eat it up so he can have them…

I have no idea what would I do if I went on a vacation now… I probably would “allow” anything I want - but I would want my eggs and meat and not much else. But I have no kids with pre-planned meals so that would make it easier. Though I had mineral water while others ate before, it’s no big deal for me but it was ONCE, not day after day (and there were only cakes and not even home-made ones and I think I was a fresh low-carber so I felt no temptation).

If we are very motivated/determined and NEED to eat right, it surely helps. But it’s complicated. I could talk about compulsions, nasty stuff. Carnivore helps a ton with them, yay. And I never was a really bad case.

Well, good luck, @Midnightmoon! It’s great you can cook. It’s one thing to say no to something not good enough when satiated, being hungry makes things not so simple even if we can tell from right from wrong.
So you can eat before you bring the kids to their pre-planned meals :slight_smile:

I would need a kitchen myself on a longer vacation. Or VERY good restaurants all the time but I still prefer my own food. Restaurants are very occasional atmosphere-somethings to me.


Yes, we are avid RV’rs. We have travel trailer and a mild converted Sprinter van that we use for weekends like this one. I also serve as a moderator for one of the large RV forums/owners clubs. We have been at it for years and quite enjoy that type of travel. My wife lives Keto so that isn’t an issue. Neither of my daughters do however. My youngest will eat practically anything. So, she is easy to please. My oldest (16) is a different animal however. She eats some meat, but is a cab addict. She actually gets very testy if she isn’t shoving something in her face every 20min. I am trying to educate her as to what all that means for her long term. But, she is 16 and what could dad possibly know.

Disney is usually really good at having something available on a menu for people with special dietary needs. My oldest is a nut allergy kid and they have always been very good with her. When we made the reservations, I marked as having a gluten allergy and “other” on their online chart. When I get there, I will simply tell them that I only want plain meat and see what they can do for me.

As far as cooking is concerned, I’ve always been able to hold my own. My wife is excellent, actually went through a culinary program when we were young and she was hunting for a job. She’s a teacher and never really used that training. But, it has always paid off in the kitchen.

(Karen) #125

@Midnightmoon when me and my daughter go anywhere with my son (36yr old with autism) we always check out the restaurants online to see if there is something she and I can eat (she isn’t carnie, she has PCOS and researched what she should be eating). It really works for us because my son will eat just about anything put in front of him lol.

Finished the little bird feeder and put it up pro temp. The wood pigeons are back at it yet again :roll_eyes: a third one swooped down so there was a bit of a scuffle between all 3 lol. Just seen a squirrel at my back gate feeders and also seen a little ladybird and a mean looking waspy going in the insect Hotel. Hahha finally things are stirring up yay :laughing: used to get lots of squirrels as the neighbour had a squirrel box in his big fir tree, when that came down in our little tornedo a couple of years ago I think they scurried off to find a new home but they’re back.

So I eventually had one of the 2 pk beef burgers. Charred on the outside but centre was virtually raw which was fine cos I prefer them very rare. Then followed that with the chicken wings which were very messy but tasty. Got my food out of freezer to defrost for work tomorrow and will eat the 2nd burger when I get home mid afternoon.

Chicken wings all eaten before thinking about foody pics!

(Robin) #126

Love the visitors!

(Marianne) #127

Girlll, you look fabulous! I love Peaky Blinders! Can’t wait for the new season.


6.5 hours after lunch I still wasn’t hungry (I just woke up from a nap, sleep very nearly always makes me satiated) but Alvaro had lunch and I had leftovers and probably a need for more protein…
I ate significantly over my needs again but well, my added fat (including mascarpone) was very high today (I am pretty sure my tiny off eating didn’t have a serious compact, I did more before without such consequences, many times. it’s the added fat). I have no regrets, I always relax more on weekends. It would be nice to eat more but I can behave, I don’t actually need it.

I won’t avoid mascarpone but I will minimize my other added fat intake again. Unless I manage to do OMAD, I usually can use some extra calories there.

~67% fat for today so pretty normal, leaner meat balanced out the lots of extra fat. My macros aren’t too wild, only 170g protein and some more fat but I am not active enough for this every day. I am looking forward to go for longer walks again. Today I only walked a little but nowadays my outside time is partially garden work anyway, the garden needs it. I hope tomorrow I will do my workout, somehow it didn’t happen this week, only partially, once.

I always am in the mood of being less strict in the weekends but now I go back…
I think I will play with fat first when I will be in the mood, won’t force it even slightly again… And keep the amount tiny. I stop using yolks for now (unless I am in the mood for that only), it’s probably not fatty enough for that purpose.

I plan to eat my pork chuck roast from the freezer (exactly a pound in raw weight) and then I fry some chicken liver but I need something else… I checked, I still have a little pork chuck, some fish and brisket. Chuck first, I suppose :slight_smile:

My dishes aren’t different or more exciting than normal but it’s fine. I really don’t seem to get bored of meat this time, I just want it a bit less dry than my last roast.
I think I start with a pound of pork chuck roast and a few eggs for every first meal and we will see. It is a good start. I wish to compare days and I need some base for it, something I barely change between days. And this seems good for it.

8 days without coffee except my medicinal one yesterday. That didn’t cause any problem, I continued with not thinking about it or desiring it the slightest. Wow. I didn’t expected this level of success, it seemed so hopeless before.

(Daisy) #129

Todays been just an off day. Kind of an emotional Mother’s Day. We had company coming, then not coming, then coming. I finally got frustrated and just ate my own food. Had the leftovers left in the fridge. Salmon my family had eaten for 2 days and weren’t going to eat anymore and I didn’t want to go to waste. Ground beef from the last few days. And raw beef suet that I think has turned :joy:. I don’t have much of a smell still, but it just smelled a little off. I ate as much as I dared. Then the company came up after all. I had fixed a huge pork picnic roast and the sides. I did taste a small bite of the pork, just to see how it turned out.


(Linda ) #130

Happy mothers day guys

Today ended up busy shopping and walking the dogs…didn’t eat til about 4.30 so day 5: which was pichana steak., and tri tip…while we were at sams they had marinated dry rubbed tri tip so hubby wanted to try it so that was dinner…funny thing was he could taste vinigar in the meat and me a sweetness (1gram sugar per serving)( and I could taste it…)
It wasn’t bad but it was sweet which I wasn’t expecting but it shows how much in just 4/5 days my taste buds have altered.
But it was probably still alot better than going to Golden corral for food which was the original plan (never know what oils or mixtures added to their food) except when we pulled up out side my husband realized his wallet was at home, and my new bank card is still coming in the mail…So since that happened I told him I had my sams card let’s grab meat and I’ll cook it…be better than what ever they were serving made him a side salad and mushroom sauce for his steak I ate beef and more beef.


I already read it was Mother’s day at some places (probably many, IDK where, Australia had it yesterday too, apparently)… Here it’s on the first Sunday of May so it was a week ago, I called my aunt who is my godmother, we just visited Alvaro’s Mom (who is about as much as a Mom for me now) so I skipped that, she got walnuts and flowers from my garden, accidentally as Mother’s day didn’t cross my mind… I am bad with dates and time.

In the end, I had a very small night meal. I have this slightly unfortunate “oh this day is high-cal anyway, at least I wanna be freee” so I ate up the leftover dry, earlier not tempting meat :smiley: It still was a bit too lean but still pretty nice with a tiny bit of fatty sauce :slight_smile: I ate a little cheese and a fresh, warm boiled egg as well. Yum.
2700 kcal with about 200g protein and fat.

It would be nice to skip today but it probably won’t happen. Food sounds a nice, hedonistic idea now (and I should wait 7 hours at least but it’s okay as I am satiated. I could eat much right now, sure but I don’t need it). I think I missed food joy, I didn’t have much in the last few days. The rabbit was nice and the tiny pork chuck I ate when the drier meat disappointed me… And mascarpone and sour cream is always a joy. And I should be very, very careful with them. Less so on OMAD. I can eat a ton but not in one sitting (it took great temptation and not satiating food to go beyond 2000kcal and it happened only a few times in my life I suppose. again, what is with my body and its obsession with specific numbers? I don’t know but my tracking showed many times it’s a real thing).

So, new week, new rules.
I still keep my no coffee monthly rule, of course, just like the no fruit and every day is carnivore-ish rules, this is for all May. June will be interesting, I don’t know what happens there yet. I want to stay very low-carb, of course, that’s for life but exceptions will happen.

I drop the “no cheese” thing, I didn’t do the week as I planned, desperate times and stuff but it was very low. It will stay very low but right now I have an opened package cheese, my fav, I will use it. Cheese isn’t a problem for me and I barely eat any normally (sometimes I have a cheesy day, useful when I don’t want or can’t eat enough meat and eggs on that day), it’s just a fun challenge not allowing it for a while.

And I get serious about not eating without proper hunger, again. It’s so unnatural to me, I always forget, ignore, whatever. I actually want to go farther, waiting for a very valid reason to eat first (and temptation isn’t that unlike usual but I can’t get tempted in my well-fasted state anyway, I am determined and that turns it off. so, it’s either properly strong and/or annoying hunger or a very obvious need for food, being weak and unfocused) - and then keeping fasting until I can and am willing (that’s not a long time :)). Or until I reach 6pm and I feel I can’t skip the day. It’s not good for me to eat very late only, it feels off, I start to get disconnected from eating, it’s hard to start even when I need it (nutritious liquids help).

Sigh. It would be so nice if I naturally would eat right but we can’t all have so simple things. If I just eat whenever I feel inclined, I easily overeat. And only OMAD can battle my night eating inclinations (they don’t happen often on carnivore-ish but there is still a chance) as I feel too full to eat then, even 8 hours after the meal.
That’s the next thing I want to get rid of after coffee. Night eating. Boo!

And my appetite and hunger and need for food just can’t align nicely :frowning: I eat a lot because I am hungry… And later I have an appetite and want to enjoy myself… It should be together. But waiting for longer solves this too, usually. I am just not good at waiting when I already have a baby hunger and I cooked and stuff…


that is neat you are a mod on a forum for rvs. I am on but was on more but time of course had to make me just choose one and use it :slight_smile: too many good forums out there and not enough time HA

I have a toyhauler. We had a 40 ft 5th wheel but omg, just too darn big and we downsized to a travel trailer toyhauler, 34 ft so it was easier to fit in smaller sites, state parks and COEs etc just don’t accomodate the big guys easily, but in the end, we are so happy we went smaller. Plus there is nothing like grilling the meat at your site when hungry! Ahhh, the camper, the grill and good times!!

Yea, you can’t tell them anything! Teens are just like that :slight_smile: Losing battle but best ya ca do is show by example kinda thing, they either get it and some of it sinks in or they don’t :wink: :clown_face:


day is gonna get busy busy busy

have to make dental appt for dog, yea, come on but ya gotta do it and pay the piper on the lil’ bugger, wallet will scream but it is what it is.

off to get other stuff to handle helping MIL and her issues and her home…alot of crazy and issues to come for her sooner than later now.

errands for this and that and got more darn house chores then I care ever to do!!!

first day in like, about 12 yrs I am using my dishwasher. There is only 3 of us and easily we can hand wash fast etc…so dishwasher is kinda useless for me but last night hubby and kiddo went crazy making this and that, an apple cobbler, more dinner than I care to think about ever, and it was like they had a baking, dinner, dessert and then snacking party of 12 in the kitchen. omg

I said I ain’t tackling that crap and decided to leave it all for today and put in dishwasher…hey I am liking that thing again a bit HAHA

omg shoot me on the carby eaters when they go wild, no, wait, shoot them, meat when ya need it…ok bad carnivore joke here :space_invader:


so so so so tired of food focus around me.
oh well, just keep coping as any zc person has to do!

today woke up VERY NOT hungry. In that eating lighter zone for sure.
later when wanted will start with can of tuna and mayo and see what I want later. got burger and steak as backup so I am in good cover on if I go ravenous :wink:

ZC on strong thru MAY MEAT FORCE everyone!


Yesterday I went for a surf. It was cold and cloudy. I was the only one out there in a big bay in a National Park. I caught two waves. Then climbed the steep beach stairs back to my car. The significance is that I am a surfer. Yesterday was my first surf since August 2021. Cripes my arms, shoulders and back were weak. But I was back in the ocean. It was fantastic.


Then I ate a rib eye steak because I was hungry. A different take on surf ‘n’ turf. It was incredibly delicious because my muscles were aching from the surf. Still OMAD. Had steak, eggs, and bacon at 1pm today.


I love this! Your surf 'n turf suits you so well!!!

that is great eating cause you wanted it, you enjoyed it, the food empowered you and you felt ‘abused thru the physical’ yet jacked up happy thru your food intake.

you got winter and surfing with being cold is gonna get rough SO wondering, what other physical do you love?

I am kayak, fish, swim, metal detect, horses, and hiking.

So I got colder weather but also summer activity but COLD shuts me down cause I used to cross X ski and downhill ski when young in the North and omg I loved it til I now hate the cold HAHA

with my horses gone I am kinda ‘lost’ since that was my massive one passion in life. I love other things but nothing like that and my want of travel and roam and move move move to find new adventures means my horses and being more home are in brutal, and I mean a brutal duo of crazy in my brain. One day I am get another horse and enjoy life and then I am no, wait I wanna travel and want to move move move. I tell ya it is hard to fight a real passion one has but I guess where I settle in the end is how I settle. but one thing, IF FOR any reason I don’t sell my farm and hit the road and do my coastal beach life I SO desire, I am doing horses again for sure.

but I also think, hmmm, travel some and THEN settle coastal and buy another horse :slight_smile: board even if I got to LOL

so many options.

ok sorry but I wrote out what my brain is thinking about how do I move forward in life and include my horses and your 'surf ‘n turf’ got me there in thought…hey you put Billie on a surf board yet? I see SO many surfing dogs online and they seem to love it :slight_smile: :wink:

(Robin) #136

So happy for you. O thing better than achy muscles from something you love.

(Judy Thompson) #137

So well put @Septimius! When I add vegetarian for 11 years in the 70s and 80s I didn’t see meat and eggs as food. Now, I don’t see food I don’t eat, as food.

Yesterday I played solo for a 4 hour brunch an hour from home. I didn’t eat beforehand and went in prepared to fast. Tables groaned with all kinds of serving platters and bowls, people walked across the dining room with plates dripping with sauces, and I just played tune after tune, got coffee on the breaks and drank my thermos of water.
A couple hours in, a girl came over and said we have 40 minutes to the next seating, help yourself to the buffet. I said well, the prime rib looks nice, just a slice. I added the horseradish cream because it looked a little dry, but it filled my empty tummy and I was good. Drank more water and played the last two hours.

I kept thinking how happy I am not to have cravings and jealousies looking at that artfully prepared table, how nice it is not to be attached or even hungry, even without eating. And, I believe I play better and think more clearly on an empty stomach and certainly in more of a ketosis state.

Got home about 5, fixed hamburger and 2 deviled eggs, turned out to be a very satisfying combination. Ate 2 oz sharp cheddar later in the evening.

Prime rib

Hamburger and deviled eggs

@Karen18 your flowers are SO gorgeous!
@robintemplin had to write down your cows and fences quote. Fantastic!


Oh I didn’t have that. When I was a vegetarian, pork was the tastiest thing ever to me, only in memories but still, very much food, I just didn’t eat it and I was very fine with it as I ate many other tasty things. But I ate eggs. Once I skipped that for 1-2 years, I felt it smelly (and it is but not off-puttingly)… Still food just not for me.

It seems my actual opinion about some edible item’s healthiness has a huge factor in this in my case.

Yes, it feels nice and tastes like freedom! And we still can enjoy the look of the artfulness :smiley:
I never will stop admiring my very pretty fruits, no matter if they are flowers or fruits at the moment… I even like them as tiny, unripe things. Tiny pears looks extremely adorable.

Our choir leader said we don’t sing so well after a meal and I experienced so myself. Maybe it’s not for everyone but surely for me.

I got another Ozzy parcel!!! The nice coffee came in caramel flavor this time (two of my fav flavors, oh my god. and caramel is exotic as I rarely have it since low-carb. once I did a very good keto caramel, never again but it wasn’t important, I had other nice tasting food to eat)… This is the only “wrongly tempting” item as plain tea is allowed, I got that too, simple taste but I like it very much :slight_smile:

But the parcel was full with great stuff! Kiddie books (like Snugglepot and Cuddlepie where Snugglepie’s name came from), pens, figurines, cool drawn animal card and lots of fun. And many more. @KetoKoala is awesome at giving gifts. We just looked at everything quickly, there is so many things to enjoy in the future in detail but it took hours and fasting was easy. As I managed to get hungry at 12:30. Cooking helped a bit (I evolved. I made very good food for me… and didn’t touch it) then came the parcel and chat… It’s almost 6pm now and I better eat. I don’t have an appetite but I feel the need, I can’t focus for long without fuel :slight_smile:

I have a pound of pork chuck, some eggs and sponge cakes, this is a good start. The boiled egg last night felt so nice and I got reminded of pickled eggs too so I think I like eggs properly again… We will see. I got a little egg cup, it has an Easter koala on it… :smiley: I never had an egg cup, I was pretty fine without but it is nice to have.

I already had a tiny egg milk (I just rinsed out the bowls after making sponge cakes. I don’t waste even that little whipped egg, it’s not minimal) with 5g butter. It’s possible it helped.

Still no photos about my flowers, sorry. It rained and the parcel distracted me as well.

(Karen) #139

@gingersmommy aww thank you for the lovely compliment. I always say I walk about like an old bag lady but I scrub up pretty damn well hahaha.

@robintemplin I got to admit I love my visitors too… except for the little blighters that dig holes up holes in my pathways lol. Just have to tut tut at them, wonder what animal was invading the path and fill them there holes back up again :laughing:
@Ketodaisy I could very easily eat all the crackling on that joint of pork, it looks so inviting :wink:
@FrankoBear gorgeous photo as per and well done getting back into the surf. Bet your muscles will let you know about it over next couple of days!
@JJFiddle well done at that buffet table. Oh my I can remember so many buffets when I ate carbs … once started ya just could not stop cos you never felt full. Doesnt it feel good when they’re all digging in and think you’re missing out and you think yuk I’m glad I’m not eating that. Plus all the nasties that get passed about with people using they’re fingers and dippin in dips after part of the food has been bitten off!! :hushed: not forgetting how bloated one gets after a buffet!
Here is a pretty rhododendron popping just for you

Well after a crappy night sleep I was up before my alarm at 4.50am. No stair runs, decided I won’t be doing them on a work day for a while till I am totally 100%, especially knowing it will be a long shift.

Had brunch about midday of cooked sliced chicken reheated with butter. Always a good hoice for work plus I had a hard boiled egg. Took 2 with me but brought one back home. Was a time I would have eaten it because it was there. Was in work for 6am and left about 3pm and worked through lunch. It is so much better when I can avoid rush hour traffic.

As soon as I got home I cleaned out the dirty fat that I couldn’t stomach anymore of and put in some fresh lard for the remaining beef burger out of yesterdays pack and fried up 2 eggs (chicken) to have with it. Tasted nicer than yesterday’s possibly because of the fresh fat or possibly because I fried it slowly over a lower heat. Anyway it was a nice meal. I have a steak for later.

I am currently enjoying a sit out in the fresh air and it is fresher than yesterday though was meant to be 20° certainly not as hot as yesterday and it was only 17° lol my back garden is such a sun trap though and 17 def felt a lot hotter. The wind is picking up and we’re forecast some rain for later so I will leave it for nature to do her thing rather than using my water for the pots. Fingers crossed it is a good heavy shower… never thought I would ever say that hahah


And even ketoers have that thinking too often… I experienced it multiple times on forums. It wasn’t as strong as among bodybuilders who tend to eat horribly boring food galore but it was similar: If it’s birthday or holiday or just a break, it’s a waste not to enjoy the carbs.
What. I have my limits, I can’t enjoy carb poisoning and on my birthday or holiday trip at that :smiley:
And now I don’t even fancy the vast majority of carby food ever. I eat better stuff and it doesn’t get boring as I have variety.
So if someone consider me a misguided ascetic person when I just follow my desires and am a good hedonist, that is so, so so weird!
But I met people who couldn’t accept I want to ENJOY food so we have this: some people just can’t handle people with a different attitude…

You made me realize I find rhododendrons breathtakingly beautiful. I haven’t seen many and owned none in my life but these photos… Wonderful. Just what I like. (I like many kinds of plants but this combo of darker, lighter leaves and flowers are one of them.)

I hardly can focus on the sentences anymore so I better go to eat. It’s 6:30pm now.