May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Robin) #101

Who knows? Maybe. I think age may have played a part too. Retirement, kids grown, fewer distractions and obligations.

Reminds me of one of one of my all time favorite sayings:
“I’m too busy chasing cows to build a fence.’

That was me before.
Guess I’m building my fence now that all the cows are gone….


yea big diff in ‘other active life to BUILD the life when younger’ for me where I am now with ‘deactive the life built for the ‘next older’ life I want’.

age is a biggie on who we are and what we want and can stress us, or calm us or ??

I feel that too!! less responsibility means more me and real life vs. the BS of living that building/family and career, earn money lifestyle to come when we are younger, well I see it big for me that way :slight_smile:

what is all those quips out there, IF I KNEW WHAT I know now when younger? What would I change?

yea as we age and hit certain changes in life WE truly have the knowledge to show us big truths for us all… :scream_cat::clown_face:

(Daisy) #103

Not a pretty or well put together meal, but it’s what needed eaten in my fridge. We started with bone broth jello while I cooked up wagyu burger bars in the air fryer. I combined that in a bowl with a few ounces of leftover salted burger meat from my family’s meal a couple days ago. I ate as much suet as I wanted, then ate the cold steak bites left from yesterday. Then I ate as much of the burger mix as I wanted. Last 3 (or whatever order they decide to post) are what’s left of the suet, steak and burger.

(Judy Thompson) #104

Today I’m in a virtual conference for the Toastmasters district. I’m muted with no video so it’s a whole day of doing whatever as long as the sound is on. I’ve practiced uke, finished my wordle, and filed my feet.

This morning about 11 I ate the remainder of that tuna salad from lastnight and it was good. Surprise. Probably about ⅓ of a cup. Then we got a break from 11:45 to 12:15 so I fixed lunch. Rest of the tenderloin, gave him 2+ sides and I had 4 or 5 thin slices and the fat, much of it cold, yummy.

I’m not around fancy carbs enough to be bothered by them. Hubby eats broccoli and prepackaged mashed potatoes every single day. He is blissfully boring in his woe and I have never been more grateful.


Pretty good weekend here so far. We are at an event all weekend with our daughters. So, we brought a selection of food with us to make the best of it as we could.

So far today, I’ve had 3 eggs and sausage for breakfast and a can of sardines and a bag of homemade beef jerky for lunch. I make it on the dehydrator and believe it or not, I’m really not a huge fan of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK. But, I can never get it to taste like it does coming from the store. But, at least I know what the ingredients are and it keeps long enough to be convenient.

(Karen) #106

@robintemplin and @Septimius I have a confession to make …:slight_smile: my garden is the tidiest clear space I have which is probably why I enjoy being out there so much. Also remembering how it was before those lovely men grafted so hard to hard scape it just makes me appreciate that lovely space all the more. Mr and Mrs Robin are singing so loudly at the moment and while I was sitting out there this early evening, catching the last of the sunshine with a blanket over my knee :laughing: a couple of loved up wood pigeons were making a racket just above my head on the shed roof! :roll_eyes:

I have got to the stage where I don’t think about food especially when I’m pottering around or exercising . Usually one thing leads to another so one little jobs turns in to 4 or 5 and then I think I ought to have a sit down and then I think whats the time and thats when I think maybe I should get my brunch/dinner whatever. It certainly isn’t always hunger and I tend to get a little surprised when I do feel a hunger pang these days! The amount I eat depends on what I have got out of the freezer in preparation for later meals and there was a time I would have cooked up everything I had defrosted and ate it but recently, perhaps cos it is a little warmer, I am tending to put things back 8n the fridge for the next day like I did yesterday with the steak and chops.

So for dinner I ate the rump steak and followed it straight away with the lamb chops. The prepared the thawed big prawns to cook. Decided to stir fry them in olive oil. I don’t use it much these days but the last few times I have cooked the prawns in butter I haven’t really enjoyed them. Only used a small amount of oil added salt and tossed them about for a couple of minutes and they were really perfect. I put a big knob of butter on the side of my plate and ate most of it, nice and cold with the hot prawns,

only having to return a small pat back in the butter dish. Waste not want not but not in my gut now… for another day lol.

(Robin) #107

For the record, @Karen18, I don’t think a home needs to be tidy to be comfy. If that were the case, I would be a wreck…. Like my housekeeping. Lol.
Actually, I think it’s the same with many gardens. There are lots of manicured gardens in our neighborhood. And I appreciate them immensely. But the wild gardens are my favorites.

You have walls, which call for some order in able to enjoy it. I remember you said how out of control it was before. So I’m glad you have created your happy place. It’s gorgeous!

(Karen) #108

Funny because as I was sitting in the early evening sunshine at the bottom of the garden and I looked across to the house I thought just how disorderly orderly it was which is how I like it. I have to be careful not to get set in the ways of colour coding and symmetry so thats why the pots are different colours and sizes, haphazardly placed but almost with some symmetry. I suppose one could liken it to organised chaos lol if I have everything 'just so I start to get totally obsessed with keeping it 'just so and then I find it hard to enjoy it :crazy_face:

I love the idea of secret gardens, winding paths packed full of colour and surprises but then I think about all the weeding which I don’t think I would keep on top of and then the whole garden would become a big secret like it was before :rofl:


I’m cruising along with ZC Linda style. More strict. My brother and I had mild cold signs and I was planning to be a bit stricter with the carnivore WoE, so it was easy just to fast.

@Fangs asked if I wasn’t eating because I was sick. I’m not eating because I’m not hungry. But initially I was unwell, and not eating made me feel better. I’m through that part, and it just feels ok not to eat yet. I’m still taking my medication and supplements, and I may have a coffee this morning.

(Linda ) #110

Day 4. Meat salt and water I started today with pichana and dinner was two flanken ribs.

I still think about food often but I find now if I’m busy doing something it’s easy to go straight past my normal meal times and then about 7.30pm I’m like gee I’m getting hungry then look at the time and think no wonder I’m hungry I haven’t eaten for 24 hours. But normally once or twice a day is normal meals and im good to go… That’s why I love carnivore its simplicity I love meat so I totally enjoy eating my food even if I eat the same stuff repeatedly for weeks on end til I fancy something else.


It seems I haven’t send this yet.

I don’t function that way. I need lots of calories, lots of protein, the right type of protein, good timing… I know I need 120g protein and enough fat on almost every day not to be hungry but I have that…Maybe I hadn’t 2 days ago until the last bunch of meat. But I was close. (I saw this limit many times when I tracked. Why my body has this obsession with certain numbers I can’t imagine.)
I do my absolute best not to eat even more fat. I am prone to eating too much. And it often doesn’t help. Fat satiates me poorly - it’s different without protein but I don’t eat without protein. I don’t do tiny meals.

But maybe it was some nutrient I needed more meat for…? I will try to keep my meat at okay levels all the time. (At least in hungrier times, no problem with super eggy days when I desire those.)

I had lunch (pork chuck roast - nice though a bit more roasting would do good, pork thigh roast - dry! I can eat it fine but I don’t enjoy it - and 3 scrambled eggs, neutral) and now I have a bellyache, I can’t imagine WHY. What could I do wrong? Oh well.

Rabbit is cooking AND! It turned out the veggie/sour cream sauce is made after the stew is done (as Alvaro starts it as a stew, ignoring recipes slightly).

But I just had to taste the sauce, it was nice but it would be nice without the veggies too I imagine. Even this way it was mostly flavored sour cream :smiley: Especially the part I ate. I will try to make it without the vegs. I always loved mustard flavored sour cream. Sour cream is already a great start.

I didn’t weigh the raw rabbit pieces, I just guess I ate maybe 200g rabbit. It’s too tiny for dinner so I had eggs and half sausage too oh and finished my quark (that 250g package, I still have 2 others especially I bought one today. it was on sale and I use it so much lately… no boredom yet unlike other times).

And I drank some medicinal coffee for my bellyache. It feels nice when it’s due to carbs, maybe it helps now as well. Still no idea WHY I have it since hours. I did nothing unusual, I ate eggs and pork for lunch…

Still not my usual level of food joy. I eat, it’s okay but that’s it. Well my bare minimum is met, I can eat without problems so I can handle it for a little while more.

Very, very vague guesstimation (wow, the sauce wasn’t even that carby, it seems, my carb intake sounds the same as usual) says it was 2200 kcal again (fortunately the rabbit is the most vague but it’s pretty lean), high protein and 62% fat.
Or not. Why I try to track today I wonder… My meat was 1.5 pound? Unusually high from me but not surprising when I eat roast for lunch and rabbit for dinner with a few eggs and a little dairy for the whole day.

The coffee helped. Wow.

@Ketodaisy: The first photo seems totally pretty to me and I say this after eating (for me) much meat :smiley:

That surely helps :slight_smile: Especially if the food isn’t tempting. My SO has his boring dishes, I try to add some variety and he has his occasional ideas as well but if I don’t want him to make something I feel too tempting, he won’t. I don’t forbid him, I am an empathetic hedonist and he isn’t a doormat either but he rarely is super attached to the idea being realized right away and I have my off or safer times.
And one can get desensitized against frequent and mildly interesting things.
The very tempting things are harder, I need to lose my interest to be safe.

And here’s a new day. Why I am up at 5:30am? Me. Who considered 9am unusually early not so long ago… Well I had a little drawing to make in the morning and it probably didn’t let me sleep long…
Nowadays I wake up early (usually at 7:15) and falls to bed early too. I remember the times when it was 2-3am and I was so, so, so not sleepy yet… It’s better this way but I still am not a morning person and shouldn’t wake even earlier.
Waking up before 6am (in my sacred sleep time period, 3-6am, not sleeping through it is a sure way to make me an all day zombie, at least normally, I am hopeful now) is the extreme situation where I actually feel an urge to eat. To wake me up, to put something against this bad feeling in my stomach… I do my best not to do that today. It’s almost 9am anyway.

I really must do against the wildness of mine now… But we will have thousands of oxeye daisies everywhere… That’s the time when I usually am torn: I need to mow the lawn but there are the daisies :smiley: Eventually I realized I can just keep some clean pathces where the grass isn’t 2 times higher than the daisies… And mow the bad places.

I never liked those lawns cropped super short. Many people starts to mow when it is almost nice and green enough to my liking, ruining it again…

I actually would love to just let plants grow but one can’t do that with grass and certain bad weeds :frowning: I so would love to have some tiny plant that is cute, covers the ground and keeps weeds out… Surely there are things even if not perfectly like that… Why people like grass with their gangly apparance and super high maintenance? I don’t. I would like some short lovely thing instead. I have a good patch next to the terrace, I have not much problem there. (Well the dandelions do their langly business there too but I can handle that.) The grass just can’t go wild there from the plant that is decorative and runs this above the soil…

May is the worst. Plants got warmth, water and sunshine and they all grow like crazy. And I am used to winter and not working in the garden, spring brought some work but this is on another level :slight_smile:
But I need a garden :slight_smile: I am just not into the work. It’s nice to do things outside but sometimes it’s overwhelming. Or too thorny. Thorns are everywhere…
And my hand smells weed nowadays (and not the good kind. not like I ever had pot so no idea what that is like. the closest I have is a very pretty hemp plant, no idea which kind, I keep it for its beautiful leaves, I love the shape)…

So my garden is always messy to some extent. Messier than the people’s who don’t even live here… One is way too lucky. The garden just becomes an artistically slightly messy natural field with pretty wild flowers. Normal gardens look horrible when neglected…
It’s not just not being a slave to garden work (or a fan of)… I like letting things just be and dislike destroying them. I like to keep trees which that happened in my garden unless they are in a very bad place (that’s how I have 2 young walnut trees and a not noble plum tree). I prefer trees not needing any pruning but of course some just do… Some are so bad I just gave up completely… It’s an older pear tree, it looks horrible without leaves :smiley: Nothing can be done, it’s so messed up… I can improve the others. But proper trees just grow okay without assistance… I don’t care about maximal fruit yield, even Alvaro can’t eat them all easily since I don’t really help much, just with canning them… I just want a nice garden with huge variety and pretty things.

And there is an exception I would love to destroy but can’t. Honeysuckle. They have a role, they are a border around the property at some point. And yep, their bloom is mildly pretty, nothing really spectacular though, they have white flowers.
They give me so much work. I don’t need their white flowers for that few days.
And they are totally impossible to remove. We did it with one to plant our blood hazelnut (at least that’s the mirror translation), it’s very pretty and became too big so I need to prune it too… And I need to cut off the honeysuckle that comes out again and again with a frightening speed. Or maybe it gave up now, the hazelnut got big and stole its sunlight. But it took years.
And they have their roles and they have flowers… And insane amounts of dried branches(?) all the time…

Of course it’s way easier to handle an “empty” patch of land. I have so many noble pants and weeding my strawberry patch is something I pretty much given up about. I do it, of course, it looks utterly awful otherwise (even so) but it never will be good enough. There are just too many other plants. I still need to cut out some trees from there, I mean baby ones. Once I did my weeding of the little patch maybe 1 hour a day. Weeks later it still looked hopeless. Or I remember so… This year it seems to be better but I will need many days until I get out the biggest weeds. That is the most time consuming part to make tidy and somewhat stressful. I always tear off some strawberries and I hate doing that even if there are many left and I probably won’t even eat much of it this year. Not my favorite fruit. Lovely, pretty, nice smelling but hit and miss and that’s disappointing. So I like to look at it most and hate to weed the patch most, not even the work is the worst but the sheer futility of it. It never ever will look good.
And I keep some better behaving weeds in as the strawberries like when the soil is more covered so they don’t dry out so easily (we water them when needed but that alone isn’t good enough). I planted a sour cherry tree mostly to give them shadow as they seemed to love the big cherry tree shadow but raspberries won at that place… Oh the raspberries are good, no weeds there.

But I just can’t destroy a strawberry patch :frowning: And Alvaro loves them.
The same with blackberries. No weeding problems there but cutting them is big work and we can’t do it for more than a few minutes until we had enough of the thorns… And that’s not one of my many fav fruits either. I would be so very okay without it…

I am the same when I can’t throw out not completely useless things. Sigh. But at least Alvaro uses the fruits. So he buys less (oh he still buys huge amounts in winter, our canned fruits aren’t good for everything).

It was about gardening, not fruits, right? I don’t even think about the fruits while doing the work. Now that strawberries only have flowers. White ones. I want some with hot pink ones… Why I haven’t buy some when I saw them I don’t know…

Next time I will bring photos. And won’t complain in walls of text about my garden. It’s still nice though :slight_smile: And I can get away without very much work, it just gets messier.

That’s my preferred state of things :slight_smile: Usually. Some stuff needs proper boring order, of course.


I admire everyone doing this way of eating whilst sharing an environment where others are not; I think it’s tough if you’re surrounded by temptations and social pressure.

I don’t think about food unless I’m hungry, so that’s quite a reliable indicator for me.

These days, I don’t perceive non-carnivore items as being food. It’s only when I’m ravenous that they hold any appeal - and that’s immediately broken if I eat something from a carnivore way of eating.

For example, if I’m watching a film and someone is eating, if I find myself thinking, “Oh, that looks good,” - then I know I’m hungry.

If I’m not hungry at all, it doesn’t even cross my mind. I can watch all kinds of things - from baking shows to cookery programmes, and I am not in the least bit bothered by any of it.

Huge huge huge change from any other way of eating.


same. I couldn’t watch food shows for a long time :slight_smile: til one day I could again and darn I missed my Great British Baking Show and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives LOL

same as you…I get TOO hungry and I get susceptible to crap easily. but I know that about me now so I know ways to handle that.

I always cringe at ‘food’ around me when I see it. Think just how nasty it is ya know and what is in it and all the sugar in it…I don’t do that as much anymore with hating that other food around me, but now it is more like I don’t even register it ‘as food’ in my brain like you said!!

huge huge change in me just like you are experiencing. Nice to be on the easy end of it all with food now for me vs. being on that ‘dieting crazy train rollercoaster’ times for me!!

great post!

oh boy is that helpful truly! Bet back in the day you were like, hey boring eater, you should be experimenting and trying other things right? :slight_smile: but yea, if you have such a mono eater like that it helps us carnivores for sure. Just makes life so much easier in the kitchen.

Filed your feet! :crazy_face::scream_cat::partying_face:

Me too. I tried making my own and in the end I dumped that fast. Store bought is just not the same taste and I always loved that taste of the few jerky packages I did buy and love. I relied more on beef sticks than jerky when I started zc. I could buy those simply and have handy but I kinda dropped them now too.

oh yea that picture of the original before she tackled it and hacked at it and had it worked on was wild and wooly!! Big change when K got the workers in and fab job. worth every penny on the nice garden it is now!

very very cool FB! Glad you aren’t sick and it is just you not needing to eat. Your body is showing you health and healing. Your balancing out to ‘a nourished body’ just not requiring food and changes happen for us. You will even out and find your sweet spot and all. All good changes!!
but never go to long not eating, in that you should, every now and then if not eating for days to make something and try it, you eat it and inhale, cool, you still don’t want it, fine but ya know. just eat smaller a bit or some nibbles etc. just to check yourself. But I know ya got this!!

------------------big storms around. hoping for those to leave and nice hot sunny weather to settle in!!

food today will be some sirloin steak I bought.
not sure on second meat but I do have burger I need to use, probably just fry up a few small cheeseburger patties later after my first steak meal when wanted.

easy peasy for zc’ey.

All good. Life just cruising.


Yep. I am lucky I have near zero temptation (it happens sometimes and I obviously don’t resist as I never do) and exactly zero social pressure :slight_smile: I always had zero actual social pressure as I couldn’t care less :slight_smile: Good luck to change my mind (I am like @Fangs regarding this). And being forceful would backfire.

Some of us are like this, yep. We talk about this in the fasting threads sometimes. I like cooking and watching food videos when fasting and even scrambled eggs with very rich and spicy sausages (that was a huge smell :D) never bothered me.
But I eat when really hungry, I never would try to be “strong” and not to…
Food may make me hungry but I must be borderline hungry for that to happen.

So I am pretty lucky regarding these.
These are “me” things, I had them on high-carb too. On every woe, satiation usually takes a substantial meal (carnivore sometimes is different but that’s not the norm for my first meal) - but if I have it, I am fine for a while and if I had my proper macros for the day (flexible but there are rules), I can wait for almost a day. Longer fasts are WAY easier on a carbier diet though… Skipping a day was automatic on high-carb sometimes (it just happened, I felt no need or desire to eat even if people had a mini birthday party in the office), doable with effort on low-carb/keto and impossible on carnivore(-ish). Or something else happened that I am not aware of.
(Once, just once I soooo wanted OMAD for my monthly group fast, it was my main priority for that time. So I ate a bunch carbs and it became trivial while I just couldn’t do it before. So it still works. But I won’t do it again.)

I had a super early lunch, finished at noon, I don’t dare to track, it was surely zillion calories and I am not satiated. I have my hungrier times it seems - but the fact I started with very fatty items and the meal itself was quite fatty surely helped with that :frowning: I probably miss my protein but my meat wasn’t so tempting, I ate the fatty parts and stopped. I ate other things but stopped. Wow, it’s rare that lack of appetite makes me eat too little but I feel that effect now I think. I only ate zillion calories, hunger drove me and fat is easy to eat galore when one has sour cream and mascarpone and other nice fatty things.

If I don’t get satiated soon, I go back to the kitchen and eat more meat even if it’s dry. I have spreads and sauces and sausage to balance it out. Oh, accidental alliteration, nice.

It’s not so bad for me, I think but yeah, some items are baffling. I never ever got it how people eat store-bought donuts. Never looked like food to me. And I looked at some soft fruity candy yesterday, 86% sugar… How can people eat that? (Then I remember the time when I ate table sugar with a particularly big tablespoon, Mom had really big ones, I have them now.) And adding sugar to FRUIT (and I don’t mean lemon or other sour stuff)… And they put a lots of sugar into ice cream, not fat! Ice cream in the shop is mostly sugary water in my eyes. My own is way fattier :smiley:
So yep, I evolved from even my old ways and I was somewhat critical even before, my health consciousness started long ago.
I just don’t consider carbs bad. They may be great fuel and source of nutrients for others. Of course added sugar isn’t good (tons of natural sugar can’t be good either, no matter the person, we have some rules when we have human bodies) and it’s super cringy to think about old times when people ACTUALLY thought they are needed and good for kids.
(Don’t tell me that some people still think that. I don’t wanna know.)

The “not food” thing is old. When I cut out sugar, grains and other stuff from my diet, it was so easy. And it was sooo great to walk in the supermarket, looking at all the stuff I stopped consider food. It was liberating. Alvaro said he had the same, just not as extensively as me as he still eats high-carb and it’s pretty sure he always will.
Then I devolved a bit but it was years later (or very, very, very occasionally) so my new habits were pretty much set so it couldn’t do much harm.


yea I am a true donut hater literally and not a ‘bakery type person’ ever so when I see it out there and my hubby inhales donuts like a cookie monster I think how in the heck does someone eat that?

but of course what we love to eat does put a big bias on what we do see out there.

like I love the more fried crap, as in fried shrimp, french fries, ALL taters of any kind and am not that sweet person so all that is a WHY eat that to me LOL and another would say I hate fried crap and I would be like, what is wrong with you :wink:

I get ya on that with what we loved to eat is ‘not as icky’ in our thoughts as the stuff I loved but in the end it is ALL about that sugar to me and sugar is what I avoid at all costs, so yea, most things go real fast down the rabbit hole for me to dismiss.


Last full day for this event weekend. I’m not normally a breakfast eater but started the day with some bulk sausage, bacon, 2 eggs, and of course my fresh ground coffee with butter and a splash of heavy cream. Truly stuffed at this point. I’m hoping to get back to my normal eating routine tomorrow.


smart. eat to survive thru the ‘life is social and busy’ times as we must to ‘get back into our personal routines we zc people love’…so good handling all that!!


My next big challenge will be a 3 week vacation coming up in June. I did really well when we went to Universal with the family in March. But, it was only 5 days. This next one will need much more planning.


I tell ya what I did when transitioning into zc.

I made my focus and challenge and life ALL ABOUT staying on plan and challenging myself to do just that and darn if thru some social things and vacay did I have to ‘do alot’ to make ZC suit me and I didn’t care WHO had to be dragged along on ‘my personal goals’ and in the end, I WON every vacay and I made and focused only on my zc goals…when one does that, one can win it all and actually put a checkmark…vacation, long time, always on zc come hell or highwater, CHECK! :slight_smile: yea it boosted me up alot knowing I could do it so…again, just me and what it took for me!!

(Karen) #120

Fairly wakeful night and awake fully at 7.30am but stayed in bed a further hour snoozing gently and pondering about whether yo go to CrossFit. Decided I would have a day of rest in the garden as I am at work tomorrow and i had a few little jobs I wanted to do while the sun was shining.

So I took me brew out and had a sit with a codeword book to keep the little grey cells not so grey and then have pottered about putting the rest of the tressel wire along the fence, moved the climbers from my neighbours fence to mine in case he wants it painted/creosoted at any time ( don’t want lovely creepers and climbers getting messed up)! Puy another tressel up for my passiflora (passion flower) when I was a little girl we lived with my gran and she had a pretty walled garden and I always loved the passion flower that grew up the house wall, watching the flowers close at night and then open up in the morning. Had to get one. May be a few years before I see any blooms, they are not easy to grow.

Also positioned the 2 water butts for when I can get some assistance with the guttering to the shed! They fit just nicely under the bird feeders.

Also now painting a bird feeder that my friend dropped off yesterday. He didn’t have the colour I wanted so I am adapting lol. He makes them to raise money for some greyhound rescue organisation. I bought 2, one for me and one for my daughter though I suspect she will just like the boring grey original colour lol.

It is red hot sitting here but I am watching the paint dry :laughing::laughing: no doubt it will be pretty speedy in this heat.
The birds are going cra,y over the food again, most have mamas with eggs to feed now. The wood pigeons have been at it again so they probably drop their eggs a bit later

Brunch was scrambly duck eggs x 2 and I have just been nibbling on some kabanossi which isn’t particularly nice!

I have 2 beef burgers and some chicken wings defrosting in fridge to start cooking about 4pm. Early night for me tonight.