May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Robin) #81

After my husband eats ll my sides and extras, I always say, “Thanks for your service!” He’s hoping to eventually earn a metal.


you know so long into this lifestyle I gave hubby and kiddo all the sides and they loved it til lately NO ONE is wanting the extra.
your hubby will finally say no to the sides probably and for me personally…this is when the price don’t equal the food on the plate to even eat out HA

I am like I get 2 sids with this steak and he don’t want them…he did before, now, nope and I just see money flying out of the walle LOL

ugh …wee…ugh

(Karen) #83

Another fairly wakeful night but I got my quota of sleep again by going up to bed early. A day of rest was planned for today after all the exercise and running about I did yesterday therefore no stair runs this morning. Decided a day with my feet up hahaha yeah right that lasted until about 11.30 after I had my brunch which was 2 scrambly duck eggs, nice. Then out to the garden. Every intention of sitting and taking everything in but then thought I’d get the plants into pots. So lots of humping soil from the front hall to back garden, then gathering stones from the back land, for the pots, then after potting 8 plants and arranging them about the garden humped the remaining 4 big bags of soil from front hall to shed and did a tidy up in shed and back hall, getting all the empty pots to the shed. Sat down about half 2 and did a codeword and then pottered a bit more then cooked some dinner.

So this morning I got out tge freezer a rump steak, some lamb chops and a surprise ‘guess whats inside the bag’ bag lol. The latter turned out to be heart/liver, who knows, that my daughter had given me some time ago. I sliced it up and stir fried it in the wok in duck fat (wasn’t sure if it was beef or lamb) anyway I didn’t overcook it and tbh it was so so, neither really tasty nor really offal :rofl::rofl: I ate it all bar some chewy bits, nothing is going to waste. Followed it with a very strong black decaf filter coffee to get rid of the offal aftertaste, sorry about the puns! They’re pretty offal aren’t they :laughing:

So I still have a rump steak and lamb chops to eat but I have put them in the fridge for now as I can honestly say I feel full for now.

(Daisy) #84

Quick and easy beef bites, suet and jello today.



Eats today: 3 fresh turkey eggs, 3 TBS butter, coffee and HWC.

Played outside a bit - plucking cones and spacers out of the garden, getting it ready to till. Took a few minutes to bask in the sun. Did dishes, cleaned kitchen, played with doggles, gathered eggs, fed and watered the feathered babies, hung laundry outside. Going to my daughter’s college graduation ceremony tonight, so…adios for now!

(Linda ) #86

Day 3 :meat salt and water todays food more flanken ribs 3 for lunch 2 for dinner and water…haven’t been swimming for the past three days because we getting our roof replaced old one was asphalt tiles, new one will be standing seam steel roof …when they ripped it off we had black asphalt dust everywhere so we have kept the pool covered. Today was a beautiful hot sunny day so I decided to open the pool .
The water was at 96 degrees so nice to get in and just relax and de-stress for awhile.
Took out pichana from the freezer for tomorrow.

(Judy Thompson) #87

Wow, 96, that’s nice and warm! And more picana pics tomorrow, I love those!

@robintemplin @Fangs He loved your comments! “thank you for your service” and definitely eating for two… LOL! But, he argues that we eat out as much to visit with the waiters as we do for the food, maybe more, so value for us isn’t about that ¼ lb of hamburger. And maybe at some point he’ll be like your hubby and not eat my sides, who knows? Then I’ll bring those fries home and air fry them for him later lol. I used to eat his sides - cole slaw & salsa - now it’s reversed!

¼ lb farmers grassfed burger raw mid morning, then lunch was tenderloin and shrimp :shrimp:.
I poured scotch shots for my guitar student this afternoon, we each had 2, different nice highland scotches I got as gifts and don’t drink as I usually make a weak scotch and soda with a blended scotch.
Tonight I boiled eggs and made salmon /tuna salad but 2 bites and I was so done. (If it doesn’t taste good, don’t eat it) Throwing that out, and end of day.

Oh yes, and cooked the shrimp with bacon.


Went out to dinner after the graduation. Tucked into a massive ribeye smeared with butter. Delish.


You are a good friend and dance partner to be direct around the market floor like that. Raymond would be worse off without your help.
It’s times where close people are unwell that one wishes they would try optimising their nutrition. My younger brother has a cold, so he eats processed packaged vegetable soups and soy sausages, followed by an orange that has had more travel time than most millennials. I stay in the same house while working in the city and can’t seem to catch the cold.

I might have to move over to the May fasting thread as I haven’t eaten anything for awhile. The ketosis is nice and comforting after having booster inoculation flare-ups last week. I told my boss and the Human Resources people that I don’t like purposely injuring myself for the sake of an ineffective blanket workplace mandate.

I’m not hungry and realising that eating times are more habitual than hunger. I might ‘put on a brew’ as Karen might say, and have a mug of beef bone broth this arvo to maintain my membership in the carnivore tribe.


I know this is the exact opposite of what you’ve just said - but I saw an interview with Dani Conway the other day (with Kelly Hogan):

Interview with Kelly:

Dani’s social:

If you get to a point where you are considering having someone else take a look for you, she might be a good place to start. Thought I’d mention it in case anyone else was on the look out for someone.

Kelly’s had some great content of late if anyone hasn’t watched her stuff.


One day I will read back but as I can’t read without writing much enough to feel guilty, I stayed away for a while.

I tracked my last 2 days. They weren’t ideal, to put it lightly but not very hard. I can eat even if I get no joy from my food (and I got some just way too little to my liking. but I could eat so okay for a while).

Thursday was a very hungry day with an enormously big eating window, it went over 8 hours and it’s very bad and unnatural to me. But I got hungry early and starved through the day. While eating 2100 kcal (super bad guesstimation due to my messy notes. not easy to handle all those meat pieces. I do cut my meat into pieces weighing a pound but there are tiny leftovers and I can’t just eat a whole piece properly. and as I was hungry, I obviously ate zillion different things anyway, whatever I could. carnivore, of course, I am serious in this May. desperation would change things but I am not super bored of both of my 2 staples yet. I still don’t want to eat many eggs, meat is fine).
I happened to start my day with a very fatty tiny meal at 11am (I was hungry, I couldn’t help it). I tried to survive okay until lunch without eating much and I did. I thought I will have lean meat anyway so a more fatty start should help.
After lunch, chaos ensued and I starved for hours while eating about all the time, well surely with some breaks but still, it felt like that. Wasn’t fun. I tried everything. I quickly realized that my meat will take forever and I am already hungry so I got out some ready to eat pork chuck roast from the freezer. Just a little, I just started to roast the majority of my 2200g thigh! (That was a mistake.) I ate this and that, not easy when I am not into eggs, I had cheese (not very satiating but nice), quark… I kept getting hungry and in the very end I jumped the eventually, slowly made pork thigh roast. And that solved it. Sometimes I have this. I am very much aware I can live and get satiated without “much” 1meat, okay, it’s not easy on carnivore… But even if I had a decent amount of protein and fat from various sources, sometimes meat is what helps in an easy way. IDK what to do differently though, I know I started to cook late for my hunger but I had roast in the fridge. I just ate little but I had meat in my near future… I try to arrange things right in my mind eventually, it’s not as trivial as it probably is for you others.

Yesterday went better, the rare TMAD day! And I had meat. That I found dry this time. Why? It’s usually pink and juicy inside but not this time. Well at least I don’t eat meat for joy but for need… I barely was hungry yesterday, ended up around 1500 kcal.
About 0.7 pound meat for both days (I counted my various sausages), odd considering I just made a lot of roast and my egg consumption is low though I had zillion extra yolks on Thursday and my quark consumption wasn’t low…
69% vs 60% fat, I already say the maybe 2100 kcal vs 1500. The protein was the same subtly high (I guess 2.5g/kg for LBM), that’s not surprising from me. My protein intake can take care about itself and it likes to stay in its normal range.

So I am pretty normal, no problems with fat anymore, I could like my meat better but if I will have more problems with my new roast (yesterday I ate the outer part with visible fat and left the lean dry boring inside for Alvaro who appreciated it - it’s totally edible for hungry me, I didn’t need it yesterday), I just get out my chuck roast from the freezer, I have plenty.

I run out of sour cream and that’s unacceptable (Alvaro want to make a special sauce for the rabbit anyway, it starts like a stew then comes sour cream galore and mustard and bay. it has much veggie, we will see, maybe what stuck to the rabbit, will be fine for me? I won’t skip the rabbit, I was looking forward to it!) so we go shopping now. I get new sausages too and butter on sale (for the same price than the cheapest butter in bigger supermarkets not on sale but they never have butter sales nowadays anymore).

I want to get my food joy back. And I hope my usual earlier hunger on weekends won’t happen.

I still have daffodils, just one special type I like, snow white with a tiny middle part lined with deep orange. Lilacs are blooming everywhere, I have white and purple too, too bad not next to each other, that looks great. Lily of the valleys have their time to shine as well. So we have lots of flowers with a nice fragrance. Tulip time is over but I know some people have them for a while more… I want to get those late tulips one day…

So it’s day #7 now. Quitting coffee went super smoothly, never missed it, usually forgot its existence :smiley: I think my inflated water consumption went away, now I drink my normal amount, still more than I am thirsty, I like warm water in the morning or any time, really.

I planned a stricter first week (from me. it’s still carnivore-ish but I wanted no cheese. I had 2 cheesy days out of necessity so maybe I should add 2 more days, yep, good training with an open package of one of my fav cheeses :smiley: Alvaro’s Gouda can’t tempt me.) and then… We will see. I thought it’s a nice idea to do my experiment where I drastically raise my total carbs while keeping my net carbs low but as I am not bored of my food yet, I don’t want to do it in the very near future. And anyway, adding sweetener and fiber… Those aren’t food. Yep, I wait until desperate times when those seem the best option for me. But I plan that as a short experiment as it’s really not “normal” to me to use much of those things. They come handy occasionally but that’s it. But I am curious what makes carnivore-ish so good for me (as long as I don’t get bored of my food)… I know low net carbs are a big factor and 15g carbs from animals seem to be very different from 15g carbs from plants… But what if I get almost no net carbs from non-animal sources but plenty of others? I never ever noticed them doing anything bad to me (unless the items were way too tempting and I unnecessarily ate too much). I still wouldn’t use them galore beyond my experiment (possibly not even then… I surely won’t force it) as I prefer to use proper food with nutrients but I wish to know that they are very much okay for me in the occasional desperate times or I should be way more careful to avoid food boredom, maybe I should try to get more creative…
Of course, it’s possible I never or almost never will get bored of my meat again, who knows?
But I am in no hurry now (maybe I will do a proper May. proper for me. that would be nice, my experiment is only for the case where I just can’t). I want to establish my carnivore-ish OMAD now. Or TMAD, I did it yesterday and it went well except I didn’t enjoy my food as much as I like. But maybe the only reason I didn’t eat too much was that I ate much in the previous day. IDK. That’s why I need longer term OMAD or TMAD, to figure out these things. If possible. Too many factors change every day even if I try to avoid that.


College grad! Congrats to your daughter!!

you aren’t eating much cause you feel sick? or is it a normal carnivore journey? In my walk thru carnivore there was days I didn’t eat hardly anything to, til ya go to bed one night not hungry, wondering, and think ehhhh, and wake up ravenous and inhale food at an alarming rate LOL
but this is a normal issue for many carnivores who change thru their journey. Appetite flips are normal while we adjust and find us. Some settle on omad like clockwork, most do 2 meals per day as a steady feed schedule but in the end, we even out. You are still in the carnivore tribe, cause you are actually ‘getting the carnivore’ changes as they happen when one becomes more long term.

but if sicky icky from a flare up? I feel for ya on that one!!

you are finding out alot of real truths physically about yourself now. getting a real deep understanding of what real hunger is and when not hungry, we just don’t require alot of food for any reason, but thru life as it is today, with adverts in our face for food 24/7, social events with food as a key focus, with it seems ‘everything food’ in our bubble around us, you are finding real body truths about yourself. I did too, it is wild isn’t it? Another fab zc zen perk. Mental clarity and getting off the food focus rollercoaster!! cool

---------------food changed for me yesterday
thought steak would be first but I wanted shrimp with alfredo sauce. omg so good
then I made a chicken breast and slathered on mayo and omg so good.
then last night I ‘tried to eat’ 2 steaks. they were gonna ‘go off’ ya know cause I pushed them sitting in fridge (damn when I defrost too much darn food ya know and get caught like that), so these like, 10 oz Strip steaks, 2, fried up both and tried ever so hard to get them down but I fell short :slight_smile: got some leftover in fridge to munch on later.

I just love when I voluntarily put down food and say I can not eat another bite and just be so happy knowing I can be on an eating lifestyle, feel my best, but eat so damn well and feel so darn great. Yea, carnivore for me is a savior, I have no doubt about that!

today I woke up with shrimp on my mind again but not alfredo. 2 doses of that and I am alredo’d out :wink: so I might just eat regular ol’ peel and eat shrimp with a little butter on them and be fine with just that.

I got burgers on my mind too. I think a few honkin’ cheeseburgers might fit the bill too.

right now steak is not a focus but it will be again.

All good in May Force ZC for me.


I think about food all day anyway… With breaks, fortunately, I am interested in zillion other things but when I happen to be in the kitchen (very much, I get my water there, to begin with), it’s a normal thing to think about…
And food is everywhere indeed and I like that, actually. I don’t see any ads but I googled acorn as I love them and it’s the word for today’s pic challenge… (Even though they didn’t like my best pic ever, a juvenile Port Jackson shark for “shark”. Every not extremely lame “the shark in JAWS” lookalike got more votes… Normally the votes are okay, sometimes I felt I got undeservedly much but now? Mine was well done and pretty good. I am pleased with it :slight_smile: It is even better than my stingray - that came first, despite the small size as there wasn’t some killer violent famous one…)
It turned out there are chocolate/biscuit acorns, it’s a thing. They are pretty so it’s fine but I try not to think about food much now, we came home from shopping, Alvaro ate lunch, I sat with him at our tiny kitchen table… And I am not satiated.
But I can wait and I totally should, I can’t eat around noon without some very valid reason. We will see if this baby hunger goes away. My total lack of appetite definitely helps but it has its limits.
Without any hunger and appetite or need for fuel (it’s so long to say every time but all are valid reasons for me to eat if they are strong enough) it’s easy, I can think about food or cook or smell sausage, I won’t want to eat.

We bought various dairy and 2 packets of sausage, Alvaro was very interested but he ate leftover pork in the end. The rabbit will be dinner.

Pie, the new cat (Snugglepie but that’s long) is problematic too. Only Tofu eats up some (otherwise) especially tempting food with the worm medicine in it, not the other two. So they got fancy chewy tablets. They love that. While barely touch meat with worm medicine on it and they stop licking it eventually.

I start to get really hungry especially reading about nice meat :smiley: I have a tiny chuck, much more thigh ready to eat and I make some scrambled eggs too. It’s a fine start but I have some quark/mascarpone mix too. The mascarpone is an unfortunate thing as it reminds me of sweets, the quark has that effect too and pancakes as well. Despite I ate them all unsweetened before and it was fine. (Quark has a salty route but nowadays I go for the dessert one, without sweetening it. Still nice but I inevitably get thoughts.)
And I have about 200g mascarpone now… Maybe I need more recipes to figure out what to do with it. It makes very nice pancakes, I mean, in the pancake dough too. But isn’t sour cream basically just as good when I fill it with some intensively tasty? Maybe I will eat some alone as dessert. I need fattier food anyway, I mostly have leaner meat right now.

(Daisy) #94


with adverts in our face for food 24/7 @Fangs

I think about food all day anyway @Shinita


(I’m still not able to quote, tried the quote feature inside the message, that did not work so well either :joy:)

I still think about food a lot. Not as much as I used to, which is hopeful to me. Most carnivores say they eat, then forget about food until they’re hungry again. I’m definitely not there yet. I still have a lot of food brokenness up in my brain lol. But I do notice that I often get bored now purposely thinking about food and other times just don’t think about it at all. Almost 3 years in on carnivore. Maybe by year 10 I’ll be cured :joy:

(Karen) #95

@Azi wow that pool of yours sounds so inviting but we have a medium warmth today and when the sun is behind the many clouds in the sky the temp drops a degree or two so I am sitting warm one minute and cool the next … not dipping weather for me lol.
@JJFiddle the shrimp looks great and with @Fangs talking shrimp too I may get some out of the freezer for later. I like the sound of plain shrimp with butter … along side my steak of course lol.
@SecondBreakfast i could smell that ribeye lol
@FrankoBear I try to be as good a friend as possible but sometimes he makes it quite hard lol. Little things lol Raymond went back into hospital yesterday which is a good thing in one way. He kept having these coughing fits related to his long standing medical issues, he is back at the City in isolation as he has also tested positive for covid. He should never have been sent home the last time but both big hospitals in Nottingham were sending ward patients home to free up beds. The feed Hospital, the Queens Medical Centre, QMC, had too many patients clogging up the corridors on trollies awaiting beds. Anyway he’s back in and feeling less scared with the nurses on hand. He doesn’t appear to have any covid symptoms, the coughing is down to his unstable angina however I don’t suppose its gonna help :roll_eyes:

Yep those foody adverts have a lot to answer for … for many years now I have gone with eating to live rather than living to eat but those ads are definitely for the latter. Fortunately I don’t even think about eating those carby foods these days so they don’t faze me one bit.

So this morning after a bit of a wakeful night… every 2 hours but managed to give myself that window of opportunity by going to bed at a respectable time and got my 8hrs quota. Up at 7.30am and did my stair runs, the full monty, 100, and then to the CrossFit class and did a pairs workout with my daughter Sian. Gassy but altogether a great workout.

Then home and out into the garden pottering about, cleaning the birds water bowls and taking photos… as I do lol. I manged to pick up 2 x 100ltr water bitts from Lidl last night. I had to scurry about to 3 stores to eventually find some. They were only in store thursday and I did think about getting one but then was interupted with Raymond’s shopping list phone call. So of course they had sold out everywhere yesterday such as a good deal they had been. Mind all well that ends well, I got 2 at the Stapleford store and have them ready to go outside. Could have done with them out last night as we had a lot of rain but knowing good old blighty there will be plenty more where that came from :laughing: now all I need is some guttering for the sloping shed roof to filter it down to the butts.

Its 1pm and I haven’t eaten yet so I will go get some scrambly duck eggs and then eat some lamb chops and rump steak later for dinner as I didn’t eat them yesterday. Oh and I better get the prawns outs of he freezer.
Sending some flowers to @Shinita


it changes with time truly. I was the same way plus it was ‘cause I was dieting and trying to find me in all this’ til I hit that point where I don’t have to do that anymore.

worse for me is the carby eaters in the house, THEY keep me thinking about damn food HAHA

I truly thought I would never ‘just be calm and ok with food’ and not put the stupid brain power I gave up on it over all the years as such a waste of my valuable time, but yea, at some point, one hits that, but for alot of us it takes time on carnivore for those changes.

Plus the body can’t do it all, I know thru the years I ‘worked on me’ about mindset and more and that helped, plus tho, I am still a work in progress LOL

Today might not be tomorrow for ya, one just never knows :slight_smile: the future and zc changes us along with extra mindset growth we work on to change issues in our lives as we want them…well that is just how I saw it in my journey.
good chat on it all tho!!

for me it was around year 3.5 and into year 4 I truly got off the dieting BS and the stupid food focus and more and started more of ‘an acceptance’ of my life and what it was and focused on other things, like how darn great I feel, how active I am, what other life changes I wanted to tackle a bit…so longer ya go, more better ya get but damn, by yr 10 you should be shooting for the moon HA

but of course ALL doesn’t change overnight or change as we want it and more…so that compromise and accpetance of it all comes into play and that is where I worked more on the mental game ‘of life’ a bit for me and yea, it all helped make me now but am I fixed, hell no I ain’t fixed :partying_face: You and I will be chatting in year 10 of carnivore, saying, remember when…weee…



I don’t think thinking about food is necessarily a bad thing (unless it’s really way too much). It doesn’t mean we crave it or want it or need it or whatever. I just think about it. I miss cooking if I didn’t do it for a whole day. Food is a nice topic (if we do it right. arguing with others may not be).

But I hope food will become a smaller thing and joy in my life too (proportionally smaller joy, I mean).

@Karen18: Thank you, they are beautiful flowers! :smiley: I should make some photos myself, we visit some orchids today and tomorrow… They are in bloom now.

I actually cook for a high-carber… More than for myself at this point I think, I eat simple easy things. but it’s still nothing compared to what he does when he cooks vegetables for himself on open fire… Okay, that includes much work with the fire too… But it takes hours. And it’s only some not very satiating stuff, at least it’s for long, possibly 5 days… Plant food never lasts longer than that. And I don’t know it about my roasts but I expect them being good even longer…? Meat never goes wrong in this household, not like plant food does but we have experiences about that.

So I cook for 2 persons and often different things, life is like that. Not every day for both of us, that’s good. But still, Alvaro easily needs 4 different things for a single meal (protein, 2 sides, dessert) and while I don’t always make them all and the protein is often mine too and usually all are very simple, work and time are adding up. And how couldn’t I think about food when I am working with food? And I need to think about how to cook not too little, not too much, we don’t have enough stove-tops or electricity for several things either… So some planning is needed.

If it was just grabbing some meat and eggs, I probably could forget about food a bit easier. After figuring out how to do this woe longer term.
I still think and wonder and experiment, that makes me think about food way more. But I had way worse times.

At least I never got those dieting things. I always was too big of a hedonist and knew myself too much of an individual for it. It doesn’t mean I don’t have my own personal things I should get rid of… I totally do. And my woe changed multiple times (I was so lucky I went into the right direction so there weren’t regrettable ones. my vegetarianism was totally needed too but I actually thought about the last 11 years) and I suddenly had to figure out things again! New recipes and stuff. Carnivore was the first where I could stop my extensive experiments. I still make some experiments but they aren’t in my focus anymore and happen very rare. And usually in my off times…
Only animal products (and spices), that’s so cool, way fewer options, easier to try out them all :smiley:
And yep, less need for some huge variety anyway. Even I depend on my simple dishes very much. A few 1-3 ingredients recipes and I am almost set for a long time.

But I always will be able to talk about food for too long.


@Fangs…The carby eaters in the house drive me nuts. There’s only two now, as opposed to 6 - so that is an improvement. But still.

@Shinita - have you tried just nibbling on a pat of butter during the day, so you’re not starving? I feel sad reading that you’re starving!!! If we are getting enough fat in our eats, we should not be feeling hungry. Eating butter is a great way to not mess up ketosis, but keep the tum tum quiet. =) I do that, and will, in a pinch, pop a MCT oil capsule or coconut oil capsule at work - so I can continue on without thinking about food. If I am busy, which is pretty normal, I’m not distracted by thoughts of food as long as my stomach isn’t grumbling. Just some food for though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Karen18 . …GORGEOUS FLOWERS!!! We are still having bits of cold here, so not able to get plants/flowers out just yet.

The tummy is still full from last night, so all good there.

Mil had PT yesterday and stood up. (She had a raging case of gout in both feet two nights ago, and was miserable - so this was a blessing!) She also has speech therapy to help her speech and swallowing. She will be moved to rehab Monday.

Going to head out and tend to my feathered babies, and hang laundry out. Have a blessed one, all!

(Robin) #99

I could come to this forum simply to watch your garden grow. I believe a beautiful garden and a comfy home are the secrets to mental health.


I agree - I think having your living space in order makes your brain calm.

Robin, I saw you mentioned something on another topic about being organised and it being a more recent development in your life. I wondered if it was before or after changing the way you ate?

I’ve had a number of health issues so it’s hard for me to judge, but the sudden zen I’ve felt on carnivore has made it easy for me to renovate things in and around the home/garden. I always wanted to do them - but I didn’t have the time (which changed due to the pandemic) or the energy (which changed due to carnivore) before.