May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Judy Thompson) #441

Fascinating. I’m out of my Vit D/K2 supplement. When I replenish it I wonder if I should also get a plain vit K? I have a great toothbrush and floss every night, occasionally waterpik, but my dentist still finds calculus.

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We went to the UP, gosh it was probably 20 years ago. Surprising to me that we were always the only people in the motel, all the other guests were in RVs! I’m so glad we went, and hope we can go again. Enjoy!

(Judy Thompson) #443

So nice and quiet here! With the dryer broken I took the wet laundry and the puppy to the laundromat this morning and walked her the half hour the clothes were drying. Came home hungry about 9 but had coffee and waited till 10, weaving a potholder and listening to Dr Chaffee. This was the one on honey and fruit. How people think they’re improving their health on those things baffles me! Why bother going to all the trouble restricting yourself to carnivore if you’re just going to spike your blood sugar with glucose and end up with cancer etc anyway? Just eat SAD and have done with it.
Lastnight for my “snack” I had a bunch of the tongue (pic shows 2nd helping), cheese and deviled eggs. Had slight trots later from the tongue so I think for me that’s one I must eat in small amounts.
This morning about 10, slice of tenderloin and 2 eggs cooked in ghee and some sharp cheddar. This evening I have wings. Lots of wings and thighs to wrap and freeze!

(Daisy) #444

I also do a k2/d3 supplement. From my understanding, k2 needs d3 to properly absorb. (I say this in full acknowledgment that my understanding is extremely limited :joy:)

Today’s omad was brisket! I put it mostly frozen on the smoker last night and it came out beautifully this morning. I ate on it until I was comfortably stuffed.

image image image image image image

(Michael) #445

Great pictures everyone!! Breakfast today

(Karen) #446

@JJFiddle snap! My tummy was awful today and still is this evening and not entirely sure what caused it. I haven’t had a dicky tum like this for a good couple of years or so. It started feeling sore last night and I had dreadful burps throughout the night and wouldn’t you know I get it ready for a work day when I would rather have been at home, preferably chained to the toilet!

Great food pics and well done for giving the beef tongue a go. My Dad used to love Ox tongue thinly sliced cold with his salads and I never took to it at all avoiding it like the plague!
Well done abstaing from the alcohol this week … cant see me ever going back there!
@Ketodaisy the brisket look delicious as do all the other foody pics and I think it will be on my shopping list on Saturday. I may go Wednesday … depends how busy it is as its Queens Jubilee week and Bank Holiday Thursday and Friday.
@Redrobins well done getting your skates errr skiis on looks fun.
Well I got very little sleep even after taking 2 sleeping tablets at 9pm !

At work for 6am and worked through till 2.30pm, picked up my friend Raymond from City Hosp on way home which is jess than half a mile from the Prison. Dropped him off at his place and then home for about 3.40pm .
A short time in garden before the heavens opened and saved me having to water my containers.

Brunch at midday was reheated sliced chicken in butter and a hard boiled egg about 1.15pm.
Dinner a few slithers of cheddar followed by 2 pork chops with knows of butter on top and another couple of slithers of cheddar also with butter on top.

Am now in bed, came up at 6.10pm! Back to work tomorrow

So so tired 🥱🥱🥱


I dislike most lean meats myself, there are only very few exceptions. I didn’t add details but lean-ish pork goes from pork thigh (leg/ham for you there?) to pork chuck to me. The latter is definitely fatty but still not overly much so.
I thought about the leaner first as it seems super satiating to me lately - but as I need calories to get satiated as well, chuck works great too but I am more free with my other fatty items if I choose a leaner main dish. But if I go beyond the fattiness of chuck, I easily overeat so even the fat in my pork isn’t necessarily that satiating… My 1000g pork shoulder days (one was over 4000 kcal and it’s quite much for me especially on a carnivore day) proved that, now I am careful with the very fatty meats. I am very prone to overeat fat anyway, that’s why I try to minimize my fat consumption since I went low-fat and nowadays I try to keep my added fat consumption near zero (especially pure fats, I am a bit more lenient with sour cream as it is awesome :smiley: but I trained myself to use little, this is something that doesn’t work with yogurt yet so I can eat a lot of carbs and fat using greek yogurt but it’s very occasional).

“As fatty as possible” can’t work for me as that means zero protein here, below my beloved pork jowl with 7% protein and 86% fat… And then comes normal, somewhat meaty pork belly… Pork shoulders and ribs are already meaty stuff but they are even fattier than what I prefer :slight_smile: I developed a liking to the 70/30 cheap pork I can get from the little town supermarket but it’s overly fatty, it loses a lot when I fry it. It’s good, I need a little lard here and there but it makes tracking even more impossible… And I can’t eat such things often or else I will have more and more lard. Chuck is perfect but… Oh I stick to thigh as it’s the name of the cut here and ham goes from super lean to very fatty and leg is too general, part of the leg has zero meat… So thigh is wonderful too. It has visible fat but just as much as needed, it’s very very nice. It allegedly has the same amount of fat as pork chop but the latter is awfully lean, too dry as a roast, I don’t like it. The thigh is great.

So I have various pork, from 5% to 86% fat (I never liked pure fat tissue, no matter how popular that thing is. Mom loved it, I only ate it cooked and covered with paprika but I still prefer meat with my fat) but over 30-35% it can’t be a staple as it need to be a smallish amount and I like to eat my meat in proper amounts. I never ate much meat from a carnivore’s viewpoint but if one pound a day is my maximum, that is a bit problematic for me now. So really fatty pork is out or should be used in smallish amounts, together with something leaner.
My drier sausages (40-45% fat) aren’t to be eaten alone either, I even used sponge cakes with the soft, lovely, 25% fat one today.

Sounds nice now and then…
I don’t do social meals but my own meals almost always must contain lots of pork and eggs :slight_smile: If I can choose something else, that will be sour cream. But sometimes it’s turkey :slight_smile:

Well I felt some need to eat at lunchtime so I ate.
I started with this (the sponge cake muffin represents 4 :)):

Now I know it was like 1000 kcal so no wonder I got very hungry after I ate it (but I can blame my weekend carbs too. I may or may not get the Easy Satiation perk after some carni days. I am not that predictable anymore). I had no more meat (my frozen pork is defrosting in the fridge) so I had pork jowl, sausage and more eggs.

That was +700 kcal and now I am wondering if this remaining hunger will go away or I should eat more… This is a decent OMAD sized meal at this point… And I wasn’t even active today, weather is usually gloomy with slight drizzle now. Wow, the first sunrays, it’s possible I go out now :slight_smile:

Some time later I ate a bit more pork when I fried it but it was very little. Still enough to satisfy me finally.
This nice cut of lean pork is amazing! I keep it. It stays cheap (price cap) for another few weeks, we will see the prices afterwards.

Today was very nice eating wise, I enjoyed everything. I was quite hungry after I started to eat, it’s good I am not shy and stop after 500 or 1000 or 1500 kcals. I would have been super hungry during my life if I was that type. I always could get satiated on high-carb, it just required much and very fatty food. No one batted an eye, some people even wanted me to eat more… That isn’t ideal either. Oh well.

(Linda ) #448

Went meat shopping this weekend beef was on sale due to the long weekend sale price is up but still to buying prime rib at 7.99lb is is still good price so stocked up…
Came home and put a huge roast in the smoker as well as the corned beef to make pastrami.

Both came out really good.


Odd combination indeed. I still don’t think that it’s as bad as a normal diet or that everyone gets cancer eating sugar, obviously it’s not true but if I decided to add something to carnivore in bigger than tiny amounts… That would be not sugar (okay, some fruit as I love my fruit… but a tiny is enough). It could be anything else, sugar is the absolute worst…
But each to their own.
And there is a thing as a healthier carby diet. When I went low-carb, I ate fruit and kind of much vegs (I needed high-carb for really much vegs. when I ate vegs, I meant business) and it was pretty good for me. But it’s me. Fruit is great for some people. In moderation as the human body has its limitations, personal differences can do only that much… HOW fruit eaters function for so long (IDK how long but they should feel bad after days at most, living on sugar is crazy for a human, hummingbirds can pull it off with just some insects for protein but not us) I can’t imagine.

@Ketodaisy: You are right, beautiful brisket! :smiley: Its fattiness looks like what I could enjoy. And I am not even envious as I have my own brisket in the freezer, I just can’t stop eating my lovely pork yet :wink:

@Karen18: I am not sure I like pork chops yet (I am not sure anymore, I can change and the similarly lean pork I eat now is so satisfying…) but your photo is lovely as usual, how great colors…

@Redrobins: Congratulations for the grandkid! :smiley: And the new hobby too, it’s cool to try out new things, I should find something myself… And go back to running, I am okay now for that and the weather is cool now so I can’t blame the hotness!

(Robin) #450

Great pics. Perfect job cooking!


Salty bone broth can be creamy in texture and fulfill the warm beverage comfort sipping needs.

I was concerned about my 80 year-old mum and osteoporosis. So I encourage her to be more protein focused in her meals. :laughing: we all know what it’s like telling parents what to do. The best I can do is encourage. But also suggested for her to add some fat soluble vitamins to her stack of pharma. In that I suggested Vit K2 for proper mineral storage in the bone matrix and (remaining) teeth. Her doctor said she couldn’t have Vitamin K because she was on blood thinners. That just showed me that her doctor must have scraped through university, as it is Vitamin K1 that is the one that affects blood clotting and is the antidote for warfarin (rat poison) poisoning.

The upshot is that my mum gave me the bottle of Vit K2 (Menaquinone 180 micrograms) capsules. Once daily. My Vitamin D level is 95 (very good) as we head into winter. So I take the Vitamin K2 on its own, one per day. I used to have sensitive teeth before going carnivore. But now I can chew ice cubes.

I’m not sure of what the Vitamin K (K1, K2, K7?) sources are in whole food carni foods. There is more to learn. I think liver may be a storage area, fat certainly would be, as it is a fat soluble vitamin. But it depends on what we’re eating ate. Anyone?

This podcast was interesting about Vitamin K and clearing calcification in arteries:

The day before I posted the Carnivore Wave, a surfer was knocked off his board at the same surfbreak at 7:30am in the morning. It’s a hobby, sport and lifestyle where the participants are in the food chain. There are carnivores above us, I guess. But this one came up from below.

(Judy Thompson) #452

Just overnight! It seems so complicated on the Traeger but back in TX in July I’m gonna try it your way!

(Judy Thompson) #453

Weston Price discovered Vitamin K2 in the raw milk of grassfed cows. From what I read it’s the only source of Vitamin K2.

(Daisy) #454

Yes! I turned it on to 200 degrees and put it on mostly frozen but completely plain and uncovered. I put it in probably around 8 pm and took it out at 9 am. It was a fairly small brisket. 2 servings for me :joy:

(Judy Thompson) #455

@Karen18 Poor baby, SIX minutes of deep sleep! No wonder you’re so exhausted. Wish I knew what you could do. Heroin? JK.
I take mg glyceride, 5htp, and melatonin. I understand reduction of estrogen as we age can cause insomnia and cramping and the article I read on cramping suggested these supplements.

Lastnight when hubby called from the road, coming home from TX, he said he had forgotten to bring back my trio and quartet music for the classical jobs I have coming up. We spent the next few hours working out a neighbor picking out up to mail it up here this morning. Then he called later and talked for well over an hour. By midnight I was exhausted and hungry, so seared a little of the beef pot roast I’d sous vided and taken out at 9pm, along with 2 eggs.
No pic of that.
Earlier, despite the holiday, 4 students showed up for lessons. I knew one was coming - surprise! So it took about 5 hours to eat 6 wings out of the air fryer but they were amazing!
Also no pic of those :cry:
This morning an hour long walk with Mimsy through the hood, home by 8:20, then breakfast at 10. Good old bacon and eggs.
Some of them in a crispy cheddar wrap I brought from Texas.


That is food and I need to make soup and it disappears almost right away so it’s not an option for me. But it’s salty and food… My warm stuff is sweet or at least dessert-like.
(Plain tea is super sweet now… It’s baffling. I would understand if I avoided sugar all the time but I don’t… Still, things just get sweeter and sweeter.)
And it easily triggers hunger, GREAT gateway food when I need food but I can’t bring stomach something solid.

But sometimes it may work even for me, I just keep forgetting its existence…
I never saw broth in shops here, I know you other folks have it, interesting. I need to procure some meaty bones and make my soup… That’s meat soup made in 2 hours but no way I spend more time on it. And I like that. It’s not creamy but adding yolks probably would help? As it’s food and I only eat it in my eating window anyway. But I have egg milks there too (dangerous as I like them best with coffee or cocoa. but they are fine with vanilla and sometimes even plain. yolk, butter, water, what not to like?).

(I am reading a fanfic with innumerable amount of big words and it may influence me. Good. I know zillion words but my active vocabulary is tiny and my text is often too puerile. Especially in chat, I am a tad more eloquent here.)

And whatever options I have, there is something special when it comes to coffee. But I keep my coffee consumption in a smallish window (and need a good reason for it). I do my best to avoid drinking it early. Today it was 1pm but I had a slight headache and no mood to be “strong”.

Hi guys, I think I am done for today. I had a lunch and a dinner. I wasn’t hungry today but I know I need fuel and eating is a joy. I had smallish meals but in the end I consumed almost as much as yesterday. I ate the same items, a tad less pork jowl and scrambled eggs instead of egg salad (but I ate my sour cream too) and less sponge cakes. Guesstimation says 71% fat again. I started with fattier items today.
I couldn’t eat much fried pork, I just didn’t want it. I fancy something fattier again (my fat percentage won’t go up as I skip the very fatty processed items then).
I am done with dry sausage for a while, it’s no surprise, I lost my interest lately.

Is there something to do with lean pork roast? Putting them into some sauce or something? I have ideas for that but those aren’t carnivore… But maybe I will like it tomorrow. Fried pork is different anyway, it’s tricky using lean pork (and close to zero added fat as I only had a few grams. butter is a luxury item for my egg milks and other dishes where only butter works, I won’t waste it on it if possible), fatty pork works waaaay better. It’s the same for roast too but this cut often worked like that…
I forgot to use bacon on some slices. But I really don’t want processed meat now so maybe it’s okay.

Maybe I can make some yolk based sauce… Yolk/butter? Sounds delicious.

(Linda ) #457

Yeah look up hollindaise sauce… prob use a different fat than butter I guess…

Todays food left overs from prime rib and flanken ribs.

Jake was so happy to see my husband Saturday but this morning he knew something was up with all the movement of items going out to the truck…
He was really grumpy with the other dogs so much so he didn’t really take much notice when I slipped a leash on him…
Then his eyes and his face lit up so much when my husband said to him come on jake let’s go for a rideScreenshot_20220531-135124_Fi
We bought the bigger two dogs GPS collars so if they get out we know where to go. Here is jake driving around Miami

(Karen) #458

Well I have just had a look at what sleep 9 got last night and I am really surprised as 8 was in bed at 6.10pm and dozing off at 7! I know i was up a lot but my fit bit said I didn’t go to sleep till half 10! Perhaps I didn’t, I was up a lot as my tummy was crazy bad last night. If 10 is the worst pain mine was at least 8!

Up before my alarm at 4.40am and at work about 5.50am. I made the most of that and left early this afternoon and was home about 3.30pm

Brunch about 11.30am was reheated chicken slices in butter. I took a hard boiled egg in with me but didn’t eat it. Tummy was painful on and off throughout the day.

Dinner was chicken wings followed by a small bit of cheddar and turkey bacon rashers. Plate show one and a nibble one but I had 6. They were surprisingly nice. And I have just had 2 hard boiled eggs.

The only complete photo (taken before eating are the chicken wings! Very tired and ready for bed. Not back in work till next Wednesday and Thursday.

Sorry but I could only skim the posts this evening but all the food pics look very appetising.especially the pastrami


Thanks! It seems nice indeed.
I only have butter now (and coconut oil but that’s not tasty), it’s fine, I don’t need much and I am willing to use butter if it’s something where it can shine! I just don’t want to use it for frying as it makes little difference just adds cost (and burns easier).
I am not familiar with most popular sauces, we never had them at home… And I probably weren’t focused in restaurants but I normally choose something simpler anyway like catfish stew :smiley: That’s nice. I haven’t eaten catfish since ages.

And now I am a tad hungry. Maybe I never should go below 120g protein… Especially not on non-OMAD days. I think I eat some more lean pork.

(Daisy) #460

Mega eats today! The leftover brisket, seared in camel fat. Then this evening I was hungry, so I made what I had left of bacon, maybe 7 pieces? Dipped in kerrygold. Was still hungry, so I pulled a ribeye out of the freezer and air fried it.

image image