May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise


Of course I know there are food, it’s extremely well known I think and I am curious and read about various things but especially animals and food.

I don’t eat other people’s property* and don’t eat pets without a very good reason either ;). We wondered with Alvaro a few times about the cats in apocalypse but decided it sooo wouldn’t worth it…
I would try guinea pig but won’t go out of my way to do so.
And yep, I just must react seriously to things not said seriously sometimes, I don’t see other options.

*it’s true for other people’s food too, it’s a very serious thing for me. I find it extremely rude and not loving when people just eat up their family member’s food when it’s not clear it’s allowed.
But what is very sacred in this household: Last Bite. Even if a food isn’t specifically belong to someone, we are careful not to eat up the whole leftover part without talking about it. No matter how tiny it is :slight_smile: We both find this very important.
(And I never ask for each other’s last bite on the plate either. If we want a bit from the other’s food, we must ask way earlier. And sometimes the other needs the whole things, it’s rare but sometimes happens.)

I bought lots of pork. My freezer is pretty full now. And I am tired.
Meat prices didn’t change, other things went up (Alvaro mentioned his flour, his Mom carbonated water) and it turned out the tastier whipping cream in my favorite supermarket chain costs 50% more than in a not so favorite one… I went to the second later and bought one in each while I opened a box of whipping cream in the morning :smiley: So I ended up with a lot of whipped cream for the next 2 weeks. Alvaro will help to consume it. It’s 700ml in total, it’s a very serious amount for us in such a short time but not impossible to eat without problems (i.e. me overeating it. I can eat whipped cream galore, it’s just not a very good idea to do so). I can store some of it in the freezer too, I forgot that… No problem then.
We bought another 850ml sour cream as we only have 5-600ml at home and Alvaro has plans with it.
My fridge has space problems now. We even have vegs there for the guinea pig… If things get a bit better, I will make soup (I have pork chuck with bone, some meat with the bone will be nice in it), no way I could fit a pot there in the next 1-2 days…

It’s good I brought my own food, not like I didn’t eat what was given (it wasn’t a carnivore day at all) but I needed everything and more, I was quite hungry. I didn’t want to bring my roast and keep it in the car for several hours, I missed it a bit, that’s so good at satiating me… I only had a little at home later but I will eat it for my next meal. My next roast will be the same again as it’s so good. It seems you call that cut ham? We usually use ham for smoked stuff only, that’s why it’s called thigh here. And leg is not clear. We don’t call the meaty parts leg. Or any cuts, actually as we call the whole feet “hooves”. No idea why when it’s clearly not that but well, fowl drumstick is called lower thigh despite that not being a thing in anatomy… So I am a bit lost sometimes.

@Azi: Pretty doggies :smiley: I like dogs even if I am more like a cat person. (Not like I can possibly LIKE my brats who lie on my flowers, dine on the doormat and take apart lizards for fun… They have their positive side though. But Tofu was really horrible yesterday. I can handle a lot of things but I don’t think she must walk over my little plants and lie on them. My young flowers, for example.)
Today the free range dog Alvaro saved some months ago came again. (We really will need a fence eventually… Someone chewed on our plants too not so long ago. Maybe a deer though I never saw on in my garden but they appear in this “street”. But the goats aren’t free nowadays so who else?) Pie looked quite interesting with her raised hackles, I didn’t even know her fur is so long… The dog is friendly but she still chases the cats a bit sometimes. I think she is still young, she surely behaves so. You know, the enthusiastic foolish puppy who has no idea how to stay put for 2 seconds most of the time.

(Daisy) #422

A dozen eggs for breakfast. For fun, I was challenged by another carnivore to see how many eggs I could eat at once. After about 7 eggs, I was still very hungry but NOT for plain eggs. I put some salt on it and ate the remaining 5. I wasn’t full, but was absolutely repulsed at the idea of another egg, so I knew I’d probably need to eat again. 8 hours later, I was hungry. I made 2 bison burgers and bacon. Topped the burgers with some kerrygold. Worked my tail off today and am so sore right now.


Excellent post. I have bookmarked it. So important to have that awareness of others.


Still riding the carnivore wave here. It’s not smooth but it is powerful. A few family engagements and slight slips. But back to cold leftover baked beef ribs with two boiled eggs this morning. Hickory smoked roast lamb done on a coal fire last night, and a large salmon fillet cooked on a cedar board in a covered BBQ. Still addicted to coffee (can empathise with @Ketodaisy regarding addictive things regarded as food or nutrition). My justification is that coffee and honey in this WOE are medicinal.

Has anyone overcome coffee addiction while on carnivore?

The State Library had a photo of the local surf break from 1957. I digitally adjusted it into a carnivore wave rider!


Oh, the one who puts my egg eating abilities to shame strikes again! :smiley:

I know the feeling. I often get it after less… Especially nowadays. I eat 3-4 eggs and switch to meat :smiley:

12 SIMPLE eggs… Wow. Okay, you are that type and I am the one who needs variety even for my eggs and 12 eggs usually means 4-5 different egg dishes… (Usually… Lol. I only tracked one such day though it probably happened a few times unnoticed. But let’s discount old sweets eating days.)

I had an off day and I mean 24 hours and now I am back to the strictest style I can imagine, at least that’s the plan. No coffee, no dairy, pure carni, not a single calorie before 3-4pm… For 2 days and we will see what June will bring.

My fruit season won’t be too mild, after all. I mean, in my garden as I still plan to pressure can a little amount and Alvaro can have the vast majority of the rest. But they are already SO PRETTY! :smiley: Yay. It warms my heart Alvaro will be able to enjoy the little darlings to his heart’s content. He is a huge fruit consumer all year round but fresh own ones are the best.

I need to try this 12 egg thing myself (with a bit more variation, though). I imagine I would either be fine after 12 or would be hungry but I definitely would need to eat in a few hours again. But 12 is tricky especially now. I still love meat WAY more than eggs (not like I could stand an eggless meal, I like when I have both but meat is more tempting and I focus on it.)
On my next egg lover day then. Or with a little meat inside my egg dishes?

I am not… I think… It’s just a habit, useful and good with cream :smiley: I run out of cream, don’t ask me WHY I still drank another coffee… But now I stop. I just miss something liquid and possibly warm and tea doesn’t cratch that itch and cocoa is even less carnivore… I need to find my recently lost love towards warm water! It can’t be hard.
But I don’t like the taste of coffee anymore. So it’s a miniature problem to solve… It’s possible my extras are to blame (let alone my off times but I am too indulgent then to make things even worse so my coffee consumption shoot up) and pure carni will make it easier. As long as I can stick to it, my track record is horrible but let’s try it for just some days now.

I don’t remember how long my no coffee period lasted last time but it was multiple days, it’s something from me! But as usual, something happened. it’s so crazy, I finally didn’t like coffee and days passed and it was fine… But I probably got a headache or something (medicinal black coffee, just once, fine) then I longed for a nice feeling, atmosphere a coffee may create… And had one and it wasn’t as nice as I thought. It’s a bit like Alvaro and unicum. He doesn’t like it at all but he gets curious and wonder if it’s still as bad as he remembers? It can’t be. But it is. But he did that a few times a year in the past while coffee tempts me way more often. Why?
And when I would learn it’s not enjoyable to me (at least its flavor. drinking coffee is multilayered)… I happen to drink it after my meal, all fancy with yolk and butter and it’s GOOD! And it ruins all my tiny efforts.

I should find a hidden emergency stash of going colf turkey and STAYING so in my too indulgent personality. Because I can quit coffee for days with some effort, even a week. But it comes back somehow.

(Daisy) #426

I completely agree with honey being medicinal. I have had a sore throat for the last week off and on and have used a teaspoon here and there. The dose really is the poison for me though. I have had blood sugar roller coasters that are usually smooth as can be. But it did help my sore throat and saved me a doctor bill.

I have never been one to drink coffee, so I can’t speak personally on this subject. As someone involved in a much larger carnivore community on Instagram though, I can say that several people have beat it. More have not because they justify to themselves that it’s not addictive and not problematic. As an impartial outsider, I could assure them that it is though :joy:. watching them post about it is like watching an active drug addict or sugar addict post about their addiction. Complete denial. Those that have beat it though are able to recognize the addiction. There are also a small handful like yourself that can recognize the addiction, but are not at a place that they’re ready to overcome it. I certainly can relate as someone who recognized my addiction for 5 years before spending 10 years trying to beat it. It’s a journey for each of us! I wish you much success as you decide how to proceed!!


hate coffee so not addiction for me. I got tons of other addictions I am battling and I thank the heavens I hate coffee actually :wink: caffeine is a no go for my heart pvc issues and just ditching my diet pepsi addiction was bad enough.

Love the ride the carnivore wave but ‘under that wave’ is the carnivore to be wary of and watch for that sucker to wanna feed :alien::face_with_monocle:

(Linda ) #428

I dont have an addiction to coffee I often have times when I don’t touch it for months but it gives me a hot drink and with the choc salted electrolytes and table spoon of cream I actually enjoy it.
But when I listened to the expert on judy cho she said that coffee affects some but not others and she said there is about 1/3 of ppl who have no addictions at all.

(Robin) #429

I tried to give up coffee one morning.

(Vic) #430

I’m addicted to coffee and I just don’t care.

I don’t abuse alcohol. (20 gr carbs a week or 2 beers)
Don’t smoke.
No drugs or medicines.

Good enough for me.

(Vic) #431

Weird challenge ?

The most satiating food I know of is “sting ray liver”. Cant eat more than 100gr, good for 8 hours no hunger.

Guess 12 eggs would do the same.

(Karen) #432

@JJFiddle 3 houses sorted wow! Busy busy. Must admit I had to giggle when you mentioned clearing the kitchen before demolition cos I read it as cleaning the kitchen lol and thought thats exactly what I’d do hshah clean it first :laughing:

@Azi just loving those doggos, I can’t even think of having one till I retire fully.

@Ketodaisy a dozen eggs wow I would have made a tortilla and eaten them that way… throughout the day lol … , 3 duck eggs scrambled was too much for me !

@FrankoBear I overcame my coffee addiction about 5 years ago and the I just fancied one recently and now 8 am back on it, but not to same extent.

@Fangs thankfully I have never had a fizzy drink addiction although it laced my jack daniels for a time … thankfully the alcohol consumption was stopped 22yrs ago June 11th :wink:

So yes Saturday was stair runs and CrossFit then went with my daughter to Hinkley (2hr round trip) she wanted to puck up a direction dressing table she had bought off ebay and I just went to keep her company and a catch up. Then went to shops picking up this n that and finally ate about 5pm maybe later

Today has been another busy day to shops and back to garden planting pots up and had meal about 5ish

In bed ready for work tomorrow :roll_eyes:

(Daisy) #433

Ribeye, taken from frozen and thrown on the smoker for just a little bit, then finished in hot camel fat. Same with the bacon wrapped chicken. Smoked salmon and all the delicious skin from the family’s salmon (air fried to crispy)

(Judy Thompson) #434

Went to church with a neighbor this morning kept thinking, if rather listen to a Carni podcast lol. Morning no food, just dog walking and coffee and shower, then after church long dog walk and finally seared a nice slab of tenderloin about 2:30. Then I finally looked up pressure cooking the beef tongue that has thawed in the fridge, also put a pot roast in sous vide, ready tomorrow night.
I peeled the tongue after cooking and tasted it with salt. Quite good! The you tube video guy said he likes it better than rib eye. Well, it sure is cheaper!
Peeled beef tongue:

Since hubby has been away (8 days) I haven’t had any alcohol (almost a requirement in evenings when he’s here). I always plan to but never seem to get around to it. Anyway, thought I’d dry out a bit, lol.
In the mornings I make a nespresso grand lungo with w little cream (5 oz). I like the warmth. I have gone without coffee for years in the past and noticed no difference in energy or whatever.
I bet hubby is doing without coffee right now and is as happy as I am without alcohol! LOL

@Azi love those beautiful doggies! The pup is so cute.
@Shinita yup I was totally kidding about you eating your new pet. Sick humor :face_vomiting:
@FrankoBear love the Carnivore wave! Fun :blush:
@Ketodaisy that meat all looks lovely, between smoking and air frying you’ve got a beautiful banquet!

(Judy Thompson) #435

Haha you are awesome Robin!


That helps a lot. One can hate something and be addicted to it though. Forcing down nasty booze for the effect (with very bad side effects) or drinking coffee out of habit (or because of the effect) while not liking it at all…
It’s a bit like eating when it’s already painful, it’s some hardcore level compulsion. Addiction can be very nasty.

At least I don’t hate coffee, I just don’t like it anymore… It will be my last coffee for a while I hope… It’s black as it’s 11:13pm, not very nice but not bad, per se…
Oh I totally admit I am an addict but not a serious one who has any problems if just quit. As I don’t have redrawal symptoms. I suspect it’s because it doesn’t affect me much.
I do think coffee is mostly harmless but it’s still not right to drink so much. Mentally in my case. Physically it’s probably no big deal. And it’s no food, no great joy, why to spend money on it? Stupid.

It’s only medicinal if I have the rare type of headache that actually responds to it - or if I sugar poison myself, black bitter coffee is a bliss then. But I don’t do that nowadays.
And sometimes it’s a comforting thing on a zombie morning. I stay a zombie (apart from the too tiny wakening effect of the water) but a less miserable one? But I am not really a comfort eater/drinker. It doesn’t help much. But a nice warm liquid is nice. So I should drink water but habits and curiosity and I have different coffees and maybe one will be just right…

So I do my best to quit again… Fancy Ozzie Coffee was impossible to resist but it’s boring now. So I try again. And try to remember it’s hard to start so I should STAY away from it for long.

Btw I still have my peanut addiction off carnivore. Not a strong one, I mean I could choose not to have it but if I allow it without limits, I can go wild. And it’s scary as my body definitely doesn’t like it in more than minimal amounts. It’s just a subtle nudge, I don’t have the super serious crazy thing where I consume something even if it hurts or uncomfortable (I never will forget the one occasion in the last decade when I did that. it truly scares me, it’s too wrong) but still, it’s clearly not something my body wants so it’s a wrong idea to have it.

But let’s forget about it, I have some stricter no-coffee carni days ahead of me. I am not so sure about the no dairy part but I do what I can.

I am awesome at that. Not abusing alcohol, I mean. What was it, March when we decided to drink our rum? And we needed 2 months (and 3-4 occasions?) to do it? It was 50ml and 2 persons. We aren’t always like that but pretty close to it. It was very nice, maybe one day we buy a whole big bottle.
But not drinking ANY alcohol ever? Nope. I can cling to my tiny amounts. I could do it but it’s better not to.

Wow. I heard about people who could do such things, it’s so surreal to me.
If my food is below 1200 (but rather 1500) kcal (carbs used to count as negative, no idea if it changed but animal carbs are fine) and it’s not almost pure fat, I WILL get hungry in a few hours, no exceptions this far. And if I can last for more than 3-4 hours, I can last 20-24 (as long as my sleep happens at the right time as it’s always the case).

My most satiating food is lean-ish pork (lean to fatty but not overly fatty. pork only because it’s available, cheap and I like it even long term. it could be beef or lamb too, I suppose), this is my current hypothesis. I plan to extensively test it in the next weeks.

Oh! I didn’t tell you guys that I bought two pig tongue yesterday :smiley: Thanks @JJFiddle to remind me :wink: They are so tiny… But nice. Alvaro doesn’t want them now, I am fine with my normal meat too so they are in the freezer now. But I am excited as I LOVE tongue. One of my big favs. I am sure I could be easily tempted with it on the 3rd day of some nice pork chuck roast (not like I would feel I need to choose. that would be a superb meal. Mmm, that’s an idea). I wasn’t at the butcher since ages due to my ankle (what was it, 7 weeks? still not perfect but almost! my broken wrist with surgery healed in 5 weeks…) and then the weather or something… And I almost never see tongue in supermarkets. But now I did so I am glad.
At least I can show something new, I keep eating the usual things lately and showing it doesn’t seem to worth the effort. Making a plate with most of my planned stuff is a chore, I usually just grab whatever I want to eat first and we will see what I will fancy next, I usually have options. Even when I make a plate, I end up eating not exacty that. It probably gets better now that I basically will eat meat and eggs but I still can complicate it… :upside_down_face:
I do need my variety.

(Heather) #437

We’re spending the weekend camping in our RV in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The weather is surprisingly beautiful.

My son and daughter in law joined us. They shared that she is pregnant (for the first time)! We’re going to be grandparents for the first time! Woohoo!

My eating gets very simple when I’m camping and I find myself not as hungry as usual. Today was boneless skinless chicken breast (plain) and a ribeye steak and one tablespoon of butter.

I’m also trying a new hobby-skiking. It’s definitely a learning curve, but I am determined!

(Vic) #438

I eat pork daily, its my staple food. But always as fatty as possible. Never the lean stuff.

Pork is to my what rice or bread is to sad eaters, it goes with every meal.
I don’t buy the “beef is better than pork” idea … BS

A good social meal is 3 ingredients to me.
Pork, beef and fish in the same plate is wonderfull.


today is 4 thin cut leaner pork chops first meal
second will be about 2 skinless chicken breast sautee’d in bit of butter

summer changes what I require. Not big fat and it is not a draw so everyone eat as the day shows us. If this was winter I would be hounding down big fatty pork and skin on the chicken.

eat as everyone needs and you can’t ever go wrong. eat what you are drawn to at all times :sunny:

(Robin) #440

Impressive! Hope you master it. the UP is one of my fave places on earth.