May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

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@Ketodaisy sounds simple on the brisket, thanks. Mine may be larger, maybe it would take longer but I like that you used no salt, just unseasoned meat. Lately I’ve stopped using salt in cooking the meat and just add it when I’m eating.

I’ll be glad tomorrow when hubby is home. I think this puppy’s constant whining and barking may be her missing her daddy! Plus, my evenings are filled with phone calls, as soon as I finish teaching I have to call him, and no time to unwind. Luckily he doesn’t talk while driving :joy:

Between students I made a 2 oz tuna salad with boiled egg and mayo and then after the copious phone calls, a duck egg and slice of tenderloin. Now it’s 10:20 and for once I’m getting to bed at a decent hour!

The neighbor in TX sent my music and called, said it will be here Friday. Whew!


Frank from close to the International Dateline here. We’re moving into a new month and a newer you. Join us in June.


I hate bone broth or any liquid. Not me. I tried to force broth on me thru my lc yrs but it never took LOL ick.

today is 4 thin cut leaner pork chops
2 chicken breasts in homemade alfredo sauce later

ZC’ing along in fine fashion. Feeling wonderful!

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Someone will have to start up the new thread … I can’t remember what title was decided upon!

Well another night of tummy terrors but thankfully it calmed down after 5am. So so painful like I had burning acid in my tum. Just not used to the big D :confounded:

I was up by 8.15am and in the bath and after pottering about getting sorted went over rto Raymond’s to get him to a Dr appt. Got back home about 12.45pm and had a small amount of cheddar and 2 scrambly duck eggs. That saw me through my shopping trip. The Company Shop was a bit disappointing today no really good meat deals … I only want to buy when they have reduced down on the last day on the shelf. So I spent very little in there and moved on to Lidl and they were a bit disappointing too but I did pick up some brisket (not reduced) and some chick thighs but when I got to the checkout I had a £10 money off coupon which was a surprise as I didn’t realise I had spent enough to get that this month! So I went outside and noticed banana plants and citrus geraniums so thought why not, I love the smell of the lemon balmy geranium and haven’t seen any for years. So spent that savings lol.they are in my little greenhouse at the moment. Also got more bird food, good grief they can’t half eat there way through a lot of food lol.

Pork chops x 2 with butter for dinner followed by a little goats cheese. Very nice.

And 2 containers of blooming lily’s :smiley:


@Karen18: I am boring but I must express my enjoyment over your exquisite flowers and your “I bought some new plants” stories! :smiley: I usually show your flowers to Alvaro as he must see those beauties too!!!
My tiny, somewhat new madagascar periwinkle (it’s just vinka in Hungarian) will have FOUR flowers tomorrow unless it loses the oldest ones… I want another in a different color!

I just tracked and no fatty meat without label today so it’s not even very much off! 1800 kcal, TMAD (tiny eating window, maybe a bit over 2 hours? Alvaro came home late and I could wait).
64% fat day after two 71% ones as I skipped the pork jowl. I didn’t even wanted the sausage but I needed something and it’s easy to eat.

Exactly a pound of pork, roasted, egg salad, sponge cakes with butter (they are the perfected, very much superior version of buttered buns), sour cream, a sausage and egg milk. Coffee was involved but at least not in the first hours and I did have a tiny headache… I should stop this but my self-control is worse than ever in the moment and it always was very far from my personality.
Carnivore is easy as I don’t desire anything else at all food wise.
So… My June might be more carnivore-ish than I thought… But I can never know. But it’s JUNE so my expectations are originally non-existent. I never even tried to do keto in June (some days surely happened, more as time passed but I focused on my very first and best fruit season and if I eat carbs, I eat various kinds. that’s what I plan to change now. it probably won’t need huge efforts but maybe it’s my perennial overdeveloped baseless optimism).

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I am always taking flower photos as its nice to look back and remember just what a little weedy looking plant it started out as, like the ugly duckling blossoming into a beautiful Swan :heart_eyes: I am glad you like to see them as I don’t have many people visit me. Whoever does turn up, usually medics of some sort, they are dragged into the garden whether they like plants or not hahaha​:rofl::rofl: i just think if I am getting so much pleasure from it then they are going to whether they like it or not ! Its nice to share stuff.

Thinking about it I could hide lots of new plants in the greenhouse haha I have put the smaller puny leftover bedding plants in there and they are getting stronger. Gives me something to keep me occupied, keeps me out of trouble so they say :innocent:



everyone jump on over :slight_smile:

Meat Chewin’ Carnivore June!! see ya’ll there