May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

(Karen) #401

I was up fairly early for a rest day but I felt I had got my quota of sleep last night. Decided yesterday that I would completely zone out and rest today after the 10hr shift yesterday. Fed the birds, greedy little rascals i have till fill the feeders twice a day now … i know, I know I wanted birds in my garden and I’ve certainly got them lol. Watched more ing TV and pottered about cleaning some planters I found in the shed when I sorted it the other day and got some bits ready for charity shop.
Brunch was a steak which was quite nice thankfully, after yesterday’s yukky food. Followed by some nicer white cheddar. That charcoal cheddar went where it belonged :smile::grin:

Went to the other local town (I have one one side of me and another in the opposite direction, one is a mile away and the other is 3 miles so close enough to walk if I wanted) took the stuff and dropped off at charity shop then walked around for a couple of hours picking up bits and bobs for the garden… again lol. Then got myself 2 Tayberry plants to replace the ones that got cleared out when the guys did the garden. I may not eat fruit now but I know peeps who will love them and also I am sure the birds will enjoy them.

Returned home with some reduced stuff from asda … chicken livers and 4 lamb chops that were mint coated… just remind me never to go down that route again … all because they were really reduced!!! Argggh I think they were coated in the s word and I am not talking salt!!!

Had to cook the livers a bit longer and actually put more on my plate … ate as much as I could before having to stop before feeling totally sick!:nauseated_face: followed that a bit later with 2 duck eggs scrambled in butter


Wow. I thought that is impossible!
It is to me… Not like I ever made plain egg white bread, that’s borderline inedible :smiley: I know as I probably made that version for one muffin (I always experiment with such things in my muffin mold). The other 11 contained yolk. Every bread, no matter the kind must have yolks in it if you ask me. Only whites worked only as sweets (they were actually good, it’s good the memory doesn’t tempt me, I LOVE my sponge cakes very much, I trade flavors and sweetness for yolks any day).
I am in my “better safe than sorry” phase regarding blur now.

I don’t know if I can overeat my sponge cakes (I normally use twice as many whites and yolks nowadays but it depends on its role, actually. very fatty, rich meat dishes requires less fat sponge cakes as bread to balance things out, the same if I have some fatty spread to put it on), I have some barrier in me when it comes to them as I actually need to whip and bake them so it won’t do to eat 20 a day :smiley: And I want to eat my meat and other things too, I just can’t eat a ton of everything… So I only eat as many as I feel I need. I am not shy, they are easy to make and low-cal but still don’t go too far.

Maybe I should do a crazy day and try what happens. I make 24, I have some in the freezer too… They are super easy to eat.
But if I eat them up all, it’s still nothing serious, I often eat way more eggs than that.
Scratch that, I go with my ice cream cake idea (that’s zillion yolks), I just never feel like working for something I don’t even desire, just plan since years. Sigh.

I actually know I can’t overeat eggs. I can overeat using too many eggs considering how much meat and dairy I already ate, though. So I am somewhat careful with eggs. But whites are so low-cal, I merely would overeat protein and I am good with that, I never managed to feel I ate too much, I automatically stops at some point, I just consume way too much even then.

I always could eat much bread, no matter the kind as long as it’s mine so I like it… But the low-carb ones are satiating so it doesn’t trigger overeating so no problem.

@Karen18: Nice meat, nice cheddar, nice yellow eggs! We only have gouda now. Boring. But I probably will eat some in my pancake, I still have dough for one and don’t have many carni options.
Tayberry… Oh my, had to look it up. I keep learning berry names, there are SO MANY! I am fine without it, I kind of finished hoarding all kinds of fruit in my garden (still will buy some purple raspberries, they are nice and I collect all the colors, I have yellow, red, they mixed so I have various yellowish pink shades now, black and maybe still have one purple, we will see soon. oh and hard to find space for it but I want the strawberries with deep pink flowers, why I didn’t buy some when I saw them? I desire them since. I have more than enough strawberries - but not a big challenge for Alvaro so okay. picking fruit for one hour is a chore though. and the patch is simply impossible to weed - , multiple kinds but with white flowers! I want those deep, maybe purplish pink ones!).

Sorry for your lamp chops :frowning: I still can’t comprehend why people do that. It’s meat. Tastes are odd sometimes. But if it’s mint on lamb, it can be expected, I have a small bottle of mint sauce from Australia (not very used in this household but we saw such a thing now), that is sugary too. If I liked mint sauces, I would be my own somehow, my mints grew nicely already and I love vinegar. Let’s not use unnecessary things in it.
I never bought coated meat, I hope most of the stuff can be removed and someone can eat it…

Tiny liver! But if it was a bit more, that is already my usual small portion. I shouldn’t forget to look up things about how much liver is much, I forgot. I am pretty sure that me eating 500g (probably less, I put some pâté into the freezer when I realized we have a Mangalica liver thingie too. and I didn’t eat it all yet anyway but I like liver now) in a few days already isn’t advisable but I can handle it occasionally as always. I stopped making liver every week ages ago. I had a time when I fried usually 500g, sometimes 1000g liver every week and we ate it but this time Alvaro didn’t help.
I still couldn’t eat super little liver, it’s food here, people eat it as a main dish (I don’t even do that), I can limit it to only one day of the week though… But maybe it’s easier to eat more on some days and skip weeks… I will look up the numbers.

(Judy Thompson) #403

Well, it took me 2 days to catch up on all those posts!
I’m sincerely sorry for bringing up the C word and causing Carni insurrection! I only meant to register my surprise at the observation that under stress, my mind would go in that direction.
I’ve been on a diet every day since I was 12½. That’s about 57 years. So it’s second nature to overcome errant thoughts. Now, on this woe as many have said, no insulin spikes compel me toward a sugar rush.
Thanks for looking out for me, @coopdawg, in some circles at would be useful information.
In the VA kitchen, everything is gone… Big bags of keto ingredients and sweeteners went to the dump a couple weeks ago. In TX I still haven’t emptied that cabinet. I really feel like I need to find recipients for some of the expensive sweeteners! Maybe I’ll send them to my brother who clings to his keto. There’s also lots of Lily’s. (thanks KD, I’ve never blurred!)

Lastnight I led a string trio at the library of congress for a corporate event. Classical first hour, break for an hour and a half, then an hour and a half pop /rock.
During the 2nd hour they brought meals to the conference room, tenderloin & 2 sides. About 8 of the caterers joined us for dinner.
Last bite of my meat, I shoved my plate toward the other violinist and said do you want these? This bite on my fork is the end of my diet.
A young man across from me looked up and said, “Carnivore?” I said yes. He said wow, me too! He was a bony young black fellow (although possibly 35) and he said, I started it at the beginning of this year and I’ve lost 45 lbs. Sorry I’m eating these sides but this meal is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I said well (quoting @Fangs) they say there are no carnivore cops. It just took me so long to adapt, I don’t want to start over, so I stick pretty close to it. I said, I started about when you did and I’ve lost 40. A gal at the end of the table who is a dietician said, you mean you used to be fat? I would never know. I said yes, I AM fat, still over 40 lbs to go. She said well, maybe for you, but to me you look amazing.
(Wow, did you hear that?? Made my day!)
We had much to discuss, this young man and I, and we may see him here as I shared our little forum with him. Everybody there was interested as most people don’t know much about it.

This morning I finished the tenderloin and the eggs (3). I’ll hit the commissary and stock up again this afternoon.

@fangs and @Septimius NOOOO! We need you both!! O wise ones, don’t leave us in our time of need!!

Like @Karen18 I think of you all as a 2nd family. I’ve tried taking part in other Carni forums but they’re either somehow incomplete or too inclusive… Pics of extravagant keto meals and recipes included and I don’t need that! :joy: Hard to pick through and find what I need, what little is there :frowning:


I’ll wager they’ll be back, with plenty of meaty content to get your teeth into…

(Karen) #405

Oh that plate of liver was just the taster while the rest was still in the pan and it went back with the rest to cook a bit longer. I ate about 350g before finally giving up the ghost lol think one more forkful and I would have been proper sick ! X

Thats wonderful , getting or giving compliments you just don’t know how someone felt before coming out and they may have spent ages deciding what to wear and still not sure they got it right … so easy to make someone’s day and that could have been all they needed to keep them going the right direction with motivation or just mentally needing the boost. I am never shy at giving them but I am always genuine as I am sure your colleague was. And to find a fellow carnivore what a bonus xx

(Karen) #406

I had to rest up so to speak again today. Blimey it takes so much out of me these very long shifts! I long to wake up in the morning and feel ready to jump out of bed and shout halleluyah I’m ready to take on the world! One day soon eh?

Went straight out to the garden and started pottering in my man cave shed which I am getting very fond of now its in order and before I knew it it was 1030! I was meeting the old boyz from work at 11am for breakfast and a catch up so I got my skates on and dashed to Beeston to the pub.
Brunch was all sides again lol … 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages and 4 rashers of bacon tasted fine but the boyz had managed to stuff their bigger full English breakfasts down way before me lol. Then I went with one of them (who recently had a heart attack) to visit another of our colleagues who had a stroke on Monday day!!! Blimey its almost a daily occurrence hearing that someone we know has had either stroke or HA, I guess it’s normal when we get to near retirement. I can remember my gran and my mum talk about their friends dropping one by one as they got older.

So after visiting our mutual friend I went to see Raymond as I had some of his tools that had been stored in my shed to drop off. Got home after 3pm and had dinner.

1.5 pork chops and 1 sirloin steak. Couldnt get through the 2 pork chops i cooked as they were a good size and the steak was a bit chewy in parts so probably left a good quarter of that.

Went back out to the shed and spent another 3 hours or so out there. Tried out my electric weed burner, filled my shed wall umbrella planters with polystyrene and added the feux flowers I picked up in the charity shop and cheapy poundy shop. I think they look fine … oh I love my shed. You know after this mornings 2 hours out there I just thought wow I feel so relaxed and it was nice this evening after spending a day talking and socialising, my head was at the point of no return by the time I got home.

Yesterday only one lily opened and look today :smiley:

(Judy Thompson) #407

Beautiful blooms @Karen18!
I hate it that so many people are sick these days with what might be preventable conditions. Nice for you to visit them!

Yes it’s a breath of fresh air for somebody to say I look a normal weight. Looking forward to actually being so, and tolerating the Texas heat, especially playing on outdoor stages.

(Linda ) #408

It’s funny how topics come up in the thread then I see a podcast on it. In my norifications
I was watching Judy cho one today with a food addiction expert and although the expert not carnivore alot of what she had to say could definitely relate to…

I got hungry last night so threw a family pack of chicken thighs in the anova oven and meals today were chicken and mayo

(Daisy) #409

Today has been go go go full speed. Had my omad this morning of flanken ribs, eggs/bacon and bone broth jello. Feeling a bit peckish now, but going to push it till tomorrow. I did invest (and I DO mean invest!) in a bottle of cbd oil today on my many errands (holy cow… it’s expensive!) so I’m looking forward to seeing how it helps my sleep.
image image

(Daisy) #410

I love this story! Meeting other carnivores in the wild, how cool!

(Vic) #411

Love trying new things, I’ll stay away from this one then, thnx

(Linda ) #412

Still trying to eat my way through the chicken and the mayo def helps but I still got another couple pieces to go.

I’m not sure I’ll freeze a whole pack again not so bad when hubby is home to eat but he just started hauling cars all over America and for awhile he will be on the road most of the time and it’s def too much just for me lol… he been gone almost two weeks but will be home tonight or tomorrow for long weekend. There is a sad face husky who will be thrilled to see him jake doesn’t do as well without him home…20220527_123924 walks help but think he might have to become a traveling dog lol…


Nice shed.

My garage is full of tools (which i do use), gardening equipment (that I would need to use more often), gym equipment (that I would need to use more often), paint (that I would need to use more often), and a good recently bought bicycle, which I would really need to use more often, lol!

Yeah I get the long shift thing. After work, and walking Carly, and after internal chores, then cooking…not much time in the day left for other stuff. I think I watch too much news, but I can’t help it. I’m even listening to it now in the background. Hmmm. Hours of news everyday, maybe that’s why I’m stressed?


I can’t read back now but I finally have the CF card (had to go downstairs AGAIN… after I took it from the camera and forgot as usual) so I show my tray from yesterday.

That is a cheesy pancake, not filled, I just poured some cheese on the still raw pancake side when the other was frying and flipped :slight_smile: The little bowl contains my beloved sour cream.
I couldn’t eat it all at lunch (but of course there were many sponge cakes). Pork thigh is awesome especially if a bit fatty… But it’s lovely anyway. No pinkness but it definitely wasn’t dry this time! :smiley: After the shot I ate some and fried the rest for a little while in a pan. And if not for lunch, I could eat it for dinner. It was just a tad more than a pound. I ate liver too but my while week is like that, it happened today as well.
Cronometer says I had 700% vitamin A days (and some weaker ones I suppose as I didn’t eat 100g liver every day despite it’s a very tiny amount. but I didn’t really track, I just measured everything, a bit annoying but I can’t stop. and I am curious anyway but I should track then).

Today was similar. Sponge cakes (only 5.5 :D), pork thigh roast, a sausage shaped pâté thing, Mangalica and smoked, we never ate anything like that… But the taste was totally nice, meaty pâté. Our liver spread only contains liver and pork fat and spices normally, no other meat but it’s nice when it has normal meat in it.
It was a simple day (I mean, I only touched a few items all day, it’s rare) with 3 meals in the end. This leaner pork is very effective now (probably I have the right phase but this is a great cut for this anyway), I get satiated very easily with it. Oh I did fat first today, with a nice little piece of the fattiest pork I am able to consume (smoked, cooked fat tissue with some little meat in it, it always tastes awesome to me). I felt okay with the idea this time, I was hungry and my meat needed a bit more time so why not? One day I will try to eat as much as I want from it but then I won’t eat anything else for a while.

Things go very well now eating wise though I was hungry way too early but not seriously, I could wait until 2pm. But I never was this good with waiting on trickier days. Good.

We go to the city tomorrow again, we pick up a guinea pig (she’s pretty, I will bring a photo if I manage to take a nice one), do a little shopping and walking in Nature (we usually just visit many shops and socialize, it’s very tiring, the former, I mean, Alvaro’s Mom is cool, she has just bad habits like smoking and eating not healthy enough)! We walked a bit last time too, it’s so great that while she lives very near to the city center, the edge of the city with ponds and whatnots are just as close as the center isn’t in the middle. So we saw many frogs and an egret. I don’t know if I wrote this before… But these things are so vital for us. I couldn’t live in a city without hiking and seeing many different animals. When I lived in the capital city (where 20% of the whole population of Hungary lived), I survived it for so many years as I usually lived at a nice place and/or my workplace wasn’t in the citycenter either. I had way better things like parks, there was a very big, pretty cemetery rich in trees that I crossed every day to work, I lived next to a beautiful hill with pasque flowers but Budapest has a lot of hilly areas anyway so I needn’t to go far for a tiny hiking. I went a bit farther for the bigger ones in the weekends. I walked about 70km per week without any special effort, I just went to work and needed to hike a bit sometimes, I was sitting all the time anyway, after all… Now I would need some serious determination to do the same, I don’t even walk half of this much now and that’s quite pitiful as I consider it below the bare minimum for walking. I expect cycling and lifting from me too. I skip cardio as I can’t bring myself to do it. A very tiny bit happens during cycling I guess and I run a little during certain walks but that’s it.

EDIT: Forgot to tell that I put some nice, slightly liver-y day into Cronometer, very rarely I like to do that.
Of course I have no idea about my actual needs and that what happens if something is very off, oh well.
I know I get most stuff even according to RDA but some are always off.
Wow, I get 50% magnesium and potassium now? Nice. They used to be lower I think…
Iron is fine but only because of the liver than makes my day 700% vitamin A…
IDK what vitamin K is but I apparently eat close to none of it. But my body is fine with my diet so it’s all good I guess.
I never looked at the fats but it seems that apart from my near zero trans-fat (Cronometer says even proper food has a tiny bit), my PUFA is very low and I eat plenty of both the other kinds. Makes sense but as I eat okay food and my body is happy with them, I wouldn’t worry whatever would be a case, not like I have the vaguest idea what is good or not. Eggs are great so lots of monounsaturated and lots of saturated fat should be great…

It was just a single example day but pretty close to what I have nowadays. And I can’t do much with the result anyway…

(Karen) #415

@Azi your pooch looks gorgeous and he looks a big doggo too!

Thanks @coopdawg I was out in that shed all day today! And yes you are definitely listening to too much news … if I watch one newsreel a day I am stressed thats why I never watch it! My excuse is that I am not allowed to get stressed since my Stroke.

Nice foody pic @Shinita and I forgot to take one of my main food today hahaha

I was up by 8.30am (went to bed quite late last night) and went straight out into the garden and decided to get on sorting the other end of the shed. The she has a lockable door where the bikes were kept and where I had been dumping the leftover soil and compost after planting my pots. Also had all the excess patio slabs in there as they were humped to behind the shed and bit by bit everything was brought outside. Went in doors at 6.30pm and can honestly say I still wasn’t hungry even though my last meal was the night before. I put the 2 bikes, an old metal work bench, a painting step, strimmer and other bits n pieces at the front of the drive in the hopes they will magically disappear. Scrapman should take most of it. Dont know where the time went but my shed looks super tidy both ends now, even managed to get some of the stuff from the extension room in there. Feel that sense of achievement :relieved:

So my brinner lol was a plate of bacon rashers, too salty while my manx kipper were cooking. Then ate about 1 and a bit of the kippers, they smelt better than they tasted. And I have just had a plate of 3 duck egg scrambled in butter. Should have stuck with the usual 2 as 3 was just too much and I felt 8cky afterwards. I am done in now and ready for bed 🥱🥱

Forgot to take pic of manx kippers.oh well they looked the same as the last ones I took :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Daisy) #416

@Shinita vitamin k deficiency was the cause of my heavy calcium deposits on my teeth. I’ve been high dosing it and it’s improving greatly

Omad today: big tbone, eggs/bacon both cooked in camel fat, and bone broth jello

image image image image image

Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat
(Robin) #417

Nothing beats a good productive days work and the sense of achievement and peace that follows. I’m happiest when *’m exhausted from a project.

(Karen) #418

The scrap metal guy was parking up as I was going out to CrossFit this morning and he took everything away from front of drive Yay! Mind you the rusty old road bike went through the night or very early this morning, if anything I thought someone may take my daughters old bike as it was in much better condition! I bought my racer about 22 years ago for a tenner from the skip, I certainly got my moneys worth!

(Judy Thompson) #419

A couple days since I wrote here but not much going on. Beautiful white husky @Azi! @Shinita looking forward to seeing the guinea pig! Do you know they’re raised for food in Peru? Just try to resist eating your new pet :joy: jk. Karen you’re so industrious! Nice to get rid of old stuff. Good riddance!
I’m doing that too. We took things from here in VA to start our house and guest house in TX. Now, all 3 places are furnished and finished and you can’t even tell where anything is missing!

Nice and peaceful here with hubby away, things that break stay broke though, til he gets home on Wednesday lol!
Taught a couple lessons this morning, set up a new ice machine that will go to tx next month. He’s played 2 gigs in TX this week, and another tonight - busy boy!
Grocery shopping yesterday and today I’m sous viding the tenderloin. I read copiously on cooking beef tongue, I’ll light into that this afternoon. Clearing kitchen for demolition this coming week.
Just finished the last ribeye from last week. Still yummy!

(Linda ) #420

Yeah but compared to my husky I got at Christmas jake has alot of colour lol …This is sky she is about 8 months now she was a fluff ball when we got her


I’m going to smoke some corn beef later see how it comes out I love corn beef but as pastrami yummy hopefully.
Finally ate all the chicken yesterday finished off with bacon and ate more bacon as first meal …
Got steak out for later.